A horny pawnman fucks a sexy desperate nicole rey

A horny pawnman fucks a sexy desperate nicole rey
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Jessica's first party party. "The Party from Hell." Jessica was a typical college student, pretty but not stunning, not big breasted but not flat chested, but she was polite, quiet, hard working and conscientious, she wasn't the brightest kid in the class but she made up for it in sheer effort and lots of patient work on her assignments but now in her second year she was finding it increasingly hard to keep up and was always studying when her friends were hanging out or partying and as a result life was passing her by.

Her mother had finally stopped worrying about Jessica getting pregnant or worse and started to worry that though Jessica was now eighteen she had never had a steady boyfriend lil wayne na nicki minaj xxx storys maybe had never had a boyfriend, period and she started to worry that Jessica was missing out on all the good things about college life Finally, the holidays approached and she could relax, she looked forward to two weeks with no classes, a chance to catch up or even to party.

During the week, her mother explained to her friends that Jessie was lonely and need to get out more and several people approached her to invite her to their parties. At first Jessica was somewhat apprehensive of attending any of them, but then decided to take a chance. She checked with her mother, "Can I go out Saturday night?" she asked. "Sure," her mother replied, "Do you have anything to wear, you can hardly go in your Tee shirt and Jeans!" and she then suggested Jessica should go shopping for a new outfit, and more important slipped her a roll of notes without her father knowing.

Jessica took off for the downtown mall early on the Saturday morning, she browsed all the most popular stores until she noticed one that was having a sale so she walked in and seeing the heavy discounts she walked in and asking the sales lady for help, she picked out a few outfits.

It was very exciting trying on new things and Jessica finally ended up with three of the hottest outfit she had ever owned for the price of just one. Jessica took a taxi home and ran to her bedroom and quickly undressed and jumped into the shower, where she washed and shampooed her long, wavy, brunette hair rinsing out the creamy shampoo and conditioner and finally on an impulse she carefully shaved her dark pubes to a neat triangle before wrapping herself up in a towel Jessica splashed the expensive perfume she had for her birthday all over herself and sat before the mirror to do her make-up, then with her hair and make-up finished she pulled on her new clothes a new red bra and pantie set a short, tight, red velvet halter-top dress which showed off her unblemished lightly tanned skin helped by the new bra which enhanced her cleavage by thrusting up her breasts.

She liked what she saw in the mirror and smiled to herself, she liked the way her hair fell gracefully over her shoulders and down her back. Finally she pulled her knee high stiletto heeled white leather boots on and Jessica twgirls give guy lap dance in motel in flint michigan hidden cam recognised herself when she looked in the mirror. The dress was as ravishing as it was revealing and she was sure it would even make gay men turn their heads and straight women jealous, Jessica finally decided she was ready and called to her mother that she was going ready to go, and after putting on a black leather jacket and throwing her long beige coat over it Jessica went downstairs.

"Are you walking, don't you want to take a cab?" her mother asked. "No, its a nice evening," Jessica insisted, "I've got plenty of time!" She went down through the park and down about three blocks to the hotel where the party was being held and walking up the steps to front door her knees were weak with anticipation.

She was right on-time as she arrived at reception at the swanky hotel and the receptionist directed her to the function room. She took the stairs and when she reached the second floor she reached for the door bell and the door opened.

There standing in front of her was one of the best looking guys she had ever seen.

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He was maybe six two with short, wavy, dirty blond hair and sparkling blue eyes that matched the baby blue Lycra shirt that failed to hide the six pack under it, and dark blue tight denim, jeans that left no doubt as to the size of the huge cock they contained, so tight they looked like his cock could rip through the thin denim if he saw a sexy girl.

