Mom and son fuck mo

Mom and son fuck mo
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Today Hui wears a short-sleeved blouse with rainbow stripes and a tight black skirt, sandals on barefoot and a miniscule rectangle-shaped Gucci-imitation handbag with a gilded buckle slung over her bony shoulder. She doesn't walk, she tiptoes into my hotel girls lesbian porn squirting 2019, like an unwelcomed cat, whose hunger outweighs its fear.

Although Hui's been here every day in the past week, she still treads cautiously on my territory, remembering our first meeting. She glides towards the table and brushes a crisp hundred dollar bill off, unshackles her bag and tosses it casually in. When she heads for the queen-bed, her gait gains confidence, while her posture is unassuming, unpretensious, un-bussiness-like.

I wonder if that's how Hui treats all her clients. Like it's not about money to her. It puts her either into a category of great professionals or great ameteurs. I'm sitting on the edge of the unmade bed. She comes up and initiates a contact by playfully shoving me on my shoulders. I playfully fall down on my back. She puts her handbag down on the shoddy linoleum floor, undoes the Velcroes of her sandals and kicks them off.

She climbs upon the bed, and stands upright on her knees looming over my prostrate body. Her skin is white, with some brown-yellowish hue. She is racially mixed. Her face is both European and Asian, depending on the angle you look at it. The oval shape and pronounced cheekbones are European, but the squint and the depth of her eyes are unmistakably Asian. Her body is short and very slender. Her movements, when she begins to undress me are lithe and efficient.

Her hands are soft and deft. She strips me off my clothes with little help from my part, until I lie there spread out, stark naked with a growing erection.

I blink, and she straddles me, her sharp knees poking at the mattress, her inner thighs extreme huge fisting your pleasure is my world tightly against the sides of my ribcage. I blink and she props on her hands and arches her back, exposing her slim midriff with a tiny belly-button in the middle.

I feel the soft globules of her ass resting on my erection. My body is electrified. My hands are sweaty and shaky when, with one swift, perhaps a bit agressive, motion, I take the hem of Hui's blouse and pull it over her slender body, for which she accomodatively raises her hands up.

She lowers down and props her hands at the sides of my head, her long raven-wing black hair tickling my face, her suddenly quickened breath brushing over my lips, like a blast of wind that meets you suddenly behind the corner of a building. I unclasp her bra, and her breasts come tumbling out. She tosses the bra vaguely over her shoulder to the accumulating pile of our clothes at the edge of the bed. Her breasts are round and firm, the nipples are bloated and perky, standing out about half an inch, staring down at me with a challenge.

I put my mouth over the right one, zoom in and suck. Hui groans, cups her breasts and offers me the other one. I suck on the other nipple, while sliding my hands down the steep curves of her smooth thighs, to the tight little buttocks.

I squeeze them. The muscles flex and then relax as my hands do the same. While still sucking on the nipple I grab her ass and use it as a lever to pull her body up. I let go of her nipple and she arches her back again and I feel the bulge between her legs.

Blindly I find the zipper at the back of Hui's skirt and undo it. She lies down on her back, between my stretched out legs, and raises her own slim legs. I pull the skirt down her thighs, down her sheens, down her ankles. Her penis and testicles are snugly coiled up in a female thong panties, hidden for most of its part in a pink triangle of fabric.

My mouth is dry, as if I'd just spent a weekend in the desert without water, and my palpitating heart is a leading race-car on its final lap. I take off the last piece of Hui's clothing and give her body a long, panoramic, gluttonous look, missing out on no detail.

Her uncut dong, light brown, thick at the basis and adorned with a tuft of tar-black pubic hair tapers gradually towards the pink tip, with the foreskin covering most of its head. Her testicles are sheathed in a dark brown sac. I met Hui in the bar on Bangla Road, an overcrowded stretch of promenade, just a few miles off the coast, which had been hit by the Tsunami. I'd come to Thailand on a business trip, my first time here, as a representative of the New Slim babe knows how to use a pecker company that makes plastic food containers (maybe you own a couple of them,) with its two production plants located on the outskirts of Bangkok.

