Tiny teen teacher smokeyeyed honey jojo kiss is broke and alone

Tiny teen teacher smokeyeyed honey jojo kiss is broke and alone
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Morgan became a widow at the young age of 37 and had only ever been with her husband sexually. She was a content wife for 11 years if not satisfied. They had no children. Until her husband died in a auto accident. Two years of living on her own and being alone had made her a very lonely and horny woman. She is a very attractive woman, blonde, green eyes and a sexy body, but she is not the type of person to go out and meet people and the people she does meet she don't usually let them get to close to her.

She decided to try to meet men. The men who smiled at her or spoke to her at work or the grocery store were met with a brief but stand offish smile or greeting back. So it turned out that she had not dated let alone been laid since her husband passed. A mutual friend asked me to help Morgan with some small jobs around her house. I climbed the ladder to get at some pipes. My head is up in the ceiling and I asked if she new what a pipe wrench was.

She did and handed it to me. She is only 5' 5" so she had to climb the ladder to reach my hand. She found her face level with my ass. I turn to reach for the wrench and her eyes were transfixed by the outline of my hard penis through my jeans. My manhood is very clearly outlined through the fabric. She faltered handing me the wrench and then startled and blushed. Embarrassed she raised the wrench up to me. She is certain that I noticed her looking at my crotch.

She is flustered and stepped down from the ladder. She didn't really know what to do or how to act. She had never considered another man at all.

Yet she found herself stirred and her heart racing. She doesn't know how long she stood at the base of the ladder when she found me standing in front of her and my hand on her cheek. I asked her if she was okay. Kat monroe bound for anal stammered a broken yes, then she found herself sitting on the couch in the living room.

Her mind exploded. She could not process any real thought. She is consumed with emotions she did not understand and overwhelmed with a desire she did not know she had. I lean in and suddenly kiss her hard, thrusting my tongue into her mouth, while I begin fondling her breasts, over her shirt. Morgan is shocked beyond imagination. She had heard I was a sex-crazy man. But never in her wildest of dreams had she imagined, that she would ever meet me and certainly not be alone with me.

How could he even think of touching her like this? It was so shameful.

She begins struggling to get away from my grasp. After sometime, she managed to free herself, got up from the sofa, went to a far corner of the room and said, " John, what are you doing? Please do not do this to me.

What you did, is so wrong. I am a decent lady. No man except my husband has ever touched me. Please do not do this. It is so indecent." I said, " Morgan -- don't talk like an old lady! You are a young beautiful and healthy woman. You are a widow. I'm divorced and live alone. I saw you staring at my crotch. Being a man, I have needs. My cock has needs. I have the need to chew on your tender lips, to fondle, kiss and suck your luscious young breasts and nipples.

The need to touch and caress your unused pussy, which has been unused for 2 years now and the need to thrust my hard cock into it." Morgan started crying and said, " No, John -- please do not say such vulgar things." I got irritated and said, " Look, Morgan.let me be straight.

Your lovely & delicately tender body has needs and You have excited me to make my cock hard. When I met you today, I wanted to caress, kiss and suck every part of your body." I continue crudely and shockingly, " I want to have the pleasure of roughly tearing open your tight unused pussy and seeing you bleed and scream with pain, when my cock is in the process of doing so." I continued " Did your husband fuck daddy wonrsquot let me play my game in your ass?" Morgan is shocked at my vulgarity and involuntarily almost screamed, " No!!!

Please don't say and ask such vulgar things, John!" I continue, " I want to be clear now. I'm a wealthy and powerful man, I can make your life miserable in many ways. You will have to agree to become my personal property. You will come to me to satisfy me in every way when I call. You will be my mistress. My sex toy. I will fuck you with my monster cock, in every way and for any number of times that I wish, during every night. I will squeeze and play with your delicate and fleshy young body.

I jessa rhodes cali carter busty anal workout fuck every part of you -- your mouth, your breasts, your tight cunt and even in your virgin anus.

You will not tell anyone about us. So, tell me -- what is your answer going to be? Yes, or no? Will you be agree to be my mistress, or do you wish to leave?" Morgan is shocked at my words! She didn't know me, but I was horrible and so shamefully telling her things, that no man would ever say to a woman. I did not even seem to care that she was a widow. She begins to cry.

Sobbingly she pleaded with me, " John, what are you saying? Please do not say such things. Please do not ask me such things. It is so wrong. So indecent. So sinful. But I understand your need for a woman. I know you have many women available to you." I angrily replied, " Look Morgan, don't waste my time.

I can get any woman that I want any time. I am interested in fucking you. Not any other woman. So don't give me stupid lectures.

I don't care about right and wrong and I don't care about sin. Just tell me -- do you agree to be my sex toy, or not?" She again pleaded, " Please. . John. . please do not make me do this." I replied again, " I am asking you for the last time -- yes, or no? If you again waste my time, I shall make a phone call and ruin your reputation." She is sobbing and bazarrs com by mia khilaf. But she is also thinking.

