Blowjob in latex with massive facial cumshot and fetish

Blowjob in latex with massive facial cumshot and fetish
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Eleanor took a shower after sucking her grandson's cock. She couldn't believe she had done that. She was even frigging herself while thinking about it. She needed to cum badly. After a nice climax in the shower she dried herself and went into her room.

She had to put on clean clothes and she didn't know what to wear. Whatever she wore would send a message to Brad. Too slutty and he would think she wanted to do it again. Too prudish and he would think she was mad at him.

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The problem was she couldn't figure amazing webcam show more videos on sexycamsorg how she was feeling.

She should feel guilty and ashamed for what she did but she didn't. She felt excited and eager to do it again. Something had to be wrong with her because no woman should enjoy sucking her grandson's cock, even if that cock was the best cock she had ever seen. She stood in front of the mirror naked for 10 minutes thinking about what she wanted. It took her that long to decide she wanted to continue what she had started. As a famous President once said, a blow job is not sex. So she could suck Brad's cock as many times as she wanted without having "sex" with her grandson.

That was a line she would not cross. She knew her argument was questionable but it justified the behavior she didn't want to quit. Once determined, she put on a lacy bra and a thong. She also chose a white blouse with a maximum of cleavage and a very short black skirt. After putting on her black five inch heels she climbed down the stairs to sit next to Brad. Her clothes were sluttier than what she used to wear at Mary's but they looked casual. Apart from the heels it was one of the outfits she wore as every day clothes.

Brad took notice of the change of clothes. The new clothes weren't as pretty as the previous ones but they showed a lot more skin. He took it as a sign that Nana didn't mind what had happened and maybe she wanted to continue. He didn't want to seem too eager so he chose to wait a little before asking Eleanor for another blow job.

He heard women didn't like men who seemed needy. They wanted the smooth operator. Luckily for him Eleanor was the needy one. As soon as the movie ended she spoke to him. "Darling, do you need release?" she asked Brad. "Yeah Nana, I could use some release," he told her. If only he could find a way for her to suck his cock again. "Do you want me to use my hands or my mouth, Darling?" "Your mouth Nana, please use your mouth," he said eagerly.

"Then let's go to your room. Your mom and Christine should be home soon and we don't want them walking in on us," Eleanor told him. They both stood up mofos hot blonde and bf makes a sex tape went up to his room. Brad quickly took his pants off after they entered his room. His hands had healed since the accident. He still couldn't close his fists but he could hold big objects and push buttons with his fingers.

Sweatpants were no problem for him. He then sat on his bed. Eleanor watched him do that from the door and it amused her. Youth, she thought. He was so eager to receive his second blow job and she felt very good about it. It's been some times since she had someone so eager to do kinky things with her. Once he was sitting on his bed she sensuously swayed her hips as she walked to him. She was a cougar on the prowl and her prey was just in front of her.

She placed the cushion on the floor in front of Brad and knelt on it. Brad's manhood was already hard. Eleanor loved it. With other men she always had to make them hard with her mouth if she didn't tease them before. She heard teenagers were like that but she doubted many could do it five to eight times a day. She began by kissing his cock head. Then she planted kisses all over his massive rod and his sack.

She never did something like that but it turned her on to "thank" Brad's cock before sucking it. Her weird ritual finished, she licked Brad's cock from his balls to his cock head. She enjoyed licking his pre-cum. It was not as good as his baby juice but it was still delicious and a great appetizer. When she had enough treat she opened her mouth wide and took his cock in it.

She could only put six inches of meat in her mouth before chocking but it didn't discourage her. She wanted that fat cock down her throat and she would have it no matter what.

It wouldn't be today but one day she would be able to do it. She bobbed her head on Brad's cock very slowly to savor the piece of meat she had in her mouth.

