Fuck my mom creampie jane doux in when father is away stepmom will play

Fuck my mom creampie jane doux in when father is away stepmom will play
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I hear them walking up the stairs. I rush to put on the blindfold and stand in position before they walk through the door. As soon as I spread my legs and tilt my head back I hear the door open. I can't see because of the blindfold but I hear walking and soft talking.

The word "stomach" drifts over to me and I know they're talking about my weight.

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I can sense them near me. I feel hands running down my back, pinching and poking at my stomach and thighs.

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I hear them laugh and tears form in my eyes. "Open your mouth, stick out your tongue", he says. I do so and he attaches 3 clips to my tongue. They continue to examine me, poking fingers into me, squeezing my nipples, talking and laughing. I can't swallow and saliva starts dripping down my chin. This results in more laughter. Nipple clamps get attached and a collar and leash are put around my neck. A hand smacks my ass and I lose my balance and stumble. There's a yank on the leash and I'm pulled to my knees.

I half crawl, half get dragged into the bedroom. There is another pull on the leash and I scramble to my feet. I'm shoved onto the bed and told to lay on my back. My legs are spread and leather straps are put on my ankles and the bed legs.

They do the same to my arms. I'm now tied unusual cuties pound the biggest strap ons and spray spunk everywhere spread eagle.

I'm naked, but have on a collar and leash, nipple clamps and the clips on my tongue. Saliva has been dripping down my face. This is the first time either of them have seen me completely naked. I feel totally exposed. Worse than when I was standing earlier. I try to bring my legs together to cover myself, but the straps are tight and secure. I feel someone touching my pussy, spreading my lips. I'm so uncomfortable.

It's been so long since someone has been this close to me. I feel self conscious. They're whispering and I know they are talking about me and judging me. I hear a click and realize that they're taking pictures of me like this. I try to cry out.

I don't want pictures! Who will see them? What will they do pettite hot latina fuck hidden spy cam coment for full video them? The camera clicks some more then there is silence. The nipple clamps are taken off. Then the clips are removed from my tongue and I'm able to swallow quickly before a gag is put in my mouth and strapped around my head.

They continue to talk and laugh as they work, but I'm too nervous to really pay attention to what is being said. "This is going to hurt" she says. "Get ready." I tense, but nothing can prepare me for the hit of the leather strap across my chest.

I cry out and struggle but the straps hold. There is no build up, no chance to get used to the pain, to enjoy it. She continues to hit me steadily for several minutes. Then I feel a new pain as he hits my pussy with a crop. I scream again and struggle more. They both laugh and keep hitting me.

I'm crying and begging for them to stop. Spit and snot dripping down my face. They finally stop. The blindfold is taken off my eyes. I see them for the first time today. I look for any kindness or caring in their eyes. All I see is humor and contempt.

"I warned you that this wouldn't be fun for you", he said. "I told you that you wouldn't enjoy it. Did you really think we would want to pleasure you?" He turns to her and kisses her softly. Her hands run down his body and she looks at me, laughing, knowing that I want to be where she is.

He unhooks my legs and reattaches the straps to the headboard above me. My legs are pulled back over my head. This time a cane is in her hand and I can see it coming. She hits the back of my legs and my ass. He stands on the other side of the bed with another cane. They take turns, one after the other. I'm crying around the gag, tears soaking the pillow under my head. I can feel my skin heating up from the abuse. It's screaming in pain.

I swear I can feel the welts and bruises forming. I close my eyes against their excitement. I don't know how much more I can take. "Master", she says, "I'm ready." They stop hitting me. He walks over to her. I'm following them with my eyes, scared of what's going to happen next. He slowly undresses her, taking the time to touch and caress. I can't take my eyes off of them, his hands on her. She's naked now and she walks over to me.

She lifts my head and undoes the gag, pulling it from my mouth. They both stand next to me. "Are you having a good time?" he asks. "No" I say. He slaps me across the face, "No what?" "No, Master! No, I am not having a good time Master!" "Good", he says. "It's going to get worse." He adjusts my legs again, this time attaching the straps to the posts spreading my legs, but still over my head.

She climbs up on the bed and straddles my face. She presses her pussy into my face and says "Lick me". Then she slaps my pussy with her hand. I jump and my face hits her. I tentatively stick out my tongue and lightly lick memorial day lucy doll fingering and brunette. She grinds down and yells "lick!" and hits me again. I immediately start licking, running my tongue up and down her pussy. Tasting her juices that have already started flowing.

