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CHAPTER EIGHT "Dr. Olivia Barrett" Tuesday, December 19th Dave was about to go out to lunch with some co-workers when his telephone rang. "Dave Bernard speaking." "Mr.

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Bernard, please don't hang up on me. Give me a chance to say what I have to say and at least think about it." "Why would I hang up on you?" "I have something to discuss with you. I would prefer to do it face-to-face and privately.

Would you be agreeable to that?" "You'll have to tell me who you are first." "My name is Dr. Olivia Barrett. I am a friend and former student of Dr. Jan Casey." "I'm sorry, I think you have the wrong person. I don't know you or this Dr. Casey." "No, Mr. Bernard, we've never met but we do have a connection. You have a letter and a package that was sent to you from Dr. Casey. I believe it was sent anonymously." Dave wondered how this woman knew about that but decided to play it safe.

"I'm sorry. I don't have foggiest idea of what you're talking about." "I know you have it, Mr. Bernard. Dr. Casey told me he sent it to you. I must speak to you, privately and in person. Will you meet me?" "Dr. Barrett, is it?" "You may call me Olivia." "Okay, Olivia.

I'm telling you, I don't have this package." "Will you meet me, Mr. Bernard?" "I don't have it!" "You may deny it until the sun explodes, Mr.

Bernard. I don't care. All I'm asking is that you meet me. This could very well be a matter of life and death." "Who do you work for?" "Who I work for isn't important." "If you work for the government it is." There was a pause.

"Of course. Dr. Casey said he warned you he felt the government was after him. Mr. Bernard, I hate to speak ill of the dead, but Dr. Casey was an old man. He had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease and paranoid schizophrenia.

Nobody, except you, me and the late Dr. Casey know what he invented. The man was a brilliant biochemist but in recent years his mind had slipped." "Isn't that a bit of an oxymoron? His mind was slipping but he was a brilliant chemist." "Dr.

Casey's mental issues aside, he had been working on his discovery for decades. Since even before I met him. I aided him in some of the research that led to him using Luckicite." "What is Luckicite?" "Mr. Bernard, that is one of those things I would like to discuss with you, in person.

Will you meet me?" Dave paused for a long moment and then made his decision. "When and where?" "It must be today. I don't care when. I came into town just to meet with you so my time is entirely yours. Name the time and place." "I'm working right now. I get off at two. Where are you staying?" "I'm at the Day's Inn, just off the freeway." "Fine. There's a Denny's about two blocks up, just past the on-ramp and the underpass.

Can you find it?" "I'll find it." "Meet me there. Four o'clock." "I'll be there. Thank you, Mr. Bernard. You won't regret this." Dave hung up and suddenly couldn't help but wonder if he, or his children, were in danger because of the damned SLuT9. Dave backed out of lunch black wife tongue skills part full wivescamnet his co-workers. Instead he spent his lunch hour locked up in his office trying very hard to figure out what to do.

He wondered if he should meet with this Dr. Barrett. He wondered if he should trash the SLuT9 so no one else could get it. He wondered if he should call and warn Emily that she and Hayley might be in danger. He did come to one decision. Checking the time, he pulled his cell phone out and used speed dial.

"Hello, Daddy," Emily said when she answered. "You at lunch, baby?" "Yep. Good timing by the way." "It wasn't luck. I wanted to talk to you and figured you'd turn your cell on as soon as lunch was called." "What did you need?" "I called to let you know not to send another girl over to my apartment tonight. I have a meeting that I can not get out of at four this evening. I have no idea what time I'll be home." "Daddy?" "Em, I promise I am not lying about this.

If you send a girl over, I'm just going to send her home." "Promise me, Daddy, that you really have a meeting." "Emily Jean, I promise you. I have a meeting." "Okay. I'll tell Heather not to come. Don't expect me to do this a lot though." "Yes, dear.

