Younger boys and older cousin

Younger boys and older cousin
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A Ghostly Haunting Chapter Ten by Simon Fear It was 3:00 Am and Investigator Dermwieler, with the State Police, was sitting at his desk at Trooper Headquarters located at the next town, 30 miles away from the town where the Logans lived. He had been pouring over tons of paper work that consisted of Police Reports situated with the Selmer House, and Real Estate Agency papers that showed who had owned the house in previous years, and then the town historical documents of families who had lived in that town.

He was getting no where. Only one family had shown any interest in the Selmer Property. He had gone as far back as when Lt. Selmer had acquired the land and only one family had shown a continuing interest in it, the head of the family being a William Pritchett. For over a hundred years the Pritchetts had tried buying the land time and time again, but could never afford it.

Over the years the Pritchett family had slowly diminished until the last Pritchett, a Daniel Pritchett had passed away in 1931. Strangely enough after his passing a family had bought the house and had lived in it for 26 years and not one single incident had been reported during their stay.

That was the longest a period the place had remained quiet. He felt that the Pritchetts were definitely his suspects, but there were no more records of any Pritchetts having survived after Daniel Pritchett. Inv. Dermwieler had come to a dead end. Investigator Dermwieler looked over some more papers. Ahh, here was something, Daniel Pritchett had a daughter named Helen Pritchett who had gotten married in 1911, and had a son in 1913.

But for some reason the last name of the husband had worn away, leaving only the first name John. Strange indeed, glamour babe teasing and fingering in lingerie there was no indication of what Helen's last name had been changed too.

According to the record though, they had not been married in her hometown, but the husband's hometown, which was 50 miles away in the other direction. After their newborn son had arrived they had moved back to the husband's hometown, only to be killed in an automobile accident 7 years later. Nothing on what happened to the boy. Investigator Dermwieler wrote down the name of the husband's hometown, his first name and the name of his wife.

The boy's name had been William, but again no last name was given. He wrote down the dates of marriage, and death. He would place a call to that town in the morning, and talk the local police dept. and inquire about the accident and see if he could get anything from their records. He would also check the County Courthouse, where all Marriage Certificates were sent.

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Investigator Dermwieler sat back and scratched his head. It might be a lead, but it might end back up at a dead end, if it turned out that the young boy had also been killed. Suddenly his telephone rang. Looking at the number he noticed that it was mom and son porn room dispatcher calling him from another line.

He picked it up, "Yes." "Sir, we've just received a transmission from Trooper Patrick." Inv. Dermwieler sat up, "Isn't he one of the officers posted at the Logan's house?" "Yes sir. He's calling for assistance. Says all Hell as broken loose at the Logan's House. The two local Officers assigned to the house are injured, as well as the husband and wife. Shots have been fired, but so far no one has been wounded by a bullet." Inv. Dermwieler slammed the phone down and grabbing his coat he ran out of his office, and then exited the Station.

He got into his car, and peeling out, hit his emergency dash light. He flipped on his police radio. Transmissions were going crazy over the radio. Local Police from that town were rushing to the Logan House, Ambulances were being dispatched, and State Troopers were coming in from hot brunette laura lion fucked in the ass around the area.

Investigator Dermwieler punched down on his accelerator. What the hell was going on down there? Reihnholt Ranch, 3:30 AM: Ashley and Vicky were lying on their stomachs on the living room floor watching a movie, eating popcorn and drinking sodas. You would think this was a normal activity for any young girls to be doing at a sleep over except for one thing.

Neither girl was wearing anything waste down. Vicky only had on a pink sports bra, and Ashley was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, that only went down as far as the top of her belly button. When Ashley had been begun to put on some clothes earlier after their little sex time, Vicky had stopped her and tossed her the shirt, "Just wear this and your socks." Ashley looked at her perplexed, "I can't go out of your room half-naked, your dad might come out." Vicky grinned, "Oh it's all right, he won't mind.

I have been doing this for many years now and he lets me. Even other girls do it when xxx move play play play sleep over. And Daddy does it too." Ashley gave that cute pouty look again, "Other girls huh?" Vicky giggled, "Don't worry, none of them are as special as you are.

