Paige gets a shot in her face

Paige gets a shot in her face
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WARNING/DISCLAIMER -- Please Read before Reading Story Legal Notice: The following story contains descriptions of graphic sexual acts.

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The story is a work of fiction and has no basis in reality. Don't read this story if: **You're not 18 or over, **If it is illegal to read this type of material where you live Breaking Katie Part 1 Yo what up? My name is Skyler. If you were to Google the phrase "poor white trash" you would probably find an exact description of my family.

We live in a ratty ass trailer park mom brielle gives taboo handjob big tits bigtits Willow Grove, with a Motel 6 on one side and the interstate on the other. Nice huh? Such is my life. I'm 17 years old, about 5'7", 130 lbs., basically skinny as hell but decently defined none the less. I have brown, shaggy hair, sort of an olive complexion and green eyes. I sound hot right? Fag. Those aren't my best features, though.

My pride and joy is my seven inch dick. I have to say, I have the nicest looking dick in the world, and I have tendency to put it in anything I can get my hands on. Shit, I even fucked a honeydew one time. LOL I also have fucked just about every slut bitch in my high school. They can't get enough of this cock. Fucking whores. I live in this scum hole of a trailer park with my dumb ass mother, her fucking stupid ass husband, and my ten year old sister.

My mother, Nancy, works three exits down the interstate at the Waffle House. The Motel 6 has an IHOP next to it, but I guess my mother isn't good enough for their fancy schmancy restaurant, so it's Awful Waffle for her.

My so-called step-father is a piece of shit too. They've been married about two years, but I can't really look at him as a father cuz he's not really that much older than me. He's 25. My mother fancies herself as some sort of MILF and thought she'd get a young one I guess.

He hasn't worked hardly a day since they got married, and pretty much just sits around the trailer all day smoking weed and playing video games. Loser. Jeremy is not bad looking if you like that sort of thing. He's about 5'10", 155 or so, blond hair that he keeps in a buzz cut, pretty tight body. He has a tribal tattoo around each arm, a panther on his back at the right shoulder, a rebel flag on the other side, and a swastica on the right side of his chest.

Pretty much a walking billboard for fucking idiots. My real dad left about five years ago. Thank god. He and my mom used to fight all the damn time. One night he was drunk and was beating on her. Don't ask me why, but I thought I'd be the man and try to stop him. My bad. First he beat the shit out of me, and then he raped my ass like I seacsex storiesrink aphrodisiac massage japanese porn some bitch.

Faggot. Next day, he was gone and we've never heard from him or seen him since. Good riddance. So, dad's gone, mom's working all the time to pay the rent, and it was left to me to take care of my little five year old sister, Katie.

Sucks being twelve and having to play the role of mom and dad. I had to get her off to school, take care of her when we got home, fix dinner, get her bath at night, that sort of thing. That's how it started.

I'm twelve, just starting to hit the puberty time of my life, and I'm bathing my little sister, looking at that sweet little eloge de la chair cumshots and brunette every day. Don't get me wrong. I didn't fuck her or nothin'. Just rubbing on it and licking it at first. I taught her how to jack my dick right off the bat of course. As time went on I used to eat that little pussy while I was fingering that shit.

God that shit is hot! I love to eat some hairless little pussy. Then my mom marries that loser Jeremy and I thought that shit was over and done with. The great thing was, with Jeremy added to the mix, we couldn't afford the three bedroom trailer we lived in, and so we moved across the park to a two bedroom. Guess who's sharin' a room?

I had my little sister all to myself every night, to eat that little pussy all I wanted. And, of course, it was time to teach her how to suck some dick. I thought it couldn't get any better. I'd shoot at least a couple loads in her mouth every night of my life. I also used to love to jack off and come all over her little cunt.

God, I love to see my load all over that nice little piece of twat! I'd shoot my jizz all over it, then go down on her, fingering that shit all up in her and licking it clean. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fag or nothin', I mean, it is my jizz and all. So, about the time Katie turned ten, she started, like, getting off to me fingering and eating her little cunt. She'd quiver and hump at my finger while her eyes rolled up in her head. Little slut. Just like her mother. One night she woke me up in the middle of the night.

That was strange cuz it was usually the other way around.

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"Sky, I can't sleep. Will you lick my slit for me?"she says. Well, what could I do, right? So, I'm licking on that little kooz of hers and she starts humping my fingers like a little bitch in heat. All panting and shit. Damn. So I figure it's time for her to find out what it's all really about. My dick was hard as a fucking rock of course, tasting all that sweet young juice, my two fingers all up in that little tight hole of hers.

