He finds his girlfriend and friend fucking cheating girlfriend and brothers girlfriend

He finds his girlfriend and friend fucking cheating girlfriend and brothers girlfriend
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**co-writing with my friend from Imagefap, Reddwarf** **base from the incident in the movie named Born Yesterday(1993)** "Born Yesterday" was a 1993 remake of a classic movie starring Melanie Griffith and John Goodman as Harold. At the end of this movie, Billie (Griffith) had left Harold. This is the tale of what happened to him afterwards. **the tag "consensual sex" is for chapter 2** Chapter 1 Holly was a beautiful young redhead with the light skin and slim features that made her look so much younger than her actual age of 20.

157cm tall and weighing only 44kg, the thin but curvaceous girl had the delicate high cheekbones of a model and the haughty, privileged attitude of the truly wealthy. She had used her beauty to gain all the advantages she could in life and had no care whom she left behind her in her desire for money and comfort.

Family and sincere boyfriends were discarded as Holly got what she wanted from them and left them behind when she found better. She was married now, firmly believing that she cleverly fooled a divorced wealthy businessman who once did business with her Senator father into taking her as his bride. She had presented herself as a loving, obedient girl who adored him and showered the much older, gray haired man with affection and adoration, but when she was out two raunchy starlets share a big rod his sight, her attitude changed back to one of a demanding,spoiled brat.

She strutted about his palatial mansion in Chicago, home to his vast business empire, like she was the Queen of the land. Her angry voice could be heard echoing through the hallways, snapping at the servants, making unreasonable demands. Her husband was Harold Brock, a rotund man of impressive size and height, a man who years ago had lost a woman he loved due to his own greed and selfishness. The lesson had changed him profoundly, turning him from a bullying gangster to an older and wiser man.

The large man's dealings had led him to spend time with a United States Senator and his very pretty but daughter, Holly. Lovely as she seemed to be on the surface, Harold had enough of his old cunning to determine that she was putting on an act of innocence and could plainly see her darker nature lurking underneath. In many ways, she reminded him of the way he had been before learning his lesson from his former fiancée Billie Dawn and the tutor he had hired to educate her, Paul Overall.

After those two had knocked him off of the pedestal he once occupied and had left him to marry each other, Harold (or "Harry" as he once insisted on being called) had time to reflect on his ways and had grown into a better person because of it.

Seeing a lovely girl like Holly stirred something inside of him, something besides his attraction to her. He wanted to save her, if he could, from the ultimately destructive road she seemed black guy fucking a tith pussy down.

The fortune-seeking girl had happily leaped at his proposal of marriage soon after they started dating and was convinced that her pretense of being a doting and devoted wife had Harold completely fooled. As the nubile girl often did, she would use her sexy body to tease and manipulate other men into giving her what she wanted, or simply to amuse herself by seeing how much control she could exert. When Harold would become irritated with her or curtail some of her excesses, she would simply turn on her "little girl" charm, snuggled up into his lap and cuddle the prodigious businessman until either his humor improved or she could wheedle more money for her expense accounts.

Thinking she was getting away with her act, what she didn't know was that Harold was simply letting her have her indulgences (within reason) while he tried to show her a better way of living.

These lessons seemed to be ignored by Holly as the redhead would spend any available moment away from their home and especially as little time as possible in their bed making love to her fat husband. Within a year of their marriage, Harold was becoming impatient with Holly, having her act so sweetly to his face, then when she supposed that he was out of hearing, she would vent her bile on the staff or any person she thought to be beneath her social status and then speed off to the city, spending her husband's money freely on shopping binges and private parties with her friends in the city.

It was after one of those "private parties" that the chauffeur, having had enough of this demonic Lolita from hell, decided to break protocol and seek an audience with his employer.

Standing before his oak desk in his study, the overweight and nervously sweating chauffeur reluctantly relayed the scenes he had been witness to, of Holly's drunken whoring with her female pals, fucking swarthy young men by the dozens as she lavished money, drinks and gifts on them, all from Harold's own bank accounts.

The worst of this behavior, the final insult that pushed the driver to break confidence and report her actions, was not just her ridicule and abuse towards him, making fun of the driver's big belly and double-chins; the chauffeur had long since learned to endure the sarcastic and hurtful remarks she made about him, but it was her continuous stream of venom regarding her own husband that he found intolerable! With a tremor in his voice, the chauffeur quoted Holly as describing to her laughing friends and lovers her vile commentary on sex with her husband, of Harold's gigantic belly that jiggled when he fucked her, of her hidden and profound disgust for his body and how she secretly hated his very touch, how her flesh crawled as he made even the slightest contact with her, or indeed any man who did not look fit and athletic.

She stated many times that her precious body was only for men who were worthy of such a prize, a worthiness many, many men could not rise to (in her opinion). Harold sat behind his desk with his head bowed,listening to every jessica cage in americans risky public fuck brunette big tits while his enormous body shook with rage. His large fists clenched in fury as his mind grew red with the anger of a man who had been pushed beyond all endurance of compassion and tolerance.

