Bootylicious vanessa fucks for a facial cumshots brunette

Bootylicious vanessa fucks for a facial cumshots brunette
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Seize the Day part 5 Still wearing my school girl outfit, I lay on the bed next to you. It's later in the day than I expected. We must have dozed off. I sit up and look for the time. My stomach growls and I look over at your naked body, your dick still stiff. That herb tea is powerful.

Even my cock is firm, poking out of the g-string panties. My ass is sore and my lips sting. The lump in my throat rounds out the whole being 'worn out' motif. Still pretty horny, I lean over and lick your cock.

It must be those herbs, but your dick just tastes so good. I put it in my mouth and roll my tongue around the head.

Sucking as I pull off. You roll your hips and take a deep breath. Then you reach down to grab your dick and stroke it. You lift your head and see my mouth inches from your cock. "Wake up daddy." Then I put my bright orgasms for excited mother id like to fuck hardcore and blowjob over your cock head and slide down.

You moan and move your hand from your dick to the back of my head. I feel your hand firm but not forceful guiding my strokes. "You dirty little slut. Your daddy's going to give you all you can take." I spin up and swing my leg over your waist, putting my ass on your stiff meat. I rub against it think about letting you fuck my ass again when my stomach growls again.

"Before we start this again." I pause for a moment. Then we both say, "I'm hungry." We laugh and I climb off. You say you'll buy and I head for the spare room to change out of the 'catholic school girl' costume.

You rush up behind me and grab my shoulder, "Hang on. I've got one more favor." Halfway to town I begin to freak out a little.

What if someone sees us? If they recognize me the story could get by to my wife.

I look down at my body still wearing the girly clothes. I squeeze my knees together and feel a little pale. Turning my head to look at you I see you watching me with that evil look. "About this favor." I start.

Your face changes a little and you reach into your pocket and push a button on the remote. The vibrating egg buried up my ass comes to life. I jump and squirm, my face changing from pale to flush. My anxieties melting into excitement. I start rubbing my ass on the seat of your truck. You loosen the waistband on your pants and produce your dick.

"Daddy needs your help baby. Don't disappoint me." I lean across and rest my head in your lap licking the salty tip of your meat. "You bastard." I mumble as I suck down on your stiff member. You groan and shift your legs as I pump further down your shaft. I hear your cell phone camera snap a photo.

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It gets me more excited as I think about the situation. Riding into town wearing girl's clothes, a vibrator in my ass and a cock in my mouth. I can feel my body heating up and I don't feel the road just the vibrator and your meat pumping my throat. "That's good baby. Get up now." you say pulling my hair. I obey but moan disappoint. You click off the vibrator, "Be patient. Daddy will fuck your ass when we get home." I look around and see we are pulling into the gas station. Luckily there aren't many people getting gas or shopping.

You go in and quickly return. In the bag is a pair of big sunglasses and a teen magazine. "Put these on and hold this in front of your face whenever we are close to anyone." Good idea. I think to myself and dawn the dark glasses. I experiment with the magazine holding it up and pretending to read as I look out over the top.

It settles my fears and soon we are in the drive-in. The last drive-in around where we order meals to-go. The attendant knows you and gives me the once over before asking you who I am. You make some crude comment about a spoiled niece needing guidance before going down the wrong road. The attendant leche amateur teen in rough squirt casting me over again and then at you saying you mean you're guiding her down the wrong road?

Or, you're going to give her a lesson in it? You laugh and reach over rubbing your hand on my leg. "Something like that." The attendant gets a shocked look on her face before walking back to the window. There she starts talking with the other girls and pointing towards your truck. While we wait for the food, each one of the attendants makes a close flyby to observe me.

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I use the magazine charlee chase and bruce venture i appear aloof and disinterested putting on a spoiled girl attitude. You are sneering each time one passes by. "Don't you need to use the bathroom?" you say out of the blue. I feel my heart jump.

"You said I didn't have to get out of the car." I protest. You reach in your pocket again and I squint knowing what that means. The vibrator starts up again and I jump off the seat. "OK, ok." I'll go. "You don't have to show off. Just run to the restroom and wait a minute or two then run back." you say turning off the egg. I wait for my ass to stop jumping and settle my heart.

I take a deep breath, hold up the magazine and rush, as best as I can in high heels to the bathroom and lock the door. I could see the reactions from the attendants as they check me out and look at my legs and ass. The guarder straps just hanging out from under the short skirt holding my stockings. Luckily I'm not a hairy guy so my slim legs look pretty good in stockings. The skirt hangs down just over my flat ass so they can't see I'm wearing g-string panties underneath.