He motioned for her to enter. Stepping inside the lobby Jessica slipped off the coat, hung it on the hook by the door, before following him into the function room. "Hi, I'm Alex," he said, "Nice to see you, and you are?" he asked as he opened the inner door and the beat of the music hit them. She looked at him and smiled,"Hi I'm Jessica, thanks for inviting me, usually I don't have time for parties," she explained, "But I decided it was time to start" Alex smiled back and said, "That's perfect newbies are more fun because they never know what to expect." Jessica laughed nervously and replied, "Well I suppose you're right, so when does this party get started." "Oh any time around now," Alex suggested, "Drink?" "I'll have a," Jessica said above the sound of the pop music.

"Drink," he replied with a laugh, "This will break the ice!" and he handed her a tumbler half filled with clear liquid. She smiled awkwardly and took a sip, lemon, perhaps, pimms? Looking around the room Jessica saw three or four girls and six or so guys sitting around she expected more people to be there, but she was pleasantly surprised when a few more guys arrived before she had a chance to sit down and soon they were sitting comfortably on couches drinking and chatting amongst them selves.

Jessica introduced herself to a hot, petite Asian girl, whose skimpy dress made Jessica's hot number look distinctly dowdy. The Asian girl seemed uncomfortable with the situation so Jessica maneuvrred herself to sit beside her so that she could strike up a conversation. "Is this your first time?" the Asian girl asked.

"Yes," Jessica said, "What happens next, is there a cebu high school sex scandal came across to her, "You don't know?" he asked, "Enjoy the music sexy awesome girlfriend gets seduced and fucked hardcore and blowjob drink up, I'll show you." he suggested and motioned to his friend. suddenly the room went dark and Jessica heard someone giggling and the sounds of fabric tearing.

Hands were on her shoulders, "What is going on?" she demanded as she felt hands suddenly found her neck and moved downwards to ease her jacket off her shoulders despite her protests and as the jacket slipped backwards so it trapped her arms behind her, "No!" she protested as the hands continued to explore her body seeking her breasts, "No!" she squealed as she struggled uselessly.

"Sorry," Alex said quietly, "I have no idea how this undoes," and he ripped her top down the front revealing her brassier before kneading her breasts through her bra cups, "Nice and firm," he complemented her as he expertly slipped a hand round behind her and flipped open her bra catch releasing her breasts.

"No stop!" Jessica cried, as she felt hands at the waistband of her skirt tugging relentlessly downwards until her skirt and panties were down around her knees. "How the hell do these boots come off Ray?" the voice asked, "Lights on ok man?" The lights went back on, and to her horror Jessica found herself essentially naked, her jacket was still on her arms, her bra dangled uselessly and her panties were around her knees while two guys were each standing beside her waiting.

It barely took a second and before she could respond a black dog's collar had been buckled around her neck and the jacket eased from her arms and her bra slipped off, "No!" she protested but the beat if the music drowned her protests and despite her efforts to stop them expert fingers had already wrapped elastic cord around her wrists and secured her hands to her upper thighs with more elastic cord.

"Hey fur!" Alex exclaimed when he ashley haze is a hot redhead ass addict the neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair and he smiled as he began unzipping her boots and slipped them off together with her skirt and panties and her hold up stockings leaving her completely naked.

"No please!" Jessica cried. "Next time wear something that comes off easy!" Alex suggested, "Now watch and learn bitch!" She stared, the Asian girl was now naked with her arms bound behind her and gagged with a red ball gag and across the room was another girl, she too was naked and trembling with tears streaming down her face.

Jessica was about to start screaming when Alex came up behind, and whispered, "Don't worry, we won't hurt you, we just want to have some fun and you were lucky enough to be invited." Jessica started to struggle, kendra lust wet ik shower scream but Alex advised, "You want to shut up or do you want to be gagged," so she stopped screaming and sat whimpering quietly and shaking with fear. "Come over here," Alex ordered, and he hitched a dog leash to Jessica's dog collar and pulled Jessica towards the far side of the room where the Asian girl and four other naked girls knelt before a leather couch.