The chauffeur nervously stood in silence after ending his story, unable to guess what might occur next. Soon, Harold's rage seemed to subside and his fists unclenched slightly as he regained control of himself. Sweat beaded his forehead as he seemed to realize that he was back in his office and looked up, almost surprised to see the driver there. A hard and thoughtful look clouded Harold's face as he formulated a plan for his wife.

He did love her, or at least he felt he did and loathed the idea of giving her up; he had planned to father many children with her that would inherit his mighty empire someday. Still, a disobedient, faithless wife who ridiculed him behind his faketaxi cum hungry babe with stiff nipples could damage his good and powerful name and this he could not tolerate either and it seemed she was resisting any efforts on his part to voluntarily change for the better.

No, Holly must be taught a lesson on feeling less for herself and more for others. Looking back up at the concerned face of his chauffeur, Harold carefully gave him detailed instructions on his next task and where he was to take his Mistress Holly. It took a little more than two days to make the arrangements, but finally all was ready as the chauffeur drove the limousine with Mistress Holly in the back seat towards the city.

She believed that this was just a routine day of shopping and drinks, perhaps a rendezvous with some young hard-body who she could use and toss aside. So absorbed was she in her own thoughts of fun and games that she barely acknowledged the car phone ringing and the driver speaking (she supposed to Harold), agreeing to new instructions he was receiving. The chauffeur apologetically explained that it was indeed the Master and he requested that they come by a waterfront warehouse to pick him up and bring him to the city for an emergency meeting.

Clicking her tongue in irritation and looking out the window with irritation, Holly snapped a terse mother and son hran mother Just do it and make it fast, fatso!" before slumping down in the seat with her arms crossed, much like a disappointed child. Pulling up to the waterfront pier, the car stopped and she rolled her eyes skyward from behind the tinted window as she saw the large round form of her husband coming towards her.

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Fixing a sweetly fake smile on her face, she rolled the window down and greeted him with sugary words. For his part, Harold watched her with hawk-like eyes, easily seeing through her plastic, phony exterior. Smiling himself, he told her to come with him, that he had a very special surprise for her inside the warehouse. Taken aback at the prospect of getting something wonderful and so big that it had to be stored in a warehouse, the greedy bitch eagerly clambered from the back of the car, her mane of red hair flowing behind her as she fairly a huge black cock for this blonde slut ahead of her husband, anxious to see what was behind the creaky, water-stained doors of the building.

Stepping inside the dark building, her eyes took a moment to adjust to the dim light as she felt Harold's strong hand close on her upper arm, guiding her further inside. She could hear the low murmur of voices ahead that suddenly stopped and only the sound of their footsteps echoed as she was propelled towards a small group of shadowy figures.

Her brow furrowed in impatience at not immediately seeing whatever prize she had coming to her. Stumbling forward, gasping in surprise at Harold's rough shove, Holly turned about angry at such treatment but was silenced by the towering figure of her husband, a look of pitiless wrath and fury on his face.

Looking about fearfully, Holly suddenly realized that the large, hulking men around her were his dockworkers, fishermen and longshoremen who were fat, filthy, smelling of fish and diesel oil, all of whom glowered at her through dark eyes.

As Harold detailed to the assembled men her story, of the abuse of others, of her rude and spoiled behavior, of her glee at seeing the tortured looks of others she would taunt and tease, her bullying attitude and especially her attempted cuckolding of her husband, the men became more and more restless and agitated.

Having painted an overall image of shallow excess in this indulged child, Harold then recounted Holly's own words regarding the disgusting "creatures" she considered anyone who was not physically fit (to her standards) or had any perceived flaw in their physical beauty.

Her husband then waved a thick arm indicating the crowd of hard-working, sweating men who formed the circle in which the trembling redhead was trapped and declared that his loyal workmen beautiful mom n son milf being paid a handsome amount of money with only one purpose; to teach his lovely, beautiful bride to look beyond the surface and to find the worthiness within.

Turning from the crowd to take his place nearby in a comfortable chair, the young girl screamed at the top of her lungs as savage hands grabbed her, ripping her expensive clothes off of her struggling body. Thick, greasy lips were mashed hard onto her cherry-red ones, her eyes wild and wide-open as she felt nauseous at the sour breath she tasted, the nasty tongue in her mouth leaving a film of onion and garlic in her.

Large meaty hands squeezed her full, milky white breasts hard, grinding her eraser-thick nipples into the sand-papery rough calloused hands. Crying in anger and disgust at the odors and tastes she was assaulted with, the young minx kicked and scratched like a wildcat, but to little avail as the strong men pinned her against each other's bodies, their moist and grubby work clothes pressing into her naked flesh, their huge bellies compressing against her thin frame.

Strange moist trails were traced over her squirming body as the men fell on her, licking and tasting her washed and perfumed body, slimy trails of saliva painting her inner thighs, the backs of her knees, her ribs, her armpits and neck, the tender valley between her breasts.

Her body became slick with the stinking drool of her attackers and as she broke from yet another fetid kiss, she gasped open-mouthed trying to catch her breath; at that moment a serious, fat-faced bearded black man coughed up a thick wad of yellow phlegm and spat it squarely into her mouth, choking her. The taste was incredible. Holly's stomach rolled as she fought to keep from vomiting, inadvertently swallowing the snotty ball down her throat.

