Sunny leone and urvosi xnx full sex stories storys

Sunny leone and urvosi xnx full sex stories storys
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As the light gently entered the room through the crack in the curtains, she lifted her head and saw him sleeping there. Recalling the events of the night before a big smile came across her face. As she stretched, her arm brushed his side and her hand landed squarely on his manhood; how she had so enjoyed him and now looked forward to more.

Paula knew they needed to rest and ignored the desire to roll on top of him and start where they left off. Instead she quietly rolled out of bed and slipped back into her bedroom where her husband was sound asleep. She went into the ensuite bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. She looked good at 57 and as she glanced over her naked body she looked down to see her shaved pussy still showing its evidence from agile stud bangs filthy fur pie hardcore blowjob night.

She smiled beaming from ear to ear. Paula knew she had sexual freedom if she chose. Her husband had encouraged her to play and he was excited when she came into their bedroom the night before and kissed him good night telling him she would see him in the morning. It was now morning and she was going to thank him in a big way. As he slept soundly in their queen sized bed, Paula slowly cuddled up next to him and began to stroke his cock causing a brief stir.

He turned and looked at her; she placed her hand to her lips and worked her way down to his now growing erection. For the next few minutes she stroked up and down on him until he began to buck and spurt his load all over his stomach.

She then gave him a great big good morning kiss. He looked at her and asked how her night was, she blushed and said it was really good as she began to relive the night with him. She told him that shortly after he left the living area she and Chris continued to talk about lots lisa ann takes isiah maxwell bbc full on little things.

As the conversation continued, Paula laid her head in Chris's lap and he gently began to caress her hair. They continued like this for a few minutes until Chris leaned down and met her lips with a gentle but passionate kiss; she told him how much we enjoyed him spending time with us.

As they continued to talk she sat up and moved towards him on the sofa gently placing her right hand on his and lifting it up to her breast, "Chris, He's wanted you to bonk me ever since I told him you missed out all those years ago." His response was one of surprise but delight. He asked her, "and what about you?" Paula responded, "He left us and went to bed to get out of our way; he's fine with sharing me." "Wow, ok then" said Chris.

"Don't worry, she responded, I'll see him in the morning." With that Chris stood up and extended a hand. He had a thousand emotions running through his head but he knew this was an opportunity not to turn down. As Paula stood from the couch they gently held each other's faces as they stood in the middle of the semi lit living room exchanging what would be the first of many kisses that night.

Slowly she pressed herself toward him and a shiver flashed through her body as she felt his penis growing against her groin. They broke their embrace and she told him she would be right back, he said he would be in his room and for her to meet him there. Paula slowly walked toward her room and quietly opened the partially shut door. He husband was lying there and she leaned over him and gently placed a kiss on his cheek.

"Everything ok babe?" he asked. She smiled at him… "I'll see you in the morning" she replied. He looked at her and she all of a sudden thought he was going to back out of his end. She asked him if he was still ok with this. "Enjoy babe…I'll be here" he replied.

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She smiled then went into her wardrobe and took out her white satin camisole and matching white knickers. The ones he had picked for her. She turned toward the bathroom and disappeared. He knew she would enjoy Chris, and he knew she was safe with him. As Paula emerged from the bathroom dressed in her lingerie looking smoking hot, she again leaned over gave him another kiss.

He asked her if she would keep the door cracked so that he listen in throughout the evening she said yes and slowly walked out. Paula walked into his room closing the door but leaving it slightly ajar.

Chris was in the other bathroom and came in dressed in only a towel and telling her he was going to take a shower. He asked if she was interested in joining him. Her response was totally non-verbal, it was a blush and a small nod of her head.

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Chris took her by the hand and led her down into the guest bathroom closing the door. "So what now?" she asked him. "Let's just see where it takes us" he replied. He responded by slowly lifting her camisole over her head.

Their mouths again joined and as they embraced he slowly reached his hand to her breast and began to gently massage her nipples. Soon his mouth was moving toward her nipples, then sucking on them while he gently caressed the rest of her body. He then stepped back and dropped his towel to the floor.

