Rosa kawashima on her knees servicing a large wang

Rosa kawashima on her knees servicing a large wang
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The music in the club was way too loud and I didn't hear him when he shouted his name into my ear. But I looked into his caramel colored eyes and smiled at him like I had clearly heard every word he said.

I don't know what cologne he was wearing but it was seriously undermining my common sense and after another 5 minutes of him shouting in my ear and my not understanding a word he was saying, I grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the dance floor.

As he danced I just kind of did a two-step in my spot. I was mesmerized by the way his body moved to the music. Now don't get me wrong, I can groove and hold my own against any man on the dance floor, but the way he was moving, it looked as if he was an extension of the music. Like the base beat was the rhythm of his heart, the melody was the sway of his hips and the tempo was the snapping of his fingers.

After an entire song of my not being able to gain my composure, I grabbed his hands and stepped into his space. Immediately his arms went around my waist and his hands rested firmly on my behind. His hands were hot but his eyes were fire. I lost my breath (and not to mention, myself) in those eyes.

As our bodies began to grind against each other I felt a longing for this man against all better judgment. I needed him, wanted him to move inside groupsex porn videos search watch and download groupsex free sex the way he was moving against me now.

An idea popped into my head and before I could think about it I reached and cupped the back of his head and pulled his ear close to my mouth and whispered, "Let's get out of here." Finally he missed a beat, and looked at me wide eyed.

He was taking too long to think about it and I was losing my nerve so holding his gaze with an intense gaze of my own I mouthed the word "NOW" with as much ferocity as I could muster silently and turned and walked off the floor. I walked over to the table and told the girls "Hey, I'm outta here.

I will call you both tomorrow," and I kissed them both on the cheek as their mouths hung open and then turned and headed for the door.

The club was packed, and as usual it took me a minute to make it to the door but when I got there, he was already there and waiting. He held his hand out to me and I stepped into his arm and allowed him to guide me thru the door. Before he could say a word I asked him if he had a car. He said something about having a car but having to be back to pick up his boys by the time the house lights came on.

"Cool" I flipped over my shoulder as I started to head towards my car. "Follow me". I got into my car and started the engine. I turned on the CD changer and started scanning thru the CD's trying to find a good song for what I had planned. Problem was I didn't know what the hell I was planning. He flashed his lights and I pulled out of the parking space only briefly glancing in the mirror to be sure he was following.

As, we pulled out of the parking lot it suddenly hit me. "What the hell am I doing? I don't even know this guys name! Where the hell am I going? I am certainly not paying for a hotel for this little encounter. Oh my God am I really doing this???" Just then, Fifty Cents' "Candy Shop" began to boom out of all 8 speakers.

I had visions of him, naked, moving to this song. Almost simultaneously, I noticed the old abandoned strip mall on my right. I put on my signal and glanced into my rearview mirror to be sure he did the same, and then turned into the parking lot and carefully drove around to the side of the building where there were no lights.

I put my car in park and hit the repeat button on the CD player and got out of my car as he pulled up next to me. He put his car in park as I leaned against the side of my car trying to look casual. He leaned over to the passenger's side like he was looking into the glove box for something and I thought "If he says one word when he gets out of the car, I am getting in my car and driving home." He young perky nippled cute chick molly manson rides her step dads cock while her mom is away and recei have sensed that because when he exited his car he locked his eyes on mine and held them as he moved around the car.

He stood directly in front of me and cupped one hand around the base of my skull and lowered his lips onto mine. That kiss sucked the last of my trepidation and fear out of my body and replaced it with a burning fire. A longing.

He unbuttoned and unzipped my pants big boody mom sex piss one hand while the hand behind my head wound itself in my hair.

I wiggled them down sunny leon xxx movie 2019 the ground and bent my knees slightly as he slid his fingers between my legs. I moaned as his fingers gently rubbed my clit on their way towards my hole.

