Old man fucking young teen with beautiful big boobs

Old man fucking young teen with beautiful big boobs
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It was one of those quiet nights, you could hear the crickets chirping, you could heard the toads croaking. You could see the light on in the home of the Westburn's. That typical night after dinner, Marie took care of the dishes, Dan was reading his newspaper, cigar attached to his mouth. Sean had headed upstairs to call his girlfriend, while Kelly was getting ready to let the dog out. Best place for the way of being able to sneak myself near the back door just before it was to close shut. The knife in my hand strayed near her face as I got closer.

She knew that I meant business. Her tiny frame moved back inside at my direction almost ready to sob. Her blonde waves of hair moved along my shoulder.

Once we got inside I drew myself to showing the weapons I carried on my belt and the knife next to Kelly's neck. I made sure it was known what I expected. I took the ties I had within my pocket and instantly made Kelly aware of how tight they would be. Placing the gag around her mouth as she sobbed. I sat her at the nearest dining room chair and then was next to bring Marie to the other chair, doing the same.

I turned to Dan who's cigar I took from his lips and pressed to the table in a cloud of smoke and gagged him tighter. I watched him smoothly calculating if I would have a fight on my hands. 'I will do more damage than good if you don't abide my rules!' I told him as I grabbed his arms with a jerk and slammed the handcuffs tightly along his arms, everyone's arms behind their backs.

Sean didn't know yet I was there, but he soon would. Taking Dan and Kelly I held their arms tightly as we headed up to the master suite along the small staircase, one on each side of calia qadehsfemaleagent fake casting luis creampie anal sex. Once there I pushed Dan to the nearest wall and Kelly to the bed.

I left a small camera which I showed them attached to the phone and button in my hand that would show just what was going on in the room as I headed to Sean. I opened the door to see him masturbating and smirked some. Watching how his hands jerked at his cock and then opened the door on him.

'Leave your shorts off, I need you here now!' I showed him the pistol I had as he quickly did as asked and I moved closer as his cock moved along his legs and I braced his arms behind him doing to him as I had the others. I pushed him to the hallway and sat him against the wall, glancing over the staircase to Marie. 'You move, they die.' I told her coldly. I moved myself swiftly back to the master where it looked as if Dan had moved some from the floor and I pointed the blade of the knife his way which he quickly moved back to the wall where I had placed him.

Moving to Kelly I stood her up and gigi allens and stevie shae bonding with my dads girlfriend my hand down her face, gently and looked to her eyes as she teared up and looked away from me. 'Don't cry. This will be fun and all over before you know it.' I kissed her forehead and slowly jerked along the shorts she wore. Her sobs seem to melt more as I moved them to the floor and told her to step out of them.

My hand then slid down to her pussy, along the front of her underwear and I could hear Dan behind me moving. Quickly moving myself in his direction I grinned at him.

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'Don't worry old man, this won't be fun for me!' I pushed her underwear down and instructed the same. Once she was bare and I could see nothing but the bare skin of her folds and small, tight lock and key every man awaits, I was getting more excited. I had her slide on the bed, helping move and guide on the bed so I could easily take the long rope I carried in the backpack I had and looped around each ankle good enough to the posts of the bed.

I again glanced at the bare skin, her small lips just staring back at me. And not the ones that quivered with her sobs. 'Come here Daddy!' I moved back to Dan once she was fully tightened to the bed posts.

I lifted Dan by the handcuffs as he seemed to jerk a bit with my hands moving to push both his boxers and pants to the floor, kicking them next to Kelly's. 'Your Princess is waiting for you!' Dan began to jerk about as I pushed him closer to the bed. 'Oh, daddy has never played with his little girl before?' As I asked Kelly sobbed some and tried moving a bit.

'Hows this? Someone gets hurt either way, let's do the fun stuff first!' I pushed Dan more to the bed. He finally mertua vs menantu semi ngentot himself on the bed and closer to Kelly.

'I don't think you want me touching your cock do you Dan?

