Xxx letest story in 2019

Xxx letest story in 2019
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Sammie The Shifter My Name's Sammie, I was just a regular 13 year old girl When I discovered my Ability to Change form, I'm 19 now, and While I don't understand my power, I have complete control of it, I can shift into animals and assume the form of other people, I loved it, I Lead a relatively carefree life, I was Studying Criminology At University, I planned on going into the private detective business I woke up to the song paranoid by black Sabbath playing from my cd alarm clock, the sun shone brightly through the window of my student accommodation flat, I pulled on a loose fitting shirt over my naked body, bra's and underwear would be shredded by shifting, I didn't know how it worked but loose clothing could survive a shift without damage, usually, depending on what I shifted into.

I pulled on a short skirt and packed my bag, I stood by the window and began shifting, the familiar golden haze shimmered across my body, I felt my body change, my legs shrinking, my chest moulding itself into the new shape, it was slightly painful, but I had gotten used to it, as I assumed the new shape I glance at the mirror, where a cute 19 year old girl had stood now was a stood a raven, black as the night itself, I hopped out of the window and caught the wind under my wings, I soared over the town, looking down on it as I approached the college, I swooped down and landed behind the building my lectures took place in, I shifted back into my human form and checked my clothing, to make sure it hadn't ripped or anything, it arunachal pradesh girls sex storys all intact, I walked around the corner and into the building.

As I walked down the corridor I saw Michelle and Dave sitting in the lecture room, waiting for our lecturer, I continued past the hall as the lecture wouldn't start for another 15 minutes, I suddenly felt a wave of pleasure rush through my body, I'm not sure why, but being a shape shifter made my sexual drive extremely overactive, I would constantly get horny at the most awkward times, my pussy was really getting wet as I walked down the corridor, I noticed Daniel Weatherly coming the opposite way towards the lecture hall, In a moment of lust I grabbed him and kissed him passionately, Dan jumped, but was used to me pouncing on him for sex, I often would have the strongest sexual urges, and he was all to happy to oblige, I pulled him into the toilets and pushed him against the wall, our tongues entwining as my hand unzipped his fly and pulled out his rapidly hardening cock, His hand reached under my skirt and his finger slipped into my tight wet pussy, Shifting shape so much meant the my body retained a good shape, and my pussy stayed tight, "aw god Sammie you really want it bad right now don't you" Dan said pulling his mouth away from mine, "oh Dan, you have no idea" I said in my sexiest voice, His fingers played with my pussy as I stroked his cock, to its full hardness, Dan pushed me off him and pushed me against the wall, he lifted my skirt up at the back and began pushing his cock into my tight wet pussy, I began orgasming as soon as the head pushed past my lips, I reached down and rubbed my clit rapidly as he began thrusting into me, Dan had a huge cock, it must have been 12" long and 6" around, I felt so full as his huge length slid up inside of me, my pussy clamped down as I came hard, my juices coating his cock and running down my leg, he pushed me hard against the wall and thrust his pull length up inside my tiny pussy, my pussy clenched on his cock as he thrust in, I was in bliss as his face screwed up and he began to shoot his Huge load up inside my pussy, His cock pulsed as he fired 9 Hot Sticky Blasts Into super cute chubby honey wants you to cum in her mouth, I felt his thick cum fill my pussy as I calmed down from my orgasm, With a final Thrust he finished Amateur european couple bondage blowjob deepthroat bdsm and pulled out his cock, unleashing a torrent of cum which flowed down my leg, I gathered it up in my hand and licked it clean, "I'll leave you to clean yourself up, see you in the lecture Sammie, it criminal psychology today I think" Dan said as he put his deflated cock back into his pants and left, Grabbed a handful of tissue from a stall and wiped up the cum I couldn't get with my hands to lick up, after that I Locked myself in a stall and began shifting, I shifted into a Small tabby cat, I lay there and licked myself, enjoying the feel of my coarse tongue against my … pussy's pussy, I laughed to myself as I though of that, my laugh came out as a meow, I licked out all the cum I could, then realised I might be late and quickly shifted back into human form, as I felt myself return to human shape my pussy contracted and became just as tight as before, after Dan's huge cock it had been very loosened, I sorted my hair quickly in the mirror and hurried to the lecture, The lecture was interesting, although I could feel cum seeping out of my pussy as I took notes, as I got up to leave there was a pool of cum on the plastic chair, I hoped luckily nobody could see as I pushed the chair under the desk.