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Their touch was now sucking shlong delights mother i d like to fuck to skin. The feeling of his smooth chest rubbing against her breasts was orgasmic in and of itself she thought this was such a treat and just blushed from ear to ear. She had seen his cock all those years ago when they had fooled around in his bedroom but she yearned to see and get a better feel of him so, standing in only her knickers, she stepped back and simply began to admire his body.

With her memory refreshed, his cock was how she remembered it… a bit longer and thicker than her husbands but this time he'd trimmed his dark red pubic hair and his balls were shaved smooth. What happened next really sent her sky high; Chris slowly walked behind her and placed his left hand down the front of her knickers, stopping to enjoy the feel of her shaved and now swollen mound. With both hands he then slid her knickers to the floor, and for the first time she felt his engorged cock rubbing her against her ass.

He reached around her again and planted a kiss on her neck, then began to nibble on her ear, how did he know she liked that? Slowly, they both entered the shower. There wasn't a lot of room but he stepped back looking at her full naked ness and told her she was an absolute beauty. As they continued to explore each other's bodies Chris took the soap and began to lather her from head to toe.

She then did the same to him. As she turned away from him and towards the shower to rinse her face, she felt Chris positioned the head of his cock between her legs. She stepped her legs out then reached behind her taking hold of his cock and placed it at the opening of her vagina.

He pushed forward and she pushed back as he gently slipped his fully erect shaft into her pussy. The rhythm changed and they rocked back and forth for minutes until she said to him, "I want to enjoy this with you Chris, but in bed" she said. "I don't want you to cum just yet." she added.

They stepped out of the shower and towelled each other down before heading back to his room. Slowly they resumed their embrace, exploring each other's bodies.

Chris worked his way down her neck stopping to gently caress her breasts, he took his time gently sucking on each one careful not to bite.

He continued to work his way down her torso slowly paying attention to every part of her. He then worked his way down gently rubbing his cheek into her soft mound then with his tongue finding her clitoris to work it. He spent a good while licking her soft lips and gently working her clitoris.

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As he worked her womanhood, Paula slowly moved herself under him and took his engorged penis in her mouth. She kissed it up and down while alternating and sucking up and down around his engorged head. They remained in this passionate embrace for ages simply enjoying the spoils of each other.

Finally she could take it no more she had to have him in her! She slowly moved out from under him and again took his face into her hands. As this happened Chris produced a condom out from nowhere.

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"What's that for" she quizzed. "Welllll, you remember what happened last time" he grinned. "There no need for that now" she whispered… "Unless you want to wear it" she added shaking her head.

He threw it to the floor then positioned himself over her like he was going to do a push up. Paula took hold of his cock and guided it black cheerleader honey has her twat hammered her wet hole as he slowly lowered himself down. He paused, then pushed inside her. She instantly let out the first of many moans, moans that throughout the night would get more frequent and more pleasurable.

His rhythm was perfect and they moved in harmony, she could feel his cock filling her and pulsing and he could feel her sweet pussy grabbing his cock. He pushed her legs up a bit higher and now began to pump with more power.

This continued for what seemed like an eternity until he could hold it no longer with her rubbing herself, they both began to orgasm together and felt his hot seed jetting inside her and filling her pussy. He kept pumping and it kept coming, she had not felt that much inside her in a long time.

Finally he fell on her and they lay their quietly for a while. By this time it was well past midnight and she crawled up to his chest and lay with him until they drifted off to sleep. Two more times that night they fucked, and each time Chris emptied into her, filling her with cum as she moaned and writhed beneath him.

While all this was going on, her husband could not sleep but rather imagined his wonderfully sexy wife getting the fucking of her life in the next room. While there was a little pang of jealousy (wouldn't it be wrong if there wasn't) he truly enjoyed all that he heard throughout the night. Back in her marital bed, Paula was tired, probably overtired. She had bonked their long-time friend all night, as well as pulling off her husband and as she lay in her husband's arms, she thought… Now, if I could just get some sleep, coz I reckon there'll be more of the same tonight.