Lezzies trying toys and great penetrating times pantyhose lesbians

Lezzies trying toys and great penetrating times pantyhose lesbians
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((sorry for the delay. had alot of shit to deal with. if your gonna bitch about spelling or grammer then dont. if you dont like my writing then kindly fuck off)) The next few days went fairly well.

I didnt get any shot from my sisters but Ashley and Riley were still shooting each other the evil eyes. i found myself rotating between Riley and Izzy and when i could. i would sneak some time with Ashley. I kept my eyes on the girls trying to see who was pregnant. whoever it was was hiding it well. I wanted to sit sunny leone xxx sexy story free download down and ask who it was but i didnt wanna embaress the guilty party.

Mom sat us down the other night and explained she had to go on another trip and she would be gone no longer than a few weeks. We all said we understood. Later that night i fell asleep. i dreamed of what it would be like to have a kid. I mean lets face it if my sisters are pregnant then there is only one person who could be the father. I was awoken to the sounds of whimpers and a slight moan from the room below me. "thats the living room" i thought. i did what anyone naturally would and i stood up and poked my head out the door and heard a "ohhhh" sound.

it was light but i knew the voice. i made my way down the steps lightly as i tried to be as silent as i could.

thats when i seen her. Riley was on the couch but her back was to me.

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her shirt was pulled up and she was moaning like crazy but trying to be as silent as possible. As i stared at her my cock began to grow in my pants despite how i wish it wouldnt have.

her arm was moving so i assumed she was masturbating. My cock began to grow sore from being pressed in my pants so i unzipped and let it spring out.

My hand went right to it and began to tug as i watched Riley go. Riley lowered her head and i heard her whimper something but i wasnt paying attention. it almost sounded like she said "you like that?". i nodded my head to her response as if she knew i was there. i spit in my hand and watched as she whimpered and played with herself.

her head then leaned back and she closed her eyes. had she let them remain open she would have seen me. Not that i would two black lesbian having sensual oral session cared really. i watched as her hand soon stopped and she raised her head and said "now did we learn a lesson?" Thats when i snapped to reality as i knew now someone was there. i was about to say something when i seen a head come up "yes" she said with a juice soaked face.

i couldnt belive my eyes. it was Ashley. Ashley raised her eyes and seen me. she shouted my name and Riley spun around. i looked in Rileys eyes as she tried to explain herself. i wasnt listening. i walked up to Riley and told her to open.

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she looked confused and opened her mouth. I pushed my cock in her mouth as Ashley scooted up to me. Ashley nuzzled her nose into my leg as my cock began to pound in and out of Rileys mouth.

My free Hand took Ashley and i pressed her up close to me. her head was inches from my balls witch was quickly lavished with her tounge. Rileys free hand was also snaking its way between Ashleys legs where it found what it sought. Her oozing cunt. Rileys fingers parted her lips and she started to suck harder on my cock.

Ashley started to moan louder as her juices started to run down her fingers. Riley was taking my cock as deep as she could as Ashley squirted all over the floor.

"Ashley wants me to forgive her" Riley said "think she has earned it?". I thought for a moment and smiled. "if she can survive one more tease then i say yes". I told Ashley to sit in the chair and watch me and Riley. she could play with herself if she wanted which i knew she was gonna do. I crawled ontop of Riley and looked down at her "God, I'm so wet…" "Can I touch your pussy and see for myself?" "Sure…" I began to probe her young pussy.

She was already soaked with pussy juice, her young cunt slick with lubrication. I ran my finger up and down her slit, twirling around her clit and spreading her juices all around.

We continued frenching as I worked her tight sopping cunt with my fingers. She began to breathe more heavily, and move her hips toward my probing fingers.

"Do you want to fuck?" I asked her. "Oh god yes, I'm so fucking horny…" "Then let's get undressed and move over to the bed." We headed to the bed, leaving a trail of clothes and undergarments behind us.

I was already rock hard, eager to plunge my cockher tight pussy. "Fuck I'm so horny…I always get so fucking horny when I'm ovulating…" My dick jumped involuntarily when she said that. I wasted no time, positioned myself on top of her and began frenching her again. I reached down and diddled her clit a bit more. "Mmmm…your pussy's so wet…""Oh baby…stick it in…" I guided the throbbing head of my shaft to her moist opening, a small bead of pre-cum dripping from the cockhole.

I ran the head of my shaft up and down her slit a few times to get it nice and wet, squeezing my cock and mixing my pre-cum with her juices, then nudged jessica jaymes fucking jesssica ryan with a big strap on big boobs. I knew she could get pregnant just from pre-cum, but by the time I was done I planned to have millions of more chances swimming around in her.

Her pussy was tight, but easily accomodated my size. After a few short thrusts, I was all the way inside her. "Oh god, I love your cock…it feels sooo good…" I started to slide in and out of her, slowly at first, then picking up the pace.

"Oh Riley…your pussy's so tight…" Ashley was already plunging her fingers deep in herself and whimpering in need from the couch as me and Riley talked as dirty as we could to tease her. I started thrusting harder, burying my cock to the hilt with each stroke.

I wrapped my hands behind her shoulders and pinned her beneath me. Because of her petite size, her pussy was quite shallow. I felt the head of my shaft bump against her cervix with each deep stroke. "Oh god baby, your pussy feels so good…you're gonna make me cum soon…" "Oh yeah baby, cum for me." "I want to cum in you so bad…" "N-no don't…I'm so fertile right now…" "That just makes it better…the risk makes it so much hotter…" "No…you can't…" "Please baby, It'll feel sooo good…for both of us…" "Mmmmm…I want you to…but I don't know…" I knew I almost had her.

