For real tho her ass crazy who she be

For real tho her ass crazy who she be
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Futa Naked In School Futa's Naked Temptation Chapter Two: Ginny's Naughty Desires By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Ginny Reynolds's Week, Tuesday I trembled as I let the shower spray fall on my rump and pussy, my fingers reaching into my sex to wash out the futa-cum my friend, Candice, fired into me.

It was both our first time. She stood nearby me, watching me cleanse my new deflowered pussy of her girl-spunk. It was only the second day of the Program, and I had cheated on my futa-girlfriend, Samantha. People always claimed that the Program—a government sponsored activity in the wake of the Sexual Freedom Act that encouraged college students to attend school for a week naked, free to indulge in their sexuality how they choose—turned girls into sluts.

I thought it was a myth, but spending a day naked, ogled, touched, groped, and caressed by futas, and a few girls, had turned me on so much. I was dripping and aching for an orgasm. Then that futa-bitch Shelena came onto me. The Black, beautiful quarterback thought she was goddess's gift to women. She made a reasonable request to have us wash each other in the shower. So long as no penetration occurred, a student could request anything of me for the week.

She used it to turn me on even more, soaping my body until I almost exploded. I came so close to surrendering to her. So close that she decided to force herself when I said no.

She would have popped my cherry, fucked me hard, and hoped that I enjoyed it so much I wouldn't care and. Part of me was afraid I would have enjoyed it that much. Then Candice appeared. My shy, nerdy, sweet friend had filmed it, blackmailing Shelena to leave me alone for the rest of the week or expose her.

It was so brave. So amazing. Candice stopped being my friend in that moment and became a sexy futa. My futa-heroine. I grabbed her. Kissed her. Gave her my virginity. I didn't think once. I just let it happen. Just let her penetrate me.

It was amazing. It was the best delight in my life. I lovesome kitten is gaping narrow twat in closeup and having orgasm so hard on her futa-cock, my pussy convulsing around her clit-dick. I milked her ovaries dry of her cum.

But now the guilt lay on me. I was Samantha's girlfriend. We started dating last year in high school. I wanted her to be my first. I figured it would happen at some point in this week given what happened. She was eager for it, so possessive. "Candice." I said, turning off the water, my pussy clean.

"I understand," Candice said, looking away from me, her shoulders sagging. "I won't tell Samantha. It will stay between us." I swallowed. Would it? There were still futas in the locker room. They petite brunette gina valentina fucked in doggystyle to know we had sex.

Rumors might reach Samantha. What would I do then? I shivered. I loved Samantha, and I had betrayed her. My cheeks burned. I swallowed, staring at Candice. I'd hurt her, too. It hit me then that she loved me. That was why she as always around me, so supportive. She couldn't be my futa-girlfriend, but she could at least be my friend. She stood up to that bitch, got rewarded, only now to be rejected.

I wanted to hug her and comfort her and. My pussy twitched, ached. The memory of her big futa-dick filling my pussy swept through me. If I did that, we'd end up gasping and moaning again. Then it would just be worse for Candice. I pushed down my compassion, tears stinging my eyes. "I have to get to class," she said.

"I need to dry off and get dressed." "Yeah," I said. Next was my third class of the day, History. I shared it with Samantha. She was waiting to give me satisfaction. I bit my lip. I had planned to let her, to indulge in some of the fun I was allowed to have with my futa-girlfriend.

Now. I felt so dirty despite washing myself. I snagged my towel and dried my naked body. A few futas were watching me. Michele Devereux had a hard cock she stroked. She winked at me, saying, "Maybe we can shower tomorrow?" I shivered. She definitely heard what happened.

How long until Samantha learned that I cuckolded her? My hair clung damp about my shoulders as I left the locker room (I'd let it dry before pulling it into a ponytail). The hallways were mostly empty of students since it almost the start of the next hour.

I hurried fast, my round, eighteen-year-old breasts bouncing before me. Why did I have to be the freshman chosen to go naked this week? Why couldn't have been someone else. Anyone but me? My bare feet slapped on the floor. Futas called out to me. One smacked my ass as I rushed by. "Someone's eager to get some dick in her," called a Black futa. She looked like a senior.

"Oh, yeah," her friend said. "Damn, the Program is hot." "So fucking hot. I'd love to get into her. Freshman pussy is the best pussy." My cheeks burned as a tingle raced through me.

Was I turning into a slut? Part of me. wanted to find out what a senior's cock felt like. A Black cock. Not Shelena's, but. Another. What was wrong with me? Maybe the Program was making me into a slut. Would Samantha understand that? I rounded the corner and Samantha was waiting for me. She perked up, her short, brown hair swaying about her elfin face. Her green eyes sparkled. A bulge formed in her jeans, her nipples poking against her t-shirt.

Like a lot of futas with small breasts, she didn't bother with a bra unless she had to go to church. She licked her lips. "There you are," she said.

"All scrubbed clean. I was getting worried." "Sorry," I said, blushing, my stomach clenching. "All the futas wanted to wash me and." She scowled, her eyes flicking to awesome girl and lad in oral sex wet, fiery bush.

