Fantasyhd lola reve tries some double penetration yoga

Fantasyhd lola reve tries some double penetration yoga
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Frank's Wife part 4, Jim's Sex Toy story by: SindyxSin AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a continuing sexual story. It may have some rough sex and should not be read by people not into that type of sex. It's not for everyone, pain, humiliation and other sex acts used to degrade a person it not for everyone. If this turns you on I'm happy but please don't try any of this on unwilling partners. Stories that precede this one are; Franks wife, Franks sex toy and it helps to read, Paul's new sex toy before classic tabofull sex movie mom and son one.

Jim wasn't enjoying his marriage to Kathy when they dated it was a lot of fun now things were a little different. He married her almost immediately when she told him she was pregnant. To be honest he loved her and would have married her anyway she seemed to be the type of girl he could mold into what he really wanted.

Because of the baby he stopped having wild sex with her and almost stopped having sex with her completely. He thought she might be too fragile and delicate and he didn't want to screw things up. Three months after they were married Kathy didn't look pregnant and he found out she wasn't.

He assumed she lied to him just to get married and decided it was because he had quite a bit of money. He became a little withdrawn and frustrated thinking she had lied to him and was nothing more than a gold digger. Without realizing it he screwed up when he put his sex life on hold. Kathy would have done anything with or for him to please him all he had to do was ask her. He didn't ask and things just went downhill from there.

Kathy's plan. Jim my husband had sex with Sue, which was my doing because I wanted to push him into doing something I knew he would enjoy but would never do on his own. Jim had a small mean streak in him, which I'm not sure he even realized. I noticed that when we first dated that's part of why I was drawn to him. Unfortunately for me he suppressed it very well after we got married now it was up to me to see if I could bring it out so I could enjoy the kind of sex I wanted.

Sue had done her part giving Jim something to think about when he had sex with her. Now it was up to us to convince him I could be much more fun then her.

She was wild and always ready for sex something we had in common except I liked a different type of sex. Her husband, Frank enjoyed everything she did and talked a lot about their wild sex.

I didn't want to be exactly like Sue, I wanted to have as much sex as she did but in a different way. Now that he had fucked Sue I was hoping a little more convincing could change him back to the man I thought he was when I married him. I spent a lot of time with Sue coming up with a plan that if it worked my marriage would not only be better but our sex would be much more fun Sue knew what I really wanted and with the help of her husband Frank maybe I would get it.

First I had to get him mad at me after that he would need a little guidance to get him going in the right direction between Sue, Frank and I we thought my plan would work. Jim's story. My frustration only got worse when one day Kathy left her Journal out and with nothing to do I picked it up and read part of it.

I was shocked at what I read just in the first few pages. I thought she was a virgin when they dated and I had been the first man to fuck her. After what she wrote it was obvious I wasn't the first.

She described some pretty degrading acts none of which I had done with her although I would had enjoyed doing with/to her. Some of the things she described were so arousing to me I cheating milf on phone horny step mom gets slammed hard as I read more.

How she was made to do things that were humiliating and degrading amazed me. I always only sluts and whores did those things not my sweet young wife. How could she have hidden doing those things from me was hard to believe. I always thought she was capable of being controlled but was surprised to find that someone has already done that with her. Upset I stopped reading, it was quite obvious she had a man before me who treated her the way I should have.

I knew Kathy had lied about being pregnant and now being a virgin my first thought was I should punish her for that. There was only one problem with that, if I did what I wanted being a gold digger she would divorce me. That meant she would get quite a bit of my money and I would only get one night of pleasure making her pay for being a liar. Keeping all of that in mind I simply stayed married, deciding it wasn't all that bad. Kathy had a nice body and was fun in bed, I got sex when I wanted it but it wasn't just sex with her I wanted.

I had planned to do a lot more with her, which unfortunately wasn't happening since I decided she married me for my money.

Knowing if I did something outrageous with/too her she would take that to court and win. I needed her to do something on her own that I could use against her. I remembered Paul telling me that after talking to Tom he had got some stuff to try, two creams and a gel, the gel made him stiff and hard and lasted for hours.

The creams had a different effect; one got his wife all hot and bothered causing her to really want sex. She would crave sex until she finally climaxed which she couldn't do without the other cream. Maybe Tom had something better, after all he did own a pharmaceutical company, I finally called Tom. Tom reminded me tomorrow was barbecue day but if I really needed to talk to him to come to his house later.

Later that evening I was setting in Frank's den explaining how I wished Kathy would be more agreeable to pleasing me just like Sue and I guess Cindy was now. He explained that one reason he had given Paul some stuff was because Paul asked for it and so did Cindy. He wasn't sure he should give me that stuff because as he put it, he didn't want me to use something on Kathy without her knowing about it. "Okay here's the thing, I was thinking about getting a divorce and I was just thinking if I had some pictures or videos of Kathy being unfaithful it might hot blonde stepmom cory chase licking baileys sweet pussy masturbation young old me a lot of trouble and money in a divorce." I confessed.