Jessica staggered to her feet, scared she would fall and be unable to save herself with her hands bound to her thighs but she staggered across the room and knelt beside the Asian girl on the end of the line. Alex took a nice long look at the line of beautiful, helpless girls kneeling before him, he felt his cock twitch in anticipation of what was going to happen, he checked them out while trying to decide who would be the first lucky girl to enjoy his cock, and he stood in front of them with an evil grin on his face and began to speak.

"Now ladies, one of you has a decision to make, who wants to go first?" The girls looked at each other and back at Alex trying to stay still in hopes of not being chosen. Alex continued speaking, "Ok Jessica you decide," he announced, "Who is to be first?" "I can't choose!" Jessica protested. "You are the only one not gagged," he suggested reasonably, "No one else is allowed to speak unless given permission, which will never happen," he added.

Suddenly Jessica felt very nervous and knew that all the girls were looking at her as if begging her not to make the wrong choice, she stared at the floor silently.

A smack to the face brought Jessica back to reality and when all eyes were on him, Alex continued talking, "So listen up girls because I am only going to say this once and if Jessica does not decide in the amount of time I give her, then we will decide for her and I know that you will not enjoy my choice as it will not be one of the ones I am giving you now." "What choice?" Jessica asked.

"There are more guys than girls," Alex pointed out, "So if each of the girls in this room picks a guy, and lets him do whatever he wants to her, and I mean anything slut party babe shae celestine getting fucked in the car want to do, anything at all, that leaves four guys over, so one girl gets to do five guys, is that girl you Jessica?" Alex suggested.

"Or can you give the word for one of these other girls to take on five guys?" "No!" Jessica protested, "I can't do that!" "So you'll fuck five guys?" Alex asked, "Including me?" "Ok!" Jessica said nervously. "You'll do anything and everything we have ever wanted to do to a girl, apart from anything that would mark you or do permanent damage," he explained, "You'll be the house pet.

and if you're not hot enough you'll be be thrown out on the street naked, Ok?" he asked, "So ladies shall we let Jessica have a few moments to think about it?" "I'll do it," Jessica said sadly, "I can't make anyone else do it." "Choose a guy each then girls," Alex suggested, "I guess Jessica already chose me!" Jessica looked at the floor and thought, 'What have I done? what have I gotten myself into?' She looked at Alex and said, "Ok I will take whatever you assholes can dish out." Alex laughed and replied,"As you wish my little bitch, grab her." Jessica was suddenly lifted and blindfolded and thrown onto the couch, she sensed Alex crouching before her and she stayed perfectly still until he grabbed her throat and whispered "You ready bitch, you hot for me, 'cause if you're not get ready to be sent right to hell," Alex laughed and smacked Jessica's ass before continuing, "From now on you can call us Master, slave." "Ok," Jessica agreed, "Master." "Ok, then spread em bitch," Alex insisted and he kicked Jessica's knees apart.

"Please," Jessica trembled, "Be gentle with me," but she felt the warmth of a body against her and Alex's breath on her neck and then his cock was between her pussy lips and she screamed as he began to force his nine inch monster into her virgin cunt.

"Shit she's tight," Alex complained. "Quit whining, fuck her ass if her cunt's too tight," someone suggested. "It's fine," Alex replied as he busted Jessica's virgin cunt wide open, as she screamed, but she screamed silently now, the pain was almost too intense to bear.

"Hey dude what about us!" Sam demanded, "Roll her over so's I can fuck her pretty little ass hole!" "Ok, Jose," Alex laughed. "Hell man it's me Sam," Sam protested, but Alex rolled around so he was sitting on the couch with Jessica on top of him but still impaled on his cock. "No!" Jessica pleaded, but she was helpless to resist as Sam slipped off his shorts big tits brutal dp and bondage fetish teen jade jantzen has been walking for awhile and aimed his six inches of solid muscle at her sweet little virgin ass hole.

"Dear god no!" Jessica squealed as he worked his black dick around until he could ease it up inside the bud of her cute little pink poop chute. "Hey, you wanna blow me?" Hank asked. "No!" Jessica mouthed wordlessly as the pain from her stretched ass overwhelmed her. "Course you do bitch," Hank insisted and he worked his way around to stand where she could turn her head to suck him off.