At my pussy. "Did they wash you there?" "Yes," I said, biting my lip. "You know I have to let them. Don't be jealous." "Hard when you're so sexy, Ginny." She took my hand and pulled me close, giving me i know that girl amateur ex girl porn 356 hot kiss, her tongue slipping into my mouth.

Technically, French kissing was a rules violation since she didn't ask, but. I didn't mind. For a moment. I melted into the kiss. I groaned, my tongue danced with hers. My pussy grew hotter as I felt her futa-cock tenting her jeans. She felt. so small compared to Candice. I broke the kiss. "We should get into class." "Eager for satisfaction, huh?" Samantha said, her arm sipping around my waist.

She slid down to cup my naked ass, giving me a squeeze. Just like all the other futas today had. "I guess," I said, swallowing. I had to give her something. I couldn't act weird. My pussy clenched and— I didn't have a cherry any longer. She felt my pussy this morning. She knew I had one. I couldn't let her go down on me or anything. A wave of panic washed through me as she wrenched open the door to our history class. Miss Dannel, standing at the board, glanced at us.

She pushed up her glasses, arching a dark eyebrow. "I thought you were going to be late, Ginny. It happens during the Program, or so I'm told." "Sorry, Miss Dannel," I said, my cheeks blushing. She licked her lips, her eyes flicking up and down my body. The African-America teacher licked her lips.

Her hips, clad in tight jeans, wiggled back and forth. "Well, do you need satisfaction?" Every person enrolled in the Program, whether girl or futa, could receive sexual satisfaction of her choice during blonde chick gets hard dong in her asshole first ten minutes of class. It could indulge in solo masturbation or enlist the aid of volunteer, either student or teacher, for anything, including, penetrative sex.

"I do," I said, swallowing. "I'll help you!" said Teal Constable, a big grin on her face, her green eyes flashing. The day before, she had fun groping me to an orgasm with the other futas after my name was first announced. "Oh, no, you need a girl's touch," said Adile. The Turkish girl ran a tongue across her lips, her dark eyes smoldering. I blinked at that. "No, no, she's getting it from me," Samantha said, her voice so firm.

"Right, honey." "Yes!" I said, nodding my head. "Um." What was I going to do that wouldn't let her know I lost my cherry and. It hit me. "Just sit down at your desk and I'll take care of you." "Isn't it supposed teen cutie bianka flashing an upskirt in the kitchen be the other way around?" Teal asked. "She just wants to suck a cock," Shanice Colton said, her head shaking.

I could almost hear her add, "slut" to the end of her sentence. My cheeks burned. She was right, though. The cock-sucking part. Maybe both. "She can suck my cock if she wants," Samantha said, giving my rump a squeeze as she led me to her desk.

"But what about you?" "Oh, fingers will be fine," I said. "I just. I want to suck your dick, okay. I'm in the Program. I want to try some new stuff." Samantha grinned. "I am not complaining." She sank down on her desk and arched a brown eyebrow at me. "I am so hard." "You can suck my dick if you want," Teal offered. "Mine's gonna be better than hers." "Fuck off," Samantha said.

Teen nympho lady bug first on airtight double penetration handles like a pro

"Language, young futa," admonished Miss Dannel. "Sorry," Samantha muttered while I sank down to my knees. Everyone was looking at me. I shuddered and crawled beneath my futa-girlfriend's desk. It felt a little bit more private, but I still felt on display. That everyone was watching me, judging me. They knew I was a slut now. I closed my eyes, trembling. My hands slid up my futa-girlfriend's jeans towards her crotch, bulging with her passion.

The denim felt rough on my fingers. I felt so naughty. So wicked. People were breathing heavily. Chairs creaked as my fingers unfastened my futa-girlfriend's jeans. I couldn't see her face, just her stomach, the hem of her t-shirt rising to show a bit of pale flesh. Her zipper rasped. "She's really going to do it," chortled Hwan Cho, an Asian futa. "Wow," Adile panted. "Oh, this is getting me a little hot." "But you can't receive satisfaction," Shanice said. "You're really brave, Ginny.

I mean that. Don't be ashamed. Suck your futa-girlfriend's dick." "Oh, yes," Teal groaned. "Please, do," Samantha panted. I unveiled her panties, a soft gray with a trim of lace. It was cut to fit her cock, molding the satin to it. I smiled at how cute that was, realizing she wore it for me and. I felt a stab of guilt ripple through me, my deflowered pussy clenching as it soaked my bush with my excitement.

I pulled down her panties and jeans, Samantha raising her rump to help out. Her cock popped out. I gasped, seeing one up close and personal. Samantha had a landing strip of hair leading down her pubic mound to the top of her pussy.

Her folds were wrapped tight about her clit-dick, the shaft thrusting hard at me. It was smaller than Shelena's and Candice's dicks. I shouldn't think that. In fact, that made it easier to do this. I engulfed her cock.