He moaned at the wetness that he found there. I fumbled with his belt and the button on his slacks, but finally got them undone and then unzipped and felt them slide down his legs to the ground. I could feel the bulge in his boxer briefs against my belly as he pressed against my body. As if they had a mind of their own, my hands went to his shorts, found the waistband and one hand pulled it free while the other hand slid down inside.

He let another moan fly as I wrapped my small hand around his large, ever hardening member. I squeezed gently and it throbbed violently. He grabbed my hand out of his shorts and then placing his hands on my waist picked me up and turned and sat me on the hood of his car. Distantly, in the back part of my mind that was still functioning, I was grateful because I didn't want a butt print on the hood of my car to explain.

I almost let out a giggle but caught myself just in time and mentally chastised myself for losing my train of thought. He continued to kiss me ferociously, sucking on my bottom lip, nibbling the top one, his tongue darted in and out of my mouth slightly, just enough to tease but not nearly enough to swap spit.

He broke our kiss and I gasped slightly trying to catch my breath. He eyed me mischievously as he gently pushed me to lie back on the car.

I looked down just in time to see the lower half of his face disappear between my legs and then to feel his tongue lick deep into the center of me. My legs started to tremble almost immediately and I fought the oncoming orgasm with every ounce of my being.

I couldn't remember the last time someone going down on me had this affect. His tongue was dancing to the beat of the music and was forcing moans from me as if someone were pressing hard on my stomach. I couldn't fight it anymore and to my embarrassment, I came… HARD&hellip. Waves upon waves wracked thru my body. My stomach muscles tightened and my thighs shook as they tightened around his ears.

My entire body contracted and relaxed, contracted and relaxed over and over. Now most brothers would stop there, but not him. As I tried to crawl away from him he wrapped his forearms around my thighs and clamped down, effectively holding me in place.

I pushed violently on his forehead with the heels of my hands trying to get away from him but he wasn't budging and he wasn't letting go. A slight ounce of dread began to creep into my consciousness as I realized that I was quite possibly about to be raped and I didn't know a thing about my attacker. But before fear could take firm hold and before the first orgasm has subsided all the way I felt that old familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach and my thigh muscles began to tingle too in preparation for what was about germania ksa forced fuck ass at home happen.

The walls of my vagina begin their rhythmic contractions and then suddenly, my pussy sort of convulsed and I cried out with the sheer joy of it. I raised my head and looked down at him to see him looking back at me. Those caramel brown eyes held mine as he said "mmmmph". Then he extricated his face from between my legs and I could see his chin was dripping with my juice.

"You act like you've never squirted before." I blushed and said, "I squirted? I haven't ever done that before." And then I grabbed him by the back of his head and kissed him full on the mouth, my tongue traveling inside his mouth and over his lips and still caught up in the moment of it all, my tongue continued its journey over his chin, licking is face clean of what my pussy had left there.

I had never been this turned on. I pushed him away gently and slid off the car and went into a squat in front of him. I hooked my finger into the waistband of his boxer briefs again and pulled it down enough for me to get my hand around his dick and take it out of it shorts. It was so hard I though the skin would rip. It she can definitely stay black booty productions beautiful… big, caramel covered and the head was shiny as the skin was stretched taught over it.

I looked at him as I opened my mouth and placed my lips around the head and then slowly I began sucking him into my mouth. I kept my eyes on him the best I could as I continued to let my lips pull him deeper into my mouth.

With every inch that disappeared into my mouth, his eyes got bigger. When the head of his dick reached the back of my throat I exhaled as I closed my eyes and pushed my head forward and attempted to yawn simultaneously which allowed the fat head of his dick to slide almost effortlessly down my throat. I knew I had skills but I was even impressed at how I got all that entire dick down. I opened my eyes and looked up at him as he gasped and moaned, "Oh MY GOD!!" and then he placed his hands on my shoulders and pulled his hips back in an effort to remove his now throbbing dick from my throat.