I came with a couple of other representatives. They stayed in the same hotel, hung out together, and kept aloof from me. They appeared nervous in my company, especially when I saw one of them taking off his wedding band and slipping it into his pocket.

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Both were bald, pudgy, middle-aged and married and once the business meetings were over for the day they would run off to the Red Light District so fast as if all hounds of hell were after them.

I know that for a fact because I saw them on Patong Karon Road, with a trophy of four brown-skinned girls in tow, with those stupid grins on their chubby white faces, like they were high school kids who'd just gotten lucky.

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I made no friends and so on the fourth day of the trip, I was sitting, alone, in the above-mentioned bar on over-crowded Bangla Road seeping my sour beer. A girl sat on the bar stool next to me and without much ado asked me, in English, what was my name. The girl was cute, with nice long hair, big pretty eyes and soft hands. Her skin was light and her boobs had a nice round shape. She was a hooker of course. I had had one already in Bangkok and it'd been a lot of fun.

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I ordered her a drink of her choice, a margarita. We tried to make a conversation, but it wasn't easy since her English was very rudimentary. I asked her name.

The girl's name was Hui, and she wanted to see my hotel suite. I told her that it was nothing fancy, but she wasn't so easily discouraged. We walked along the promenade to the side street and hailed a taxi to my hotel. Fifteen minutes later we were on my suite bed, discovering each other's body topography in the pitch darkness. I groped my horny hand into her crotch, and recoiled.

Her crotch had an erection. I recoiled, bumped into the lamp stand, the lamp wobbled and crushed on the floor. It was made of plastic so it didn't bel etalon black pour le papy tube porn. I slid my hand along the wall, found the switch and turned the ceiling lights on.

I looked at the girl. And sure thing, the girl had a penis, and the penis had a huge erection. I stumbled towards the bathroom, leaned over the sink and my chest began to heave spasmatically. In what I'd analyze later, to be a result of shock rather than disgust.

I dry-heaved, but couldn't throw up, I guess I didn't feel so sick after all. I opened the faucet just to justify my looming over the sink. From the corner of my eyes I saw a reflection of the girl in the mirror.

She was still naked, standing in the doorway, studying me calmly. I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing.

« Me, Hui, katoey, ladyboy. Me a girl all. Me no lies. You try. You no like no money. You like you call Hui. You like ! Gu-ra-ntee. » I looked her over again. Her body was feminine. So was her voice, She was a girl all right. Except for the penis. I studied it. I studied it more. It wasn't entirely unattractive.

So I decided to see what it's like. I came up to her and took it in my arm and squeezed it. The sensation was pleasant. Her penis was like a hot-blooded, live thing, seperate from her female body. I stroked it gently. I squatted and held it in my hand kneading. Then, on a spur of the moment, I eased it into my mouth.

The ladyboy was towering over me. I was holding her ass and sucking her penis. And I was loving it. That night I had my ass fucked.for the first time too. When it was over, Hui asked me how black ricky johnson bangs teen kat dior wet pussy in doggystyle was.

I gave her a hundred, twice as much as she'd asked as a response, and told her to come back the next day. Almost against my will, purely on the strength of my desire I lower my mouth and swallow her penis. Anxiously and greedily I begin to suck it just like I've sucked her nipples a few moments ago, making loud slobbering noises. The sensation is both utterly bewildering and utterly pleasant.

Her penis is warm and soft and it hardens up as it's growing with every additional pump, like a baloon, which is being pumped with helium, until it fills all my mouth and I have to push its shaft into my throat, deeper, then even deeper. My mouth becomes a pussy and the penis goes in and out, in and out, rythmically, building up a momentum for a release.

The penis gorges up and is unbearably big and for a second it's so big I can't breathe and I gargle on it.

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Yet I feel reluctant when I let it go out of my mouth. Hui groans, her face is knotted in spasms of pleasure. Hui's little mouth eats up my dick and chews on it until I have to push her head off, lest I would cum. She pants exhaustedly, a saliva dripping from her mouth. She wipes it off and smiles at me lasciviously. She's a little forest animal, all worked up for some action.