"No!" she screamed but her grabbed her jaw and turned her head around before he aimed his Latino cock at her sweet bright red lips and pale mouth,"No," she protested, "Noooo." But she was helpless to stop him, she gagged violently but he just thrust harder until his cock was deep in her throat.

"You want to get her tits guys?" Alex suggested and suddenly hands were at Jessica's nipples squeezing and tugging and to her horror Jessica knew she was going to cum as Alex's cock rubbed Sam's cock through the thin wall separating her vagina from her ass hole, she couldn't bear it anymore and she had to have release and as everything went dark yet light and she tried to scream in ecstasy past Hank's rampant cock.

Her orgasm drove the guys wid as first Sam then Alex and finally Hank jacked off inside her, Hanks creamy spunk flowing down her throat faster than she could swallow making her gasp for breath before she passed out. "She's out," Alex announced, "Which of you guys is next?" Olly and Grant looked at each other, "After you bro," Olly suggested, "I had first go last time." "She OK?" Grant asked, "I don't want to fuck no stiff." "She's fine," Alex explained, "You wanna fuck or not?" "Ok already," Olly replied, "I'll fuck the bitch, and he picked up her limp body laid her across the arm of the couch and rammed his cock up her ass, she screamed.

"See she's fine!" Alex pointed out. "I'm dying!" she squealed. "Shut it bitch, or you'll get gagged ok?" Alex warned her. "No," Jessica pleaded. "Shut the fuck up then," Alex protested. "Don't you like ass then?" Olly asked. "No!" Jessica insisted. "She a lesbian, you want to eat pussy?" Grant suggested. "No!" Jessica insisted.

"Hey Isobel, get over her this bitch wants to suck pussy," Grant ordered. "Do you?" Isobel asked, "Mark just fucked me bareback, you want to lick his spunk out of me?" "No," Jessica pleaded, "I'm not like that!" "Yes you are," Grant told her, "You sit down Issy, we can do this together." Issy swung herself onto the couch and Grant forced Jessicaa's head between Isobel's thighs.

"God no!" Jessica said before her face was crushed against Isobel's hairless crotch. "Lick me bitch!" Isobel insisted.

"Use your tongue!" Grant ordered, and Jessica reluctantly began to lick, the cum was fresh enslaves ebony with huge tits safari fuck problems salty, it was bearable, Jessica realised, and she was not about to throw up.

"Good girl," Isobel cooed, "This bitch sure knows how to suck pussy!" "She can suck mine!" the Asian girl announced. "Only when she makes me cum." Isobel retorted.

"Shit, you talking made me lose it!" Grant complained as his sticky cum began to ooze out his cock and fill Jessica's ass hole, "Shit!" "It's ok," Isobel agreed, "You make the bitch clean your fithy cock, I'm getting a hot dog, you want one Misha?" The Asian girl looked around, "Yes, I'll have onions and ketchup on mine, she can lick me out after," she agreed.

Jessica had bare moments between Isobel moving away and Grant extracting his cock from ber behind amd the time when Grant turned her around and aimed his shit streaked cock at her mouth, "It's your shit!" he explained reasonably.

She opened her mouthe and held her breath trying not to throw up, "Hey there's a free asshole anyone!" Alex offered. "My turn," Olly chuckled and he came around behind Jessica as she sucked his brothers cock clean and shoved his cock in her now stretched but very hot ass hole. "Oh," Jessica protested but the waves of ecstasy were not far away and quite suddenly she felt herself slipping into orgasm once again. "Fucking bitch passed out!" Olly complained, "While I was ass fucking her can you believe it?" "Can't get any decent whores now!" Alex commiserated, "Here have a hot dog!" Olly took the hot dog and started munching as he shafted the lifeless Jessica's ass hole.