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She didn't just suck his cock, she also caressed it lovingly with her tongue. "Oh my God Nana, that feels so good," Brad moaned. He was enjoying himself very much. He had a clear view of Eleanor's cleavage and he could see her lacy bra because her top was so small it couldn't cover the whole thing. He could see more skin showing than most woman had on their breasts. Too bad he couldn't see her nipples but it was still the greatest thing he had ever seen.

That vision alone was hot but if you added the fact that his grandmother was keeping visual contact with him as she sucked his cock, the picture was hotter than hell.

Brad also enjoyed the sensation on his teenage milf and hairy double domestic disturbance call. The suction was great but what Eleanor was doing with her tongue was amazing.

It wouldn't be long before he blew his nut. Eleanor increased the tempo because the wait long awaited sex for gorgeous hottie with jugs driving her crazy.

At first she wanted to give Brad a long blow job because it would make the release so much sweeter, but she wanted to drink his milk too badly. She didn't have to wait long as Brad shot his first wad of cum in her mouth not two minutes after she increased her pace. She couldn't enjoy the first wad as the second one came rapidly. Brad's cock spurted load after load of cum in Eleanor's mouth and she gulped it down like she was dying of thirst.

This time she didn't let a single drop of cum escape. At the end she could even wait two wads before swallowing so she could savor the delicious taste of her grandson's cream. Eleanor kept the last wads of cum in her mouth. She didn't swallow so she could play with it in her mouth and enjoy the taste for a long time.

She took Brad's cock out of her mouth, careful to clean it up before it came out. She opened her mouth so that Brad could see the pool of cum in his grandmother's mouth.

Her mouth was almost full and she licked her teeth with her tongue which was coated with Brad's cum. She gave him a show by playing with the cum she had in her mouth but unfortunately the show was cut short when they heard a car pulling up in the driveway. Mary and Christine were home. Disappointed, Eleanor swallowed the juice in her mouth and kissed Brad on the cheek.

"Thanks for the meal Darling," she said sweetly to him before she exited the room. While Eleanor was washing her hands and her face (but not brushing her teeth) Brad was still half naked on his bed. The show Eleanor put on for him with his cum was the hottest thing he had ever seen. Lately the things he was witness to were becoming nastier by the day. Since the accident he saw kinky stuff he thought he would never see, and they were always topped by something else a few days after.

He was wondering what crazy thing he would see next. He couldn't even begin to guess because it was impossible to have guessed what had already happened to him. At that moment the only thing he feared were his hands getting better. When he came home from the hospital after the accident he thought it would be the most boring and longest month of his life, but it was the opposite that happened.

Brad put back on his pants and walked downstairs to the kitchen. His mother was drinking an iced tea and eating a sandwich. "Where's Chris?" he asked Mary. "Out as always," she answered between bites. He knew his mother didn't like to speak while she ate so he went in the living room to watch some TV.

After 10 minutes Mary came in the living room and sat next to him. "I saw Coach Boom today. He asked me about you and how you were doing," she told him. The coach's real name was Kevin Bowne but everybody called him Boom. He was the basketball team coach. "And what did you tell him?" Brad asked. "That you are watching TV all day long," Mary responded. "I guess he didn't like it," he said with a laugh. "No, he didn't. He told me that if you want to be a regular one day you can't afford to spend your day watching TV." "I figured.

The only problem is he forgot I can't practice with my injuries." "He knows it Honey, but he also told me your legs aren't injured and running won't hurt your hands. You can keep up your physical condition until you recover and that way it would be one less thing to worry about when you return to practice," she said to him.

"And he is right. It's not good for you to just watch TV all day. I'm even going to buy you an iPad tomorrow busty big ass yo teen love pussy and ass play that you can read some books or comics if you prefer." Brad thought about it and his mother was right. He always enjoyed playing sports and running would keep him out of the house a few hours a day.

He was starting to feel cooped up and he needed to go out. He would still have plenty of time to enjoy his mother's and grandmother's talents. "Alright Mom, but only if you and Nana come with me. That way we can all enjoy some exercise," he told Mary. The next day after a wake up blow job from Eleanor Brad went to eat breakfast with her and Mary.

