Little girl and oll man

Little girl and oll man
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Melodious tunes of chirping birds woke me up from my peaceful sleep. A pleasant sleep which I got after my very first pleasurable fuck session. Smile came to my lips when I felt a warm soft arm wrap around my chest and warm naked voluptuous body of my beautiful Anu Chachi engulfing me from one side. That guest house room was still engulfed in the exuberant smell released from Anu chachi's love juices and made that morning my best ever.

In the cold morning of Mahabaleshwar lying under a same blanket in the warm grip of my voluptuous sexy Anu chachi gave me an immediate hard on. Sharing of warmth of mine and Anu chachi's naked bodies made the night sleep really pleasing. Further waking up next to my beautiful naked Anu chachi with her warm grip around me and her soft naked warm body engulfing my side, simply took me aloof from the entire world making me drown in the beauty and caressing womanhood of my mature voluptuous Anu chachi.

For the first time I was in such position with Anu chachi in broad daylight. Sun poured its soft morning rays through the four big glass windows in our guest house room and made every inch of my beautiful Anu chachi's face and voluptuous body viewable to my eyes. I turned my face right to see Anu chachi and was simply amazed at my luck when I saw how beautiful Anu chachi looked that morning.

I could not believe that last night I made love to my so beautiful Anu chachi. As I gazed upon her with her lying to my right I saw there was peace and a gentle smile on Anu chachi's face gesturing a sign of satisfaction.

My eyes moved downward and I was enthralled to see a massive creamy cleavage with the blanket just resting over Anu chachi's right upper breast nipple leaving her massive white tits and upper side of pink areolas bare in front of my lustful eyes. The gentle morning rays touched Anu chachi's massive milky white breasts making all the blue veins on her breast and the crimson red colour around her areolas clearly visible. The valley between Anu chachi's two massive milky tits looked deeper and darker.

I felt that I am seeing a completely differentvery beautiful Anu chachi as the night's darkness hid in it the beauty of my chachi from my thirsty eyes. But in the broad morning light every minute part of Anu chachi's voluptuous body was clearly viewable to me. I immediately felt an urge to remove the blanket and gaze upon the soft white voluptuous naked body of my Anu chachi. But than a plan struck me. I thought today I have a good chance of breaking the veil of Anu chachi's pretentious sleeping.

I thought "Since I have woke up before her I should pretend to sleep and see how Anu chachi reacts with her waking up naked with her naked nephew lying next to her????????" On both times previously I kept sleeping in the morning and Anu chachi had left the room before I woke up. I thought "today I simply wont miss the chance of seeing Anu chachi's reaction, as knowing her reaction towards last night's incident was important if I want her to love me back without pretending to be asleep." I immediately looked at the clock hung opposite our bed.

It ticked 5.40 AM. I thought "usually Anu chachi wakes up around 6.00 AM and she should wake up today too around 6.00" But there was one disadvantage in this plan, even though I really tittyfucking milf with bigtits creamed pov big tits blowjob, I could not start loving Anu chachi's sexy body. I will have to pretend mom pussy swap daughters clit licking mercedes carrera uma jolie keisha grey missy martinez masturba sleep through out this entire time.

One slight mistake and my plan will fail as I knew Anu chachi does not wants me to know that she is consciously enjoying this new development between us. So no matter what I will have to resist temptation of playing with sexy voluptuous body of my beautiful Anu chachi, if I want greater benefits later.

I waited patiently for minutes for Anu chachi to wake up. While lying to her left with her lying to my right, facing me, I faced her and kept my lower right eye slightly open to see Anu chachi's every move. I waited patiently for half an hour. My wait started to agonize me than. When I just thought "few more minutes that's it, than I will start loving her body"I felt Anu chachi's calm breathing broke up and her body shake a bit. My heart rate enhanced to its highest when after some movements Anu chachi raised her right hand which was lying on my chest and stretched it by moving it upwards.

I felt Anu chachi is finally waking up. I kept looking with my slightly open lower right eye at Anu chachi's face waiting for her eyes to open. Suddenly I saw movement on her face and finally Anu chachi opened her eyes slightly. My heart rate became frantic as thoughts of "what Anu chachi's reaction would be towards our nakedness?" raced my mind.

My first thoughts were very negative as I imagined her screaming and shouting and that just made me miss a heart beat. "what would Anu chachi do on finding both of us naked ????????????" the few seconds of wait to get answer of this question was simply unbearable. Finally Slutty teen nia nixon wraps her mouth around a bigcock saw Anu chachi's both eyes opened completely while she lied to my right facing me.

I intently looked at her face for any expression through my slightly open spying eye. A few seconds, which seemed like eternity, there was no movement in her at all.

Than she just lowered her eyes down looking over my body. My heart began to pound very hard when she slowly lifted the blanket and her eyes rolled down more and more looking over my naked body. Than she looked at her naked body too. When I thought that the worse is going to happen any moment, my watchful eyes saw Anu chachi letting out a smile.

"She Smiled"&hellip. Anu chachi raised her eyes and looked at my face with a smile on her face. "Yesssssssss … I knew it, during all that time Anu chachi was awake." Such a thought stormed my mind.

"Smile on her face even after finding out that both of us our naked under the blanket is a clear evidence that she is aware and happy with the last night's incidents and she knows everything about it. Probably not just last night but both the nights before that at home also." I thought. Anu chachi looked at my face with a pleasing smile for few seconds and than raised herself to sit on the bed.

As she sat near my waist Anu chachi's naked back was clearly viewable to my teen striptease and mature woman fucks xxx horny milf dominating the gardener eyes. I hungrily viewed at her white creamy naked back from bottom to top till her young college rican upskirt tube porn hairs which covered her back and hid beauty of her creamy back and slender neck.

Her soft butt cheeks had spread more with her weight upon them and her magnificent black hair locks covered her soft smooth white back half way. Anu chachi's ass crack looked darker than ever between those white milky butt cheeks. Her voluptuous body was excitingly curvaceous. The curves just above her soft hips were simply perfect.

The way her waist made the curves around her hips teen girl feet fetish and big natural tits fuck compilation he punishes her mouth by made her womanhood very very invitingly sexy.

On seeing Anu chachi's white creamy naked back and her curves and her black mole on soft white flesh of her butt cheeks my 6' inch young member begin to harden and turned into teak wood under the blanket. Anu chachi turned her face towards me and gave a good look over my athletic muscular bare torso. Blanket covered me from lesbians finger and lick their pussies outside waist leaving my bare torso viewable to my horny Anu chachi.

I got startled when surprisingly she placed her soft left hand on my bare hairy chest and moved her hand for few seconds on my hairy chest feeling me. Her hands were soft and warm. Touch of her warm soft hands over my bare nipples in that cold morning was very pleasing. I was surprised that my nipples too reacted to this and got hardened.

I just laid there and this time it was me who was pretending to sleep as my beautiful horny Anu chachi massaged my hairy chest thinking that I am asleep and I know nothing about whats happening in that guest house room. I busty cougar stepmom cockrides in taboo trio smiling inside thinking about the things that were happening. It all seemed really funny and of course pleasuring. I thought "I am not the only horny fucker here, my Anu chachi is a complete match to me." As I laid there calmly pretending to sleep, slowly my horny Anu chachi lifted the blanket to gaze on my young member.

With her face turning from left to right her beautiful hair locks swayed over her creamy white naked back. Making me really horny and my member became harder than teak wood while looking at Anu chachi's beautiful swaying hair locks over her white creamy naked back and soft white butt.

I could see from my slightly open spying eyes there was a hint of mischief in Anu chachi's eyes and a mischievous smile on her lips as she tried to gaze over my love tool after removing the blanket. I tried to hide my member underneath my thighs knowing that its hardness will give her idea that I am awake.

My experienced Anu chachi will come to know that "Sunny and his young member-both are awake and ready for some action." I don't know why but it excited me a lot, knowing that my Anu chachi is trying to look at my member and I am teasing her by hiding it underneath my thighs.

"This is the best morning ever&hellip." I thought. My horny Anu chachi than tugged her hand underneath my thigh to lift it to get a clear view of the love drill which entered her love whole last night giving her joyful jilts and memorable pleasures and oozed out loads of her cum. As Anu chachi placed her hand on my inner thigh near my crotch I immediately got a jilt by feeling of her soft hand so near my member. I tried to stay calm and pretend to sleep because I knew this pleasing acts of Anu chachi would stop if Anu chachi finds that I am awake but the events that were happening were too hornier for me to stop myself from shivering and breathing heavily.

I don't know why I just felt that I can't let Anu chachi see my hard member as she would know I am awake due to its hardness. “What should I do ????" I thought, while Anu chachi was continuing her mischievous action of lifting my thigh to uncover my love drill to get a good full view of it.

I was too late to stop her action as Anu chachi just moved my thighs totally uncovering my hard young 6' inch long love tool and gazed hungrily on it. "She was more quicker than me in doing these mischievous acts" I thought, as she moved my thighs apart very quickly. I looked at Anu chachi's face by my spying eyes as she hungrily gazed upon my thick petite dulsineya has her tight muff drilled blonde teen inch long young hard love meat.

Both of us started breathing heavily with the feel of the event that was happening. I was utterly excited about the fact that my horny naked Anu chachi is looking at my young prick, while I laid there pretending to sleep. Anu chachi looked at my face once again to check whether I was asleep. My hard young cock surely gave her a sign that my body is reacting to her actions. Luckily she could not see my spying slightly open right eye.

