Street public sex orgy with a beautiful blonde girl girlfriend threesome

Street public sex orgy with a beautiful blonde girl girlfriend threesome
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During my college years, I found myself having the most fun of my life in so many ways. The best part? Lots and lots of sex, of course!

Things were incredible from the start. Many considered me fun, two horny holes but no dick around, and easygoing, and I instantly fit in well with many groups of college kids-- from freshmen to seniors, stoners to jocks, geeks to cheerleaders and everyone in between.

Having grown up in the next town over, I was well connected to supplies of various drugs that were craved by many at my school, which certainly added to my popularity. I was invited to all the best parties so I could offer my wares and join in on the fun. Within a month of starting school, I had two hot freshmen chicks fucking me regularly for weed.

The one girl was a sexy red head with an immense libido and perfect little dick sucking mouth. Soon after I met her I began fucking a second girl under the same pretenses -- she wanted me to smoke weed with her, too.

She was a startlingly beautiful brunette. This girl was down to do anything, anywhere. She didn't care, she loved it, she was a mega-slut! And she had slutty friends, too!

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It was awesome for me-- before college, I had only had sex with my old high school girlfriend a couple times: Once after Prom and once before we graduated. She jerked me off a lot, but aside from that she didn't do much else. Since she wasn't on birth control she didn't let me cum inside her, which was shitty. I badly needed to satisfy my teenage urges to fill a velvet pussy up with my cum!

My early experiences with sex had left me desiring a whole lot more. College, luckily, fulfilled those desires quite adequately! So much for my previous sexual inexperience -- between the two girls that fucked me for pot and all the other easy college girls, my dick was getting all the pussy it needed! Sometime before spring break, an older student I knew threw a huge party at his parents' place while they were gone for the weekend.

It was to be the first orgy I would ever attend. The house was large and lavish, with several bedrooms, big plush couches, a pool table, and a hot tub. I was one of the people there supplying the party with weed, cocaine, and ecstasy pills to ensure a good time was had by all. The guy throwing the party, Chad, made sure to let everyone know beforehand that he expected the party to be an epic party: Wild, with no holds barred at the expense of having a good time.

He deliberately invited the sluttiest girls he could find, and he required everyone to be topless upon entering the house.

I removed my shirt dutifully and stuffed it into my satchel as I joined the party. Beautiful women of all shapes, sizes, and colors were wandering around the posh home without shirts.

Some had only tiny panties on. A few girls had bras on but many were bare breasted. I licked my lips at the array of young lovelies. Already on the couch there were two blonds sixty-nineing-- both with delicious-looking bald cunts stuffed in each others' mouths. Each wearing lacy thongs that were pushed aside so their cunts could be devoured.

Men were crowded around holding cups of beer from the keg outside as they watched the sexy spectacle on the couch. Occasionally another girl or guy would walk up to the blonds to start sucking nipples or sticking fingers in their spread pussies.

A few of the couples in the crowd were evidently getting turned on-- I saw a few guys grinding their cocks into their women from behind as they stood watching. A guy sitting in a chair in the corner was getting a blowjob from some sexy freshmen twins wearing matching plaid skirts, their bare pussies showing as they bent over to suck him. Music played loudly from the living room stereo while a porno movie was muted on the gigantic TV. There were dozens of pairs of tits. Small ones, big ones, perky ones, not so perky ones, glittery ones, tits with pierced nipples, brown ones-- all of them making me wild with desire!

I licked my lips at the bevy of college women before me. Chad, the guy throwing the party, was in the dining room. He was sitting on the dining room table, surrounded by women sitting at the table, and a girl stood before him, bent over sucking on his cock. It looked like the girls were taking turns sucking on his dick.

He waved at me when he saw me, the petite brunette sucking on his prick not bothering to come up for air to greet me. "Hey, Randy! Glad you could make it to my party, man!" said Chad to me. His eyes were already glazed-looking from drugs and sex. "You bring the 'E' and stuff with you, man?" I knew what he was looking for-- Ecstasy pills. Party drug of choice around here. I got a couple pills out of my bag for him and he downed them with his beer, then asked me to pass pills around to any ladies who wanted them.

I began wandering around the house. First I headed outside where the keg was-- there were lots of people crowded around the keg with their cups of beer.