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She wouldn't be able to face her friends. That frightened her and think hard. if she did agree to my perversions, only her life would be ruined. So, she decided then, to agree to my terms.

Sobbing, she told me, " OK. John, I have no other option. So, I agree. You can do to me, whatever you wish!" I smiled. I said, " That is better Morgan. Now you are being sensible. Don't worry. You take care of me and I will take care of you. Now stop linda sweet takes the dap challenge interracial pornstars and wipe your tears." She wiped her tears with a tissue.

I then came close to her, placing my hands on her breasts over her shirt, squeezing them. Morgan was feeling repulsed due to my hands over her breasts, fondling her breasts, I said, " Yes--your lovely breasts are full soft and supple. Do you have your wedding dress?" She replied, " Yes, John. I have it in my closet." I asked again, " Did your husband, break your hymen on the wedding night, or was it on some other night?" She replied, " I lost my virginity on my wedding night, John." I said, " Were you wearing your wedding night dress, when he first fucked you and tore your virginity?" She replied, " Yes, John." I said thoughtfully, " God!

How disappointed I am. How I wish I could have been the man who opened the seal of your virgin cunt - first. I would have enjoyed it so pal relaxes with his gorgeous gf hardcore blowjob Let go to the bedroom, I closed the door behind me. Morgan sat silently on the bed, shivering with fear. I stood staring at her then I walked over to the bed and sat close to her. She is shaking with fear.

I asked her, " Morgan, is this the wedding negligee that you wore, on your wedding night with your husband?" She replied, " Yes, John." I asked, " Did your husband, were you naked and then your husband tore open your virginity, or did he do it with your negligee on?" She hesitated with shyness and fear.

I said, " Look Morgan, when I ask a question, I expect an immediate and frank answer. I do not like all this hesitation. It makes me angry." She quickly replied, " I was wearing this negligee when it happened. My husband had pushed it up over my hips, when he fucked me." I asked, " Did it cause you a lot of pain, when he tore your virginity?" She replied, " Yes, John." I asked, " Did your cunt bleed?" She replied, " Yes, John." I brought my face close to hers, staring at her.

I touched her lips with my palm and traced my palm over her cheeks and hair. I lightly kissed her on her lips. I said, " Morgan, you are a beautiful 37 your old woman." I said, " Do you know my age?" She replied, " I think you are 51 years old, John." I said, " No.

I am 55 years old. And here you are a beautiful 37 year old, on her bed, for my pleasure. I must say that I am lucky to have your young and healthy body, all to myself, for my pleasure.

Don't you think so?" She replied, " Yes, John." I said, " Morgan, get up from the bed and stand in front of me. I want to see your beautiful body in your wedding negligee." She got up from the bed and stood shyly in front of me. I kept staring at her and then turn her around. I touched her long blonde hair. I slowly again turn her around, to face me.

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I remove her blouse and bra, to expose her breasts. She stood before me with her head down, while I'm staring at her breasts. I said, " You have lovely breasts. They look so enticing. Nice size, round and fleshy.

Really beautiful. My cock is hard just by looking at them." She did not reply. I then removed my shirt. She glanced up. Though I'm 55 years old, I have a big hairy chest, I'm very tall.

Almost 6 feet & 5 inches. My chest is huge like a barrel. Very hairy -- with grey hair. I looked like a mountain -- standing beside her. Compared to me, she is short. Just 5 feet and 5 inches. I'm wearing cotton trousers, she is shocked to see my trousers stretched out completely, as mature hot tramp going solo with a vibrator masturbation hardcore it was covering with difficulty, a large baseball bat!

She can make out that I had a huge erection. She is terrified looking at the size of my erection. I came up behind her and hugged her. My huge erection is pressing in between her butt cheeks, through her skirt and panties. I grab her breasts from behind and star lightly fondling them, while pressing my erection into her buttocks.

I kissed and nibbled at the back of her neck, saying, " Your young breasts are firm, Morgan." She replied shyly, Thank you, John." Fondling her breasts, I said, " Morgan, after your husband died, how many men did you get fucked by?" She was shocked at my question.

She replied, " No, John. I would never do such a sinful things. My husband and I loved each other. Though my husband died, I am still in love with him.

I would never even think of letting another man touch me." Caressing her hips, I asked her, " Really? Does that mean that your husband is the only man, who has fucked you in your life?" She replied, " Yes, John." Pressing my erection further into her, I asked, " What was the size of his erect cock?" She said, " I do not know John." I said, " Tell me the length and thickness, approximately, Morgan." She replied, " Maybe around 5 inches in length and maybe around 1 inch in thickness." Nibbling on her earlobes, I asked, " Did you enjoy having your husband fucking you?

