Lovely teenie is nailed so well hardcore and blowjob

Lovely teenie is nailed so well hardcore and blowjob
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PART 1 CHPTER 7 It was worse than I thought. I came into school on Monday to face a furious Cindy. She barely made notice of me as we found each other in the hallway, and she passed me with a stern look set on her face.

I turned around to follow her, pushing through the masses of people migrating through the halls. "Cindy!" I called to her. She didn't answer. "Cindy!" I called again. She stopped and spun so suddenly I almost ran into her.

"What?" she hissed. "Where the Hell is this coming from? I'm sorry, okay? I don't know what you want me to say," I begged her. "Just leave me alone." Cindy turned and disappeared into the crowd of students, leaving me worried and confused as the hallway bustled around me. At lunch she was nowhere to be found. I nibbled at my food as I walked through the hallways, looking in the many nooks and crannies that people often claimed as their 'personal cafeterias.' Cindy was either moving around as I was or had found place I didn't know of.

However, I did find Reggie. I sat down next to him. "Why hello there," he greeted me. "And what brings you to my humble table?" "Do you know why Cindy is so furious with me?" I asked. "You don't?" he quipped back. "No!" I said, frustrated. "We hung out yesterday and her shirt got wet and kind of see through and I didn't say something right away because I was embarrassed and she's really pretty and I just. I don't know I didn't mean to be an ass. I even gave her my shirt to wear over hers and she actually still has my shirt, and-" "Whoa, slow down, you're going to give me a heart attack!" Reggie breathed.

I took a deep sigh, and then restarted. ". I saw her boobs again, I was awkward about it. That's all that happened. I don't understand why she's so mad." ". So you haven't heard anything about." Reggie started, and then he let his sentence hang open ended as if he was looking to me to finish the thought for him.

"What are you talking about?" i asked. ". It got out what you guys did behind the school last week," Reggie told me, with a glint of disappointment in his eyes. "WHAT?!" I practically roared. "I told her to be careful around you. So who did you blab to?" Reggie demanded.

"Wait. what have you heard?" I asked. "I heard you whipped it out and then the details get fuzzy. I've heard a couple different stories." "That's fucking bullshit. I only told one person, and he's my best friend. He wouldn't have told anybody. and he sure as Hell wouldn't have exaggerated," I said, almost to myself. Paul would never betray my trust.

"Exaggerated?" asked Reggie. I rolled my eyes. "Look, after I saw Cindy in the pool, she asked to see part of me to make it even. I was kind of embarrassed to, but I obliged, and that was it." "Oh," Reggie said, contemplatively. ". Well that changes things a little." ". Naughty babes like to please each other things?" I asked. "Well, I had a plan to basically torment you in subtle ways for the rest of your high school career in retribution for your desecration of the temple of Cindy's body.

but if you're telling the truth I may not have to," Reggie said, his voice calculating. ". Subtle ways?" I asked, concerned. Reggie smirked. "That soda you brought for lunch? Don't open it for at least another hour or so. I shook it up and put it back in your bag during third period." "How the fuck?

. We don't even have class together." "I have my ways. They are often mysterious," Reggie told me, his voice becoming suggestive. "Jesus, who are you? Gandalf the Gay?" I smirked. "Oo, that's a good one! I'm going anjum and j couple xxx have to remember that," Reggie laughed as my grin widened. "I knew I liked you," he said. "Much better than that other boy Cindy's considering." "Wait you liked me?

I thought you told Shaved teen violet blue gets her ass rammed to be careful around me," I asked. "Of course. It's my duty as her fabulous protector. It's kind of a joke but I take it very seriously. I even-" "Wait." I cut him off. "What other boy? She likes someone else?" "Oh.

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I did say that out loud didn't I." Reggie admitted. "Yeah." "I wouldn't worry about it. Some guy in her Math class. He's a looser though. He's only in her class because he was held back a year.

He doesn't stand a chance," Reggie told me. "Unless, she's pissed off at me because she thinks I spread rumors that she blew me or something and turns to him for support." I thought out loud. "Hm. Yes. well, I suppose we should get on that then," Reggie said, and I could see the wheels turning behind his eyes. "What do you mean 'we'? And how do even know it wasn't me? As far as you know, I could be lying," I suggested.

Not that I wanted to plant a seed of distrust in him. but I was curious of his intentions; he had no reason to help me. "Well, by 'we' I mean you and I, because two heads are better than one. both the thinking kind and the penis kind." "Come on man, don't make it weird," I breathed.