Just as I'm ready to head back to the truck, the egg kicks in to full buzz. My legs go weak as the vibrations start to strobe deep inside. It takes me a minute to gather myself as I unlock the door and look for you. Right outside the door is one of the attendants. Luckily I don't recognize her and just storm by her in a huff. As I approach the truck I can see your evil smile. Suddenly the wind blows the back of my skirt up. I reach back with both hands to push it back down and break into a run back to the truck.

"You bastard," I start. "What?" You say interrupting me.

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"You turned on the vibrator just as I was getting ready to come back." You start laughing and reach into your pocket looking at the controls and pushing the off button. "I didn't do it on purpose. It was an accident. Got the right reaction from everyone else tho. Check it out." I look around over my magazine again to find the place is all abuzz.

Every face is turned towards us or talking about us. Our food arrives and we head out. There's a note in the bag of food with a girl's name and phone number on it. One of the attendants I suspect. I think I understand. I'm bait for his future dates. Letting the wild girls know your abilities or intentions. Sneaky. The plan was to drive down some popular roads to show me off.

After a few passes, waves, nods and cat calls, we head back to the house. On the way you down your pants and expose your dick again. You stroke it a little. You leave it out and continue driving. I look at it. It must be the herbal tea, but I'm still really horny. My mouth salivating as I try to not look at it. I can feel my own dick twitch and I squeeze my knees together. Now I can also feel the egg bouncing inside as we pass bumps in the road.

Oh damn. I lean over and start sucking on your exposed meat. The taste gives me the in britain its better to shag indoors of French kissing. That sweet taste of someones saliva mixing with your own. The feeling more like French kissing a huge sausage. Nevertheless I can't help myself and get more excited the more I lick and suck it. You slide forward and spread your legs a little giving me more meat to eat.

The vibrator comes to life and I moan around your meat, slurping and sucking on your length. I feel the truck swerve a little then come to a stop. Your hands free, you full story virgin german ist blood i rubbing down my back while you press my head down.

You pump and hump my face. Your fingers working towards my crack. Suddenly you stop. "Time for a nature shot." you say pulling me off again and heading out your door. You come around to open my door and point to where you want me to go. I fumble out the door, the buzz from the vibrator keeping my legs from holding me stable.

You stuff your cock back in my mouth and start taking pictures again. A dozen positions later we head back to the truck. Unsatisfied I fall on your cock and just suckle as we drive off.

I don't remember you pulling into the driveway when you turn off the vibrator and pull me off. I stumble into the house and collapse on the couch. I'm hungry, weak and horny. You tell me to clean up and change clothes then we can eat.

After a quick but tasty meal we rest on the couch and I notice my dick is finally going down. I close my eyes for what seems like a moment when I realize it's dark. Dark and quiet. You are asleep. I get up and wander to the bedroom, strip off my clothes and fall into bed. Somewhere in the night I feel my ass itching and my dick twitching.

I reach down and rub both of them. Everything is tender and a little sore. Still, my ass needs a little more rubbing and Sexy girl gets her hairy pussy plowed wet my fingers to satisfy my itch. It feels hot and wet. I get that sensation again. The reason I got hooked on it.

Just a year ago I wouldn't have thought about my ass being a sexual organ. Now I'm masturbating my ass on a regular basis. Not even needing to jack off. I'm imagining your dick in my ass. The first real dick I've had in there. Your long stiff shaft rubbing my prostate and massaging my innards. I remember the first time.

I was fingering myself when you stuffed your dick in my mouth. It was strange how good it felt. I'd only imagined it before as well. Now I know what my wife feels when she's sucking my cock and letting me push it down her throat. I keep finger fucking myself and stick out my tongue thinking of your dick filling my mouth. Suddenly I feel something touch my lips and press in. Oh! I feel your dick pressing into my mouth. I groan and roll onto my belly. I swallow your dick easily and spread my legs to finger fuck myself harder.

You grab my head and start thrusting into my throat when suddenly I feel your hand pull my fingers from my ass. Quickly replaced with a pressing dick entering my willing hole. My mind is swimming but I realize you are still in my mouth. Then who's in my ass? I reach back with my hands. I find I can't move my hands. They are pulled out to the sides hanging my head between them.

My mouth being bounced off the cock thrusting deep in it. My waist seems to be floating now being pummeled by the cock pounding there. One dick fucking my mouth and one in my ass. I grip with my hands trying to get them free only to find a huge cock in each hand and I'm stroking them. I'm surrounded by thrusting humping dicks. My body hot and surging with the sensation. I feel like I'm hot teen gets fucked and creampied by her boyfriend beautiful and hardcore something myself but I can't tell what.

It's all just happening at once. I'm getting close to orgasm and I squeeze trying to hold it all in. I feel a flash of light and jump up in bed. It was all a dream. My body sweaty, my breathing heavy. You are laying on the other side of the bed. I lay back down and slip back into slumber.