Mary helped Brad to unload again after breakfast and then they all went jogging. The weather was sunny so Brad wore shorts, a T-shirt and his running shoes. Eleanor's clothes consisted of a sports bra and micro shorts. As for Mary, she wore an unflattering ensemble composed of a T-shirt and pants.

They ran at a slow pace for an hour. They also took several breaks to drink some water and catch their breath. Brad resumed running after almost three weeks of rest. His respiration was not bad however his muscles hurt. Doing nothing for a long time took a toll on them.

Both Eleanor and Mary were active women but they never played sports so even though they were in great shape they weren't used to running, so it was harder on them.

The whole time they were running, Brad stayed behind Mary and Eleanor. He told them it was to keep watch but he just spent the time ogling his grandmother's fantastic ass. Mary and Eleanor both knew what he was doing but neither of them said anything. Eleanor was proud and flattered a young and handsome man was checking her out.

As for Mary, she was furious but she couldn't say anything because she was pissed that Brad wasn't staring at her ass. During her jog she had time to think. Well idiot, he can't see your bottom with these stupid pants. They're too large, she was thinking. For the first time in her life she was considering dressing up for a man.

In the afternoon they visited the museum. Both women wore wonder woman beaten and forced to cum dresses. Mary had a knee-length white dress with a closed collar and short shoulder sleeves.

She also had ballerina shoes practical for walking. Eleanor had a skin-tight navy blue dress without sleeves, a hem a few inches below her crotch and impressive cleavage.

Eleanor had three inches heels because she knew they were going to walk but she still wanted to be sexy. Mary was jealous again because Eleanor was the focus of all of Brad's attention. They talked a lot, just the two of them. They laughed a lot. And when Mary tried to talk to them about the art Eleanor and Brad seemed bored. She felt like she was a third wheel while the other two looked like they were on a date.

That's why she left before them. After the museum Brad and Eleanor went for a walk in the park. Brad was feeling great walking with a gorgeous babe in the park.

He could see all the jealous stares from the guys and it was awesome. Sure he would prefer having his cock sucked by his grandmother in his bedroom but a change of scenery was nice. Besides, he had already been milked four times since that morning. They came home just in time for dinner. Mary had ordered pizzas because she came home not long before and didn't have time to cook dinner.

She gave Brad the brand new iPad she promised. During dinner they chatted about their day and for the first time in weeks Christine wasn't feeling left out. She knew something was happening between the other three and every time she tried to inquire about it they pushed her out. Before going to bed, Brad fed Mary and Eleanor with his cum one time each.

The following day when Brad, Mary and Eleanor went jogging, they all wore something similar to the previous day except Mary. This day she wore a form fitting tank top and skin tight shorts. Brad didn't know where to look during the run so he stared at their boner-inducing asses in turns. Mary was feeling very good about herself because Brad ogled her ass the most.

Brad didn't know his mother owned clothes like that but he was glad she did because her ass was out of this world. He even had a fleeting thought about spanking it. They planned to visit the aquarium in the afternoon and for the first time in her life Mary wore a sexy dress and high heels.

The dress was sky blue and sleeveless. Mary's breasts and legs were highlighted with the little cleavage and the high hem the dress had. But what really made a difference was that the dress was skin-tight. Her perfect body shape was there for all to see. Mary's heels were limited to three inches because she already had some difficulty walking in those. Eleanor wore a sluttier dress and higher heels but even with that she couldn't compete with Mary. As a woman she was jealous of that but as a mother she was proud her daughter was finally dressing to tease men.

She was coming out of her shell. The looks men were throwing at Mary disgusted her. She wanted to go home and change. She looked like a prostitute and she was very embarrassed. The only reason she left her house was that Brad told her she was beautiful. That compliment made her walk on clouds until they arrived at the aquarium and the perverts started to stare at her.

But each time Brad looked at her with desire and smiled at her she forgot about the others and she was happy again. He was the perfect gentleman all afternoon with his mother and grandmother and they both loved it. Brad was having the time of his life.

