Summer smith rick and morty

Summer smith rick and morty
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The first two weeks were very busy as I had to learn my chores. Up at 5AM and bed by 9PM. I enjoyed the fresh air and the smell of fresh hay in the morning. I would first feed the hogs with the slop my Uncle would fix for me. I would. Then feed the chickens and put hay out for the horses and cows. After I fed the dogs I would milk the two cows. At first I could hardly get anything out of their tits but my Uncle was patient and I soon learned how.

School was a bore. The kids were some real hicks and I didn't make any attempt to make friends with any of them. The third week I was there a man brought his bitch dog to have her bred by one of our big St Bernard's. My uncle gave the man the choice of the eight. He selected Bruno the biggest of the group. I watched as they brought Bruno into the pen, a small fenced in area, Bruno sniffed the other dog and began to lick pounding her dark ass using a large cock ass and cunt.

The female kept walking away from him but Bruno was patient. Finally she stood still and seemed to part her rear legs.

Bruno mounted her and my Uncle guided his dick into her pussy. He began to hump her a mile a minuet. I felt my pussy begin to catch on fire and I began to leak into my panties.

I walked into the barn and looked through a crack in the door and reached down my shorts and began to finger my wet pussy.

Bruno was humping away and then just stopped and held the bitch tight against him. I could tell he was Cumming by the short jerks he was making. Bruno then turned around but couldn't get away.

They were butt to butt. I wondered why? Just about that time I came in my pants and I could feel the wetness. About five minuets passed when Bruno broke free and I could see why he couldn't get away from the bitch.

There was a big knot about three quarters of the way back on his dick. I couldn't believe how big Bruno was, about 6 inches from the knot to the end of his dick. The knot was huge plus he had another inch or two behind the knot. His dick was at least three and a half inches thick. I came again in my pants just looking at that his dick. I removed my shorts so my juices wouldn't soak thru. I wiped my self and hid my panties under some hay by my foot. I put my shorts back on and walked back out of the barn.

My uncle let Bruno fuck the bitch two more times to make sure she got pregnant. The man then paid my uncle and left. I ask Uncle Charlie how much he got for the service. He said for Bruno I get $500.00 but $300/400 for the other dogs. I said wow. He smiled at me and gave me a hug. That evening I was lying on the bed thinking how much I missed Taylor's cock & mouth when suddenly I remembered my panties were still in the barn.

I put on my shorts and a T-shirt and snuck out to the barn. It still was a little light out so I could see. I looked and looked but could not find them. I began to get nervous thinking maybe my Uncle had found them. I heard movement at the other end of the barn and could see Pete out Great Dane/St Bernard mix lying there licking my panties. Pete and I had become great friends since I got here. I walked over and squatted down and petted him. He had licked every bit of my cum off those panties.

I said good boy Pete. I reached over and picked them up. They were busty amateur brunette tattooed woman fucked for cash wet from his licking them. He scooted over close to me and stuck his nose in my crotch. I lost my balance and fell backwards. Pete came over and started trying to stick his tongue up my shorts pant leg.

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His tongue would just flick lightly over my pussy lips. I became real excited thinking about that afternoon. I wondered what would happen it I took my shorts off. I removed them and sat back against one of the posts and opened my legs.

Pete came over and started licking my pussy. Oh what a feeling. He had a very long and wide tongue.

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He would start at the crack of my ass and slurp up to my pussy. As he passed over my clit I shuddered. I lifted my ass up and he stuck that tongue into my pussy. I came right then and as my juices eased to the front of my pussy Pete began licking faster and his tongue reached into and scooped out my cum. I couldn't help my self I came again and again.

I was weak from coming so much. I rolled over and started to get up but Pete jumped on my back and his weight forced me to my hands and knees. Pete began to rape me. As he humped me the first shot missed and slid between my legs. I tried to get away but his powerful legs held me and Pete interred my ass.

That great big dick felt so good as he pumped my ass. It had been to long since I had a cock in my ass or pussy. I started to relax and arched my back so he could go deeper when I remembered about the dogs knot.

I got scared and forced his dick out of my ass but Pete kept humping and his big dick found my wet pussy and he pulled me tighter to him so that I could not move. Pete was fucking me a mile a minuet just like the other dog had done that afternoon. I felt his knot begin exotic lesbians love their bodies and pussies rise and it was slipping in and out of me with such speed and force.

I felt his knot get bigger and bigger and it began to hurt when he pulled out of my pussy and then would force it back in. Pete pulled me tighter and that knot swelled up inside me and I thought I was going to explode.

The pain was excruciating as my young pussy was stretched beyond its limits. I passed out from the pain. When I recovered my senses Pete was mounted on me but very still and I could feel him pumping my pussy full of his juices. The pain was not so intense and I could feel that knot inside my lips.

It had to be as big as a baseball. As I felt boy fingers cum hole of a beautiful teen hardcore blowjob that hot cum spurting into my full pussy I couldn't contain myself; I began to cum, and each time I felt his hot sperm hit my cervix I came again.

My body racked in a convolution of climaxes. It seemed like he would never stop shooting and I couldn't stop coming.

He turned around and tried to pull out of me but his knot was stuck tight inside my pussy. He just kept squirting his hot sperm into me. I think I must have fainted because when I became aware of my surrounding Pete's knot had pulled out of me. He went over and laid down and began to lick himself. For about five minuets I could not move. Finally I got up and my legs were so weak I had to hold onto the post.

I picked up my panties and shorts and staggered back to my room.

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I was sitting on the edge of the bed when I realized I was dripping dog cum and blood all over the edge of the bed and floor. I got up and wiped as much of it as I could. I couldn't believe how much cum that dog had put up my cunt. I cleaned up his spunk and took the sheet off so I could soak the blood out. I then went down the hall and took a hot shower. I took the shower head and forced it into my pussy and douched myself. I could see Pete's thick white cum mixed with blood sliding out of my pussy and down the drain.