He continued. "And I know it wasn't you because. well. I'm Gandalf the Gay and Two big cocks and a hot oriental japanese and hardcore have my ways," he told me, and he leaned back in his chair. "Honestly, that's a pretty good answer," I said with a smirk. "I know it is," he agreed. Trying to clear my name with Cindy was easier said than done.

I couldn't really do any of the work myself seeing as people thought I was the originator of the rumors. Reggie had his methods of tracing the rumor to it's source, but it was slow going.

Not to mention the fact that I DID actually whip out my cock and show it to her. The worst part is it seemed to boost my popularity a little. Guys who I only considered an acquaintance were giving me nods of approval and winks in the hallway, usually along with a: 'Yo Zack, nice going man!' Or a: 'Shit Zack, I didn't know you were a killer!' Never mind. that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was the time I happened to be near Cindy when someone made a comment to her. I was waiting in the short line to get a drink before my next class started when Cindy walked up to a group of girls congregating nearby.

They weren't her friends as far as I knew, but they probably at least had classes together; a suspicion that was confirmed as Cindy spoke.

"Hey, Melissa? I forgot to write down the reading pages for history. Do you have them?" Cindy asked politely.

One of the girls (presumably Melissa, a very attractive blonde that was probably some prep ditz) turned to her. "Oh. Cindy." she said, sounding surprised. "Wait. what was your question?" Melissa stepped towards Cindy and leaned closer. "I was wondering if you knew the reading pages for history," Cindy repeated. Then Melissa sniffed the air in front of her face, and she seems to consider something. Then she turned to her friends.

"Yup. Her breath does smell like dick!" she exclaimed. Cindy's eyes widened and her face turned red. both with embarrassment and rage.

I thought she was going to explode.

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I wasn't sure if I was the right person to step in and have her back, but I knew no one else in the hallway would, and Reggie was nowhere in the vicinity.

I stepped up next to Cindy.

"Wow Melissa," I started. "You've got a real skill. I mean, you must have sucked a lot of cock yourself to not only know what it smells like, but to be able to detect it, too! From a week ago even!" I didn't look to see how Cindy was reacting.

"Who the fuck are you? And no I don't suck dick. I'm not a fucking slut," she spat. "You don't? Then how do you even know what it smells like?

Does your Dad slap you with his cock savita bhabhi cartoon xxx story night or something? I mean, you must be getting all the money for your fancy phones and high heels somewhere." I said.

"Shut up creep! When did I say I know what dick smells like?" she challenged. ". Wow. you are stupid. if you don't know what it smells like. how the Hell do you smell it on someone else's breath? Or here's an idea. maybe you should stop spreading dumb-as-shit rumors you know nothing about," I told her. ". Ohh, you must be Zach. what, you couldn't make it with any of the older girls so you had to go down a grade?

Fucking looser," Melissa laughed. "Honestly," I began. "When I get called a 'looser' by a stuck-up, shallow, ditz like you, I consider it a compliment.

Now why don't you fuck off and go get cheated on by your football boyfriend." Suddenly, Melissa's eyes flared up. "He played lacrosse you jerk!" she yelled, getting the attention of a teacher walking down the hall.

Melissa's friends noticed the teacher and started pulling Melissa away from our encounter. "Fuck you Zach!" Melissa yelled as tears started gathering in her eyes. "Language ladies! I will hand out detentions. Cool it off," the teacher warned her. Melissa turned and let her friends lead her away. I turned to Cindy. "Yikes. I didn't realize her boyfriend actually cheated on her," I said with a snicker.

Cindy didn't look amused. There were a few moments of awkward silence as I waited for her to respond. ". You're going to have to do a lot more than that," she said, and she started walking away. "Cindy! Wait. I-" Cindy held her hand up, stopping me. ". You've got a lot make up for, but.

bonus points if you go find out what pages are for homework," and a hint of a smile almost tugged at her face. She maintained her stern look, though. "From her?" I asked. "Yes. Her," she told me. Then she turned and continued away down the hall. "Well, shit," I muttered to myself. That wasn't going to be fun. I don't think I have to say that I was unsuccessful, but. I was unsuccessful. When my lunch period came around I resorted to eating alone in one of the many nooks the school had to offer.

This particular one was a shallow hallway with a door that led to an old classroom. The classroom wasn't there anymore (since they remodeled a few years ago according to Greg) and the door lacked a door handle and remained locked and un-movable.

There were a few stray chairs left in the hallway, and it was in one of these chairs that I was sitting. I chose this secluded place because I didn't feel up to Reggie's chipper mood, and Paul was out sick for the day.

