Give me pink brunette with plump tits puts strawberries in her cunt masturbation and squirting

Give me pink brunette with plump tits puts strawberries in her cunt masturbation and squirting
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My name is Michael Stevens; I am a successful real estate lawyer, married with 2 sons, and 45 years old. I am a better than average looking guy if I wasn't I don't think I would have ever been able to get my wife to start dating me as she is still stunning. I keep in just decent shape with lots of golf, tennis, and plenty of sex with my wife. I don't have a huge penis, about 7" long but it is pretty thick my claim to fame is shooting very large thick loads.

My childhood friend Tom, who is a successful Finance lawyer, and I went to law school together.

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Tom and I have been as close as brothers for most of our lives always living just down the street from one another, until after our law careers began, now we live just a few miles apart with our respective families, Tom has just one daughter Jennie who just turned 16, his only child.

Life is enjoyable and quite comfortable. My family is happy and we have a nice home with a lovely pool and spa, a vacation home in Bermuda, hell even my law practice has a gym, and sauna for the employees.

My wife, Kelly, is still very attractive and we have a very active sex life, we even enjoy spending time together watching TV, going out to dinner and the movies, and just laying outside together talking on the hammock. While I golf with clients, play tennis when I can, and kayak on vacation, I really have only one hobby masturbation. I masturbate at least once every single day. I fantasize about girls and women I know, that I see on the street, in a store, in a restaurant, or even celebrities.

I am active on the internet posting videos of myself cumming on pictures of girls, any girls I find attractive, and have developed a little following of like minded perverts. I have made a practice of hiring very attractive young ladies as secretaries, paralegals, and associate lawyers for my office, there are a few guys running around as one cannot be too obvious.

One great perk about hiring so many sexy young women is the sense of competition that naturally develops. They all want to be the best looking girl in the place, one reason I picked a building that had a gym I could easily upgrade and made it a benefit of working for me, it keeps them all looking good and lets me see them in spandex.

My wife, Kelly, is fine with this as I almost always home by 5:30, and we are almost always rumpling the sheets together before 11. In truth I have never touched another woman since I began dating Kelly. When I do have to travel she and I have phone sex, send naughty pictures and videos back and forth to each other, and she often slips a nice dirty pair of panties into my luggage for me to enjoy cumming on. She is 5 years younger than me, with black hair and deep blue eyes. She has always had a great body, curvy but firm and small c-cup breasts.

Having two kids hasn't changed a thing about her body; I guess she won the genetic lottery there. For almost our entire relationship we have had sex almost every day. I hope that never changes. A couple of years ago, shortly after installing a real security camera system with an alarm and fire protection upgrade, I installed hidden wireless cameras throughout the office. I use these cameras to watch the attractive young ladies who work for me.

I can spend an hour at a time watching them bend over filing cabinet drawers, stretch their sore backs as their tits try to burst from their shirts, or try and get a good view up their skirts when the light happens to be in just the right position. I sit at my desk masturbating as I have the only real office in the building and keep my door closed. I never get tired of spying in the gym and the locker room, good lord do those girls look great.

As I said I have built a successful real estate practice and only deal with particularly large clients myself. The rest deal with lawyer associates or paralegals, leaving me time to oogle and rub one out when I feel like it. I have a secretary who is instructed to ring my intercom before letting anyone into the office, safety first after all.

* * * * * * * * * * * Now, as I mentioned, my friend Tom has this daughter Jennie. I have watched her develop closely these last 2 or 3 years masturbating while fantasizing or watching her whenever I get the chance. One particularly naughty thing I enjoy after Christmas every year is shooting a load all over her picture on their Christmas card. I like to think of it no compassion for the naughty slut hardcore blowjob her last gift of the season.

She a tiny little thing about 5'2" or 5'3" tall, 100 pounds soaking wet, she had maybe b-cup breasts that are incredibly firm and perky, darker blonde hair and amazingly lively blue eyes. She was also a natural athlete, running, biking, and tennis were her favorite sports all of that exercise has made her ass one of the natural wonders of the world.

His family decided to host a small lunch-time BBQ one Saturday before school let out for the summer. A few people were using the pool, we are in South Carolina and it can be easily 80 by June, including young Jennie. I had been watching her in her lovely white bikini for a bit and wondering why bathing suit manufacturers even made suits out of white material. It always seems that, no matter the material just a hint of nipple is visible once it's wet well maybe that's why they do it.

After watching for a bit, I guess Jennie decided to just lie out and sun bathe. There she was, just lying in the sun, nipples erect. Her tummy is just unbelievable, firm and flat. I found it hard to black haired babe covered with semen after sex my eyes off of her - I was getting a raging hard on.

I decided that was it, I had to relieve myself or I was going to go insane. I was going to just go inside to the bathroom right near the back door but it was occupied, so I went down to the bathroom in the hallway by the bedrooms.

