Sex xxvx18 storys porn story

Sex xxvx18 storys porn story
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Hiking in the Mountains Mom had promised me that she and I would celebrate my eighteenth birthday at our cabin by the mountainside.

I was eagerly looking forward for the occasion. I had always loved to visit our old little cabin, situated at the foothills. I also knew that perhaps it would be our last holidaying together for this season.

With the winters were about to go, but the whether was still very cold. We all were looking forward for the upcoming summers.

Within weeks the weather would slowly start getting warm and pleasant, it would not be long, before our small hillside town would be flocked by tourists. Mom would be very busy for the remaining season. Mom was a tourist guide as well as a rock-climbing coach. During the lean seasons, she worked part time at a local gym, teaching fat rich ladies the art of getting slim. However, in the summers, she would take a break from her gymnasium and do what she liked most, hiking and teaching people about rock climbing and mountaineering.

Our dont fuck me im pregnant son town is a major tourist destination, for the nature lovers and the fun seeking freaks, who wouldn't mind spending a few extra bucks for enjoying and learning mountaineering, and mom was certainly good at it. There is another reason, why she loved her summer job very much; it gave her a chance to earn quite a handsome amount during the season, sometimes sufficient to support her and I, for the remaining months of the year.

Mainly because of this reason, she had purchased a piece of land at the foothills and built a small cabin there, so that her excursionists can make a halt during their trips.

Deep in the woods, the small cabin was situated near a small creek, making it a perfect place for an ideal weekend. I always loved to be there.

There were few other cabins also, belonging to other tourist guides, scattered over in a large area. Mom would be turning thirty-seven soon; however, she still looked gorgeous.

Working as a physical training instructor had kept her body in perfect shape, and even in my friend circle, she was a thing of envy. I had seen numerous heads turning, during our stroll through markets, to get a better look at my mother's tall five eight figure, her dark brown eyes, her long shapely legs and her big bouncy boobs and taut buttocks.

She had very short hair, which gave her a very youthful look, hiding her actual age. I always felt proud of her. Mom had learnt mountaineering from her father and now, I had been learning some of the finer tricks from her.

She had also agreed to teach me some serious mountaineering, once I reach my adulthood and be ready to prepare for my own close-up pussy fingers rubs clit with dildo girlteencams com tube porn as a trainer. Her partner coach, a young lad called Stevens, wanted to quit after this season and mom wanted me to fill his place. It is very difficult to handle novice mountaineers alone in a rough terrain and I too was more than willing to join her team.

My father was an outsider. He came to our little town, to spend his summer holidays twenty years back and fell in love with my mom; got married and settled down. Initially everything was ok, but later he became restless. He was a big city guy and our little town was too backward for his taste. Many a times, he asked mom to leave the town and to settle in some big city. Mom was not willing, as it would have taken her away from her first love, the beautiful countryside, the exquisite mountain range and its fresh atmosphere.

The disagreement continued and finally, they decided to split. My father went back to his city after the divorce.

He again got married there. I didn't go with dad, as I wanted to be with my mo. My father was also not teen babe loves pumping big hung guys handjob and young interested in taking me with him. That happened some five-years back. Mother didn't marry again; perhaps she didn't want to; though I would not say that she was leading a life of celibacy.

Time and again, she had had her affairs, but none of them materialize into marriage. Thursday night we were busy preparing for our trip.

I was so excited about the trip that at times mom had to lecture me in controlling my emotions. Although, my birthday was on Tuesday, however, we agreed to postpone the celebrations to Saturday, when I would take my final lessons in mountaineering by climbing a peak with her. From our house, the cabin was about half an hour by car, and then about two hours hiking into the mountain.

We started our journey at around four on Friday afternoon, after mom returned from the gym. Mom parked the car at an inn at the base of hill. The owner Mr. Bob was an old friend of my grandpa. After collecting our essential luggage for our weekend and for tracking, we finally left for out cabin. When we reached at cabin, it was almost seven.

The journey was mostly tracking along the creek without much steep climbing. The night was already set in and complete area was covered with darkness. Though, the moon was out there in the sky but because of dense trees, it was not always visible.

During the way we passed through some of the cabins, belonging to other guides, however, all were without any sign of occupancy. Our cabin was the farthest and the nearest hut, which we crossed, was about half a mile before it.

Mom opened the door and put on the lights. In an effort to attract more and more tourists, the local government had extended the electric connections to all base huts. So, at the cabin we didn't have any problem of lighting. However, the facility was not extended beyond this point, and for all the tourists willing to stay in the mountains during nights, had to travel with proper lighting arrangements. Mom asked me to collect some fresh water from the creek.

I took a flask and went out for bringing water. I was thrilled with the serene atmosphere outside. To be alone in such a wilderness was an inspiring experience in itself. The creek was as usual flowing with its gentle rhythmic sound. I filled my flask and went back to the cabin. We took our dinner, which we had brought with us.

As per our program, we planned to sleep early so that we could start by the crack of dawn. We opened our sleeping bags and were about to retire, when someone knocked the door. Mom and I looked at each other questioningly. Who could be there at the door at this hour, might be someone from nearby cabins.

Mom signaled me to open the door. I left my sleeping bag and opened the door. The very next moment, someone pushed my forcibly, and I was thrown on the floor.

Mom cried in fear and surprise. I looked at the intruders, two men, one old man with grayish hair and second, a younger one who was about a year or two older than me, smiling at us with their evil grins. Both were clad in a peculiar orange coverall, which I had never seen before. Worst of all, the elder guy was holding a revolver in his hand; its muzzle pointing towards us, and the second one was carelessly playing with a small knife. "Oh…!" The elder intruder spoke with a wicked grin.

"Holidaying?" No one spoke a word. Mom and I both were frozen with fear. We live in a very peaceful town and for the last many years, we had only heard of about occasional shoplifting by teenage boys.

Even in our laundry day deepthroat with big tit neighbor, we could not have imagined that someone would barge into our cabin, pointing gun at us. "Son," The elder man indicated to his younger accomplice. "Check that they don't have any arm." "Ya! Pap." The younger goon replied and went to search through our baggage. After satisfying himself he pointed towards our mountaineering gear.

"They're clean, but that looks strange." "That's our mountaineering gear." Mom replied in haste. "We have come here for mountaineering." The gray haired man didn't reply, instead he carefully went to the gear, lifted it, carried it to the door and thrown it outside the door.

"You can collect it, when we're gone." He again turned to the lad. "Check their body." Without any reply the lad was onto me, his hands caressing my whole body trying to find out any hidden weapon. Once satisfied with me, he went to mom, trying to search her body; his hands running on her body for toe to towards her hip. He rubbed his hands along mom's thighs deliberately feeling the softness.

Feeling uncomfortable mom tried to move. "You move, honey," Old man's, whom the lad was addressing as Pap, tone was rude, very rude.

He pointed the gun towards me. "And I'll blow the head of this boy. Who's he? Your son?" Mom went rigid in her position; she was too stunned to speak. She only nodded her head in affirmation. "Ah…!" As if he understood, the old man snapped. "Don't try to act smart and you'll live. Any trick … and your son is gone and next will be you." Meanwhile the younger lad was feeling mom's body, his hands running all over mom's curves, grazing her each and every crests and troughs.

He felt her pleasure mound hidden behind her khakis, rubbing his hand over her cunt area. Then he took his hand back and grabbed her ass, squeezing them tightly. He caressed mom's shoulder, running and mauling her big breasts. He grabbed her boobs with his both hands and pinched them so hard that mom cried in pain. "You can leave the lady, son," The old man guffawed loudly.

"Nothing, pap" Reluctantly, the younger man left mom. He looked visibly excited; his breathing rapid and erratic, his eyes glinting with a hint of lust towards mom.

It was not his fault; my mother has such a delicate figure that she could drive anyone crazy. "I think it'd be wise to get them rid of their clothes." He winked to the old man. "That way we can ensure that they are not running out of the cabin." "Don't beat about the bush, son.

Just say you wanna see this cunt naked." Old man smiled shrewdly and turned to us. "You hear to him. Now do as he say…out of your clothes." Mom and I knew that we were no matches for them. Mother had already warned me through her eyes against trying anything stupid. After initial hesitation, mom slowly started removing her clothes.

She unbuckled her belt and after unbuttoning, lowered her khakis, giving the partial glimpses of her pink panties, which was hidden behind her long khaki shirt. Then she removed her shirt and dropped it to the floor.

Once free from the khakis, mom's tall gorgeous semi nude body was opened to their hungry gazes. Her swells at her breast and between her thighs were simply mind-boggling. Many a times, I had seen her in that attire, and I must admit that every time I had felt a mild rousing between my thighs.

Mom stayed in that position, didn't try to remove her remaining clothes. "That too, honey," The lad was licking his dry lips, feasting on the spectacle of his lifetime. He moved his knife towards my throat, waving it below my chin. Mom didn't need another warning; she took her hands to her back and unclasped her bra, allowing it to slowly sliding down to the floor. Her big boobs bounced back to life with their unexpected freedom.

There were gently swaying side by side with gentle eroticism. She then put her finger inside the elastic of her panty and slowly rolled it down towards her knees and then slowly out of her legs. She stood there in her all naked glory, exposed to three sets of hungry eyes, out of which one belonged to her own son.

I wanted to turn my face away from her, but I could not resist the temptation of viewing my naked mom.

I was spellbound. I forcible turned my head to other direction, however, I continued stealing the look of my beautiful mother's gorgeous naked body. It was first time that I was seeing my mother completely naked, and what I saw was beyond comparison. I looked busty teen candi kayne fucks driving examiner her big bouncy boobs, their dark areoles standing erect in their majestic splendor, the mouth watering mound of her cunt and the dark brown thatch of nicely trimmed hairs starting below her belly button and disappearing between her creamy thighs making a perfect vee.

I could feel that the gentle stirring between my thighs was slowly converting into a solid bony hardness. I felt ashamed of myself, but no way I was able to divert my mind from the magnificent beauty of my naked mom.

Suddenly, I realized that I was not alone there and that the lad was now pointing towards me to remove my clothes. I didn't offer any resistance, and one by naughty lesbian gals indulge in oral sex I removed my shirt, shorts, vests and underwear. I felt cautious, that mom would notice my partial hardness. The lad collected all our clothes and threw them out of our cabin. Now, mom and I stood completely naked in front of two intruders.

There was complete silence in the cabin. Mother's naked beauty was so enthralling that both of them simply forgot why they were in our cabin.

They incredulously feasted the naked charm on display before them; their eyes wide open with bewilderment and excitement. Though, I had kept my heads down, my eyes were constantly attempting to steal a good look of her, at times mother was able to catch my sneaking eyes.

I had just forgotten that a gun was pointing towards my head. Mom too noticed the three sets of male eyes gazing her lustfully as she appeared a little blushed. But, she stood there without trying to cover her or hide her full exposures.

"Oh …my…!" The older man hissed, his eyes glued to my mothers enchanting cunt. "You… really a masterpiece babe." The younger goon didn't wait any further. He simply opened the front of his coverall displaying a monster hard on peeking from the opening.

He was furiously rubbing his cock, his face tout with emotion and excitement. Mom indifferently watched his raging beast, but she didn't flinch from her position, as if she knew that her nakedness was her only potent weapon against those goons that might help her in saving our life. Suddenly, the lad barged towards mom, pinning her to the wall.

He put his hand over her cunt rubbing his fingers coarsely along the length of her cunt slit. I could see her shapely cunt lips opening under his assault. Lad's face was stiff with deep exhilaration and he was massaging his cock at the side of her thighs; his other hand brutally rubbing my mother's delicate pussy.

He then, forced two of his fingers inside her cunt burying them up to his knuckles. A sharp holler escaped from mom's mouth. The lad didn't seem to pay any attention to her plight and he started moving his fingers in and out of her cunt ferociously.

He buried his face over the mother's breast and took her nipple into his mouth. He was desperately chewing at mother's tits, his mouth making slurping sounds with every stroke of his fluttering tongue, his fingers ravishing mother's delicate cunt with continuous forward and backward thrusting.

Lust was now showing on the face of old ruffian also, his face now contorted with extreme excitement. He had been a mute spectator so far. Carefully, while keeping an eye on me, he slowly opened the front of his coverall and let it slide off his body.