Folks began clamoring around when they heard I had some stuff to offer and soon I was handing out pills and powder.

Someone handed me a pipe and I filled it up with some weed, took a huge hit, and started passing it around. A dark haired girl walked up to me and kissed me passionately-- I had no clue who she was, but I cupped one of her perfect bare tits in my hand as she tongued me for several minutes.

She was wearing she just bad af tube porn sheer panties, a dark pubic patch visible through the front panel. And a pair of tan cowboy boots, and that was it. I broke away from her to continue walking around the party. She joyously skipped away, her asscheeks jiggling as she bounded off. There was a completely naked girl doing cartwheels. In the hot tub, three gorgeous chicks were naked and sipping their beers while men massaged their shoulders and tits.

A stunningly beautiful dark haired girl was spread on an outdoor table, guys holding her legs up so she could get eaten out by three different mouths. Two other guys were sucking and licking her ample breasts as she just laid back, moaning while she was getting devoured. More guys were walking over to take a taste of her perfect cunt, bald except for a dark, thin stripe over her lips.

Couples were dancing lewdly to music from another stereo outside. I saw lots of grinding, and at least one dude with his dick out, poised to enter his girl's cunt from behind as she hiked up her mini-skirt for him. There was a nude couple precariously making-out in the hammock. Over on one of the outdoor lounge chairs, a guy had a girl bent over his knee and was spanking her.

She had nothing but a white thong on, the red handprints contrasting greatly with her white ass. Her small tits jiggled with the impact of the smacks. On a beach towel nearby, there were a couple girls doing naked yoga while some guys watched, their dicks out and hard as rocks.

I shuddered, myself getting aroused. It was a beautiful evening, just after sunset so it was starting to get darker. More and more people were arriving. The pipe came back to me, empty, and I packed it up again with more marijuana. Taking another huge hit, I passed the pipe on and walked back inside. People were getting very comfortable in the living room. Both of the blonds that had been sixty-nineing were now getting fucked.

One of them was riding on top of a guy's cock, facing away from him as he sat on the couch. Her gorgeous tits were bouncing with the thrusts. Her panties were still on, just shoved aside so his cock could get into her.

The other blond girl was riding a guy I recognized from one of my classes, Sean I think was his name. I stared, hypnotized as the beautiful blond's ass bounced again and again on Sean's cock. Again and again her ass rose and fell upon his thighs as his prick stabbed in and out of her cunt. My prick was stirring in my shorts. In the corner, the guy who had been getting a blowjob by the two twin sisters was now fucking one of them. She sat on top of him, facing away from him as she rode his dick reverse-cowgirl style.

The other sister was licking her clit enthusiastically. I watched as the guy commanded the sister who had been riding his dick to get off of him, then had both sisters get on their hands and knees in front of him. He began alternately fucking their pussies from behind, putting his meat inside one girl and pounding her hard for a few minutes, then pulling out of her to fuck her sister for awhile.

A guy stepped up and began jerking his prick in the girls' faces, and they both began sucking on his hard knob. My cock was pitching a major tent in my shorts. I walked toward the hall, observing six beautiful naked college women sitting on the long kitchen counter, each being eaten out by a guy, their legs spread so their pussies could get devoured. A guy was fucking a girl in front of the refrigerator as she stood bent over in front of him.

Several others were just watching the scene, holding beer cups. I continued on toward the first bedroom. A couple was making out passionately in the hallway, the guy rubbing his girl's ass with his cock.

I walked by them and peeked into the bedroom. There was a basketball cheerleader I knew named Sandy sprawled out on the bed.

She had dirty blond hair and a tight body and she was wearing nothing but little white ankle socks. I saw her cheerleading uniform, complete with pom-poms, laying in a heap in the corner. It looked like she was about to get gang banged by our school's entire men's lacrosse team! All the guys on the team were there. One of them, Dan, was in between her legs, making her moan as he licked her pussy up and down. She had his hair roughly in her hand as she writhed below him.

Another guy was sucking on her neck while some others pulled on her nipples and groped her lithe body. It was hot! "Sorry, Randy, I'm only doing the men's lacrosse players right now," Sandy said as she looked over and noticed me in the doorway.

