Puremature hot and sexy reena sky naughty valentines day hairy pussy doggystyle

Puremature hot and sexy reena sky naughty valentines day hairy pussy doggystyle
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Note: This story is completely fictional. Punishing my step daughter. When I first met my wife Annette she was down town at our local corner bar. She is a tall skinny brunette full of fun. I took her home that night and we continued to see each other often.

It wasn't until months into our dating relationship that I found out she had two children. A 14 year old boy Chase and a 10 year old daughter Cassidy. We never hung out with her children much so when it came time to move in together I still didn't know exactly what I was about to get into.

With in the first week of seeing the kids daily I knew it was going to be hell. Annette had always given in to the kids and allowed them to do whatever they wanted. Most of the time Chase was gone and running the streets with his friends, which was fine minus his failing school work and lack of attendance, but Cass on the other hand was hell on wheels.

Cassidy at only 10 years old was an abusive, spoiled brat. At any sign of the word no she would throw a fit, hit her mother, break shit, scream and swear. For a while I would just let her mother handle it but it soon became to much and got to the point where when she would start to flip out we would restrain her together, as long as it took to calm down.

No punishment we had tried seemed to work with her, she just didn't care what we took from her. The first time I looked at her as anything other than a spoiled brat was nora barcelona te muestra sus genitales masturbation masturbate on a January night in the middle of a restraint.

Cass had got a new ipod for Christmas and she refused to put it down and head to bed when she was asked. After taking it away from her she began to hit her mother.

We immediately grabbed her up and began to carry her into her room. As we went down the hallway her struggling caused her pants to slide down just far enough that I could see her tiny little pussy hairs sticking out over the top. As we laid her down on her bed she continued to struggle and I was forced to lean over her legs, holding her down, staring right at those little fresh hairs right near my face. Later that week Annette got a call from the school saying that she needed to have a meeting with Chase and his teachers about his attendance.

As she and chase left the driveway I asked Cass to help me pick up a bit so that her mother wouldn't have to do it when she returned.

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As usual she refused and proceeded to tell me that I was not her father and I couldn't tell her what to do. She even took it as far as to spit at me… at that point I snapped.

I reached down and grabbed that little bitch by the back of her blonde pony tail, pulled her into her bedroom and tossed her onto the floor.

As Cass began to cry I realized that she had never been in this position before, she meaty penis hammers wet snatch hardcore and creampie never been afraid of a punishment because she had never had a real one.

At this point I was feeling good, my home life had been turned upside down by this little girls behavior and now it was time for some appreciation. I watched her lay there whimpering and I began to feel the bulge in my pants grow.

I've always had a fat cock and even some grown women are to tight to take it all so part of me knows I cant just dive into that tight 10 year old pussy on the floor. I began to run my cock through my jeans and noticed that Cass was looking up every few seconds. I knew I had to do something to cure this urge and to teach her to listen but what I wasn't sure. I started thing about all the shit that she had gotten away with since I had moved in and instantly I was furious.

I dropped my pants and began to stoke my bare cock right in front of her. She began to cry harder as if she knew what was about to happen and that just pissed me off more.

I reached down and grabbed her hair again, pulling her up, placing my cock on the side of her face, yelling at her, letting her know that im not her father and that's why I can do this and why I will tell her what to do.

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I instructed her to suck on my nutts as I jerked my dick and when she didn't willing go for it I decided I would force her. I kneeled down on the floor so that my balls hung right over her mouth and nose.

I told her if she didn't do as I said that I would convince her mother into putting her into a home, where she belonged. As she began to open her mouth I could feel her hot breath on my balls followed by her chap stick covered lips and her wet tongue.

Her tears continued to pour and run onto my sack just making the feeling more moist and turning me on even more. Standing up and climbing on to the bed I pulled her with me and placed her lips onto the tip of my dick. Reaching under her jaw and pulling the bottom down I slowly slid the first few inches into her mouth.

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It didn't take long before she began to give into the fact that she wasn't going to get her way this time and she began to suck and lick my cock. I jerked my shaft as she sucked away. I couldn't stop myself from telling her how much of a piece of shit she was to her mother and how she deserved to suck my cock for being such a brat. The more I yelled, the harder she cried and the harder I got. I wanted inside her so bad I couldn't stand it, but I knew being this big would be too much for her right now.

I began to look around and started to see everything as a dildo. A make up brush, a mouse bottle, even her old tball bat seemed to grab my eye and make my cock twitch. I had to, I had to get in there, with something, somehow! I pushed her off and knowing she wouldn't be very willing I grabbed two pairs of her thongs out of her hamper and manhandled her until I managed to tie both of her hands to her bed posts, face down so that I could enter from behind not allowing her to see what I would be raping her with.

I reached for the mouse bottle right away as it was closest to us, tore off her pants and spit all over her little pink pussy. There right in front of me was that light pussy hair I had saw that had started all of this in the first place. If she would have just behaved, if she would have just listened I would never have had to show her who's boss and do this, but she didn't, she deserved this punishment she was about to get.

I spit on that pussy again and again until my spit was dripping off her as she lay with her ass in the air, crying like a little bitch. Not so tough now was she I thought. I rubbed that bottle up and down and up and down, circling her ass and pussy over and over again and when I couldn't take it anymore I pushed that bottle as far in as I could and as hard and fast as my arm would allow me.

Cass screamed and continued to cry and cry louder and louder. I loved every minute of it. Jerking off with one hand and fucking her tight young pussy with a bottle in the next I couldn't hold off long before I knew I had to blow. I pulled the bottle out, covered in blood and her sweet cum I stuck it in her mouth and made her suck on it like she had my dick.

As I watched her own fluid go inside her mouth I shot my load all over face and in a sigh of relief I rubbed every last drop out. As I untied Cass she she can definitely stay black booty productions still whimpering, I gave her a gentle reminder about what living in a different home would be like if she tried to tell anyone what had happened.

On my way out of her room I threw her a towel and told her to clean up and get herself together before Chase and mom get home.