The horrified look on her face drew a rumble of laughter from the crowd and immediately she was awash in a rainstorm of spit and snot, blown from thick wide noses and spat from fat lips. Big hands rubbed what did not make it into her mouth all over her pretty face, blonde babe chloe gets creampied with big load of jizz smalltits pornstars her a shiny glaze of saliva and phlegm, matting the scarlet streaks of her hair to her forehead and cheek.

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Her face burned as she blushed furiously, her skin hot and her mind racing as she felt the deep humiliation of being so degraded. Usually it was she who was laughing, mocking her victims with her abusive words, but now it was she whose ears rang with the filthy remarks of her tormentors.

All too quickly, her moist, slimy face was shoved before the smelly legs of a pair of overalls; the faded denim material fairly stained at the crotch with years of sweat and wear. The redhead shook with fear as she was ordered to undo the buttons on his fly.

Shaking her head "no", she twisted and squirmed in pain from her crouched position, her heels of her feet digging into her ass cheeks, her knees into the concrete floor, while strong fingers pinched and twisted her thick erect nipples cruelly, making her scream. Begging for mercy, she reluctantly fumbled with the buttons and reached half-heartedly into the dark opening of the pants.

Not many days ago, she would have done this with one of her smooth-skinned Italian boy-toys who was shaved and clean, smelling of cologne and darkly handsome. Now, she felt physically sick as the obese gut loomed over her, the belly brushing the top of her head as her delicate hand closed around the squishy, slimy hotness she found inside.

Grimacing, she pulled the surprisingly long and thick half-hard dick free, the low-hanging rubbery sack of bloated balls falling out with it. To her horror, it resembled nothing more than the scrotum of a hog; two massive globes in a hairy, stretched out bag of flesh. Her lips pulled back in revulsion, the odor struck her like a brick to the face; the earthy sour stench of unwashed dick was strong and overwhelming. Her horror increased as she realized sexy ssbbw desire divine sucks off shane slimy feeling was from the yellowish paste of dick-cheese that glistened in the cracks and folds of the stiffening rod in her hand.

Holly would have looked up for mercy into the face of the owner of this piece of garbage, but his stomach blocked any view the sniffling redhead had. Other hands were busy on her naked body as the fat workers pressed in from all three other sides, their body heat making it stifling hot for her, their gnarled hands kneading and caressing roughly her breasts and thighs.

Thick gooey rivulets of saliva still flowed down her shapely form as they continued to spit and drool on her, the obscenely obese men almost feasting on the tasty flesh they were served. Holly gasped as intense heat shot up her belly when a thick, scratchy fold fuck this is our most extreme case file to date folks wormed into her surprisingly molten cunt.

A reluctant sigh of pleasure escaped her lips, opening her clenched teeth, giving the opportunity that had obviously been waited for as the strong hand that covered the back of her head shoved her face forward, driving the now hard and slimy cock into her mouth. Holly's eyes bulged in horror as the rancid meat flavored her taste buds, the metallic tang of spoiled meat filled her now drooling mouth as the hot, thick sausage bumped into the back of her throat.

This time, Holly did throw up. A cocktail of fine food and expensive alcohol shot up from her taut stomach and bathed the nasty cock in her mouth with her own spew. Gurgling and choking, Holly struggled to no avail as her face was fucked roughly, her own vomit and his filthy dick-cheese lubricating her mouth as the belly above her wobbled and shook with each stroke. Her head spinning, she felt faint as the long, rough finger in her cunt sawed in and out, sending waves of pleasure up her tummy.

Strangely, as she neared unconsciousness due to lack of air, Holly began to relish the meat in her mouth, almost enjoying the helpless feeling of having her mouth fucked with such a thick, powerful warmth.

In a pleasant fog of velvet, she vaguely registered that as thick clots of semen spewed back down into her gullet, her tender pussy released itself, a fine spray of her own girlish juice down on the gray concrete floor. It was at least an hour of abuse before Holly regained her orientation, seeing the dim, orange-colored light bulb that hung from the warehouse ceiling above her. Facing nasty cock after cock, she had wettened so many filthy dicks that she had lost count, had endured so many hands and fingers on her body that she felt sore and bruised.

Everything was a fog of smells and shadows as her body was pulled and pushed about, a plaything for the dominating men around her. Holly would fade in and out of consciousness as they rubbed, licked and tasted her, pressing her tightly between their flesh, driving the air from her lungs.

Groggily, she awoke again to a new sensation; she felt full again, a heavy pressure in her throbbing cunt and an odd feeling down below. Her legs ached, she thought, fighting to clear her mind.

Her legs ached because.they were spread so wide. Raising her head up from the cool floor, Holly peered down her slick white body and saw the enormously fat stomach of another man, this one coal-black, as his gut and thighs pressed her own thin legs out to each side, as if she were trying to wedge a barrel into her crotch. Looking further up at the sweating, grunting face above her, she could only see the whites of his eyes in the dim light and the yellow teeth when he smiled in his pleasure as he sank his long thick black dick into her stretching red-furred pussy.

Holly surprised herself as a long, satisfied moan escaped her lips, a moan that encouraged the behemoth that was defiling her to increase his pace, rattling her bones as gorgeous hottie makenna blue having a large cock belly pounded against her flat stomach.

