Hd teen anal swallow and fuck herself basketball

Hd teen anal swallow and fuck herself basketball
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Jon had always had some dirty fantasies when he jacked off. He grew up in a household with two sisters and a mother who was a bit of the town skank. When Jon was a young boy he used to hear his mother fucking different men while he tried to sleep. These early experiences began to shape a thick fantasy for Jon to be able to see his mom naked.

Jon used to play around in his moms room when he was a teen, he'd mess around and hide in her large clothes hamper. It was a massive wicker bin with a lid. He'd jump in and put the lid on top and sit and play. While Jon would play, his mom, Jennifer would do the usual that a woman would do in her own room—put on make up, tidy up, change… Jon used to watch his mother changing and walking naked around her room.

Jennifer's large tits would hang slightly, large dark areolas against her tan lined breasts. Her bush was pretty large, and it spraled from her navel all the way down unto her anus. Sitting in his mother's hamper, Jon would sniff and play with all the panties that surouned him. Sometimes they would be essentially clean and smelled of laundry, but other times they were utterly filthy. A damp mass of white crusty edges, wet yellow patches, and heavy brown streaks. Jon used to grab a pair or two and stick them in his pockets, he'd hold on to these under his mattress and sniff and sometimes lick them when he'd be alone masturbating.

As Jon grew, his dirty thoughts never really subsided. He knew his mom was a really sexual person, and that sort of approved and nasty thoughts he had. When he would stay home sick from school, Jon used to snoop around his mother's room. Sometimes on his own, sometimes along side his sister, who a few years older, seemed to know the exact locations of all the nasty stuff they were seeking. He'd uncovered her stash of dildos. Wrapped in a towel, in her bottom drawer, Jon found a collection of large, thick dildos.

Some that vibrated, others that simply hung thickly before Jon's eyes. One dildo had two cocks attached to a handle, one was girthy and long, the other was smaller and slender- one for her pussy and one for her anus. His sister dared him to lick it. Jon pretended to be grossed out, but jumped at the suggestion as if it were a demand form his big sister. Jon licked all the way up and down her dildo. He started with her duel dick, and lapped firstly at the slim anal cock.

"So…how does mom's ass taste?" Meredith teased? "hhhua gross- you dared me!" Jon spat "I bet you liked it" Meredith said with a wry smile. "No way! It doesn't even taste like anything! She must have cleaned it." Said jon "I bet you wish it was dirty, you fucking nasty little sensuous beauty likes anal sex hardcore and russian Meredith said, eyeing her brother's rising discomfort.

"I'm going to tell Mom I caught you in here sniffing her panties, I know that you do, if found them in your room. And then I'm going to tell her that you've been playing with her dildos!" Meredith cried. "NO! please! Please! Don't tell mom. Please, I'll do anything. Please seriously, I'll do sexy hottie babe blair williams spreads her legs to fuck you say if you promise not to tell mom about this" Jon pleaded.

"HaHaHa! Jesus, you are so gullible. I'm not going to tell mom anything. Chill out! You are so perverted, obviously you are nervous because you know that you do this all the time and are worried mom is going to catch you.

I've caught you! You don't think I see you sneaking in here? And that I haven't found your little nasty stash of Mom's panties under your bed? Its nasty that every pair you've taken has got shit stains on them. What?! You get turned on by that?!" "NO! God! Gross! You don't understand! Charlee chase puffy jacket pov cock sucker cumshot Leave me alone!" cried Jon "Don't worry bro, I'll leave you alone, but just know that I know your dirty secret, and that I'm going to make you pay for that somehow, just wait…" Meredith then backed out of the room, leaving Jon on his Mother's bed with her assortment of dildos, panties, and everything else strewn about her bed.

Just at that moment, Jon heard his mother's car pulling into the driveway. Panic. Jon immedeatly started scrambling to wrap things up and put them away how he thought he'd remembered it. He ran from her dresser to her closet, stuffed panties back into the hamper. Placed her sweaters on top of the pile of dildos he crammed back into their place.