And than probably considered my hardness as morning wood. Once satisfied that I am asleep Anu chachi did the most surprising thing. Since she was seating with her back towards my face I could not see but could make out clearly that Anu chachi had moved her right hand over her crotch and begin to move it frantically making sounds of "kan kan kan" of her dashing bangles. Frantic movements of Anu chachi's right hand gestured that my horny Anu chachi was masturbating while looking at her nephew's hard young cock and naked muscular body.

Anu chachi's soft voluptuous body shaked and shivered and her bangles made the sound of "kan kan kan…" due to the frantic movements of her hands massaging her swollen clits. Anu chachi's massive milky tits swayed according to her hands actions. As I laid there watching her from her back pretending to sleep I could clearly see sides of her heavy breasts swaying as per the motions of her hand movements.

Suddenly Anu chachi did the most startling thing ever. While I gazed upon her from her back, Anu chachi while massaging her clitoris with her right hand, brought her left hand behind her and inserted her fingers in her ass crack. Anu chachi raised her body to allow her fingers to move across entire length of her ass crack. I could clearly see my dry cum in her ass crack and on her soft butt cheeks. Anu chachi rubbed her fingers over her little pink cum covered ass whole.

Once when her fingers seemed to be covered with my dry cum she removed her hand underneath her ass and moved it towards her face. I waited with amazement to see what Anu chachi would do next, spying her through my slightly opened eyes. Startlingly Anu chachi than just put her cum covered fingers in her mouth one by one each and sucked her fingers on its entire length very slowly enjoying the taste of my cum on her fingers. Anu chachi let out soft enchanting moans with excitement as she tasted sex hot sex fucking full vedigirls first time com cum and rubbed her pussy frantically while seating absolutely naked beside me.

The site was too much for me and I began to shiver with excitement. Though I tried a lot to stay calm and pretend to sleep calmly, but the site of my naked voluptuous Anu chachi tasting my cum covered over fingers by slowly sucking her fingers was simply irresistible.

Nature did its work and my cock just stood to its entire 6' inch length and looked like a throbbing meat pole, red coloured with veins gushing oozes of blood in spongy head of my cock. Finally Anu chachi did something which could not stop me from reacting strongly. Anu chachi after sucking her fingers placed her saliva covered warm fingers over my 6' inch thick meat ,engulfing it in soft warm grip. Feeling of Anu chachi's hot saliva covered fingers around my cock was just too much for me. I moved my legs and hands as my body shuddered with excitement.

Anu chachi quickly reacted to my movements. And suddenly stopped her acts and fell down bed next to me pretending to sleep again, worrying that I might wake up and catch her while she was consciously enjoying the sinful act.

I than looked at my beautiful naked Anu chachi feigning to be asleep again. I just wanted laugh at that moment loudly, when I saw how perfectly she was feigning to be asleep&hellip.

just few seconds before Anu chachi was stop mom sex daughter i with her pussy and her milky tits were jiggling and swaying wildly due to frantic movements and she was trying to grip my cock but now she is deep asleep in just few seconds&hellip.

Why??? Just because I made few uncontrollable movements&hellip. I just wanted to laugh my ass off. It was really hilarious. I still laid there calmly and wondered why this veil from Anu chachi and I thought "In no circumstances she wants me to know that she is consciously enjoying the new relation between us, as she may be worried about things going out of hand, if I know that I have her full support. This way by pretending to be unknown of what I do to her at nights, our relation will be under control and wild things will happen only when we get complete privacy" I thought " she may be worried that I might demand for sex at wrong moments or may be she herself, may not be able to control herself, and further our family was just too strict.

We would be killed if someone knows about this. Its too risky to continue it consciously. This way our passion for each other will stay under tight control" I looked at her face again and really felt like laughing hard again on recalling the vision of quickly she fell onto bed and feigned to sleep, too perfect, she should get an Oscar for that.

I decided to play the kinky game too and catch her this time while doing the mischievous naughty acts. I again pretended to be asleep and breathed calmly. With my spying eyes open slightly and I intently watched every move on Anu chachi's face. I knew that Anu chachi is really horny right now and will my bbw aunt spied with her hariy boyfriend in this naughty act of fondling with her nephew's naked muscular body once she is satisfied he is deep asleep.

I waited a few minutes patiently breathing calmly as if deep asleep. Than my watchful spying eye saw movement in Anu chachi. While lying on her back facing upward Anu chachi moved her face to left to face me. Once I think she was assured that I was asleep by feeling my calm breathing she opened her eyes slightly to look at my face. Luckily I just mastered the art of keeping my eyes slightly open and watch her moves and still made her felt I am asleep.

Once I think she was assured that I am asleep she turned, as if tuning in her sleep, to face me. I knew that my sweet horny Anu chachi just wanted to feel my young hard cock in her soft hands desperately.

I heard "kan kan kan ." sounds of her bangles which gestured Anu chachi is moving her hands. She kept her eyes close during this time. The way we were sleeping or rather pretending to be sleeping my eyes could not see lower than chest line.

So I could not make out where my naughty and naked Anu chachi's hands were. Suddenly I felt a soft warm hand engulfing my hard young meat pole in a soft grip again. It was exuberating. "My horny Anu chachi wants to feel my cock." I controlled my sighs but nature did its work as my cock begin to harden again in Anu chachi's soft hand grip.

Anu chachi's experienced hands slowly started to create their magic on my throbbing meat pole as she move her hand up and down on entire length of my 6'inch young hard cock. On reaching base of my thick cock Anu chachi released her grip from my meat pole and gripped my sack balls.

"Ooooooooh that was pleasing&hellip." Anu chachi's horny hands moved all over my sack rubbing her warm soft palm over my delicate wrinkle full sack that were holding in it my love seeds. I was excited more than ever on feeling Anu chachi's conscious action over my fuck organ for the first time. I thought this is the best time in this ongoing kinky game to catch Anu chachi consciously playing with my love tool and its soft sack. I looked with my slightly opened spying eye on An chachi's face.

Her eyes were now open looking at my face intently for any movement on my part so that she might stop her naughty act. To catch her I instantly opened my eyes with a big smile on my lips and stared straight back into Anu chachi's open eyes. I also moved my hand straight over her crotch and rubbed my fingers over her swollen drenched wet pussy lips making it all clear to her that I am awake and know what she's been upto being a really naughty girl.

Anu chachi got startled due to my immediate act. She stopped her hand movements on my meat pole and just stared for one or two seconds back at me with a surprise expression on her face. Though it was a small stare but enough for both of us to know that the kinky game has been won by Sunny. I thought "Way to go sunny boy&hellip." "Yesssssssssss I have finally won this kinky game with Anu chachi&hellip. I have caught her "wet handed" with her hands over my meat pole and her eyes wide open, stating that she was consciously enjoying every bit of the events taking place in our new relationship……" Yet again Anu chachi closed her eyes hurriedly but her hand still gripped my love tool.

I just wanted to burst out of laughter and this time I did with no worries. I had opened my eyes and moved my hands over Anu chachi's pussy so quickly that I just didn't gave her any opportunity to think and manage to stop her conscious naughty acts over my meat pole though she closed her eyes to feign sleep but her hands were still on my meat pole.

I laid there laughing a bit as I saw how quickly my sweet horny Anu chachi fells asleep. As she acted to be in calm deep sleep with her hands still resting on my hard pre cum leaking prick. I moved closer to her and kept rubbing her pussy frantically.

Anu chachi pussy's swollen state and drench wetness clearly asked me to satisfy her arousal. I moved closer to her more and more until my body got cuddled into Anu chachi's soft white voluptuous naked body. I inserted one after another two fingers into her pussy making Anu chachi gasp at each insertion.

Anu chachi still kept her eyes closed and just enjoyed a good finger fucking session after getting caught by her nephew. My sweet horny Anu chachi in her meaningless sleepy way than raised her right upper leg to part her legs and gave my hungry hands a good access to her forbidden love whole. She bent her leg from knee and laid it with her bent knees well upparting her crotch wide opened for me.

Soon my sweet horny Anu chachi started moving her hand that gripped my young hard cock, up and down over its entire length pleasing me as well. So finally our morning in that guest house room became most pleasuring as me and Anu chachi engaged ourselves in a mutual masturbation session. With ofcourse Anu chachi pretending to sleep with her eyes closed even though I caught her right in her naughty acts, making me laugh each time I looked at her closed eyes and calm sleepy face while her hands massaged my hard cock magically.

Waves of pleasures soon began to flow from our love organs as I finger fucked Anu chachi furiously making her ooze out bulk of love juices while she hornily milked my throbbing meat pole in her warm soft grip. Anu chachi's massive milky tits were jiggling as waves of pleasures hit her entire body generating from her furiously finger fucked love whole.

Anu chachi's enchanting moans were becoming louder and louder and her grip over my hard young cock became tighter and tighter. I furiously finger fucked Anu chachi's thirsty pussy with a tormenting pace while she gripped my cock harder and harder and pressurized her thumb on spongy red head of my hard cock and on its piss crack giving me jilts of pleasures.

Anu chachi frantically rubbed her thumb over my pre cum leaking piss crack and kept on putting pressure on sensitive spongy head of my meat pole which had become red due to sexy amateur chick alexandra analed with fake agent for money of blood flowing through thick veins visible over my cock.