Just before the head escaped my lips I grabbed the base of his dick with my hand and began sucking on it. He began to jerk and grabbed on to the car for support. "Stop, please!" He gasped, "girl you got me so wound beautiful latina bangs stranger at his home I am almost ready to blow right now stop!" and he grabbed my hand and my head under my chin and again attempted to slide his dick out of my mouth.

I allowed him to but not before I sucked on the head before it left my mouth with a "POP". He released my face and grabbed my other hand and pulled me back up till I female cum squirting natashalatina 4 (blooper squirting tube porn standing.

He kissed me on the mouth and said, "I have never been able to take a good dick sucking, sorry. I had to stop you or it would have been over before it started." I giggled naughtily, and purred. "That's what you think," I replied. "Trust me sexy, just as easily as I can put it down, I can get it back up… no problem." He raised one eyebrow and looked at me as if he was thinking of testing my boast.

He slid a finger between my legs and into the very center of me. I knew that I was so wet that it was about to drip down my legs. His eyes got this sexy-ass menacing look as he said, "Oh ice video 20160501-132622 tube porn I need to get my dick in that." He began to take his finger out of me and I flexed my vaginal muscles to try and hold him in.

He grimmaced and breathed, "GAT DAMN!" as he tugged to remove his finger from my pussy holding his digit captive. When he finally got his finger free, he immediately put it in his mouth and moaned as if he had just sampled a taste of a Cheesecake Factory dessert.

Again he placed his hands around my waist and sat me on the hood of his car. I looked him in the eye as I leaned back on my hands and spread my legs for him. He looked me in the eye as he placed one hand on the small of my back and the other on his dick.

I felt him apply pressure to my back as if to pull me towards him and I resisted slightly. His intense gaze briefly flashed of panic and then question as he lessened the pressure on my back. I looked down at that big pretty dick and said, "Aren't you going to wrap that sweetee?

I hate to cover it up with a raincoat but in light of the circumstances, don't you think that is best." He flashed embarrassment and quickly agreed as he bent down to grab one side of his pants that were still gathered down around his ankles. He rummaged around in the pocket and came out with an Extra Large Trojan Magnum. He looked back at me and smiled this cocky grin. I looked at him and yawned. The size, while pretty to look at, will do nothing at all for me if the man can't fuck and I wanted him to know that was the only way to impress me.

Besides, I am not a fan of Trojan anyway. I mean, think about it. The whole concept behind the Trojan War Horse was to get inside the walls of the city and then burst open and spill all the little "sea men" out. That doesn't sit well with me while having sex unfathomable penetration inside moist holes hardcore and creampie a stranger.

I was dangerously close to backing out of this again, when I gave myself a pep talk. Told myself that this was a heat of the moment thing and warned myself about making it too cerebral. Abstractly, as I was having this discussion with myself, I noticed that he had completed applying the cylindrical piece of latex properly on his member, and was only moderately aware that he had repositioned me on the edge of the car in order to prepare to attempt to enter me again. So I was caught slightly off guard when his large penis impaled my body forcefully, knocking into my diaphragm and causing a grunt to escape my lungs.

He placed his forehead against mine and insisted that I continue to look him in the eye. His penis continued it rhythmic and brutal, although not at all unpleasant, invasion of my body. He then slid his dick all the way into me. It went so deep I swore I could taste the tip of it in the back of my throat.

I threw my head back and let cutie teases with her feet and pussy a loud groan. He cupped his hand around the back of my neck and worked his fingers into the hair at the nape of my neck and pulled my forehead back to his.

"Keep looking at me," he whispered ferociously, "Don't you fucking break eye contact with me." That is exactly what I did. My insides finally adjusted to his size and I began to move with him… meeting him thrust for thrust. A quick quiet moan eased from his lips as we found our rhythm. Together we rode this wave of ecstasy.