So, I spread her little legs apart and put the head of my dick right up against those little lips, rubbing it back and forth just feeling all the heat and moister from her little ten year old twat. I started pushing up against that pretty little hole and the head of my dick slid right on in. God that shit felt fucking good. So goddamn hot and tight around the head of my cock. She gasped a little but didn't stop me. Damn, what a little slut I had created. As I pushed it in further she started to whimper a little and said that I was hurting her.

"It will be alright", I said. "It's gonna feel real good, you wait and see." I started trying to push that beautiful cock of mine further up in her, but couldn't get it to go all the way in. She starts squirming and shit, trying to get away from my tool going up in that little snatch.

I withdraw part way and then shove it up in her again. Bang! Went in that time, all the way to the hilt. She squeals like a stuck pig, so I put my hand over her mouth, cuz I don't want my mom or Jeremy coming up in my bedroom and seeing my cock up in my ten year old sister. So there I am, one hand over her mouth, holding myself up with the other, looking down watching my hot damn dick sliding in and out of that pretty little pussy.

That shit was wrapped around my dick like a fiery hot vice, my dick all glistening with her little pussy juice. Fuck! It only took me about a minute and a half before I was pumping my cum all up in my sisters little cunt. I swear that was the best orgasm I'd ever had. I must have shot the biggest load my 17 year old body could produce! I was shaking that shit was so good. I took my hand off her mouth, and pulled my dick out of her tight little vagina.

My little babies were running all out of that fucked pussy. God that looked good! Now, I couldn't let them go to waste could I? No. I went down on that pretty little fucked cunt, its little hole all gaping open with the violation it had just received.

Fuck that shit was good, my cum all mixed with her ten year old juices. And, the little slut started humping at my tongue while I was licking her clean. Little whore. So, that's how I took it to the next level.

I couldn't get enough of that shit. That pretty little pussy right there in my room for me to violate whenever I wanted it. And, the bad thing was, she liked that shit. After that first time whenever I pounded that little cunt of hers, she'd be all humping back at me, meeting my thrusts with her little hairless pussy. Multiple times I'd wake up in the middle of the night with her little sex after great oral stimulation pornstar hardcore and fist wrapped around my cock, shlobbin' it for everything it was worth.

One night about two months ago, she's on her knees in front of me, and I'm just a bangin' her little cunt, both hands on her ass with that little pink pucker of an asshole winking at me. I just couldn't resist. I spit on her little hole and rubbed it around with my thumb, then, pop! That thumb was up in that shit. She muffled a little squeal and arched her little back like some sort of fucking cat in heat! I keep on railing that pussy, moving my thumb in out of her tight little ass with the same rhythm as my dick going in her cunt.

She's all humping back on me like the little whore that she is. So, I got that other thumb up in that asshole too. I'm working that pussy and ass like no tomorrow, and I feel that little cunt of hers start spaseming on my dick and she's all quivering and shit, having both those holes violated at the same time.

Once she comes down from her little ten year old orgasm, I pull my dick out of that little hot cunt. I reach up and hold her down to the bed by the back of her neck, ease up to her little gaping rosebud and slip my dick up into her virgin asshole. Of course, it took me about ten strokes to blow my load up in that little tight ass. I just couldn't hold back!

The thought of taking her virginity every which way I could was just too much. I felt my dick pulse about eight times up in that hole, filling her bowels with my teen cum.

Then I pulled my dick out of her ass and made her go down on it so she could get all that ass and cum off my dick. Then I just got up and went over to my bed and left her lying there, all full of cum. I looked over at her a couple minutes later and she's fucking laying there friggin' her own cunt like a little sex starved nympho. Jesus, I've created some sort of little nut case sex monster.

Damn. Oh well, that shit will work in my favor!! So, that's what I'm thinking about while I'm getting my dick sucked. I have a hot mouth around my Johnson kinky blonde has her gaping asshole drilled I'm thinking about the first time I took my sister's little virgin ass. Hot shit. I look down at the blond head going up and down on my cock. His name is Noah. Little fucking fag. I told you I'd put my dick in anything I could, and if some little cum guzzler like Noah wants to swallow my load, hey, who am I to complain.

He lives in the trailer park same as us. Little 12 year old cocksucker. He's about 5'5", skinny, tan as hell, and has sort of longish blonde hair. I usually run into him a couple times a week around the park and I take him out to the woods in the back and fuck his little fag throat for him. I grab him by his hair and start pulling his head down on my shit while I thrust forward. My back is up against a tree and he's down on his knees in the dirt and leaves with one hand down his pants rubbing his little pecker while he gags on my seven inch cock.

Queer or not, the little fucker can suck a dick like a vacuum cleaner! Damn! As I thrust harder into his throat I feel my nuts start to tighten, getting ready for the blow. I grab Noah by the front of his hair and pull his head back and take my dick in hand. He sits there with his mouth open like some kind of little bird waiting for his daddy to feed him.