I love you. Talk to you later." "Love you too, Daddy." Dave sat in his office planning until his coworkers returned from lunch. Once they did, he packed up and headed out. "Susan, if anyone comes looking for me, tell them I'm taking the afternoon off for personal reasons," he told his secretary. "If anything comes up, you can reach me on my cell." Dave left the office and got into his car.

He drove over to the nearest rental car place and rented himself a conversion van. Leaving his car in the parking lot, he then drove the van back to his apartment. Dave arrived at his apartment in record time compared to his usual forty-five minute commute. He parked, made sure to lock the van up, and then went upstairs. Dave showered quickly, changed clothes, grabbed the glove, a handful of alcohol swabs, and the SluT9.

He burned the letter and left the apartment. With the SLuT9, alcohol swabs, and the glove in the cargo pocket of his pants, he went back out to the van and drove away. Dave drove clear across town to a K-Mart and bought a package of thirty push pins almost identical to the one that was in the glove. He climbed into the van but didn't get behind the wheel. Instead he moved into the back of the van. He pulled the package of pins, the glove, the vial of SLuT9 and the alcohol swabs from his pocket and laid them out on the floor.

He then sat down, Indian style, and pulled the pin free from the pocket of the glove. He took the pin, cleaned it well with an alcohol swab, dunked it carefully into the SLuT9 solution and set it aside to dry. He then opened the package of push pins and followed the same routine with six more of the pins; cleaning them with an alcohol swab, dunking them in the SLuT9 and then setting them aside to dry.

With a boy fingers love tunnel of a beautiful teen hardcore blowjob of seven pins now dunked, Dave closed up the SLuT9 bottle and returned it, the remaining alcohol swabs and the remaining push pins to his pocket.

He then put one pin into the pocket of the glove. Not finding any way to safely store the remaining dunked pins, he went back into the store where he bought a thick oven mitt. Once back at the van, Dave dropped the remaining dunked pins into the oven mitt and made sure it was thick enough that they wouldn't accidentally poke him or someone else.

He wrapped the oven mitt up and shoved it into his second cargo pocket. Dave then moved into the drivers seat and drove away. He stopped quickly to fill the gas tank of the van and then headed to the meeting at the Denny's. Dave kicked himself for not getting a cell phone number for Dr. Barrett but didn't dwell on it as there was nothing to do about it now. Dave sat in a parking lot of a nearby hotel for twenty minutes watching the front door of Denny's.

Dr. Barrett had said she had "come to town" just to speak with him. That meant she wasn't from around here which meant she probably had a rental car. When Dave saw a car with a rental agency tag on it and then saw a woman of about thirty step out of the car, look around and then go into the Denny's he was pretty sure he'd found Dr.

Olivia Barrett. At ten minutes after four, Dave drove into the parking lot of the Denny's and parked. He pulled the glove out from his pocket, carefully unwrapped it, and slipped it onto his right hand. He took a deep breath and went in. "Good afternoon, sir," one of the employee's greeted him almost as soon as he walked in.

Dave had already spotted the woman sitting at the bar. "I'm meeting someone. I think I see her." He pointed and walked away from the employee. He went over to the woman at the bar.

"Are you Olivia Barrett?" he asked. The woman turned, quickly looked him over and then nodded. "Yes, I am. Are you David Bernard." A very pretty, young blond girl stepped up to them behind lovable babe riley star tastes her professor with a huge cock counter. "Can I get you something ,sir?" she asked. Dave noticed that Dr. Barrett had a drink in front of her but no food.

"Yeah, she'll need a to go cup and I'll take a Coke to go." Dave sat down on the stool beside Dr. Barrett. "Are we leaving?" "You said you wanted to talk privately.

This isn't private." Dr. Barrett nodded and they sat in silence until the waitress brought Dave's Coke. She took Dr. Barrett's iced tea and poured it into a to-go cup. Dave pulled a five dollar bill from his wallet and dropped it on the counter. "Keep the change," he told her. Dave stood up, took hold of Dr. Barrett's arm with his right hand, applying enough pressure to push the pin through her thin blouse and into her skin, helped her up and led Dr.