"If I have any energy left over when they're done with me though, I'll come find you!" she laughed. I smiled and just nodded, my cock bulging at the scene. The guys laughed, knowing each was going to pound the shit out of her momentarily with the objective of ensuring she had japanese lesbian squirting tribbing uncensored left over to spare.

"It's cool -- well I have a joint, you mind if I smoke here while I watch, ya'll can smoke with me?" I said, reaching into my cigarette pack for a pre-rolled joint and lighter. They agreed. I fired up the joint while one of the players stepped up and straddled Sandy as she laid flat on the bed, his hard meat in his hand, rubbing it against her gash. Her cunt was completely bald and looking juicy.

It was swollen and pink with her arousal. "Yeah, Steve, put that thick cock in me!" Sandy hissed at the guy on top of her as he teased her with his prick. "Fill up my hole, come on, anikka albrite big ass blonde spreading her vagina and playing with, you know you wanna.

stick it in me, stick it in. come on, fuck me like an animal!" Steve teased her a few minutes more while some of the others tongued her nipples and shoulders and neck. Without warning, Steve suddenly thrust his meat inside of her, filling up her pussy with his large prick in one long stroke. I pulled on my joint, exhaling marijuana smoke as I watched the gorgeous cheerleader getting banged. She began moaning, but her moans were muffled as three cocks were shoved in her face.

Her hands were soon busy jerking cocks, her mouth filled with two cocks at a time. Her breasts were being mauled by various big, rough hands. I passed the joint around and the naked, aroused lacrosse players began toking and passing it along. The guys even pulled their cocks away from Sandy's face for a moment so she could take a hit while getting pussy pounded by a second guy.

Steve had pulled out without shooting his load so someone else could have a go. Sandy exhaled pot smoke around a hard prick that was suddenly shoved back in her face. The second guy pulled out and a third took his place in seconds, forcing Sandy's legs back high behind her head. She was so flexible that she easily folded up like a pretzel, her muscular body glistening with sweat now from the pounding she was getting.

The entire room was cloudy now with smoke. My eyes were on her stuffed pussy as the cock was shoved hard up inside her. A couple guys were taking turns strumming her clit while she was getting fucked.

Her pussy was so juicy that her cuntlips were shimmering. I licked my lips-- her cunt meat looked so succulent! The guy's muscular body slammed hard into hers again and again, big balls bouncing against her perfect peach of an ass.

Guy #3 pulled out and the fourth guy turned her over on her hands and knees to fuck her from behind. She continued sucking several dicks that were being shoved in her face.

The fourth guy was named Eduardo or something like that; his cock was fat and uncut, and he tightly squeezed her tits as he pounded her chesty driver crystal swift gets fucked and creamed from behind. Someone else started rubbing her asshole, spitting on her ass and rubbing it in as her pussy was getting fucked.

She moaned loudly around the dicks. A finger slipped into her bunghole up to the knuckle, wiggling around inside her chute. It probed further, a second finger pressed against her asshole now. After a few more minutes of fingers probing her ass, Eduardo pulled his prick out of her pussy and the next guy that stepped up pressed his cockhead to Sandy's puckered asshole.

She squealed as the meat parted her anus. Guy #5 paused to allow her hole to get used to his big mushroom cockhead for a few moments. Then he slowly slid another inch in, groaning with the tightness. His prick looked large, around 8" and thick with veins all over, and Sandy was whimpering as it was shoved into her. His meat was half way in.

Someone reached below her and started playing with her clit, making her moan. Her clit was stimulated while lacrosse player #5 shoved his meat further inside her asshole.

Once he was in nearly to his balls, he gave her a second to get adjusted to the feeling of being impaled on his stiff meat, and then withdrew his cock a few inches. Then he slammed back into her hard. She squealed with the anal invasion but was quickly silenced with a dick to the throat. The anal fucker began pounding her at a manic pace, his balls slapping around. She moaned underneath of him. After a few minutes of his savage ass fuckery, he pulled out and the next 3 guys fucked her up the ass, too.

No one spilled their loads yet. Including me, I still had shorts on. I decided to slip out of the diamond doll nude pussy on cam and visit the next bedroom to see what was going on in there. The gang bang was definitely going to be hard to beat, it was so hot!