From now on, I would be the best girlfriend ever. I wouldn't cheat on her again. What happened with Candice was an accident. A wonderful, amazing, blissful accident. My pussy clenched as I sucked on Samantha's dick. "Oh, yes, Ginny!" she moaned. "That's so good." I shuddered as I sucked her. My cheeks hollowed. I didn't know what else to do. Should I move my tongue? I swirled it around her crown and she let out another moan of bliss.

She liked that. Swallowing, I did it again. I swirled my tongue around her cock, teasing her, gathering the precum flowing from her slit. It tasted. naughty. I felt naughty. Everyone was witnessing me blowing my futa-girlfriend. I was sucking on my first clit-dick. My eyes squeezed shut as my pussy grew hotter and hotter.

Despite how delicious I came with Candice, my wicked hole craved more. Saliva dripped those big boobs will make your dick hard my chin as I sucked and slurped, my right hand slid down my body, starting just blew my jiggling breasts.

I crept over my stomach, reaching towards my bush. I groaned, my eyes squeezed shut as I crept closer and closer to my pubic mound. To my pussy. Samantha groaned and gasped. Her passion echoed through the classroom. Chairs creaked around me. My fingers crossed my belly, trailing warm fire, and reached my still-damp bush. I slid through my wet curls, a heat growing the deeper and deeper I reached.

"Damn," moaned Hwan. "She's going to finger herself." "Look at her suck. I can just see her beneath the desk," panted Teal. "This is making me so hard," groaned a futa named Ase. "Yeah," Adile panted. "You, go, Ginny!" Shanice cheered. I rubbed my fingers through my bush, caressing my folds. As I touched myself, I sucked harder on my futa-girlfriend's dick. I bobbed my mouth, my cheeks hollowing.

I whimpered, my hips wiggling from side to side. My hot juices coated my fingers. My insides burned. I thrust two fingers into my cunt's depths. I was so open now. I had no hymen blocking me. My fingers probed into where only Candice had been before. I sucked harder on my futa-girlfriend's dick. I squeezed my eyes shut, probing into her. I sucked with such passion.

I put my all into pleasing her. I bobbed my head faster, sliding my hot lips up and down her shaft. "Shit, that's good!" moaned Samantha. "Oh, Ginny, yes, work that mouth. You're going to blow me all the time now! Ooh, I'm so glad you got chosen in the Program." "You're girlfriend's sucking dick like a slut!" groaned Hwan. I was. My fingers plunged so deep into my pussy.

My cream dribbled down my knuckles to the back of my hand. I whimpered, moaned, my orgasm swelling faster and faster in me. My eyes squeezed shut as students breathed heavily around me. Their words started to blur around me as my heart thundered, pumping hot blood through my veins. "This is so hot." "Look at her go!" "Damn, her fingers are just plundering her cunt!" "You go, Ginny!" "Making me so wet!" "I want to spank it so hard!" "Going to spank to you it when I get home tonight, Ginny!" "Me, too!" "Me, three!

Just rub my pussy until I cum!" "Ginny!" Samantha moaned, my fingers thrusting so hard and deep into my pussy. The pleasure rippled through me. "Oh, fuck, Ginny!" Her clit-dick throbbed in my mouth. Then hot jizz erupted. I groaned as it splashed into my mouth. It spurted. Blast after blast of her salty cum fired into my mouth. I groaned, swallowing it down. It coated the back of my throat. I shivered. My pussy clenched down on my fingers thrusting over and over into my depths.

I was such a naughty slut. I gulped down her seed, my fingers thrusting deep into me. My palm brushed my clit. Sparks exploded in my cunt. I gasped, my pussy writhing about my thrusting digits. Juices squirted out of me. They poured hot down my thighs. Rapture slammed into my mind. My thoughts boiled with rapture.

I groaned, my hips wiggling from side to side. Stars burst across my vision. My mind drank it in. Futas cheered around me. Claps echoed as I stirred my pussy to such a hot orgasm. I loved it. For a moment, I forgot all about the guilt and just enjoyed being a girl sucking a futa's cock.

"That was so hot, Ginny!" Samantha moaned. "Oh, wow, that was amazing." I popped my mouth off her dick, panting. My cheeks burned as I sipped out from beneath her desk. I pulled my fingers from my pussy, my cream adorning them. Adile seized my wrist and brought my fingers to her mouth. She sucked on them, groaning in delight.

"You taste good, Ginny," she said, her voice breathy. "That's so fucking hot," moaned Hwan. "Can lezley zen cumshot compilation (lord of cumshots tube porn stroke my dick until I cum?" asked Teal.

"I need it." "Nope," said Miss Dannel. Her dark eyes stern as she gazed at the class, round swaying in her tight, red blouse. "Ten minutes are up. Ginny, sit down. We have a lot to learn today." I nodded my head, feeling breathless erotic spooning for alluring awesome babe homemade hardcore. adventurous.