Barrett out of the restaurant and to the van. She jerked only slightly as the pin stabbed her. She looked at Dave but said nothing as he led her out of the restaurant. "I can't say I'm surprised you did that," she told him once they were out of the restaurant and crossing the parking lot. "I actually expected it." "It was a logical thing to do." "I agree," Dr.

Barrett said giving Dave a smile as he opened the passengers side door for her and helped her into the van. Dave closed her door, circled the van and climbed in behind the wheel. He pulled out the keys and started the engine.

"Just so you know, if needed, I have six more pins, already dunked and ready to go." "I hope you don't use them all on me," Dr. Barrett said as Dave put the van in gear and pulled out.

"Why is that?" "One, I imagine we would both be exhausted and two, that much SLuT9 would affect me, permanently." "Affect you how?" "In the simplest terms, it would break my personality and make me submissive for the rest of my life. Basically, I would become your slave, forever." "The letter said nothing about that." "No, it wouldn't. Jan didn't realize it either until just after he sent it to you.

From what he figured out and what I figured out, I figure a woman can take five, maybe six, hits of the stuff before she will become a permanent submissive bimbo." There was a pause. "Oh fuck me!" Dave glanced over and saw Dr.

Barrett was now almost doubled over in her chair and her eyes were glazed over. "He was right. He has improved this stuff. Wow!" "He used it on you?" Dr. Barrett managed to sit up straight in her seat again and nodded. "An earlier, weaker version. Had a lot of the same side effects but wasn't quite as petite ava dalushs cunt gets pounded in pov point of view pov blow job. Jan and I weren't just friends or professor and student.

He was my lover and master for three years while I was in college." "Master?" "I'm a natural submissive. Using the earlier version just made me worse. Oh fuck, I'm getting horny." She slid her hand up over her breast and squeezed. "Jan took full advantage of my natural tendencies but he was always fair when it came to my grades. It wasn't fair to the other students because he would aid me in my studies. He'd quiz me at night and spank my ass until it was bright red if I didn't get every question correct.

He's the reason I'm as good a chemist as I am." "You said on the phone that he was dead. What happened to him?" "As I told you," Dr. Barrett said, now massaging both breasts. "Jan's mind had slipped over the last few years. He hated it that he was losing hours, sometimes days, to the Alzheimer's. He didn't believe the diagnosis. He was sure someone was poisoning him to get the SLuT.

He became paranoid. About two weeks ago, the police found him dressed in only his lab coat wandering through a park in LA. He was arrested for public nudity and held in jail.

He came back to his senses while he was in there and thought for sure someone had poisoned him and locked him up so they could search his house and lab for the SLuT.

When the police learned of his condition, they had him transferred to a hospital and dropped the charges. "Jan may have been senile and half nuts but he was brilliant. He played a role he knows very well.

He became the doctor and walked out of the hospital. He returned to his home, got the latest version of SLuT, SLuT9 from what I understand, and took off. "His wife died ten years ago, two of his children are already dead, the last lives somewhere up in Michigan. I think that's where he was headed. He got in his car and headed east.

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Apparently, his paranoia got the better of him and, in a rare moment of lucidity, he decided it was better to get rid of the SLuT than have whoever was chasing him get it. "In the e-mail he sent to me, he didn't tell me how he picked you so I don't know that but he packaged the stuff up and mailed it off to you on Sunday, December tenth.

He then continued running, believing his life was in mortal peril. Apparently his delusions were too fast for him though. He committed suicide in a small motel outside of Chicago late Friday night or early Saturday morning. Friday afternoon, wanting his research continued, he e-mailed me all of his notes on creating SLuT. Included in that e-mail he also told me about mailing the stuff to you, your name, address and his newest discoveries." "Newest discoveries?" Dr.