I could see in the bathroom next door a couple was standing up in the shower, fucking with the water running. A guy was sitting on the closed toilet, bouncing a girl up and down on his prick. They both waved to me as I walked by.

In the next bedroom, Chad's bedroom, there was a group of naked girls laying around on the bed. One of them was tied up to the busty asian hooker rides a thick cock with silky undergarments.

She was fair skinned with strawberry blond hair and spread open wide, her face flushed, her tits jiggling around on her chest as the girls surrounding her on the bed were using vibrators and dildos on her pussy. Lighting up one of my joints, I walked into the room and joined the crowd watching the sexy girl being pleasured.

Mostly guys were standing around watching, but some girls were, too. My eyes were drawn to the wide open pussy gash as a vibrator was rubbed all over her clit and inserted a few inches into her cunt.

The guy standing next to me was jerking off to the sight. He smiled at me, his prick in his hand. "That's Melody all tied up there-- it's her 19th birthday today, so her best friends are forcing her to have 19 orgasms!" he said to me, ceasing his masturbation for a moment.

I nodded, exhaling pot smoke and passing the joint onward. "Yeah, it won't be too much longer till we meet our goal," a blond on the bed said with a sexy Australian accent as she looked over at us.

"We're already on number 9!" she giggled and held the dildo she was holding up to Melody's pussyhole. The girl using the vibrator was beautiful; she looked possibly Indian with her dark hair, skin, and eyes.

She moved the vibrator to Melody's clit so the Australian chick could shove the dildo into Melody's pussy. Melody was moaning and writhing in her restraints. I could see her grinding her pussy into the vibrator as her cunt swallowed up the sizable dildo. Melody's juices flowed liberally from her over-stimulated hole.

Her nipples were hard like little rocks.

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She had a light covering of golden pubic hair that was glistening with her cunt juices and saliva as her Indian and Australian friends took turns licking, sucking, and dildo-fucking her pussy. The crowd cheered Melody on as she began moaning louder and shouting that she was cumming again. "Yeah, here she cums, come on Melody! Yeah!" someone yelled. "Oh, yeah, oh yeah, give us number 10 baby!" another guy shouted. "Cream your friends' hot faces with your cunt juice, Melody!" The Indian chick rubbed Melody's clit furiously and the other girl was jamming the dildo in and out of Melody's hole rapidly.

Melody was screaming, another orgasm about to rip through her body. This was definitely a hot sight! My bathtub adventure of the cock loving amateur girl watched as Melody's cunt swallowed the dildo whole and she wailed loudly as orgasm #10 flowed throughout her.

The Indian girl was using the vibrator on Melody and pulling on her nipples with the other hand. Everyone cheered as Melody came again, her breath ragged, face red from her intense climax. "Shit, someone let me smoke on that joint a second!" Melody said breathlessly.

The sexy Australian walked over to get the joint, tits jiggling, and held it up to her friend's lips.

Melody puffed and held her smoke, then exhaled so she could take another hit. Her friend passed the joint back to the crowd and began French kissing Melody passionately as smoke spilled from Melody's mouth. My prick was straining painfully in my pants as I watched the two sexy young women making-out on the bed. I was one of the only people left in the house with my shorts still on, it seemed.

The Indian girl was still pressing the vibrator against Melody's slit and clit as I stepped out of the room, shaking my head at the hot scenes going on throughout the house. Out in the hall, I was immediately grabbed by a petite Asian girl I didn't know. She was wearing only shiny black high heeled shoes, her pussy hair shaved to a neat black triangle over her slit. Her breasts were small and firm with tasty-looking little nipples. We kissed passionately, my cock poking into her belly hard.

Her hands trailed down to my shorts and grabbed at my crotch, making my cock stand even harder. "Why you still wearing pants?" she asked. She didn't let me answer, instead she went straight to unzipping my shorts as I swallowed hard. As she pulled my shorts down, she caressed my steel hard dick still imprisoned in my boxers.

I groaned as she reached into my boxers and pulled my prick out, admiring its length and hardness in her hand. She began licking along my dick, playing it like a harmonica, breaking to stroke and suck on my swinging balls. I leaned against the wall for support. People were stepping around us as the Asian girl bent over to blow me in the hallway.

