French amateur sucks dick in public publicpickups and exhibitionist

French amateur sucks dick in public publicpickups and exhibitionist
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This is my first story ever, so please be gentle with the reviews. I've always found incest interesting, although I DON'T have a sister, so this is a work of FICTION. I'm not a great writer, but I hope this helps at least ONE person cum. I just picked 2 random names for the "twins," incase anyone cares. I tried my best, and I know every single story on this site gets at least one flame, so give me your worst, if you must.

If you LIKE it, please let me know! - - - - "A-Ah …" I moaned quietly as I finished spraying my load, grabbing a sock and cleaning myself up. A sock?

Yeah - It's a substitute when you have no Kleenex and you need to rub one out. But let me first introduce myself - I'm Jeremy. Quite the nerdy teen, but what can ya do? Glasses, anime-obsessed - The ultimate pussy deflector. Terrible thing too, as I was at that age where I was craving sex. So like I said, I was a TOTAL nerd. My computer consisted mostly of Hentai pictures and movies (which is "anime porn" to those who don't know,) and I used it to please myself.

Sure it made me a sad person and it was just a dumb thing to get off to, but it was what I liked. Fuck the rest of the World and their opinions. So, with my introduction aside, let's look at the next character in this little story - My "twin" sister, Julie. She wasn't much different than me - Loved anime and a lot of things Japanese, had basically the same type of glasses - We were basically twin nerds.

We weren't REALLY twins, but we were so much alike that people just began calling us that. Only one problem with that - Since there were no other girls in my school that were like me at all, my attraction started to turn towards the only girl like me - You guessed it - Julie.

I wasn't sure if these feelings were friendship, sexual, hot teen scene first time she blew out her candle and made a desire for her stepbros big love, or . Whatever. I just knew that I liked her. Yeah, I'd call her "hot," but never around people, and certainly never around her. I just ignored it and kept on living life, knowing that nothing would ever happen between us, since she was my sister.

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Or so I thought. It was a few nights back - I had just finished what I was talking about before - The nightly masturbation session.

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Just as I had finished cleaning up, my door creaked open. I assumed it was one of my parents telling me they were going to bed, so I quickly pulled up my sleep pants and acted like nothing was happening. It turns out that it wasn't either of them - it was Julie. She was quiet as she peeked in, looking at me.

"So, at it again, huh?" She smirked, just looking at me. I nodded, blushing. It was obvious that she knew what I was up to; only a deaf person wouldn't have been able to hear me. "Seems fun and all, but remember that we have to get up early tomorrow for some .

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Shopping … thing … That Mom wants to do." I nodded as she left. I personally didn't mind it - Shopping just gave me time to check out the electronics section to see if there were any games out that I really wanted, and Julie usually went with me. I sighed, turning back to close the hentai and shut down the computer for the night when the door opened again, Julie walking in and sitting on my bed.

She was in regular clothing - She didn't wear pajamas unless she had nothing else to wear. I looked at her, confused as to why she was here. "Do you need something?" I asked, staring at her.

My eyes traveled down her body - She wasn't ugly by any means - She wasn't flat, either. My guess would have been about a big B, small C.

I was just about to look back up at her when I heard her say something. "My eyes are up here, buddy." I blushed, quickly looking up at her. "I wasn't looking anywhere else." I blushed, hoping she would just shut up about it and tell me what she wanted. She shook her head, smirking and looking at me.

"You weren't, hm? What if I did this?" She grabbed the rims of son forces mom rape in kitchen shirt and quickly pulled it up, revealing her bright yellow bra. I couldn't say a word as I stared, seeing her look at me with seductive eyes before starting to laugh. "So, are you looking now?" She asked. I just nodded, unable to move my eyes from her chest. She smiled, walking over and sitting on my lap. "I see you look at me in school, and in my room … I'm no idiot, brother." She smiled as she pecked me on the cheek, making my face redder than ever.

I still couldn't say a word as she took my hand and placed it on her bra-covered breast, and by pure instinct I started to squeeze, not even realizing what I was doing.

I finally came to my senses and looked up at her. She moved both of her hands up, getting her shirt off entirely, and then the bra. I felt myself grow rock-hard as the yellow garment hit the floor. Her breasts were amazing - They were so big that they bounced as the bra moved, the nipples were nice and pink. She rubbed her ass against my bulge, laughing as she looked into my eyes.

"Aww, did I make brother horny?" She smiled, standing up and moving down to her knees, grabbing and pulling down my pants. I didn't usually wear underwear underneath them, so my rock-hard dick instantly popped out. She looked up at me with a huge smirk on her face as she xxx story 12 agh girls porn her head down, taking over half of it into her mouth. It took my brain a moment to register what was going on.

As soon as I snapped into reality, a moan quickly escaped my lips as she continued sucking me off. She pulled away for a minute, looking up again.

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"I've heard you before, you cum really fast at times, and since we only have a few minutes … How about I finish now and we'll do it again tomorrow, okay?" I quickly nodded at this, growing harder as she put bridgette b and karma rx mouth back down, bobbing her head back and forth very fast now, making my body start to twitch as I grabbed her head, moving it and making her go faster on me until … "Oh fuck …" I felt myself release a big load of cum into her mouth, and I could faintly hear her swallowing every bit of it.

I looked down at her, blushing as she stood up and looked at me, putting her bra back on. "I know it was pointless, but I just flashed ya so it would make you harder. You tasted pretty good, actually." She smiled, starting to walk out of the room.

"Goodnight, sleep tight .

Don't cum too much tonight. I want more tomorrow." She winked, leaving the room and closing my door.

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"What the hell just happened?" I asked myself as I climbed into bed, shutting off the light and falling asleep. My life had just turned perfect. --- Yeah, the sex was short and I'm sorry - If I get good reviews, I'll do another one. I know most of it was just Jeremy telling the story, and sorry for that too - I wrote it for the forum and didn't worry about the sex yet.

It'll be better if I make another one . If people want me to.