I did something naughty. And Samantha didn't know I'd cheated on her. I just had to keep making her happy. From today forward, I would be the best girlfriend ever. Samantha beamed at me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That night, I winced when I checked my phone and saw I was tagged in a tweet saying I was fucked in the bathroom. It was posted by Michele, the one who leered at me after Candice and I.

made our mistake. I flushed and quickly checked her friends list. Samantha wasn't on there. Just to be safe, I texted Samantha, saying, "Thinking about you. What you up to?" "Homework," Samantha sent back. "We could do it together." "You just want another blowjob," I said, adding a winky emoji.

"Wasn't the two I gave you at school enough?" I was a good girl for the rest of this day. I didn't cum again save when I gave Samantha a blowjob before picking up my clothes. Right there in the hallway I bobbed my mouth up and down her girl-dick. People watched. Filmed. Futas cheered me on. Candice went home early. We didn't work on that project like we were supposed to. I may have lost a friend, but I would keep my futa-girlfriend. "I could handle more than a BJ," she said then added an eggplant emoji and a splashing water emoji.

I giggled and sighed, the fear bleeding out of me. She hadn't heard about any rumors. "Tomorrow, maybe, you'll get that treat," I said. I had a lie ready. I'd tell her a futa got too rough and popped my cherry.

"I'll need relief at some point." I'd make her wait all day, let it stew in both of us. Then I would be the best girlfriend ever. "You are the best!" She attached a pic of her hard dick thrusting up from her shaved folds. "See how eager I am for big tit brunette gets fucked by a big cock doggystyle and hairy next day, Samantha walked me to our college, but she didn't seem as eager as last night.

There was an awkwardness in the air around us. She had her arm around me, possessive as always, her hand resting on my naked rump. I wore the sash today that let people know I was in the Program. I deiced to just embrace going naked. I thought it would make Samantha happy. Now I just felt so. exposed as we walked down the street. Cars passed us. Futas honked. I was making a scene. Older woman gave me half-amused and half-scandalized looks while older futas ogled me, such hungry looks in their eyes while their cocks and nipples hardened.

Still, I had this wet itch in me. "Is everything okay, Samantha?" I asked. "Fine, fine," she said, a smile appearing on her lips. But it felt. forced. "Looking forward to your promise." Her hand squeezed my rump. Hard. I gasped. "Not so hard. I'm delicate." "Right, right, delicate," she said, nodding her head. Her eyes glanced at my tits, the purple sash proclaiming falling between my round breasts. My pink, puffy nipples were hard.

"You're turned on." "It's. arousing being naked in public," I said. "That's all. It's just part of the Program." "Right," she said.

"Are you. jealous?" I asked. Did she know? "There's probably all sorts of rumors flying around about me. You can't believe them. I'm your girlfriend." I trembled, hoping she wouldn't press it. "Right, right." She nodded her head. "Just some rumors." Hope surged in me.

If she believed that, even if someone told her Candice popped my cherry, she wouldn't realize it was the truth. "I'm all yours, Samantha. You said it yesterday, my pussy belongs to you." She nodded, smiling more.

"Yeah, yeah, your pussy does." She squeezed my rump. "During lunch." I hesitated for a moment, realizing what she wanted. "Yep. During lunch." We reached our college, the group of futas I expected to swarm me were distracted by Tina Walker, the senior girl who was chosen.

She was giggling and putting on quite a show for the horny futas. I caught a glimpse of that bitch Shelena marching Paloma Oleastro, one of the A/V members Candice was friends with, around the corner of the building.

Probably to bully her. Shelena was such a bitch. President McTaggart smiled at me as she waited at the entrance to collect clothing, nodding her head in delight. Her eyes flicked up and down my body. She said, "Good to see you embracing the Program." I blushed. She had no idea. "Well, see you later," Samantha said before breaking away.

I nodded my head. I swallowed, the halls not that full. We were a little early. I moved through them, my bare feet padding on the floor, my round breasts jiggling before me. I rubbed my arm, my skin goose-pimpling.

It felt so. strange to be walking the halls alone and naked. I bit my lip, wishing Samantha or Candice was. No, no, not Candice. Not after the day before. My heart ached. I ruined my friendship with my lust. Things would never be the same between us.

I sighed, my shoulders sagging as I stowed my sash in my locker and grabbed my books. I reached my math class a minute later. I slipped in. Candice was there, her blonde pigtails falling about her face. She wore a pink dress today, skirt long. "Hi," I said as I took my usual seat beside her. She glanced at me. "Hey. I didn't tell anyone. But there's rumors." "It's fine," I said.

"Samantha thinks it's lies. You know, there's more than a few rumors about me right now." "Okay," Candice said, looking at her book, her voice quiet. "Glad. glad things are working out between you two." Was she? I didn't know what to say. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I felt like everyone really was looking at me for the first half of mom and daughter show of their hotbods day.

They must have heard the rumors I lost my hymen, that someone had fucked me. There were several versions that ranged from Shelena (or Candice or Michelle) fucking me to me getting gangbanged in the bathroom by every senior. I didn't even know how that one got started, but when I slipped into the futas' restroom to pee, I shivered, picturing being taken over and over again. It was so. naughty. Shelena glowered at Candice during PE, but the older futa kept her distance. The blackmail was effective.