Lolling her head back, Holly felt an intense heat as two flabby, hairy legs scratched her ears. Opening her eyes, she flinched as she saw two disgustingly large testicles descending towards her mouth.

They were obscenely large and hung low from the jutting cock above it and her face contorted in disgust as she identified so many warts and open sores on it's underside. Feverishly wondering when any of these bloated workmen had bathed last, Holly had no more time for thought as the warm, hairy balls brushed closely, feeling her lips kiss them. The smell filled her nostrils and made her gag as she struggled beneath him, her shoulders pinned by his thick legs. She felt her breasts being gathered together, mashed inwardly and an incredible heat filled the slick valley of her cleavage.

The fat man sitting on her face was tit-fucking her, moving his wart-encrusted dick between the spit-soaked valley of her breasts. Never having had this done to her before, it combined with the fat dick in her pussy to give Holly a new feeling of unexpected pleasure.

As her body responded to the oddness of cool hard concrete on her back, of her delicate and toned body being mashed by two bloated figures from the front, of the smells and tastes that now washed over her, the young redhead began to glide into a state of ecstasy.

It was as if a wall of resistance was crumbling inside her as she no longer cared who was fucking her or how good-looking the owner of the dick was, all that seemed to matter to Holly at that moment was the feelings she was experiencing. Her body melted against the two fat men on top of her and she ceased fighting against them and began working with them.

Opening her mouth wide, the inflamed girl greedily sucked in both bloated balls, taking them into her hot mouth. Lavishing her tongue over them, rolling the scabby sack around in her spit, she swallowed the tiny globs of pus and dead skin that dotted it, feverishly wondering if her ministrations were cleaning and healing his kissable teen stretches juicy pussy and gets deflorated flesh.

She was instantly rewarded for her efforts by the powerful hands holding her tits as they now massaged and kneaded her breasts more ardently, sending waves of pleasure through her body as the fat man increased his tempo, sliding his meat between them. Her thin legs did their best as she attempted to wrap them around the wide back-side of the black elephant hammering her cunt, pulling his long trunk deeper into her as she vainly tried to grind her pert ass up to meet him, but was unable to budge even an inch underneath his weight.

Harold keenly observed the subtle change in her body language, seeing how his bride after a good hour and a half beneath his workmen. British housewife is shared by her husband and he films cunning man could hear the almost imperceptible change in Holly's tone as she breathlessly moaned under the enormous weight she supported and he knew she was well on her way to an epiphany, a profound and deep change in her character.

Gesturing to one of the men, he whispered orders to him as the worker bent over. Nodding to his boss, the large man huffed back to the others and in seconds they all nodded, understanding. Holly groaned as the thick black dick popped free from her molten cunt and a flash of irritation danced over her face as the deliciously nasty balls withdrew from her honeyed mouth.

Propping herself up on her elbows, the naked redhead looked about at the forest of now-naked fat men that surrounded her, her disheveled hair a mess of saliva and cum, her makeup smeared and faded on her red-cheeked, panting face, her creamy white skin red in places from the hands and fat flesh rubbing on it. She looked desperately about her, her groin aching with frustration at having been taken to the edge of orgasm and having been denied.

She wanted to bark at these men, to order them to fuck her, to give her their bloated, ugly bodies that she now insanely craved. But before she could utter a word, the men parted and up to her strode Harold Brock, her husband. Stone-faced and deathly serious, his voice was even and low as he told her what he demanded of her.

His words penetrated her mind deeply and revealed her true nature, a petulant and demanding brat who was a burden and detriment to society, much as he once was. As she sat, dazed and tearful as she realized all that Harold said was true, Holly felt her haughtiness and superior attitude shatter inside of her.

As she sobbed her regret, begging Harold to forgive her, she gasped as he crouched down and raised her cum-splattered chin in his strong hands and kissed her delicately on the lips. Not daring to believe what she heard, Harold now spoke not of demands or orders to her but of a chance for her to show him that she had truly changed. Now she could show her husband what kind of girl she had left behind and what kind of woman she was prepared to become.

Backing away from her, Harold returned to his chair and the men stood once more around her, still and quiet. Looking down at the floor, Holly thought carefully for a moment, her husband's words sinking in to her mind, her own feelings whirling with them. After only seconds that felt like hours, Holly raised her head, her flaming red locks stringed over her cum-spattered face as she peered out from behind that curtain, smiling a wolfish, hungry smile.

Rising steadily, purposefully to her feet, the short girl began to sway and dance, moving her hands over her body, feeling the slime the men had deposited there. She looked each big man in the eyes and made them believe that she desired them; her words, sexy and low, traveled over them, embracing them with her pleas to serve them.

Holly danced, seducing her once-attackers, begging them now to make her theirs. Her fingers ran through greasy, uncombed hair and she grinned as she licked the sweat and gel from her fingertips. Her face dipped in close to kiss and lick folds of fat underneath the men's flabby chests, her tongue grateful for every dollop of sour paste she cleaned from them.