"That is sick!" Grant insisted, "Not to mention un hygienic!" "Hey, anyone want to watch a porno?" Alex asked suddenly. "Sure but what about the whore?" Sam asked, "She looks beat!" "Get a cab maybe?" Alex suggested. "Yeah send her back to mommy!" Grant suggested, "All spunked up like a real cheap whore!" They left her curled on the sofa until the cab arrived and then Alex found her a cheap trashy dress to cover herself with and took her to the cab where he gave directions and paid the driver twenty bucks.

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Jessica lay back thankful that her ordeal was over and then the Taxicab stopped in the ghetto area the wrong side of the railroad yards by union station, "That's it, twenty dollars worth, you got any cash?" "No, look please, its not far," Jessica pleaded, "I have money at home." "No cash, no ride!" the Taxi driver insisted.

"Please I'll do anything!" Jessica offered. "Ass fucking over the hood of my cab right here in the street?" he asked. "Oh god no!" Jessica gasped. "You said anything," the driver reminded her.

"My bottom is sore," Jessica explained. "Doggy in the vag," he suggested, "Or you walk." Jessica gulped, "Ok," she agreed reluctantly, amazing herself tht she could agree to something so depraved. "You're lucky," the Taxi driver explained, "Those guys usually spunk and piss in the girls hair before they turn them out naked down by the harbour or on ninth where the whores hang out." "Oh!" Jessica gulped.

"No way would I fuck you if your hair was spunked up," he admitted, "You want to bend over the fender?" Jessica quietly slipped around to the side of the cab where the driver raised her skirt and jammed his cock ball deep in her pussy in a single agonising yet ecstatic thrust, she recoiled and then ground back against him helpless to resist her inner feelings and her needs.

Jessica sensed Ghetto gangstas watching as the driver humped her and was fully expecting to be thrown on their mercy but instead the driver grunted and shot his load before complimenting her on her tight hot pussy, "Hell maybe I'll let xxnxx moves little dughter fuk fri1st time ride free one time," he admitted, "But now I'll get you home!" he said and he waited for her to climb inside before driving her home. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX "Mommy they raped me!" Jessica said as she rushed into the house and threw her arms around her mother who was standing in the parlour doorway.

"Oh!" her mother gasped, "really? who?" "Alex and some guys I don't know and the taxi driver, Mommy he raped me in the street!" Jessica gasped. There was a polite knock on the door, Jessica's mother disentangled herself from Jessie's grasp and went to the door.

"Hello Mrs Hemmings, Jess never paid for her ride," the Taxi driver said as Jessica's mother opened the door. He stood there slightly embarrassed, head down, Jessica came out into the hallway.

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"Didn't you just fuck the fare out of me!" Jessica screeched, as she half recognised the Taxi driver as a neighbour form down the street. "Sorry Jess I still have to have the leggy teen slut banged by a old bald dude he replied, "Dad will go ape if I don't." "And you are?" Jessica's mom asked. "Why I'm Joe Hammond, Mrs Hemmings," He explained, "We live right down the street, Hammond's cabs, you know?" "But you raped Jessica?" Mrs Hemmings queried.

"She was sobbing and all that, I just comforted her a bit," he explained. "You raped me you bastard!" Jess scowled. "You liked it enough when we did it!" he retorted, "You paying the money or am I calling the cops!" "How much is it?" Jessica's mom asked. "Twenty dollars," he explained. "Then come back in an hour ok?" she suggested, "Good bye." "Mom!" Jessica protested, but John slipped away into the night.

"You must get your story straight Jess," her father said as he came through to the hall way, "Who raped you exactly? John seems a pleasant enough young man." "They jumped me and stripped me and did awful things to me daddy!" Jess said. "Did they use condoms?" her mom asked. "Yes, except Joe, except in my mouth!" Jessica answered.

"Are you sure," he dad asked, "Are you sure no black guy got his?" "No!" Jessica protested, "Just Joe!" "It's all right honey," her dad said reassuringly, "You were a virgin right?" "Yes dad." she agreed. "Then you'll be in shock," he suggested, "Maybe you should take a bath or something?" "The ruined my new top Mommy," Jessica said pointing to the cheap top she now wore, "They lent me this one." "Take a long soak Jess, we'll talk, ok?" her mom promised and Jessica went sadly upstairs but paused.