I mean, did you get your orgasms whenever he fucked you?" She shyly replied, " Sometimes, John." Pressing harder against her buttocks over her skirt, I asked, " When was the last time he fucked you, Morgan?" She replied, " It was the night before his accident." I came round to stand in front of her, while staring at her body, pulling her close and kissing her, pushing my tongue deep into her mouth, while my hands kneaded her breasts.

Then, with my right hand, I started lifting her skirt, gradually exposing her thighs. My hands starting to roam all over her thighs, up to her panties. She is feeling so ashamed. I knelt in front of her and begin licking and kissing her thighs. As my lust grew, I begin biting her thighs. Gradually the intensity of my bites increased and they became painful. But she stood there silently, enduring my painful bites and my rough hands on her thighs, as she did not wish to change my mood and make me angry.

I then remove her skirt and panties flinging them on the floor, leaving her naked. I said, " Morgan, I want you to place a towel on the bed, because your cunt is only used to the small cock of your husband, it is possible that your cunt will bleed, when I tear it open to accommodate my massive cock. I want to have the pleasure of seeing that blood on towel on your bed!" Morgan is feeling terrified.

She kept silent. I removed my trousers. My black briefs are stretched to the limit, by my getting throat fucked by his big fat cock penis, which is raging hard with lust now. She is feeling so shy and ashamed to see me, standing in my briefs, in front of her.

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I again caress her breasts for a few seconds. I then made her lay down on the bed on her back. Due to all my touching and fondling, her nipples had gotten hard. She has large pink nipples, which excited me. Squeezing her nipples, I said, " Morgan, you have nice firm breasts with stunning nipples!

I love breasts that are a hand full and a mouth full." I took one of her nipples in my mouth and begin sucking, father rapes his daughter in nigeria storyd caressing her exposed thigh. I then got up and stood in front of her. She is looking down shyly. I came close to her, bringing my huge cock in my briefs, near her. I said, " Morgan, what do you think of my cock? Is it nice? Is it not massive, as compared to your husband?

" Morgan is feeling so shy, that she did not respond. She kept looking down silently. I lifted her face to see my huge cock in the briefs. I said, " Morgan, Don't feel shy. Touch it. Feel it. Play with it. After all, it is going to tear open your tight cunt in a short while now. Come on -- touch it!" She still did not move huge hooters blondie woman alicia amira outdoor fuck talk. I grab her hand and placed it on my monster cock.

She was shocked, at her first contact with my enormous cock. But, to keep me happy, she started daintily touching it, over my briefs. I said, " Morgan, don't be frightened. Remove my briefs and play with it.

Don't worry, in a few days, like all the other women that have been with me, you too will love it." Though she is feeling mortified at having to touch my penis, as I'm insistent, she bashfully pulls my briefs down. As my briefs slide down, my mammoth cock shot out towards her. She was horrified to see such a monster!

My cock is simply un-believable. My pubic area is covered with thick, grey & curly hair. It is bigger in size, than what she had imagined. It is about nine inches in length and about four inches thick. Several veins protruded from the sides running the full length of my cock from the base to the head. She can clearly see the veins on my penis, stretched taut, with lust. The head of my penis is swollen. It is red and bulbous. Like the size of a large tomato! It is emitting a pungent, yet, sensuous smell.

My testicles are huge. They are the size of tennis balls. My cock is throbbing and wildly jerking. It looked so powerful, as it majestically stood completely erect. She is horrified with fear, at the thought of how she would be able to accommodate such a monster cock, in her small tight vagina! In her disbelief, she continues staring at it. Within a few moments, to her surprise, she feels wetness in her vagina! Though frightened, there is an involuntary feeling in her, of wanting to grasp and hold such a magnificent cock!

I said, " Morgan, I want you to suck my cock, take it down your throat. " With a sigh of defeat, she watched as my hands snaked through her hair and pulled her close, positioning her head just where I wanted her. She nervously extended both her hands and grabbed my cock.

Slowly she pulled my foreskin down to fully expose my bulbous head. She stared at it for five minutes, in wonder. Her hands went downward to clutch my huge testicles. I'm groaning with pleasure. She stroked my hard cock with her right hand, while softly grabbing and squeezing my testicles with her left hand.

This continued for five minutes, while I'm enjoying the pleasure that her hands were giving to my cock. My passion is rising. As she is massaging my organ with her hands, I grab her breasts and squeeze them roughly, tweaking her nipples very hard, making her excited too. Her vagina started dripping more. She is sick magnificent brunette audrianna angel enjoys a worthy sex shame, that my penis is exciting her and producing in her - nasty thoughts!

I withdrew my cock from her hands and said, " Enough Morgan. I don't want to come in your mouth. I want to ejaculate my semen, deep in your widowed cunt. I am going to plant all my sperm in your widowed womb, all night." She panicked.

She said, " John, I am a widow. You can ravage me and take your pleasure with me, as much as you want. But please wear a condom, when you are fucking me. If I get pregnant, my friends will know I was with someone.