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Tucked her shoes back in the same general order he thought he saw when digging through them, looking for her lube. He dashed to make everything back in as much order as he could remember has he heard his mother park and open the front door. Jon sprinted back to his room, panting out of breath as he passed his sister's closed bedroom door. He thought he heard her laughing inside, but was too nervous to tell.

Years later, Jon's mother Jennifer would recall this day and laugh thinking about it from time to time. She came home that day and saw and knew that her kids had been messing around with her things. She didn't really have a full idea of the scope that they had really found and what they had did.

But she knew, she guessed that it was natural to be curious and to snoop. She laughed at how poorly they had hidden things away. She saw that they had found her collection of dildos and shrugged it off- "oh well, its not the end of the world, they'll know about that sooner or later" Jennifer thought.

But she didn't realize how deeply that her son Jon had been thinking, and fantasizing about her dildo's and her. Jennifer had assumed it was a innocent curiosity, albiet a little bit of a dirty one. And she assumed that her son was just trying to learn about sex and women. She started to have a bit of slight kink in wanting to drop hints and bits more of info and excit for her son to see and learn.

Jennifer used to have a slight fantasy that her son might be spying on her while she would masturbate, or that he might try to catch glimpses of her in the bathroom.

All things innocent, but just the natural growing of a young boy. Jennifer used to try to walk in on her son when she thought he was jacking off. Or to "accidentally" let him get a show of her bending alysa gap enjoys various objects in her, or maybe catch her nipple poking out of her bikini top.

All of these things were little games that she'd play, getting a little bit of arousal from, but mostly just laughing to herself about her son and his obvious little sexual secrets.

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It was the same chuckling about all that from years ago that Jennifer let tickle her when she drove home this day. Her son, Jon now 22 was home from college on break and his sister, Meredith was due home in a few days for her own college break.

The whole family would be together for thanksgiving for the first time in a few years. The house was beautiful and under construction for a few improvements. The remodeling wouldn't be done until roughly Christmas, but the family could be together happily for thanksgiving even while projects where incomplete.

As she laughed she felt the urgency of her bladder start to rise—Jennifer had been stuck in traffic after leaving the office and her route had started to take a lot longer than she'd hoped and planned. At the office she'd drunk about 3 cups of coffee and was sipping on a large bottle of water during the drive. Jennifer started to worry that she'd have to pull off on the side of the road, or to try and relieve herself into the water bottle if traffic didn't pick up any faster.

Cars seemed to start moving, but traffic lights seemed to switch red everytime she approached. Slowly though, she started to make her way home. Meanwhile, Jon being home for the first time in years, looked at his watch and wondered where his mother could be.

He got in late the night before and his mother had picked him up from the airport. They drove home in a happy, sleepy silence. Jon had moments of dirty fantasy about the women who was driving him home, he'd never really out grown any of it and would often jerk off thinking about his mother and various perverted thoughts.

Jennifer on the other hand was simply happy her son was home and eager to have a good holiday with him and her daughter. Just the three of them would have a nice low key thanksgiving, maybe unwind and drink some wine, eat lots of food. Just relax. So, after waiting for his mother for about an hour to arrive, Jon decided to jump in the shower and wash up before his mother Jennifer got home. Due to the renovations, only one bathroom was functional in the house. It was a small bathroom with a tiny shower, a sink, and a toilet all jammed into about five square feet.

The door locked, but it could easily be popped open if someone jiggled the handle. Jon stripped down and stepped into the shower, closed the thin shower curtain around him and zoned out.

His thoughts traveled to his mother and some of the dirtiest thoughts he had about her. About watching her getting fucked in the ass on the living room couch, and then from his perch atop the stairs, watching her suck the principals cock immediately after he slid it out of her ass.

Jon's cock started to grow and bob between his legs as he lathered up his chest. His cock had grown thick and long in his teenage years. His sister Meredith used to tease him that he should do porn. She'd walk past his bedroom and sneak to see if he was masturbating, when he was she'd bust in and yell, and then run out leaving the door open.

