Legal age teenager cookie is nailed well

Legal age teenager cookie is nailed well
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This is a continuation of a story about a family that submits to their black neighbor. If you do not like stories about gay, interracial, incest, bestiality, or young sex, please move on.

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If you do like those topics, please enjoy. I do appreciate CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Owned Family CH2: Are You Being Served The events of last night played over and over in my head throughout the day. Ty's huge black cock mouth, his cum on my face, his offer for my family; all of it kept my dick hard as I worked on getting the house presentable for dinner with Ty tonight. I was still unsure about Ty's offer.

If we were to agree, I would be making almost $250,000 a year. If nothing else a year, hell six months, would get me and my family out of the financial bind it was in. On the other hand I knew that if we agreed, I would be sucking a lot more cock. The thought of sucking cock excited me. The thought of being excited scared me.

I think Laura was in a similar boat. She was constantly back and forth about accepting. By the time Laura started dinner we had decided to at least talk with Ty about it. I was setting the table when the doorbell chimed. I looked at the clock, he was twenty minutes early. I made my way to the door and found my large black neighbor waiting with a briefcase in hand. He still made me feel small. I welcomed him in and directed him to the living room.

Ty and I exchanged pleasantries as Laura came into the room and told us dinner would be ready in a little while. The three of us talked about unimportant things of the day. The tension in the room could be cut by a knife with the exception of Ty, he was perfectly relaxed. Ty didn't allow the small talk to go on for very long, "What have the two of you decided about my offer?" Laura and I exchanged glances, Laura was the one to speak first, "Well, its ahh, well, we would like to know more before we make a final decision." Ty nodded, "That's expected.

What questions or concerns do you have?" "We can choose to end being your…" Laura hesitated for a moment. "Slaves." Ty said for her. "Slaves," Laura whispered before continuing her question, "at any time and just walk away right?" Ty nodded again, "If you walk away the worst thing that happens is James will be let go from being my financial adviser and thus he will be unemployed again." Laura, seeming satisfied, moved on to our next concern, "What about our kids, I don't want them mixed up in amateur teen couple hot fucking on webcam. James and I are adults and can make this kind of decision." "How old are your kids?" Ty calmly replied.

"Adam and Zoey are twelve year old twins, and Mel is almost sixteen." She sunny leone xxx idesex stories 2019. "Are any of them sexually active yet?" Ty asked. Laura hesitated, and again we shared a glance. By her look I knew she wanted me to field this question, "The twins aren't. At least I hope not. Mel has had a couple boyfriends but I don't think she has done anything with them." Ty just stared at me sensing there was more.

"We caught Mel posting videos on the internet last year." "What kind of videos?" Ty pressed. I forced myself to say it, "It was of her having sex with a dog and eating out her best friend's pussy." "Ok, this offer is for the use of your family, not just the two of you." Ty raised his finger to quiet Laura's impending objection and he continued, "Mel will have the choice to join in this arrangement. The twins will also choose once they are sexually active or turn fourteen. Any child that chooses not sister begs for brothers glasses participate will be sent to boarding school which I will pay for.

If either you or they refuse boarding school the deal is off. If they choose to be my slave they will be assured entrance on a full scholarship to an Ivy League school." Laura and I looked at each other. I silently let her know I was ok with everything so far.

Laura was satisfied with Ty's response because she moved to the next topic, "What do you expect us to do if we become your…slaves?" "I expect you to do as I say." Ty's answer was curt. "I mean what kinds of things do you want…" Ty cut Laura off mid-sentence, "You will do things you will enjoy, you'll do thing that you will come to enjoy, and you will do things that you may find perverse just for my enjoyment.

Your goal is to make me happy. If I'm happy I usually make sure you're enjoying yourselves. If you displease me I will punish you how I see fit.

You will be my slaves. How hard is it to understand that you will be my property to do with as I please?" Ty waited for more questions, and when none came he pressed for our answer, "I've addressed your concerns, are you going to submit to me?" Ty smiled, his white teeth standing out against his dark skin. I think he knew our answer before we did. Laura committed for the both of us with a simple, "Yes." A timer beeped from the kitchen and Laura excused herself as she hurried from the room.

Ty locked eyes with me. We held for a moment before I looked away, he then opened his briefcase and pulled out some papers. They were legal documents about me becoming his adviser. After signing them he said, "Shall we head to the dining room?" Ty followed me down the hall and into our dining room without saying a word.

He took a seat at the head of the table where I normally sat. I was moving to the other end of the table when Ty broke the silence, "Strip bitch." I hesitated and he barked, "Now!" I did my best to quickly disrobe. I was taking off the last sock when my wife entered from the kitchen with the salads for everyone.

She momentarily stopped at the doorway before dropping off the plates and retreating back to the kitchen. "Is Laura on birth control?" Ty asked as he stood and approached me. I nodded an affirmative. "I want you to suck my cock and get me ready to take your wife." The thought of his dick in my mouth excited me. I dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants like I had done the night before. Again I found a warm hunk of flesh on the other side of the fabric.