He didn't care about the sea life but his mother and grandmother both walked arm in arm with him all afternoon. He could feel their generous tits pressed against him. Later that evening Brad was lying on his bed thinking about his mother's behavior that day.

He had a feeling she dressed sexy just for him. The day before his mother seemed angry and hurt because he spent a lot of time with Nana, but he didn't natasha nice my slutty student it at the time and wouldn't have cared if he did.

But because of that she put away her serious persona and was actually fun to hang out with, plus she was dressing so sexy he was walking around with a boner all day. Because she was in some kind of competition with her mother Mary had changed her entire personality, he thought. Maybe he could use it to his advantage. When Mary came in his room to give him his last hand job before bed Brad had rustled up a plan to take things to the next level with his mother.

She had barely touched his cock when he yelled in pain. "Stop Mom, it hurts," he lied to her. "What did I do?" she asked, panicked. "Nothing Mom, it's just my dick is chafing and it hurts when you touch it with your hands," he continued the ruse. "What can I do, Baby?" "Nothing Mom, I think the chafing is due to too much masturbation. We'll skip tonight's masturbation and see how things are in the morning," he said to her.

He was preparing his offensive, scheduled for the next day. Mary went to bed disappointed she didn't have her evening snack. Mary woke up Brad at 9 a.m. because she couldn't wait any longer. She usually waited for Brad to wake up on his own but she was too horny to think.

She told herself she did it because she was worried about him. She didn't give him his bed time hand job so his testicles had to be full by now and the more she was waiting the more he would suffer. She was just being altruistic. Unfortunately for Mary, Brad's penis was still chafing so she couldn't give him a hand job. She was worried about him because she knew he had to be in pain by now.

Another part of her was let down Brad didn't feed her any breakfast. Truthfully Brad was fine. After breakfast he received a blow job from Eleanor while Mary was cleaning the house. Mary was trying to busy herself to stop thinking about her son's co… penis. On the other hand Eleanor was enjoying herself sucking her grandson's succulent cock. She was bobbing her head furiously over Brad's shaft but she sensed he was thinking of something else. It was bothering her because he should only be thinking about her right now.

"What's wrong, Darling? Don't you like what I'm doing?" she asked. "No Nana, you are great. Nothing's wrong," he told her. "I can tell something is bothering you. You know if you want me to do something you can ask me. I tied up ebony gags on huge dick and anal fucked in public say no but I won't be offended. I swear," she said to him. "I was just thinking about Mom doing what you are currently doing," he confessed.

"I see. Well good luck with that because I don't think she will," she lied. Eleanor noticed her daughter changing lately and she couldn't be sure anymore that she wouldn't suck Brad's cock. However she didn't want the competition because she noticed the attention Frisky lesbian idols are opening up and fist fucking buttholes focused on Mary the day before and she was jealous.

"I figured, but I have to try. I have a plan but I may need your help," he shared with her. "Is that why Mary told me your cock was chafing and we couldn't jerk you off anymore?" Mary told her that practically crying this morning. She didn't understand it but it just meant more for her. "Yeah. I just need you to play along in case she questions you," he informed her. "Alright," she agreed reluctantly. She resumed sucking Brad's dick and this time he was focused on her.

She went all out this time and even took his whole cock in her mouth. She finally succeeded in cramming his cock down her throat. The feeling of having something in her throat was unpleasant so she backed down until just Brad's cock head was in her mouth.

She worked on his cock some more before taking him whole once again. It felt less uncomfortable but it still didn't feel good. For Brad the feeling was amazing. It felt like his entire cock was being milked. The portion of his cock that was in Eleanor's throat was tighter than anything he had experienced before.

It felt so good his cock spurted the first wad of cum down Eleanor's throat before he knew it. Once three wads went directly into her stomach, Eleanor took his cock out of her throat but still left the tip of his dick in her mouth.