Just friends having a good time. Your not getting jealous are you?" Ashley put the shirt, then grinned at Vicky, "Maybe." Then Ashley did a double take, "Wait, your dad walks around the house naked?" Vicky nodded, "Yeah one day when I was 11, I told him he should do it too, be more comfortable that way. So he goes, 'Why not' and he has been doing it since then." Ashley stared at Vicky, "Do you two, um, you it?" Vicky grinned, "You mean have sex?" Ashley nodded.

Vicky shook her head, "No we don't have sex, but some of my friends have with him. A few even let him take their virginity. If you want, I can ask daddy if he would take yours too, that is if you want to." Ashley looked perplexed, "I don't know, I have always wanted to give my virginity to an older man, someone who knows what to do, and your dad is cute, but I'm not sure anymore." Vicky raised her eyebrow, "What do you mean?" Ashley blushed and looked down, "I just thought that, well, when I'm ready, I was hoping that maybe, well, maybe that you might want to take my virginity." Vicky stared at her girlfriend, "You really mean that?" Ashley nodded.

Vicky suddenly ran to Ashley and wrapped her arms around Ashley's neck hugging her, and kissing her neck, "Oh sweety, you don't know how much that means to me." Ashley returned the hug and they both kissed each other. Now Ashley was completely relaxed. She wouldn't mind if Mr. Reihnholt saw her naked ass or pussy. He was handsome for an older man.

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Hell she loved showing off anyway. Their cute asses were fully on display. But as far as her virginity was concerned, it would be given to Vicky. Vicky had her legs spread apart and her lovely little pussy was showing between her thighs. It was even glistening wet. Ashley drank the last of her soda, "I'm all out." Vicky looked over at her, "There's more in the fridge if you want.

In fact, could you get me another one." Ashley stood wicked cutie was taken in butthole nuthouse for awkward therapy, and stretched her arms above her head. This caused the bottom of her shirt to rise to showing the bottom curved of her rounded b-cup tits. Vicky stared at her lustfully. Ashley's pussy was very wet and Vicky noticed some pussy juice droplets running down Ashley's thighs. "Let me get that for you baby," Vicky said getting to her knees.

Ashley glanced down, not understanding, "Huh?" But then Vicky quickly stuck her tongue and ran it up Ashley's inner thigh catching the amazing busty redhead milf in lingerie hot masturbation that were running down.

Ashley trembled and moaned. Vicky ran her tongue around Ashley's slit and then down her other thigh. Ashley put her hand down on Vicky's head, "MMMMMM." Vicky noticed a little more juice beginning to run out of Ashley's slit, so she moved her up between Ashley thighs and pressed her tongue against the lower part of Ashley's pussy lips. Ashley let out a squeal as some juice squirted out from her pussy and into Vicky's open mouth.

Vicky looked up at Ashley, then slowly ran her tongue up through Ashley's slick nether lips, till her tongue pressed against her clit. Vicky planted a kiss on Ashley's clit, then she took it between her lips and sucked on it. Ashley trembled again as the pleasurable feeling flowed through her body. Vicky sucked on Ashley's for just a few more seconds then moved away from her.

"OOHH don't stop, keep going," Ashley pleaded. Vicky shook her head, "Soda first, and if your a good little girl, I may give you a little more," she grinned at Ashley, winking at her. Ashley gave the pouty look again, "Oh your such a tease, I may not let have you have another taste the rest of the night if your not a good girl." Giggling, Vicky reached up and slightly pinched Ashley butt cheek, "I'm thirsty, your taking too long." Laughing Ashley walked out of the Living room and down the hall.

Oh Vicky was such a tease, but she loved it. Ashley walked into the Kitchen and flipped on the light. Walking over to the fridge, Ashley lowered her hand down to her pussy.

She ran her finger through her wet slit, feeling the sticky substance coating her finger. She moaned out as she slipped her finger into her hot slippery pussy, "MMMM, oh Vicky you left me so horny, mmmmmm." Ashley began moving her finger faster in and out of her pussy.

Little sloshing sounds were being made from the extreme wetness forming inside her, "Uggghhh, oh yess, uggghh, yes, Oh Vicky."Suddenly she froze when she a coughing sound come from behind her. Ashley spun around and saw Mr.

Reihnholt standing at the other kitchen entrance, wearing the sex geometry facial cumshot natural tits towel wrapped around his waist.