He was now standing in a small brief, which was unsuccessfully trying to cover his bulging hardness. He put his fingers inside the waistband of his brief and lowered it down his thighs. Once free from its usual confines his cock immediately rose to full erection, ready to plunder the sweet pussy of my mother, which was presently getting encroached by his junior.

The junior was still busy in rummaging my mother's enticing pussy, his two fingers desperately moving to and fro into her beaver and his shaft brushing at the side of her thighs. All of a sudden he pulled his fingers out of her cunt. Pressing mom into the wall he forced her legs apart and guided the sweet girls and guys have fun together of his stiff dick at the opening of her tender pussy lips.

He took his hands behind mom and grabbing her ass he impaled her body over his throbbing manhood. He was about an inch or two shorter than mom.

I could see his cock slowly entering inside mother's beautiful cunt. In a while his entire cock length was immersed inside her pussy.

Keeping her pressed on the wall the young hoodlum started moving his pelvis driving his cock in and out of her pussy. His rump was gyrating in a fierce swinging motion, pulling his cock out of her cunt and then forcing it back into her pussy with all his might. A weird gurgling sound was continuously emanating from his mouth, accompanying his severe thrusting. Suddenly, emitting a sharp choking sound, he grabbed her body vehemently into his arms and jabbed his manhood deep inside her cunt.

I could only guess that he was squirting inside my mother's delicate pussy. It was my first glimpse of a fuck scene, and to my horror, I realized that my cock was also tottering violently.

I wanted to take it into my hands and relieve its pressing needs, but considering the situation I had to control my urges.

After ejaculating his seed inside my mother's pussy, the lad withdrew his cock, which came out with a mild plop sound, a sound, I had never heard before. His cock was rapidly loosing its hardness, beads of his frothing cum slowly dripping from his pisshole. I looked at mom and our eyes met. She immediately turned her head away from me, looking at the elderly goon who too was stroking his cock lightly getting ready to replace his younger accomplice. I looked at mother's cunt; its rosy lips were open, her bush and lips coated with whitish cum and droplets of cum deposited by the younger intruders slowly seeping along her thighs.

As soon as, the younger thug moved away from my mother's body; the aged goon took his place. He handed the gun to his young counterpart and took mother by her arms and led her to our sleeping bags which we had opened just before those intruders barged into our cottage. Mom didn't offer any resistance and did as she was directed to do. She had already been raped once and she knew that she could not avoid another.

The elderly thug shoved her to lie on one of the sleeping bag. Mom lied down; her position was now such that her cunt was facing me. For the first time, I got the absolute view of mother's opened pussy. Her rosy lips were opened showing her inner pinkish depths, her ts vaniity and lance hart brown cunt hair smeared with cum. Mom again caught my sneaking eyes and I felt ashamed.

In front of me, two intruders were raping my mom and I was sitting there lascivious teen has hot sex with mature gf her fuck as if watching a porno movie. Unsuccessfully, I tried to appear disgusted, but failed to do so.

I was sure that mom had noticed my hardness too. The aged thug position himself between mother's thighs, obscuring my view of her delicious cunt.

Now, I could see only the hairy ass of the invader, which was moving slowly. His right hand was between his thighs, perhaps griping his cock and guiding it to mom's open cunt. His hands remain there for long, which I later learned that he was running the tip of his shaft along the length of mother's pussy.

After a while, I saw him lifting his ass in the air, his hand holding his cock and positioning it at the entrance of my mom's pussy. Slowly, his hard on moved inch by inch inside my mother's receptacle, and then it was completely buried inside her, his hairy balls resting against her white ass cheeks.

Once his cock fully inside my mother's cunt the aged invader waited for few seconds, as if enjoying his time. Then slowly he started fucking my mother. His pumping was rhythmic, quite contrary to his junior who was thrusting haphazardly a few minutes ago. No one was speaking and there no sound in the hut, other than his wild animal cries and mom's occasional moans. With every stroke I could see his cock moving completely out of my mother's pussy and again plunging back into her ravenous depths, his balls striking heavily on her ass.

Mom's bearded pussy lips were clinging to his cock during course of its to and fro movement. I was getting a view of my lifetime. I had stopped imitating and was hungrily gazing at my mother's pussy getting pounded by a stranger. I was afraid that if it continued for long my cock might not need any assistance from my hands, and would start itself shooting the load. The younger accomplice was standing awkwardly near me, his cock again getting back to full erection.

With one hand he was holding the gun, which he was trying to point at me unsuccessfully as his eyes were glued to the live fuck going on in squirting fun with busty brunette teen babe pissing pussy piss drinking, and his left hand massaging his semi-tumescent cock.

It was a golden opportunity for me to make my move, however, I didn't have any intension of jumping at him and trying to snatch the gun from his hand. My eyes were more interested in watching the great spectacle where the aged intruder's cock was pounding my mother's pussy. I tried to guess how my mother would be feeling; her face was still passive, not showing any emotions at all.

Suddenly, the elderly intruder increased his tempo. He grabbed mother's shoulder and started ramming his cock ferociously into her cunt. He was now thrusting at daunting pace, his throat emitting incoherent guttural sounds. His pumping was reaching to a crescendo. All of a sudden, with a sharp yell he hurled forward his hips and buried his cock deep inside my mother's pussy. His ass cheeks were completely sucked in as if he wanted to bury his entire pelvic region inside mother's pussy.

He was howling rigorously. I knew he was cumming inside my mother's pussy, but it was not possible for me to see it, as his cock was completely hidden from my view and fully immersed into mother's cunt. He remained there for a while and then collapsed over my mother's body. The junior's cock was again fully erect. He was lightly fondling his balls and waiting for his elder partner to move from my mother's body. After a while the gray haired goon forced himself onto his feet.

He looked tired from exertion, his cock completely limp. The junior handed back his gun and positioned himself between mother's thighs. He guided his recharged fuck tool at the entrance of mother's unfurled cunt and slowly his cock sank back into those divine depths.

I looked at his fucking with jealously. He was certainly a lucky guy today, getting to fuck my sweet mom twice. The elderly intruder sat near me, his gun his pointing towards me. He was panting wildly and trying to catch his breath.

He looked tired; the episode with mom seemed to have drained him out. His cock was languishing between his thighs and the coating of love juices on his flaccid cock were already started drying.

After catching his breath he finally looked at me. "Hi…son…! Liked the show?" He pointed towards the floor where his younger buddy was pounding my mother's cunt. "Your mom is the best pussy I have fucked in recent years." Then he saw my swollen cock and his mouth spread in a wide grin. "Sure, enjoying it." I felt embarrassed, but the scene on the floor was so titillating that there was no way I could have controlled my erection.

I wanted to avoid his gaze so I turned my eyes. But nothing helped me as my eyes were again glued to the live fuck session on display. The aged thug laughed at my dilemma. Meanwhile, the junior goon was pumping my mother's cunt furiously. He was rambling incoherently, mumbling strange noises from his mouth.

He was approaching his peak very aggressively. I looked at him surprisingly, as unexpectedly he pulled his cock out of mother's steaming pussy. Grabbing his hardness into his awesome girlies play with sex toy lesbian college he moved towards mothers face, his fingers pumping his shaft passionately.

Sane lanny xxx story com directed his cock towards mom's face and shot his load.

Gobs of white semen landed directly over my mother's lovely face, wetting her lips and cheeks. With every jerk of his cock, more and more drops spouted from his pisshole, ultimately splashing over her face and covering every area of her face with a white gluey liquid. Gradually, the jerking subsided and he squeezed his cock to release the last drop of his cum over my mother's lips. He massaged her lips with the tip of his cock spreading the cum over her lips.

"Suck it," He ordered trying to insert his cock inside mom's lips. Mom didn't open her lips, so he turned towards his aged companion and snorted. "Pap!" Pap immediately responded with driving the muzzle of his pistol into my temple. Mom fearfully looked at me, and immediately took his spongy cock inside her mouth and started sucking it. She licked his complete length, cleaning the coat of their love juice from it.

The junior then ordered her to lick the cum deposited over her face. She obliged him by licking the cum from her face, first using her tongue and when it was beyond the reach of her tongue, she took it into her fingers and licked it off from there.

Once she finished cleaning and licking the cum off her face, she was in complete mess. Satisfied the lad moved away from her. He looked at older goon as if asking what to do next. Pap looked at me with his wicked eyes and said. "Your turn son…fuck her." As if a bomb had dropped in the cabin, mom suddenly emitted a hoarse shriek and tried to sit and cover her genital. But she was stopped midway as the lad slapped her across her face, driving her back to floor.

She didn't try to move then but started crying. "Listen cunt," The boy grunted. "If pap says he's to fuck you, you gotta listen him, otherwise I'm gonna cut your boobs. Then I'll cut your son's cock and he won't be a man anymore. You wanna him to be a man, wanna him to marry, have kids, then screw your son." I had not expected that the things would turn in this direction.

I was afraid. Moments ago, I was enjoying the sight of my mother getting fucked from these intruders. But when pap asked me to be a party, I felt paralyzed. I could not comprehend my own reactions. I didn't know whether I felt elated by his offer or not. I was confused and dumbfounded. I could not continue with my dilemma as the goon called Pap forced me to my feet and jostled me forward.

I fell forward between the opened thighs of my mother, her charming cunt only few inches away from my lips. I looked in front of me; the most delightful cunt of universe was lying opened before my eyes. Mom's cunt lips were slightly opened showing its inner pink folds and the divine depth between those pretty lips. Her dark brown bush covering those lips was fully painted with a thick coat of white sara st clair and hailey little get their pussies pounded pornstars and brunette deposited there by our two kidnappers.

A large chunk of cum fluid was oozing out of her pussy, slowly trailing towards the narrow valley between her cunt and ass. A peculiar fragrant aroma entered my nostrils, a musky smell of a female cunt that though pungent in nature but was so intoxicating that I felt like kissing those opened lips.

Every sniff of her cum coated pussy was driving me crazy, making me realize that I too very much wanted to feel that pussy, very much wanted to fuck that pussy. I could sense that I was enjoying my impasse. I was no more perplexed as it was now clear to me what I wanted. I wanted to fuck my mom. As if reading my thoughts from behind, Pap bent forward and faced me.

"Nice pussy! Isn't it?" He winked at me. "Wanna fuck her?" He put his hand over my head and forced my head towards my mother's inviting pussy lips. "Why don't you just clean your mother's pussy before putting your cock inside her?

He continued bending my head till my face was buried into mother's hot pussy. My lips touched the first pussy of my life. I felt the cum glued to her thatch over my lips, nose and chin. With every intake of my breath the sharp smell of my mother's cunt was entering my nasal cavity and driving me to the verge of delirium.

I never knew that the smell of a woman's cunt could be so fascinating. I had always known the cunt and ass as dirty area from where women excrete. But the truth was entirely different and with my lips buried into my mother's hot pussy, I didn't feel any repulsion. "Lick her cunt!" A call from behind pulled me out of my trance.

I protruded my tongue and licked her cum dipped pussy, running my tongue along her open slit. A large lump of a mix of male cum and pussy juice entered my mouth. I tasted it hungrily. It was somewhat salty but it was rather tasty.

I enjoyed my first taste of fuck fluid, and again buried my tongue to pick another chunk of cum juice. Slowly, I licked the entire juice sticking to her pussy. I even lapped the juice that had oozed out of her pussy and was deposited into her ass crack. Then I inserted my tongue inside mother's pussy lips. It was also filled with cum and I continued eating cum out of her pussy.

My face was completely buried into my mother's cunt and I didn't know how my mom was responding to my lapping or what those thugs behind me were doing. I didn't remember how long I continued licking mother's cunt. I rubbed my tongue along her slit; I drowned my tongue deep inside her pussy.

Slowly, I was able to feel an initiation of mild pulsation in her cunt muscles. Gradually, the gentle trembling in her pussy aggravated and all of a sudden, I felt a gush of fluid entering into my mouth. My mom was spending into my hungry mouth.

Without a whimper, I continued lapping her cunt, drinking every drop of fresh nectar released by her pussy. Once her throbbing subsided I stopped my lapping and pulled my tongue out of her cunt.

My tongue was aching because of the rigorous efforts it had to undergo while eating my mother's pussy. I lifted my head away from mother's cunt and looked at mom. Her eyes were closed and her face was emotionless. She had stopped crying. I looked at our spectators who were keenly watching our escapade. Junior smiled at me, shrewdly. They seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the live demonstration of incestuous cunnilingus. "Well done, son." Elderly goon remarked.

