I could have handjob form her times per day

I could have handjob form her times per day
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Shower Sex with her Best friend (1) We laid in bed talking naked. She asked me to tell her one of my hot stories.

She loved them, and they got her hot. She rated them by hot, hotter and hottest. I rated them by wet, wetter and wettest, because she was my hot story indicator. I noticed a pattern, any story with two women licking, fucking and having any kind of sex, she got the wettest. I wondered if she had a hidden desire to have sex with a woman again. I knew she had been with a woman before.

Her best friend was a girl named, Terri. They had met as 11 yr olds and had been best friends ever since. Soon I would find out what all those nani with pota xxx story night little girls had learned about sex from each other.

Every time her girlfriend Terri's name came up, she would smile and get this far away look, and say what a good looking girl she was, hot legs, big tits, nice ass, hot looking hair and described every inch of her body. I asked her once if she ever saw Terri naked. She jumped a little and said, oh sure, girls just do that, changing clothes, showering, they see other girls naked all the time. I ask her to describe Terri in detail. She was only to happy to do so.

She started in describing every detail of Terri. The color of her pubic hair, the shape of her tits, the color of her nipples, even how her pussy lips stuck out. After about 5 solid minutes of detail description… she realize how long she had been talking, and just stared into space.

I whispered: (&hellip."have you ever wondered what it would be like to have sex with her?"&hellip.) Her already deep breathing jumped to a gulp, and panting. There was a long silence as she again looked out in space.

Her hands trembled slightly. I could tell she didn't want to tell me something. I turned out all the lights, all but a tiny night light and said quietly: "ok, just describe to me what it would be like IF&hellip. you two decided to have woman naked webcam beauty masturbates with legs wide open woman sex, what you would like to do to her and what you'd want her to do to you.

She now was a million miles away and smiling. She finally said quietly: "If we could have the perfect sex between us?" she asked. I said: "Yes, anything goes, no restrictions, no interruptions, just you two, and you've decided you want so bad,… to have sex with each other, you just go ahead and do it. Describe what that would be like." She started in describing the details of having the perfect sex with Terri, like it had really happened and she was telling a real true story.

I just wondered if&hellip. maybe it was? As she started tell me the story, her fingers slowly started feeling her pussy "Terri and I got in the shower together naked and had warm soapy suds all over us. She washed me, and I washed her. We took our time and felt each others body's.

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with our soapy hands. Letting our hands slide over our body curves, and down our legs and up to our full tits. Watching the suds slide down over us. We stepped close to each other and let our nipples touch. We moved our nipples around each others nipples feeling the slickness of the soap on our tits. We felt each others pubic hair, all wet and slick with soap. We got ourselves all excited and let our hands go freely over each others whole body.

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We pulled us together and kissed as the warm water flowed over us, making us stimulated more and more. We closed our eyes and kissed softly, letting our tongues slide across each other lips, then in our hot mouths to explore more.

Our fingers slipped down to our pussy's and glided up and down our slits. We let our other hand's fingers slide down our ass cracks, just entering slightly. We felt our back holes and let our finger dance around the entrance with just a slight insertion, enough to give us a jolt of tingles. I could take no more, and stuck my fingers in Terri's pussy, I just had to feel inside her warm pussy.

I moved them all around and in and out. I sucked on her nipples as she leaned against the shower wall with her legs spread far apart for my probing fingers to pleasure her. I slowly dropped to my knees, and moved my head close to her wet pussy. I turned the warm water off.

I wanted to taste her completely. She held my wet hair and guided my tongue into her pussy. Moving my tongue to her clit, then back down again. She pushed her pussy to me firm as we reached a rhythm of my tongue in her pussy.

My fingers joined in, moving on her clit. She began to fuck my tongue, faster and moan loud as her build up of a climax was climbing up&hellip.I sped up my finger on her clit, causing her to jolt and call my name saying how much pleasure I was giving her. She squeezed my head tight with her hands and beautiful girl years anal cum in ass her hips fast into my awaiting tongue.

She stiffened up and got on her tip toes and yelled my name with an "Oh god!!!" and a long shaking moan. She climaxed with my tongue on her clit jumping in my lips. She squirted on my face with her warm liquid running down me and held my head tight to her and shook&hellip.moaning and shaking.

I had made her climax with my tongue. She rested for a minute and then laid me down on the shower floor and started feeling my tits, as she panted and laid on top of me and rubbed her pussy against mine. I got such a hot feeling through my whole body as I felt my pussy respond to her gyrations, I gasp for breath and I raced to have a climax to beat all climaxes I'd ever had. She kissed me with passion, my lips felt hers and my pussy tingles jolted me. My arms went around her warm wet body and I lifted my pussy up to meet hers.