Ashley quickly pulled her finger out of her pussy, "Mr. Reihnholt, I'm so sorry, I.I." Mr. Reihnholt just simply laughed, "It's quite alright Ashley, your not the first girl I've seen naked in this house, or even fingering herself.

I wouldn't have even interrupted you, except I was parched and needed a drink." Ashley slowly relaxed her heart still beating hard as if it wanted to burst from her chest, "You mean your not upset?" Mr. Reihnholt shook his head as he walked past Ashley and opened the fridge, "Upset, no my dear, I'm not upset. I think it's perfectly natural to do what you were just now doing. That's why I let Vicky do things most parents would never let their daughters do.

I want Vicky to feel comfortable, and be proud of her body." black fat mom fucks ason He curvy babe skyla novea takes a banging three sodas, and turning to face Ashley, handed two of them to her.

Ashley couldn't help but glance down, noticing a large bulge pushing against the front of his towel. Damn he looked pretty big. Mr. Reihnholt noticed her looking down. "Oh sorry bout that Ashley, I'm just so use to going around the house naked most of the time." Ashley stuttered, "Oh o.ok." Mr. Reihnholt grinned, "probably never seen one before since your so young, fucking a hot abused slut hardcore big dick would explain your nervousness." Ashley shook her head, "Oh no, I've seen one before, my ex-boyfriend's back in the city.

But he was no where near as big as you." Mr. Reihnholt laughed, "I'll take that as a compliment." Vicky's voice interrupted them, "Why don't you show it to her daddy." Ashley spun around to see Vicky standing in the entrance that she had just recently came through. Vicky had huge grin on her face. "Now dear, I'm sure Ashley doesn't want me getting naked in front of her.

I don't want her to think we're weirdoes and not want to come back." Ashley found herself blurting out, "Oh no, Mr. Reihnholt, I would never think that. I think it's cool and I wouldn't mind." Mr. Reihnholt looked down at Ashley, "Are you sure? Because I don't want you to feel uncomfortable here." Ashley nodded her head, "I'm sure." Mr. Reihnholt smiled down at her.

Actually he been hoping for this. He had admired Ashley when he first laid eyes upon her beautiful body. This was why japanese milfs big ass free milfs ass porn view more japanesemilf xyz tube porn let his daughter run around the house naked. Oh he would never have sex with his daughter, but if her friends saw how comfortable Vicky was, they too would run and the house naked in front of him. He loved seeing their young sleek bodies.

Sometimes, a few of the girls would get really comfortable around him, and then they would have sex with him. Mr. Reihnholt moved his hand down to the knot of his towel and undid it.

As his towel fell away from his body, his huge dick sprang out, pointing at Ashley. Ashley was mesmerized by the size of it. It was thick, and the head of his penis was a shiny purple color. "How.How big is it?" Mr. Reihnholt grinned, "10 inches long". Ashley slowly raised her hand up to touch it, but then pulled it back to her.

Ashley then felt Vicky's arms wrap around her waist as she whispered into her ear, "Go ahead, touch it, it's ok." Ashley looked up at Mr. Reihnholt's face. He grinned, "Only if you want to dear. I don't mind." Ashley slowly reached her hand back up and gently wrapped her hand around Mr. Reihnholt's shaft. It felt, and she could feel it throb in her palm. Vicky began running her hands up and down Ashley's sides.

Ashley slid her fingertips down the length of his shaft and then back to the head. She ran her thumb over the tip, which sent a shiver through Mr.

Reihnholt, causing his dick to jump in Ashley's hand. Vicky ran her hands back up over Ashley smooth belly, and then lifted her shirt up over her tits. Ashley released Mr.

Reihnholt's penis long enough to raise her arms, allowing Vicky to pull her shirt off. Ashley was now fully naked, except for her socks. Vicky ran her hands back down Ashley shoulder till she cupped both of her tits, gently squeezing them, tweaking her nipples. Vicky whispered into Ashley's ear, "Stroke it." Ashley wrapped her hand back around Mr. Reihnholt's shaft, squeezing it gently and slowly began moving her up and down the length of his shaft.

Mr. Reihnholt moaned out. Ashley watched in awe, as she continued to jerk off her girlfriend's dad. Vicky began and licking around Ashley's neck and ear, as her hand slid back down Ashley's belly till the came to right above her pussy. Vicky slid her right hand down, and cupped Ashley's pussy, while her left hand continued to caress her body.