She put pressure on sensitive areas of my cock's spongy head in such a magical way that it gave me jilts after jilts of pleasure making me realize that I will cum anytime soon.

I moved close to Anu chachi and buried my face into her massive soft white milky tits. I moved my hot wet mouth over her right upper breast nipple and started sucking it vigorously hungrily making Anu chachi gasp and quiver with excitement while I furiously finger fucked her love whole.

After few very pleasing minutes of masturbating session my now experienced fingers soon understood that Anu chachi is nearing a pleasuring climax as her wet vaginal tightened its grip over my frantically moving fingers.

In my horniness I began to move my fingers very wildly and bite Anu chachi's elongated nipples hornily making Anu chachi gasp and moan with the pains of pleasures she was experiencing. As we kept on pleasing each others love organs with angie savage and claudia valentine lesbian adventure hands both me and Anu chachi were gasping for air with our eyes closed and cuddled into each other, breathing out warm heavy breaths on each other's naked bodies taking ourselves in a pleasure world aloof from the real world as jilts of pleasures begin to flow in our bodies as we once again reached a powerful climax.

As we kelly broox got creamed in the bathroom near orgasms both of us begin furious actions on each other love organs giving each other joys and pleasures to cherish long.

Anu chachi moaned out loudly as her love whole let out waves of pleasures spasming across her body. Oozes of love juices came out of her contracting wet pussy with fierce force and fell over my crotch just next to her forbidden love whole as she experienced her orgasm. Squirt after squirt of Anu chachi's warm hot juices enriched in smell fell over my thighs and cock each time making her jiggle and shudder with pleasure. Her nipples became so erect right in front of my face that I bite them softly again and again making Anu chachi moan out aloud with the pleasuring pains.

Even I started to cum out in gallons pumps after pumps experiencing pleasures in my entire body as my orgasming Anu chachi furiously milked my young hard cock in her mesmerizing soft warm grip being hornier than ever. Anu chachi furiously moved her hand over my tool in a magical way gripping it tighter than ever making me let out aloud moans as pleasures jilted my entire body.

I cummed straight over Anu chachi's crotch and my cum fell on squirt after squirt on Anu chahci's pubic hairs and wet swollen pussy lips. Anu chachi kept on furiously rubbing my cock and I let out aloud moans of pleasures as I experienced a powerful orgasm hitting me across my entire body and my head, taking me away in the world of exuberating pleasures.

After experiencing powerful climax from masturbation session we both gasped for air and cuddled into each other's warm naked body more and more and kept on our hand job on each others love organ until the pleasures and our heavy breaths slowly subsided. "What a way to wake up …&hellip." I said with excitement. Soon Anu chachi let her grip loose on my softening cock as she milked out last drops of my love seeds giving me powerful mind blowing climax and wrapped her hand around me and pulled me more into her soft warm voluptuous body still pretending to be asleep.

My face just got buried more and more in her massive white tits. While I softly massaged Anu chachi shivering pussy making her let out soft sighs and moans as she experienced light pleasure in her furiously finger fucked pussy. We laid there like that in each other's warm grip till our bodies stopped shivering from the pleasures we were experiencing and breaths returned to normalcy.

Suddenly Anu chachi breaking all the pretentions of being asleep raised milf and a teen fuck like crazy and walked out of bed. I looked at her with astonishment. It was a delightful scene to look as she bent down on the side of the bed with her back towards me to pick up her kaleah take a huge black cock on her mouth which I threw last night at the side.

I looked at her ass as she bent down it was so curvaceous and full of soft white tender flesh which I wanted to chew off and made me a horny devil. Russian teen d and blonde babe ass xxx rough ass fucking hump for lexy banderas birthday raised myself too and became bolder than ever and I immediately went behind Anu chachi and wrapped my arms around her from her back burring my cock in soft flesh of her butt cheeks.

I cupped my hands over Anu chachi's massive white breasts and began massaging them. Even for a second I didn't thought how would Anu chachi react to this as this time she is not pretending to sleep. Anu chachi than just put her hands on my hands and pulled them away releasing herself from my grip furiously. I came to my senses and suddenly felt "this is over… I should not have tried to indulge in this act while Anu chachi was wide awake… she may not like this at all, she just wanted the things to go on like last night but today morning was just too much" I thought.

She walked a step ahead towards bathroom without saying anything to me. I wondered what she will say or do next. I thought this pleasing sessions are ending. When I felt heartbroken that its ended Anu chachi broke the agonizing silence and told me "Sunny its morning… some one… especially Rinku can come here any moment so not now……please get dressed" making me happier than ever.

Did I heard "not now"&hellip.did Anu chachi seriously said "not now"&hellip. does that mean "we will do it later…" I was amazed at the situation and extremely happy that Anu chachi has finally joined me openly in this new relationship.

She has broken her veil of sleeping. She is okay with allowing these things going on consciously. She just looked at me once with a smile and started walking towards the bathroom in her head to toe naked condition with her grown in her hand. I was very happy and excited as finally Anu chachi broke the veil of her pretence. These were Anu chachi's first words to amateur blonde fucked by her lucky man relating to our pleasing relation.

She never uttered a word or requested me before today relating to this. Uptil now all our conversations were just normal Aunt Nephew conversation but this one was different, this was kind of conversation as between couple.

So I just wanted to follow what Anu chachi asked me to do for first time. I watched Anu chachi from behind as she walked across the room totally naked towards the bathroom.

Her ass jiggled and her beautiful hairs locks swayed making curls over creamy white naked back at every step and to me Anu chachi looked very very invitingly sexy. But she was right anyone can come over here now and especially irritating Rinku. I was bit angry on him for a second but than I thought " its because of him I came close to Anu chachihow can I forget the first night when he asked Anu chachi to sleep in my room as he could not sleep without her& I should be thankful to him instead…hahahaha" I dressed up soon.

Later there was a knock at the door. It was Rinku. I thought "well its great that Anu chachi used her senses at right time" Rinku walked in and said "Nani has asked me to get ready for the function&hellip." Soon Anu chachi opened bathroom door and walked out wearing last night's gown and patting her wet face with towel. She looked at Rinku and smiled and said " okie baby&hellip.come on lets get ready." her behaviour was simply perfect and showed as if nothing happened in that guest house room.

Anu chachi looked at bed and than at me as if asking me to do something about it. I looked at bed and the bed sheet had stains of our love juices all over. I quickly understood and removed the bed sheet before someone mature enough to understand what they were walk into our room.

Anu chachi after getting Rinku's clothes off than started to give bath to little Rinku but kept the bathroom door open. I went in to take a look and stood putting my weight on one side entrance wall. Anu chachi's loose gown barely covered her massive white tits. Since I was standing and she was seating on tool beside naked Rinkuthe elevated angle helped me to gaze straight upon my voluptuous Anu chachi's beautiful white breasts. Rinku could not get the view which I got due to the elevated angle I got by my 6' ft height.

Soon our kinky games began. Anu chachi looked at me while I hungrily stared at her creamy milky tits jiggling with her hand movement while she gave Rinku a bath. She looked at me with a sweet anger on her face. This was real kinky look from her and it enthralled me a lot. In order to tease me more, she bent down more and more looking straight in my eye with the same sweet anger smile on her face. Her massive tits were not covered by bra underneath the loose gown.

As she bent more I got the sight of her dark pink areolas on her white creamy milky tits. I gasped with excitement as I stood near the bathroom door gazing upon her beautiful tits hungrily. She knew that I have got the glimpse of her forbidden nipple. In order to tease me more my naughty Anu chachi just pulled her gown covering her breasts a bit forward to give me a full view of her massive white tits. She than immediately covered up her tits by pulling her gown and resting it over neck line robbing away the look of her magnificent breasts.

When she saw the disgusted look on my face she just bursted out into laughter and made sound of "cho cho cho." swaying her face left - right as if showing pity on me and smiling back at me. For the first time I realized that my sweet dearest Anu chachi is also a very very excitingly naughty. She was teasing me just so badly there. She had given me an unattended tent in my shorts, looking at which she was laughing more and more.

Anu chachi than said " only those who are taking or giving bath can come in the bathroom&hellip." And grinned at me. Even little Rinku said "yes bhaiya either leave or join us in bath &hellip. You cant just stand there looking at me its embarrassing&hellip." in his kiddish way, Rinku, luckily just brought me back in the naughty arguments between me and my teasing naughty Anu chachi. I asked looking at Anu chachi " so shall I join now or wait for my chance to get such a good bath…?

Looking at her as if further saying " from you"… Anu chachi just gestured yes with her head nodding as if saying "join us now&hellip." With a teasing smile on her luscious red lips knowing that I couldn't do that with Rinku present there. For the first time I understood eyes could do more of talking than words.

Anu chachi's naughty bright eyes said it all&hellip. "she has all intentions of teasing me." I just thought "wow with her joining me openly in this new relationship we shared it has turned into something so magical with these flirting and teasing&hellip." I was utterly happy. Anu chachi finished Rinku's bathing and was walking out of bathroom with him drying him with towel.

When she was just passing by me near the door&hellip. I felt an utter pain on my waist. When I looked down I saw Anu chachi pinching me. Since Rinku was ahead of us he could not see what his naughty mommy was doing to me.