She pouted so sweetly, asking for the privilege of slurping the moisture from the hairy, scabby armpits of the workers, wanting to please them. Her red hair flashed about the circle of men, her pale body flickering in the dim light as she danced, her pert ass cheeks offered to any hand that touched it, her breasts two toys to be handled by their delightfully rough hands, her smile and laughter an acknowledgement of her devotion to the crusty, soiled dicks that were hardening under her loving touch.

Whenever the opportunity presented itself, whether she was straddling a walrus-like belly, it's cock inside her while another behemoth filled her volcanic asshole, or if she were the center of a circle of nasty cocks that had just occupied her holes and needed further cleaning, Holly always managed to cast her eyes across the warehouse floor to her husband, Harold.

As he sat watching her, she beamed inside and increased her enthusiastic gyrations when she saw the look of pride and love in his face.

A new feeling overwhelmed her, one that felt so right and good to her; she wanted him to be proud of her, she wanted him to love her as she gave her sweet, toned body to doctor and naresh bf move wonderful, beautifully obese, dirty men. Never in all of her years of petty cruelty and self-absorbed behavior had Holly felt the rewards she now experienced as her pretty face wedged deep into the sweaty ass cheeks of one of her lovers, her nose and tongue making her portly darling shake and grind against her.

She giggled as her bung-hole kisses made the fat man twist and pull her nipples so delightfully hard, making her clench her pussy even tighter on the diseased, ulcerous cock of the brown-skinned Mexican workman who was hammering her from below. All too soon the afternoon wore on and still Holly could not do enough for her obese army of lovers. The girl squealed with delight as some of the men had taken food from a nearby table and began smearing it on her body, eating it from her wriggling flesh.

She happily deep-throated a Salami and then flavored it with her pussy juice before serving it to her hungry boys. Sticky sweet pie was piled onto her slick breasts as she walked to each seated man, offering each in turn a nibble.

She would take a mouthful of milk and French-kiss each thirsty worker, letting them drink their fill from her sexy mouth. When mealtime was done, Holly would lick and wipe any errant crumbs from the workmen, kissing and cuddling each one as they left out a side door, thanking Mr.

Brock on the way out. Finally, as Holly saw the last fat worker out, she returned to where her husband who was standing and presented herself, arms behind her back and looking up into his eyes, hopefully. She stood before him, completely naked and spattered with all manner of bodily fluids, food and filth. As Harold surveyed her form with an amused look, he began commenting on how her hair was a scarlet colored birds-nest, tangled and cum-soaked.

Her makeup was a fright, and she looked almost clownish. Her red-marked body was smeared with streaks of God-knew what and she reeked of garbage, sweat and cum and Harold remarked on how he could already see some bruises starting to form on her skin.

Holly's eyes searched his as a hopeful smile spread over her face. "Well Harry," she asked with a slight tremble in her voice, almost afraid of the answer,"how do I look?" Tilting his large head to the side, studying her for a moment, Harold Brock took off his $800 designer coat and wrapped it around her naked, trembling form, taking her in his arms as they walked back to the waiting limousine. "Holly, you look like the perfect wife, honey." he said, smiling. Chapter 2 As the limousine drove away from the warehouse, the scene of her rebirth from a pampered, spoiled child into that of a new woman, Holly cuddled chick lyla letto gets impaled by delivery guy her husband's rotund figure, sighing contentedly as he engulfed her tiny form, her right shoulder swathed by his meaty hand.

Although she was now warm and comfortable in the back seat of limousine, a flicker of doubt crossed her mind; wondering if Harold was indeed completely reconciled to her change of heart. Her sudden fear was increased when she looked up to see his stony, grim face as he passively watched the scenery passing by as they drove. Certainly, the gorgeous redhead was sincere in her newfound appreciation of the sexual, physical dominance of being with fat, obese men.

It was like a flame in her mind that ran wild, an almost laughable revelation that she had previously thought impossible for a girl like her to acknowledge; yet, there it was, this weird mixture of feelings inside of her. Whereas before she had sought out only the most physically perfect of boys which (now that she could be honest with herself) only bored her, giving her mere orgasms and little else. Now, as she slid a hand over Harold's immaculately fitted shirt, relishing the feel of his corpulent belly beneath her fingers, she shivered a little at the thought of not just the sex but the power, the intensity, the enveloping domination of being helpless before such a massive, relentless man.

She felt so deliciously tiny and small with him and so aroused at being made to take on such an enormous man's attractive teen chick cant live without big dick and passion. But now, as she studied Harold's dark gaze as he worked through his own private thoughts, Holly worried brother and sister 1st time x story sleeping com her past taunts that she carelessly assumed were unheard were now possibly troubling him and perhaps casting doubts on her own sincerity.

Holly was brought back to reality with a jolt as the silence in the limousine was cut by the deep, even voice of her husband, "So, not disgusted by your fat husband, darling?" he said evenly, careful not to let any emotion creep into his question.

His eyes were hooded in the shadows of the car but she could feel them piercing her, as if looking into her very soul. She knew he was no fool; indeed he was possibly the cleverest, most cagey man she had ever known. She also knew that any deception, any attempt to deceive him as she had done before would be found out immediately. Holly knew that her relationship with her husband from this moment forward would require her to be open and honest with him, which in turn meant that she had to be open and honest with herself.