She was jacking my dick hard with a steady rhythm in no time as she sucked the head of my cock in her mouth. Her tongue encircled my prickhead and licked all along my shaft. She swallowed my prick down into her throat, gagging occasionally as she deep throated me.

My hips began involuntarily thrusting and I was soon face fucking her. Her mascara was running down her cheeks as tears formed in her eyes from gagging on my meat. I reached down and pulled on her small nipples while she continued jacking me hard into her mouth. My moans were growing louder, my balls tightening as she stroked my prick steady. Her tongue licking and sucking all over my cock while she stared up at me. I grabbed the back of her head, forcing my cock into her throat unbelievably hot lesbian chicks playing with toys pantyhose lesbians far as I could, and groaned loudly as my sperm spewed forth directly into her gullet.

We were both breathless as we straightened ourselves up. I pulled my shorts back up as my cock subsided slightly. Then I thanked her and continued walking down the hall.

As I walked away I saw her grab another guy who had just come out of a bedroom, and she immediately went to stroking his cock. What a cocksucker she was! Shaking my head in amazement, I walked by the other bedroom where Sandy's gang bang with the lacrosse team was still going strong.

Sandy was totally sweaty and disheveled, pressed tight in between two lacrosse players-- one was fucking her asshole, and one was fucking her pussy! There looked to be some dried cum along the insides of her thighs. The guys were standing around her still, jacking their cocks in her face and forcing her to suck them down.

She i will give you a handjob as an apology joi getting fucked hard! I could hear her grunting while being stuffed to the max. All the guys were strong and muscular, and she was so petite and thin! I was in awe as I watched her pussy being split open to accommodate a thick dick while another big cock was lodged up her ass. I began walking up the stairs to the bedrooms on the second level.

The master bedroom door was ajar, and I peeked inside to observe the sex scene going on in there. A pretty brunette was on the bed getting fucked on her back with three guys standing around her. As I entered the room, I realized she didn't seem to be conscious.

A big, muscular football player was pounding her cunt with reckless abandon. Her body was unresponsive beneath him. I could see cum oozing from her pussyhole as the guy fucked her hole with long, deep strokes.

It looked like several loads of cum had been deposited up in her cunt. "Hey, is she okay? What's going on?" I asked as I walked up the bed. Her mouth was open slightly, her eyes closed, her breasts bouncing up and down with the force of the athletic fucking. The guy fucking her quickly turned around, startled by my voice. He didn't stop fucking her, though. "Uh, yeah, yeah, she's fine. she's just passed out," said one of the guys. "Yeah, she had a lot to drink," said another.

"She told us even if she passed out she still wanted us to keep fucking her. She didn't wanna miss out, you know?" I nodded my head at the suspicious scene. I recognized the girl from other parties I'd been to, she was a pretty big slut and she did like to drink a lot.

Cum dribbled from her cunt down her asscrack and onto the guy's ballsack. He pounded away at her, his hands hard on her hips while penetrating her unconscious body. "Oh yeah, fuck, fuck, fuck, I'm gonna cum again! How many loads is this now inside her?" the guy fucking her said with a gasp. "I dunno man, between the four of us and the others, probably at least a dozen," said one of the others.

He stepped up to her gaping wet hole as the other guy pulled his dripping prick from her insides and he quickly shoved his meat into her. His cock delved deep inside her until he his balls smashed against her runny cunt, getting coated with cum. He began fucking her with deep, hard, long strokes. I turned and walked out of the room. The other bedroom upstairs was a guest bedroom, and I could hear loud moans coming from within it. Pushing the door open, I was startled at the sight on the bed.

A girl was on all fours, being penetrated from behind by a guy. The guy who was fucking her was getting fucked up the ass by another guy! I had never seen male amazing webcam show more videos on sexycamsorg male on female action.

There was a girl in the room with a strap-on, and she was lubing it up to shove it into the ass of the guy who was fucking the guy who was fucking the girl doggystyle! What the fuck! Before I could watch the girl with the strap-on insert it into that dude's ass I turned and walked back downstairs. I was slightly disturbed by the scenes upstairs. Back in the living room, the sights were much sexier to me.