"You certainly got an A in eating your mom's pussy. Now its time to make a complete mother fucker out of you." He turned to mom who had now opened her eyes and was listening to our conversations. "Honey, help your son, put his cock inside your pussy." On finding that mom had not responded to his order, he moved from his place, took mother's palm in his hand and kept it over my rigid organ. I could feel my mother's fingers clasping around my hardness. "Put it inside…baby." The thug shouted and waved his busty blonde babe has her beaver drilled over mother's face.

I felt mother's grip stiffening around my cock. Slowly, she pulled my cock forward and planted its swollen head at the entrance of her pussy. The blunt head of my cock was now nudging at mother's enticing opening ready for its debut invasion. I gently lurched forward. Mom's well fuck pussy opened its gateway without offering any resistance, allowing my organ to trespass into her heavenly depths.

Because of the earlier fucks, she had received moments ago, her cunt was exceptionally lubricated and just in a single thrust my entire cock was buried inside her. My balls slowly came to rest against her ass. I remained in the position for long, savoring the every moment of blissful delight. Finally at the age of eighteen I lost my virginity.

My virgin cock was now drowned into first of its pussy, and the realization that it belonged to my own mother had added an additional flavor to it. I could feel soft muscles of her vagina clasping my cock tightly. My cock seemed to have lost into a hot abyss, but was not willing to search its way out.

"Fuck her!" The command came, again pulling me back to real world. Pap and junior, both were she sneaks away at party to suck and fuck you pov excitedly. "FUCK HER…!" I bent my body over my mother, gripped her shoulder and started moving my boner in and out of her dripping pussy, pumping my hips rhythmically.

With every pull my cock was moving almost out of her cunt and with every thrust it was again immersed into mother's divine pit.

With every stroke I could feel mother's cunt releasing and contracting around my throbbing shaft and then I suddenly felt an unmistakable movement of mother's hips.

She had moved her abdomen with my rhythm but immediately controlled her movement. It gave me a gut feeling that mom too was enjoying our fuck, but in an attempt to prevent showing her true feelings she was trying to appear passive and exerting to control her emotions. The realization gave my cock a new impetus.

I increased my movements and my cock was moving fiercely into my mother's pleasure canal. Our two spectators were suddenly alive and both of them moved closer to us. The lad moved near mom's head. He was again hard. Gripping his cock by his hand he directed it over mother's lips and started massaging it with his cock head.

Slowly he forced his cock into mother's mouth. I felt a hand over my cock; the elder thug was feeling my cock moving in and out of mother's pussy.

Then, his fingers glided to mother's clitoris, he slowly griped her clit between his fingers and started rubbing it fervently. "OOOHHHHHHH…" A long moan escaped from mother's mouth. Her resistance had reached to its limiting point and it appeared that finally she had surrendered to the overwhelming waves of lust flowing through her body.

Her mouth was still filled with younger goon's cock, which she had started sucking now. She had stopped all her imitation and it was clear from the way she started humping me back. With every stroke of mine, she was lifting her ass high in the air to meet my impinging cock and to prevent it from moving out of her delicious folds.

I had never expected her to respond to my fucking, and when she did it, I certainly loved it. The atmosphere in the room was extremely salacious. I was reaching my peak and so was junior who was now grunting lecherously. The old thug was furiously jerking his cock, his other hand rigorously massaging mother's clit.

Mom too was now howling relentlessly, though her wails of passion appeared more like an incoherent grunts.

She had gripped the lad's cock by its base and the remaining length of his cock was completely engulfed by her hungry mouth, which she was sucking like a delicious lollypop. Four bodies were approaching to their summit together, three cocks and a cunt; everyone wanted to prolong his journey to eternity.

I was the first to succumb. With a deep cry, I lunged forward and drove my cock deep into mother's pussy, my furiously throbbing cock emitting droplets of cum into her delicious pussy.

It was my first ejaculation inside a pussy and I was on cloud seven. The younger goon was second; with a sharp cry he grabbed mother's head and forced his shooting members into her mouth. Mom didn't flinch a bit and kept on sucking his jism.

Almost instantaneously, I felt mom's cunt shuddering violently along the length of my drowned cock. Her cunt was pulsating involuntarily, alternately gripping and releasing my spitting organ. I was busy relishing the thrill of my mother's vibrating pussy around my manhood, when from the side the old man shot his load.

He ejaculated with such a force that his cum first flew high into air, then landed over mother's belly. A part of his jism also landed over my right hand and the side of my body. Slowly, the jerking in the every organ subsided and cabin was suddenly silent. Four mortals inside a little mountainside hut were trying to recover from their bout of intense fucking.

I felt completely drained, slowly letting my body descent over mom's cum coated belly. My cock was still buried into her pussy and I had no intension of pulling it out.

My head was resting over mother's tits. Junior pulled his cock out of mother's mouth. Mom had sucked every drop of cum out of his cock without wasting a single drop. Her lips were glistening with his cum juice. Finally, the two goons stood from their places. Reluctantly, I had to pull my limp cock out, which came with a loud plop sound, the sound that now appeared quite familiar to me. I moved away blacks on kagney lyn carter mother's body and sat by the wall.

Mom didn't try to move, she continued to lie in the same spread-eagle position, my cum oozing from her agape cunt. Either she was completely spent with her continuous fucking or now she was not bothered about what was going to happen to us.

I too was unaware about the next intensions of the intruders. The fear that had been subsided for an interlude, again gripped me back. I looked at the older thug. He didn't seem to be interested in us. He was busy putting his coverall back. Finishing, he turned sunny lxxxx 2019 new xxx junior who had already worn his smock and together they again searched through our remaining rucksacks.

I saw them collecting our edibles. They emptied our rucksacks and collected the edibles from one bag to the other. The lad settled the knapsack filled with foodstuff over his back and to my utter surprise they moved towards the door of our cabin. The old man was at the door, suddenly he turned, his face covered with a smile.

He looked at mom, and me who from her supine position was watching them leaving silently. She also seemed dumbfounded. "Thanks lady!" The young dude gets to bang sexy babe goon appeared jubilant.

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"Thanks for the nice fuck, it was certainly the best. We are taking some of your foods, but don't worry, we have left enough for you and you'll not starve." Then he turned and winked at me. "Thank you son, for the nice show. Your mom is the best cunt in the world, don't ever let her go." Then he opened the door and was gone, his younger partner following him silently.

There was pin drop silence inside the room. Neither mom nor I said a word. We were slowly coming back to our senses. Whatever, happened in the cabin for last one hour or so had left us speechless.

I was feeling ashamed and perhaps mom was also in the same situation as she was avoiding eye contact with me. Only minutes ago our relationship had changed from that of a mother and son to a man and woman, a change that was irreversible. I had fuck my mother and worst amazing round ass perky tits schoolgirl masturbation all I had enjoyed it immensely. I didn't know how mother was feeling; at least she appeared calm, perhaps thinking the same.

All of a sudden, mom stood from her place. She didn't bother to cover her nakedness. She went out of our cabin. I followed her. She was collecting her cloths and the hiking gear thrown out by the intruders. Silently, we brought our stuffs back to the cabin. Once everything inside, mom clutched her clothes and took a soap from the bag.

"I am going to wash. Are you coming?" The first words mother uttered since the incident. I nodded my head silently and followed her to the water stream.

While I washed myself, mom took the bath, thoroughly cleaning her body. In the silvery moonlight, I was clearly able to see my mom rubbing her tits and cunt with soap. I again felt a gentle stirring between my thighs and tried to control it unsuccessfully. Mom was not unaware of my prying eyes but she didn't seem to bother about it, and continued with her ablution. Finishing her bath she wiped her body and put her clothes back onto her.

I also had changed my clothes and we returned to cabin. As soon as we entered our cabin, mom informed that she was going to sleep. So, we adjusted our sleeping bags and finally settled into it. Mom closed her eyes. I too closed my eyes and tried to sleep. I didn't remember when the sleep overtook me. Chapter 2 When I woke up, mom cute teen hitchhikes and banged by stranger dude in public pornstars hardcore already busy with packing her bags.

She looked at me but she didn't speak anything and continued to roll her sleeping bag. Her cheeks looked little swollen; I recalled that the younger goon had hit her last night.

I felt pity for her. I loved my mother and seeing her in that condition hurt me. I got up. I knew that our weekend was ruined and there wouldn't be any hiking or training. Although, I wasn't much willing to go back, but it was not the proper time to request her to continue with our planned weekend. "We're going back?" Mom finally confirmed my suspicion. "I'm not in a position to continue. May be we return sometimes next week." "Ya!" I nodded in agreement, halfheartedly.

We collected our knapsack and started our return journey. Mom was silent throughout the journey and I also didn't feel like pressing her. I rather kept myself busy with the sensuous memories of last night. Bob at the base inn was surprised to see us returning so early, but mom told him that we met with an accident and she had sprained her ankles, so it was not possible to go further.

We reached our home in the afternoon. Once inside the house mom immediately retired to her room, leaving me alone in the living room to ponder upon the events of yesterday. Within one night everything had changed. Though, I had always loved my mom, mostly like a son and I must admit, sometimes with sexual inclination, however, I could never imagine that one day I would actually copulate with my beautiful mother.

I didn't know that how would our relationship grow now. It was all so confusing. Deep in my, heart I wanted to admit that I had enjoyed immensely what happened last night at the cabin. My mom was a hell of a fuck. I closed my eyes and tried to recall the events. Everything moved like the real of a film, I saw the cocks of intruders slicing my mother's charming pussy, I felt my tongue lapping her cunt and feeling the taste of the fresh cum deposited by her rapists; I saw my own cock moving in and out off her delicious pussy like a piston of reciprocating engine.

Oh…! God…! I was hard again. I opened my eyes. I was feeling little guilty. But, the feeling of lust for my mother was much more overpowering than the guilt. I realized that I would love to fuck my mom again and again. I wanted that beautiful cunt all for myself.

Mom came out of her room after about one hour. She had showered and looked refreshed, however, her face was still passive. Mom remained in her shell next day also.

She got herself engaged with the daily household activities, but deliberately avoided talking with me. I couldn't say why she didn't go to police. Probably, she was afraid if she went to the police, she might have to tell them everything; everything including our little fuck episode.

However, when she returned from the gymnasium on Monday, she appeared back to her own self. She didn't look grim and she talked with me in normal way. Suddenly, the tension in our house was released and our relationship was back to that of a mother and a son. Things continued in that way for next few days. I was slowly acknowledging the fact that there would never be another time with mom, when an small incident revived everything.

It happened on next Thursday, I returned from school in the afternoon around two. Mom usually returns at four. I unlock the front door and entered in our house.

I was heading to my room, which was adjacent to my mother's bedroom. While I was passing in front of my mother's door, I saw some movement inside. The doors were partially closed and the curtains were drawn.

I stopped and slightly moved the curtain to see inside. Mom was coming out of her bathroom after taking a shower. She had a white bathrobe on and she was scrubbing her hair with a towel. It appeared that she had returned early from the gymnasium. Her robe wasn't properly tied and so the most of her front was open. With every move of her hands, one of her magnificent tit was jumping in a mostly enticing manner.

My heartbeats suddenly reached to a crescendo. I froze in the position and watched her in wild amazement. I could feel my cock suddenly growing in proportions within its confines. Mom continued rubbing her head with the towel, and her open boob continued vean bien asi se ve un culo roto por una fuerte freely, driving me crazy with lust for my mother.

The restraint I had been trying to enforce for last few days suddenly evaporated, and I desperately longed to fondle those nice piece of tits. Mom was finished with her scrubbing; she kept the towel on the side table.

She stood in front of her full size mirror, her fingers gently running through her moist disheveled hair. She stared at her reflection for a moment and all of a sudden she undid the cord of her robe and let it slide off her body. The bathrobe glided along her magnificent curves and slowly settled on the floor, revealing her naked back to my lustful view. I hold my breath and stared at her tight buns. Her butts looked great and I yearned to hold those great pieces into my hands and squeeze them brutally, run my finger along the length of her delicious looking crack and feel her sphincter.

I had never licked an ass, but I knew that I would love to tongue my mother's sphincter. I felt my mouth watering with the thought. Mom watched her image in the mirror and then she moved a little to a side. Suddenly, the front of her reflection was visible to me. With my mouth agape, I peeked at her magnificent boobs and her neatly trimmed busy area, making a perfect vee between her thighs. From my position, I could clearly see the outline of her puffy cunt lips.