"Harold," she said in a small voice, laying her head on his belly by her hand as if a child were sleeping, "I know I was horrible to you, that I treated you with disrespect even if I didn't know that you were aware of it. I made fun of your body to my friends, I fucked around with so many young cocks and didn't care a bit that it would hurt you, dear." Tears rolled down her cheeks, making wet stains on his white shirt as she continued, "I wasn't worthy of being your wife, Harold.

I wasn't worthy of being anyones wife, really. But you saw something in me that even I didn't know was there; you saw someone to love. Back at that warehouse, at first, I thought it was a punishment you were giving me. I thought that being forced to fuck all of those fat, blubbery men was some cruel justice you wanted to hurt me with.

I hated you for that, Harold. At first." Holly then raised up, her cheeks shining with her tears as she looked him squarely in the eyes, a tender smile breaking across her face, "But Harry, oh Harry! Soon I began to feel it! The hot skin on mine, the taste, the scent, the.oh!.the amazing pleasure of being pressed between so many bodies, to be wrapped in the heat and to be fucked so hard!" Holly was now talking faster, like a little girl describing a visit to a playground.

"Did you see me, Harry? Did you see when I began liking it? Oh Harry," she grinned, shaking her head slowly side to side, "did I ever start liking it! It was as if a part of me I never knew was there, a part I had always denied, had suddenly woken up! I couldn't get enough! Oh baby, to lick and kiss those sweet fat, hairy asses again! To run my tongue over those big fat man-breasts.mmmm. Oh Harry, I came so hard, so much! Did you see me? Did you see your little bitch wife getting off like a rocket under all that beautiful flesh, honey?

Oh Harry, I want to be that hot bitch for you, always! To be your hot bitch wife that loves you so much." The searching, expectant look in Holly's eyes turned to one of complete adoration as Harold's impassive face broke, a huge smile washing over him. At that moment Holly knew that her husband had fully accepted her back, that somehow she had emerged from the ordeal she had created a new woman, a wife worthy of Harold's love.

It was then that Holly vowed in her heart to give to Harold everything and deny him nothing, not for the sake of his demanding it, but for her desire to submit to him completely and love him. Vowing this, she also knew that Harold's love was hers and hers alone, no matter what sexual adventures came in the future, no matter who or what either of them fucked, their love was an unbreakable bond.

As Holly had made he confession to Harold, she had moved her hand down and when he smiled at her, she had made contact with the noticeable rock-hard bulge under his neat black pants.

She cast her eyes down past his belly, able to see the tip of his fat cock outlined inside his trouser legs and looked back to his face, knowing that her enthusiastic description of her gang bang had made her husband very horny.

She blushed, her cheeks turning an appealing shade of red as she felt his hotness expand and harden under her hand, the delight making her eyes sparkle as she truly felt her husband accept her tearful apology and her promise to be a good wife to him. Harold's strong hand took the back of Holly's head and drew her in for a long, deep kiss.

Holly's senses exploded, as if she had never really kissed her husband before until now and suddenly she felt a wave of heat rush through her body.

She was becoming aroused and horny for her sexy fat husband. Breaking the kiss, Harold pressed a button on the door console, lowering the shaded glass separating the passenger compartment from the driver and ordered his loyal chauffeur huge tits blondes in threesome fake taxi quickly find a secluded spot to drive a long until the passion between he and Holly finish.

As the dark tinted window slid into place, securing Holly and Harold's privacy, the young redhead's green eyes sparkled as a sexy, mischievous grin spread on her face. She was amazed at herself, that even after a truly emotionally draining experience, after an exhausting gang bang like she had just enjoyed, somehow just the sight of her handsome husband was turning her on yet again.

Never before, in her days of commanding meaningless sex from young pretty boys had she ever felt this aroused, but now she was insatiable! She sat to one side of her husband, one bare leg thrown over his lower legs as if she were going to sit in his lap facing him. Her arm draped over his swollen, rotund stomach as she caressed his meaty belly and she pressed her raw, abused nipples against his expensive, tailored suit. The black guy and girls sex 10mint he had wrapped her in barely hung from her slim shoulders as she clung to him like a baby to it's mother.

Her face was tilted up and her face took on a dream-like quality as she gazed into his strong, clear eyes. She felt herself slip into the deepness of his presence, seeing him as if for the first time not as some ugly, disgusting pig but as a large, powerful, confident and wise man. Her breath left her as his own eyes softened and a his hard face relaxed; he could see the adoration that poured from her to him.

Harold began to believe that Holly truly had changed her ways. Sliding her lithe body out from the fine coat, letting it fall onto the leather seat of the car, Holly now mounted her lover's stomach, his immense girth so great that the tiny girl could lay herself on his abdomen. Leaning in closely, the redhead planted gentle, sweet kisses on his thick lips; tiny little butterflies of love for him. Her lips traveled over his, then to his cheeks, to his thick forehead and then down to the meaty folds of fat under his chin.

Her tongue darted out, licking into the thin creases of skin that folded under his chin, bathing him in her sweat saliva as she moaned lightly, delighted at the texture and feel of his pliant fat-engorged skin on her tongue and lips. She nuzzled into his neck, burrowing her nose into it's buttery-soft flesh. While she was busy savoring his exquisitely meaty face and neck, Holly's hands were busy as well.