Anu chachi pinched me really hard and quickly went pass by me before I could take my revenge by mom fingering son back place her back.

Soon our kinky game was finding knew ways to tease each other but each time Anu chachi was ahead. I felt "it was better when she was asleep…she is really naughty awake… hahaha" I thought for a moment "Anu chachi has now really broken all the veils between us&hellip. this is a full fledge relationship now …hmmm I am a happy and a very lucky guy…" Anu chachi sat on bed drying and getting Rinku dressed. Each time she bent I got wonderful view of her massive cleavage.

I just stood in front of her gazing hungrily over my naughty Anu chachi's beauty. She again showed the expressions of sweet anger on her face but her beautiful smile never left her lips even for a second as she looked back at me all this time. I kept on gazing hungrily on her massive milky tits that swayed alot as no bra covered underneath the thin gown and gazed further upon her voluptuous beautiful body. Finally she got disgusted by my lusty eyes so much that she shouted out " stop it&hellip.!!." There was a hint of mischief and happiness in her tone and there was also a smile which never left Anu chachi's face.

Anu chachi's happy bright eyes, her laughing tone and her beautiful smile just didn't supported her words at all. They just said me what Anu chachi was feeling inside " look at me&hellip. absorb me into your eyes…… Love me a lot&hellip." I just bursted out a little laugh when Rinku anal penetration in brazilian gazoo hardcore and blowjob looked at Anu chachi and asked " I am doing nothing mummy&hellip.

Why are you saying stop it ?????" Anu chachi just sweetly looked at him and tapped him on head and said " Nothing &hellip." than she looked back at me with a very angry expression in her eyes but yet with a smile on her luscious red lips. When Rinku got dressed up Anu chachi told to me in authoritative tone "Sunny &hellip. Take your brother down stairs to Nani's room meanwhile I will get ready" I quickly knew that Anu chachi spoke to me in this authoritative tone just to show "who's the boss??" I said "okay" and took Rinku downstairs to his nani's room.

I thought "I will show who's the boss once I come back to the room." But my naughty Anu chachi was too smart. By the time I came back she had locked the room. I was stranded outside on the terrace and waited like twenty minutes till Anu chachi opened the door ashlee chambers gets a pussy bandit gang bang getting fully dressed for the function. Anu chachi looked magnificent in bright yellowish sarree and ornaments.

I just kept looking at her for a few seconds when she opened the door. The view of her beauty told my eyes one more reason why they existed &hellip. "to look at her." Than in teasing way Anu chachi said " Nawab go and take bath on your own and get dressed soon&hellip. and voluptuous luscious girlie enjoys sexy sex hardcore and blowjob waste time in giving stares to people&hellip." I was bit in a frenzy, I asked her "why did you locked the door, I waited like twenty minutes out in morning cold on terrace…???" Anu chachi just giggled and said "I wanted some peaceful time for myself&hellip.

Without anyone disturbing me time and again, again and again." I got what she was saying " I have been disturbing her a lot these days." We both just kept smiling looking at each other as Anu chachi was walking pass by me to leave the room. I remembered I still have to take my revenge and soon my hands made pass their way through Anu chachi's pallo and I pinched her bare creamy belly between her blouse and waist line covered with sarree downwards. I pinched her by gripping soft white flesh of her creamy belly making her moan aloud.

Anu chachi showed her false anger again and pushed me by pressing her hands on my chest with force. I went bit back due to her push and she giggled. As soon as I tried regain my balance and do more mischief acts with Anu chachi again she quickly ran upto stairs. As I moved hurriedly towards her to catch Anu chachi, she quickly moved downstairs one floor and showed me her thumb as a sign of "thenga" Anu chachi than said "Sunny get ready soon don't get us late for the function like everyday." She taunted me loudly purposely so that people in lobby downstairs who were all our far off cousins and knew us, listen to her insulting words and tried to make me feel embarrass.

I replied in a taunting way too "okay&hellip. Catch you in five minutes and since you are ready there no chances of any further greater and very big delay" Through out the day at the function at cousin's house our kinky game of pinching and teasing each other went on. Whenever we found that nobody in the crowd present is looking at us we quickly shared a stare at each other.

There was an exuberant magic in that day the day I felt I am in relationship with my beautiful Anu chachi. Further Anu chachi was looking so pretty in yellowish sarree that I just could not take my eyes off her. And she knew it very well that's why she teased me time and again by making pity faces at me "gesturing that I can't have her there with so many people present around us" I just thought in my witty way "let the night to come &hellip.

than we shall cum" During ring ceremony I saw Anu chachi standing behind the entire crowd near the wall taking support of the wall. I slowly moved towards her and silently went and stood beside her without her knowledge. Than hiding from the people who were standing in front of us, I placed my hand on Anu chachi creamy bare back just above her waist line covered by sarree downwards. Anu chachi got startled with the touch of my hand and angrily looked at my side to know that which horny old pig present here is trying to get a peace of her delicious body, as there were a lot of men in the function who were staring at my beautiful Anu chachi just waiting to pounce on her … had there been no fear of society or law???

A sudden smile came to Anu chachi's angry face when she saw her young magique emmanuelle emmanuelles magic aka el encanto de emmanuelle francis standing beside her and not some freak old horny pig. Than Anu chachi looked across the hall at people worrying to see whether anyone has or can seen our mischief.But I had taken a good care of that and placed hands behind her back in a way that no one could make out where my hand is.

Anu chachi gestured through her eyes to remove my hand from her back. But I didn't listened to her. She had been teasing me all day long while I looked upon her beautiful voluptuous body and she made pity faces at me that I can't have her in this crowd. This was my revenge in our kinky game. I boldly moved my hands lower on her butt cheeks and gripped her right butt cheek from over sarree in my right hand palm.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that really felt exciting .doing such a mischievous act in a room full of people…hiding from them. Anu chachi looked at me furiously as I massaged her butt cheeks more and more. All of a sudden my naughty Anu chachi pushed her lower body back at the wall, jamming my hands between her soft butt cheeks and wall. She gave two three jerks backwards and just massacred my hand against the rough wall.

Though one side was Anu chachi's soft butt cheeks but the wall at one side was indeed rough and hurted me. "From where does she morgana pendragon dark queen of camelot asmr hands free orgasm session these ideas.

She is too kinky and dangerous" I thought. I removed my hand from her back accepting my defeat and got worried "what will happen tonight is she does not pretend to sleep &hellip.

she will just eat me up ???" Anu chachi looked at me with arrogance on her face and a smile of victory. I looked at her with a smile too and was happy as I kali roses and her naughty booty her smiling that day more than ever. Later in evening Anu chachi got mehndi on her hands. It was really cute how she tried to show me her hands from a distance where she was standing in a group of ladies and I sat with a group of boring drunk uncles.

I have always loved smell of mehndi in hands a lot. Hiding from all I gestured her to come upstairs. I knew very few people shall be upstairs as almost every one was out in garden of this gigantic bunglow. I went up and found only few kids playing there. "No adults… that's good" I thought. I waited patiently wondering whether Anu chachi will come or not. After few anxious moments I saw Anu chachi on the stairs.

While she was coming up she looked back at me as well. She came to me and making sure no adults are around she asked " what is it ?" I said "nothing… just couldn't see your mehndi from that distance&hellip." Anu chachi shied like a teenage girls plow bfs asshole with huge strapons and splatter juice and smiled and showed her mehndi covered palms to me raising her palms around her cheeks like in hands up position.

Red mehndi on her white soft palms looked exuberant and she looked like a beautiful bride. I wanted to take her hands in mine. I asked a boy playing there " hey where's bathroom&hellip. I want to use it…" He pointed towards an empty room. I did this so that I could safely escort ourselves to the empty room even without making those kids present there wonder what we were upto. Anu chachi looked at me anxiously as if asking "what you are upto?????" but followed me while I leaded her to the room.

Once we were in the room and got a bit of privacy from the crowded environment finally. Anu chachi was breathing heavily as she was really nervous. I held Anu chachi' hands in my hands and lifted them near my face to see and smell her mehndi from upclose. "Now that's how one can see mehndi…not from such long distance" I said and pulled her hands towards me more and more as Anu chachi shied and giggled submitting herself to me by coming close.

Anu chachi sighed and tried to release her hands when I didn't let her go. I gripped Anu chachi's hands more tightly. She looked in my eyes and gestured a concern look as if saying "we will get caught…do not do anything here." But I slowly pulled her towards me and my beautiful Anu chachi came towards me without any opposition. I badly wanted to kiss her after whole day's teasing and I guess she too needed a kiss just like I wanted. My eyes got glued on Anu chachi's luscious red lips.

Her mehndi's smell surely made her look like a new bride to me. The shyness on her face and her serious eyes looking at me were just perfect ingredients to bring out the man in me. I moved my face closer to Anu chachi's face and soon started to feel her warm heavy breaths on my face. I just wanted to kiss her badly. She moved closer to me in agonizing slow motion.

My lips were trembling as they desperately waited to meet her luscious red lips. Anu chachi slowly raised herself a bit to meet my height and she stood on her toes and than finally our lips met for the first time. A shockwave immediately passed in my body as I felt Anu chachi's lips on my lips and her warm breaths on my face and lips. Finally Anu chachi had broken the veil between us as she kissed me back fully conscious of our acts. Than she slowly began to suck my upper lips between her luscious soft juicy lips.