Jon was day dreaming about all of these things when his mother's car pulled up. He didn't hear her arrive and didn't hear her frantically running up the stairs.

Jennifer by a miracle had made it home without loosing control of her bladder. Intense threesome action with hot twins cumshots and brunette now that she was home shesnew busty latina teen first ever sex tape was beyond urgent and about to burst. She dashed up the stairs clutching her crotch through her jeans.

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She started unbuttoning the fly and zipping them down frantically as she bounded up the stairs to the only working bathroom. "Shiiit!" she thought, as she heard the shower running, "Jon must be in there, Fuck!" she pouted to her self as she danced trying desperately to undo her pants. "Jon! Open up! Its an emergency!" Jennifer cried banging heavily on the bathroom door.

Because of his daze Jon hadn't heard is mother's initial knock and calling. It was only after he heard her cry, "JON! I'm about to piss my pants! Open the fucking door!" only after that Jon had darted to action. Jon sprung out of the shower and reached for the door handle to let his mother in. Just before he could get to the door however, Jennifer had twisted and popped the lock, swinging the door open. Jennifer's first sight was of her son stepping out of the shower, his thick cock bobbing 9 inches between his legs and pointing straight at her.

He slipped and jumped back trying to regain his balance. While Jennifer turned away from him in equal parts fright and urgency. She immediately dropped her jeans to the floor, bending over away from her son's swaying cock. With her hands to her ankles Jon had a clear view of his mother's ass, covered thinly by a pair of lace panties that lay atop her dark and girthy wrinkled anus, barely covering a fraction of is wide brown girth.

Her panties immediately darkned with a gush of dark yellow. She pulled them down and a thick jet of piss splashed out of her pussy and hit the floor by jon's feet, just narrowly missing spraying his now rigid cock. Jon darted back into the shower while his mother landed on the toilet seat and started a tourrent of powerful piss jetting first muffled into her pants, then floor, seat, and finally with audible hiss into the stunning babe nina bubble asshole rammed hard and deep bowl.

She was so relieved to finally be able to release her piss that she didn't give a damn about her son seeing, or the fact that she had soaked per panties and gushed all over the floor. She just simply let the piss run and fill up the bowl, happy that she had made it.

Jon's cock had sprung to full erection watching his mother piss into her panties and piss over the floor, the bathroom was tiny so he had hid back inside his shower curtain with his long cock at full mast while he listened to the sounds of his mother's piss hissing inside the toilet bowl.

Jennifer got up from the toilet and stepped out of her wet pants and panties, bending over to pull them from her ankles she caught peeking between her legs- her son peering out from behind the shower curtain.

His cock was visible behind the semi transparent plastic curtain.

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His eyes were fixed upon her exposed and presented pussy, which was glistening with droplets of golden piss.

Her anus was also puckered and pointing straight at her son.

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It was girthy and wide brown ring, crinkled towared the center of her glistening anus. It was about the size of a pringles lid, dark brown, hairy and wrinkled. Knowing that her son could see it, Jennifer started to quiver her anus, winking it at him.

She remained bent over for an extra second knowing that her son was getting a full view. When she stood up, a nasty thought crossed her mind… Stripping free of her soaked panties, Jennifer flushed the toilet, and casually tossed the wet heap of her yellow dripping thong into a pile near the toilet. She stepped out of the bathroom calling, "oh, thank you son. I was about to piss my pants, sorry for jumping in on you. I'll leave you be and I'll finish cleaning up after you get out." She left the door ajar and walked out of the bathroom naked towards her bedroom where she started to pull out her collection of dildos.

Exiting the shower, jon stepped into the pile of his mothers piss soaked panties. Still warm, they foamed under his feet as he pressed out a puddle of dark yellow piss. Dropping his hand to the puddle, jon lifted the panties and drapped them across his face, inhailing the smell and letting the trickle of piss pool into his mouth.