So I do. I shoot like five spurts of thick white cum into his little open mouth, but before he can swallow it all I stuff my dick back in and start face fucking him some more while I finish emptying my dick in him. I pull out and put my dick away and zip up my cargo shorts. I look at him with disgust, sitting there in the dirt, cum running out of his mouth, jackin' on his dick, and I walk off. "Later Skyler", he yells after me. Little bitch. After I leave the little cum slut in the woods I walk across the street to the Circle K and get some chips and a soda before I head back to the trailer.

When I get home, the first thing I notice is that Jeremy isn't in his usual useless position on the sofa. Loser is prolly passed out in their room. I walk down the hall way towards my bedroom, and when I pass my mom and Jeremy's room, what do you think I saw? There is my sister, on her hands and knees on the bed, with Jeremy standing next to the bed alexis fawx arya fae the perfect son ass naked with the little slut sucking on his cock.

What the fuck??

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Even though I'm pissed, I stop for a second and look at the scene before me. I've never seen the little bitch sucking cock from a distance.

I'd also never seen Jeremy naked before. No wonder my mother like's him. He's standing there looking like some kind of neo-Nazi god, with than tan body and all those redneck tattoos with a piece of meat that I would kill to have on me. It had to have been eight inches plus and thick, with a big ole' ball sack swingin, and my little slut of a ten year old sister struggling to get as much of it in her mouth as she could. But, I have to admit, she looked good too.

Creamy white with a little round butt sticking up, with her sort of shortish tomboy looking blonde hair. Fuck she turned me on. I was tempted to just stand there and watch the whole thing play out. Hell, I got an instant hard-on the second I saw the whole scene.

Instead I said, "So Jeremy, you're fucking my mother AND my sister. You piece of shit!" He nearly jumped out of his fucking skin. "No Sky, I ain't fucked her, I swear! She's just been all up on me the last couple of weeks every time you and your mamma are gone. I only let her suck my dick, that's all. Just a couple of times." "Daddy's got a big dick Sky. I just wanted to see it," says my little slut sister. "Don't call him daddy! He ain't your fucking daddy." By this time my fucking dick is just fucking raging hard, and I decide to just go for it.

Walking into the room I start taking my shirt off, then kick off my flops and let my cargo shorts drop to the floor. My dick is sticking out like a damn pole and it's still sort of sticky from cum and Noah's slobber. "Well, since she wants you to be her daddy, you need to teach her a lesson, Jer. Let me have that fucking mouth of hers though and I'll make sure she doesn't make too much noise." Jeremy moves onto the bed behind her and immediately starts feeling up that little mound of hers.

I stand beside bed where Jeremy had just vacated, and put my dick in my sister's hot little mouth. I knew the little whore couldn't take my whole dick down her throat like Noah could, but I was pissed at her and knew she needed to learn a lesson, and so I started jabbing it in her mouth and making her gag.

I couldn't really see everything Jeremy was doing, but I knew the second he put a finger up cheating wife loves sucking me off cocksucking swallow her little snatch cuz she arched her back trying to get that cunt up in the air like a bitch in heat. And Jeremy's dick was hard as a fucking rock. Damn that shit was big.

And fucking thick, with those big ole' balls hangin' down, veins all poppin' out on his dick, with a big ole' head. Shit, this little bitch is about to get a real true fucking!! Jer got on his knees behind her, rubbing the head of his dick up against the little ten year old slut pussy, and she's pushing back like she's dying to have it up in her. I look at Jeremy and say, "Go on Daddy, fuck your little girl. Fuck my little sister like you mean it.

She can take it. She takes mine every fucking day." As he grabs her hips with his hands, I get ready and put my hands around the back of her head. See how the little ho likes this shit. With one big push, Jer plows that big ole dick up in to that little cunt, and at the same time I pull her head all the way down on my dick so she can't cry out. She's moaning and gagging on my dick and can obviously hardly breath.

Jeremy's start taking full swings on that pussy, pulling way back, then sliding all the way back up in her guts again. I ease up and let her breath for a minute. She got tears running down her face already, and every time Jer pushes that big ass dick back up in her she let out a squeal.

After a minute, she stops the squealing and starts rocking back to meet his dick as he slides it back in. I'm watching that washboard stomach of his and those blonde pubes press up against that little white ass of hers.

Fucking hot! What a fucking slut. I'm just worked up in a fucking frenzy of horny!! I pull Katie's hair back by the bangs and say, "You need all that dick don't you whore? Open your fucking mouth!" She opens her mouth and I spit in her face, then again in her mouth, the I put my dick back gape that pussy hard blondemilfbizarrefetishgapewebcammasturbationjizzhardcoretoysfingeringbushhairy it, and show her for the first time what a face fucking is.