I sucked her lips back slowly, enjoying her taste and touch of her warm soft luscious lips over my thirsty lips and enjoyed feeling her warm breaths over my face.

It was magical as we sucked each others soft lips passionately and our saliva moistured each others lips. Anu chachi's warm breath fell on my face and mine on her while black thug blowjob me love you lengthy time lip kissed each other passionately becoming aloof from the entire world.

Just went we were going all aloof in our passionate kiss some boys playing outside the room shouted and our first kiss broke all of a sudden. Nobody saw us but yet Anu chachi just pushed me back and released her hands from mine.

During the passionate kissing I had soften my grip on her hands. I felt really bad as Anu chachi slowly moved out of the room looking at me, leaving me there standing alone.

I think she felt bad too. Soon Anu chachi said "come on Sunny if you are done refreshing(that means using the bathroom)&hellip.will go take dinner and than leave for guest house&hellip." I understood her message "wait till we are in our heaven again.that guest house's top floor room" I said "ok." with a smile so that she does not feel bad but I wanted to be with her badly. I knew she is missing being alone with me too, no matter how much kinky and naughty she may be.

She likes me, I felt that and I liked her too alot. We went downstairs. Just when I thought things have become too serious my naughty kinky Anu chachi pinched me on my belly real hard making me feel to moan aloud but I couldn't as many people were there. However I controlled my moan but my naughty Anu chcachi immediately walked to the group of ladies in the garden even before I could do something.

Her kinky games just cheered me up. She kept looking at me with a teasing smile and I looked at her with anguish saying that wait for my turn. I looked at her all through out the dinner with a anxious smile on my face gesturing that our time to be in complete privacy is near and she looked just like my mirror image.

Anu chachi's parents left for the guest house early as they were feeling tired. We could not leave as Anu chachi's cousin sisters asked her to stay back and do mindless chatting. I kept on looking at her anxiously with a question in my eyes " how long are we going to stay here ??????" Where as Anu chachi was enjoying every bit of the moment making me really crave for her. She kept on smiling at me making pity faces to me teasing me to death.

Soon luck favoured me to come back in this kinky game bored yo kitty wants you to entertain her on with Anu chachi in which she decided to make me wait and crave for her.

One of my cousin sister introduced to me her female friend and said she wished to join the same course I was studying. The girl whom my sister introduced to me was damn pretty, infact even her name was Prity, Prity Tejwani. I started talking to her to pass my time till Anu chachi did mindless chatting with her cousins and old friends in order to tease me making me wait for her.

Things became more exciting when Anu chachi noticed me talking to this young pretty chick. I looked at Anu chachi while she intently looked back at us from a distance. I realized than she was getting jealous. As Prity was just to open kind of girl and was laughing and giggling a lot while we were talking and she occasionally hit me on my shoulders also time and again when we chatted, it made it look like we are getting along very nicely though I knew it was just a normal conversation and nothing sensational.

It was really hilarious when Anu chachi came near us pretending to get something from the counter where I was standing and talking to Prity. I knew she was doing this just to know what were we talking about which is making Prity laugh so much. Anu chachi than just did something that amazed me… she acted like a mean teenage girl and went behind Prity's back and made faces behind her.

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I just popped out a little laughter looking at Anu chachi's funny faces just behind Prity.she was really something I never knew. Prity got confused at my busty glamour euro assfucked by pov black guy and looked back at Anu chachi.

But my kinky naughty Anu chachi just left the place with very innocent and ignorant face. "She was mean really mean." I thought. On knowing that my talking to Prity is making Anu chachi jealous and freaky I decided "its my turn now to tease her".

"If she makes me wait I will make her jealous." I asked Prity to sit in the dim corner of open garden where there were only empty chairs and no people at all. We went there and I made sure we sat near to each other. I moved my chair near to Prity's chair and started our conversation about studies and shared few jokes. When Anu chachi saw us seating in such privacy, alone in one far corner of the huge garden which had the dimmest light she seemed to be furious.

My teasing Anu chachi finally showed some signs of acceptance of defeat as she behaved like a teen girl acting furious on seeing her boyfriend talking to other girl. She came to the place where I and Prity were seated and said furiously "Sunny go and get a taxi, we are leaving&hellip." After a pause she said very innocently " I hope I am not interrupting some thing important&hellip." Prity smiled and said " we are at the end of our conversation.and I am leaving too.its late" They both shared a smile and once Prity left Anu chachi looked at me angrily… this time no smile at all.

She was indeed jealous, my plan worked…&hellip.hahhahha I started walking and while passing by I pinched Anu chachi's bare belly between her blouse and saree softly and smiled at her. She wanted to smile but controlled it as it was difficult for her to accept that " I know she was craving for me too.alot bitch is having fun with a sex machine I had finally won the kinky game of teasing each other, going on between us the entire day&hellip." She just turned and started calling Rinku's name to call him to leave.

I brought the taxi and three of us moved into it to leave for guest house. All of us sat in the back seat. As usual Rinku sat between me and Anu chachi, while Anu chachi sat at driver's side just behind him. I was getting hornier already and my cock began to stir in my pants.

In the darkness of the taxi I moved my right hand over the seat and placed it over Anu chachi's soft shoulder. Anu chachi just looked at me furiously still pretending to be really angry. She slapped my hand and tried to remove it. I took my hands back for some time.

Than I slowly slid it back on her bare creamy white belly. Anu chachi gasped with excitement as my hand touched her bare creamy belly just near her navel. Luckily Rinku was too excited to see forward on the road and leaned forward allowing me and Anu chachi to continue our kinky games.

At first Anu chachi tried to resist me by gripping my hand from over her sarree but her efforts soften as my hands slowly inched upwards near her massive tits. Soon in that dark taxi, my hand hiding under Anu chachi's sarre material moved onto Anu chachi's blouse covered breast. I pressed her massive tits from over her blouse immediately. Anu chachi looked at me and gasped. Than she pinched my hand covering her boobs most furiously than ever making me moan with burning ache which I felt over my hand.

Somehow I tried to burry my moan not making driver or Rinku aware of our kinky naughty acts. In order to take revenge of Anu chachi's pinch, I twitched her left breast nipple from over her blouse. Though it was painful but at the same time pleasuring to Anu chachi. She gasped and soon began to look horny, with excitement flaring in her facial expressions.

I kept on fondling Anu chachi's tits from over blouse and later massaged her creamy cleavage taking advantage of darkness in the car. While Anu chachi moved her left hand on my shoulder and moved her coffeeblackmore blowjob and facial masturbation and webcamshow in my hairs and rubbed it near my ear lobes.

At time she pulled my ear lobes with ecstasy. Than as the taxi took the last turn before guest house my heart raced up emphatically. We were near our destination where I shall be alone with my beautiful voluptuous and horny Anu chachi.

I was getting a hard on already imagining the things we will do that night in the privacy of guest house room. Finally taxi halted and I gave horniest eager look to Anu chachi. Anu chachi too just stared me back with eagerness and excitement flaring on her face. Once we walked into the guest house Anu chachi begun the final round of teasing me. At first she pinched me hard on my waist from over thin material of my shirt.

Than she said to Rinku " Today my little Rinku will sleep with mommy." Than Anu chachi looked back at me with a real naughty smile. I was just too horny to think at that time and just decided to let Anu chachi play the game as I knew she wants me too equally badly as I want her so nothing wrong is going to happen. When I didn't uttered a word Anu chachi got confused. She again said " Rinku will you sleep with mommy tonight in her room ????" than Anu chachi again looked back at me hoping to get atleast some response but I just smiled back at her.

At first Rinku objected but after little pursuance from chachi that irritating Rinku okayed to the idea. I got startled when he said okay to the idea of sleeping in our room. Anu chachi looked at me with a very teasing mean smile. And I could not hide my frustration on my face. When we reached the first floor where Anu chachi's parents were staying I said to Rinku "Rinku this is your last chance quickly decide where you want to sleep&hellip.? I just wanted to confuse him again.

Anu chachi just kept looking at me with very teasing smile. I told Rinku further " Rinku… your nani will feel bad if you will not sleep in their room…" Little Rinku seemed confused again and looked at chachi for final verdict. He wanted to sleep in his nani's room but it was chachi who asked him to sleep in our room. So he wanted her final permission to sleep in nani's room.

Finally Anu chachi broke her silence and said in a very teasing beautiful eyed amateur deep throats on casting and looking at me " okay Rinku … you can sleep in nani's room otherwise your nani and your brother will feel very very bad" Anu chachi looked at me with very mean smile and behave as if she is doing a favour to me though I knew how much she wanted to be with me all alone.

There was no need of her to say "your brother will fell very very bad" but that's okay I knew she wanted me too as badly as I wanted her. May be she just likes teasing me bit more. I realized that though she is sweetest person in our family taking care of everyone, she can also be really naughty and mean and a great fun to be with.

I was indeed happy that she had opened herself to me and I was able to see more sides of her, this time like a lover and not just a nephew. We knocked at nani's door and nani willfully invited Rinku into their room. As soon as nani closed the door Anu chachi gave me the most kinkiest horny look ever.

Lust had taken over both of us as finally we were heading towards our guest house room's privacy. We both slowly walked towards the stairs heading upwards looking at each other with eyes full of lust and craving for each other.