She wanted to taste his seed and not waste it by letting it shoot directly into her stomach. She purred happily as she licked her lips once she had swallowed all of Brad's nut juice. "Thanks Nana," he told her before he went downstairs to watch some TV. Later Mary, Eleanor and Brad went for their morning run. Eleanor and Mary wore skin tight clothes again and Brad ogled their asses as they ran.

He also wanted to stare at their bouncing breasts but he would have to run backward in front of them. He tried to find an excuse to do just that but couldn't find one. After they came home they all took a shower. Brad was now able to wash himself because he had a soap and shampoo dispenser in his shower so he just had to push a button to have what he needed. Once Mary had finished her shower she went to talk to Brad. She wanted to see if his dick was feeling better so she could masturbate it.

She had applied make up on her face and brushed her hair. She put on tight jeans and a white blouse. She let several buttons loose so the top of her breasts were clearly visible. She didn't want to be rejected again. She knocked on Brad's door and he told her to come in. He was reading on his tablet computer but stopped to stare at his mom when she entered his room.

She was looking so sexy with her slim-fit jeans that molded around her long shapely legs and her tight little ass. However what captured Brad's attention was Mary's cleavage. He had never seen her with sexy slave taylor hearts pussy clamped suffering and cunt whipping of blonde you submissive tortured a large amount of cleavage on display and he was sitting frozen on his bed ogling her gigantic rack.

"I thought we could try to masturbate you again," she said shyly. It was the first time she was trying to seduce someone and she was ill at ease. She didn't even realize she was doing it.

In her mind she was here to help her son and she dressed sexy just to reduce the chance of him rejecting her. It had nothing to do with the tingles she got in her lady parts when Brad looked at her with desire. Brad's brain wasn't working anymore.

All of his blood was concentrating in his cock to create the biggest and hardest erection he ever had. That's why he could only respond with, "O…okay." Mary climbed on the bed and took off Brad's pants. He mindlessly helped by raising his butt but his brain was still shut down due to the fact his mother was on all fours in front of him and his view of her knockers couldn't be any better.

His plan was forgotten but luck was on his side. As Mary grabbed her son's majestic weapon Brad was startled by his mother's cold hands and he gave her a little yelp of surprise. Usually he wasn't bothered by his mother's cold hands because he knew to expect it. But at that moment his cock was so hot that Mary's hands felt really cold and his brain wasn't functioning well enough to prepare his body.

Mary thought she was hurting him again so she immediately stopped and released his penis.

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"I'm sorry, Baby," she apologized. Seeing his mother's anguish, Brad turned his brain back on. He analyzed the situation and panicked when he realized he almost blew it. "It's not your fault, Mom," he said. "But what are we going to do?" she asked desperately. It was her job to make Brad ejaculate and she couldn't even do that anymore. She felt like a failure.

"Don't worry Mom, it will pass. We'll try again tonight," he told her. "But your testicles must be full. You have to teen sex tammy parks porn in so much pain," she cried. It almost made Brad change his mind seeing his mother so upset.

"It's okay, Mom. I'm fine," he told her with a smile. "It's sweet of you to say that but I know you are lying," she said to him lovingly. "No Mom, I'm not lying. I'm fine," he repeated. "Really?" "Really." He insisted. "How? You usually have to ejaculate every three to four hours to avoid any pain. It's been 16 hours since your last ejaculation," she asked suspiciously. Something was wrong here.

"Let's just say it's not been 16 hours since my last ejaculation. Okay?" he said vaguely. He knew he couldn't rush his plan in order to have a shot at convincing his mother. "I don't understand how it is possible if your penis can't be stroked.

What did you do?" she asked firmly. "Look, Mom, can we just drop the subject? The important thing is that I'm okay," Brad said, like he was trying to have his mom back out.

He knew it was impossible but he had to play the part. "No Brad, I want to know what you did NOW," she said angrily. "Nana helped me," he said softly, like he didn't want to admit it. "How? I thought it hurt too much when we touched your penis with our hands?" Mary was confused.

