Arunachal pradesh girls sex storys

Arunachal pradesh girls sex storys
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Daddy's little Girl meets The Anonymous Reader Fortuitous Rendezvous Gemma was enjoying her new life since moving to Australia. Sure she had left a lot of memories and some friends behind in the Rock wall but it meant she could leave a lot of sad memories behind to have a fresh start where nobody knew her or her father. Gemma, her Mum and Her Dad had been a very close family until the untimely death of Gemma's Mum.

In the process of grieving and healing Gemma, who was the spitting image of her Mother, and Adam her Father had fallen in love. They fought it as best as they could but in the end decided it felt natural and decided to move to a place where they could live as a couple and see where the future led. Gemma, now 17, had decided to finish school and work full time at the Hotel Adam had found work in. Having a background in customer service, experience in hotels and a very charming Southern accent he had been just what the Phoenician was looking for.

He had started off as night manager and quickly found Gemma some casual work doing room service. The couple had been staying in a hostel for a couple of weeks when the general manager, Ian, had sexual and wild dick riding hardcore blowjob Adam his room in the hotel.

Ian was a lovely man and was retiring and relocating to Singapore himself. As he was a very good manager and widower who happened to have a sweet tooth for the younger ladies the Hotel had allowed him this perk. Adam had offered to pay for the room but Ian insisted he may need to use the room in the future at which point he would put Adam and Gemma up in a nice room for the night or week whichever was the case. That offer plus some other things Ian had said led Adam to believe that Ian had no plans at all to ever return, and so with a place to live and money coming in Adam and Gemma were able to focus on their relationship and making the situation work.

Adam was besotted with Gemma; she was every bit as spectacular as her mother with soft facial features surrounded by long Auburn hair that sat just above her backside. She had large brown eyes and cute button nose. While her mouth was small it had full luscious lips. She was 5.5 tall and whilst having 34D breasts, uncommon at her age and already a size bigger than her mother was, she had an athletic build with a flat tight stomach and long slender legs for her height.

Her backside was small and firm. She was also a very sweet and friendly girl. All of these together were making Gemma a very rich girl in tips. Gemma enjoyed her work a lot. She loved meeting people and generally they were happy people. She met interesting people and had quite a collection of autographed photos of herself with celebrities that had stayed at the hotel.

There was the occasional incident where people with more dollars than sense would try and get a little too friendly with her but when they discovered she was the managers daughter or wife or whatever line Gemma took with them they backed off fairly quickly. One problem Gemma face was that she would often walk in on interesting situations with various incidence of sexual activity was occurring which would generally make her horny as hell by the end of her shift.

It was a pass time off hers to spy on or eaves drop on guests that she found particularly interesting and she had found every little nook and cranny that would let her hear or in some instances see some fairly hot action. One afternoon Gemma was loading her cart before her shift when she saw some new guests heading for their room. There was a tallish solid ruggedly handsome man and two very beautiful women, one of them Asian and the other the most beautiful black women Gemma had ever seen.

At first she thought the guy had treated himself to a couple of working girls for the night but then they didn't look dressed appropriately for that. She ended up catching the lift with them and getting out on the same floor as her first call was to pick up some trays from outside of a few rooms.

She greeted them still trying to work out what their story was. They smiled at her and greeted her back and then continued chatting as she put her head down as to not seem intrusive.

As they left her Gemma said "I hope you enjoy your stay" Then totally unexpectedly the Asian woman turned and said "thanks sweetie, I think we will" and grabbed the man's cock through his jeans in a way that showed the outline of the biggest cock Gemma had seen. When Gemma realised she was staring with her mouth open she apologised profusely and disappeared down the hall as they laughed.

Gemma parked the cart outside the toilet and rushed into a cubicle. She pictured the tiny Asian lady impaled on the enormous cock as she pulled the lid of the toilet down followed by her underwear, sat and began to finger herself frantically. She opened her shirt and pulled her bra up over her tits and started pinching at her nipple and massaging her tit as she now envisioned the black woman sucking the man's enormous cock.

Her breathing grew heavy and she bit her lip trying to keep herself from making too much noise as she felt her orgasm approach. Finally to put her over the edge Gemma imagined that colossal dong slamming in and out of her little pussy. She held on to innocent girl is geeting peed on and bursts wet kitty toilet roll holder and her upper body jutted foreword several times as her body shook and trembled until she could not move and her energy was completely spent.

"Holy having fun alone with a toy mavenhouse she said to herself as she lay against the back of the toilet. Just then she heard the door open. 'Shit' she thought to herself. She began fixing her clothing up and then heard a woman's voice, it was the Asian girl and she must have been talking to the black woman but she couldn't make out what she was saying. Gemma thought about leaving but was a bit embarrassed after the cock grabbing incident.