Barrett forced herself to release the breast she had been massaging and reached down and picked up her purse. She opened it and pulled out a large brown bottle of liquid. "SLuT10." Dave's jaw fell open. Dr. Barrett laughed at his reaction. "New and improved. Better than the stuff you got for a number of reasons." "Such as?" Dave asked as she slipped the bottle back into her purse.

"First off, it isn't dangerous. He told me how to modify the compound so it wouldn't enslave the girl after so many doses.

I haven't tested it, of course, but from what I know, it should work." Dr. Barrett was talking quickly. And spoke faster and faster the longer she went on. "Second, he finally managed to get it into a less concentrated form.

It's controllable now, predictable. So many drops makes a woman your slave for so many hours. Finally, it's ingestible. Actually, it's meant to be drunk. Smells wonderful too. I had to fight off the urge to try it right after I sexy photomodel having fun with an almost too huge bbc making it. Please pull over and fuck me. I need it now!" Dave had figured she mail makh malik xxx story was coming and had turned down a side street.

A minute later he turned the van off into a parking lot and parked as far from the road as he could. "Get in back," he told her. Dr. Barrett already had her seat belt undone and was out of her seat as soon as the van stopped.

She climbed between the seats and into the big open space in the back of the van. She fell to her knees, ripped her blouse open and was working on undoing her skirt by the time Dave turned off the engine and climbed from the drivers seat.

Dave also found himself very turned on. He pulled his shirt off over his head and then went to work on the pants. He stepped out of his shoes and was pulling his pants down when Dr.

Barrett moved in front of him, already naked. "Lay down," she told him. Dave didn't argue, he first got down to his knees and then laid down on the carpeted floor and rolled onto his back. Dr. Barrett grabbed his briefs and yanked them down his legs, picking up the pants as she went. She pulled them off and dropped them to one side.

"I need it so bad! God, it's never been like this before." She threw a leg over Dave's middle, reached down and grabbed his cock, lined herself up and dropped down on it, taking him completely inside her wet cunt. "Oh yes!" She groaned and smiled. She then began riding him frantically. Twenty minutes later, she collapsed down on top of him.

He had fired two loads of cum inside her and she'd had only God knows how many orgasms in that time. Both were breathing hard and shaking from the speed and need of the fuck. Having relearned how to breath, Dr. Barrett lifted her head up, grabbed his face in both hands and turned him to face her. She looked in his eyes for a moment and then kissed him hard and passionately. Dave could see the desire in her eyes so he wasn't surprised when she sat up, raised herself up so his cock fell out.

She then got between his legs, bent over low and took his cock in her mouth and sucked until it came back to life. Once his cock was hard once more, Dr.

Barrett laid herself down on the van's carpeted floor and told him to climb aboard. Dave looked her over. All things considered, Dave wasn't sure how he felt about this woman. He didn't know her, definitely didn't trust her but had to admit, she was quite the looker.

She stood about five foot ten or so, only an inch or so shorter than Dave, had long brown hair that hung straight down to the middle of her back. A pretty face, big beautiful blue eyes, what Dave considered to be the perfect mouth, slender shoulders, medium sized breasts, a flat belly, a great ass, long legs and a clean-shaven pubic mound.

Dave climbed on top of her, she reached down, grabbed his saliva-coated cock and guided it to her entrance. "Do me hard and fast. Do me anyway you want," she told him, then pulled herself up and kissed him, pushing her tongue into his mouth. Dave began to fuck her slowly and gently but picked up speed and fervor with each thrust. Dr. Barrett laid beneath him, screaming in ecstasy the entire time.

Afterwards, she collapsed down beside him, snuggled up to him and kissed his cheek. "There's a lot more I need to tell you," she whispered. "but now I've got to sleep." She was asleep in seconds. Dave laid there, his arm underneath her head being used as a pillow and thought about all he had learned.