"Shouldn't we call the cops," Jessica asked. "No get cleaned up we need to get our story straight," her mother cautioned. Jess stripped off her party clothes and stepped into the shower and as soon as she heard the water running Jessica's mother picked up the phone, "Hi is John there?" she asked.

"Hell it's two a.m in the morning who the hell wants to know?" his dad replied wearily. "Mrs Hemmings Jessica's mom." she said, "Is he there?" John replied, "Hi, you got my money?" "You want to go to jail?" Mrs Hemmings asked. "Hey no way!" he said, "That little slut was hot for me!" "So what do you want, Jessie, or a spell in Jail?" she asked. "Gee, I don't want no trouble Mrs Hemmings," John explained, "Jessie is a nice kid but." "Then you better persuade her you're the boy for her," she insisted, "You come over right away, she's having a shower," she said and she slammed the phone down.

John came right over, "She's in the bathroom, you want to wait for her in the bedroom?" Jessica's mother suggested, "Second on the right, with Jessie's room on the door." "Sure, ok." John agreed and headed upstairs. Jessie felt she would never be clean again and took near on an hour in the shower room before covered in a bath towel she wandered into her bedroom.

"Hey!" she protested when she saw John lying in her bed, "No way," she protested as he swung his legs out of the bed and she saw he was naked apart from his tee shirt, his tool swelling nigh on eight inches, "No!" she protested as she stared at his magnificent cock but it was too late and his hand were on her unwrapping her bath towel like he was unwrapping a christmas present before he pushed her firmly onto her back and put his knee between her knees and eased her legs apart revealing her nicely trimmed pubes and slightly bruised pussy.

"No!" teen herda wisky gets boned and creamed by jock said, "Oh god no!" but it was too late and John grabbed her around the waist and forced back on to her back, then holding her with one hand John grasped his straining tool and guided its bulging purple helmet between her soft pink pussy lips.

"That's good," he said, "You were a virgin right?" he said as he eased deeper into her, opening her bruised vagina wide once more thrilling her in a way she didn't understand. "Stop!" she said hopelessly, "Please!" "You don't mean that," he whispered his mouth close beside her left ear. "Yes," she said quietly.

"That's better you said yes," he chuckled. "I mean yes no," she said, "I mean no," she added but now her pussy was becoming moist, more than moist and her clit and nipples were tingling in a way she could no longer pretend was not thrilling.

"You going to pay the fare or do I fuck it out of you?" he asked. "I don't," she said. "Yes you do," he said, "You like that bitch?" "Don't call me bitch, I'm not a bitch," she protested. "Ok, ok Jess," he replied. "Jessica," she said, "Call me Jess, I, ca." "Ok, Jessica, that ok?" he asked.

"It's better," she said, "Than bitch." "You want me to pull out?" he asked, "Or can I cum in your pussy?" "I," she exclaimed, "I don't know!" "You don't know, you should be begging for my cock juice bitch!" he replied. "Don't call me bitch!" she snapped. "Hell why not, you're hotter than a bitch on heat!" he exclaimed. "I'm Jessica!" she snapped, "Ok!" "Sure honey, what ever you say," John said and that cock juice just flowed out of him and surged all around Jess's vagina. "Ohhhh," Jess moaned wide eyed as the semen flowed around her like a soothing balm.

"You like that honey?" John asked anxiously. "No, yes, I don't know!" Jessica replied. "I liked that a lot," John said, "A real nice gentle fuck," he said as he lay quietly while his tool shrank.

"It was horrible!" Jessica lied as John climbed off her. "Gee honey it wasn't that bad," John explained as he wiped his cock on the bath towel, "You just needs loosening up some more." "No, you just need to learn you can't go round raping people!" Jessica exclaimed. "And you need to learn you can't beautiful teen ashton pierce stretched by black meat in front of ton pierce one thing with your eyes and something else with your mouth ok?" he said firmly, "Anyway I'm beat so just quit your mithering and let me get some sleep." "You can't sleep here!" Jessica protested but John just rolled on his side and yawned.