His moans and groans came louder and faster… eventually they became gasps as if he was taking his last breath. It was at that moment that tilted my hips and arched my back and squeezed my pussy muscles around that fat dick. "OH MY GOD!" he yelled and closed his eyes. His grimace showed me that he was trying to hold back the flood that must by now be trying to travel up that deliciously long shaft and spill into that delicate piece of latex (and hopefully stop there).

He held it… I began a rhythmic squeeze and release that massages the dick, coaxing it to let go of its load.

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But naughty america sex stories hot teacher with student in class will was stronger than his penis… a wonderful quality for a man to have… and he pulled his dick free of its velvety prison. He then roughly pulled me off of the car, brows furrowed, menace dancing in those beautiful caramel colored eyes. "I was trying to be nice, but you want to play… so now we will play." He turned me around and bent me at the waist to lay the top half of my body over the hood of the car.

I tried to get up on my elbows to brace myself but he put his big hand in the middle of my shoulder blades and pushed me flat onto the car. In a deep low voice he growled, "Stay down… stay right there… there's no getting away now… no reprieve for you… just lay there and take it." With that, he entered me with such force, and buried his long dick deep into my pussy.

A cry escaped my lips as the head of his dick hit the back of my pussy with such force my left leg from the hip down went numb. "Oh yeah, baby," he continued to growl as he pounded my pussy with deep angry strokes, " you got some good ass pussy, but I got some good ass dick and you are getting it all till you beg me to stop." I was in total rapture.

Stop??? Are you kidding??? Oh no Big-Daddy-Long-Stroke… there was no way I was telling him to stop… ever!

With each violent thrust from his dick I could feel my own juices gushing nurse sky rodgers curing black cock with cunt interracial sucking of my pussy and rolling down my leg. Each one sent a piercing sharp pain from my abdomen down to my toes, which should have been totally unpleasant, but somehow wasn't.

I knew that with this brutal punishment I would cum like I had never cum before. Again, a tiny sliver of dread threatened to take root in my mind. Perhaps this man was raping me and I was too stupid to realize it.

But then, realistically, even if his intentions are rape, if I am enjoying it this much, could you really call it rape? My pussy began to contract on its own. He must have felt it because he buried his dick deep inside me.

The spot the head of his dick was pressing on inside my pussy was numbing my entire left leg to the point that the toes on my left foot were beginning to tingle. It was only then that I was aware that I must have been screaming. My throat was dry and my throat felt a little sore.

My suspicions were further fueled when I tried to speak and a horse whisper came out, "OOOOO yeah, daddy. Dig deep and stir, Daddy." My pussy was convulsing and pulsing and my legs were quivering and yet I still was not having an orgasm, I was on the brink and I was getting frustrated because I didn't know what I needed to push me over the edge.

He was doing what I needed him to do. He dug that dick in me real deep, and stirred it around… rubbing so many places that hadn't been rubbed. Pussy juice was running down my legs in rivets, and one of my hands had a death grip on the edge of the hood by the windshield, the other held the fenderwell close to my right thigh. I could feel the cramp settling into the fingers of both hands and I had that deep tingle in the pit of my stomach again, but the orgasm would not surface.

I began to sob, both from the ecstasy of this dick feeling so good and from the frustration of not being able to complete. I didn't know what to wiggle to get that orgasm to show itself.

It was like a frightened child, hiding behind a tree. One eye peeking out to the world, but no matter how much coaxing you give it, it will not leave its hiding place. Just as I was about to cry and lament to my associate what my predicament was, he reached up and grabbed me by my hair.

He pulled and I had to arch my back with him deep in me to follow the non-verbal instruction he was giving me. My chest lifted from the car and his other hand snaked under my shirt and expertly freed one lone breast from its lace prison. He kissed and nipped at the base of my neck where the back of the neck meets the shoulder and then put his lips close to my ear as he pinched and twisted my nipple. His hot breath sent tingles into my ear and a slight moist feeling filled classy dames get their beavers nailed hard as he continued to dig out my insides and stir them around.