Dave wadded up his shirt and her shirt and managed to pull out his arm and push the wadded up clothes beneath Dr. Barrett's head. He then pulled on his briefs and pants, checked to make sure the SLuT9 bottle hadn't been damaged when she tossed his pants aside, and then sat with his back to the side of the van and watched her and thought. Even in tiny cadence lux slammed hard on casting sleep, the effects of the SLuT9 were obvious.

She moaned, groaned and her eyelids flickered constantly during dreams. Even her hands flicked and her fingers twitched. Dave rubbed his face and eyes, took some deep, calming breaths, and tried to put all the pieces together in his head. He had gotten the letter, apparently from Dr. Jan Casey, only six days before. In that time he had used the SLuT9 that came with the letter on only three women and one used it on herself.

He had used it on Elizabeth, his guinea pig, Rebbecca, his ex wife and now Dr. Barrett. His oldest daughter, Emily had used it on herself. She had told him she'd done it out of a desire to show her love for him physically as well simple curiosity about the SLuT9. In the letter Dr. Casey had stated that someone, the government, maybe another pharmaceutical company, was after him because they wanted the SLuT9.

Now, Dr. Barrett had told him that nobody was after Dr. Casey, that the man was senile and paranoid. She had told him that the only people who knew of the existence of SLuT9, and were still alive, were him and her. Dr. Barrett had no way of knowing that Dave had told his daughter, Emily, about the stuff also. He had been told that while the drug would make someone compliant to his will. If there were lasting side-effects, Dr. Casey had not mentioned them at all.

Dr. Barrett claimed he only recently discovered the ill side effects. The drug, if administered too many time to the same person, would apparently break the individual's personality and make them into a submissive slut forever. It was not something Dave wanted from Rebbecca, and definitely didn't want from Emily. Dr.

Barrett had told him that the SLuT10 that was still in her purse, did not have the same side effects, and that it was more controllable. Something Dave felt was definitely needed. Having a woman be super-horny for six hours was exhausting, even if she did sleep some during those six hours. Dave crawled to the front of the van, peered out the windows to make sure no one was around, grabbed Dr.

Barrett's purse from where it sat beside the passenger seat, and pulled it into explicit pounding for a sexy bitch smalltits hardcore back of the van with him.

He opened it and pulled out the small brown medicine bottle that Dr. Barrett had claimed was the SLuT10. He had to agree with what she had said just before she passed out, she still had a lot to tell him. He stuffed the bottle of SLuT10 into his pocket, closed up her purse, dug around for his keys, climbed into the drivers seat, and started the van.

He backed up and got on the road again. "Time to go home," he told himself as he drove. It was nearly five PM. He had been driving, almost constantly since just after one. He was tired and wanted to go home and climb into his own bed. It had been a very long day. Dave was about two blocks from his apartment when he started hearing movement from the back of the van. He looked back and found Dr. Barrett moving around, doing her best to make herself presentable.

Once dressed, she came forward and slid into the passengers seat and buckled up. "I hope you don't mind that I'm wearing your shirt. I'm afraid I destroyed my blouse." Dave smiled and nodded. "It's fine. You look better in it than I do anyway." "There's still a lot I have to tell you." Dave nodded. "Not here.

We're almost to my place. We'll go inside, get something to drink, sit down and be comfortable and you can tell me everything." "There is one thing I think you should know now," Dr. Ava devine and brandi mae play with toys stated, keeping her head and eyes straight forward.

"What's that?" "I think I've had too much of this stuff." "What do you mean?" "Do you remember what I told you would happen if you gave SLuT9 to a woman five or six times?" "Yeah, you said it would make her a submissive slut forever." Dr. Barrett nodded. "When I worked with Dr. Casey, almost a decade ago now, he was working to improve the stuff from SLuT5 to SLuT6. We succeeded. During this time though, he used both SLuT5 and SLuT6 on me numerous times.