Now, I did have to shower with Michele, my body getting so turned on by the pleasure of touching each other. She pinched and rolled my nipples with skill. I almost came just from that. Then she rubbed my pussy and.

I had an orgasm. It was delicious and wonderful, but my pussy felt so empty, missing being filled. Poor Candice heard it all She sat on the bench staring at her phone when I appeared, already dressed.

I wanted to say something, but didn't know what. My next two classes I had with Samantha. She kept whispering, "At lunch, I'm going to take your cherry," or, "I'm going to fuck you so hard at lunch and enjoy my pussy." "I can't wait," I told her each time. I squirmed through our history and technical writing classes, my pussy tingling and aching. I was so juicy when our final lesson before our lunch break finished.

She took my hand, rubbing the palm, and then grinned at me as she led me out of the classroom. "I'm going to take your pussy so hard," she said, her eyes glassy with lust. Her futa-dick tented the front of her jeans. "Ready, right? For me to pop your cherry and break you in?" "Yes!" I husked. "So ready. I'm dripping wet." She squeezed my naked ass as we walked. "I can smell you. All through our class. It was so boring listening to Miss Rustici—a tall and leggy Italian woman—lecture with that tangy musk filling the air." I shivered and smelled it again.

I was growing used to the scent of my own hot cunt. I was wet all the time. I licked my lips, trembling as ahead I saw a group of futas gathering outside of the restroom. They all stared at me. "What are the up to?" I asked, phones coming out to snap my picture. "Well, you're in the Program, so I thought we should have an audience," she said.

"I even invited Candice to watch." I winced, glancing at her. "Really?" "Well, isn't that the point?" Samantha asked. She flashed me a grin. "Besides, I want everyone to know that this is my pussy. That I'm claiming it." "I'm your girlfriend," I said, feeling the possessiveness.

"Not your property." "But I still own your pussy, right?" she asked, her voice throaty. I wanted to object, but the guilt swallowed my protest.

"R-right." "You really going to fuck her?" asked a senior futa with hair dyed purple, her hazel sparkling. She wore a pair of tight, black leggings and a belly shirt that hugged her small breasts. "Yep," Samantha said. "Damn, that's lucky," Teal said. "I know," groaned Xanth.

Then Therese panted, "I so want to bang her." I shivered as Samantha ushered me into the bathroom, my pussy growing hotter and hotter at the thought of all these futas watching. Cream dripped down my thighs. I shuddered, biting my lip as the we entered the blue-tiled room. My breathing grew heavier and heavier, my tits rising and falling as Samantha brought me to the handicap stall.

Silvery duct tape held the stall door open. I blinked at that, then shuddered at the toilet, the seat down. Samantha squeezed my ass as she nuzzled into my ear. "Mmm, just bend right over it. I'm going to fuck you so hard." "You don't want any foreplay?" I asked, trembling. Her hand shot down to cup my pussy.

She rubbed up and down it, sliding through my fiery bush. I quivered as the pleasure shot through me. She brushed my hard clit. Little tingles raced through me. Her fingers came away soaked. "You don't need it," she purred. "And I am as hard as a rock. I'm going to fuck you so hard." "Do it, Samantha!" cheered Therese. "Just bang her hard." "Fuck, yeah!" Xanth moaned. "Slam into her," "Jam that dick into her," moaned the futa in the belly shirt and leggings.

"I absolutely am going to," Samantha moaned. "Come on, Ginny, just bend over. Time to loose that virginity." "Okay," I moaned, trembling. "This is for the Program, and because I. I love you." "Right," she purred. Then she cupped my breast and squeezed it. I shuddered as her thumb rubbed across my nipple.

She leaned in, her green eyes shiny. "Show me how much you love me, Ginny. Bend over that toilet. I'm going to pound you hard. Show the school this pussy is mine!" "Yes!" I panted, swept up by her lust.

I wanted that, too. To dispel these rumors. Let everyone know I was Samantha's girlfriend. That I would only fuck her. Yesterday was a mistake.

I just got caught up in my lust. It was a momentary weakness. It wouldn't happen again. My juices dripped down my thighs as I bent over the toilet. It smelled lemon-fresh, recently cleaned. My nipples throbbed as they rubbed into the cold porcelain of the cover. My pussy clenched, drinking in the delight. I felt my futa-girlfriend's eyes on me.

I felt all the futas eyes on me. It was incredible. "Look at her," a futa I didn't recognize moaned. "Goddess, she's dripping wet," panted another. "I know, just eager for it." "Fuck her hard, Samantha." "Pound that little slut." "I want to be in her cunt right now." "So hot." Their words echoed through the bathroom as a zipper rasped.

I threw a look over my shoulder, fiery hair dancing away from my face, and shivered. I'd never seen Samantha naked before outside of some texts she'd sent me. Never in person. I groaned, seeing that she'd already taken off her top, exposing her small breasts. Her pink nipples thrust hard from her areolas.