"She… she used her… her. her mouth," he told her softly and looking away like he was ashamed. "She used her mouth?" she asked, incredulous.

Then she changed gears. "That bitch." It was the first time Brad heard his mother curse like that. "I'm going to kill her," she said as she jumped off the bed.

Brad hadn't expected that reaction from his mother. "Stop Mom," he said as he tried to grab mya gets her pretty face completely covered in spunk arm. He was too slow but Mary stopped to look at him. "No Bradley. I'm sick of this hussy parading half naked around my house and flaunting her body to you. I tolerated her because I needed her but she went too far," she said angrily. Mary had failed to realize how hypocritical she was being because she was beginning to dress just like her mother.

"At least SHE helped me," Brad replied. He didn't know what to do anymore because his plan was falling apart. The only solution was to play on his mother's guilt. "What's that supposed to mean? Didn't I help you every day since you came home? I can't believe you said that," she responded, obviously very hurt. "I didn't mean it like that Mom. It's just that since yesterday my dick is too raw to masturbate.

She found a solution to my problem and you call her a bitch. That's not fair," he accused her. "Maybe not, but sucking your penis is not right. It's dirty and she should not have done it," she defended herself. "You're saying my dick is dirty Mom?" "Yes, Honey. It's what you use to pee and ejaculate. It's not proper for a woman to put such a thing in her mouth." She repeated what she was taught in church.

"You know Mom, you shouldn't believe everything you hear at Church. They say sperm is disgusting but you have no problem drinking mine. It's just preconceived ideas that nobody proved. Did you know that the function of my pre-ejaculate is to clean my urethra of any trace of urine?

That way my penis is perfectly clean," Brad informed her. He had searched the internet for some arguments to use to convince his mother it was safe to suck cock.

He was not sure any of it was true, but it served his case. "I didn't know that," his mother said. "So Mom, tell me again why Nana shouldn't have used her mouth to prevent me from suffering excruciating pain when there was no other solution?" he asked her condescendingly. Mary didn't have anything to say to that. It appeared to be the only solution and Brad had refuted all of her arguments. Normally she would dismiss such a lame argument but lately her ability to think clearly had disappeared.

She was horny but she didn't know how to take the edge off without committing a sin. When she was taking a shower she washed her breasts and vagina thoroughly but she always stopped before an orgasm, for fear of sinning. She was going crazy with lust and her son's behavior didn't help. He was becoming more and more assertive with her.

With that, his muscular body and sexy babe sells out her body for few dollars big and magnificent dick he was the perfect image of a perfect man.

It sounded misogynistic but it wasn't. If Brad just had those qualities Mary wouldn't dream of him at night in romantic settings. But Brad was also smart, kind and fun to hang out with.

He wasn't like those dumb jocks who think they are king of the hill just because they play a sport. He would be a perfect husband for the bitch he would marry someday, she thought. "I'm going to see if Nana can help me," Brad told his mother before leaving the room. He went to find Eleanor who was reading a book in the back yard. The Parkers had a big yard with a pool and a little garden. Together they went upstairs to her room where Brad explained what had happened with his mother.

At first she was mad at him for telling his mother about what she was doing to him but he managed to convince Mary blow jobs were alright. She thought it was brilliant but she didn't like it. How could she compete with Mary's perfect body? Eleanor thought she still looked good but compared to Mary she looked like a fat lump.

Maybe Mary would resist Brad but she didn't believe it. He was too handsome and sexy for Mary to hold out much longer. Soon Mary would succumb to Brad's charm and Brad would completely forget about Eleanor.

She hid her feelings from Brad because it just would make her look pathetic. Once again Brad experienced a fantastic blow job while Mary watched Eleanor's door and listened to Brad's moaning. It was her turn to play with Brad and just because she was too afraid to suck his dick it was Eleanor who had the pleasure of doing it. As time passed Mary's jealousy grew more and more. The reasons not to suck Brad's penis seemed more and more ridiculous as Mary waited outside Eleanor's room.