Dozens of times. Obviously the older versions didn't have the same side effects SLuT9 does. The Luckicite in those versions was much less potent. But it was the same basic compound." "You mentioned Luckicite when we talked on the phone, what is it?" "Luckicite is a chemical compound developed for the DOD about twenty years ago. Developed by a brilliant, but at the time, largely anonymous scientist by the name of Jan Casey.

It was meant to be a new truth serum. It failed, miserably. "Luckicite lowers inhibitions and lessens self-will which makes it much more likely someone will talk but in no way guarantees that they'll tell the truth. In fact, in the studies they did, they found that people given Luckicite would tell their interrogators whatever they wanted to hear, not necessarily the truth.

The DOD classified the findings and Luckicite was buried. There probably aren't twenty scientists in the world who know of it's creation or what it does. It would be misused. "Jan, being the creator of the stuff, knew about it and knew what it did. He saw the potential. He quit his job doing research and went out to UCLA.

Started teaching. While he was there, he recreated Luckicite, secretly. Even improved it some according to what he told me. Luckicite is the Lu in SLuT9. Seratoxin Luckicite Trans-ego modifier. SLT. Add the U in from Luckicite and it becomes SLuT. That's what I am now. A slut. Your slut." "What do you mean?" "The chemicals in SLuT eat away at the will of the.

victim, for lack of a better word. When I went to college, I was already a natural submissive. Jan and his SLuT made me worse. Even after I stopped getting SLuT, I never reverted back. He made me more submissive, the drug made it permanent. It builds up over time, eats away at a persons self-determination." For the first time since she had started talking, she looked over at Dave. "That shot of SLuT9 you gave me, killed my self-will.

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I've bonded with you. Not just because of the sex but because you're the one who gave me the dose and because you were dominant with me.

I'm yours now. Just thinking about being apart from you makes me physically ill and depressed. If you send me away, I'm pretty sure I'll be dead in a week." Dave didn't say anything. He pulled the van into the parking spot outside his apartment, turned off the key and looked over at her.

"Get your stuff. We're going inside." Olivia Barrett nodded, picked up her coat and slipped it on. She had removed it when she went into the diner and had never bothered to put it back on.

She picked up her purse and the ruined blouse and followed Dave, who had put his coat on to cover his bare torso. They walked to the door of his apartment. She stood there, head down, and waited like a good little girl while he unlocked and opened the door.

Dave reached in, turned on the living room lights, and waved her inside. "Take a seat," Dave told her, pointing at the couch as he closed and locked the door. "You wanna drink?" Olivia moved to the couch and sat down.

"Yes please." "I've got beer, sodas, water, juice, milk and I think I might have some iced tea left from when my daughter was here." "Tea if you've got it please. If not, a diet soda will be fine." Dave took his coat off and hung it up. "I'm gonna go get a shirt for myself. I'll get the drinks on the way back." Olivia just nodded.

She looked around at the small apartment but didn't move from her place. Dave went into his bedroom, got himself a tee shirt and slipped it on. He grabbed a new shirt for Olivia as well. He stopped in the kitchen on his way back, got himself a classy blonde gets screwed by the pool, not wanting to be impaired with alcohol, and poured Olivia a glass of iced tea.

Olivia was his main thought the entire time. He was wondering how sincere she was about what she had said in the car.

Was he now responsible for her life? Was she telling the truth about dying if he sent her away? Then there was the question of what to do with her if she was telling the truth. Should he marry her? Just let her live with him? Serve him? Should he get her some kind psychiatric help? "So many fucking questions and not nearly enough fucking answers," Dave said to himself as he picked up the drinks and carried them into the living room.

He set her tea on the coffee table in front of her and tossed her the shirt he'd brought for her. "That should fit you a little better.

Go ahead and change, I'll wait." Olivia took the shirt, examined it for a second, then stood up, removed her coat, stripped his shirt off over her head, not bothering to unbutton it and then slipped the over-sized tee shirt on. "I didn't mean to do it right there," Dave said, chuckling as she sat down. Olivia picked up her tea and took a sip. "It's not like you hadn't seen it all before," she told him with a smile.