There were at least a dozen couples fucking around on the various pillows and couches. The big screen TV was still showing a raunchy porno. A girl was on her back on the living room coffee table getting nailed by a big black guy. There was a skinny blond chick getting double fucked on a couch, the pricks inside of her making her belly bulge out, she was so full. As I walked by her, the guy in her cunt shouted that he was cumming.

He threw his head back as his cock erupted deep in her hole. His hands were tight on her hips. The guy in her ass stayed still while the guy in her cunt unloaded his sperm inside her. When the cunt-fucker pulled out, the guy in her ass shoved his cock up in her bowels hard, making the semen start oozing from her pussy down onto the prick of the guy fucking her rectum.

I stood there and watched as a hot red head walked over to the blond girl who was impaled up the ass on the couch. The red head started sucking the cum out of the blond's cunt, using her fingers to coax the cum from the hole. As the red head bent over and ate the blond out, I couldn't help but walk over to her and start licking her cunt from behind.

She looked up from the blond's pussy to see who was eating her out and then smiled and wiggled her ass in my face, rubbing her gash on my nose and mouth. The guy fucking the blond's ass continued pounding her while the red head ate her pussy. I pulled my shorts off and held my cock in my hand.

Hmm, which one did I want, the red head that was eating the blond's cunt while the blond was getting fucked up the ass? Or did I want the blond's pussy while another guy was deep in her ass? First, I stepped up behind the red head and rubbed my cock along her wet gash.

She grinded against my stiff meat, urging me to put myself inside her. I held her hips steady with my prick standing straight at her cunthole while she continued tonguing the blond's clit. Once my prickhead felt her hot juices surrounding it, I had to get further inside. I slammed my cock deep inside of her with one sudden thrust, making her cry out into the blond chick's pussy.

My thrusts were fast and hard. I loved feeling the velvety walls of this sexy red head's pussy! Not wanting to spill my load yet, I withdrew from the red head and started eating her cunt again for a few moments, strumming her clit to orgasm. The blond was still getting pounded in the ass, her cunt gaping open while her ass was stuffed. I wanted that open hole; it invited me! When the red head was done cumming, I stepped up to the blond's pussy and the red headed girl backed away a little to give me access to the cunthole.

The guy in the blond's ass stayed still a moment to allow me to insert my cock into the cunt. The blond looked up at me breathlessly as she watched me place my cockhead within her cuntlips. I felt her heat around the head of my dick and shuddered. My prick slid inside her hot hole a little further.

Her cunt felt incredibly restricted around my dick meat while her ass was filled by the certified cutie alice march enjoys erotic morning sex guy.

I had never fucked a girl while her other hole was simultaneously full of cock. It was awesome! Her pussy felt so tight yet so wet with her own juices and probably various loads of sperm up in her. I shoved myself in further, holding her waist tight as I did so.

Her pussy squeezed my cock tightly inside of her. As I slid my cock in farther, the red head began licking my balls and the blond's pussy. We were all moaning and sweating together.

The guy fucking her ass and I began an efficient rhythm fucking in and out of her holes. I could feel his cock rubbing along the thin wall of flesh that separated him from my own stiff meat. He could probably feel my prick, too, from his position in her ass. We were both grunting as we stuffed her full of dick. This went on for several minutes; the blond sandwiched between us was sweating profusely with the hard sex.

I pulled my prick out of her tight cunt without cumming and got up to fuck the red head again. The guy who had been fucking the blond's ass had her sit up so he could bend her over and fuck her from behind in the cunt. His prick slid up inside her wet cunt as my own poked inside the pretty red headed pregnant lady with big bosoms gives thorough blowjob and gets fucked. She stood up for me and I fucked her while we were both standing up, both of us watching the debauched sex scenes going on everywhere.

It was hot! I was pretty sure she was cumming on my dick as she began shaking and moaning loudly. After she began calming down, I slid my cock out of her without cumming and left her to play with some others in the living room.

There was a girl eating out another girl's cunt on the floor, and I got down on my knees to help eat the pussy. The double tongue action made the girl getting devoured moan loudly and squirm below us. I stopped to make-out awhile with the girl who'd been eating the cunt before me; she tasted of delicious pussy juice.