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I can help, but it wouldn't be as exciting!' I urged him to where he finally pushed himself atop his daughter and Kelly's sobs began to get louder. 'Make it exciting! It's her first time daddy!' Finally he was closer to where I was near his ear.

'I am going to undo your hands, if you don't do something fun, I will do my kind of fun. I promise your fun will be better!' I told him as I grabbed the key from my back pocket, unlatching the cuffs and placed my pistol near his neck. Doing as I instructed, Dan moved his big, round cock near the small pussy of Kelly pushing in to where her small body jerked and she sobbed and cried out.

'Good boy!

Good girl!' I urged as I watched as the movement of the bed shook and her small body twitched about. 'If I see any slowing down, you won't like the feel of your neck.' I warned to where his cock pushed faster and faster, and the look of her small pussy stretched and contracted. I watched every bit of her his cock went almost invisible.

Just as I liked it. He finally stopped and her body shook, blood was about the bed and his cock. His eyes were bloodshot and his body was stiff. 'Good job daddy! You helped your princess become a queen! Look how beautiful she is now!' I said as I quickly grabbed his arms back to the cuffs and looked back to him as I pulled him from the bed. 'Now didn't that feel good?' I smirked at him and moved him to the bathroom, pushing him to floor as shut the door behind me and going back to Kelly.

My eyes looked her over again. The blood from her pussy showing the size of her small opening decreasing and her sobs continued. I slowly untied one of her legs and used to rope to latch the bathroom door to the amateur teen couple hot fucking on webcam by dresser for precaution of Dan's tried escape.

Big and small titted blondes play with dick the last leg of hers, I ran my hand up and down it, moving close to her thigh as her body shook. 'Roll over to your tummy princess. The fun is never ending tonight!' She did as instructed as moved myself quickly to look down to Marie who was crying with her head on the table, and glanced up to me.

'You'll see how fun this is soon!' I told her and she glared at me as I grabbed Sean and pulled him to his feet. His cock was still stiff.

'You, man will enjoy this.' I opened the door and let him see his little sister. I felt his arm shake some as he looked to me. 'Kelly, I need you to get to your knees like you are crawling hunny. This time, brother here is going to show you how a man gives you a good time!' I inched him to the bed and did the same pistol wise as I had done with Dan.

Untying his restraints and having him mount her small frame. 'You fall out, you lose. You make sure every pump makes the bed shake.' I warned. His cock, almost as big as his fathers swung as he got up behind her. 'I want you to test the waters. I'm sure your girlfriend enjoys that, doesn't she?' I asked, having him guide his hand to his sisters small pussy, letting his finger sink into it.

'I know she can't feel one, show her some fun!' He pushed another inside her as her small body moved and wiggled. His fingers becoming that of blood as they pressed about. 'Wait!

Let's add college teen threesome fucking sucking brunette teen blowjob doggy this party!' I grinned and made sure I watched as his cock pressed into her and her body inches off the bed some. 'You do anything stupid, you won't like what's next! Keep your cock steady.' I warned and stepped backwards watching as I went to the door.

'Hey Marie! Come check out this show!' I called down to her as she looked back to me from the table I could see her at over the railing.

Her body seemed to shake as she came along the steps slowly. Gagged and arms tied made it tough, but she finally made it as I grabbed her arms and shoved her to the bedroom. Her eyes widened as she had seen what was planted before her. 'Show her how doggies do it!' I grinned and pressed the pistol to his neck as he mounted her from behind and instantly pressed on, Kelly's sob was heard along with Marie's. A small moan even sounded to escape.

This time the view was just as exciting, watching how connected a brother and sister could get. His cock pulling at her and pushing to jerks that filled that little body of hers and watched as the cum poured from her each pound he laid into her. Her moans started to combine with the sobs until he finally dropped himself and she stayed in place, her pussy still tight and looking fragile.

It's beautiful art of freshness was everything I loved. Marie seemed to jerk about wanting to get to Kelly as I held her back, but let her get the view she needed. 'It's okay mommy, daddy had his turn already.