"Jim I know you loved Kathy when you first dated and you two had fun together. Are you sure you can't patch up your problems, it would be nice to see you happy again and with Kathy," Frank asked. "I do and we did but I found out she lied to me about two very important things that I can't forgive her for so I'm black ex girlfriend with fine ass bent over doggystyle fuck about getting a divorce," I explained.

He went and got the jar's of cream and a tube of gel. Handing them to me he said, "Let me explain what these do," he started to say but I Stopped him I said Paul had told me all about them. Frank handed me the creams and tube of gel. I thought our conversation was over; I was ready to get up and leave when Sue grabbed my shoulder. "I need to talk to you," Sue said, as she pushed me down. "Don't go away she ordered." Then disappeared for a few minutes and returned with a small bottle.

I heard everything you said, "I'm sorry to hear about your problems and I have something to give you along with a request, OK?" She asked. All I could do was agree, she handed me a bottle, "These Pills are better then the cream.

I took one the effect lasted four to six hours, the second pill lasted longer close to eight hours and the third lasted a full day. Unlike the cream there is no antidote you just have to wait for the pill to wear off, also it doesn't block having a climax, and the more sex I got the more I wanted.

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I was so worn out after trying that third pill I could barely walk. Thinking about everything I heard you wanting some pictures and videos which would definitely give you the edge in a divorce if you really want one. Do nothing tonight wait till tomorrow, give her a pill before you come over and I'll give you a great place to take her, for sex and pictures," Sue promised. I reluctantly told her OK, I would wait now I was ready to go home and plan one hell of a day for Kathy.

I promised to wait on using the pills but I wanted to try the cream as soon as I got home to see if it really worked. I waited until later that night after Kathy fell asleep. Putting just a little of the cream from the red jar on my finger I returned to the bedroom. Kathy was sound asleep as I pulled the covers back and mumbled under my breath, "shit." Kathy was wearing her pajama bottoms, which would make it hard to get to her pussy. Luckily she was a pretty sound sleeper and I didn't wake her up as I managed to get my hand inside her pajamas.

She was also wearing underwear, which made getting to her pussy a little harder. She didn't move as I managed to get my fingers under her panties and down to her pussy. I wasn't sure if I got any on her clit but I did manage to place my finger inside her and rubbed it around without waking her.

Removing my hand I went to the bathroom and washed my hands off then returned to the bedroom. All I had to do now was wait and huge tits blondes in threesome fake taxi if anything would happen, I felt my cock get hard as I thought how nice her pussy felt.

I was still thinking nice things about her as her warm hand wrapped around my cock, and began stroking it. I reached down and grabbed her hand stopping her, "what are you doing?" I asked. Partners daughter catches mom fucking girlassociate kitchen xxx summer seduction in the dim light I could tell she looked embarrassed.

"I just wanted to feel your cock," she softly told him. Smiling to myself I released her hand, "I want to feel it inside me, can I stroke it a little more before I hop on it." she whispered. I told her, go for it.

She went back to stroking it, when it was as hard as possible I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I applied a little of the gel to my stiff cock before returning to the bed. Getting on my back like usual Kathy climbed on top of me. She was acting perfectly normal, slowly sliding down on my cock burying it deep inside her before slowly rising up. She began like normal moving up and down slowly at first then like always she began moving faster.

This was how she always had sex starting out slow then speeding up as her climax built. Normally after a few minutes her body would shake and she would climax. That was one nice thing about her she climaxed easy and often. Other than the fact that she had wanted sex so suddenly everything else was proceeding just like normal.

I did notice she was moving a lot faster now and I was starting to really enjoy it. I grabbed her hips as she continued and I exploded sending a ava addams step daughter is a bad girl pussy licking and girl on girl of sperm into her. She didn't slow down but continued humping up and down on my cock moaning and groaning as she did it.

I let her go for a good ten minutes before I gripped her hips and held her down once more. I was surprised I was shooting a second load into her as she cried for me to release her so she could continue riding my cock. I didn't release her right away but commented that I had shot my load and was done and she should get off me.

She cried she needed a climax and begged me to release her, I did. Being denied her climax was causing her to really, ride my cock like a wild woman. She actually was more fun to fuck then Sue as she continued to bounce wildly on me in her desperate need of a climax. I lay there enjoying this new sensation of having such a hot sexy wife. She was wearing herself out but getting nowhere when I finally stopped her.

"I want to fuck your ass maybe it will help you climax," I told her. She was more than happy to listen and do what I said, she got off me an got on her hands and knees. I started to press my hard cock into her ass, she pushed back helping it go into her. I enjoyed the fact she moved her ass back showing me she wanted it buried deep in her tight ass. While I was busy pumping away at her ass her one hand was rubbing her pussy and clit trying to make her climax.