Please wear a condom." I pushed her roughly. She fell over her back, on the bed. I laughed, " Morgan, you are asking me to wear a condom?

Don't make me laugh. I want my cock to feel your tight cunt, when it is tearing and opening it up. I want my cock to relish the blood of your tight cunt, when it is being torn. I certainly will not wear a condom." I turn her over again. I start touching her pussy over her panties.

I put my face close to it and begin smelling it! I caught her legs and roughly pull her to lie on the center of the bed. My monster penis kept throbbing with lust. I then begin to caress her legs with my hands, going from her feet, gradually up to her thighs. Her thighs seem to excite me a lot. I then bent down and started licking her thighs. She is feeling all kinds of sensations, as I licked her thighs and she can feel her pussy getting wet.

I then begin nibbling at her thighs as my lust grew. I then roughly turn her over. I begin to fondling and squeezing her buttocks with my hands over her panties. I asked her, " Morgan, do you shave your cunt?" She said, " Yes, John." I smile with pleasure and begin removing her panties. I removed it completely and flung it on the floor. I spread her thighs apart and begin staring at her clean shaved pussy for a long time. She is feeling so humiliated and ashamed, at having to expose her pussy, to me for my pleasure.

But, she quietly accepted her shame and humiliation. " What a beautiful, fleshy & pouting cunt you have! Wow! Now that your cunt has become mine, I am going to enjoy playing and fucking it." I thrust my fat finger gradually into her and begin slowly thrusting it, in an out. Morgan is getting excited at the feeling and her pussy started getting wet. I start licking her pussy, thrusting my tongue into it.

The feeling was simply heaven. She is getting very excited now. With my finger still in her pussy, I suddenly pushed another finger into her anus. Morgan is shocked. Involuntarily, her anus closed itself and I'm unable to insert my finger into her anus. I crudely said, " Morgan, do not be afraid.

Just relax. I wish to feel your tight little ass hole. Relax and loosen it, so that my finger can go inside." She tried to relax her body, so that her anus would become normal and I could do what I wanted. Gradually her anus relaxed and I thrust my finger little by little into it, until my full finger disappeared into her. I'm now massaging her anus and pussy simultaneously and thrusting my fingers in and out of them.

My action is so crude and so vulgar, that she is almost sick with shame. But, at the same time, she is getting more excited. I keep moving both my fingers in and out of her pussy and anus for five minutes, all the while licking and sniffing her pussy. After ten minutes, I remove my fingers, I spread her thighs wide and once again begin staring at her pussy. I put my mouth to her pussy and thrust my tongue into her. Nuzzling my nose in between her vaginal lips, I start licking softly at her clitoris, making her jump sharply, every time I hit it - dead on.

My eyes are on her, piercing her with the knowledge that I would taste every crevice and sample every pleasure from her body. I writhed my tongue all around her pussy, working it against her and then inside. I shoved my tongue as far into her, as I could, making little moaning sounds. I roll my tongue inside her pussy while flicking it over her clitoris time and again. While thrusting my tongue in and out of her, I thrust one finger into her anus again and start moving that too, in and out of her.

Despite her revulsion, she is getting very aroused and her pussy got very wet. She begins moaning, seeing my tongue in her pussy is getting her excited, I flick my tongue over her clitoris again. Father rapes his daughter in nigeria storyd five minutes, I abruptly remove my finger from her anus and got up. I said, " Enough Morgan. Now raise your legs, until your knees touch your breasts and spread your thighs wide apart.

You need to position your cunt properly to receive my cock." She raised her legs until her knees were touching her breasts and spread her thighs wide apart. Her body is almost curled up and her pussy is facing my penis upwards -- ready for me to penetrate me. I once again insert one finger into her and begin massaging her. I'm getting her moist enough to be able to penetrate her a bit easier. Pulling, pushing and spreading her lips. Getting her ready for the assault about to take place.

She meekly told me, " John, I really wish to give you pleasure. But, your cock is so mammoth and powerful. It is going to kill me with pain, when it horny asian sluts fucked hard in garage tearing open my pussy. Can you help me a little, by applying oil on your penis and in my vagina, so that my pain would be slightly reduced?

The bottle of oil is right next to the bed." I said, " No Morgan. I want to enjoy the pleasure of my cock, rubbing against your raw tight cunt, when it is being opened up roughly. So -- no oil." She is now shivering with fear, at the thought that her vagina is going to get torn by my monster penis.

I knelt in front of her, between her thighs. She looked up at me and can't help but see, my most dominating feature. My rock-hard monster penis. It stood out so long and so thick. She closed her eyes and tried to focus her energy on relaxing her body to receive the monstrous appendage.

I toyed with her pussy for a few minutes, jabbing the thick head of my cock against it and sliding it up and down, rubbing it in, between the lips of her pussy. I then took my enormous cock in my hand and started lightly beating it on her pussy, around her clitoris.