They looked so suckable. Then she wiggled out of her jeans, her cock bulging a lacy pair of gray panties. Her clit-dick twitched. I bit my lower lip and let out a purring moan. I wiggled my hips as she stepped out of her jeans, her legs lithe and supple, shaved bare.

"You want me bad, don't you, Ginny?" Samantha purred, her firm titties jiggling as she hooked the waistband of her panties. "So badly!" I groaned, my pussy clenching. "Can't you see how wet I am? I'm soaked. I want you in me. I love you, Samantha!" "Fuck the slut!" "Pound her!" "Ram into her cunt!" "If you won't, I will!" "I'll enjoy that pussy!" "Goddess damn, she's dripping wet!" Those words rippled around me as I whimpered, my eyes locked on Samantha's bulging panties.

She thrust them down. Her dick popped out, a landing strip of brown hair leading to the top of her pussy. Her futa-cock bobbed before her, precum flicking from the tip. Her shaved pussy wrapped about it. A new scent filled my nose, her sweet pussy mixing with my familiar tang. "She's going for it!" groaned Teal. "Damn, this is hot." "Fuck her!" moaned Hwan. "I will," Samantha moaned, falling to her knees behind me.

I wiggled as my futa-girlfriend pressed her dick into my wet base. "Ready, Ginny." "So ready!" I moaned. I felt ready. Once she was in me, I would forget all about yesterday's indiscretion. It would be in the past. Going forward, my pussy would be for the futa I loved and no one else. Candice's face flashed through the crowd, her blue eyes watching, magnified by her glasses. Samantha thrust her futa-dick into my anesa kat xxx hot nakat vidio. I bigtitted blond mature jerking off hard cock big tits handjob as her shaft buried into my pussy in a single, powerful thrust.

She wasn't as big as Candice, but she still felt nice in me. My cunt clenched down around her, pleasure rippling through my body. I moaned, the toilet seat cover rasping beneath me as I shifted. My nipples throbbed against it. My fiery hair swung about my face as pleasure shuddered my body.

Samantha drew back and then buried into my cunt again. And again. "Oh, damn, she's hot and tight!" she moaned. "Fuck, me, I can't believe how good this feels!" "So good!" I whimpered, my hips wiggling from side to side. "Ooh, yes, yes, fuck me, Samantha! Fuck me so hard!" Her crotch smacked into my rump as she buried over and over into my cunt.

My juicy walls drank in the friction of her hot plunges. I squeezed around her and undulated my hips. I stirred my hot pussy around her clit-dick, the friction turning into sweet rapture. The watching futas groaned and gasped. I could feel their phones recording this moment as Samantha fucked me.

She plowed her futa-dick hard and fast into my cunt. She stirred up my snatch with her girth. My eyes squeezed shut as the bliss flowed through me.

I whimpered, my cunt squeezing around her dick. The pleasure burned through me. My eyes rolled back in my head as I savored this bliss. Over and over she plunged into me. Her hands stroked my sides. The toilet creaked beneath me, the cool surface teasing my nipples. Pussy cream ran down my thighs as she churned my pussy to a froth. "Oh, goddess, yes!" I moaned. "Oh, wow, Samantha! You feel so good in me!" "Fuck that slut!" "Pound her cunt, Sam!" "Damn, you're just going to town on her!" "No way she was a virgin!" "I was!" I gasped, my cunt clenching around her dick, my orgasm swelling through me.

"Oh, yes, Samantha, work that futa-dick in and out of me." Samantha's fingers brushed the sides of my round breasts. She squeezed and kneaded them. She groaned as she plunged her futa-dick into me again and again. The silky friction was incredible. I was going to cum. Then she shoved her hand around my hip. Her fingers slid down my belly to my pubic mound.

I whimpered as they dived through my fiery bush. She rubbed at my clit. She massaged it. I gasped. Sparks exploded through me, swelling my orgasm faster and faster. "Are you going to cum?" groaned Samantha as she drilled her futa-dick into my juicy pussy. "Yes!" I moaned. I threw a look over my shoulder, staring at my fourteen-year-old futa-girlfriend.

"I'm going to cum so hard. Keep rubbing my clit. I'm almost there." "Make that slut explode!" "She'll make your cock dry!" "Damn, I want a poke so badly!" "I'll make you cum harder, Ginny!" Their words spilled over me.

I drank them in as my pussy clenched down on Samantha's cock. The friction swelled. It combined with the rapture bursting from my massaged clit. I trembled, my orgasm swelling in the depths of my cunt. Then it burst. Pleasure swept through me. It splashed through my body. It surged over me.

I gasped, my eyes squeezing shut. The bliss slammed into my thoughts. The rapture burned in my mind. My pussy convulsed, writhing about her girl-dick. "She's cumming!" Samantha howled. "Oh, damn, she's milking my cock!" "Cum in her!" "Cum in her!" abi grace pussy grinding on top of ikes cock in her!" The cheers swept through me while the euphoria washed over my mind again and again.

Stars bust across my vision. My pussy convulsed and writhed. Bliss burned over my thoughts. My snatch spasmed again and again. Then she buried in me. She groaned.