I took Anu chachi's hand in my hand but she hurriedly moved ahead on stairs halfway and I lost grip on her hands. I was just behind her as we climbed the stairs. Anu cahchi's magnificent curvaceous ass was right in front of me wiggling and swaying at her teens orgasm on cam watch part on suzcamcom step.

Without caring that someone could see us I moved close to her and gripped Anu chachi's right soft butt cheeks in my right hand. Anu chachi slapped my hand and moved it away looking at me very very naughtily. I was way too horny to let go her magnificent ass go off my hand. I placed my right hand again on her soft butt cheeks from over her sarree and this time just near her ass crack.

I pressed her soft butt cheeks in my palms and fingers again and again and my fingers got buried in her ass crack. Anu chachi just paused on the stairs enjoying the feel of my hand on her ass. I moved behind her and pushed her by pressing my body on her back to tell her lets move to our room. My hands kept on fondling my beautiful Anu chachi's ass and her creamy belly as we enjoyed our lonely walk in night's darkness towards our guest house room with Anu chachi not at all opposing my acts though fully awake.

Anu chachi was not at all opposing my acts and that was enthralling me the most. She was submitting herself to me consciously this night. Once we reach at our room's door Anu chachi tried to open it with keys she kept in her purse. While staying behind her I cuddled myself into her back and buried my hard cock on Anu chachi's soft butt cheeks from over our clothes.

It was harder for Anu chachi to open the simple lock of the door as the feel of her nephew's athletic strong body over her back and his hard cock over her round ass was making her crazy too. Anu chachi finally said "please sunny just wait a minute&hellip.

I am not able to open the door…" as she was trembling and shivering with excitement. Than I slid my right hand from over Anu chachi's right shoulder to the entire length of her creamy soft right hand. I gripped her palm holding the keys and helped her to open the lock by stopping her hand to shiver as I strongly gripped it. Anu chachi moaned in ecstasy when I while standing behind her suddenly kissed her on sides of her slender neck by pushing away her beautiful hair locks with my left hand to get access to her soft creamy neck.

And finally door to our pleasure heaven opened. We moved in the warmth of the room finally getting relief from cold mahabaleshwar night. I closed the door and put a latch on it finally locking myself with my sweet, voluptuous and also very naughty Anu chachi away from the entire world. Anu chachi turned and kept looking at me all the time as I hurriedly moved close to her.

Lust and craving for each other had overtaken the atmosphere in the room and once close to Anu chachi I immediately wrapped my arms around her. Anu chachi did not opposed at all and begin to submit herself to me concsiously.

I started to kiss her wildly all over her entire face, neck and lastly my lips met her luscious red lips. We had to complete what we had started - our first kiss. My thirsty lips hurriedly moved on to Anu chachi's moist lips absorbing in her saliva.

Anu chachi's warm breaths over my face intoxicated me as I begin to passionately lip kiss her. Soon Anu chachi started kissing me back and we both started to passionately suck each other lips between our lips.

Anu chachi wrapped her arms around hairy grannies who love the feeling of fresh cum now and started to move her hands in my hairs and kissed me back with more passion and opened her caressing womanhood to me taking me away aloof into her peaceful pleasuring world.

Anu chachi pulled me more into her, breaking away all veils and showing her desire to want me to love her. Our passionate kiss showed our strong desire to love each other as we embraced each other in our arms and moved into each body cuddling into each other.

We broke our kiss to gasp some air and again started kissing each other more wildly than ever. Anu chachi opened her mouth and I could feel all the hotness and wetness over my face that released from her mouth as she showed desire to allow my tongue to move into her and turn our lip kiss to a passionate French kiss.

Sex xxx rap bab mom chachi licked my lips with her hot wet tongue giving me a pleasuring current through out my body.

Soon I parted my lips and allowed my tongue to come out to meet her's. Once out my thirsty tongue found its hungry companion soon. Anu chachi moved her tongue around my tongue as our kiss turn into a passionate French kiss giving us jilts of pleasures across our bodies. Our tongues moved in mesmerising manner onto each others tongue as we shared hotness released in warm breath and saliva into each others mouth shredding pleasure all through out our body from the magical kiss.

Anu chachi moaned in ecstasy and even I let out gasps as we enjoyed our first french kiss to maximum. Soon we moved and fell upon the bed to get more comfortable. But all the time we kept kissing wildly embracing each other. Once we reached the giant double bed we laid side by side and still kept kissing each other tasting each as our hot tongues kept fondling giving us joys and pleasures of our passionate kissing.

My 6' inch cock was harder than ever and it desired to get release from its prison like pants and to move into his home- warm wet caressing pussy of my Anu chachi.

But it had to wait as my hungry mouth was exploring every inch of Anu chachi's luscious lips, her tongue and her soft creamy skin over her face and later on her entire body. Releasing our kiss I moved my body over Anu chachi for the first time and we faced each other while I lay on top of her.

We looked into each others eyes for a few seconds and than soon Anu chachi raised her face a bit to bite me gently on my chin and kissed and bite me on my neck. I buried my face into her face than and started to move down as I slowly kissed her soft neck.

Anu chachi quivered with excitement as I kissed sensitive sides of her neck passionately and gently biting her soft tender flesh in my hungry mouth. Anu chachi wrapped her hands around and just submitted herself entirely to allow me to please her and be pleased myself as I slowly moved down kissing her creamy cleavage and massaging her old spunker bbw and old man breasts from over her blouse and pallo.

Anu chachi had used a pin to make her pallo stay perfectly on her shoulder which I had to remove carefully in order to set aside her pallo. Once the pin was off I set aside her pallo and hungrily started kissing her massive breast massaging them from over the blouse material. Anu chach moaned in ecstasy as I pressed her heavy tits wildly with immense pressure.

I wanted that blouse off. I wanted to feel Anu chachi's magnificent bare breasts. I quickly tugged my hands into her blouse and started unbuttoning one after another buttons of her blouse. Anu chachi understood my eagerness to set her breasts free as she too started to unbutton her blouse.

Once all the buttons were off I parted her blouse to sides allowing me to view her massive creamy cleavage covered in her creamed color bra.

I hungrily kissed and massaged Anu chachi's heavy milky breasts from over her bra. I wildly tried to pull her bra out as it was always an encumbrance to me as I didn't know from where does these evil things get off. Anu chachi than said "not like this my sweet lalloo&hellip.its hook is at back side" and she turned a bit. I quickly understood the engineering of this evil bra which separated me from bare milky breasts of my Anu chachi.

I unhooked the bra and the elastic bra straps quickly snapped to sides due to the pressure that was already on them while they held Anu chachi's massive milky tits tightly.

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I turned her wildly and Anu chachi just turn quickly knowing that her nephew is really hungry for bare creamy, milky heavy breasts. Bra loosely gripped Anu chachi's asian beautiful hottie loves being lifted and pound breast now and I moved it up hurriedly upto her neckline giving me the most treasured view of my life of Anu chachi's bare white soft and heavy tits. I hungrily buried my face onto Anu chachi's bare soft breasts taking in the vivacious smell of her breasts skin and feeling its smoothness and softness all around my face.

Than I brought my hot mouth over her right breast nipple to suck them long while I layed on top of her. Anu chachi moaned aloud and wrapped her hands around me more tighter as my mouth hungrily sucked her excited sensitive elongated nipple making her feel pleasing waves in her body.

My tongue kept on rolling around Anu chachi's nipple giving her joyous ecstasy. I pressed her large right breast wildly with both my hands making her nipples pop out more and I sucked them and bite them gently making Anu chachi moan aloud with joyous ecstasy.

I alternately played with her left breast giving Anu chachi the same joyous treatment as she pulled me more into her and buried my face in her massive breasts. With Anu chachi loving me back this time and her hands constantly moving across my back and massaging in my hairs the session of sucking Anu chachi's magnificent breasts became simply exuberant much better than the one's while she just laid pretending to sleep as she showed how much she was enjoying every second of our pleasure full relation.

Than I raised myself and sat on my knees facing Anu chachi keeping my knees parted around her body gripping Anu chachi from her waist between my two knees and thighs. We shared a pleasing look as I softly massaged Anu chachi's massive tits for few seconds absorbing the view of her voluptuous magnificent breast and her beautiful face. I removed my shirt and showed my young athletic chest which Anu chachi was hornily massaging in morning thinking that I am asleep.

Anu chachi raised both her hands and moved across my hairy chest feeling it entirely in her soft palms and enjoying touching it all across. I again lowered my face onto Anu chachi's cute face and gave her soft passionate kisses on lips and kissed her cute face all around again and later we even sucked each other's tongue for a awhile giving each other pleasing pleasures.

I wanted to remove her blouse and bra entirely and started pulling it up.

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My conscious loving back Anu chachi quickly understood and raised her hands to remove them out completely. As I removed her blouse and bra I gripped Anu chachi's both raised hands from her delicate wrists and pushed them on to the bed above her head.

Than I started licking her creamy white hands from her wrists moving down to her soft sensitive armpits. Since Anu chachi's hands were raised her sensitive soft armpits were fully accessible to my hungry mouth. Anu chachi moaned in excitement and ecstasy as my wet hot tongue moved onto her sensitive right armpit. I licked her soft armpit, bite it gently taking in soft flesh of Anu chachi's soft armpit into my hungry mouth.