I enjoying her nice tight ass and actually shot another load into her. Happy with the way things were going but tired I decided I better let her climax. Pulling out I went to the bathroom after telling her to get on her back and play with her pussy while I was gone.

Using some cream from the green jar I returned, looking down at her and seeing her fingers moving in and out of her pussy trying to make her Climax I suggested she use a dildo.

She said she didn't own any and with me had never needed one before. I got between her legs but before sliding my cock into her I told her to use her fingers and pull her pussy wide open for me. Her response was immediate; she pulled her pussy open and cried, "fuck me, please fuck me make me climax." Her begging for my cock was something I always liked; it sounded nice having her beg to be fucked like she used too.

Rubbing my cock up and down her pussy teasing her a little making her beg one more time before I slid my cock deep into her pussy. Almost immediately she began pushing her hips up to meet my thrusts. Fucking her hard her body quickly began twitching and shaking as her climax continued to build. Her legs suddenly wrapped around me as she yelled she was coming, her nails racked my back as she exploded with a massive sex stories xxx horss sex story. I continued to thrust hard into her until she exploded with another climax.

We were both breathing hard by the time it was over. Now that she had that fantastic climax Sue said would happen she was completely exhausted and ready to go to sleep. I was exhausted also and completely satisfied knowing those creams had worked so well.

She fell asleep quickly; I stayed up a bit longer thinking about how sex with her was so good. I knew I would be using the cream again the only question was how long would I make her wait to climax next time. If that pill worked as good as the cream she would be spending a long time being fucked before it wore off. I needed to thank Frank and Sue tomorrow at the barbecue. I had a pleasant night sleeping dreaming about all the things I planned for Kathy.

The next morning Kathy looked tired but was in a good mood when she came down from the bedroom. When she sat down she said, ouch, I asked what was wrong she told me her ass hurt, thanks to me. I laughed saying she had a nice ass and it was fun fucking it. She gave me a look and said, "There were other ways to treat my ass besides just fucking it." I should've asked her to explain that remark but I didn't bother, last night was fun and I knew I would have even more fun even if it was going to be for a short time.

I told her I was going to get some work done and went into my office. It was nice having a home office but I didn't plan on getting any work done. Instead I turned on my computer and went to my favorite porno site to watch some video's. Watching the videos my cock got hard not because they were so good but because I was picturing Kathy doing the things the girl in the video was doing. I was thinking about how I had planned on having Kathy do those things right after we got married.

She called me and said it was almost time to leave, I was ready but I had to find some way of giving her that pill. I couldn't believe my luck as Kathy asked me to get her sunny leone brazzer xxxlong story aspirin saying she had a slight headache.

I gave her the pill from Sue, instead of an aspirin, all I had to do now was wait. We got to Frank's for the barbecue, Kathy was acting normal when we got there and I was waiting for the pill to take effect wondering if I would really see a difference in her. Meeting up with the guys and their wives for the barbecue gave me the opportunity to talk with Frank and Sue.

Sue actually had a oriental luscious hottie in underware cumshot lingerie japanese she thought would work, after hearing her devious plan she gave me an address saying I should enjoy myself there and so would Kathy.

The barbecue went on for a couple hours I kept glancing at Kathy wondering how priya is cleaning naked and gets fucked in hardcore pornstars and big dick longer would it be before the pill started to work.

I didn't notice Sue coming up behind me until she big ass milf miss bunny nailed by a big cock me on the shoulder. Sue was giggling as she told me I was in for a big surprise, and reminded me to go to the address she had given me. Smiling she said it was a great place to go especially with a horny woman.

I asked her to tell me what was so special about this address but she wouldn't tell me anymore saying I would see soon enough. Sue had barely walked away when Kathy walked up to me, she started rubbing my crotch suggesting we go home.

Kathy was extremely anxious to get going so we said our farewells and headed to the car. After putting everything in the car I asked Kathy what was her rush. She looked a little embarrassed and suddenly told me she felt extremely horny and couldn't wait to get fucked. Obviously the pill had finally kicked in and Sue had realized it before I did. Getting in the car I decide I should go to that address Sue given me, I didn't know what to expect but I knew Sue must have had a reason for giving me that address.

As I drove it became obvious I wasn't heading directly home, Kathy asked where I was going and I told her to wait and see. While I drove Kathy started moaning softly and I noticed her hand was between her legs rubbing her panties.

It was fun watching her play with herself knowing she was that horny. I pulled up to the address Sue had given me, Kathy looked out the window and realized I had stopped right in front of what looked like an closed up store. The windows were painted black and it didn't look like the store was open. Above the doorway was a sign that said, adult store.

Parking a few spaces away I told Kathy, "Maybe it's time to get a dildo for that hot pussy of yours." Reluctantly she removed her hand and agreed with me and we headed towards the sex shop. This was a new experience for both of us. It wasn't especially a clean place the foul smell was the first thing I noticed.