I'm now positioned with my penis to finally penetrate her tight pussy. I begin inserting the huge bulbous head of my darla crane moms dirty book into her. Anxiously she spreads her thighs further to be able to accommodate me easier. I braced myself for the pain. I push forward a little and the purple head slowly parted her pink vaginal lips. Her lips are really being stretched.

She gives a shrill scream and tosses her head round booty latina teen thong and short perfect tits to side, flinging her black silken hair across the pillow. Her eyes are wide as the bulbous head slowly pushes into her. Her mouth opened in surprise as she gasps, " Oh God." I push a little more in.

Her vaginal lips made a strange sucking sound as they closed around the crown of my cock head. I now tried to push further into her. Push as I might, I'm unable to proceed further, because her pussy is small to tight for my gigantic size. She can see my fat cock head, barely embedded in her pussy. The head my penis is about two inches long and it feels as if I had completely filled her already. She can see that I still had seven inches of cock to thrust into her. She stared at me with unbelievable shock and fear.

We both knew that I would not let her go, without thrusting my full cock into her. She did not even know where she could accommodate such a huge monster. I pulled my cock out. I toyed with her wet folds and then slip my cock head in again. She groans, as it slips into her, this time considerably easier than the first time.

I begin to thrust into the entrance to her pussy, with the mere head of my cock, sliding it in and out with slow gentle jabs. She is slowly stretching now. With every push, I'm able to worm my cock into her, a little further. I suddenly grab her by her knees, pushing her thighs further apart, prodding and jabbing my cock deeper into her. Three inches then four inches then all nine inches. Loud squishy sounds erupting from her pussy, as I slowly burrow into her with a short, cork-screwing motion.

Five inches, her eyes rolled in their sockets as she panted and groaned. Six inches, her hair flounced about the bed, as she rolled her head about - like a mad woman. She just lay there, softly sobbing and crying out, " Oh God John.Oh God John," every few seconds. I slowly managed to shove at least seven inches of my cock into her. Three quarters of my cock is inside her now. She moaned, as the bulbous head is stretching the walls of her vagina, wider and wider, with every thrust.

With a huge thrust, my cock reached her cervix. I thrust eight inches into her and my cock head slams up against her cervix. She stared at me, with her mouth open. She feels intense pain now. She pleaded with me, " John!

Enough. Please stop John. No more. You have filled me with your cock. Please stop no more thrusting of your cock into me. Please.Please John.Please stop. The pain is horrible." I simply smiled MY evil smile and said, " Shhhhhh.Morgan.

There is still two inches of my cock outside your cunt, which I intend to put into you and your lovely cunt has to accommodate it. Just bear the pain." Watching her petite body shake and quiver, as I slammed into her, is driving me mad with lust.

She stared at me with wide eyes, as I impaled her again. I grabbed her waist, spreading her thighs even wider with my shoulders and slowly start to slide my nine inches of hard cock, in and out of her. She is gasping. She arches her back panting and moaning. She rolled her eyes and moaned every time the head of my huge cock slammed against her untouched cervix.

I again pull out, until only the head remained lodged inside her. I laid myself on top of her, roughly grabbing her breasts in my hands and begin to suck and nibble upon them. She moans as I teasingly pull at her swollen nipples.

I said, " Morgan.You like my big cock inside your cunt, don't you? You want me to slide it in again? " The head of my cock is still half embedded inside her. With a powerful jerk, I thrust my hips forward. She shrieked, as I slammed into her, with one hard thrust.

I begin to slide those eight inches of my cock in and out of her, with slow, even strokes. She begins to pant and moan. I avoided slamming against her cervix and contented myself with long strokes instead. We continue like this for another ten minutes, both of us panting and moaning.

Her tight pussy is driving me wild and soon my cock is swelling. She got a feeling that maybe I was ready to ejaculate my sperm, into her. She pleaded with me, " No John. Please do not put your seed into me. I am a widow. What will people say? Please pull out of me. I shall make you ejaculate with my hands " But her pleading is in vain. It is obvious that I wanted to plant my seed deep inside her. I stared at her. There is mad lust in my eyes. There is still three more inches of my cock that her pussy has not yet accommodated.

She can see that I'm now determined to push my cock all the way into her. I again push and prod, jabbing deeper into her. I start to spread her pussy open. She screams as I thrust forward. I grabbed her shoulders, in my hands again and pull her against myself. She groans as the head of my massive cock, slams against her cervix. I push deeper into her. Slow and gentle jabs, each forward thrust spreading her small cervical sphincter wider and wider.

She is in excruciating pain. She screams and bucks her hips. She spreads her legs as wide as possible to allow me to thrust deeper into her. I stopped jabbing and just simply pushed forward. She groans as my cock spreads her vagina wide. The back of her vagina is soft, but extremely narrow. My cock head pushing against that rubbery natural tits teen rough did you ever wonder what happens when a superfuckinghot teen is causing her horrific pain.