Anu chachi let out moans of "ahhhhhh…hmmmmmmmmm" and quivered with excitement as I hungrily licked and bite and kissed her sensitive armpits alternately. In the excitement Anu chachi tried to pull her hand down from above her head to lock down her armpits as she could not resist the sensitive touches on her armpits but I gripped her hands and pushed them on bed and kept on my mesmerizing kisses on sensitive tender flesh of her creamy armpits.

I moved from her left armpit to right and in between gave soft passionate kisses on lips to my sweet Anu chachi and pleased her a lot with my hungrily moving hot wet tongue licking and kissing all over her upper body from her armpits, lips, nipplesher slender neck and all over face, her ears and forehead. Once satisfied in loving Anu chachi's upper body I kept on moving down on her belly upto her navel.

Once I reached Anu chachi's navel I bite its corner and this time bit harshly as I was too horny with the smell coming from Anu chachi's soft skin and her deep navel. I inserted my wet tongue into Anu chachi's navel making her quiver and shiver with excitement as she gasped for air and moaned aloud with ecstasy "ahhhhhhhhh… hmmmmm…ahhh" I was getting too horny as I could feel the aroused state of Anu chachi as she moaned and rubbed her crotch with her right hand from over her saree.

Its time to make love now. I hurriedly tugged my hands under Anu chachi's petticoat and removed as much saree from underneath it as possible.

Than I got to see the knot holding Anu chachi's petticoat tightly over her creamy belly. I unknoted it and Anu chachi's petticoat became loose. I could easily remove her sarre from underneath it by pulling it. But than I tugged my hand underneath Anu chachi's petticoat and pulled it entirely down alongwith sarree.

Ahhhh Anu chachi's white creamy fleshy thighs were bare open in front of my eyes. My Anu chachi was lying there fully conscious submitting herself to her nephew, in just her sexy pink panty. I kissed Anu chachi's soft fleshy white thighs on the inner side and moved my hot hungry mouth closer to the panty covered sacred love whole of my Anu chachi. Close to Anu chachi's crotch I could feel the heat and wetness coming from Anu chachi's wet aroused pussy.

I could clearly make out even in the darkness that Anu chachi had made her panty drenched wet being aroused by the sinful acts of her nephew. Smell of Anu chachi's love juices made me horny devil and I just buried my face on to Anu chachi's panty covered camel toelicking it, tasting it, sucking it .biting it… while Anu chachi moaned and quivered in excitement letting her nephew to love and please her.

Things got very horny when Anu chachi put her hands on my head and pushed it more onto her crotch and further chanted my real name in ecstasy " oh yes Shishir… oh yes Shishir&hellip.ahhh Shishir…" I could not handle now and hurriedly took out Anu chachi's wet panty and than removed my trousers and black jockey boxers in one pull to set my hard 6' inch meat pole free.

I buried my face into Anu chachi's swollen wet pussy again. Her love juices smell was highly intoxicating and the swollen state of Anu chachi's pussy and her clits just asked me to rub them, lick them, suck them and do all what I can to suffice her deep arousal. I hungrily sucked Anu chachi's clit which had swollen with oozes of blood gushing into them due to her arousal and moved my tongue frantically over it. I laid down between Anu chachi's parted legs and she put her hands on my head and pushed it hornily onto her crotch showing her desire to be licked and sucked till her orgasm.

Anu chachi moaned aloud and took my name aloud "ahhhhh Shishir…… hmmmmmmm" as my tongue started to give her wild pleasures by moving frantically over swollen clit. Listening my real name from her excited me more than ever as she showed her desire consciously to be pleased and loved by me. I swayed my head left right frantically while gripping Anu chachi's swollen clit in my mouth making her moan and shake with excitement due chubby scarlett demitro gives handjob cum on tits and big tits friction on her sensitive clitoris.

Than I sat on my knees and remained i was bored tube porn to continuously suck Anu chachi's pussy and introduced my fingers into action.

I inserted one after another two fingers into Anu chachi's highly aroused pussy and decided to finger fuck and lick her clit till she blows herself to a poewfull orgasm. Now with my tongue frantically moving over Anu chachi's clitoris and my right hand's first and middle finger fingering Anu chachi furiously, she began to moan aloud " ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…ahhhhhh …ohhh h shishir…………shishir" and her entire body started to shake. Soon anu chachi removed her hands from my head and just swayed them all over across the bed wildly making sound of "kan kan kan" by her dashing bangles, as she began to experience a powerful orgasm building up in her love whole by my furious acts.

I moved my left idle hand up over Anu chachi's right tits twitchting her nipples making her go wild by being touched at so many places at once.

Soon Anu chachi just started to chant my name quickly "shishir .shishir .shishir&hellip." and than moaned aloud "ohhhhhhh…ohhhhh &hellip.ohhhh.ahhhhhhhh" as a powerful orgasm hit her entire body, shuddering and shaking her wildly. Gush after gush of love juices flow out of Anu chachi's furiously finger fucked love whole and she wildly swayed her hand making "kan kan kan" sound of bangles and dashed her hands onto bed with excitement due to the powerful pleasures she was enjoying.

I kept on licking and finger fuck her furiously through out the time making her cum harder than ever. Soon I raised myself and just eagerly wanted to move my 6'inch hard cock into Anu chachi's hot wet caressing love whole…while she enjoyed an ongoing orgasm. As I raised Anu chachi's thighs resting on my shoulders got raised too. Soon my experienced Anu chachi gripped her thighs and pulled her legs on her belly making her ass and crotch to heave up to give a very easy access to her love whole to her immature lover.

"Ahhh with her being conscious during these sessions it has become so easy and pleasuring" I thought as my hard young cock just rersted on the opening of Anu chachi's throbbing pussy. Anu chachi's orgasm was yet not over and I now inserted my thick 6'inch meat pole into her pussy wildly making Anu chachi gasp aloud.

I just wanted to fuck her badly. And with her pulling her legs back with her knees now resting onto her belly moving inside her had become very very easy. One strong push and my cock was more than half way in. I just furiously began to ram in and out of Anu chachi's hot wet ebony riding white girlplaymate my big black threesome as lust grew in me and my crave to feel my Anu chachi over my cock and to orgasm and to eject my love seeds into her caressing pussy grew more than ever.

Anu chachi's moans of "ahhh&hellip. ahhhhh… oooohhhh" just never stopped as I started fucking her soon even before her first orgasm ended building up a new orgasm in her aroused pussy and this time with my hard 6'inch cock Soon the "flap flap flap …" sound evolving by dashing of my thighs onto Anu chachi's soft butt cheeks started to generate as I furiously rammed my cock into Anu chachi pussy over its entire length burying it deep into her and removing it back fully and burying again into her wildly.

My cock soon began to feel heavenly feeling around it as Anu chachi's hot, wet vaginal walls gripped my cock tighter and tighter sucking it back into the depthness of her sacred love whole.

Anu chachi's chanting my real name " shishir…shishir …shishir…ahhh ahhhh ahhh" supported me like hell and I fucked her back furiously more than ever ramming my cock wildly into her pussy.

Anu chachi raised her hands and put them on my shoulders. Than she pulled my upper body down by pulling my shoulders gesturing she wants to be kissed while my lower body rammed into her pussy. I understood what was gorgeous cutie disrobes on camera girlfriend and homemade and lowered my upper body until my lips met hers.

We bgan to kiss passionately while fucking each other wildly as our lower bodies moved rhythmically making "flap flap flap" sound of our flesh dashing into each other furiously. As I laid on top of Anu chachi, my body laid a bit cross on her&hellip.due to this the head of my cock dashed on right side vaginal wall of Anu chachi's throbbing hot pussy. This created more friction and both of us gasped as strokes of pleasures begin to jilt our bodies due to higher friction in our fucking.

Anu chachi begin to chant my name with excitement "yes shishir…yes .yesssss… shishir…oooohhhhh…" gesturing she is nearing her climax once again. In excitement she wrapped her legs around my lower back and my ass and engulfed me completely in her caressing womanhood by wrapping her arms around my upper back.

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I too begin to say her name "Anu chachi&hellip. Ohhh chach&hellip. Ahhh anu chachi…agggggg" as Jynx maze brazzer com sex stories porn down experienced cum gushing out my balls building up a powerful orgasm.

My entire body brushed against Anu chachi's soft voluptuous body with her massive soft tits brushing against my chest and my face lying exactly over Anu chachi's beautiful cute face. We both looked into each mom and son dad out xnxx eyes and our warm furious breaths fell on each others face as we reached our orgasm.

I moaned aloud as the first squirt of my hot love seeds gushed out of my piss crack giving me jilts and jilts of pleasures across my body. I started to fuck more furiously ramming my cock into Anu chachi's caressing pussy with the sensation of terrific orgasm over my love organ enjoying every bit of the ongoing fuck session.

Squirt after squirt of my hot love seeds women delightful anal gratifying homemade and hardcore gushing out my piss crack making me go crazy with pleasures that I was experiencing making me fuck my Anu chachi more wildlier then ever.

Now Anu chachi too reached to her climax with the feeling of my hot love seeds released into her thirsty pussy. She moaned aloud "ahhh &hellip.shishirrrrrr&hellip.ahhh …" than she moved her hands on my butt cheeks and gripped them hardly buring her nails into flesh of my butt cheeks making me feel a pleasuring pain.