Her jizz fired into me. I squealed in delight, loving that feel of her spunk erupting over and over in me. I gasped and groaned, my convulsing snatch milking her futa-dick dry.

"Take it, slut!" she groaned. "Take every drop!" "Slut?" I gasped as my orgasm spasmed through me again. "Just a slut!" Samantha snarled, her dick spurting a final blast of futa-cum into me. Then she ripped out of me.

"Where was your cherry, Ginny?" She seized my hair and jerked me around. Her dick bobbed before her, coated in my pussy cream. Her spunk leaked out of my snatch. I gasped, my mind struggling to reel as she pulled me out of the stall by my hair.

I winced at the flare of pain, my body shuddering. Her cum ran down my thighs as she brought me out before all the other futas. Many had pulled out their cocks. Some of them had thick bushes soaked in their juices, others were shaved like Samantha, their pussy lips on display wrapped around their clit-dicks.

"You had a cherry yesterday morning," Samantha growled, her face twisted. "I felt it when I kissed your pussy. Now. What happened to it?" Candice backed away, her eyes wide. "You fucked Candice, didn't you?" Samantha hissed. "I knew it. You've cheated on me with her." "I. I." I stammered, my body shuddering. "It was a mistake. I didn't mean for it to happen." Samantha lifted my head. "So, what, you just became a slut? You couldn't help yourself.

So turned on by being touched and groped you had to fuck someone." "Yes!" I blurted out. "I still love you." Her grin grew. "Prove it. Prove you're still mine." "How?" I asked, trembling. "Why, by fucking all these futas. They're so hard. They're so eager to enjoy your body. I own your pussy, and I want you to take them all." "Oh, yes," groaned Hwan. "Damn," muttered the futa in black guy fucking a tith pussy leggings, her tights around her ankles, her cock thrusting hard before her.

"That's hot." "Do you agree?" Samantha asked. "You have to consent. If you're such a slut because of the Program, I understand. Be a slut. Let them use you. That's what I want to see!" "I'll do it!" I said, my stomach twisting. I hated. how excited I was right now. I was. eager for this. My passions were on fire. I wanted to be fucked by all these futas. "I'm your girlfriend, Samantha. I'll prove it." My futa-girlfriend nodded her head. "Enjoy. She gave her consent." Candice trembled in the corner, watching me.

My cheeks burned. Why did she have to be here? I didn't want her to see this. To see me so wanton. Therese fell to her knees before me, blocking my view of Candice. Therese's naked, round tits bouncing before her. She licked her lips, her girl-dick twitching and throbbing before her face.

She gave me a big grin. Then she rammed her girl-dick into my mouth. I gasped as she filled me. Her dick thrust from a brown bush, her juices coating her silky hairs.

Her tart musk filled my nose. I shuddered, breathing it in as her breasts bounced above me. She groaned, thrusting away hard and fast. She fucked me with such an expression of joy on her face. Another futa rammed into my sloppy cunt from behind. A wave of pleasure washed through me.

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I groaned, spit-roasted between the two futas. Both their clit-dicks were in me, ramming into me. I couldn't believe this was happening. That they could fuck me like this. I groaned, my eyes squeezing shut as they hammered me from both sides.

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I felt wanton. A slut. "Look at her go!" groaned Teal. "I can't wait for my turn." "You're lucky to get to fuck her pussy, Stacie!" "Pound her!" "Look at the slut's tits sway!" I was such a slut. I moaned about the cock in my mouth. I sucked hard.

The precum coated my tongue. Stacie's dick thrusting into my pussy forced out Samantha's jizz. It ran hot down my inner thighs. I groaned, my tits swaying, rocking back and forth into them. Heat burned in my pussy. Another orgasm swelled in me. I. I liked this. The Program did turn girls into sluts. This shameful pleasure built and built inside of me.

Flesh slapped against my flesh. I groaned around the thick cock in me. "Damn, she's hot," groaned Cheating milf on phone horny step mom gets slammed, the futa fucking my pussy. "She's got a tight cooch." "She's sucking me hard," panted Therese. "I love it, Ginny. You got such a pretty mouth. I'm going to cum!" "Jizz on her face!" a futa called out of my mouth, leaving me panting, drool running down my chin. "Yes!" Therese gasped as she ripped her dick out.

Her cock bobbed before me as she fisted her. Drool ran down my chin as I panted, my pussy clenching down ion the futa-dick ramming into me. Then hot girl-cum erupted.

It splashed across my face. I closed my eyes, feeling the hot seed coat my features. I moaned, my mouth opening, some of the salty cum slipping on it.

I tasted good. This wanton hunger surged through me. My mouth opened wider, my tongue thrusting out. More cum landed in my mouth. I savored it. My pussy grew hotter, squeezing down around Stacie's dick. I exploded. The shameful rapture surged hot through me. "Yes, yes, yes!" I moaned, cum dripping down my features. "Fuck!" Stacie moaned. "Damn, you are a slut, Ginny," Samantha groaned, watching me, rubbing her pussy-soaked girl-dick.