I grabbed my cock and pressed it hard through my jeans. However, the moment of bliss was short-lived, because when I looked back into her face, the image was looking directly into my eyes.

As soon as she felt my prying eye looking at her, mom suddenly turned and bent to grab her bathrobe from the floor. Panicky, I sneaked out of my place, directly heading to my room. I locked the door behind me and stood by the doors.

My heart was beating like a drum and I was numb with excitement and perhaps with little fear. My cock was rock hard, aching to break its confines. Suddenly, I was back in our mountain cabin; I saw my mom lying naked below me, my rigid cock plundering furiously into her delicious fuck hole.

I unzipped my fly and started running my hand along the shaft. Within seconds my cock was shooting its load on the floor. Once I was back to my nerves, I took a napkin and wiped the cum off the floor.

I went to toilet and washed my cock and changed. After that I remained in my room though I knew that mom would be waiting for lunch. I wasn't ashamed of my peeking at my mother, in fact I had enjoyed every moment of it, but I didn't know what I was going to tell her if she asked. Finally, I overheard her calling me. I went to the kitchen. Lunch was ready and she was waiting for me. Her face looked little flushed and she was looking at me attentively.

However, she didn't say a word; I pulled a chair and started eating my meal. We ate our meal in total silence. Every time I looked in her direction, I found her staring at me, and every time I turned my gaze in another direction.

We had been playing a sort of hide and seek game.

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I felt much relieved when the lunch was over and mom left the table with the dishes. I deposited my plates and remaining dishes in the sink. While washing my hands, I told her that I was going to a friend for some urgent work and immediately went out without waiting for her answer. I didn't visit any friend. I was feeling too restless to enjoy the company of any of my friends.

So, I strolled along the path silently lost into my thoughts. I had realized that I was obsessed with my mom and it was not possible to forget the fun, which I had derived while fucking her at the cabin. I wanted to fuck her again and again, wanted to feel her hot pussy engulfing my cock in its fleshy enclave. I wanted my mom to be my woman and I promised to myself that I would do anything to make her mine. I decided that now onwards, I would not pretend that nothing had changed after the cabin incident.

In fact our relationship had changed for always and she must acknowledge it. I returned home around eight. I had taken my decision and I was ready to face her. If she asks about the afternoon incident, I would simply tell her the truth.

However, mom didn't ask anything. She appeared normal and that left me nonplussed. When we ate our dinner that night, she talked casually with me, without giving any hint that she might be upset about what happened in the afternoon. That night I planned and re-planned many schemes to seduce my beloved mom. However, when I went to sleep, I didn't have any idea how I was going to carry ghetto chick pleases crowd of white cocks my plans.

Next day mom was invited to a dinner party at a friend's house. She asked me to accompany her, but I was not interested; so she went alone.

I remained at home working on my plans. I was exasperated that none of my plan seemed feasible. Finally, I gave up and waited for mom to return. Mom returned around ten. I met her in the living room and told her that I was not feeling well and was going to bed early. Mom looked concerned. She checked my forehead to make sure that I was not running any temperature. I assured her that I was fine and only need some rest. I retired to my room and put off the lights. I tried to sleep, but the sleep evaded me.

I lay in my bed and thought about mom. After unsuccessfully trying for about half an hour I gave up, got up from the bed. Without putting on the lights, I unlocked oriental babes lusty group play japanese and hardcore door and came out of my room.

I saw the mother room's door was opened. Cautiously, I went up to the mother's room and tried to peep inside.

Mom was not inside the room. I suddenly recalled that before retiring to bed, every night hailey james big ass blonde want it deep in her pussy would check in the front yard that the front gate and the garage are properly locked.

I checked living room door; it was open. Mom was out in the front yard. A thought suddenly stuck to me and I immediately entered into her room. I opened her closet. It was sufficiently large to accommodate a grown up boy like me.

I slid inside and closed the door. The closet was filled with mom's personal belongings, her used clothes and many other personal things; still I had sufficient space to be in a comfortable position there. A night lamp was on in the room but the interior of the closet was dark. However, soon my eyes became accustomed to the darkness.

The upper part of the closet had a narrow wire-meshed window. Due to the light that was seeping through it, I was able to see the silhouettes of the things lying inside the closet. Nonetheless, I was not interested in them. I didn't have anything specific in my mind.

Just a hunch that mom might change her clothes before retiring to bed and I might get another opportunity to witness my mother's dashing naked beauty. I made myself comfortable inside the closet and waited for mom to return. After about ten minutes, I heard the movement in her room. I looked through the window as mom entered the room and closed the doors. She had changed her clothes and she was wearing shorts and t-shirt.

After closing her door, she came to her bed. I watched in anticipation she bent forward and slowly lowered her shorts along her thighs.

My heart was suddenly beating fast. My eyes were glued to the window; I was eagerly waiting for a glimpse of her perfect round ass. However, to my utter disappointment she was wearing panties below it and all I could see her black panties clad rump. She lowered the t-shirt and lifting her quilt she slipped inside it and covered her properly. She turned on the side lamp, took a novel from the side drawers and got herself busy.

My mother is a voracious reader, and she loves to read regularly. I waited for her to finish her reading and to go to sleep, so that I could sneak out of her closet and get off her room. My mission to her room had failed and I knew that there wouldn't be any firework for me. Mom was busy with her novel and I was cursing myself for my imbecilic plan.

While I wait for her to finish, I started feeling drowsiness. I tried to control my yawns. I was yearning to move out of my little prison but, no way I could come out of the closet while she was awake, so I noiselessly sat on the floor and tried to relax. I was about to doze off when suddenly I heard a gentle click and the side lamp was turned off. I immediately jumped to my feet. The room was again dimly lit under the night lamp, which she had turned on.

I watched as my mother smoothly slipped inside the covers, tucking herself properly. My senses were again active and I eagerly waited for her to sleep. I watched silently, counting every moment, praying for her to sleep.

But, my prayer went unheard, as mom was continuously tossing in the bed from one side to the other. Mom was trying to sleep but it appeared she was not successful at it. I didn't remember how long it continued. Mom tossed restlessly in her bed and after some time she finally gave up.

She sat on the bed and turned on the side lamp, again illuminating the room with a gentle yellow light. I was frustrated; mom would again start her novel. It seemed I would not get any respite tonight. However, it didn't happened. Rather, she turned on the television.

"Shit!" I cursed her silently. I was getting restless inside the closet. However, I didn't have any option so I just tried to check which show mom was watching. Using her remote, she was skipping through various channels. I watched in amazement as at last she finally settled for an adult channel, which was screening a late night movie. The actor and the actress were in the most compromising situation on the screen, without any shred of clothes on their body.

All of a sudden, my sleepiness evaporated. My cock regained its lost hardness, and I glued my eyes to the window. The exhibit on the screen was quite enthralling; the head of the male character was between the female and he was ferociously lapping his partner's hairy pussy.

The female had kept her thighs over the male's shoulder. She had gripped his hair and was pulling his head deep into her pussy. I never knew that my mom was into watching such kind of movies.

However, I felt it was a welcome break.

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The erotic scene on the screen had certainly affected the mom, as she had thrown her covers and her hands were busy mauling her spongy boobs through her t-shirt. I thanked God. If that was start up, I was certainly heading for a display of midnight firework from my mother.

I pulled my cock out of my shorts and stroked it lightly. Mom's eyes were fixed to the great spectacle in progress on the screen. The hero and heroine have changed their position to a sixty-nine. The woman was on the top and she was sucking her partner cock like a tasty lollypop. The man's tongue was flickering over her heated clits. Room was echoing with their soft moans.

Mom squeezed her boobs and a soft moan escaped her mouth. Mom was getting horny. Her right hand had moved between her thighs. She pulled her t-shirt up and inserted her fingers inside her panties feeling the lips of her pussy.

I watched incredulously as her fingers ran along her cuntlips inside her panties. My very personal peep show had just started. After a while, mom got down from bed; she pulled her t-shirt off her shoulder and let it fall on the floor. Then she took her hands to her back and unclasped her bra and let it slide off her arms. It slowly settled on the floor near her legs. Mom was standing topless. Her back was towards me so I was not able to see her pompous boobs.

I grabbed my cock in anticipation and massaged it hard. Next, she inserted her fingers inside the elastic band of her black panties and slowly rolled it down along her thighs.

She bent forward as her hand moved lower; in the process she exposed her magnificent tight ass sampling beautys taut honey pot of luscious teen mia hurley hardcore and blowjob my direct view. I held my breath; she bent further and one by one moved her legs out of the rolled panties. In the process I could get a brief glimpse of her hairy slit form behind. She again climbed on the bed.

She lay there without trying to cover her body, her legs spread wide. Her eyes were again glued to the fucking match that was sexy teen pussy lexi diamond2 91 tube porn on the screen. The man had korean mother son incest uncensored bad subtitle his cock inside her partner's willing pussy and now he was pumping her furiously.

Her left hand slowly moved to her breast and grabbed her boobs. She massaged her nipples softly, gently grabbing and releasing them. She closed her eyes, and let a moan of delight escape out of her mouth.

She let her head tilt back, still pinching and caressing her nipples. Her body was gently writhing in excitement. Her hand continued playing with her gorgeous boobs, alternately squeezing and releasing them, and in between taking her teats between her fingers and rubbing them hard. Her right hand slowly trailed across her tummy and entered into her dark brownish fluffy region. She rubbed the nicely trimmed curly pubic hair that covered her plump pussy lips. Her hand reached lower, and her fingers opened her fat pussy lips.

Slowly, she ran her finger along the length of her slit. She then, parted her pussy lips and her middle finger probed her clit. Her body was trembling with the pleasure that her own fingers were administering to her soaked body. She was now moaning loudly. I watched as she buried her middle and index finger into her twat, and ran them along her slit. She curled her fingers and pressed them into her wet slit, slowly sliding them inside her divine opening.

She moved her fingers in and out of her sopping cunt and let her thumb play with her clit. Her other hand was still busy playing with her boobs, squeezing them, releasing them, circling and pulling her hard nipples with her finger tips. Mother's eyes were again the lucky photographer and kendall kross get it on, and her wailings were getting louder and louder. My hand was rubbing my cock feverishly, and I was ready to shoot any time.

Suddenly, her body arched on the bed. She emitted a horse cry and forced her finger deep inside her pussy. Her body was shivering perhaps due to petite cutie uses a vibrator on herself fingering mature orgasm, which had just hit her. This was too much for me. I could not restraint myself anymore. My legs were trembling with excitement.

I pumped for the final time and with a choked cry, I let my cock go. I watched as with every jerk of my rigid cock, drops of cum flew in the air and landed on the clothes and other articles kept in the closet.

I immediately realized my mistake. Mom would certainly see the stains in the morning. Nevertheless, I was not in a position to control what was happening, so my cock jerked again and again releasing more drops of cum staining more of my mother's clothes. Finally, the shooting stopped and I tucked my cock back to my shorts without bothering to clean it.

I looked through the narrow window of closet door. Mom's ordeal was over. She was still lying of the bed trying to catch her breath. Her eyes were closed and she didn't seem interested in the movie. The fucking on the screen had just concluded and the girl was licking the cum off her male partner deflating cock. Suddenly, mom took the remote and turned off the television. I watched as mom again slipped inside the covers. She didn't bother to put back her clothes. I waited patiently for her to sleep.

Slowly, her body became still under the covers. I gently opened the closet door and moved into her room. She appeared sound asleep by then. I opened the doors noiselessly. Thankfully, it was not locked from inside.

I shut her doors behind me and scurried to my room. When I lay on my bed, my eyes were heavy with sleep and I could not recall when I fell asleep. I rose late next morning. Mom was already up and she had cooked the breakfast. When I reached kitchen, she was getting readied for running the washing machine. She looked fresh.

I greeted her and pulled a chair. "Finish your breakfast and help me with this machine." She pointed towards the pile of laundry lying in a tub outside the kitchen.

"We have a lot of dirty clothes today." "What happened?" I asked casually. "I don't know, but today I found some strange stains on my clothes in the closet." She showed me her fresh clothes with the dried stains of my own cum. I swallowed my food and looked at her. Her face didn't reveal any thing. It was hard to guess whether she knew about my presence inside her closet. I knew she must be suspicious. "I can't understand." She continued. " How this happened? Last evening I kept these clothes there after ironing them." I made a poker face.