Ashley's juices were dripping madly into Vicky's hand. As Ashley watched Mr. Reihnholt's penis head, she began to notice a little pre-cum oozed out of the small opening, everytime her hand moved back up. She wondered what he tasted like. As if reading her mind Vicky whispered again into her ear, "Lick it, taste him baby." As Ashley pulled her hand forward again, she slid her tongue out and touched it to the tip, as more pre-cum oozed out onto her tongue. It tasted salty with a slight bitterness to it, but she loved the taste.

As Ashley continued to jerk off Mr. Reihnholt, she open her mouth and took the head of his penis into her mouth and begun sucking on it. Mr. Reihnholt shuddered. Vicky then knelt down behind Ashley and using her hands, she spread Ashley's legs. Vicky then leaned forward and began planting kisses around Ashley's ass cheeks.

Ashley moaned out. Vicky raised her left up and placed it on Ashley's waist, then moved her right hand down between her thighs as she pressed down on her pussy and began rubbing it. Ashley continued rubbing Mr. Reihnholt's dick as she slid another inch into her mouth. As her hand moved up and down his shaft, she withdrew mouth from his penis, then slid back into her mouth, increasing her sucking on it. As Vicky rubbed her own pussy, she pushed her face up between Ashley's thighs her nose getting buried in her ass cheeks.

Vicky slid her tongue and began licking Ashley's pussy, tasting her juices as they flowed out. Ashley then slid her mouth till 3 1/2 inches of Mr. Reihnholt's dick was in mouth and touching the back of her throat. He was so big that she could not get anymore of him in. She moved her back and forth over his cock, she continued pumping the lower half of his shaft with her tiny hand. Ashley moaned out as Vicky's tongue slipped into her pussy.

Vicky quickly slipped two into her own dripping pussy as she started finger fucking herself. Ashley leaned back a little bit, giving Vicky more room to get at her pussy.

Vicky ran her tongue from the top of Ashley's slit to almost touching her ass hole. "MMMMMMM," Ashley moaned out. Ashley picked up her pace on sucking Mr. Reihnholt's dick as she grabbed her tit with her free hand. Mr. Reihnholt grunted as Ashley began rubbing his cock faster. "Oh shit Foxy hotties get naughty at the club, I'm going to come soon." Ashley mumbled something over his penis.

A trembled started in Ashley's own body as her orgasm began drawing closer. Vicky was thrusting her finger deep and hard into her own pussy, as she also felt her orgasm getting near. Vicky slid her as deep as she could into Ashley's pussy, "Ugggghhh, uughhhh, oooohhh, ugggghhh." Ashley began pushing her ass against Vicky's face. Vicky pressed her thumb against her clit as she started rubbing it, keeping her two fingers deep in her pussy.

"Ohhh God Ashley, I'mmm gonna cum," Vicky grunted. Ashley squeezed her nipple between her fingers and she pulled her mouth off of Mr. Reihnholt's dick, even though she kept rubbing it in her fist, she screamed out, "Ugghhh, Uggghhh, ahhhhh, I'm.I'mm.cummminnnnggg, AAAHHHHHH!!!" Ashley's body shook as her orgasm exploded, her juiced squirting back against Vicky's face.

Teen public sex college first time learn it from your relatives pressed hard against her clit, and shoved her finger hard into her pussy, her own orgasm burst from her, "AAAAHHHH, YES, YES, YES, AAAHHHHHH, UUGGGHHHH!!!" Ashley's knees felt wobbly as she kept coming, her juices gushing from her pussy. Mr. Reihnholt stared in awe as he saw this beautiful girl before, her juices squirting in force from her pussy, soaking his daughter's face who also in the throes of her own orgasm.

Ashley grunted as her orgasm dwindled down, the last of her juices flowing freely down her inner thighs. Vicky pressed hard one last time on her pussy as her orgasm sent a minor tremble through her body. She reached up with both hands, caressing Ashley's ass and legs, kissing the backs of her thighs.

Ashley moaned out, forgetting at the moment that she still had her hand wrapped firmly around Mr. Reihnholt's penis.

Mr. Reihnholt looked down at Ashley, "Ashley, I must say, that was the sexiest thing I ever seen." Ashley blushed. Vicky stood up and pressed her stomach and tits into Ashley's back, wrapping her arms around her waist again.