"What's the matter with you?" she says. "He said you were good with your mouth. Are you that stupid that you can't even lick a pussy?" I press my face into her more, my tongue swirling around her clit.

She hits me again and I lick faster. I find her hole and stick my tongue in as far as I can. Going back and forth between it and her clit.

I suck softly and apply some pressure with my tongue. She grinds me harder. I'm having a hard time breathing and start to struggle a little. I can't see, I can't breath and I can hardly hear. She just presses harder, "I'm not getting up until you make me cum, bitch.

You better try harder before you pass out." I'm struggling more now and I sense that my struggles just turn her on. She laughs again and I hear her say "Yes, do that". She starts hitting my pussy again while I'm trying my hardest to make her cum. I feel something touch my asshole, then pressure. Something is being pressed into me. The pressure increases and I start screaming. The vibrations of my scream help and I can feel her start to tense.

The pace and strength of her hits increase and she presses herself as hard as she can into my face. She starts moaning as her orgasm starts. Right as she's at the peak my ass is fully impaled and I let out a long scream. She cries out and her juices flow into my mouth. She climbs off of the bed. She puts the blindfold back on me. I hear a camera click again capturing the huge dildo in my ass and pussy juice all over my face.

She unties me from the bed under his supervision, leaving the leather straps on my wrists. She leads me by the leash into the living room. My arms are raised and attached to a hook in the ceiling.

She takes off my blindfold. He is standing to the side watching. She looks to him and he nods. She picks up a crop and looks at me.

I see the scorn in her eyes. "Who do you think you are, bitch?" She starts softly. I can barely hear her. russian amateur gets her ass fucked painfully would you think that my Master would want you? You know we talk about you, right? We laugh at you when we're together. He tells me everything about you.

We have no secrets. He tells me how you want him. But you're not good enough. You never have been and you never will be. You are only good horny blonde craves govibra toy sticking out pussy live cam sex your mouth. You may give good blow jobs, but that's the only thing you do well." Her voice gets louder. "You are nothing to him but a body to hit and a mouth to fuck." I look over to him hoping he'll disagree with her, but he's smiling looking at me in humor.

She raises the crop and hits me on my already sore chest. I jump and move away from her. Her next swing misses me. He stops her and walks over with a leather strap in his hands. He wraps it around my ankles so they're tied together.

I can't move without losing my balance now. He kisses her and moves away. She starts taunting me again. Walking around me and hitting me with every insult she flings. "You think he's going to save you? You think he cares what happens to you? Look at yourself. There is nothing about you worth saving." Her voice and words hurt me as much as the hits from the crop. Tears fall freely down hot cumshots for a indecent sweetheart smalltits and homemade face.

"No man will ever want you for more than your body.

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Sex is the only thing that you are worth. No one wants to know you, your mind, your emotions. You are unlovable." I'm crying heavily now. Between that and the blows from the crop I keep losing my balance and hanging from my wrists. I see him coming towards us. He public pussy games with sexy blonde college girl naked now. He reaches for her and I hold my breath, sure he's come over to defend me. Will he hit her?

Beat her? But no, he bends her over and enters her from behind. They both cry out in pleasure, both ready for each other from my pain. I can't stop watching as the tears continue to flow. He wants her, needs her. More than he will ever need me.

He turns her over and holds her close, continuing to fuck her. They both look ebony film avinatri porn movie me, smiling. Amused and more turned on by my obvious pain. I can see them both begin to increase their speed and they cling to each other tighter.

They both cry out at the same time and I watch as they orgasm together. After a minute he gets up. He unhooks me from the ceiling and shoves me to my knees.

"Lick me clean, cunt." I open my mouth and he shoves his dick in. I immediately taste the mix of them together. I taste what I will never have.

When I'm finished he is already hard again. He pushes my face into her pussy, "Now clean her". I start to lick up their cum dripping from her. She puts her hand on my head and pushes my face closer, grinding into me. I have pussy juice and cum rubbed all over my face as I try to lap it all up. I feel the butt plug removed and I feel instant relief.

It's short lived however as his dick slowly takes its place. She's pressing my face into her while he fucks my ass. Then I feel something pressing at my pussy. He's inserting a dildo into me, pushing it in and out with his rhythm in my ass. It feels so amazing and I can feel the pleasure start to build in me. I lick harder and faster as he fucks me harder and faster. I feel the pleasure reach it's peak and cry out as he slams into me and groans and she presses my face into her to catch her juices.

He turns me over and lays in between us. Her hand reaches for mine over his chest. They both smile at me and he says "You are now ours".