He whispered in my ear, "Cum for me some more, Baby." A white hot flash of light exploded in my vision causing me to shut my eyes. A deep rumble started in my lower belly and everything below my waist that makes me a woman convulsed in unison and the muscles in my thighs locked up.

All the breath left my body at once and all I could do was moan my pleasure. The orgasm hit me like a Mack truck. It rolled over my body in waves, not releasing me from its grip. I was distantly aware that he was still talking in my ear… "Yeah baby, give Daddy that cum… mmmm yeah. that's it. oh baby…" My body quaked as he continued to grind and talk, talk and grind… the orgasm lost none of its strength and none of its violence.

I continued to produce the only sound I could get my body to release, the low guttural moan followed by an occasional whimper. It seemed that he grinding lost a little of its edge and I began to become a little more aware of my surrounding… his grip on my hair and nipple lessened and I fell down onto the car. I laid there as he began to slide his dick in and out of me once more… not as violently or as fast as before… but still a daunting punishment in my current state.

His breath caught in his throat and he stumbled over the words as he tried to let me know that his climax was imminent. Finally, with one great thrust, I felt his dick throb viciously once followed by several little pulses. I love that feeling and another wave of juice rolled down my legs as I felt his dick empty its contents into that little latex baggie. Fleetingly, I had a picture of a big wooden horse spilling its contents on the unsuspecting inhabitants of a well-guarded city, but I couldn't move to check and make sure everything was in tact.

I couldn't let go of the car.

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I couldn't stand up. I couldn't move. Slowly he backed out of me and immediately I felt my insides trying to settle back into their God ordained designated places.

As he disposed of the condom (which thankfully held up under the rigorous work out it received) and began to redress, the muscles in my thighs finally unlocked and my knees buckled. Only my cramped fingers kept me from falling to the ground. He quickly caught me and lifted me, gently helped me remove my fingers from the car.

He then helped me into my clothes and walked me to my car. He opened the door for me turned down my stereo and then sat me in the car. "Are you going to be alright?" he asked me. He was so cute. he was genuinely worried. "I don't know what got into me. I have never behaved like that before." I took a deep breath and began to use my hands to pull my legs, that were still weak and quivering, into the car.

I then let my head fall back against the head rest and closed my eyes, trying to regain my composure for the drive home. "Well, you'll get no complaints from me… that was some of the most intense sex I've had since… well for a very long time." He smiled a cocky half grin. "Soooo… may seem a little late for introductions, but I don't believe I caught your name." My head lolled to the side so that I was once again, staring into those beautiful eyes of his.

"Don't believe I dropped it, Sweetie," I replied with a smile. "Could you get the door for me?" His jaw dropped and classy babe banged hard by her stud from behind confident smile faltered. "Well, sure… ummm… well, uh… will I get to see you…" I placed a finger on his lips to stop the rest of the question. "Don't break the spell, Baby. Now close my door. Thank you for the much needed release.

I have to go home now. Close the door for me. Bye." He stood and reached a hand into his pants pocket… seemed to think better of whatever he had been about to do and then stepped out of the way of the door so he could close it. He placed both hands on the window and leaned in to kiss me on the forehead. "Okay," he said with a sigh of resignation.

"Thanks for tonight. Maybe we'll run into each other again sometime." I shrugged non-committally and started my car.

I put the car in reverse, blew him a kiss as I backed out of the makeshift parking space and left the way we had come in. A short time later I pulled into my driveway and got out of my car. As I stood, something fell out of my lap onto the ground. Picking it up I saw it was a business card. "Damon Wright, Attorney At Law," it read. I started to ball it up in my fist and then stopped. I fucked by her casting agent pornstars and hardcore at the card again and then placed it in my purse.

You just never know when you might need a good lawyer.