She's a marvel. A straight-up woman from mom and dugther share a shemle long gorgeous hair to the wide curvy thighs. Clothed, she would easily fool anyone.

She fooled me. And a man down from the waist. A six-inch fully functional penis oscillates expectantly from side to side like a drunk sailor, who can stand on his feet, but can't walk straight.

Our penises are two bulging red throbs fueled by lust like two rockets five seconds before the launch. We hold them and lightly knock against each other, us, like two dog-owners letting their pets sniff each other out on the street. My dick is circumsized and about half an inch longer and a bit thicker in girth. But there's no feeling of superiority there, there's only mutual admiration.

Our pets like each other all right. My hands are on Hui's buttocks, spreading the two symmetrical globules. I moist storys xxx storys friend mom index finger and slide my hand into her butt crack and lightly budge my moistened finger into her anus. I lap at her anus. I stick my tongue as deep as I can into it. Then I lap the wrinkled skin around her asshole.

I take a little plastic phial of vaseline from the lamp stand, uncap it and squeeze some into her anus. Hui obediently lays still. I push the entire length of my index finger down her anus. I wiggle it in ever-expanding gyrations, getting it ready for a bigger entrance. I use some more vaseline to lubricate my fully aroused penis, hold it in my hand at its base and push it into her anus. Her body writhes, her fists clench, her body tenses. I'm just half-way in, and I bring myself all the way down.

She utters a cry. Her asshole accomodates the entire length of my dick. Then I begin to move up and down, smoothly and energetically, like a Porsche's piston. Her body relaxes and I increase the speed. We change the position and lie on our sides. I massage her penis with my right hand, keeping it engorged, while pumping from the behind. Then I pull out and lie down offering my butt.

She has a phial of vaseline in her hands and she squeezes some out. I feel cold sticky liquid on the left globule. My butt is very sensitive and I'm expecting some unearthly pleasure. Hui slides her lubricated finger just about an inch in. My sphincter contracts and gulps down the rest of the finger greedily. She takes her finger out. Then she slowly plunges in with her uncut dick.

Somewhere down below the nerve centers cross-curcuit and there's a general blackout starting in my brains and spreading out throughout my body.

I almost panic that I won't be able to sustain so much ecstasy at one go. When she begins to hump me, my head feels dizzy and I'm about to faint. I go in and out of concsiousness for the next few seconds, as she goes in and out of my ass. I'm on my back, in the missionary position, my legs rest on Hui's shoulders and she's shoving her penis into me with so much energy and excitement, as if she'd just glimpsed a huge nugget of gold up my ass.

My skin is tingling. It's a bit like being high on coke. Like you're at the top of the world, but feel kind of light-headed and about to crash any moment, but not that it matters.

I feel that I'd been fucked out of all the day's stress and bullshit and I moan. A sweet moment of release is coming. I'm stroking my cock, keeping it moments away from cumming, waiting for Hui to reach the same height. Suddenly she pulls out and I see her dick quiver inches away from my face and then her sperm spurts out and hits me on the nostril, on the eye, on the lips, on the chin, on the cheeks.

I open my mouth wide, and the rest of the sperm is directed into it. I swallow it and open my mouth again and take the spent cock and suck it dry, while still stroking my cock. Then I push her down and stick it into her eagerly open mouth. She squeezes it lightly between her lips and I begin to cum.

I spurt twice, then I pull out and do the last spurt on her face. When I'm done, I press my sperm-covered face to hers and we rub them up together. She's sissy neri si masturba con un lollipop per andrea dipregrave at me and I plant a forbidden kiss on her lips.

Still dressed in nothing, we smoke cigarettes on the balcony. « Come tomorrow ? » I ask Hui. « Sure, » She says. I give my Marlboro a tug, look at the jostling crowds four floors down below and think about what will I tell my girlfriend at home about my time in Bangkok, and whether or not, even granted we've had an open relationship for a while now, should I mention Hui and her guilty little secret, which has become mine.