But my thick and swollen bulbous cock head kept pushing into the deepest part of her vagina, with unrelenting forward pressure. Sweat is pouring off her. I'm pushing harder. She is crying & sobbing with pain now. But not caring about her pain I keep pushing my rock hard cock into her. In the midst of her pain, her pelvis is pushed into the mattress as my body weight presses against her, my bulbous cock head is stretching the cervical ring wider.

The tip of my cock head is now piercing through her smallest opening, spreading her cervical ring apart, widening it for the head. She again pleaded, " John it is so painful. You are tearing me apart. Please remove your cock." Instead of listening to her pleading, I thrust my cock head into her forcefully! She gritted her teeth and stared at me with shock, then I feel the ring of her cervix glide up over and rest upon the tip of my penis. She is groaning as her virgin womb is violated by my searing manhood for the first time.

We both enjoy this erotic moment as we are now one. The slimy, concave opening of her cervix feels like it's sucking on my crimson cap as she repeatedly tries to stretch it over my large engorged head.

After several attempts the mucus covered ring of the external orifice dilates appropriately, relinquishing it's guardianship of your sacred feminine passage. Slowly the muscular orifice of her cervix rolls over my penis, contracting its ring behind the ridged corona of my bulbous head, locking me tight within. Once inside I slowly push into the unexplored, constrictive passage of her resisting womb; while enjoying her changing facial expressions at each stage of her inner virginal deflowering.

As I advance into her womb's canal, I sense her excitement of feeling my salty seed spoiling her pristine womb for the first time.

The ache causing me to swell inside the impossibly small furrowed tunnel, making passage very difficult. I push deeper until I feel the contracted internal orifice at the tip of my dick. The clenched sphincter feels impassible, a worthy sentinel guarding the inner sanctum of her undefiled abyss. With continuous gentle nuzzling and steady pressure, her desire to feel me inside is finally granted.

Steadily I pry open the virginal narrow passage, ever so slowly creeping the head upward into her waiting uterus.

The ring of your internal cervical orifice grips me like a taught circular band that clamps around my throbbing, bulbous cock huge boobs mom ava addams protects her precious family as it slides into the creamy cavity of her waiting uterus.

Experiencing the phenomenon leaves both of us amazed that my raging cock has skewered the entirety of her dainty vagina as well as her chaste womb for the first time. We succumb to the achingly deep penetration together; the conjoined bliss of our locked bodies reeling in unbridled ecstasy.

Then I feel her clench down around the intruding tip as a sudden shuddering of her body builds into the spasms of a poweful internal orgasm. Deep moans emanates from her as she writhes and squirms on my impaled member.

Over and over her interior muscles repeatedly clenching and releasing my imposing girth like fingers fumbling to grasp a baton. The earth shattering orgasm releases endorphins that disperse throughout her body. As the ecstasy consumes her, she wraps her arms around my neck while looking deep into my eyes. Playfully she flicks the tip of her tongue in and out of my mouth as the pulsating of her vanquished uterus smears cum all over the tip of my cock.

Deeply Locked within the confines of her spongy, soft uterus I feel myself reaching soaring heights of arousal. There the creamy tight cavity stretches around my swollen head, pulsing the tip with the spasmodic throws of a powerful orgasm. As she looks into my eyes with aching delight, she begs me to spill my warm seed deep inside her.

Deeper than I have ever been or might ever be again. Though unnecessary, she softly bucks her body up and down over the impaled tip, stroking the buried cap inside her clutching uterus as she milks an orgasm from me which is building. A whirlwind of pleasure starts to overcome my body as she sucks on my lower lip.

The feel of my rapid breathing and moaning makes her aware that I am about to erupt. Below the deep penetration Morgan reaches her hand up to massage my tightening scrotum.

Inside, four hours of pent up testosterone is readying a torrent of semen inside my achingly full testicles. She squeezes and massages my balls, rolling them through her fingers in order to make me aware of just how desperate, she is to drain every last a school uniform force fuck of cum from them.

All the gentle pulling on the skin big boobed lesbian fun oral sex brunette kneading of the sac makes the load inside more voluminous. An intent stare from her eyes as she clamps down around the entire length of my meaty intruder. The tugging grip is more than I can bare pushing me over the edge into a massive orgasm. A chill runs up my spine as my cock stiffens uncontrollably then jerks and throbs under the grip of her slimy, penetrated cavern.

The engorged tip of my cock swells uncontrollably inside the confines of the scintillating chamber. I let out a deep groan as I feel my prostate suck copious amounts of sperm from my testicles, then fire it up my shaft to her waiting chalice.

Clenched around the entire length of my cock, she feels the masculine contractions of my intense orgasm and the delivery of my sperm as it rockets up my shaft. At the tip of my cock, the small lips open up depositing the initial blast of my salty seed into her clenched, virginal womb. It squirts against the roof of her cervix, splashing into her fallopian tubes, then cascades down around the buried tip.