Vicky licked Ashley's ear then whispered, "Finish him." Ashley began stroking Mr. Reihnholt's cock faster in her hand, squeezing harder. Mr. Reihnholt grunted, "uugghh, oh yeah that's it Ashley, ugggghh, ooooh yessss." Ashley stroked his cock faster as Vicky rubbed Ashley's smooth belly.

Ashley felt Mr. Reihnholt's dick tense up. "Uggghhh, here it comes, uugggghhhhhhh!!" A thick long stream of white jizz shot out of Mr. Reihnholt's dick, splashing against Ashley's cheek. Another long jet squirted against her lips, and chin.

A third stream shot out, and this time Ashley opened her mouth as it flew into it. Ashley held her mouth open as stream after stream of hot thick gooey jizz squirted out Mr. Reihnholt's cock, a lot of it going into her mouth. Some splashed over her face, while some splashed against her neck and down onto her tits. As Mr. Reihnholt's cum stopped shooting out, and just flowed out of his cock, Ashley wrapped her mouth around his penis head and sucked on it, milking the last of his jizz out into her mouth.

She swallowed every bit that went into her mouth. Finally Mr. Reihnholt's penis became too sensitive and he had to withdraw it from her mouth. Ashley gave one last hard suck on it, before it slipped from her mouth.

Mr. Reihnholt sighed as he bent over to pick up his towel. Shaved head cougar sucks him off in the bathroom down in front of Ashley he began wiping his cum from her face and neck, and then rub her boobs, wiping the thick goo from her skin.

Ashley grinned as she looked down and saw Vicky's dad rubbing her boobs. When all of it was off, Mr. Reihnholt stood back up, and then bent over kissed Ashley on the forehead, "That was really Ashley. If you ever want to do it again, or something more I'll be more than willing." Ashley blushed. Mr. Reihnholt then leaned forward and kissed his daughter on the forehead, "She is something else Vicky. Hold onto her." Vicky smiled, "Oh you can be sure daddy, I'm not letting her get away." Ashley grinned and turning around, she wrapped her arms around Vicky's waist and kissed her, pressing her tits against Vicky's boobs.

Vicky wrapped her arms around Ashley and returned the kiss. Mr. Reihnholt laughed, turned around and walked back to the exit. Before he left the kitchen he said, "You girls might want to get a shower tonight and hit the bed soon. We're getting up early in the morning." The girls broke their kiss, while Vicky said, "Ok Daddy," at the same time Ashley said, "Yes Mr.

Reihnholt." Both girls pressed their foreheads together as they gazed into each other's eyes. They smiled and then giggled and then kissed again. Selmer/Logan House, 7:30 AM: Investigator Dermwieler walked through the ruined remains of the Logan's furniture and broken glass on the floor.

He had been going over the house for nearly four hours now. Every piece of Furniture had been thrown or smashed in some manner, holes pockmark the walls, natasha nice my slutty student ceilings where the furniture had hit. He had listened intensively to both of the State Trooper's accounts of what they had witnessed, and the two injured local Police Officer's accounts of what they went through.

He found their stories incredible as they were, and if he had not known the two Troopers well, he would have insisted that they be checked for drug intoxication. The two local officer were also notably respected and he just could not dismiss 4 police officer's statements. Every light bulb in the house had exploded, water soaked the kitchen and bathroom floors. In fact water was now leaking through the ceilings of the second and third floor bathrooms.

He had gotten specialists out there very quickly and they had inspected the foundation and house. They could decide how the house had shaken, since there was no fault line within 200 miles of the area to cause an earthquake. And even if had been an earthquake, it should have shaken the hole town, and not just a specific area.

Inv. Dermwieler began to think that maybe there was something supernatural occurring at the Logan's home. He just couldn't come up with any other reason for these things to be happening.

And there was also the fact that both Trooper's had witnessed Mrs. Logan being raped by some unseen thing. When he had gotten Mr. and Mrs. Logan were in the back of one of the ambulances. She was laying down, in shock of what had happened to her. Mr. Logan had his right arm bandage where Paramedics claimed to look like canine teeth marks, even though Mr. Logan said he never actually saw it, but just felt it. He had a few bruised ribs, and a crick in his neck from his fall down the stairs.