As I stepped around the corner of the building I shifted into a Small Bunny Rabbit and hopped my way back to my flat, as I hopped along I spotted another bunny rabbit hopping around the small forested area beside the buildings, Overcome by sexual lust I hopped over and began flirting with him, it was definitely a boy bunny and he could smell my arousal, as I stuck my bum up into the air, exposing my bunny rabbit's ass and pussy, I could see the male rabbit had become fully erect, while his penis was small by human standards it was big for a rabbit, he hopped around behind me and mounted me, his sizeable cock prodding at my little bunny hole, suddenly his cock found my little pussy and began thrusting furiously, I hadn't had sex as a bunny before, now I know where the phrase, fucking like rabbits comes from, he was like a machine, furiously stretching my little bunny Hole as his massive cock thrust in and out, I felt the pleasure build inside me and my breathing quicken with his pace, every nerve ending tingled as he thrust into me, my bunny pussy contracting around his cock as I began to orgasm, I let out a squeak and felt him begin to shoot quick fast shots of cum inside of me, my pussy milking his cock for every last drop, I calmed from my orgasm as cum sprayed my tiny bunny womb, Although it depressed me sometimes, I knew it was lucky I couldn't get pregnant, As quickly as it had began it was over, the male bunny hopped off and down a hole, I was satisfied and hopped to my flat, I went around the corner and newbie lesbian teens get their narrowed snatches licked and rode back to human, My body rearranging itself, I felt my pussy expand back to normal, I deliberately kept it smaller and tighter than my pussy would be without my powers, I walked up the stairs and into my flat.

After a few hours of hanging around my flat, watching telly and rewriting notes from today's lecture I decided to go out, far out, and try something new, Lucky for me there was a zoo nearby, just the other side of the city, I stood by the window and shifted into a raven again, a raven was my preferred choice for flight, it wasn't unusual to see one flying around and it was big enough that if I was seen by a predator I could hold my own until I shifted into something more powerful, like a hawk, had to be careful though, not so much if your high in the sweet teen gal plays with a toy, people can't see much and will not really know if you change into another bird, not too different from what you were.

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I kicked off from my window and flew gracefully into the air, I love flying, the feel of the wind over you as you swooped and dived through the air, in essence it was like swimming underwater, except instead of buoyancy pushing you up, gravity pulled you down, I Saw the zoo and swooped down, into the wolf enclosure, I landed behind a rock and quickly shifted into a female wolf, as I trotted out from behind the rock the alpha male of the pack saw me and growled, I lifted my tail and turned around, letting him know I was in heat (as usual) as he sniffed the air his stance became friendlier and he slowly crept over to me, warily, I could see his cock small flat teen hd and mature big tits tube porn from his sheath as he moved around me, sniffing me, smelling my arousal, he stopped at my rear and I lifted my tail once again, lowering my head and pushing my wolf's ass and pussy into the greywood entertainment all lesbian storys, he licked at my pussy and I quivered with pleasure, quickly he mounted me and his cock began prodding at my ass and pussy, His cock was huge, bigger than most Human men I knew, Suddenly his cock penetrated my asshole, I yelped out in pain, his cock thrust deep into me, then I felt it stop, and keep pushing, his knot popped into me painfully, I gritted my fangs and bore it as he raped my tiny tail hole, his massive cock thrusting up inside me, After A few minutes he began shooting his Hot cum inside of me, Filling me up, I yelped as he tried to pull out his knot and succeeded, I limped back behind the rock, my gaping tail hole dripping wolf cum, I decided I would have some revenge, I subtly shifted into a erotic chick is geeting pissed on and ejaculates wet snatch large male wolf, I usually stuck with shifting into female's but males are possible, as the golden haze shimmered over me, I felt my body change, grow much bigger, my pussy Stretched outwards and my clit formed the head of an enormous wolf's cock, Huge Balls grew out from where my pussy hole was and quickly I had assumed the form, I trotted out from behind the rock and saw the alpha male snarling at one of the younger males, I let out a loud, challenging bark and he turned around, locking eyes I advanced on him, he knew I was bigger and would win, he turned away and backed down, I kept on advancing until I was right behind him, then quickly I pinned him with my front paws and began prodding my Ridiculously huge throbbing cock at his unprotected asshole, the alpha wolf knew what I was trying to do and yelped beneath me, trying to escape my grip, his efforts were futile, I barked as my cock slipped in to the tight pucker, without remorse I began furiously raping the tiny hole, For reasons unbeknownst to me when I assume a male form I had complete control over how quickly and how much I cum, after a few minutes decided this wolf had had enough punishment and unleashed a torrent of hot cum into his ass, every hard spurt accompanied by a yelp from beneath, Copying his movements from before I pulled out the knot, painfully stretching his asshole, as my knot came out, cum gushed from the ruined tail hole, finished and contempt that the alpha wolf had been taught a lesson I Leapt up and quickly shifted into a raven, flying out before anyone noticed, I flew back to my flat and shifted back to human, I drifted off to sleep on the sofa, Wolf cum seeping out of my sore asshole Please no comments about realism, this story is not intended to be realistic, Also i am aware there may be grammatical errors, You Don't need to point these out to me !