Curvy a hole looks like it was made to be drilled non stop

Curvy a hole looks like it was made to be drilled non stop
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Mellisa Miller "what a mess." I said as I walked into my daughter's room. Dirty clothes were strewn everywhere her desk was covered by empty pop cans, and her bed was so messy I honestly couldn't tell what direction she lays her head. "This is definitely number one on the list" My daughter had nearly had to go to summer school that summer her grades had tanked so much.

Not that she was a great student to begin with. I just wanted her to succeed, but when I tried to get her to talk about what's distracting her she insisted nothing. So there I was home early snooping on my daughter, officially acting like my own mother.

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First up was the underwear drawer the go to hiding spot for dumb teenagers. I rummaged through the panties, and found something hard. "shit" I muttered as I brought out my bowl I thought I'd lost.

It wasn't going to be easy convincing her not to smoke when she's using my bowl. With a little more rummaging I found a little bag of pot. Nothing else was found In her dresser or the rest of her room. "Well I can't just order her to stop smoking she'll just do it anyway if she's anything like me" I thought. My own mother had caught me when I was her age and flipped out. It didn't work if anything I smoked more out of spite.

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I'd set up rules teen son old mom sex she would at least be a responsible pothead. I turned out alright. The pot in my hand smelled good. "might as well see what kind of quality she's getting" I thought as I sat down in her computer chair.

The pot smelled wonderful as I broke up enough for just a hit or two. It tasted even better. As I exhaled and set the bowl down I bumped the mouse. The screen came to life right to her desktop. Of course I had to search this as well. Expecting her Facebook page or something like that to pop up when I opened up Firefox I was shocked to be greeted by a pornhub video. Casting Missy was the title. I wasn't a stranger to porn but I had never heard of a casting video being uploaded.

So of course I had to watch it. This cute blond girl sat on a couch answering questions from a man off screen. All the questions were what I'd expected at first like a normal job interview but for porn.

They gradually got more and more explicit how many guys had she fucked, any girls, does she do anal, spit or swallow, on and on. By the time the guy asked her to get undressed I had to stop. I was so turned on I was considering masturbating in my daughter's room. Between the pot and listening to this girl describe her sexual history and fantasies I was wetter than I'd been in ages.

"Focus on the task at hand." I chided myself. Her history was where I looked next.

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There were links to a half dozen other porn videos she looked at before finishing with the casting one. The previous few were casting videos as well but one in the middle caught my eye. It was titled Girlfriend Eats Me Under The Table. I had to. The video opens on a young brunette girl In a blue sundress laughing and blushing. She's sitting on the other side of a table from the camera at an out restaurant.

"I can't someone will see" she says between laughs. "come on no one's out here and there's a tablecloth" a women's voice answers! "oh my God! Is my daughter a lesbian?" I said aloud. I ran through interactions I'd witnessed between both boys and girls in my britannia chopra xxx story download. No I had seen her flirt with boys before unless she's was very committed to acting straight. Maybe bi?

"like mother like daughter" Hands reached out from under a white tablecloth and slid up a purple skirt exposing tan toned thighs. "Fuck" I muttered as I paused the video as I refocused.

I was rubbing my thighs together. I had had enough porn. Below the porn links was a reddit link. The familiar page filled the screen. Her account was already logged in. I paused hovering over her username this felt like a huge invasion of privacy somehow.

"in for a penny in for a pound" Her most recent post was a comment to an askreddit thread asking people's dream job.

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"Porn star, not only do you get paid for having sex. You get paid to have sex with extremely attractive people and indulge all your fantasies. Also I'm an exhibitionist so the idea of being millions of people's masturbation fodder makes me wet." "holy fucking shit." I yelled at the screen. "a porn star?" I asked incredulously. "not my baby." Slipped out of my mouth before I could stop it and immediately I had a flash back to all the times my mother had said it.

Luckily my attention was grabbed by a little orange envelope. Grateful for anything to derail that train of thought I clicked it. "dam baby you're so sexy I have no doubt you'll be a star." The message read.

My mind connected dots so quickly I didn't stop to think about if I wanted to see what my daughter sent him. I just clicked the link he replied to. There she was sitting in foxy cassy receives a messy facial brunette and cumshot same computer chair I was. Raven hair pulled into a ponytail her emerald green eyes looking directly at the camera above a mischievous smile. Her left arm was wrapped around her chest covering her breasts her right was extended off screen.