I pulled his dick out, this time I didn't hesitate or need further commanding before I was savoring his dark flesh. I sucked on his manhood bring it to life. The feeling of him getting hard in my mouth excited me even kinky teen was brought in ass hole madhouse for painful treatment. I was lost in the moment and didn't realize that Laura had come into the room with dinner.

My cock sucking reverie was broken by Ty speaking, "Your bitch of a husband is a big cock for teen pussy hardcore and blowjob cock sucker." I continued with my duty partly pleased at his words, partly humiliated because they were spoken to my wife of twenty years. "Strip, I want to see you milky white tits." I could barely hear the shedding of fabric over the slurping I was causing.

Ty pushed me away and then held out a hand toward Laura. She moved to him, her eyes on Ty's massive black dick.

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She took his hand and he brought her into his arms. He kissed her, forcefully but not violently. That kiss turned into three, during which Laura's hand had found its way to Ty's engorged dick already slick with my saliva. With little effort Ty picked up my wife and set her on the dining table. He bent down and took one of my wife's large nipples into his mouth. His hand started to make its way toward her legs, he slipped between them.

Laura locked eyes with me, silently asking if it was ok to let him play with her. When her legs didn't part for him, Ty pulled away from her tit. He understood immediately what was going on. He pulled away from her and slapped her left tit hard enough to make Laura wince in pain. Ty spoke quickly and gave no room for misunderstanding, "You will never ask his permission for anything. Your cunt is mine. If I want to fuck it I will. If I want to sale your white cunt to my friends I will.

You never deny me access to my property." Laura, lowered her gaze and opened her legs for Ty, whispering, "Ok." Ty slapped her face this time, not hard but enough to get her attention, "You will address me in a polite manner and refer to me as Sir or Master." "Yes, Sir." Laura kept her eyes to the ground, Ty looked at me, "Bitch, come and show your slut of a wife that she belongs to me now.

Put my cock in her cunt." I moved next to Ty and guided his throbbing member into my wife's hairy pussy. Her gasp was stuttered as her new lover's huge black cock impaled her. Her eyes became locked with his. Ty's member glistened in her juices between thrusts. Laura's breathing became shallow. After a couple dozen thrusts I could tell my wife was already near orgasm. I think Ty could also sense her impending orgasm, vidya vikas college of mysore had quickened his pace.

His obsidian balls were slapping against my sweethearts ass. Laura wrapped her arms and legs around Ty's muscular body drawing him closer to her. She let out a couple short moans before screaming in pleasure. The contractions from her orgasm were so hard she forced the black invader out of her cunt.

The table was soaked and it took me a moment to realize that my wife had done it. I had never seen her cum like that before; her bush glistened with her juices. I didn't know what she was a squirter.

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Ty gave her only a moment to recover from her orgasm before continuing his onslaught of her now soaked pussy. Laura was getting into it more now pushing against him with every thrust, eagerly wanting more of his black meat in her. Her moaning started again, this time accompanied by encouragements to Ty, "Fuck me, fuck my cunt Master." And, "Make me cum again." She lost herself in another explosive orgasm screaming over and over, "I'm your whore!" After my wife's second orgasm Ty pushed her further back onto devils film teen and russian anal threesome amateur the greatest surfer chicks table.

He climbed up on the table to mount her with her knees almost pushed to her head leaving her pussy vulnerable for more fucking.

Ty guided his dick into her and began pounding her yet again. Once he found his rhythm he grabbed Laura's neck with both hands.

Laura's moans and whorish cries ceased as the black man choked her. She was having a hard time breathing but she still pushed against Ty to meet his thrusts. It wasn't long before Ty let out a bellow signifying is own orgasm.

Laura must have been pushed over the edge from Ty's seed being pumped into her. She let out a third gush of juice for the night and went limp. Ty pulled out his still semi-hard member with an audible slosh-pop from my wife's well used cunt. I could see his white cum slowly leaking out of her. I was worried about her till I noticed she was still breathing. Ty didn't notice or didn't care about my concern for my sweetheart; he sat back at the head of the table, still naked.

He looked at me, "Bitch, it is your duty to clean your Master after his has fucked a whore." wild and salacious dorm enjoyment hardcore reality I stood to go get Ty a towel when me yelled at me, "What the fuck you stupid bitch! Did I say you could stand? Did I tell you to go somewhere?" I started to answer and Ty spoke over me, "I know what you thought.

Now get your faggot ass over here and clean me off with that talented tongue of yours." I got back down on my knees and crawled under the table to my Master's waiting cock. As I started to suck Ty and my wife's juices off his black manhood I heard Laura stirring on top of the table and then finding her place at the opposite head of the table.

I overheard Laura comment, "I've never been fucked like that, gawd that was the best I have ever had, thank you Master." Once Ty was satisfied that I had properly cleaned his dick, he allowed me to sit at the table and join them for dinner.

The rest of the meal went semi-normally with the exception of us all being naked and smelling of sex. It wasn't until Ty was getting ready to leave that he dropped the next bombshell, "I will be back Wednesday night at eight. Make sure the whole family is here, I want to examine my new slaves. I want the two of you to shave your genitals. Laura, I want you to stop taking your birth control and if either of the girls on it, they are to stop as well." With that he picked up his briefcase and left.