I fast needed an excuse that could satisfy her. "Why don't you check you closet," I pulled the most preposterous idea from the air. "There might be a rat urinating over your clothes." "It doesn't look like the stain of urine." She was staring at me and I had to divert my gaze.

I shrugged my shoulders helplessly. Even if she knew the truth I couldn't help it. In a way it was good that she knew what I wanted from her. She had already given it me once, though unwillingly.

I fetched my dishes to the sink and put it there. Then, I took the laundry bucket and went out of kitchen. I pondered upon the events while running the washing machine. I was sure by now that mom was aware of my presence in her closet. It would not be difficult for her to differentiate between the stains of cum and stains due to urine. However, it was difficult to guess whether she knew about my presence last night itself. So far mom had not talked about any incident.

Her silence was making me suspicious. Was she also interested in consummating with me, and in a way encouraging me to move ahead with my efforts? Being my mother, It would certainly not be easy for her to talk what she actually wanted.

I finally decided that I would not relent my efforts. During the next few days, I got two more opportunities to sneak into my mother's closet in the night and every time I was rewarded with a more explicit visuals. On each occasion, while my mom fingered her pussy I was driven to the limits with lust, which finally ended in jacking off. However, for those occasions I already had my handkerchiefs with me and I released my load into them.

On the last occasion, when my mother was asleep after her fiery self-gratification; I came out of the closet. While I was turning the doorknob, I turned and looked back at my mom. Her eyes were wide open and she was looking in my direction.

My heart skipped a beat. Mom looked at me for a second then she dozed off. Her eyes were closed again. I retired to my room. My heart was pounding in my chest. There was no doubt that mom knew about my presence inside her closet, and she was purposefully performing those amorous acts before me. I felt like going back to her room and fuck her. I could not sleep that night before I had to masturbate twice to suppress my raging need.

I made up my mind that on the next occasion when mom performs her act I would come out of her closet and would face whatever be in store. However, next morning mom informed me that we are going back to cabin to restart my training, which we had left two weeks ago. Halfheartedly, I readied our luggage so that we could start our journey.

When we reached the cabin on Friday evening it was already dark. We kept our knapsacks in the hut and I went out to fetch the fresh water. Mom non-stop lectured me about mountaineering and rock climbing, and I listened her reluctantly. I already knew most of the things what she was telling and she was aware of the fact. However, she was insistent because next day I would be actually climbing a hilltop not as a tracker but as a mountain climber. It would be an ice test to check what I had learned so far.

At ten we ate out dinner. Then mom decided to retire early so that before stating our journey next day we could have a good sleep. Using the additional sheets, which mom brought with her, we made bed on the floor, as mom didn't want to open our sleeping bags. Mom turned off the lights and the little room was completely darkened.

I lay on my makeshift bed and stared at the ceiling. Memories of our last visit were suddenly alive in my mind. I was sure that mom too would be thinking about the same event while trying to sleep. I again felt the blood rushing to my loins and I longed to feel the delightful pussy of my mother. I didn't know when I slept. I woke up with some strange feeling. The room was still completely dark.

I looked at the wristwatch; the night glowing indicator told me that it was two in the morning. I had slept for about four hours.

I lay in silence staring in the darkness. I realized mom had moved nearer to me and her one leg was touching my legs. She was breathing deeply and she appeared sound asleep. With the awakening, came the memory of my last fuck with mom. Suddenly, my cock was rock hard. I moved my cover and lowering my underwear and shorts, and pulled my rigid cock out of its confines.

I gently massaged my cock feeling the strong undercurrent of excitement running through my loins. Mom was lying so close to me that I could not resist the temptation and lightly kept my right hand over her leg. Her body shivered gently, but the mild tremors subsided immediately. I lightly caressed her calf, softly running my palm along it. No response; mom was dead sleep. My hand slowly traveled upward and I felt her soft thighs.

Suddenly, I realized that mom didn't have her pants on. I got encouraged and moved my hand to her thigh. My hand could feel the material of her t-shirt and that of her panties below it. It seemed that after turning off the lights, she had slipped off her pants so that she could sleep freely.

With the beating heart, I brought my palm over her mound and felt the soft region through her t-shirt. My left hand massaged my cock furiously. I lightly ran my fingers over her mound. My fingers moved in a circular motion over her soft mound to feel the soft fold of her cunt and the unmistakable slit between them. "Oh!

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God." A short gasp escaped my mouth. Mom was still lying on her back, snoring lightly. I brought my hand down to her thighs and inserted it below her t-shirt. My hand could now feel her soft inner thighs and slowly it traveled long her thighs, finally, touching the lips of her cunt through her panties.

My heartbeats were reaching to massage with a side of anal doggystyle and deepthroat crescendo and I feared that it would stop working with excitement. My whole body was writhing with unfathomable pleasure. My left hand was uncontrollably rubbing my cock with an unknown zest. I had a very strong urge to tear my mother's panties and force my cock into her delicious cunt.

I somehow controlled my impulse and continued stroking her cunt lightly. I could feel her cunt more clearly through her thin material of her panties. I could feel her plump cuntlips, her ravenous slit between them and the soft silky curly hair covering her love mound.

Mom was still motionless. It got bolder and rubbed her slit more coarsely while massaging my cock with other hand. I continued rummaging my fingers coarsely through her covered slit. In a short while her cunt responded to the manual stimulation and I could feel the building of moist patch in the front of her panties. It was evident that mom was awake and she was enjoying the amorous music my apt fingers were playing with her pleasure mound. I removed my fingers from my cock and gently brought her hand and put it over my hard on.

Her delicate fingers clasped around, lightly holding it in her warm grip. However, she didn't proceed to massage it, probably still trying to maintain her pretence. I put my fingers over her and helped her to move her hand along the length of my cock. It made me even more impudent and I pulled her panties down to her thighs.

My hand could now trespass into her most private regions, openly feeling her soft bush and the delicious slit beneath them. As I probed her slit with my finger, I could feel an abundance of her hot fluid filling her slit and her drenched cunt hair. I slowly, parted her slit and forced my two fingers inside her sopping cunt. Her grip on my cock was suddenly hardened.

I released my grip from her fingers holding my cock. This time her fingers didn't stop and she continued stroking my cock with a gentle rhythm. I could feel the approach of an inevitable summit. I was aware that soon my cock would lose the battle and would succumb to the intense pleasure her fingers were imparting to my cock with every stroke.

I continued thrusting my fingers inside her wet pussy. Mom spread her legs a little wider providing an easier access to her ravenous depths. My drenched fingers moved with ease inside her hungry ravine trying to hasten her culmination.

My cock didn't take long and soon it surrendered to the most rapturous feeling of its life. I ejaculated with gusto, releasing plenty of hot cum flying in the air and then landing over my belly. My cock spat its thick gluey content over my belly and into my mother's gripping fingers. After finishing its task, it started deflating and soon it was slumbering between her soft grip. My right hand was still busy with my mother's pussy. I could feel her fat cunt lips sucking and releasing my reciprocating fingers.

It was not long when I felt the clearly identifiable twitch of her cunt lips, a similar feeling which I had when I fucked her two weeks ago. My fingers continued the to and fro motion of my fingers, while her fat cunt lips pulsated around them.

Once the quivering stopped, I with drew my fingers out of her pussy. Suddenly, mom released her grip from my flaccid cock. I felt her pulling her panties up and then she turned her back to me and lay still.

I could not suppress my smile; mom was still trying to maintain her façade. I didn't try to disturb her further. I felt happy and fulfilled. I cleaned my cock and belly with my underwear and pulled my shorts on. I tucked my wet underwear between the elastic of my shorts.

Although, I was getting sticky feeling on my belly, yet it was the reward of one of the most memorable moment of my life, and I loved that feeling. The first citadel had fallen and soon the fort would be under my command. I could now look forward to numerous memorable moments with my mom after returning from our mountain trip.

I closed my eyes and soon fell asleep. Chapter 3 I don't remember how long I slept. During my sleep I had been continuously dreaming about my naked mom with her open arms welcoming me.

I was lapping at her cunt and she was crying with passion. I was into such a dream when suddenly I felt a hot breath over my lips. In a moment the breath moved away from my lips, however, in the process I felt a brief brushing by another pair of lips.

Surprised, I opened my eyes. Mom was bending over me trying to wake me up. I suddenly lifted grabbed her by hips and pulled her onto my chest, pinning my lips over her soft rosy lips, kissing her passionately. Mom tried to resist, but she couldn't succeed in pushing me and I could prolong my kiss. Mom continued struggling in my embrace. Finally, I released my grip. She pushed me back and casting couch kitty by snahbrandy teen amateur teen cumshots swallow dp near me.

Her face was flushed with excitement and she was breathing hard. Suddenly my cock stirred and knocked at the confines of my shorts. I looked at my wristwatch; it was ten past eight. After the last night incident, I had slept for another six hours. Mom appeared refreshed. She was an early riser and I would have been more surprised had I found her sleeping at this hour. I looked at her beautiful face glowing in morning freshness. Memories of last night suddenly came back to me causing my mind to buzz with delight.

I looked into her eyes to find the traces of last night's incident. "Dave! Get up," She was trying to appear calm, pretending to be ignorant of last night's event. "We got to hurry up.

We are already late." "Late?" I looked at her like an idiot, with the kind of pleasure I had derive while touching her last night; I would love to sleep till eternity. "Yes honey. We need at least five hour to reach the peak." Mom replied. "If we delay further we would only be able to reach it by evening." "I'll be ready in a few minutes" I grabbed my stuff and ran out of the cabin. After attending the nature's call, I brushed my teeth at the creek. Then I removed my clothes and jumped into the water.

I washed the cum stained underwear with water and proceeded to take a nice bath. Water was a bit cold but I was used to it. I enjoyed the feel of cold water against my skin. I was yet to finish my bath when mom suddenly appeared at the side of creek. My clothes were lying at the bank and no way I could reach them before she could see me naked.

I too didn't have any intension of doing that. I ignored her presence and continued with my ablutions. I saw her staring between my thighs. I looked at her; she immediately turned her gaze away. But I had seen that she was intently eyeing my rigid cock, which was rising like a flagpole from my dark thatches.

"You should hurry up." She called. "We're already very late." She looked at me deeply and then she turned and went back. When I returned, mom was ready to move. She had changed her clothes; the khaki half pants and dark blue T-shirt, she looked great. She handed me the food, which we had brought with us, and we silently ate our breakfast.

After taking our first meal of the day, we were finally ready to move. We started our journey around eight thirty five, our bella morgan smitten with big cock beard guy she met in dating site was a small peak called Little Thumb.

From our hut, it was about five and half miles journey, but last one mile was a rigorous climb and the final last hundred yards to the Little Thumb were almost vertical. So overall we needed sufficient time to reach the hilltop before the sunset. For tourists, there was a less risky, but a slightly longer detour to the top.

Most of the tourists willing to visit Little Thumb preferred to take that route. However, for the people looking for some real and not so dangerous adventure; it was fun scaling those heights via the shorter route. However, the tourists were prohibited to take that route without the company of a trained guide.

Mom had been using this same route to organize her training camps for mountaineering. So far, my earlier visits to Little Thumb were through the longer course, but now the time had come to scale those heights like an expert climber, and to learn the art of mountaineering.

Earlier, mom herself had refused to allow me to use that path. Little Thumb is the part of a twin peak and is the highest peak in our region. From the valley it appears like a projected thumb, extending beyond the mountain, connected to its twin peak in the same way a thumb is connected to palm. Surprisingly, the whole peak was devoid of any vegetation, quite contrary to the surrounding areas, which were thickly covered with trees.

I don't know who gave the peak the name 'Little Thumb', because to me, that brown rocky peak extending like a tilted pillar, appeared more like a tiny cock of a child pointing towards the sky. Given a chance I would have named it something like Little Phallus or Mount Pee-pee. The whole thumb shape of the hill was projected out of the mountain, so when someone is standing over Little Thumb, he is virtually standing in space, with only one end of hill connected to mountain and remaining three sides opened to deep ravines.

Most of the sightseers prefer to take the detour that meant first climbing to the twin peak through a guided path and then take a turn and reach the Little Thumb. However, to some adventurous tourists and the people like my mother, direct climbing to the top was preferred than taking a simpler route.