For crying out loud she was already drinking his cum several times a day and his penis didn't look disgusting at all so why couldn't she put it in her mouth? Because I'm too stupid, she thought. Maybe penises in general are disgusting but Brad's was different. His dick smelled good, was beautiful and gave the most amazing treat after a little effort.

She decided then that she would not miss another turn for beliefs that didn't apply to Brad. He was special. That's why hours later Mary stopped Brad when he went to Eleanor for a blow job.

"I'm going to suck your dick, Baby," she said to him. It worked. Brad didn't believe it but it worked. He had held out hope that his plan might still work, but he thought it had failed miserably and was just thankful he had managed to convince his mother that it was okay for Eleanor to suck his cock, if not her. They both went to his room where he took his pants off very quickly.

Mary wanted him to sit but he said he was fine standing up. He really liked looking down while Cumming on show times hanging tits tube porn was sucking him so he thought it would be even hotter to watch his mom instead of his grandma. Mary was staring at his erection but she didn't know what to do.

She had heard about it of course, but she had never actually seen a blow job performed. "What do I do now?" she asked, unsure of herself. Brad thought for a moment. On one hand he could simply tell her how to give a blow job, but on the other he could train her like his perverted self wanted.

"First you have to kiss my cock to show it respect," he told her because he really liked when his Nana did that. "Bradley, don't use the C word. And I don't think I have to show 'respect' to your penis," she said angrily. "Look Mom, do you want to do it like I like or not? I can go find Nana if you want. She does things my way. And as for the C word, I'm sorry but the words penis and dick are kind of a turn off for me.

So do you want to please me or do I have to go see Nana?" he asked her. He knew there was jealousy between the two of them. He would have had to have been blind to not see it.

So he used it against his mother. "Alright, Baby," she said reluctantly. Then she went to kiss his penis but he stopped her. "Stop, Mom. First you have to ask for permission," he told her brazenly. He didn't know why but he wanted to continue to push his mother as far as he could. Well, he knew why. It excited the hell out of him to see his mother so submissive. "What?" she asked incredibly. "You have to say 'Please Brad, can I suck your cock?'" he said.

"No way am I doing that, Bradley," she said back. "Alright, I'm going to see Nana. At least she does everything that pleases me," he lied, barely.

If there was one thing Mary didn't want more than doing that it was to lose to her mother. "Please Brad, can I suck your c…co…cock?" she said shamefully. "You may, Mom," he responded. Her face was red with shame as she bent down and planted a big kiss on Brad's cock. She was ashamed of doing it but also ashamed of enjoying it. "Now Mom, you lick my shaft from my balls to the head.

Use lots of saliva," he instructed her. And she did just that. She was licking his cock like she was licking ice cream.

"Now you suck and lick my balls to warm up my little soldiers," he continued. She obeyed once again and she realized her sex was leaking so much her panties were already drenched. Brad was enjoying the sensation of his mother's mouth on his nuts and Mary really liked to play with them. "Now it's time to put my cock in your mouth.

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I want you to swallow my cock until you gag," he ordered his mother. Mary took five inches of her son's cock before gagging and backing off. "Good. Remember how much you can take without gagging. Another time I'll teach you to take it all but for now we'll take it easy," he said.

"Bring me busty schoolgirl rides on a thick prick into your mouth and use your tongue to stimulate my cock." Like a good puppy she took his cock back into her mouth. This time she could enjoy it fully. It was uncomfortable to have something this big in her mouth but the smell and the taste of Brad's pre-ejaculate made things exciting.

She used her tongue to caress his cock head and when she heard him moan she was so happy. His cock didn't feel uncomfortable anymore it just filled her mouth perfectly. "Now bob your head, Mom. But keep using your tongue," he told her. Mary began to bob her head and she put her right hand on Brad's cock to stabilize herself.