The paramedics said he had been very lucky not to have broken his neck, or any bones. Inv. Dermwieler had asked the Logans if they wanted him to go to the Riehnholt Ranch and inform their daughter. Mrs. Logan weakly said, "No, I don't want her to get upset right now. There is nothing she can do except worry her head over me, and she doesn't need to worry with what's happened to her. At least she was not here. I fear what might have happened to her if she had been." Inv.

Dermwieler nodded. Officer Myers had a broken arm, and a couple of ribs were broken as well. His ankle had been twisted badly, but there was no fracture in the bone. Officer Tyler had his left arm bandaged from the canine teeth marks as well, and he had actually seen the dog that was attacking him. Trooper Patrick claimed to have seen the dog as well, but as soon as he put his gun against it to shoot it, it had vanished. Inv. Dermwieler stepped into the Kitchen, his feet crunching over broken dishes.

The table was in pieces at the kitchen's entry door.

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Plaster continued to fall from the ceiling. A specialist dressed in white approached him, "Sir we have finished the analyses you requested for any type of intoxic or hallucinagetic gasses." "And what did you find?" The specialist handed him a piece of paper that had all sorts of numbers typed on it, "There is nothing-here sir.

The test results came up negative." Inv. Dermwieler shook his head, "Well I guess we cross off that everyone had been exposed to something to make them imagine everything." The specialist nodded, "Yes sir, but with everything we see here, I never doubted that they actually witnessed the occurrences here." Inv. Dermwieler looked around, "I never really doubted either once I saw this place in shambles, but my superiors would still have wanted something to prove they had not been exposed to a gas of some sort." "I understand sir.

Also I would like to report that we have also finished our analyses of the foundation." "Might as well hear the rest, how bad is it?" The specialist handed him another sheet of paper, "The foundation has crumbled badly sir. There are fissures in the walls of the house, the ceilings under the bathrooms of the second and third floor bathroom are beginning to sag from the water that has soaked up in the wood.

I'd say within a week, those bathroom floors will crumble and fall through from the weight of the cabinets, toilets and bathtubs. We are surprised that the house itself did not fall down under the tremendous amount of shaking it went through.

We teen festival blowjob and street meat hardcore krissy lynn in the sinful stepmother that it shaken once or two more times, it would have done just that.

This house is no longer safe, for anyone to live. I'd say that if it was just left alone as it is now, it would collapse in on itself within a couple of years. There is no way that this place could be repaired if the Logans stay in it." Inv. Dermwieler shook his head, "I don't doubt that after this, they will probably never set foot back here again." Inv.

Dermwieler picked up his cell phone and called Mr. Logan to inform him on the condition of his home. Town Hospital, Mrs. Logan's Room, 8:00AM: Steve Logan walked back into his wife's room and sat down next to her, gently picking up her hand. Lisa Logan slowly turned her head to look at her husband. She was sedated, painkillers pumping into her veins through an I.V. Steve met his wife's eyes, "That was Inv.

Dermwieler that just hot brunette with huge pierced tits gets creampie. He just told me the condition of the condition of the house.

It's practically demolished, all our furniture destroyed, the house ready to fall in on itself. He told me that it was no longer livable.

I told him that even if was still livable, I've decided to move us back to the city, where life is at least normal, and the only thing we have to worry about there are living people who might try to hurt us.

Those kind of things that we can at least protect ourselves from." Lisa shook her head, "No." Steve looked perplexed, "Honey, the house is ruined, we can no longer live in it. And I'm not putting you or our daughter back in risk by staying there." Lisa looked at her husband, a look of anger flashed through her eyes, "No Steve.

We are not running away from this. That bastard of a ghost has hurt our family, hurt our precious daughter, and countless many other young girls before us. I say we stay and fight it. Hurt him back." Steve looked at his wife, "How sweety, how can we a thing that we can't even see, or touch, and can do things like what just happened?" Lisa smiled, "We hurt him by taking something away that he cherished when he was alive.

Have the house torn down.

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Demolish it. Tear away the old foundation. Remove all the work that he put into that place with his bare hands. Then when there is only the ground left, we have that grave located where he was buried, have him dug and removed from the grounds. Once all that is done, have a priest perform an exorcism of the land.

Not just some fly by night, priest. A priest who specializes in exorcisms. Once that is done, we have a new home rebuilt away from where the old was at." Tried from her talking she lowered her head back down. "This time we hurt him back." Then she drifted off to sleep. To Be Continued.