The second was that there was a half a dozen customers in the store, sexy schoolgirl janice griffith seduces her teacher men, two middle aged the others even older. One thing they had in common none looked very clean, like the store itself they looked dirty. One other thing they had in common was all of them were staring at us, well not us but at Kathy.

I couldn't blame them for staring not because she was female but because the way she was dressed. Her short white skirt showed off her legs and her halter top showed enough cleavage to make you realize she had a nice set of tits.

The store was surprisingly bigger then it looked from the outside. With a large movies section against one wall, were DVD boxes lined the whole wall. The center section was full of racks with various merchandise on them.

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Towards the back was a wall with a doorway separating it from the rest of the store the sign over the door said video booths. Against the other wall was a counter where a big fat hairy man was sitting. "May I help you?" He asked. "Not yet we'll just look around first," I replied.

"If you don't see what you want just ask some stuff we keep in the back room," he politely told me. I pointed towards the doorway and asked about the video booths, he told me I would have to buy tokens and we could see parts of nearly every video they carried. Thanking him again I pulled Kathy over towards the wall with the videos. The cover of each DVD had photos of what was on the video we were looking at an amazing assortment of sex acts.

Kathy squeezed my hand and whispered in my ear, "God I'm horny my pussy is burning up I really need your cock in me." Kissing her cheek I told her we would get around to that but first we had to do some shopping. Most of the DVDs looked pretty normal for your X-rated movies that is until I moved down to the end of the shelf near the video booths wall.

These were obviously the more extreme videos I was looking at photos some that were disgusting others were enticing. I picked one off the shelf and showed it to Kathy and asked if she had ever seen anything like that reverse cowgirl drilling with julia de lucia. Staring at it she flatly said, "I have never seen anything like that before." I noticed she was breathing hard as she stared at the picture.

I don't know if she was really turned on from it or from the pill. I decided we should watch this video, I think we should watch this one if it's available what do you think? Expecting her to say, "That's disgusting" she surprised me and answered, "That would be nice." I left Kathy standing there as I went over to the counter and asked the guy if that video was available in the booths.

Giving it a quick glance he said number one sixty-nine. I gave him twenty dollars for tokens and as he handed them to me he said use booth number six if you want the little lady to have a little extra fun.

I wasn't sure what he meant and I didn't want to ask but I thanked him took the tokens and replaced the video on the rack.

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Grabbing Kathy's hand I told her we're going to watch some of the movie. Inside, I looked for number six and pulled Kathy into it. The odor of stale sex was almost overpowering as we entered the small room. The room was so narrow it was hard for both of us to stand next to each other.

There was a large screen behind some glass and directly in front of it was a plastic chair. Hanging near it was a token box with a bunch of buttons and a box of Kleenex. Looking at the floor it was obvious what the Kleenex was for, used Kleenex were lying all around the floor which was a little bit sticky.

The chair itself was even worst looking, in the center of the chair was a big wet sticky spot. I put a token in the box and pressed one sixty-nine the big screen came to life. We were staring at a slim white girl on her knees, surrounded by eight guys with hard cocks. She reached out and grabbed one of the cocks and pulled it towards her the man moved close enough for her to place his cock in her mouth and she started to suck his cock. She was moaning and clearly enjoying having that cock in her mouth.

I could hear Kathy breathing a little deep as she watched the movie. The girl opened her mouth really wide as the guy pulled his hot eighteen year old brunette doxy hardcore massage back and it began shooting his Cum into her mouth. Then the screen went black, I quickly put another token in the box and the scene pop back up on the screen.

The girl had swallowed and was licking her lips smiling at other man standing there. Kathy was not only breathing deep I could heard her moans as her hand was once more rubbing her panties. I whispered in her ear, "lift up your skirt and sit down" her eyes never left the screen as she lifted her skirt and sat in the dirty sticky chair. The second guy pulled his cock out of her mouth and sprayed her face with his Cum.

The screen went black again and I quickly put another token in. A third guy this one a black guy was now front of the woman his cock was huge.

She didn't repeat her performance with him. He grabbed her head and began fucking her mouth while he held her head. Once he was satisfied with her mouth he pulled his cock out and had the girl sit on it. She began bouncing up and down on his hard cock while she eagerly sucked another cock. Kathy slipped her hand inside her panties and began rubbing her pussy something I had always wanted to see her do in public.

I heard a noise in the booth next to us and for some reason glanced over towards the wall. That's when I first noticed the wall had a hole in it. Looking at the hole the height was almost even with Kathy's face. With no real warning a cock suddenly poked through the hole. The hole was big enough that not only did the cock stick through it so did the guys balls. I realize the wall must be extremely thin and the guy on the other side must be pressed hard against it.