"Ouch Mom, don't use your hand. It hurts," he lied. He wanted to experience a blow job without her hand and didn't want to expose the fact his cock was fine. Mary placed her hands on the ground and continued to suck her son's cock. The problem was she was sucking in a monotonous manner. She was bobbing her head and licking his cock in the same way for a long time. "Mom, it's good to change your rhythm. It's kind of boring if you always do the same thing.

Be creative," he told her. She wasn't doing a good job and she didn't like it. She had to be better than her experienced mother. With all the cocks her mother had to have sucked during her life she should be a pro by now.

Compared to her Brad had to think she was useless. She was on fire now and she wanted to prove to her son she could compete with her mother. She took her mouth off his cock and played a little with his balls. Then she put only his cock head in her mouth and sucked it furiously like it was a lollipop. His moans told her he appreciated that but she had to vary her actions.

She took more of his cock in her mouth very slowly and her tongue played gently with his cock.

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Once she had five inches in her mouth she started to bob on his cock very slowly but gradually increasing the pace. Her rhythm varied and she tried all the movements she could think of with her tongue. A few minutes later she was rewarded for her work. "Mom, I'm going to cum. Prepare yourself to drink it. It's a big one," he said loudly. Brad's dick was growing larger in her mouth and suddenly his cock exploded. She already knew he came a lot but the force of the first wad surprised her.

She tried to swallow it quickly but the next one was already filling her mouth. She couldn't keep up with the flow of Brad's cum and a large part of it was leaking from her mouth. It was running down her face until it dropped onto the floor. For her part Mary couldn't believe how much better his cum was when she drank it from the source. It was hotter than what she was used to and it enhanced the flavor. If only he could shoot slower so that she could savor each wad and not be rushed to swallow.

"Stop swallowing, Mom," he told her when he felt like he didn't have much more cum to give her. Mary mindlessly obeyed.

She let the cum fill her mouth and only swallowed a little when her mouth was about to overflow. Once he had finished cumming, Brad slowly removed his cock from his mother's mouth and as he did Mary closed her lips tightly around the rod to clean it. "God Mom, you look so hot with my jizm smeared on your chin.

Open your mouth and show me my cum," he instructed her. She opened her mouth to show him the cum in her mouth. "Play with it with your tongue. Wash your teeth with it," he told her eagerly. She stirred his cum in her mouth with her tongue and then she licked her teeth with her cum-coated tongue. Brad found it so nasty. He loved it. "You can swallow now," he said finally. She did just euro blonde whipped and anal fucked in public and without thinking she gathered the cum on her chin with a finger and licked it.

She did that until nothing was left on her chin. She purred with satisfaction and her stomach felt full, like at the end of a nice dinner. Then she saw the cum spread on the cushion and without thinking she stepped out of the cushion, took it and licked the cum smeared on it with her tongue. She also sucked the cum with her lips to really clean it deeply. She was in a trance and didn't realize what she was doing. She was too hungry for Brad's cum to waste it on the cushion.

Her mind told her it was a sin if the cum wasn't in her stomach and she had to fix that problem no matter what. She only came to her senses when she searched for more traces of cum for her to lick. There wasn't any and all of a sudden she realized what she had done.

She acted like a cum loving hussy and shame washed over her. "God Mom, that was so hot. You're the best. I love you," Brad told her when she had finally stopped licking the floor.

He already knew what he was going to say at the end of the blow job before it even started. Eleanor told him his mother would be ashamed and feeling guilty after she gave him a blow job, if that ever happened.

If he wanted her to feel better he had to say something nice at the end and show her how much he cared. That's why he said he loved her. It wasn't a lie but his instinct wouldn't have been to say that to her at that moment. Brad had to thank his grandmother because as soon as Mary heard those words playgirl seduces fellow to fuck pornstar and hardcore feeling of shame disappeared.

As long as Brad loved her nothing could be wrong. Of course later when she would think about what happened, the feeling would return once again, but she would also feel excited because Brad liked what she did.

Twenty seconds after Mary left Brad's room, Christine barged in. "We need to talk," she told him.