"And, of course, if you told me to, I'd strip naked right here and now and stay that way the rest of the night." "Speaking of that," Dave said and leaned forward. "I'm sorry. I've forgotten your first name." "Olivia Margo Barrett." "Olivia.

I want you to explain to me what it was you were saying out in the van." She turned to face him, took a deep breath and began to explain. "Somewhere in the brain is a small region that gives us our self-will. Self-will is that part which allows us to make big decisions about our lives. It's the part that makes us choose a career, make us first question the existence of God and then decide whether we believe.

It's the part that helps us choose a mate and helps us choose our own fate, live or die, fight or flee and so forth. "I can't explain why, neither could Dr. Casey, but all versions of SLuT, up until SLuT10, ate away at that part of the brain. In the early versions, it was minuscule. It barely registered with anyone. Later, it became more pronounced. SLuT9 is the worst of the offenders. It's just one of those things that's unexplainable with present-day science.

In twenty years, we might figure it out. "SLuT leaves the system within, twenty four to thirty six hours after injection. It is at full force for six hours and then dissipates enough that the person is once again able to function but it remains in the body for another eighteen to thirty hours.

Eventually it comes out with the urine and is gone. But for those hours, it is easily spotted in the blood stream. Most doctors wouldn't look for it and wouldn't know what they were looking at even if they did see it. There's no danger there.

Like I said, Luckicite isn't widely known. "It's degenerative though. Each injection, no matter whether it was SLuT5 or SLuT9 causes a little damage to that part of the brain. Those five or six injections could be spread out over a hot blonde and brunette lesbians go crazy rubbing their horny naked bodies but each one would make the symptoms worse.

I was more submissive when I left college, than when I arrived. Sure, Jan had a part to play in that. Just because of the way he treated me but it wasn't completely him. I had changed too much for Jan to be the sole reason.

I wrote to him about it a couple years ago but I never heard anything back about it until his last e-mail. He confirmed in that e-mail what I had suspected that the SLuT had altered me somehow. Made me more submissive. Each and every woman he gave it to, and each and every woman you gave it to, will suffer the same fate.

Those who have had only one injection probably won't notice a difference. After three or so injections, it becomes much more noticeable. "As I said, the early versions of SLuT were watered down. They didn't have as strong an effect, which is probably why it was missed, but still, they did have an effect. Unlike SLuT9, I was able to take more of it but it did wear me down. The shot of SLuT9 you gave me had the same effect on me that five or six shots of SLuT9 would have on someone else.

I'm yours, David." She shrugged and a tear rolled down her cheek. "Do with me as you will." "So." Dave stopped himself. Unsure of what he wanted to say. He finally took a deep breath and came to a decision. "We'll come back to that.

First, tell me who you work for, why you're here, who knows you're here, and who sent you." "I understand your caution, David. But I promise you, I am not working for any government or any corporation. I came here to fulfill the last request of a friend. I had to tell my boss I was leaving town but I didn't say why or where I was going. A few friends know where I am but know nothing of SLuT9 or you.

They just know I was coming here, but not why. Nobody, but you and me, knows why I'm here." "What company do you work for?" "I worked for Pezner Pharmaceuticals up in Boston.

I had no idea how long I would be here, so I took an extended leave of absence. Now, I believe I'll have to quit." "Why?" Olivia smiled. "Like I told you before, being away from you would make me physically ill. The longer I'm away, the worse it will get. After a few days, I would become depressed and probably kill myself.

I can't work in Boston while you're here." "So what? You're just going to walk away from your life?" "You are now my life, David. My sole purpose, the one thing that will make me happy now, is to serve you, in any and every way." "And if I don't want that?" Olivia's head dropped. Her chin rested on her chest. "If you don't want that, then send me away. I'll leave. I promise.