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You get the best view!' Sean seemed to pant from the exertion from everything and finally his cock collapsed back between his legs. I moved myself back to him in a quick fashion and tied his arms back while the sounds of Dan pulled at the bathroom door. 'Don't worry, saving the best for last!' I grabbed Sean and pushed him against the wall furthest from his mother, placing my bag at the side of the bed and had quickly pulled down my own boxers and pants. My cock was hard as ever and waiting my turn.

Climbing to the bed, I rolled Kelly over and lifted her to her knees, the blood dripping very little now, but he soft pussy just quivering. My hand moved to action.

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Sliding my fingertips over gently, just caressing and then letting three fingers in, feeling the stretch and suck them in. 'Mmm. nice!' Her body shook as I looked to her eyes that were tightly closed. I moved to her face, my pistol moving to her neck.

Kissing her neck lightly and then whispering. 'I want your eyes on me. They better not leave.' Her eyes slowly opening with a whimper. My fingers stretched and pulled, moving rare story french lesbian nipple torture fuck off and looking back to both Sean and Marie. Sean looked almost exhausted, while Marie was in tears. 'Now show me what you have learned darling!' I held my fingers inside her with a small pinch as I moved to lay along the bed and pulled her by the pussy towards me.

Taking the juices from my fingers from her pussy and stroking my cock, rubbing and gripping its stiffness. It was hard as a rock, long and had a nice size of girth that every woman I had been with was amazed with. 'Come sit and let's have some fun!' My eyebrows lifted at her as her eyes looked at me and with a tremble moved closer. I think she got confused, so with my help I lifted her small waist atop my cock. 'I want you to sit here!' My pistol moving around in a twirl to where everyone jumped a little, and her body moved a small jerk and landed more to my cock.

Her body this time seemed to arch and a cry came from her lips. 'It's okay, crying means you're having fun.' Her body wasn't fully atop it yet, so I pushed myself up with a small thrust and my cock made its way within the tightness.

It gripped her insides as I sat her down with a plunge, it's base hitting to almost her belly button. 'There we go baby girl!' Her eyes were watering. 'Remember! Watch my eyes. All times!' I thrusted myself in motions to where her body shook above me, and my free hand moved to place a finger along her small and tiny clit, flicking it a second and then as I moved about in a small twitch inside her, my fingertip guided along both of us connected and then moved to holding her waist and hip as my thrusts began to move faster and heavier, harder and fuller, leaving no room for any part of us but body to body.

My last thrust pumping to where her small frame dropped and my cock felt it hibiki otsuki you will only tissue japanese and asian around within her and the cum making us both wet. 'Now that's how you fuck a queen!' Reaching my free hand to my bag as I pointed the pistol at Sean who instantly sat straight up and Marie started to sob.

Dan was heard in the other room, still yanking at the door. 'Dan, you missed the best part. But if you keep yanking on that door, you won't like what I have in store for the next part of our games!' I said and shot at the wall between the wall and the bathroom, knowing it was a scare tacit, but made them all straighten up knowing I meant business. He finally had stopped yanking as I kept my cock within Kelly and pulled from my bag a vaginal belt. A dildo placed in it, locked securely along with a hole and a place for a lock.

Pulling out my cock slowly and placing the dildo in place, her body winced and her eyes staring at me as directed. 'I will have the key, and you have the lock! All to my heart, dear princess.' I strapped it on tightly, locked it and set her on the bed as she seemed to squirmed with the feel. 'You'll get used to it baby doll!' I placed the pistol in the air, pointing it around the room as I undid Kelly's arms, handing her the key for the handcuffs her father wore and then did the best thing Sunny leone and daisy marie free thought of at that point.

I leaned down to her ear as she trembled a bit more, her eyes staring at me red and watered down still. 'Happy birthday!' I said, grabbing my bag and left the room. Taking off into the next night of gifts for another beauty.