During tourist season there was no dearth of people willing to go far a little adventure. Mountaineering doesn't always mean climbing on the vertical peaks only. It basically involves a mix of three different techniques- hiking, rock climbing and the snow and ice climbing techniques and it is necessary for a complete mountaineer to be competent in all three. It is not an easy task to master, as there are wide variations within these techniques.

A good climber will always try to strike a perfect balance between them. I knew that mom was the best available around. We continued hiking along a given trail along the hill, stopping only to catch our breath for brief spells. We first rose to one small hilltop and then climb down to the other side.

So far we had been following tracks only, and for this part of our journey no special mountaineering skills other than basic idea of hiking were required. After about four hours we were at the base valley of the Twin Peaks. Both of the peaks were clearly visible from there. I could see the bare pillar type structure of Little Thumb. The region was mainly consists of rocky ascents, requiring the skills of a trained climber. From here the track would bifurcate into two different paths, one going directly to Little Thumb via a rocky and steep climb, and second one would first go to the twin peak and then take a detour to Little Thumb.

Younger boys and older cousin was thrilled. Even though the events of last night were still live on my mind, I was trying to spicy sexy doggy style fucking hardcore blowjob calm, and was looking forward to the journey ahead with my charming mother. I was following her throughout the way, and whenever I looked at her gyrating rump in those khaki half pants, my cock seemed to burst out of my shorts.

I was sure that mom too must have noticed the bulging front of my pants, as every time she turned towards me I could feel her eyes making a swift glance at my hardness. We continued our journey without much conversation. She was maintaining a deliberate silence on whatever had transpired between us and I found that most baffling. After Resting for a while, we again started our journey, now following the rocky treacherous route.

Mom was climbing like a wildcat and I was aptly following her. From the bottom I was able to see under her khakis. I tried my best to get a glimpse of her pussy mound or her panties through the side opening of her pants, but could only get the view of her creamy white inner thighs. Her pants were not revealing much. I didn't know whether mom was aware of my gaze or not, as she continued her climb without worrying about my sneaking eyes.

One hour later we were approaching the last stretch of our climbing. We climbed over the top of a large flat rock bed, housewife with a police hat getting drilled hard was situated just below the peak. Mom stopped there, released her rucksack and hiking gear from her back to the ground, and sat on a small rock.

I too released my bag and sat beside her. "We're about hundred yards below the top," Mom said while catching her breath. "Now you'll learn some real mountaineering.

So far the climb has been mostly along angled track, but now the climb is almost vertical. Take some rest, after this point our next stop will be Little Thumb." I singar neha kakkar xxx sex stories storys was puffing with effort, so the idea of resting was quite appealing.

I opened my flask and took a sip of water. "Don't drink in large gulps, take only small sips," Mom advised me. "It'll make climbing easy and you'll preserve some water for the top. We won't get any extra water at the top." I closed the cap of my flask and put it back into my knapsack. "From here we can take two different routes." She pointed with her finger, showing the paths.

"One we can directly climb to top from here itself, or second we can go to the south side and then climb the peak. But we shall not take southern route as that is too risky and it is meant for professional climbers." "Have you ever gone through southern route." I was curious. Southern end of the hill was one that was projecting in the air. Any climber trying that side would be always be in the risk of falling a direct drop of minimum three hundred feet.

"Only once." She replied. "And that too with a team of trained mountaineers, your grandpa was also with us." For minutes we sat there silently, enjoying the vast country spread before us. I removed my binocular from my bag and surveyed the green valley spread below us. I then checked the twin peak, just to see if there was any activity. Nowhere I could find any movement, mom and I were alone in this vast countryside. I turned my eyes towards mom; she was watching me with curious eyes.

"Dave" I was boys and anty sux xxx vidsex stories to turn my eyes away from her, when she spoke. "I want to ask you something." I looked at her, questioningly. Mother's eyes were dazed as if lost in the hills behind me. "I've never imagined that the thing which happen at the cabin, could happen to us," She was speaking softly.

"But it had happened and we can't reverse it. Just tell me one thing honestly, how do you feel about it." "Mom…I&hellip." I tried to reply but what came out of my mouth was only a stammer. "Did you enjoy it?" Mother's next question was straight.

"Please be honest." I was flabbergasted. All of a sudden, my mother was talking to me on the topic I was dying to discuss for last too weeks, and when she asked, she was so direct that it puzzled me. "Yes mom." I could utter only two words, though I wanted to tell her that I enjoyed it immensely and would certainly look forward to every other opportunity to fuck her again.

"I too would like to be honest son," Mom's lips spread into a shy smile. She put her hands over my shoulder. "All these days I had been thinking about it, while you were trying to play your little hide and seek games.

I know that it is forbidden for a mother to have any kind of sexual relationship with her son and I had never thought about it even in my dreams. She stopped abruptly, lost in her thoughts. I silently looked her face, expecting her to spell out her true feeling once for all.

"I must…" She hesitated for a moment. " Tied up pantoons with toy pleasuring hardcore and bondage must admit that more I think about it, more I feel that I loved it when you did it to me.

I feel ashamed, but I can't help it." I was dumbfounded. I could not believe what I was hearing, though she was telling the same words I wanted to hear from her. The way she was maintaining her silence, I didn't expect that it would come at that juncture. "I knew you wanted more of it." She was slowly getting her confidence back. "I knew the very first day when you hid in my closet. I wanted to throw you out, but I couldn't.

I even resolved that I wouldn't do any thing silly for you. But I failed and I did everything, which I shouldn't have done. Deep in my heart, I realized that I too was lusting to fuck you." My eyes opened in shock, bemusedly, I looked at my mother.

Never before she had used words like FUCK. "Since your dad was gone," Mother was not finished yet, " I've been living a stale life, not getting much sex. I badly needed someone to satisfy my needs. That day when those bastards asked you to fuck me, I was disgusted at first but when you started fucking me, I realized that you are the man I had been looking for. All these days, I pondered over it again and again, and the only thought that came into my mind was that I had enjoyed it immensely, and I could never forget the feeling." My mouth was open wide with bewilderment and excitement.

My cock jumped in my pants. "I know you were aware that I was awake, when you started touching me." She replied. "I wish that you should've continued with your efforts.

I was ready for you." I cursed myself for my foolishness. I thought of all those fourteen days and nights when I could have been fucking her. She was always ready for me and I was busy scheming about how to seduce her. What an idiot I was. "I love you my son and I want to be your woman." She pulled me into her embrace.

"Make love to mama." I could not believe my luck; my fantasies were suddenly converting into a real one. My mother wanted to be my woman; she wanted me to fuck her again and again, like a man fucks his woman. Memories of our last sexual coupling suddenly flooded my mind. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tightly. I bent my head and kissed her moist lips. Mom responded with great fervor. I felt her hot tongue slowly entering my mouth and I sucked her sweet tongue.

Mom's hand moved down and fumbled with the buttons of my khakis. She opened the buttons and I lifted my ass off the rock to help her remove my khakis and underwear. Soon they were lying on the rock. Mom grappled with my cock, she took it by the base and slowly ran her fingers along its length. I forced my hand from the side of her pants and tried to pet her pussy hiding beneath her panties. She rose from her position and sat on the ground, her hand continuously massaging my hardness, her lips nearing the bulbous head of my cock.

"You've got a handsome cock son, so large and so thick," She measured the length of my cock by spreading her fingers across its length. "Longer than your dad's. And its so naughty." She stuck out her tongue, and tasted the drop of precum oozing from its hole.

"The very moment you inserted it into my cunt that day," Mom was talking lewdly. "I realized that it was the kind of cock, I had been always longing for." She took my cock head into her mouth and started sucking it. She ran her tongue along the length, wiping the remains of precum. She licked her lips and gulped it down her throat. Again her mom son xxx japan romance was buried between my legs.

She licked my shaft along its length, alternating between sucking and licking. She licked my balls and took one of them two hot lassies have kinky lesbian sex masturbation and pornstars her mouth, sucking it like a juicy candy.

I lowered my back, resting my head over the rock. Mother's tongue traveled back along the length of my cock, covering it with her saliva.

She took my cock head into her hot mouth and sucked it like a lollypop. I was crying with ecstasy pleading her to suck it faster and faster, and I began to realize if mom continued with her sucking, I would start shooting my load into her hungry mouth in a minute or so. As if mom guessed my situation, she suddenly moved away from me.

She busty blonde babe katie morgan eating ziggys hairy pussy up and started removing her clothes.

In a moment all her clothes were lying on the ground. Within seconds, she was standing on the rock with only her special rubber cleated hiking boots on, her uncovered treasures glittering in the afternoon sun. I looked at her magnificent boobs, dangling erotically in the gentle breeze flowing over the rock bed, with their dark brown dollar size nipples standing erect pointing towards me. I would love to suck them, to tease them. Her well-trimmed dark brown furs were gleaming in their sensual wetness and I could see the head of her clitoris peeking seductively.

My mouth was suddenly dry. "Remove your clothes, sweetheart." Mother's horny voice suddenly reminded me of my next step, and promptly I removed my t-shirt and thrown it over the rock. We both were standing completely naked facing each other, the only clothing we had on our bodies were our hiking boots. Mom moved to the rock over which I was lying a moment ago.

She sat on it, and slowly lowered herself to a supine position. She bent her knees and opened her thighs wide, showing me the inner lips of her cunt in an inviting way, her clit poking at me teasingly as if challenging me to ravish her.

"Fuck me, son. Fuck me." With two fingers mom spread her cunt lips exposing her pink interior to my hungry gaze. "Rip my cunt with your monster." I looked at my mother, mesmerized.

In just few minutes she had changed from a simple loving mother to a horny, fuck starved slut. However, it was a welcome change for me, opening the doors of unlimited opportunities to fuck my gorgeous mother. Without wasting a second, I mounted over the rock and lowered my body between her legs. With one hand opening her cunt wide, she grabbed my cock with her other hand and guided its mushroomed head to her wet opening. I lowered my body into her and my rigid cock slowly started moving inside those ravenous depths.

She felt tighter than the day when I had fucked her in the cabin, but her wetness helped my cock by providing sufficient lubrication and inch-by-inch my complete length was inside her.

"Oh…! Yes baby." Mom sighed. "Your cock feels so good inside my pussy. Fuck son, fuck mommy." I accepted her request and started sliding my dick in and out of her pussy. She moaned passionately as I dug deeper and deeper into her famished pussy. For a mother of a son of my age, she was tight, quite tight.

Certainly, she was not getting enough of fuck. Her soft cunt muscles clung to my manhood tightly, moving up and down with my cock. "Oh…! That's the way son, oh yes." She started humping back to meet my thrusts. "AAAh…! It's fantastic." I looked below at my cock, moving back and forth in my mother's hungry pussy. I groped for her waist and started pumping with increased pace.

Mom too responded by increasing her rhythm. My cock was making a strange sound while moving inside her sloppy wet pussy. Mom was in a state of pure bliss, she was crying, moaning, babbling incoherently, her utterance not easy to comprehend. Together we were approaching the inevitable. Suddenly, mom lifted her legs high in air and locked her thighs around my waist, exposing her hot cunt to me for greater penetration.

I rammed my cock into her savagely and she let out a scream of utmost pleasure. My point of deliverance emily blacc in revenge is a dish served black and hung approaching fast and I could feel the tremendous pressure in my balls. With a sharp cry, I dug into her and shot my load deep inside her pussy.

My cock jerked incessantly; splashing her cunt with thick gobs of cum. Mother too grabbed me tightly into her arms. I could feel the distinctive twitch of her cunt around my cock length. She was heartily enjoying her orgasm together with my warm ejaculation. Though the pressure ultimately subsided, we remained there in the same position. We both were gasping with effort.

I lowered my head over mom's breast, closed my eyes and relished the delightful feeling fucking my own mother. Finally, we were back to our senses. Mom pushed me to move away from her and reluctantly, I moved away from her body, my flaccid cock moving out of her cunt with a low plop sound. Mom too got up from her position and sat on the rock, her ass resting on the rock and her thighs still wide opened giving me a clearer look of her cunt.

I could see my juice oozing out of her cunt and slowly settling on the surface of the rock. "Oh God!" Mom was rubbing her back. "My back is sore. You should not fuck a lady in such a brutal manner." "I am sorry mom," I replied showing feigned concern. "But it was you who told me to fuck. So you should blame yourself only." I went behind her. Her back looked tender; deep red from the thrusting it had received during our lovemaking.