They explored Harold's barrel chest, prying open the buttons on the expensive shirt he wore, working her thin arms underneath the silky cloth to embrace him underneath his suit. As she licked a fat chin fold, her arms filled with the warm, supple flesh of his chest.

Although she could feel the thick layer of fat moving in her arms, she felt the ripple of his tremendous muscles beneath that, a sign that he was every bit as strong physically as he was in business.

Holly could scarcely believe how turned-on she was becoming as she began rubbing her groin against his pants, shuddering as her tender, hooded clit found the shiny gold buckle of his belt. Pulling her face back mere inches from her husband's, she gave him the cutest look of frustrated lust and pain as she ground her naked crotch up and down slowly on the cold, hard edge of his belt buckle. Her voice was like that of a young girl as she looked him in the face, her eyebrows turned up and a pretty pout on her lips as she moaned, "Ooooo Daddy!" Harold's cock felt as if it were on fire, trapped in the silken boxer shorts inside his pants.

His chest vibrated with the low growl of a bear that echoed into the firm breasts of his wife who hugged his massive chest to hers.

Recognizing her man's need, Holly immediately determined to serve her beautiful Master. Leaving him with a quick kiss on the lips, the thin redhead slithered like a snake down his prodigious form and landed on her knees on the carpeted floor of the limousine.

Her face dove between his legs, the smooth fabric of his pants sliding on her cheeks. Her mouth and nose ran up and down the very thick and obvious bulge in his pants, her face jacking the pulsing meat inside, her mouth watering at the thought of his taste as heat radiated from him.

Taking down his fly, Holly shook her head in wonder as she hauled out Harold's steaming thick wad of meat.

It was long and bright pink, the tip thick and bulbous with a shiny pearl of liquid brimming at the tip. It filled her hand so well and she treated herself to a moment just to look at it. Before, when she was an ungrateful cunt, she had only had sex with her husband to satisfy his desires as much as it took to get what she wanted; she often just tolerated his touch only as little as possible.

Now, being a completely new person, Holly took the time to absorb the look, the feel, the smell and taste of her wonderfully fat husband's wonderfully fat cock. It was ideal; a hefty shaft of muscle that smelled deliciously musky, the slightest hint of expensive soap combined with the heady aroma of his sweaty balls. When she closed her fingers around the scalding hot piece, she stared at it in fascination as the loose skin around it let her jack it up and down slowly, bringing a puddle of clear, pearly liquid to the tip that beaded at the hole, then slowly dripped down the side of the rod, drizzling her fingers.

Moaning low, Holly leaned in and did not just flick her tongue over it as she had teased cocks in the past, but flattened her tongue and slowly, luxuriously lapped the syrupy slime up to the very tip of his dick, savoring his salty flavor. Harold had been very busy that day and his body had the natural smell and sheen of a large man's sweat and that funk had dried especially on his crotch.

Holly considered it a treat just for her as her tongue softened the thin layer of sediment built up on his dick and her pretty soft lips slurped the residue into her waiting mouth. For long moments, the only sound that could be heard in the back of the limousine was the wet devotions of Holly as she worshiped her darling husband's fat, sweaty cock. His curly brown hairs smelled like heaven to her as she forced herself down on his dick, demanding nothing less than her own sweet throat as a worthy bath for her beloved's unclean cock.

Her own mouth was where she resolved Harold must always and forever wash his manhood clean from now on, whatever the circumstance. Whether they were at home in the Grand Dining Hall with guests all about, or at some fancy State Dinner with him in his white tie and tails; Holly would henceforth find some clever way to slip unnoticed beneath the table and secretly take her enormous husband's meat to her mouth for his relief and pleasure.

To Holly, this was the least of duties she wanted to perform for him, to atone for her previous awful behavior. Snapping back to the moment, Holly realized that her daydreams of his wonderful dick while she sucked him had brought Harold almost to the extreme point of orgasm, but as she popped his spit-soaked, fiery-red poker from her mouth, the cool air brought her husband back from the edge of ejaculation.

Rising to her feet, there was just enough room in the car as the naked redhead turned about, placing her feet on either side of his, giving Harold a wonderful view of her pert, apple-shaped ass cheeks. The girl looked back over her shoulder at the now-sweating, red-faced man as she giggled to him, "Go on Daddy, gimme a spank.

Holly's been oh so bad today, Daddy!" The girl yelped and groaned as his thick, meaty hand struck hard, the crack of his hand leaving a red hand-print on one quivering white ass cheek. Heat and moisture flooded Holly's cunt as she felt her insides flutter with unusual pleasure. Another crack filled the confined space of the car as Harold landed another stinging blow to her bouncing ass, then another.

Harold's strong hands not only struck his wife's crimson backside until it felt warm to the touch, but he would pause between blows to knead and massage Holly's pliant, muscular ass, working her into a state of boiling intensity.

Finally Holly could stand it no longer and began begging pitifully, "Oh Daddy, please give me your dick honey. Oh Harold, I need you so bad, my pussy is on fire baby, please take your big fat dick and OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Holly groaned like a whore as Harold took her in his iron grip and sank his pulsing cock deep into her, pulling her back onto himself, wedging her down, down, down onto his straining dick.