I woke up about two am when I felt my self climax. I must have been dreaming about Pete or maybe Taylor. I reached down and felt my pussy lips and couldn't believe sexy babe in stockings gets plowed hard swollen they still were.

I felt so good but completely drained as I fell back to sleep. The next morning as I was doing my chores Pete followed me every where I went. If I squatted down or bent over he would try to stick his nose in my crotch. I had to give him a whack to make him stop.

My Uncle hollered out the back door that he was going to town and might stay over night. I said OK I'll be fine as I looked down and smiled at Pete. I had completely forgotten that it was Saturday.

About ten thirty after I was finished with my chores I started thinking about last night and my pussy began to secrete my lubricating juices. I went into the house but didn't let Pete in. I wanted to examine myself before I tried it again with Pete. This time because I wanted too. I went into my Uncles room and rummaged around until I found one of my Aunts handheld mirrors.

I went back to my room and looked at my pussy. It seemed to be swollen and a little out of shape. My lips were parted and didn't seem to close all the way. I went into the refrigerator and put some ice in a cloth and inserted it into my pussy, partly in and partly out side.

I shuddered from its coldness. I would do that for about five minuets and then take it out for a couple of minuets before reinserting it. After about forty minuets the swelling went down and my pussy lips closed.

I laid on my bed and thought about the previous night. I felt guilty, yet elated. I new it was wrong to fuck and animal yet at the same time it excited me. I began to fondle my bp sitting on your wifes face facesitting girl on girl preview, to my surprise it responded and I could feel the wetness return.

I started finger fucking my self with two fingers and it didn't take long for me to cum. I started thinking again about Pete and said what the hell. I got up to go look for him and found him waiting at the door. I led him into my bedroom. I went into the closet and found a big towel and laid it on the floor beside my bed. I reached down gave Pete a big hug and he immediately stuck his nose into my crotch. I removed my shorts and panties and sat on the bed with my pussy sticking over the edge. Pete started licking my pussy and my ass.

He stuck his tongue up my ass about an inch and kept jabbing it in and out of my tight hole. I thought he sure had a strong tongue. He made me cum and then he went quickly after the cum in my pussy. Over and over he licked and inserted his tongue through my pussy lips. He had a way of inserting it and then in a scooping motion would scoop out all my cum inside my vagina.

I wondered how he new because he would lick my clit until I came and then he would insert his tongue and scoop it all out. I laid back and just let him lick for about a half hour. I finally couldn't stand it any longer and got down on my knees.

I put my head and arms on the bed and spread my legs open while raising my ass into the air, Pete moved around behind me but kept on licking my pussy. I reached through his front legs and began stroking his cock.

After a few strokes Pete got the Idea and mounted me. His dick went right up my ass and it felt so good I let him pound my ass for awhile. I thought that when his knot started to grow I would change to my pussy. After awhile, I felt it starting to grow but Brunette latina caught on border fucking outdoor doggy busty was about to have a climax and wanted to wait until it happened.

His knot kept getting bigger and bigger. The knot was going in and out of my ass as I climaxed. I waited to long, it grew bigger and began to stretch my poor ass. I tried to reach back and grab his dick but Pete was holding me so tight I couldn't reach it. Like the night before the pain became unbearable as his knot stretched my ass. A pain shot up the center of my back as my ass hole split open.his cock was like a big piston and Pete kept hammering my ass.

Like the night before I past out from the pain. I don't know how long I was out but when I came to Pete was over in the corner licking himself. His knot was back to normal. I looked down between my legs and there was blood all over the towel mixed with Pete's creamy spunk.

I couldn't move. I just laid there for quite awhile. Suddenly I felt Pete licking my sore ass. It felt good after taking such a pounding. My ass must have been stretched wide because Pete's tongue went into my ass about three inches and was scooping out the blood and cum. It felt so soothing as he continued to lick me. I was in kind of a dream world when Pete mounted me again and slammed his cock into my ass.

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Oh God I thought not again. I tried to get up but with Pete's weight and strength I couldn't. His cock was slamming into me so fast it took my breath away. I didn't think I could survive another fucking like the last one.

For some reason his knot didn't begin to swell like before. As Pete shoved his cock into me lustful hotties get their cunts plowed hard started to feel real good and I came. I think he fucked me like that for at least five minuets or so before I could feel his knot begin to grow. I thought oh shit what am I going to do. His knot began to slip in and out of my ass as it grew. I was surprised because it didn't hurt as much.

In fact it felt good. I came again and could feel it running down the inside of my leg. Pete's short strokes were beginning to drive me wild. I pushed back against him and raised my ass up higher and felt him inter another inch up my ass cavity.

I think he was hitting my colon he was so deep. Finally he stood still and I could feel him squirt his hot spunk deep in my anal cavity.He turned around so we were ass to as but he kept shooting his cum in me. I came several times as that hot liquid was shot into my ass.

I thought how late was it and how long was I going to be held to Pete. I was scarred my Uncle might return. However not like my pussy he plopped out of me after a few minuets. I was spent. I crawled into the bathroom and turned on the water in the tub and sat down on the toilet letting all Pete's doggy cum pour out of my ass. I soaked in the bathtub for several hours letting the water turn cold. Finally I got dressed and went out to the yard to check on the animals, Afterwards I went back to the house and fixed some dinner.

I was hungry because I hadn't eaten since seven that morning. I went to bed early and Pete crawled on top of the bed next to me. Just before I went to sleep I thought about all those other dogs of my Uncle. I smiled as I drifted off and slept the sleep of the dead. Continued.