My first thought was to ignore it but a slight moan from Kathy changed my mind. This would be my first opportunity to see just how well that pill worked. I reached down and grabbed her hand and pulled it out of her panties and placed it on the cock sticking through the wall. She quickly looked at the wall and then looked at me. Bending down I whispered in her ear, "play with it." Her left hand replaced her right hand on her pussy, the fingers of her right hand wrapped around the cock and started pulling on it.

After putting the rest of the tokens in the machine I watched Kathy rather than the movie. She was busy playing with her pussy and jerking the guy off at the same time. The guy banged on the wall and yelled, "girly that feels great, but it would be much better if you used your mouth." I heard a soft, "no thank you," from Kathy. I decided to see just how far I could push her.

"If you want that pussy fucked I suggest you suck that cock," I told her. Knowing that I had taught her how to suck a cock and she was pretty good on it I knew this guy was in for a special treat if she actually did suck his cock. Kathy smiled if you want me to I will, she softly said. "Yes, I want you to amateur young girlfriend shaves pussy and gets cum on tits his cock," I replied.

She turned her head, opened her mouth and devoured his cock. She was using two fingers in her pussy while she sucked his cock. I quickly pulled out my phone and took a few quick pictures of her. The guy suddenly yelled he was ready to shoot his load which didn't seem to bother Kathy at all she just kept sucking on him. I guess he shot his load and she must've swallowed it as he pulled his cock out of her mouth and thanked her.

Turning she looked up at me and said, "now will you fuck me." Hell I was hot and hard and really wanted to but held back saying, "No." She gave me a pleading look something I hadn't seen in a long time from her.

Still holding back I told her to watch the rest of the movie first. She sat there and watched as the guys were done with the girl they gave her a golden shower and the screen went black.

I told her we had to go shopping for a dildo now. Kathy bit her lip and reluctantly removed her fingers from her pussy and stood up. I told her cute shy innocent virgin school girl first virgin sex remove her panties as they were all sticky from sitting in the chair. She never went anywhere without wearing panties but quickly removed them and pushed them into her purse. She grabbed my hand and pulled it against her pussy, "Please fuck me, right here right now, I really need to feel your cock inside me" she begged.

Damm I was tempted but pulled my hand back saying, not yet lets look around first, we came in so you could get a dildo lets do that first. She wasn't happy but followed me back out to the main part of the store. Telling her to go look at some dildo's while I looked at some other movies.

Once she wandered off I reached into my pocket and pulled out the tube of the gel. My next stop was the men's room where I applied some gel to my stiff cock. Now I would stay hard if I did decided to fuck Kathy. Stopping at the counter I had a conversation with the guy who as it turned out he knew Sue pretty well. Going back to the movie selection I was looking at the movies when Kathy rushed over to me, she was holding a dildo.

It looked realistic, it was about seven inches long and fairly thick. Telling me she found one and was ready to leave, I asked her if she was sure it was the one she wanted, she quickly said, yes, yes let's go.

I decided to prolong her agony a little longer. She looked embarrassed when I told her to take it up to the counter and ask if that was a good one. The guy behind the counter smiled at her as she laid it down and asked if it was any good. The guy looked at it, picked it up and smiled, and told her it was a nice one. Her face turned red from embarrassment when he suggested she come behind the counter and he could demonstrate it for her.

She looked relieved when I walked over and told her we should take it unfathomable and fleshly asian group play japanese and hardcore the booth and watch another movie. The guy promptly told me if we did that we would have to buy it whether she liked it or not.

I agreed and handed him twenty dollars for tokens, he said if he could watch her use it I could have the tokens for free. I got the tokens and my twenty dollars back and we followed him into the video booths. I noticed he went to room number eight which turned out to be a larger room just as filthy and dirty as number six but big enough for all three of us to fit without a problem.

I put all the tokens in the box and hit number sixty-nine the screen came to life and there was a cute blonde girl and like the first girl she was surrounded by men this time it was a mixture three of the guys were white three were black. All of them are busy feeling her up and playing with her tits and pussy. At first Kathy was a bit reluctant to do anything with the dildo while this guy stood there watching her.

Telling her to sit in the chair and use the dildo, she quickly sat down glanced at the guy staring at her she simply lifted up her skirt showing him her pussy. She let the guy stare at her for a minute before she pushed the dildo into her pussy not caring that she was being watched by a stranger. The more she played with the dildo the hotter she got as did I. Stepping partially in front of her I pulled my cock out and told her to suck it. Quickly bending she slipped her pretty lips over my cock and began sucking it.

I suggested she stand up and do it, her mouth never left my cock as she stood up. I nodded at the counter guy he moved the chair and stood behind her. She didn't stop when he lifted her skirt and rubbed her ass.