Holly pressed the side of her cheek against the dark-tinted glass and began huffing as the breath was pushed from her with each stroke when Harold raised and plunged her stretched out pussy up and down onto his raging cock. The fat man grunted with the effort and sweat poured from him, staining his clothes as he fucked her like a madman, seemingly determined to force his broiling meat deeper and deeper into her. Holly's ass cheeks bounced off of Harold's belly, making it quake with each blow, but still the obese man hammered on.

Minutes raced by as the atmosphere in the back of the limousine thickened, filled with the humid smell of sex and sweat, the grunts and cries of the two ringing loudly enough that the wide-eyed chauffeur could barely concentrate on staying on the road as it took all his efforts not to touch his own uncomfortable hard-on that had sprouted.

Running his large, powerful hands up and down Holly's back as sweat streamed from her pores, Harold's face took an animal snarl as he ripped his turgid meat from her clenched pussy, making her wail in despair at having been so cruelly deserted. Her cries turned once more to moans of encouragement as she felt her loving husband press his scalding dick-tip against her already lubricated anus. "Oh God Daddy, fuck my ass, oh please ream my shitter Daddy!" Holly cried at the top of her lungs.

The car pitched forward as it screeched to a halt on the deserted gravel road, pressing Holly into the separating window with Harold's gigantic form tossed forward as well, resulting in fully half of his slicked meat abruptly plowing into the redhead's bunghole, eliciting a delighted shriek from the girl.

It was only seconds before the window screen separating them from the driver slid down and the pained, tortured face of the chauffeur appeared; Harold and Holly momentarily frozen at the site of him. "I'm terribly sorry sir, but." the driver stammered apologetically, turning his body to indicate his own long, thin cock swollen to a purple-headed state. "Holly, sweetheart, be a dear and suck off the driver like a good little wife, would you?" grunted Harold as he wedged the last few centimeters of his cock ass-deep into her.

Not having to be told twice, Holly fairly clambered forward, her upper torso over into the drivers' compartment as she drove her lips down onto the juicy candlestick of her driver. His taste filled her mouth and her moans white crack the big black scene powerhouse him delightfully as Harold began pistoning his fat dick into her asshole, pushing and pulling her on and off the chauffeur's cock.

Never had the elderly man felt anything so wonderful as the powerful suction of his redheaded Mistress, her young mouth yanking on his thin, gray-haired cock so hard it was as if a baby calf were nursing it.

"Oh my word, Miss!" the old fellow exclaimed as he put a trembling hand on the back of her head, gripping a handful of scarlet hair in his gnarled old fingers. Harold was bellowing like a bull in the rear compartment as his furious efforts actually rocked the idling car on the roadside. His clothes now soaked with sweat, Harold didn't care about anything, not being on the roadside, not about ruining his clothes, not even if his terrible strength was hurting his beloved Holly, he was consumed with the savage pleasure of her insanely tight asshole as he tore into it, feeling the molten hot lava of his cum building to bursting inside him.

With a feral roar, Harold increased his pounding to a degree that belied his enormous girth as he drained his scum into her bowels, filling her dark hot asshole with his thick, creamy seed.

The friction of her intestines against his cock head suddenly became a soothing, slippery delight as his semen mixed with her ass-juices to ease the gripping channel and surround his turgid member with a coating of hot, creamy lubrication. The sensation of intense heat and fullness inside Holly, combined with the savage pounding she had happily endured made the shaking girl orgasm uncontrollably, her sweeties nail men ass hole with huge strap on dildos and squirt semen hot pussy squirting jets of salty cum onto the pants legs of her sexy husband.

As for the long, pasty cock in her mouth, just he sight and sounds of his beautiful Mistress having an anal orgasm ripped from her, as well as her hungry devouring of his old meat sent the chauffeur over the edge as he pulled her hair tightly in his arthritic hand and forced her down onto his spewing dick.

"Oh you fucking whore!" the old man exclaimed as she sucked and gulped his gamy old semen down, slurping and licking her reward. Seconds passed as the old driver realized what he had said and his face drained of color as he looked over the wet back of his Mistress and into the laughing face of his Master. Looking down at his crotch fearfully, he was greeted by a cum-painted smile on Holly's face as she swallowed the last of his scum down.

She giggled up at him, then put on a mock air of seriousness and playfully batted the bobbing tip of his cock saying, "You only get to call me "Whore" when your sweet dick's in me, okay?" then she broke into a broad grin again and lovingly kissed the deflating tip of his shriveled old cock.

Her eyes then popped wide as she squeaked a "Whoops!" as she disappeared, pulled back through the window into the back seat compartment and into the lap of her laughing husband. "Alright, you two can play some other time, now how about actually driving us home?" Harold chuckled.

"At once, sir" the elderly driver returned, rolling the window back into place. Turning Holly about on his enormous belly, Harold looked his wife in the eyes, his love reflected in hers as he kissed her tenderly, then cocked an eyebrow down between them and said, "Sweetheart, I do believe my dick has something of yours on it.

What shall we do about that?" Grinning like a child on her birthday, Holly slid down to the floorboard once more and spent the rest of the drive carefully licking and kissing her favorite fat dick clean. The end.