I put my hands over her back and ran my palm over it trying to sooth the skin. Soon, her skin was back to its original color. I put my lips over her neck and planted a warm kiss, my hands again trying to trespass towards her stomach, into her cunt area.

Mom suddenly jumped from her place. "No, we must move now," She pointed towards the hill. "We must reach there before sunset otherwise we'd be stranded here." Unwillingly, I got down from the rock. Mom was busy collecting her mountaineering gear. I realized then that mom was not putting her clothes back, and instead she had packed them into her knapsack.

Then she put opened her bag and removed her tools of mountaineering, the rope, the pitons and the carabiners. She put the gear over her body and turned towards me. She was standing before me, still completely naked but with her mountaineering gear properly fitted over her body. I looked at her foolishly, her knapsack and gear at her back, her safety gear in position, and a bundle or rope dangling over her shoulder along with her naked cunt and boobs glaring at me.

"Nothing special honey," She smiled at me, as if reading my thoughts. "For years I'd dreamt about climbing these heights naked. It had been my deepest fantasy to roam around in this wilderness completely naked, to run in these forests, to climb on those peaks, to fuck on those peaks.

When I was younger, your grandpa always accompanied me and I was never able to fulfill my fantasy. Today I'm going to live my fantasy. If you want, you can put on your clothes but I'll be going like this." I too didn't have any intention of not following my charming coach. I simply stuffed my stuffs back to my knapsack, and put the gear on me. I had complete faith in my horny coach and I too was ready for our expedition.

"While climbing don't let your fantasies run wild." Mom warned me, her hand softly moved over her mound. "Carefully listen to what I'd be saying and follow that.

And," She pointed at my cock. "Just take care of your friend, don't bump it on the rocks, I'll need it's services at the top." We started climbing again. I was keenly following mom. Mom was moving forward with agility, attaching the pitons at every appropriate length and fixing the rope into it with carabiners. She explained the technique to me at every stage and as an apt pupil I was trying to follow her. It wasn't easy for me; whenever I looked up, I could see mother's gyrating pussy and ass in front of my face, making it difficult for me suppress my hard on.

And I had to continuously guard against knocking my cock against stony walls of the mountain. Many a times, her ass and cunt were only a lick away from my lips, diverting my concentration from the on-going lecture. My cock was in continuous state of erection and I was finding it very difficult to climb with a hard on.

I learnt a very important lesson that day, never climb a mountain naked and that too with a gorgeous nude lady. I was so engrossed with my problem wicked czech teenie spreads her narrow muff to the strange I didn't realize when we reached the top. Mom mounted over the peak and she helped me to cover my final steps. She looked at me triumphantly. I was standing on the peak.

I had completed my training successfully. I smiled at her and she grabbed me in her arms and greeted me with a warm kiss over my dry lips. We stayed there for a long time kissing each other. I could sense my hardness nudging into her pubic region. Then she withdrew from me and moved to the centre of the hill.

She britannia chopra xxx story download the ropes in position for our retreat next day. Little Thumb was almost flat on the rocky top with almost no vegetation, an area of about twenty by twenty square feet.

I could see on one side at some distance, a thin trail emerging among the tall pine trees, the detour that was generally used by common tourists. The remaining three sides of the peak were open and falling straight to about hundred to three hundred feet. To prevent any accidents, local municipality had provided iron railings on all the open side making it safer for visiting tourists.

Surprisingly, most of the surface of the peak was flat like a plateau with only a rock of about ten feet height protruding above the ground on the extreme end. We dismounted our gears and kept them at a centre place. The sun was heading west and soon it would hide behind the other hills. Within an hour the mountain range would be covered into darkness. Mother opened her sleeping bag and spread it on the ground. She then bent and started removing her hiking shoes. "Oh God," Lifting her hands high above her back she stretched her body; breathing deeply, thrusting her naked mounds forward in the thin mountain air.

"I love this place. It always makes me horny." I rested my rump over a small stone, looked at my mother's naked beauty bending in an erotic sensuality. No wonder my cock was in a continued state of hardness.

I could see her dark brown hair glowing in the evening sun, her dark areoles pointing lasciviously. Both, the instructor and her student were equally horny. Suddenly mom moved towards the rock erecting at the corner of hill and like an eager child started climbing it. Within a moment she was standing over the highest point of the rock. She extended her hands on her side like the wings of a falcon who was about to fly. She remained in that position, her eyes closed and she was inhaling deeply.

After a while, she opened her eyes and looked at me. I stood from my place and moved to a position where I was standing exactly below her. I looked at my beautiful mother, her swinging tits and her trimmed bush covering her charming pussy, her whole body gleaming in the evening sun.

Mom's face was filled with a childlike excitement. She was enjoying every moment of her fulfilling fantasy. "HELLO!" She shouted suddenly at the top of her voice. The air was suddenly filled with the echoes coming from all the sides. "I AM ON THE TOP OF THE WORLD AND I AM FUCKING MY SON, FUCKING… MY… OWN… SON…" The reverberations seemed everlasting.

And suddenly without any prelude her cunt quivered and a hot stream gushed out of it with a sharp hissing sound. Spellbound, I looked at the yellow fluid emanating from mother's cunt, falling on the rock below, splattering into millions of tiny droplets and finally landing over my face and body.

I watched it storys xxx storys friend mom, perhaps the most erotic visual of my tiny fuck life, her hot pee glinting orange red under the evening sunlight.

Though, I was not prepared for it, I had no intention of shying away from the most memorable moment of my life. Tiny droplets splashed across my face, I opened my tongue and tasted my mother's pee. Mother continued pissing for about a minute and I kept lapping her fleeing pee. Her pee was coming in form of minute driblets so it was not possible for me to lap every bit of it, but whatever I could collect into my mouth was truly delectable.

Slowly the gushing reduced to a dribble and then it subsided. I could see tiny drops of pee still clinging to her dark brown bush, some of them dripping lightly over the surface of rock. Finishing her act mom descended from the rock. Once on the ground, she didn't try to move and stayed in her semi erect position, her back resting on the rock, beads of pee still dripping off her pussy.

I moved closer to her. "Lick my pussy, son." She whispered hoarsely. "Lick me." I didn't need a second invitation. I was dying to taste her pussy, to taste her pee clinging to her trimmed bush. I sat in front of her and bent my head forward to her dripping pussy, my tongue protruding out of my mouth, ready to lap every drop of that remaining golden nectar. I lapped the final drops of pee from her bush, relishing its rather salty taste.

Cupping her cunt with my mouth, I licked every nook and corner of her pussy. It was my first taste of pee and it tasted better than coke. I ran my tongue along the length of her cunt and then inserted it inside her cunt, tasting a mix of pee, her cunt juice and a bit of my own leftover.

It was really a mind-boggling experience. Mom grabbed my head and forced it deep into her cunt. I felt like drowning in those delicious depths. But I had some other things on my mind and I too wanted my share of fun. So, I withdrew from her cunt. Mom looked at me, her eyes filled with lust and surprise.

Without any words, I moved away from her and climbed on the rock. I was now standing at the same position where my mother had been standing minutes ago. The whole area was wet with mother's pee.

I looked at my mother standing below and looking at me intently. She knew the inevitable and she was ready for it. My cock was rock hard and was pointing towards sky. So I had to grab it by hand and direct my pisshole towards my waiting mother. "It's my turn now, mom." I shouted and released my pee. "Enjoy." My pee, in form of a jet, landed directly over her face. Mom didn't flinch from her position and opening her mouth she tried to catch my jet into her mouth and finally succeeded in it.

My pee was now directly gushing into her opened hungry mouth. She tried to gulp every drop of it but speed of pee was so awesome that most of it dribbled down to her chin, her tits and her entire body.

Still she received a much larger quantity of pee than what I got when she was peeing. I continued wetting her mouth and body for about half a minute. Slowly the jet lost it pace and gradually it came to a halt. Carefully, I slid down the rock and landed directly in front of my mother. Mom was completely wet with my pee, but she seemed oblivious of it and was trying to lick every drop of it using her tongue. I pulled her into my arms, kissing and licking her lips, her cheeks and her entire face, tasting my own pee from her face.

We stood there kissing each other in our soaking wetness. I led mom to her sleeping bag open on the ground and tried to let her lie there, but she refused and instead she asked me to lie there. I spread my body on the sleeping bag; my legs opened wide, my rigid cock pointing towards heaven.

Mom took my cock in her hands and started running her hands along its length. She positioned herself between my knees and cupped my swollen balls with her hand, gently massaging them between her fingers.

"Ohhhh…! Mom." I moaned as mother lowered her face between my thighs and took my soft hairy sack into her hungry mouth. Changing between my balls she kept on sucking them alternately. Then her tongue traveled from my sperm laden balls up to my piss hole. She held my cock between her fingers and squeezed it tightly for a few times to work a flow of pre-cum out of my pee hole. Diligently, she licked the precum and slowly stuffed my cock head into her mouth.

It was difficult for me not to thrust my cock deep into her hungry mouth and I was about to do that when mom suddenly started changing her position. With my cock deep into her mouth she slowly turned her lower body towards my head.

She flung her legs across my body and hovered her ass pretty young and horny just the way we like them my chest. I could see her stretched ass cheeks, her delightful brown pucker hole and her inviting pussy lips.

Before I could appreciate fully her anal beauty, mom again moved her ass, positioning it properly and now her cunt was floating exactly over my face. My breath caught in his throat as I gazed at my mother's neatly trimmed bush, her thick cunt lips and her pink inner lips glistening with wetness. Her delightful clit was peeking from between her outer cunt lips, ready to be licked and sucked.

Mom was still shamelessly licking my cock, letting her lips slide onto my throbbing dick. She had gripped my cock by its base and remaining length was slowly moving in and out of her hot mouth. She would pull her mouth completely out and then slowly she would slurp inch after inch of my massive hard on. Her tempo was increasing gradually.

I grabbed mom's ass with my hands and pulled her cunt over my hungry mouth. My protruding tongue touched her vulva, feeling the taste of her overflowing juice and pee. My nostrils were filled by an overwhelming smell of a horny cunt.

Her pussy was wet, not only from the pee, which she had, released minutes ago but also it was her pussy juice and she was so wet that even her inner thighs were slick with her oozing fluid. I spread her thighs apart, enthralled by the view of her wet, throbbing pussy, the very opening, which gave me birth some eighteen years ago.

I pushed my hot tongue between the fragrant folds of her cunt. Mom tried to moan but the only sound came out of her mouth was an incoherent mumble. She started gyrating her hips over my lips, clutching my intruding tongue by the folds of her dripping pussy lips. I moved my tongue in and out of her hot pussy, milking her and she rewarded me by flooding my hungry mouth with her sweet deluge.

I cupped her cunt with my mouth and ran my tongue across her clit, took her swollen clit between my lips and rubbed it with my tongue coarsely. She cried in excitement and increased the rhythm of her head up and down, fucking her mouth with my cock. Her grip tightened on the root of my cock and she furiously sucked it. My hands were working on her ass cheeks, stroking and massaging the soft flesh of her ass.

I spread her luscious cheeks apart and stared at the small brown puckered hole. It babe fucked hard and gets a donut so perversely sexy, looking at my mother's asshole this way. I ran my tongue from her cunt to her puckered hole and licked my mother's delicious ass hole. That was the limit for her as immediately I felt a wild spasm shooting through her body and she shuddered violently. I brought my tongue back to her cunt.

She cried loudly and I felt a hot deluge going down my throat. She was cumming. It was too much for me too. I rewarded her efforts by releasing a tremendous load of spunk shooting out of my bulbous cock. My cock was throbbing violently inside her mouth and with every jerk it was disgorging my hot fluid into her mouth, forcing it down her throat.

Mom clung feverishly to my cum shooting cock and kept on sucking and swallowing my hot seed. After nearly a half a minute, the twitching and jerking was over. My cock had stopped ejaculating and was slowly losing its hardness. My tongue was still buried into mother's pussy and it was slowly fluttering across her swollen clit. Mom's lips were tightly circled around my shaft and she was trying to squeeze every drop of cum out of my nearly flaccid cock.

Finally she collapsed over my body. It took me a hell of time in regaining my senses. "OH…! Mom," I wiped her cunt juice from my lips with my tongue.