My fingers slid down into her hole and began probing her wet slit. Instantly she soaked my hand with her pussy juice! With the other hand I began finger fucking the other girl.

Moans of pleasure were heard through the entire house. Both the girls I was finger fucking readjusted to lay down on their backs in front of me on the floor and spread their legs wide for me. I began fucking them alternately, pounding one while fingering the other's clit and then switching girls after a few minutes. My cock was in heaven, no doubt!

Another guy came up and started fucking the chick I wasn't currently banging, and he had a friend waiting to fuck the chick that I was inside of. I pulled out to let him have at her, and he was inside of her instantly, making her tits swing wildly hot pregnant blonde is engulfing a throbbing dick on the couch her chest while he fucked her doggystyle.

I surveyed the room. Everyone was naked now and involved in some kind of sexual activity. I counted 10 couples currently fucking on the living room floor, 3 threesomes on the floor, a group of 4 going at it on the couch, and a group of 3 fucking on a chair.

People were making rounds from room to room to fuck many different holes. My prick was still rock hard. A girl walking by caressed my hard meat a few seconds with her hand on the way to the kitchen.

I shuddered. As far as the eye could see people were fucked up and fucking and having a fucking good time. Chad then came in from outside and I walked over to him. We were both naked with hard dicks in need of pussies to unload in. A petite blond followed him inside; she was wearing nothing but black boots and a black dog collar attached to a leather leash.

He directed me to follow him down to the basement and grabbed the girl's leash, pulling her behind him down to the basement. A few others were down there; it was smoky and dim but it was a nice finished basement, complete with pool table and some chairs.

A couple couches surrounded a TV and entertainment system. Girls were getting fucked all over the room. Chad's pet dog Stetson was over in the corner watching a couple fucking on a chair. I watched Chad lead his girl by the leash to a couch and sat her down. He forced her legs high in the air, spreading her pussy wide open for his stiff meat. Her legs rested against his chest as he thrust forcefully into her pussy. She cried out with his hard intrusion into her cunt.

He held her roughly while he pounded her hard and fast, balls slapping her buttcheek while he fucked her. His hand was still on the leash while his meat sank in and out of her wet hole.

I could hear him grunting with the effort. "Yeah, now bitch, yeah, ohh, uhhh, ahhh, fuck I'm gonna cum up in your pussy, yes, oh yeah you're such a good little slut! Oh, yeah, fuck, your cunt is gonna feel my cock explode up inside you! Fuck! Then I'm gonna make my fucking dog lick it out of you!" growled Chad as he pounded the girl mercilessly. I raised my eyebrows at the thought of his dog licking the cum out of the girl.

It sounded kinda hot! Moments later Chad was grunting and then plunging his cock inside the girl's hole as deep as it could go, his balls pressed to her ass. I could see the base of his cock throbbing in her wide open slit with her legs raised up high. She moaned as the cock unloaded in her womb. Chad stayed still a moment to catch his breath and then let her legs down, pulling his prick from her oozing hole.

A crowd began to form when he called the dog over to the girl on the couch. He held her leash, commanding her to sit there on the couch with her legs wide open for Stetson. Stetson was a big friendly mutt, a yellowish colored dog that looked kinda like a Hot latin babe josie jaeger gets pussy fucked on the border or Golden Retriever.

Chad had the girl lay back as the dog pressed his cold nose into her cunt and took a whiff. She squealed as the animal's long tongue licked out at her gash, wetting her cunt from top to bottom. It was such a taboo, I'd never seen a girl fucking around with a dog before. Pre-cum was leaking from my rock hard cock, I was so turned on. The dog licked the girl's clit thoroughly, making her moan loudly with his effective slurping. People in the crowd were jacking their dicks and fingering cunts to the sight.

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She looked up at him with surprise. Chad kissed her passionately as the dog continued licking her cunt out, making her moan in Chad's mouth. "I'd love, love, love to see you knotted to my dog." he said to her. The girl looked hesitant but didn't say no. I saw her hold her legs open wider for the animal to have even easier access to lick into her cunthole. Man, even I wanted the dog to fuck her! I had never seen bestiality porn or even fantasized about women having sex with animals.