Telling her he wanted to fuck her ass she moaned what sounded like a yes. The guy didn't wait to hear anymore and quickly pulled his cock out reached between her legs and rub some of her juices on his cock. As he started to rub his cock on her ass I noticed her legs moved wider apart. He didn't waste any time and as soon as the head of his cock found her ass hole he shoved his cock into her.

She didn't stop using the dildo or sucking my cock as he began fucking her ass. Her moans were louder as he pounded away at her for a minute, she almost bit me as she exploded with a climax. That climax didn't slow her down it only seem to make her hotter.

She continued sucking my cock and wiggling her ass getting pleasure from both of us. I shot my load in her mouth just about the same time the guy shot his load in her ass. Unlike me his cock went limp within a few minutes and he left the room. I let Kathy continue sucking me until I emptied another load into her mouth.

The movie had ended long before I pulled my cock out of her mouth I asked if she had enjoyed being fucked by a stranger. Her only response was how much she wanted me to fuck her. Telling her no once more I told her she would have to wait till we got home. Begging me to fuck her, saying she son rape mother while sleeping a hard cock in her pussy I suggested she invite the guys in the store to fuck her.

She looked horrified at the thought of what I said, reaching down I rubbed her pussy. She pushed it towards my hand, it was molly ashley and alexis pegging sissy men wet.

Removing my hand I told her to follow me and we walked back to the main part of the store. Looking around I only saw two guys still in the place, whispering in Kathy's ear I asked how bad she wanted to be fucked. Giving me a sweet look she quickly replied, "I blonde slut receives multiple peckers at once it bad, I need a cock in me." I pulled her over to the two guys. I was enjoying how well that pill was working and how much control I now had over her.

"If your that hot, ask these guys to fuck you," I softly told her. She looked alarmed, do you really want me too? she asked. "Yes," I told her, knowing she needed it that bad and couldn't wait. She managed to smile at the guys as she asked them to fuck her. Both guys looked shocked but when the counter guy came over and said we could use his back room everyone even Kathy looked pleased. We all followed him to the backroom, it was where specialty items were displayed, all relating to bondage and S/M play.

The counter guy said they would have to use the floor which was fine with the two man. Kathy didn't look as agreeable as them but once more her need changed that as she agreed the floor was fine. One guy quickly unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. Stepping in front miss missa x bad medicine 1510 him I stopped him, pushed him back a little and quietly said, "She looks like she has a nice body why not tell her to show you how nice it is first?

Oh and while your feeling her up, don't forget to make her tell you what she wants you to do either." The guy grinned at me nodded his head and I stepped aside. I didn't know if Kathy noticed that the counter guy was holding a camera as I planned to have this whole thing recorded. The guy I talked to pulled the other over and talked to him before both men approached Kathy.

She looked as sweet and innocent as the first time I met her. Before either man got close enough to touch her one of them asked her what she wanted. Immediately she said, your cocks I want you to fuck me. He requested she remove her clothes first instead she pulled up her skirt showing off her pussy and repeated she wanted them to fuck her. Both guys were tempted but the guy repeated this request, she looked upset but because neither man made a move towards her she unbuttoned her blouse and removed it.

When neither man moved she unhooked her bra and dropped her skirt and stood there nude. Now both men quickly moved towards her. Admiring her body they ran their hands over every inch of it, both men were squeezing her tits and playing with her nipples which prompted her to yell out, come on, fuck me, I want your cocks in me now. Neither man could wait any longer and although I was hoping she would suck their cocks that wasn't the case.

One of them was smart enough to get on the floor and tell her to hop on granny wife with amazing body fucked on cam cock. She didn't waste any time getting on him and when she began riding his cock the second man got behind her. Rather than just shove his cock in her he asked if she wanted to be fucked in the ass. She didn't miss a beat as she yelled out, yes fuck me, fuck me anyway you want just get your cock in me.

Watching her get fucked by these two strangers I understood why Frank enjoyed watching Sue get fucked by strangers, it was a turn on. The counter guy handed me the camera and walked over to join in. He stood in front of her pulled out his limp cock and asked if she would suck it again. She didn't answer him but simply nodded her head and opened her mouth.

I taped and took pictures of the whole thing knowing I would have a very good case once I decided to divorce her. When all three men were finally done using her she looked completely worn out but the pill hadn't worn off yet and she wanted more sex. I promised her she would get it once we got home and instructed her to put her blouse and skirt back on.

The minute she lifted up the bra and attempted to put it on the counter guy did something that surprised me. He slapped her butt extremely hard, "He didn't tell you to put that back on, drop it," he ordered. The look on her face and her response shocked me. Instead of looking pissed off and telling him off, she dropped the bra and apologized. When she started to put on her blouse he walked over to me, "You look surprised that she listens so well, don't be, I have seen women like her before especially in this room.

Bring her back anytime you want I'll help train her," He told me. Before I could respond Kathy was at my side begging me to take her home or fuck her there. She used the dildo in the car on her way home hoping it would relieve that itch in her pussy. Thinking about what the counter guy said I didn't go directly home. He was right she had listened very well now I wanted to see how well she would listen to me.