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It was in a more private area of the house but I figured no one would mind, we were close friends. When I got there things changed a bit, however. This was Jennie's bathroom, there was make-up spread all over the counter, and the hairdryer was pink with a daisy floral design. There was also a hamper in the bathroom. Obviously I couldn't resist checking the hamper for dirty panties. I was not disappointed there was three great pair for me to play with.

I found a little cherry red thong, a pair of blue lace satin panties, and an amazing pair of black lacey boy shorts all size extra-small. I had also noticed that the bathroom had a window that looked out on the backyard and if I lifted the curtain just a bit I could see Jennie laying there in the sun.

She had pulled her knees up with her feet flat on the audition tomi taylor real tits and pornstars lounge chair; the fabric on her bikini bottoms was pulled tight against her young and pretty little pussy. I had the lacey boy shorts up to my nose and inhaled her beautiful pungent aroma.

Almost without knowing how it happened I had those blue satin panties wrapped around my cock and I was stroking away.

I was dizzy with pleasure, stroking my hard seven inches with those smooth satin panties. She couldn't have been 20 feet from the window; I could see the outline of the shape of her pussy lips in those slightly damp bikini bottoms. I felt the cum rising in my nuts and suddenly realized I couldn't risk getting ropes of semen all over her panties. I dropped the blue panties and aimed for the sink, inhaling deeply from those pungent local coloured girls cape flats pornography shorts I let loose one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had.

Ten long, thick ropes of cum shot across the sink and counter, one even hit the mirror just above the counter. I normally have very large loads, but this was more than I had cum since I was in my twenties. I used the opportunity to take a couple of nice pictures with my cell phone of Jennie, her panties, and the mess I made my perverted followers on the internet would like those.

Cleaning up took a couple of minutes, which I needed to catch my breath anyway. When I had given everything a double-check I sprayed a bit of air freshener to go along with my cover story for why I was gone so long I would say something I ate must not have agreed with me, if anyone asked where I had been. When I opened the door Jennie was standing in her room with the door only partly closed buck naked, drying herself off with the towel she had by the pool.

I thought I was going to feint as so much blood immediately rushed to my hardening cock. She looked up and she covered herself up with the towel. "Uncle Mike," she said wrapping herself in the this very horny blonde bimbo gets her pussy banged doggystyle and hardcore over her breasts like women do "I'm sorry I didn't realize anyone was in the bathroom." She was smiling and coming towards the door "At least it was you and not one of the clients dad invited over." Rather than close the door she opened it and took my hand, I almost came in my pants.

But instead of one of the dozens of fantasies I had been having over the last couple of years she just said. "Come in for a minute I have wanted to ask you a favor." She took me inside her room and sat me in her desk chair, while she sat on the bed.

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Her towel rode up very high on her thighs. Her skin was almost perfect, lightly tanned, like it had been kissed with honey, I had just seen her in her bikini which showed even more leg but not this close and now she was naked with just this towel.

I regained my composure and asked what this favor she wanted was. "I decided that I want to be a lawyer, no big surprise I suppose, but I am thinking of real estate law. I was wondering if I could intern at your office all summer, for free of course, I am only 17 and I know you would be doing me a favor and I probably wouldn't be a whole lot of help but I am your goddaughter so pleeeease!" She was just the right mix of adorable and pure oozing sex.

I couldn't resist so I said of course. "Of course you can no problem at all. I would love to have you around all summer. You can start whenever you like." She jumped up and grabbed me in a big hug, I stood up and she pressed cute teen and sexy stepmom threesome sex on the couch against me in just that towel. She had to have felt the erection up against her, but then again she is probably used to feeling that whenever she hugs a guy.

"That's so great Uncle Mike! I will be as big a help as I can, and I can't wait to use your gym!" All I could think was "Neither can I." * * * * * * * * * * * That night, after a long day of this unintentional teasing, my wife Kelly got pounded morgana pendragon dark queen of camelot asmr hands free orgasm session she hasn't been for a while. While we were getting ready for bed, I found her at her dresser luxury lingerie and pantyhose on schoolmates with strapons lesbians erotica a nighty out for bed she was just in her panties.

I walked up behind her, admiring her fantastic ass, and kissed her gently on the nape of her neck and ran my hand up to her breasts - as she pressed her ass back into my hard cock. "You are just a stunning woman," I whispered into her ear "I am going to take you right now, right here." "Oh, baby do it to me!" Kelly closed her eyes and reached behind her to feel my hard cock.

I just bent her onto the dresser, pulled her panties to the side and fucked her from behind. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled firmly. She moaned like an animal we hadn't had this kind of raw lusty fuck in a while and I could tell she was loving it.

"Oh fuck baby you feel so good inside me, give it to me like I'm your little slut." "I knew you needed this you dirty little girl." I said back as I pounded her wet pussy.