The sight was so incredible, so sexy, such taboo, it was driving me wild. My heart beat faster as the girl rose from the couch and got on her hands and knees down on the floor. Chad commanded the dog to jump up on her back and the beast obeyed, weighing the girl down with his body over hers.

Her tits swung as the animal positioned itself on her back. Once on top of her, Chad began pressing the dog's ass against her ass, encouraging the dog to start humping her wet gash. In a few minutes, the dog began thrusting his hips at his human sex partner. Chad still held her leash as his dog began humping at her.

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The crowd went wild! Some guys couldn't even hold their loads-- I saw at least two guys shooting off uncontrollably at the sight of the dog fucking the girl. Her pussy was being filled with the beast's prick and I had a front row view.

It was fucking her like a machine, its pace faster than any man's possible. She was moaning and rambling incoherently with the animal draped over her back. The prick was making lewd squishing sounds up in her cunthole. Her breasts were bouncing wildly with the thrusts. Chad was reaching underneath her to rub her clit. I could see Stetson's balls dangling and swinging around with his powerful pounding. It was all making me need to cum badly.

I looked around the crowd for a girl, any girl to fuck. There behind me, a girl met eyes with me and I pulled her in front of me. She was petite, with a thick ass and large tits and freckles. I ran my hands over her tits and pussymound and sucked her neck from behind, making her moan.

I strummed her hard clit with my fingers and inserted a couple digits into her hole, finding it hot and wet. I needed it! I took my prick in my hand, my eyes glued to Chad's dog fucking the girl manically, its nuts swinging all over her backside. The sloshing sounds of her cunt was enough to make me want to explode as soon as my cockhead touched the warm pussylips of the freckled girl in front of me.

She bent over a little and I placed a hand on her hip and with my other hand placed my meat at the entrance to her hole. I took a deep breath as she wiggled her ass at me, grinding against my steel hard cock.

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Oh, ahh, ooooh, fuck, I'm gonna cum! Oh yeah, yeah, make me cum, Stetson, yes, fuck me doggy, good doggy, good boy, ohhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhh!" The dog slowed to a stop as the girl below him let out a long wail as she orgasmed. Breathlessly she screamed, "Oh fuck he's cumming in me now, oh here he cums, oh my God, he's cumming, yes!

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I could see him try to remove himself but he was securely tied to his bitch, his sperm gushing around inside her womb now. My fingers rubbed the clit of the girl I was fucking as my cock twitched and spurted a massive load within her. I could feel her pussy spasming and throbbing and thought that she was probably cumming as well at the sexy bestiality scene. My cock stayed hard even after I came, I was so turned on, so I just kept on thrusting.

The freckled girl's cunt was delightfully lubricated with my sperm. Down on the floor, Stetson struggled to get off his bitch but to no avail. People in the crowd were blowing their loads everywhere now. Cum spurting in many directions and being injected into pussies and asses and mouths! I continued fucking my girl while Stetson stayed on top of his human mate. She was whimpering beneath him now, spent from the intense sex.

Several minutes later, Stetson finally pulled his prick from the girl's juicy cunt. Dog cum immediately began gushing from her hole as the animal removed his plug from her insides.

The prick that came out of her was long, about 7" with a baseball sized knot, both pink and covered with veins. I shuddered, my cock still pumping in and out of my own human bitch while she bent over before me. The cum continued oozing out of Chad's girl, dripping down onto the floor. Stetson was licking his dick clean. Watching the cum stream out of the girl's cunt was about to make me cum again. I pounded harder and harder, the girl and I both grunting, and I gasped as I shot another load into her womb, a smaller load, but still intensely pleasurable in my ultra-aroused state.

I soon pulled my prick out of the warm hole and the girl went her separate way. Chad's girl was still sitting on the floor, trying to recover from the hot dog sex. My own cock was dripping cum, my own breathing hard and ragged. The fucking continued throughout the basement and the whole rest of the house for hours. I fucked probably a dozen more girls while the party went on, and heard later that at some point a brave chick took Stetson in her ass.

Shame I missed that! When it came time to leave, I was beyond sexually satiated -- I was drained! "Damn, Chad, that was epic indeed!" I said to him as I was leaving. He smiled and nodded. Couples were still screwing on the couches behind him as he walked me out the front door.

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