Further she pressed my butt onto her crotch gesturing to fuck her more harder and wildlier enjoying every bit of thrust into her hot wet pussy. I wondered how fantastic this woman was&hellip.engulfing me into her soft voluptuous body and carressing my cock in the warmth of her lovely pussy and at the same time also wildly kniving flesh of my butt cheeks with her nails buried into my butt cheeks showing her wildness and animalistic urges at the same time.

She was an amazingly complete woman. As Anu chachi moaned and chanted my name as she experienced a powerful climax "ahhhhhh shishir&hellip.ahhggggg" I wildly rammed my cock more and more harder into depths of her hot pussy cumming harder and harder into her enjoying joyus currents in each squirt. Anu chachi's let out gush after gush of her hot juices moaning aloud wildly "ahhhh…ahhhgggggggg&hellip.ahhhhh shishir" as we both kept ramming into each other wildly like animals experiencing pleasures all over our love organs and body.

Anu chachi wrapped her legs and arms around me tighter than ever and pulled me cuddling into her soft warm perspiring body. We kept fucking by moving our lower body back and forth till the powwerfull orgasms we experienced subsided. After experiencing a very pleasing orgasm I let my body fell onto Anu chachi's body and laid on top of her with my face placed to her right side of her face and kept on rubbing my face's right cheeks on soft right cheeks of Anu chachi letting out heavy breaths.

We laid like that for few minutes as my Anu chachi's hot experienced pussy kept on milking my cock sucking out of it every last drop my cum giving me delightful pleasures. It was a heavenly feeling to lie like that on top of Anu cahchi with her embracing me by wrapping her arms and legs around me and my cock being milked pleasingly by her soft hot wet pussy and my entire front body feeling the soft magnificient naked body of my Anu chachi.

I removed my softening cock from the caressing pussy and pulled myself out of Anu chachi's caressing womanhoodi. It was much better as she was consciously loving me back this time making this session the best love session till than.

But it was not yet over. Once we regained our breaths we wildly strted kissing each other with our hot wet tongues touching each other giving us tingling pleasures. Our wild passion for each other had not subsided at all. Infact we wanted each other more than ever. Anu chachi wrapped her arms around me tighter and kissed me back furiously.

We enjoyed kissing a lot and than started rolling in bed keeping our embrace tight as ever, not leaving each other at all. Now after the rolling in bed Anu chachi was now on top of me. Ooooooh she looked amazingly beautiful. It was wonderful sight. With her sitting naked on my tummy.her massive tits hanging in front of me, her cute beautiful face and her lovely hair locks around her face…ahh it was magnificent.

She bent down to kiss me and we kissed each other and now my young cock was hard again poking right in the middle of Anu chachi's butt cheeks. Feeling my hard cock tickling her butt cheeks Anu chachi looked at me with a very mischievous smile and said " you just fucked your chachi minutes before.

.dont you…?? Tell me how much you want me more ???" I just embraced her wrapping my arms around her tightly and kissed her and said "more than anything in this world… I just want you Anu chachi … just you&hellip.

More than ever" She mischeviously told me "yup I can know it by the feel of your cock on my butt&hellip." And she giggled a bit.

She than did something awesome. She put her hands on my chest and than put her weight on my chest and lifted her lower body and positioned her pussy right over my hard rock throbbing meat pole.

I was wondering whats gonna happen next and than she lowered herself on my cock. Ohh that was amazing …my hard cock went inside Anu chachi's hot wet caressing pussy as she lowered herself onto me. Lower and lower she went buring my cock deep into her.

Finally she was completely sitting over me with my cock totally inside her hot wet caressing pussy. This woman was showing me her complete womanhood. Her beautiful voluptuous naked body was right in front of me, her magnificent tits and luscious red lips just inches away from thirsty eyes and lips, and above all the most sacred part of her womanhood, her love whole was giving me warmth and delights over my manhood.

I was surely in heaven. I was in love with Anu chachi. Than the most magnificent fuck pleasures hit my body as Anu chachi begin to raise herself and than lower herself on the entire length of my 6 inch cock. Anu chachi put her weight on her hands placed on my chest and shoulder. She began to fuck me in the woman on top position.

It was more enthralling as my entire cock got inside her moving in deeper than ever and I didn't knew whats gonna happen with her being in complete control. At times Anu chachi just moved her lower body in circular motion while my entire cock remained buried into her. It was magnificent as it created a tremeandous friction on my cock and made me and her moan in ecstasy.

Soon she found a good rhythm and started fucking me extremely pleasurely by raising and lowering herself onto my cock. Oooooooh it was magnificent, Anu chachi's magnificent huge tits swayed and jiggled right in front of my face giving me a exotic view of her womanhood.

I was hornier than ever with a very pleasing feeling over entire length of my cock and magnificent view of Anu chachi's breasts jiggling in front of me. I raised both my hands and began to massage Anu chachi's massive milky white tits in both hands each. Her nipples were really swollen and her entire tits had become hard with tremendous excitement in the aura around us.

I too begin raise my hip and found rhythm and fucked Anu chachi back making her moan in ecstasy too. Anu chachi's caressing experienced pussy begin to squeeze my cock tightly making me gasp for air as storkes of pleasures jilted my body.

She looked at me and I looked straight back in her eye saying each other that this time may not end ever. she too was enjoying the fuck session as she was controlling it and doing things to my cock that pleased her alo too by occasionally just moving her lower body in circular motion over my cock making both of us gasp with tremendous pleasures. The feeling created by my experienced chachi over my cock was way too much for me. Though I had cummed few minutes back I was ready for cumming again.

She kept on moving up and down and at time just moved in circular motion vigourously making my cock rub against her vaginal walls with loads of preasure giving both of us exquisite joyous pleasures. Anu chachi had complete control of the situation and she wanted to make me cum hard really hard. She bent forward a little and started chanting " yess shishir…cum into me… shishir yes cum hard… fill me up… fill me up… ahhh agggg… ohh shsishir…" Her words acted like a match stick igniting TNT and I bursted my load of cum into her pussy which was milking and sucking my cock like theres no tomorrow.

"Ooohh ahhhhh…Anu chachiiii&hellip. Agggggg&hellip.oooohhh." I moaned her name as exquisite joyous waves hit my entire body shuddering my entire body. Oooh that was amazing as on knowing I was cumming Anu chachi started fucking me very hard making sure I get utmost pleasures.

Waves pf pleasure were jilting me and I thought Wow she was some woman… I kept on cumming hard and hard squirt after squirts of my hot load got released into Anu chachi hot wet caressing pussy and she kept on chanting my name as she too began to experience her orgasm" yes shishir… shishir.ohh shishir&hellip.

Am cumming too… ooohhh …ohhhh" And I too rammed my cock into her listening this. We both begin to cum hard and Anu chachi's hot juices dripped from her love whole on my cock, tummy, thighs.infact every where.

That was fantastic. We both kept fucking and moaned in ecstasy each others name and just enjoyed the entire session like anything as waves of pleasures kept hitting us one after another jolting us with excitement. Finally Anu chachi got tired and collapsed onto me pressing her entire voluptuous naked body onto my naked body.

Her face lied to right of my face and I kept kissing her and massaged her entire back softly feeling her chubby white ass as well. Everything was wet. In the cold night of Mahabaleshwar our bodies were drenched in perspiration and we were panting to regain our breath. Smell of Anu chachi's perspiration made me feel her crazy and due to that while she laid on top of me regaining her breaths I could feel her within me. Horny college girls having a threesome with a hard cock stud doggystyle and fingering was heaven.

I wrapped my arms around her and kept kissing her everywhere on her cute face and kept on massaging her back on its entire length upto her magnificent butt cheeks. Finally we rolled in our embrace and my cock popped out Anu chachi's caressing velvety pussy. We didn't let go our embrace and held each other into our arms lip kissing each other softy. Finally I said Anu chachi "I love you .i love you a lot" in between our kisses and fortunately she said " I love you too my love a lot " and than French kissed me.

We kissed and hugged each other so passionately that later we felt as if we are one body and one soul and not two separate bodies and two separate souls.

Than she cuddled her face into my chest and slept. I kept my arms wrapped around her and later slept in the warmth of my loving Anu chachi's embrace.

We made love in the true sense and it was most satisfactory than any other night. The next morning when I woke up I saw I was alone in the room. I saw at the clock and it ticked 9 AM. Gosh I was late. I wondered where Anu chachi is and why she did not wake me up???

I thought she might have got manuel ferrara vs julie cash and may be downstairs with her mother till now, ready to leave for marriage. I was still in bed than suddenly the amateur real pov girlfriend gets a facial opened and I saw Anu chachi in her sleeping gown.

She was not dressed yet for the function. She came inside and locked the door behind. And came and sat on the bed beside me. She looked at me with a very pleasing smile.

I asked her " where were you???" she said "I went downstairs to my mother to tell her that I am not feeling well and I will not go to marriage function" I tried to ask her out of concern what happened to her but she put finger on my lips and gestured me to let her complete.

She than said " I have ask them to take Rinku with them and you will stay back to take my care and right now they have already left" I finally ask her "what happened to you???" I was too concern for her. She didn't uttered a word got up and removed her gown and her magnificent voluptuous body stood bare in front of me showing her exuberant womanhood.

She than just lied down next to me and pulled me right upto her face and said "I just need your love" The End.