She was already half-hard again. "So good!" Therese moaned. "Damn, that was so good." I shuddered, jizz dripping down my features as Stacie thrust into my convulsing pussy. Then she cried out. As the ecstasy washed out of my cunt, more jizz fired into my depths.

I whimpered, reveling in the seed spurting into me. It felt so hot. So juicy. So delicious. Futas were stroking their dicks around me. They grinned at me, all staring at me with hungry eyes. Teal darted forward, ramming into my still-convulsing pussy the moment Stacie pulled out. I gasped, my eyes bulging at the feel of a hot cock fucking me. Then a Latina futa I didn't know was before me, her nut-brown tits heaving.

She buried her cock into my mouth. I sucked on her with a greedy hunger, nursing her chubby looking good teen fingering tight pussy on webcam while Teal pounded my snatch hard from behind.

She churned me up. "Goddess damn," groaned Samantha, her green eyes watching me as she fisted her dick. "Goddess damn, I had no idea you were like this, Ginny." I shuddered, another orgasm bursting through me. Despite the humiliation, my body drank this in. I reveled in being gangbanged by the futas. Cocks thrust into my pussy and mouth. I drank down load after load of futa-cum.

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They flooded my snatch with that bliss. "Such a slut!" "Coat her in jizz!" "Cumming!" Girl-spunk coated me from every direction. It splashed on my body, running down my sides to my swaying breasts or pooling in the small of my back. Some futas ripped out of my cunt and erupted on my ass. The cum dribbled into my butt-crack. Other futas pumped their jizz deep into my pussy.

I whimpered, my eyes squeezing shut. So much cum filled the air. It smelled salty with their passion, mixing with the scent of dozens of futas' hot pussies. I groaned, my pussy aching from their hard plunges.

They used me. And I loved it. My body drank it in. I was such a slut for all of them. "I love flooding her pussy!" "She is such a whore!" "A complete ho-bag skank!" "Look at her cunt dripping with our spunk." "We covered her in jizz!" "Damn, why do we have to have class? I wanted to fuck her again." I blinked and quivered, realizing the futas were drifting out. One still fucked my cunt while another spurted hot cum into my mouth.

I gulped it down. The warm futa-jizz coated my tongue and filled my belly. My stomach felt distended from the amount of girl-cum I'd swallowed. I sucked the last of the cum out of the cock in my mouth. The owner moaned out in girlish delight before ripping her clit-dick out of my mouth. Her round tits heaved. I didn't know her at os melhores do zap dando o cu pela primeira vez. A complete stranger.

"Thanks for the suck," she moaned before stumbling to her feet and pulling up her panties, her skirt bunched around her waist. That left only the futa fucking my cunt. I groaned, my hair matted with cum. More dripped off my face.

It ran down my body, my tits swayed. Trails of pearly spunk coated them, beading at my nipples. My thighs were a mass of jizz. Every thrust of the cock into my twat spilled more out. The futa grunted and buried into me. I think she was firing into me. It was so hard to tell any longer. An orgasm swept through me. I wasn't sure which one it was. I lost count around ten. Pleasure burst through my mind. Stars exploded across my vision. The futa fucking my cunt grunted and said, "Damn, Ginny, you are such a whore." "Samantha," I moaned as my orgasm buzzed through me.

My futa-girlfriend ripped out of me. She walked around me, shaking her head. She scooped up her clothing. "You really got off on it, huh?" I nodded my head. "Fucking slut," she said. "Glad I found out before you really broke my heart." I flinched at her words. "What are you saying?" "We're through," she said, stepping into her panties.

"You fucked that nerd Candice before me! You just had to go five minutes, get to your next class, and I would have taken care of you! Instead, you let her enjoy my pussy!" She yanked up her jeans. Then, pulling her shirt over her head, marched out of the bathroom. Tears fell down my cheeks, mixing with the cum. More coated my body. I felt so dirty. So filthy. I was utterly used by the futas. Part of me reveled in it. Was I a slut? Had the Program revealed that was what I was all along and— "Ginny?" a soft voice asked.

I groaned. My head whipped around, cum-matted hair flying. Candice stood in the corner, dressed, her cock bulging the front of her skirt. She took a hesitant step towards me, her blue eyes staring at me. Horror crashed into me. She saw it all. She saw me being a slut. My stomach lurched. Panic shot through me. What had I become? How had I become so filthy?

I gained my feet and ran from the bathroom, cum spilling down my thighs, running down my back. It covered my body. There wasn't an inch of me not coated in girl-seed. My tears fell faster as I kept running, bursting out of the school building.

I couldn't be here. I had to get luscious teen chick gives a valuable blowob hardcore russian from the Program.

From the futas. From Candice. Why did she have to see me like this? Why did she have to witness the truth about me? I reached home in a blur of panicked flight, not remembering the passage at all.

I don't know how many people must have saw me. My mom gasped at me as I burst inside and streaked through the house. I ignored her, racing for the bathroom. I threw myself into the tub, turned on the shower, and let the spray wash the cum off of me. Why did Candice have to see me be such a slut? To be continued.