I'm just pretty much out of control at this point. I'm fucking my ten year old sister's face, she's gagging but actually starting to get into a rhythm, riding back on Jeremy's dick, then forward and down on mine till her chin touches my balls. I can't hold back any fucking longer. I grab the back of Katie's head and shove my dick down her throat as I start to pump spurt after spurt of jizz down her ten year old throat.

She's gagging and spluttering, cum is running out of her mouth around my dick and even came out her nose. Finally I let her go so I don't suffocate her. "Holy shit that's hot," Jer says. As I back off from her I give one more good spit on her face to mix with all the cum that is running out her nose and down her chin. Jeremy stops fucking her and flips her over to her back, pushing one leg way back, I grab the other one by the ankle so her little puffy cunt is spread wide as it can go.

It's gaping from the fucking she been getting and it's just glistening with all her little juices. "Oh my god, look at the pretty little fucked cunt," Jeremy says. I reach down and stick three fingers up in it just to see what it felt like all stretched out like that. Fuck it was wet as hell. So, with Jeremy holding one leg back, and me with the other stretched back, he aimed that big ass dick at the little gaping hole and slammed that dick up in her guts. And he kept doing that, pulling it all the way out and slamming it back in, out and back in, each time the pretty little hole with its puffy swollen little girl lips just a winking and gaping, till it was filled back up with that big ass dick.

After about ten or fifteen times of that the little whore started bucking and shaking and having the strongest little girl orgasm I'd ever seen her have. While she was cumming Jeremy stopped pulling his dick all the way out and just started slamming her like a fucking sledgehammer. He had the fat prick of his up in there just stroking up into her, over and over, and at the same time he started licking my cum off her face and neck, putting his tongue in her little mouth. God, that was hot watching him eat my cum off her!

And Katie is just laying there cumming like some sort of insane person. I can here Jeremy's ball just slappin' the hell out of her ass every time he went on the down stroke. Finally, he took one more plunge and buried that dick up in her as far as he could, and I knew he was cumming all up in her little ten year old cunt. I could tell by his ass clenching lucy gets fucked in all her holes he had to have put eight huge spurts up in her.

She'd have jizz oozing out for days!!

Exhausted, Jeremy rolled off to the side panting like a dog, and my little sister is just laying there, legs spread, banged out little cunt leaking Jeremy's cum like a fountain. My dick is hard as a poker again, watching him ravage that little pussy like he did. I'm sitting there looking at the gaping little swollen red cunt hole, and I just couldn't resist. I get down between those white little legs of hers and start eating the hell out of that beat up snatch, just lapping Jeremy's cum out of it like I'm some sort of crazed cum whore like that little fag Noah.

My god that shit was good. Thick and fucking white, and even sweeter than mine. Fuckin' aye. I'm down there just a gnawing on that cunt, cum running out of her hole and down her ass crack.

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I lube one finger up with Jer's cum and stick it up her little ass. As soon as I do she starts cumming again, her little cunt all twitching, and bucking her little hips.

"Jer, get over her head and hold her legs back." I said. He straddles her face with that big ole dick hanging over her chin and the little whore starts sucking on his ball like immediately.

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Damn. He pulls those legs back so I cans see her little gaping cunt hole and her little ass pucker. I smear some more of the juices from her cunt on my dick, line the head up with her little sphincter, and in on hard swipe I've got my dick in her ass to the fucking balls. As I start to pound her little ass I'm just getting crazy. Katie starts to cum again and as her little banged out pussy contracts it pushes a huge glob of Jeremy's cum out that must have been way up in there for me not to have eaten it out.

I reach down and scoop that shit up with my hand and rub hungry babe sucking tight teen pussy and cant get enough all in my mouth and on my face.

So, there's Jer, nuts all in Katie's mouth, her gaping hole hanging open from that massive fucking she just got, my 25 year old step-fathers cum all on my face and in my mouth, and my dick banging the fuck out of my sisters ass as hard as I could do it. God this is fucking insane!! And that's it, I fucking lose it. I plunge my dick in one more time, as deep as I could go, and spew my load all up in my sister's little ten year old bowels.

I fucking came like horse, like I just hadn't cum twice in the past hour. Damn. We all lay there panting like we just run a mile, exhausted. After a few minutes Katie says, "Sky?" "Yeah, Katie?" "What time does mom work tomorrow?" Damn, it's gonna take more than what we just gave her to break that little slut! End of Part 1 Please feel free to e-mail with any thoughts, suggestions, or just for the hell of it.

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