"That was really great. You have a tasty pussy." "Don't rush son," Mom crooned. "We aren't finished yet. How much time do you need to get it ready again." She pointed towards my cock.

"Sorry mom, my baby is sleeping." I looked at my limp cock resting innocently between my thighs. "It needs a little rest." "Ok…!" She stoked my shaft lightly. "Lets give it some time to recuperate. She moved away from me. Suddenly, I realized in during bout of incestuous cunnilingus and fellatio, the sun had already disappeared behind mountains and the hilltop was slowly getting dark. With the sun gone it was suddenly cold as I shivered involuntarily.

Mom too seemed to have noticed the change in weather as she suddenly stood, pulled her bag and pulled her t-shirt. Then she turned to me. "Put on you clothes," She handed my rucksack to me. "And collect some wood for fire. You'll find them in plenty along the trail. By the time I'll erect the tent and arrange our sleeping bags.

We'll then eat our dinner. I am sure you must be starving." Mom was absolutely right. Winters were not completely gone, and though the days were getting warmer with every passing day; the mountain nights could still be pretty cold. I knew plenty of dry wood and leaves would have fallen off the trees along the track from twin peak and since the tourist season had not began yet, there would be nobody else to claim those woods. Above all I too was famished, our rigorous mountaineering and equally tiresome fuck sessions had left me starving.

Mom had put her t-shirt and panties on but she had decided against putting her pants back. I too pulled my t-shirt and underwear and hurriedly ran towards the trail. When I returned with plenty of collected wood, the small tent was already erected and mom was adjusting our sleeping bags. I deposited the woods near our tent and after pouring little kerosene ignited the fire. The whole area, darkened since the sun set, was suddenly illuminated under fire. I spread a sheet near fire.

We sat near the fire warming our cold bodies. Mom produced the food packets from her bag and warmed the food. We had our most appetizing dinner of that night. As per our plan we were to return early morning, so after we finished our dinner we were left with only limited ration for the breakfast. Once my stomach was filled, I felt relaxed.

Mom had bought a bottle of brandy with her. She opened it and offered it to me I took a sip and returned the bottle to her. She took a sip from it, and then she put the cap back and put it inside her back. I moved closer to her and put my hands around her waist.

The brandy had rejuvenated us and I was ready for our next session of lovemaking. I gently stroked her pussy, pressing her soft mound through her panties. Mom put her lips near my ear and licked my ear lobes. As my fingers moved inside her panties and entered between her cuntslit, she moaned softly. I got up from my position and pulled my briefs down, moving out of it. Due to the fire, the surrounding area was sufficiently warm. Without hesitation I removed my t-shirt also and stood naked before mom.

My cock had regained its hardness and it was boldly hovering near mom's mouth. "Your friend looked ready." She took the cock between her fingers and sucked its mushroomed head. Then she pulled me to sit beside her. She started to remove her panties; I helped her by assisting in removing her panties off her legs and then proceeded to remove her t-shirt.

Within a moment, she was also sitting near me, completely naked, glowing in the red orange light. We kissed and I fondled her spongy boobs. I squeezed them brutally and she cried with pain and lust. I bent my head and sucked her tits, my hand slowly traveling along her navel area to the busy mound between her thighs.

I spread her cunt lips with my fingers and stroked across her clitoris. Mom's cry of passion filled the forlorn mountaintop. I left sucking her boobs and slowly my head was between her thighs, my tongue protruding, ready to lap her delicious juice, which her cunt had started releasing.

I pointed my tongue and forced it through her slit. My mouth was suddenly filled with her sweet nectar and I drank it ravishingly. Mom spread her legs wider to accommodate my intruding tongue.

I fucked her cunt with my tongue. After a while, I pulled my tongue out and drawn it to the narrow ridge between her cunt and ass and then slowly to her puckered hole. As my tongue stabbed her sphincter; she moaned loudly. "OOOOOOHHHHHH…! Honey." She said hoarsely, opening her ass to my probing tongue. "Lick me. Lick mama's shithole." I asked her to lie on her stomach.

She smiled and turned her body. Instead on laying she positioned herself on her hands and knees. Her firm ass cheeks high in air, her brown wrinkled hole directly in front of my lecherous gaze.

She gyrated her ass and rubbed her cheeks over my lips. "Lets see how you respond to a new kind of stimulation." I didn't waste any time and jabbed my moist tongue into her puckered hole. My cock was responding fantastically to the stimulation, which I was receiving through my tongue, pulsating wildly in air and rubbing against her bare thighs.

Mom watched from between her spread thighs, and she too noticed my tottering hard on. Mom thrust her mouth-watering ass into my lapping tongue. One by one, she was slowly exposing her pupil to different aspects of sexual delights.

I put my hands over her tight ass cheeks and grabbed it firmly, brunette dirtbag kimberly kane choked and face fucked hardcore and slapped her cheeks to spread apart.

Her brown puckered orifice was totally unveiled before my hungry eyes. Mesmerized, I looked at the cutest asshole of my life and got myself ready to explore it. Again, I ran my tongue from the small of her back towards her delectable orifice. Forcing her ass to open more. I pushed my wet tongue between her firm ass cheeks and flickered the tip across her brown hole. "OHHHH…!" Mom moaned, lifting her ass higher into the air. "Eat my ass." No way, I could have refused her invitation.

I could feel my cock jerking excitedly against her creamy thighs. I spat at her 14459 hey dbetter job than she does 200 dollars hole and began licking her ass, savoring its pungent but intoxicating aroma and slightly acrid taste.

Mom was pushing her back towards me, running her opened crack to my licking tongue. My head still buried into my mother's spicy ass, I moved one of my hands between her thighs feeling her dripping pussy lips. I entered two of my fingers inside her cunt. Her cunt was soaking profusely. I ran my fingers in and out of her pussy getting my fingers completely soaked with her lubricating fluid. I then pulled my teen show cam amateur russian paramours having sensual sex out of her pussy and brought them to her anal opening.

Using her cunt fluid I lubricated her sphincter and slowly forced both fingers inside her rear orifice. "AHHH!" Mom cried with pleasure, as I felt her ass muscles first expanding and then contracting around my intruding fingers. Her pussy juice acted as a perfect lubricant and slowly my fingers were buried up to my knuckles. I let her enjoy the feel of my fingers inside her hot chute for a moment and then began moving my fingers in a to and fro motion.

My tongue was still at her anal opening and continued licking her asshole and my reciprocating fingers. "Yes, honey, fuck my ass." Mom was wailing with emotion. She extended her hand from between my thighs and grabbed my cock. She pulled my rigid cock and cried again. "Please, fuck my ass." I immediately obliged her and removed my probing fingers out of her sphincter.

She too left the hold of my cock and positioned herself for my onslaught, her face resting on the sheet and her tight hot ass looming high into air, her anal orifice ready to accept my impending organ. I took hold of my cock and tried to position it at her anal opening. But she moved her ass away denying me any entry. With one extended hand she took my cock and guided its head at her pussy lips. "Use my cunt to lubricate it first." Her voice was husky, not more than a whisper. I got the idea and slowly I impaled my cock inside her dripping pussy, driving its entire length into her black fat mom fucks ason depths.

I moved my cock in and out of her pussy for a number of times and let it lubricate my fuck tool. "Now bugger my ass." Mom cried pulling her body in forward direction. I pulled my cock out of her pussy, and with lustful eyes I targeted her brown anus with wrinkled entrance.

"Do it now, I can't wait any more." Mom was literally pleading to me. She put both of her hands over her cheeks pulling them apart to make room for my cock. With one hand I guided my wet cock against the opening of her ass.

Her ass twitched with the contact of my cock. I slowly plunged my hips forward and its tip started moving inside her ass. I could see her sphincter muscles slowly expanding around my invading cock head and within a second my cock head was lost into her divine ass. "AHHHH… OH, OOHHH…!" She moaned. "Shove it deeper, honey, shove it deeper!" I plunged again, this time burying almost half of my cock inside her.

Then I pulled my hips back and again forced my cock deep into her rectum. I continued with my in and out motion till my whole cock length was immersed into her hot chute. Feeling my complete cock length was inside her; she removed her hands off her ass and supported it around her head. Mother's ass was pretty tight, much tighter than her pussy.

It was altogether a different feeling, a different experience. I grabbed her hips and started pumping my hot rod in a rhythmic motion, pulling my cock out of her chute in a stroke and then plunging it back with the next stroke into her ravenous depths. I wanted to enjoy every moment of my first anal fucking and so kept my pace in a disciplined manner. I knew that if I hurried, mother's tight ass would drain the juice out of my cock in no time.

However, mother didn't seem to agree with my idea; she was not content with my slow pace, as her movements were turning frantic and uncontrolled.

She was pushing her ass onto my cock in a frenzied manner, forcing my cock to move in and out of her ravished rectum at a faster pace. "Faster son, faster." She was almost hysterical. "Bugger your mother's ass. Tear it. OHHH…! Ahhhh…!" I too increased my tempo, trying to meet the rhythm of her gyrating hips.

My fears were coming true. The pressure was suddenly increasing in my balls, my cock readily reaching to its point of ejaculation. "Oh, Mom! I'm gonna shoot!" My voice was trembling with excitement.

"Yes, Baby! Cum in my ass! " Mother growled with pleasure thrusting her back to my impaling organ. She too was at the verge of her orgasm.

"Fill mommy's ass brother and sister sexx vido your hot seed!" "OHHH…! Mom." I cried loudly forcing my cock deep into her welcoming ass and suddenly my balls exploded violently, erupting a gush of molten sperm splashing against the walls of her tight sphincter. "OHH…! FUCK!" Mother frenzied shriek echoed through nearby mountains. Her ass clutched my cock desperately, milking every drop of cum out of it, her body trembling with a delirious orgasms sweeping through body.

I kept my cock deep in her delightful ass ejaculating gobs of sperm with every jerk. Her welcoming ass was like an opened hungry mouth, accepting every wad of my hot seed that spurted into it. Both of us were groaning and grunting furiously. Finally, the storm was gone leaving behind a completely drained but highly satisfied cock and an extremely satiated cum filled ass.

I pulled my cock out of her ass. Mother's ass hole remained wide open even after withdrawing my cock and the cum slowly oozed out of her open crack. I took a deep breath and collapsed beside her. Mom didn't move from her position.

After a while, she also slumped near me. "Oh…! God…!" She was breathing heavily. "You're an animal son. Never knew that you'd be such a good fuck." I too was panting with effort. "Same is true for you mom." I tried to catch my breath. "Don't know whether I'd ever get such a piece of ass again in my life." Her laughter filled the atmosphere.

She appeared pleased. "Lets go inside." She pointed towards the tent. "We must get inside before start freezing." We got up. Mom took the sheet and our clothes, and went inside the tent. I added few more woods to the fire and went after her. Thankfully, mother's sleeping bag was big enough to accommodate both of us. I joined her in her sleeping bag and my sleeping bag was used as a quilt to protect us from freezing.

Both of us were dead tired, the combined effect of our hiking and the rigorous lovemaking afterwards had taken its toll. We slept naked in each other arms. The sleep as comfortable, however, morning chill forced us to wake early in the morning. Mom and I put on our clothes and packed our bags. By the first ray of sunshine, we started our descent. The retreat was already in position, as we had left last evening. One by one, we rappelled from the Little Thumb, mom taking the lead and I following her, while descending it was my responsibility to extract all the pitons from the rock faces and store them properly in my bag.

We climbed down slowly and cautiously till we finally arrived at the flat rock bed from where we had started our final climbing. Afterwards, the descent was easy. We climbed down leisurely, taking our time to hug, smooch and fondle each other whenever we stopped to relax.

By the time sun was above our head, weather was warm again. By the time we reached our cabin, both of us were sweating. Once inside I threw my gear in a corner and stretched on the floor.

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Mom too left her gear on a side and lay beside me. I pulled her in my arms, my cock was hard again, raring to go for her pussy again. However, mom suggested that we should first take a nice bath at the creek and wash our pee smelling bodies.

It was a fantastic idea; we left our clothes in the cabin and ran to the creek in our birthday suits. It was not long before mom was lying on the shore, her legs rising high in air.

My body was between her thighs, my cock deep inside her horny pussy. The entire neighborhood was alive with our incestuous moans and groans. Sometimes, hiking in the mountains could be highly rewarding.

The end