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A big translucent play button hovered concealing none of my daughter's youthful beauty. Click. "You're very sweet but see I'm no where near sexy enough to be a pornstar." Her hands drew back to cup each breasts. She affected a cute pouty face. "See I'm barely a b cup pornstars are supposed to have big fake tits, though I'll admit my nipples are perfect." My daughter's face resolved back to her naughty smile as she allowed her nipples to come into view and caressed them between fingers with nails of polished jade.

Her eyes closed as a small sigh escaped my daughter's kissable lips. Her face was begging to flush. Those emerald eyes opened back up with a small giggle. Her right hand traced down her front legal age teenager awesome hottie in hardcore of view below the edge of her desk.

She gave a wink that would have turned a nun on as her left foot pushed on the edge of her desk rolling her back and bringing those jade tipped fingers back into view. The only thing obscuring my daughter's teen pussy. "And my legs are way too skinny." She lifted her left leg a quick flash of matching jade toenails went by as she pointed them at the ceiling. "I'm like the polar opposite of thicc." She giggled while caressing her thigh with her left hand.

"Maybe I'm being too hard on myself, I know guys only care about one thing." My daughter but her lip gently while bending her knee to bring her toes down to the chair. The fingers on her right hand parted slightly allowing the slightest bit of pink to be seen. Then closed again. "my stunning personality." Another wonderful giggle came forth. Her fingers repeated the motion again.

"No wait that doesn't sound right I know it was some word that started with P." She brought her right hand up to her flush face and tapped a finger on her lip showing a mock face of deep thought exposing my daughter's perfect shaved pussy on full display.

Her mound was plump and blushing tight around her wonderfully pink labia topped by an equally pink clit. "Hmm what was it?" Her left hand tugged and released her right nipple repeatedly.

Making her breast bounce and jiggle as she thought. She bit her lip slightly then licked over the area her finger was tapping. "Mmmm oh yeah that's what it was." Looking back in the camera those jade tipped fingers slid back down to her pussy. She lewdly parted her lips with two fingers. "Wet, tight" She slid a finger between her lips and sucked on it seductively. "And so delicious." Her hand started making small circles on her pussy. Obscene noises started coming from the speakers.

Her breath quickened in time with her hand. "Mmph so wet&hellip. Ahhh being watched makes me so wet&hellip. Ohhh I want you to watch me cum." Her hips started rocking as every breath became punctuated with a moan. My daughter started sliding two fingers in her perfect pussy making ever louder wet sounds. "Mmmm watch me cum on some girls tongue." Her fingers moved faster.

"Mmhp watch me cum on a big cock." Faster. "Ahhh watch me cum getting fucked in the ass." Faster. "Mmhp watch me mmhp cum mmhp while dped." Faster. "Mmhp watch me mmhp watch me get mmhp mmhp mmhp gangbanged aaahhh." Faster. "Mmhp mmhp mmhp watch me mmhp mmhp mmhp watch mmhp me mmhp mmhp watch mmhp mmhp watch mmhp mmhp mmhp watch me mmhp mmhp cuuuummmm ahhhhhh." My daughter shook so violently with her orgasm she nearly fell out of her chair while continuing to furiously finger fuck herself.

She looked radiant floating down from her ecstasy. Flushed covered in a sheen of sweat. "Mmmm I hope you enjoyed that." She brought her wonderful fingers up to her mouth and licked them clean of her creamy juices. "I know I did" She giggled and reached for the mouse. That was it the play button reappeared still doing nothing to hide my daughter's beauty.

I needed more information how committed to this path was she. Was this just a fantasy to get off or did she genuinely want to be a pornstar. Glancing at the time I figured I had a few hours before she came home. Before anything else though I had to take care of myself to make beautiful honey is flashing her gaped spread twat in close up the depraved thoughts going through my head would persist after an orgasm.

My daughter's show had probably ruined my panties. Afterward I would go through more of her reddit history to see if she was serious. I figured if she was I'd do everything to help her achieve her goals. After all a mother just wants to see here daughter succeed.