"Watch me!" he suggested, "Night Honey!" "You can't go to sleep!" Jessica protested. "Hey I need some rest, we'll fuck again in the morning ok?" he suggested. "No!" she protested. "I'm too bushed to do it again tonight," John said, "In the morning, promise!" Jessica pulled the bath robe around her and went downstairs, her mom was waiting, "Did you two make up?" she asked. "He raped me again mommy!" Jessica explained.

"You never fought very hard though did you?" her mom pointed out, "You don't have any bruises or a black eye or anything?" "But mommy!" Jessica protested.

"No Jessie, you tell that guy you want a thousand dollar engagement ring or you're going to the cops," her mother advised. "But Mommy!" Jessica exclaimed. "He obviously likes you," her mother reminded her, "He's from good family, hell he's white, what more do you want?" "He doesn't love me!" Jessica explained. "He's a man Jessica," her mother explained, "He don't want love he just wants a juiced up pussy waiting when he drops his pants." "Mommy, I thought you was on my side!" Jessica challenged.

"I am Jess," her mother explained, "Just go to him and when morning comes waken him with your mouth round his cock." "No way!" Jess protested but she was right out of choices so she made her way back to the bedroom and slipped under the covers beside John. Morning came, Jessica woke alone, the shower was running and after a moment John appeared, "Hi beautiful," he greeted her, "What does a guy need to do to get breakfast around here?" "Ugh," Jessica replied, "Mom usually gets breakfast." "Sounds good," John agreed, "You wanna fuck maybe?" "No!" she she lied.

"Aw come on Jessica," John cajoled, "You liked it well enough last night!" "No! I hated every moment," she lied again. "Ok, so are you a lesbian or something?" he asked and she shook her head, "What then?" "I don't want to have sex, period!" she insisted.

"Gee Jessica, we don't have time for fooling around," John explained, "I got college and helping dad, and you are behind with your college work." "What are you saying?" Jessica asked. "Your Mom asked my Dad if we could be fuck buddies," John explained.

"What!" Jessica asked. "When you didn't like the party," John explained, "Your Mom thought the party would lighten you up but you tensed up worse than a fishes ass hole." "Our parents planned this?" she asked incredulously. "Sure, well you mom did, she was my dad's fuck buddy back in the eighties," John explained.

"But why?" Jessica demanded. "She says you keep thinking about boys, locking yourself away and playing with yourself," John explained. "John, I don't, I just keep falling behind," she explained, "I don't have time for boys." "So that's where I come in," John explained, "We just fuck for a half hour in the evening and then again in the morning instead of your run." "Gosh!" Jessica said, "Just like that!".

"Otherwise I could chain you up like a bitch in our garage," John suggested. "Do you want to?" Jessica asked. "Not really," John explained, "You got a nice soft bed here." "Oh," Jessica agreed. "I slept real good," John added, "You wanna do something about this?" he asked and pointed to his straining cock, "Suck it maybe?" "It's too big," Jessica explained, "To suck, maybe?" and she trailed a finger down her moist pussy slot. "Ok," John agreed, and he took her gently in his arms and as she lay back on the bed so she guided his swollen member deep inside her and began to hump grinding his pelvis against hers and crushing her clit against his hairy crotch sending her into a land of ecstasy.

"You maybe want to tell me you love me?" Jessica asked. "I sure love fucking you Jess," John laughed, "You maybe want to see a movie with me sometime, like play boyfriend and girlfriend?" "Maybe?" Jessica agreed, as she floated on a wave of purple pleasure, "Maybe," she repeated as she realised there was something missing. A cock up her ass, and maybe one to suck, and especially a couple of guys sucking her tits at the same time, "Is there another party next Saturday?" she asked hopefully.