Our clits rubbed together as moans came out our mouth's while we kissed.

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She slid down slowly leaving kisses all the way to my bush. She parted my pubic hair with her tongue and started opening up my pussy with her tongue. She pushed my legs open wide with my knees outward.

I felt her probing tongue enter me, and I felt it in me, moving all around in me. She licked around my clit, teasing it with her tongue.

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I felt her fingers enter my pussy and fill my entrance with several fingers. She started moaning as she moved her fingers in and out of me fast. Her lips found my clit and began to suck it in and out of her lips.

I had to climax now, it was to much to hold back. I held her head and moved my pussy, fucking her tongue as fast as my body would go on it…my climax was rising higher and higher…I started loosing my breathe, my hips rose up as I screamed…"Oh god oh god Terri!!.

I'm climaxing so good baby…so good&hellip.here it is!"…I screamed her name at the top of my lungs…as my climax peaked and I lifted my hips up and shook and shook…I twitched, and thrashed as my pussy squirted in her face, over and over, as I trembled.

I started blacking out with pleasure, and more pulses and spasms jolted me as my mind went away to pleasure land…I felt her body so hot and took her with me to heaven, My legs wrapped around her head as she still licked on my pussy and clit.

The world stopped for me as I shook some more…and .let my climax die down, as I was able to breath again…I panted taking in air&hellip.more …air…more Terri…more &hellip.more… . As she told the story, she played with her pussy more and faster and climaxed at the end as I watched her do it. Her hips lifted up came up off the bed she was on her tip toes while she shook at the end like in the story. With a fury of both hands and fingers in her pussy she shuddered violently and squirted several streams of her liquid out her pussy……she rubbed her pussy juice all around her pussy now, thrashing her jail teen tag teamed by a male and a female officer back and forth with pulses of spasms in her pussy&hellip.

We had the best sex that night we'd ever had. --------------------------------------------------- Three days later, we're again in bed naked, low lights. I asked her to tell me more about 'Terri'. She started breathing hard&hellip.as I rubbed her pussy slightly.

Her hand joined mine in the rubbing and then told how they met as 11yr.old little girls. "We met at school, became best friends and soon we were spending the night together. Terri whispered told me late one night, that her daddy liked to kiss her on her little vagina, and that it felt good, and gave her these wonderful tingles. She said&hellip.'here, let me show you'…she laid me down and pulled up my night gown, parted my little legs wide and started licking me like her daddy licks her.

I got these tingles real bad in my pussy. I wanted more. I reached down and guided her head to lick my little clit. 'Right there'&hellip.I said.

She said that spot was her favorite too and would I do that to her. We took turns licking and feeling more and more pleasure. Soon we were turning and licking each others little clittie's at the same time.

We continued doing this a lot&hellip.

as time went on. We learned how to make each other orgasm, and we kept it a big secret. Then Terri moved away. I missed our little sex sessions bad. No other girls would do. I was now 17 and never found another girl to do our woman sex with, until one day in the mall. I spotted Terri. She was walking with a guy as I approach her. We stopped and looked at each other and I got hot instantly. She look at me and put her arms out and said…'Oh my god, it's you!', and we hugged and just held us tightly together.

I trembled had an orgasm right there. She lost her breath and had one too when our pussy touched. The guy never knew it as he was looking around elsewhere. We exchanged phone numbers and a quick kiss and she left.

I had a big wet spot in my panties, and had to go quickly in the rest room and dry off. My fingers trembled as I pushed in her phone number. She answered. Her voice sent chills starting at the back of my neck, all the way down to my pussy. She had gotten married, and that guy was her husband. She was so shook, she never introduced me to him.

She said let me call you back tonight when he would be asleep. I waited that night, my heart was jumping, as I waited. 11pm…nothing. Then it rang. She said,&hellip. 'oh god…I have to have you so bad, I've dreamed about you, masturbated thinking about you, I think about you all the time, but we lost contact and I couldn't ever find you'. I said the same thing and how I had an orgasm right in the mall when we hugged… she said 'oh my god, so did I!

could you feel me shake? I said yes, could you feel me? She said…'oh yes I sure se follan a jovencita mexicana en lenceriacutea We started planning a secret place to meet. He folks had a cabin in the hills, a few miles away. They hardly ever used it.

Her husband some times went on a job where he was gone for a week. We waited for the right time. My poor mind was going crazy thinking about that cabin.

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