I kept sliding my cock in and out of her as I talked, slow, long, deep strokes.

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I ground hard against her clit with each inward stroke, working to build her lust to the point it would overtake her logic. I leaned forward, whispering hotly in her ear… "I want to bury my cock all the way up your pussy so you can feel it throbbing and pulsing inside you, feeling how rock hard it gets when I cum…" "Oh god…you can't…" she gasped, clearly imagining the feeling.

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"I want you to feel every spurt of my hot cum shooting deep inside…" "Oooohhh…no&hellip." she moaned. "I want to shove my cock in you as deep as I can and squirt every drop all the way inside you…" "Oh god…that would feel sooo good&hellip." Her body was betraying her reason. The excess hormones in her system overwhelming her, bringing the urge to breed to boiling point.

Her womb aching to be filled with hot, potent seed. "My balls are so full right now…I have so much cum for ravishing redhead with big melons gets fucked "Oooohhh…no…you'll knock me up…" "I want you to feel how hard my cock gets when I cum…feeling it spasming and pulsing deep inside you, just knowing I'm filling your fertile pussy up with every hot drop of my cum…" "Mmmmmmm…" "I want you to feel how hard you're gonna make me cum, every hot drop filling you up as I shoot it all into you…" My whispers became softer, my strokes slow and deep…her moans became softer as I coaxed her, her eyes closed, mouth agape in pure ecstasy as she imagined the feeling of everything I said… "Please baby…I know you want it…your body needs it…your womb is aching to be filled…let me cum in you…you want to feel me spurt inside you…you want it so bad…let me do it…let me cum all inside your pussy&hellip.I have so much cum for you…you want me to squirt every drop in you…I know you want me to…you want me to cum in your fertile cunt…tell me to do it…come on baby, say it…tell me you want it&hellip.tell me…tell me…" She suddenly threw her arms around me and held me tight, bucking like mad beneath me, as if she was trying to get my cock as deep in her as possible.

"Oh god yes! Do it! Cum in me! I want it so bad!" I threw all my weight on top of her, pinned her in place and started pounding her tight cunt hard and deep to bring on my orgasm. "Fuck yeah baby…I'm gonna shoot it in you so fucking hard…" "Yes…yes…cum hard for me…deep inside…" She kept bucking with me, meeting every one of my thrusts, burying my cock in her to the bottom with each inward stroke.

"Gonna blow my load right up in you&hellip." "Yes, do it…spurt it all in me…all the way inside…" "Any second now…I can feel the pressure building up…" "Oh god yes, do it!" "Gonna shoot every drop right up in your womb!" "Mmmmm…yes, please!

Get me pregnant, I don't care!" That just turned me on more, I pushed my hips forward to pin her in place with her legs spread wide, ensuring the deepest possible penetration. "Fuck yeah, baby! I wanna knock you up so bad!" I grunted. "Oh god yes! Do it…shoot it all inside and make me pregnant!

Please!" Long, deep strokes now. Sliding my cock in all the way to the base with each thrust. "Oh yeah…gonna cum so much in you…got such a big load ready for you…" My knob bumped her cervix with each deep inward stroke. "I want every drop in my cunt…knock me up baby…" "No condom…no pill…most fertile time of month…gonna knock you up good!" "Oh god yes…do it…empty your balls in me and knock me up…I don't care…I need it so bad…" "Mmmm&hellip.gonna shoot it so deep…" At that moment we heard Ashley squeel out from her orgasam as she came one more time.

The thought of me blowing my load in her cunt and the thrill of risking pregnancy must have been more of a turn-on than she said. Her body stiffened and she arched up towards me, pressing her cunt hard up to the base of my cock. I felt her cunt go into sudden, violent convulsions as her first orgasm of the night hit - squeezing and clamping down hard on my cock.

"Oh g-god…I'm c-cum-mmming!" she stammered. "Fuck yeah…now you'll get pregnant for sure!"That was the moment I was waiting for. Just knowing that our mutual orgasm would increase the chance of knocking her up pushed me over the edge. "C-cum in me! Cum in me, baby! Shoot it!" I plunged my cock into her for one final stroke, burying myself balls-deep in her tight cunt, my cockhole pressed firmly against her cervix - the warm entrance to her womb.

My cock stiffened for a second, and I felt the tingle of impending orgasm wash over my loins. "UUUUUUUHHHHHHHH!!!!! Take my fuckin' load!!!" My cock convulsed once, HARD, then started spasming rapidly. She pressed her cunt up hard against me, eager to take it all.

I felt her cervix clamping down hard against my knob almost perfectly in time with each spurt, spasmodically pressing into my knob gulping up every drop of my cum as it shot into her.

I could feel each huge spurt gush up my shaft and explode out of my cockhole, blasting forcefully into her. Just the thought of what I was doing made each spurt as equally forceful as the last, sending thick, gooey ropes of hot sperm splashing deep into her fertile young womb."Oh god…I can feel it squirting in me…oooh it feels so good…mmmmmmm" she gasped, wrapping her arms tightly around me. I held her close and soon felt Ashley come up to me and hold me as well.

"seems like your forgiven" i said with a slight chuckle" she smiled and said "yay". i then looked to Riley and suggested we go back to my room. they agreed.