I had nothing to lose and it would be a real turn on for me if she followed my instructions once we got home. Stopping at a all-night store I left Kathy in the car playing with herself as I picked up a few items for her. She could barely contain herself once we got home and wanted me to fuck her soon as we got to in the door.

I held her off gave her the bag from the store and told her to use what I bought her first.

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On her way up the stairs I shouted, "You better look sexy when you come back down!" I could have sworn I heard her say yes Sir. While she was gone I loaded the contents of the memory card from the camera into my computer. Looking at some of the pictures I couldn't wait to show them to her and tell her I would use them if she didn't give me a reasonable divorce settlement.

I was so interested in the pictures I didn't realize Kathy had come up behind me until she tapped me on the shoulder. Turning around I saw a very sexy girl smiling at me. Not only had she used the items I gave her she had cleaned her face and fixed her hair and was wearing one of her sexiest nightie's. She really looked lovely and I especially liked her hairless pussy. Sitting there staring at her she softly spoke, "I hope you like this nightie, if not I can quickly put on something you like better." She looked like my wife but didn't sound like her, being so sweet and nice like that.

Telling her to wait for me in the living room I quickly went to the bathroom. I put a little cream from the green jar on my cock, Sue said it would intensify a climax I wanted Kathy to remember this night. I return to the living room where Kathy was patiently waiting. Staring at her I told her she looked pretty and I really liked how nice her pussy looked without any hair. In return I got a smile and another request to please fuck her. Before I agreed to her request I asked if she had also used the douche that had been in the bag.

"Yes, yes I'm nice and clean for you, will you please fuck me now," she begged. My cock was rock hard as she slid down on me and it didn't take long for her body to respond to my cock, within just a few strokes her body shook and she climaxed.

She continued fucking me hard getting multiple climaxes by the way her body was reacting and her shouting each one seemed bigger and better than the last one. Then one huge orgasm must have hit her by the way her body reacted, her body really shook and she screamed out, yes, yes just before collapsing on me.

She was finally worn out and too tired to continue, but she didn't get off me and asked if I wanted her to continue fucking me. I was as worn out as her inexpertse coge a jovecita virgen was ready to call it a night but decided now was a good time to tell her about my plan.

"You saw the pictures I was looking at when you came down. Not only do I have those pictures I have a video of everything you did in the back room of the sex store," I started to tell her when she suddenly interrupted me. "Your not mad I let them fuck me are you?

I only did what you told me too, was I wrong? If you are you can always spank me for being naughty or you can do it just because you want too." Her remark stopped me from going on and I changed the subject. "In that case get off my lap and get over it so I can spank you," I told her.

She quickly moved off my cock and laid over it ready to be spanked. Damn, she had a really cute ass, swatting her ass a couple times not too hard she didn't say anything. Thinking this was my only opportunity to really spank her I decided to give her a real spanking. I didn't hold back this time and began flawless looker presents oversized ass and gets anal hole poked her butt as hard as I could.

She moaned and actually climaxed while I spanked her, her butt was bright red when I got done. She started begging me again to fuck her, she needed a cock she cried.

Letting her get off my lap she quickly hopped on me sitting on top of me she slide my stiff cock into her hot, wet pussy and began riding me hard. Moving up and down slamming my cock deep into her pussy as hard as she could. I reached up and rubbed her nice hard nipples which I know she enjoyed squeezing them extra hard, she immediately exploded with a climax. I knew it was the pill that had gotten her this hot and I was enjoying every minute of it. She didn't stop bouncing up and down on my cock until she had three more climaxes.

After the last one she looked totally satisfied but she still didn't get off me. She started moving up and down much slower, said she had really enjoyed how nice it was fucking me. I let her keep going until she looked totally exhausted then I decided she had enough for one night. Pushing her off me I told her to go to bed. In the morning I would tell her about my plan to divorce her.

Waking up early I looked at Kathy, she looked sweet laying there asleep. Going downstairs I mature ebony slut with a teen girl a coffee and thinking today was Sunday and I couldn't see my lawyer till tomorrow, why not have some more fun today.

I switched her vitamin with one of those pills. Yesterday's pill seamed to last longer then Sue said they did, I wondered how long this second one would last. Taking the coffee I went into my office and sat at my computer looking at the pictures from last night. Some looked very good, easy to see her face and what she was doing, they would be great in court when I needed them. I was watching the video when I hear Kathy come up behind me.

She came up behind me saw what I was watching, expecting to hear her complain I just kept watching the video. "Are you enjoying what your seeing?" she asked. Her voice sounded soft and sweet not what I expected to hear from her. "Yes," I simply said thinking now would be a good time to mention the divorce.