Immediately following is a thunderous surge of warm thick cum that deposits deep inside her. A faint sigh tells me that she feels the warm jets of erupting cum paint the interior walls of her waiting womb.

I briefly hear her exclaim " Fill me up baby!" as yet another spasmodic contraction discharges copious amounts of the warm pearlescent molasses. I look into her eyes as I continue to defile her womb, ejaculating long ropes of my milky seed inside her. Finally, I fire the last creamy charge of cum within her, draping the sticky sweetness all over the walls of her waiting uterus.

My orgasm fills her with the most bountiful load of sperm I've ever shot. The feeling is so overwhelming she collapses under me and kisses me deeply as I quiver in the aftershocks of a violent orgasm. As I start to cool down, her uterus pushes my diminishing cock from its tight confines, closing quickly behind me in order to seal the inseminated cavity.

A hand guided to just below her stomach tells me, she feels the warm globs of cum pooling inside her now clenched uterus. Ever so slowly I feel my softening cock retract into her cervical canal before it is finally expelled through the tight ring of her cervix.

There inside her vagina is an engulfing warmth that caresses my shrinking erection. An aching heat that seems to thank me for depositing all that gooey sperm inside her. A little nibble on my lower lip becomes a French kiss as we both glow in the blissful aftermath of our orgasms. We giggle for a moment as Morgan lays under me, her pussy dislodges all nine inches of my spent cock.

I had expected a viscous discharge of my semen to leak out from her cervix, then drip its way down her vagina before gushing forth from her flared labia, but I witnessed none. In fact, not a single drop of cum is released. Her uterus has swallowed the entire milky ejaculation and would not release so much as a single drop.

She attests to that fact by telling me, she can feel the warmth of my cum as it swishes around, deep inside her. Luckily I know Morgan is on the pill and therefore have no concerns with letting her keep kayla synz is damn near forty years of age of my cum. Morgan stared at me with awe! Despite her pain, she is amazed at my manliness. Amazed at what I had done to her.

She is simply awe-struck that I had managed to thrust nine inch cock through her vagina and into her cervix, so deep inside her. Despite the fact of what I'm doing to her is aggressive animal sex, yet as a woman, she is thrilled at experiencing primal sex and being able accommodate my monstrous cock, so deep in her womb for the first time in her life.

She is excited that she was able to give pleasure to such a virile man. Exquisitely pleasurable sensations are developing deep in her, where my cock was embedded in her womb. Among such sensuous feelings, she gradually decided to forget the fact harriet sugar cookie 2019 full sex stories I was her first man since her husband's death.

She stared with a new found passion at me. Later that night I decided I would take her ass. My cock is hard and dripping pre-cum. I knew she would protest. She'd conceded to fingers, but when I rubbed my cock over her pursed rosebud, she tried to squirm away, trying to leave me to finish myself off in the shower.

I reached my other hand to rub her dripping pussy, and hear again that special moan of surrender. I lean in to lick her wet pussy, fingers slowly moving in and out of her asshole. She gasps as my mouth covered her clit, tongue flicking in the same rhythm as my fingers. Her thighs quivering around my face, as she moans continuously.

I feel her tense, and softly nipped at her swollen clit. She gave a sudden small scream before I feel her pussy gush over my face and her asshole contract around my fingers.

I continue sliding my fingers in and out as she released the headboard, allowing her head and chest to fall to the bed, knees still spread and ass still raised up in the air. As she panted, I move behind her, pressing my cock into her wet pussy, pushing deep her before dreaming about our dads huge dicks it back and thrusting in and out.

She moans in surrender, allowing me to gain my pleasure again. I slowly withdrew my fingers, then my cock. Her eyes are closed, but I hear her soft cry of protest as I spread the slick lube over my cock.

I knew she would feel the brief chill of the lube at her still puckering hole, and worried she might suspect, but she simply sighed when she feels my fingers slipping in and out to spread it around.

She didn't make an initial protest when I press the tip of my cock against her shiny red hole. Perhaps she thought I was simply probing with three fingers instead of two.

It wasn't until the head of my cock pushed in with a slight pop that she became aware of her position. She pushed against the bed up onto her hands, turning her head to look back at me.

She can see me looking at the head of my cock surrounded by the tight ring of her asshole. She said sharply, " No, John!" and tried to crawl forward, but I'm too quick. I lean over her, placing my hands on her shoulders, before wrapping a fist with her hair. I pull her head back, stretching her neck and causing her breasts to softly rock, then whispered, " I'm going to fuck your ass." She shook her head and whimpered, too tense and stretched for coherent words, but I simply repeated, " I'm going to fuck your ass." Then, releasing her hair, I placed my hand between her shoulder blades and with a steady pressure, urged her head and chest back onto the pillows.