- I figure I should mention that I did talk to Paul, and he assured me on his life that he hadn't told anyone about Cindy and I. Honestly, I was completely baffled; I could not find a logically sound explanation for the rumor getting out. Anyways. After a few minutes sitting munching on my food, not looking upset necessarily but clearly not looking happy, I heard a familiar voice behind me: "What's eatin' ya Zach?" I turned to see Sunny walking up.

"Oh, hey," I greeted her. "You alright?" she asked again. "Yeah, I'm just dealing with some drama bullshit," I told her. "Ah. yeah Greg exotic lesbians love their bodies and pussies me about that a few days ago. the rumors going around. Honestly it's only the freshman that even care. I'm sure it will blow over and everyone will forget about it," Sunny tried to console me. "I'm not worried about everyone. I'm only worried about Cindy, and I don't think ribald beauteous girlie likes hard sessions hardcore blowjob forget too easily," I told her.

"I wouldn't fret. If it was me I'd be over it before it happened!" Sunny said cheerily. "Yeah." I breathed. "If it was you." Sunny just shrugged. "So how are you doing?" I asked her.

"I'm alright. Greg broke up with me two days ago," she informed me like it was nothing. "What?!" I exclaimed.

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"Why? What happened?" "Well, he was just really creeped out by me wanting other people to watch us fuck. your brother's awesome, but he's not very adventurous.

I was ready to move on." Sunny sat down in a chair across from me in the small hallway. "Wait. did you dump him or did he dump you. I'm confused." I said "Doesn't matter if you ask me. All it means is I'm off the leash. Dating is really nice but being single can be just as fun.

I mean, watch this," Sunny said. She turned to face the hallway, waited for a few seconds, and when someone walked by, (a boy who looked like a junior) she called to him. "Hey!" He slowed his walk and looked to Sunny, at which point she lifted her shirt and exposed her tits to him. I saw his eyes widen and his jaw drop slightly, and then he tripped over himself and fell out of our view around the corner, along with a crash. I snickered, and had to struggle not to let out of mighty laugh.

"See? If I was with Greg I couldn't really do that. and these cuties are too fun to be claimed by one man," Sunny told me as she turned to me, keeping her shirt up. My gaze fell down upon her perky Bs. it was the third time I had seen them, and even still I felt my insides churn with anticipation. My cock jumped in my shorts, producing a nice bulge. Sunny noticed.

". You like my tits don't you Zach?" Sunny observed, and she raised her hands to her breasts and squeezed them a few times before pinching her nipples between her fingers. I was absolutely dazed as I took in the sight of the stunning girl playing with her chest.

She let out a quiet sigh of pleasure as she squeezed and pinched herself, her body only a foot or two away from mine. I may have drooled a little. Then Sunny spoke again, and I almost blew a load in my pants. ". You want to touch them?" she asked. "Wha- uhh." I stuttered, my mind entirely mush. Then Sunny moved, and I watched as, slowly, she reached over to me and grabbed my wrist, then slowly guided my hand towards her.

Holy shit. I was about to hit second base with a senior. I almost felt a little electric shock as my palm pressed again her chest, her nipple poking into my palm. Her breast was soft and smooth. I wasn't sure if a hand could have it's own orgasm, but I think something similar, at least, happened. "Go ahead, squeeze," Sunny whispered. "Oh fuck," I let out in a whisper as my fingers seemed to move on their own, pushing into her malleable mounds and exploring her skin.

"Mmmm," Sunny hummed, and the sound sent shivers down my cock and my spine at the same time. I was giving her pleasure. Then my heart jumped as someone walked by the nook, and my hand retreated from Sunny's breast. Luckily the person was none-the-wiser as he continued passed. Sunny giggled playfully. ". Shit, you really get a rise out of this stuff, don't you?" I breathed. She just shrugged. Then the bell rang, marking the end of lunch.

Noise filled the hallways lesbian cuties lick ginger holes during massage cunnilingus and australian the classes began to let out. "Aww, over all ready?" Sunny whined as she pulled her shirt over her marvelous chest. "We should do this again sometime," she offered with a wink. "Ohhh. Jesus. I don't know. That was. really amazing, but I feel kinda funny.

I mean, I really like Cindy so." sunny leone xxx 3 hot blue film com I shrugged.

Sunny was incredible. but while I know most guys might want to strangle me for not taking her up on her offer. I wasn't really looking for a fuck buddy who was heading off to college next year. She shrugged back amicably and we both stood. As we stepped out of the nook and into the bustling hallway, I felt her breath on my ear: "Tell you what.

if things with Cindy don't work out, come find me, and I'll let you fuck my brains out," she whispered. My eyes widened and I spun around to ask her if I'd heard her right, but she had already disappeared into the crowd.