She leaned over and kissed my cheek, then said, "I enjoyed last night also." Not believing what I just heard I turned around to look at her. She had taken her time to fix her hair and put on her makeup before coming down. Not only did she look good she was standing there wearing only her white silk robe which she had left open showing off her cleavage and her pussy. I stared at her for a minute trying to understand what was going on.

Shit, she looked so good my cock got hard and I wanted to fuck her but I wanted to hear about last night first. I asked her to tell me exactly what she thought about her time in the sex store.

Looking at me shyly, she replied, "it was actually fun, I enjoyed it." Stepping close to me she rubbed my crotch, "I really wanted sex so bad yesterday I was willing to do anything you told me too so you would fuck me. It was so much fun I would do it all again if you wanted me too, I loved how you took control last night," she softly said.

She would do it again? That sounded too good to be true besides she was still a liar so I confronted her with the facts. "You lied to me not only once but twice, first you told me you were a virgin when we dated and I was your first man. I read your journal and you were far from being a virgin.

Second you told me you were pregnant before we got married which obviously you weren't. I plan on using these pictures to get a divorce and keep you from getting a big settlement," I told her. She gave me a startled look, "First it's not my fault that silly test strip was wrong I thought I was pregnant. I only told you because I thought you needed to know not to make you marry me. Second I was a virgin, not only were you my first but I enjoyed how you controlled our sex.

You taught me how much fun sex could be and I wanted you to keep doing that but you changed after we got married. If you don't mind me saying so you kind of became a wimp. I tried making you demand sex by turning you down but that didn't seem to work. So I wrote a fake journal describing things I wanted you to do to me. I left it out just so you would find it and read it.

My Fantasy Journal was supposed to give you ideas I wanted you to make my fantasies come true. That didn't seem to work either until last night when you started acting like your old self.

If you really want a divorce I won't fight you and I don't need any of your money. I have a very large trust fund I never mentioned. I didn't want you marrying me for my money, I wanted you to marry me because you loved me. If you remember my wedding vows, I said, to love, honor and obey, I have always been ready to do all three most of all obey you." It was now my turn to look startled, how could I be so dumb.

It was obvious she didn't know anything about sex when we first dated. It even took me a month to teach her how to suck a cock. I felt like a complete idiot, grabbed her hand and pulled her into my lap. "I'm sorry, I really don't want a divorce I do love you." She kissed me and said, "So does that mean your not kinky lesbians fill up their oversized asses with milk and ejaculate it out threesome creampies over what I did last night?

Now it was my turn to smile, "I enjoyed watching cute black teen sex for money serve client at hotel bed being fucked, but it wasn't your fault you were so hot last night.

I gave you something that made you that way. I did enjoyed spanking you, I just hope I didn't hurt you to much." She kissed me again, "No, you didn't hurt me, that's what I should get when I'm naughty.

I'm glad you enjoyed watching me being fucked by other men as long as you know I love only you. Tell me why did you say it wasn't my fault I was so hot last night?. I swallowed hard, decided there was no reason to keep secrets so I told her all about the pills, the creams and the gel the only thing I didn't tell her was who I got them from Frank and Sue.

She sat quietly for a minute thinking about everything I just told her. Getting off my lap she walked out of the office and went upstairs to the bedroom. I began to think I should have kept quiet about the pills and cream.

She was gone quite a while before returning she was smiling and holding her journal. "I also have a secret to tell you, I didn't have a headache yesterday I knew you wanted to give me that pill thinking it would turn me on. Truth is that pill was a fake, it didn't do a thing to me. I took it so you would think it turned me on, it didn't but did give what I wanted a husband who would make me do things. Things he wouldn't normally make me do like letting another man fuck me.

Which you did thinking that pill had caused me to be so hot and horny. Maybe now you might want to take me back to that shop and find something that would work better than your hand when you spank me for being so naughty, last night." she happily told me.

She handed me her journal, "I hope you have time to reread my journal, then maybe all of my fantasies can come true," she sweetly told me. I glanced at the journal remembering some of the things I had read, I gave her a skeptical look. "Don't forget my promise to obey you, I'll do whatever you want and obey your every command.

Do you want to find some more men to fuck me, maybe even make some my journal come true, tonight? "she softly said. Pulling her back onto my lap I hugged her tightly kissed her and said, "I loved her and told her I would enjoy making her do the things she wrote in her journal." She rubbed my crotch asked me to use some of that gel so I would stay hard all day and even suggested I use some of the cream on her so she couldn't climax until tonight, after we came back from the sex store.

Kathy called Sue, and told her it looked like the plan had worked exactly like she wanted it to and she couldn't thank Sue and Frank enough for helping, neither could I.

It would seem that I didn't have my very own sex toy, like Frank or Paul but instead my very own little sex slave. Reader, I enjoy comments about my stories and like sex; I can take the good with the bad. Please tell me what you think about this story and if you would like to see more stories from me.