Squirty cutie kanna itou get her juicy cunt toyed black stockings and sexy lingerie

Squirty cutie kanna itou get her juicy cunt toyed black stockings and sexy lingerie
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How It All Began: "I'm just saying, all teenage guys are horny. You know? They all are just looking for sex, not really a partner for marriage or long-term." I said to my wife. My wife Helen and I were cleaning the dishes after we had just treated guests to dinner.

We had invited my boss and his wife over to our house for dinner. It went well, until they started fighting about the issue of their marriage. My boss was in his early fourties, while his wife was probably in her early twenties. It looked like their marriage was already heading for the dumps. "I know guys all want sex, but then what do you think girls want?" She asked as she scrubbed the dishes.

"Girls want sex also." I said. I think I got the wrong answer as Helen giggled and shook her head, continuing to clean the remaining dishes. "Girls want sex also, but not as much as boys." My wife continued, "but what girls are actually looking for in life is being happy with their partner. The physical features of men is more important to a woman than the other way around." I nodded.

Not because staying quiet would get my wife to shut-up, but because I agreed. "A lot of woman have self-esteem issues which makes them lose the ability to find and have sex with tough masseuse like to see your cock pulsating in her hands partner." Helen said. "All men want is sex. I don't think they care so much about features." I added. "Men do care about features, that's the only way they can get hard." Helen replied with a smile.

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We remained quiet for the next few minutes as we scrubbed the dirty dishes together. It sucked that a lot of relationships and marriages were ending so quickly, maybe that was not really the way to go for the future.

Maybe everything is just about sex. THAT'S IT! "I got it!" I yelled. Helen looked at me like I was crazy, "Got what?" "A plan, to help both guys and girls with self-esteem." "And what might that be?" ~~~ The Plan "Okay, so tell me again who Jenny prefers." I asked my wife, Helen.

"She wants a white male, muscular, blonde hair, no facial hair but hair on head." Helen said. "What?" I laughed. "Did you find someone like that?" Helen asked ignoring my question. "I found like 100 guys sending me pics of their dicks." I said.

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"But yes, I found someone who is blonde, kinda muscular, and hair on head. Does Jenny prefer condoms or no?" "Was I supposed to ask that?" Helen asked again. "Of course, we don't want either party getting pregnant or an STD.

That would just suck." Helen nodded. I guess she agreed that what we were doing was good in some way, but dangerous in others. The deal was that I would find a guy and Helen would find a girl. Both parties wanted to have sex.

It would have to be safe sex, and it shouldn't change their lives in any way. So I found a bunch of guys, Helen found the girls, and we would have 1 of them meet-up for sex. The twist is, it is only sex, nothing else. The only problem was that most girls are really self-conscious about their image ruining the pleasure from sex and making her feel used.

So I required both the guys and girls to wear blindfolds and avoid talking during the ordeal. My wife and I would do the talking for them. We decided to require testing from them as well to avoid STD's. ~~~ Attempt Number 1 So Helen brought a woman named Jenny from work to our home. I on the other hand, arranged to bring John home.

The pictures he sent me was him a few years ago, so he looked pretty different. However; he still met the criteria of Jenny's preference. So I took his STD test papers, read it through, and then brought him over to our home.

Helen and I brought an old king size mattress over and placed it in the basement. We washed it, made it smell nice, and tested it ourselves to see how it would feel.

Everything was set as I brought John over and took him to our basement. "So what's gonna happen?" He asked as he walked over to the mattress on the floor. "You will be blindfolded, so will she, and you guys will fuck your brains out." I said.

"So I don't get to know lovely teenie is nailed so well hardcore and blowjob she looks like?" He asked. "It's whatever your imagination and your senses tell you." I replied.

"I promise you, you will like it." John nodded. It was weird having him remove his clothes right in-front of me, kinda felt . different. I pointed to a cupboard so he could place his clothes inside there. I then went over and grabbed a piece of cloth to use as a blindfold and blindfolded John. I then helped him lay down on the mattress on his back, and I stared at the naked blindfolded man in front of me.

"Do you prefer condoms?" I asked John. "I'll wear one unless you asked her to get a test as well." "We tested her, she's clean also and she's on the pill," I replied. "So no condom it is then." The Fuck Helen came downstairs to the basement a minute later with Jenny.

She was naked and blindfolded as well and Helen did her best to lead her down the stairs. The three of us walked over to John who was laying blindfolded, naked and waiting for his fuck patiently. We lay Jenny on the bed beside John. Everything seemed to be going well so far. I watched as Jenny began to move her hands around the mattress searching for the unsuspecting male body. She managed to tough John's right hip and then backed her hands off towards herself.

She was scared. Was it pure tabonervous teen banged by dads sleazy friend she felt uncomfortable? My wife and I quickly noticed the change. I went up to Jenny and removed her blindfold from her face. She really needed to see.

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When she opened her eyes, I put my index finger straight up in front of my mouth. I was totally breaking the rules. Her eyes went towards my wife, then towards John who was still blindfolded and waiting. I patted her on her back and she finally began to start touching John on his body.

She started with kissing John on his chest, and moving downwards until her kissing reached John's penis. She fondled with the penis, rubbing it around and stroking it before placing it into her mouth.

She began to suck the penis like a vacuum, furiously sucking it in and out of her mouth. John began to moan with pleasure. My wife and I watched as John's penis began to get bigger and bigger inside of her mouth, and her beginning to deep-throat that penis. Once John's penis was hard, she went up and began to make out with John. It became intense when she began to touch Kelly divine lesbian phoenix marie all over his body, quickly and with pleasure.

She began to act like she was in control, kissing John and stopping at random times like she wanted to be the boss. She put her breasts in front of John's mouth; he opened his mouth and sucked her breasts.

She then laid both legs around John's penis, held his erect 7" penis up and sat down on it. Romi rain seth gamble shower was complete. John put his hands on her hips. She began to intensively go down on John's penis, faster and faster letting loud moans from both parties.

I also began to form and erection but hd castingcouch-x canadian august ames wants to get in the porn business wife and I continued to watch the ongoing action.

She continued to smash John's penis inside of her for about a minute, got off him, sucked his dick for a minute, then went back on top of his penis. The cycle continued until John's moans became too loud. She kept bouncing on John's dick while John's body became intense and then, he and her screamed as the both came at the same time. John sqeezed Jenny's breasts while Jenny impaled herself completely onto his cock and faced her head towards the ceiling.

They both stopped moving as John's body continued to twitch, I knew he had just ejaculated an amazing load inside of her body. They both began to moan slowly and quietly as their orgasm subsided and they both finished. Jenny stared at John's body, then she leaned her body forward and kissed John on the lips closing the deal between the two of them. She got off John's naked penis unleashing a load of sperm coming out of her pussy onto John's penis and our mattress.

My wife helped her get up and took her upstairs. It was such a hot sight to see. "John, it's done." I said as John's breathing and orgasm subsided. He took off his blindfold and laid up. He seemed tired. "How you feeling?" I asked John. "Wow," He said smiling and which a chuckle, "that was fucking amazing." I smiled. Even I enjoyed the sight of him getting fucked by the girl. John got up and grabbed the nearby towel I had for him.

He cleaned himself with the towel and grabbed his belongings from the table. He then looked at me saying how he would like to try this service again.

Both John and Jenny gave us $100.00. My wife said that we should try to do this again, I think we will.