When I felt her pussy spasm and felt her wetness flood over my hard cock I couldn't hold back anymore. I let waves of semen into her pussy - at least as much as I left on Jennie's bathroom vanity. We lay on top of each other, still against the dresser, my semi-rigid cock buried in her oozing hole.

"Not that I am complaining, but what was that amazing fuck all about?" Kelly asked. "You are just too sexy baby; sometimes I just can't control myself around you." * * * * * * * * * * * School was out a couple of weeks later and Jennie was due in this morning. I had made arrangements with the office manager, who was also a sexy piece of ass named Susan, for Jennie to get set up.

We picked out a desk and talked about what kind of work she was going to handle. When Jennie arrived I greeted her, introduced her to Susan and any other people that were around, got her settled at her desk and returned to my office. I spent a few days zooming in on her chest while she sat at her desk, and on her ass when she bent over filing cabinets having a great time masturbating away in my office.

One morning, however, I noticed some things were not where I left them in my office. My chair was not right, pens and pictures on my desk were a little off, I couldn't figure out what was going on.

So I decided to check the video. Zipping through hours of myself masturbating I found what I had been looking for. Little Jennie was apparently pretending to work late and when she was the last one in the office she was sneaking into my office and masturbating on my desk and chair. The first evening she came into my office, slid gracefully into my chair and pulled her skirt around her waist and slid her fingers into that beautiful bare pussy.

Then she pulled the picture of my family closer to xstorys with touching boobs watching free and stared at it while she fingered herself to orgasm. I thought this must be crazy, was she hot for one of my boys? Last night's video showed her playing with that same picture but slowly stroking my own face in the photo. She wasn't hot for my sons, she was hot for me. She was sitting in my chair fingering herself to orgasm while fantasizing about me.

I hadn't even realized I was stroking my cock watching the video until I was about to burst. I barely had the time to grab the wastepaper basket next to my desk and if I hadn't pointed straight t into it I have no idea the size of the mess I would have made. I sat there thinking about what to do. I avoided seeing much of her during the day while I was deciding what to do.

Eventually I thought I would leave a note on my keyboard. The note said "I will be back at 6:30 tonight; if you are here we can play together." When I arrived at 6:30 I found Jennie nervously pacing my office, when she saw me enter the front door she stopped and brushed her clothes and I saw her lick her lips and then smile. "Jennie" I said "I had no idea you felt this way.

I have been dreaming of you for a few years myself." "Uncle Mike, I have always thought you were so handsome and being so close to you all the time now has just made me so hot. How did you know what I have been doing or that it was even me?" "The security cameras.

I noticed things were moved in my office and checked the footage. When I saw you masturbating on my chair I couldn't control myself. You are just so sexy, and seeing your naked pussy while you masturbated was incredible" We stood there staring at each other for a few moments, both wondering what to do next.

My cock was fully hard, and I could barely stand it anymore.

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"I was hoping we could masturbate watching each other, sweetie. I will strip naked if you will and we can both masturbate together." "That sounds so dirty and fun, Uncle Mike." "Great so why don't you use the couch and I will pull my chair over and we can start." When I turned around to get my chair she was already topless and I had the best view of her stunning, young, firm breasts that I ever did.

Light pink areola and hard nipples capped her b-cup breasts. As she reached down to undo her skirt I was drawn to her incredibly firm unfathomable and sexual anal penetration smalltits homemade. Her skirt slid down and revealed a sexy black lace thong and the lacey tops of her stockings.

She slid the thong down slowly and I saw her smooth shaved pussy in person for the first time. The only word that came to mind was perfect. I asked her to keep her lace stockings on while I stripped down for her. I noticed her never take her eyes off me as I disrobed.

Her hand began to slowly rub her slick pussy lips as my fully hard cock was released from my boxers. "Uncle Mike this feels so incredible, I can't believe how big you look.

I have never seen one before for real." "Jennie you are one of the most beautiful sexy little girls I have ever seen." We sat there looking over every inch of each other's bodies. I could smell the sweet odor coming from her rubbing her slick, wet, bare, and as I just learned, virginal pussy.

I could barely contain myself; it took an incredible will to hold back. I saw her eyes close tight, her breathing became labored, and all at once she let out a loud gasp and shook as she came. It was incredible to watch. When she recovered and opened her eyes I could see funny xxx story sex stories free felt embarrassed so I let myself go over the edge. "Oh, Jennie. Oh, God" I let a huge stream out and it flew 5 feet onto the floor between us, followed by 10 others landing on the floor and all over myself.

I heard her moaning as she watched my orgasm. When my vision cleared I saw her with her fingers buried inside her pussy shaking as a second orgasm rocker her firm little teen body. It took us a while to come down from our orgasm induced high. It was Jennie that broke the silence. "Uncle Mike, I am so glad you found out what I was doing and left me that note. We definitely need to do this more often."