Morgan is tense and panting, but she stayed in place when I removed my hand and lifted again to look at the tip of my cock in her ass. I placed my hands on her hips and hear her gasp as I push forward.

I feel the rubbery ridge of her sphincter tight and unforgiving. I place my hands on the bed on either side of her, leaning over to kiss and lick her neck. " Relax, baby. Open for me," I keep repeating between kisses. I move her right hand to her wet pussy, saying, " Rub it baby. Make it feel good." Her hand is over hers as she pressed her palm to her clit, rubbing back and forth.

Then my hand is pinching her nipples. I feel her shoulders relax, and then a sudden lurch forward as her tight hole widened and the tip of my cock pushes deeper. She gasps and moans, rubbing faster hot girlfriend loves anal and cum on her face her pussy.

I lifted again to look at my cock, now a good two inches in her tight asshole. I grabbed her hips, watching my fat cock slowly move deeper and deeper into the grip of her ass. Morgan is amazed at the flare of my cock—how it widened to spread her pussy when I'm completely inside her.

Now, with one final push, I'm all the way in, my balls pressing against her wet pussy, my cock stretching her asshole unbearably wide. Morgan gave a sharp agonizing moan and I can't help leaning to her ear again to say, " You feel my cock all the way in your ass?" She nodded, and I continued, " You're first time.your a good girl for letting me fuck your ass." She simply whimpered.

When I came up on my knees again, I took the lube, squeezing generously at the tight hole surrounding my cock. There is a loud gasp as I slowly pull my cock back a mere inch or two, and another distinct moan as I push back in. Her asshole is hot and tight. I gritted my teeth and hissed with pleasure as I move in and out, lengthening the thrusts. I lean forward, hips still piston in and out, I begin flicking and pinching her hard nipples.

" You love my cock in your ass, don't you?" I panted in her ear. Her voice is strained and cracking when she said, " Yes! Please don't stop." I reach my hand to cover hers, still rubbing over her clit. I slide her hand down, pushing two of her fingers and two of mine into her dripping pussy.

I feel my thrusting cock back and forth, through the thin membrane that separated her pussy and ass. She gave an unearthly moan, and then tensed, before beginning to shake and come. Her pussy spurted and I feel her ass convulsing around my cock. I sat back on my heels, gritting my teeth again, feeling the nearly unbearable pleasure around my cock.

I gripped her hips, moving my cock in and out of her ass faster and harder. My balls slapping against her drenched pussy, and she lay supple and submissive under me.

I pull all the way back, seeing her tight hole open like a hungry little mouth before slamming my cock back into her ass. I feel her lift herself, grasping the headboard again, as my balls tightened at the stretch of her back.

She began to push back against his cock, wanting it even deeper in her ass, whimpering and moaning as he stretched her wider. He leaned over her extended body, one hand pressing again into her sopping pussy as he bit at her shoulders. He felt her lower back dip, allowing him to press even deeper, and then gave shout when her felt the walls of her ass contracting around his cock.

He felt a pleasure so sharp it was almost pain as his cock sprayed cum in her ass. He lay sprawled over her back, both panting and gasping. He pulled her with him as he turned onto his side, his softening cock still in her ass.

He felt her hips unconsciously move as he kissed her neck, fingers gently rubbing her nipples. Every few minutes a shudder would move through her body, he'd hear a whispery moan.

He continued the soft, slow movements of his hands. When he used his hands to draw her knees up, she moaned again, and then sharply gasped as she felt his cock growing in her ass. "You're such a good girl," he whispered, as his hips began to pump again."Oh no.

Not again," I said. I exploded in her ass, shooting load after load into her. Then I pull out of her and she collapses on the bed. Morgan got up and walked slowly to the bathroom and got ready for a shower. Under my gaze. Turning the water on and letting her robe open, my eyes looked upon her smooth skin with lust.

The curves of her breasts hanging forward, the brown nipples at the very tips. The lower soft turn of her stomach rolling down towards a bare cleft, the darker skin of her outer labia in contrast with her delicate white skin. Morgan glanced in the mirror as she hung her robe on the hook; her eyes sparkled back beneath shoulder length blonde hair. Her small but firm breasts rising to small brown nipples met her gaze; teaching a lesson tube porn stepped into the water and pulled the curtain closed.

Letting the hot water roll over her skin relaxed Morgan, the room quickly filled with steam as she slowly lathered her hair up and begins to caress her skin with a body wash. As she leaned back to rinse her hair her hands rose over her breasts feeling the nipples harden under her touch, as if by instinct she rolled her nipples between her fingers enjoying the soapy slippery feel on her skin. Momentarily lost in the feel of hot water and her hands, Morgan knew but didn't do anything for the growing feeling between her legs.

She is still enjoying the euphoria we created for each other. Her life goes on. Only that she will continue to surrender to the raunchy animal sex and to my huge cock, her body craves and responds to me.

As a woman she is completely satisfied.