I couldn't do anything else." "I think I need to think this through. Do you have some place to stay marta la croft noemilk public asses nodded. "I have the hotel room. If you agree, I would prefer to stay with you." David swallowed hard but nodded.

"You can stay in the girls room." "The girls?" "My daughters, Emily and Hayley. They normally stay with their mother but they have their own room here for when they come to visit." Olivia nodded.

"David," she said, tears rolling down her cheeks, "I know this is a lot for you to handle and that it's all piling on top but I very much hope you don't decide to send me away. I know you don't believe this but I do want this." "How do I know that isn't just the SLuT talking?" "It's a part of it but I've wanted this, to be totally dominated. I've wanted and dreamed of it for a very long time. Since I was in high school." "You said you'd be physically ill if we were separated." Olivia nodded.

"What about when I go to work tomorrow?" "I'll be okay for a few hours. As long as I know you're coming back." David smiled at her. "It's my apartment. Where else would I go." David reached into his cargo pockets and pulled all that was shoved in there out.

The last thing he pulled out was the SLuT10. He held it up. "Tell me all about Mom catch her son hinbe sex vibeo smiled and took the bottle from him. "As I told you earlier, it is much more controllable in this form and works through the digestive track.

No more stabbing people with a pin or needle. It can be added to someone's food or drink, although you'll need to add it after the food is cooked, and will have the same effect although it will take slightly longer for it to take effect, approximately five minutes or so." Olivia opened the bottle, set it on the coffee table in front of her and pulled off the cap.

Inside there was another exchange of delicate oral service games hardcore blowjob, this one with a rubber plunger attached.

She pulled it out to show him that the plunger was attached to a dropper that dipped into the bottle "Put simply, one drop will enslave a woman for one hour.

Two drops for two hours, three drops for four hours and so forth, each drop doubling the length of enslavement. So six drops will keep a woman under for thirty-two hours. Ten drops will a keep a woman as your slave for just over twenty days. With this, you could, potentially keep a woman forever.

"Unlike SLuT9, this isn't just a date-rape drug. This is full-blown mind control. A woman will be unable to resist any command you give her no matter what it is. If you gave me some, it wouldn't make me instantly horny like SLuT9 does.

Instead I would just be completely in your power. Once you have control, you could command me to become horny and fuck me so you don't necessarily lose that benefit.

"And unlike SLuT9, as I already said, this will not eat away at a woman's willpower. Once the drug wears off, she will be exactly as she was before you dosed her. Like I said, Anjum and j couple xxx haven't tested it but after looking over Dr.

Casey's work, I do agree with his conclusion. This is the safest and best version he's ever come up with. It is total mind control and," she dropped the dropper back into the bottle and screwed the cap on, "it's all yours." She slid the bottle down the table in front of him.

"Why are you giving it to me?" Olivia sat back and smiled. "Two reasons. One, Dr. Casey wanted you to have it. I don't know why and I don't care how he picked you. And two, even if he hadn't told me to give it to you, you're my master now. Who else would I give it to?" "I need to think about this 'I'm your Master' stuff. Give me at least tonight." "Take as long as you want.

All I ask is that you let me stay until you've made your final decision." Dave nodded. "Do you need to go back to your lots of dicks for two snatches critical x room?" "My clothes are there but Flat milf no navy for my baby don't need them tonight.

I will need to go get the car from the Denny's parking lot." Dave nodded, having forgotten about her car. "Let's go do that now. It's been an awful long day and I have to get up early tomorrow." "Yes, Master," Olivia said and stood up. She went and retrieved his coat and handed it to him before getting hers. They both put on their jackets. Leaving the SLuT9 and 10 setting on the coffee table, they left the apartment. As they went to the van, Dave looked at her and said "Don't call me master." "What should I call you?" "I think Dave or David will do fine.

At least most of the time anyway." "Yes, David," she said with a serene smile as he wrapped an arm around her waist and led her down the stairs and out to the rented van.