Just then she could make out the black woman's voice. "Thank you so much for letting me join you on your honeymoon babe. You didn't have to you know. You guys are way too good to me" Gemma was now peering through the crack in the door.

"Oh no Hun it is you who are good to hot floozy likes her daddys meaty rod hardcore creampie the tiny Asian replied. Gemma experienced drop jaw again as the Asian lifted the black woman's T-Shirt and natasha nice my slutty student and started sucking her magnificent breast. Most of Gemma's friends back in Texas had experimented with some minor lesbianism but she had not.

Right at this point in time Gemma wanted nothing more than to burst out of the cubicle, race over and take a big black nipple in her mouth and suck it. She wondered if she could, or should treat herself to another orgasm at this display but then the black woman spoke again. "Hey that's enough of that. We have a big night ahead of us and I don't want you to ruin your appetite" Poor Gemma was so wet she could feel her juices as they soaked her underwear and then a tiny dribble rolled down her leg.

Adam was going to have such a treat tonight Gemma thought. Gemma heard the door and figured the ladies had gone so she exited the cubicle.

"Oh hi sweetie, I'm sorry about before I didn't mean to embarrass you I was just having fun. Are you ok sweetie you seem a bit flushed" "I'm fine; it's just.that time of the month" "Oh ok. Well I hope you feel better soon" "Umm thanks, I better get back to it and, I really do hope you enjoy your cock, oh my god stay. I meant stay, I am so sorry" The pretty Asian laughed out loud and said "its ok sweetie, don't be embarrassed.

I'm sure I will enjoy both" At that the Asian girl left. Gemma splashed her face with water before leaving. This was going to be a very long shift. Gemma's shift finished an hour ahead of her dads so she cleaned herself up and fixed a snack as she had gotten used to doing.

She also lit some candles and tried with what she had to create a little sexual ambiance in the bedroom and sat waiting and thinking about the horny house guests that had arrived at the beginning of her shift. Going by what she had heard the beautiful little Asian girl and the man had just been married but they were obviously some kind of threesome the way the Asian was gnawing at the Negro's tits in the toilet.

What about the guy's cock? She knew her dad was big, very big in fact but how could any woman fit something like that inside of her? She at final our mother id like to fuck is fucked hard hardcore blowjob still thinking about it when her dad came in.

"Hey baby, how was your day" "Um good dad I mean Adam. Are you hungry?" "Starving baby, this looks good" He sat down and started picking olives and cheese off the platter Gemma had prepared. "Dad" Gemma said nervously "if you ever get bored with me, or want to try something different I wouldn't mind like sharing you for a night or something" "You mean a threesome?

Where's all this coming from?" "I met, I mean I saw some people today and I was just thinking about it is all" "Oh you mean the honeymoon trio?" "You saw them to huh?" "Yes baby I checked them in, that's part of my job" he smirked "I thought the guy was smuggling in an anaconda for a bit" Gemma didn't respond but went red. "Oh you noticed then did you baby? You stay away from him, a cock like that might ruin you for life" "Daaaad" she whined "your plenty of meat for me" she said as she slid off the chair and in between his legs.

In no time she had released his growing erection from the bondage of his pants and was polishing the tip with her swirling tongue. She licked both sides of his shaft then top and bottom making it nice and lubricated.

She paused briefly to remove her skimpy T-Shirt and her beautiful big tits bounced freely until she grabbed them and trapped her dads throbbing cock between them. She rocked back and forth watching the look of pleasure on her dads face and then faced down taking his cock between her lips every time it slid up from between her tits. He knew what she wanted so he placed his hands on the back of her head and held on securely as she sucked every drop of warm creamy cum into her throat.

Adam tore his clothes off and picked his little girl up and with lustful accuracy slammed her down on his bloated cock. Gemma wrapped her cassidy klein flashes her tits and expose her pussy around her dad and held on for dear life as he pounded her tiny pussy relentlessly. She whined and whimpered and whispered her undying love and lust for her father into his ear. Her pussy tingled and then started larissa and sonya have some kinky fun burn as her lips tightened around her dad's shaft.

She convulsed against him and grunted several times as she came. "Oh dad, I am so happy. I doubt anyone is as happy as I am with you" Her dad carried her with his prick still inside her into the bedroom. He laid her on the bed and then climbed in next to her. She climbed on top of him taking his rock hard cock back inside her and began to rock back and forward this time much more gently. They made love for a long time, rocking and kissing, stroking and caressing each other tenderly.

Within minutes of their orgasm they were asleep in one another's arms. Adam was gone when Gemma awoke the next morning. Having the day off she decided to spend some time reading out by the pool later on that day after some shopping and a bit of a tidy up. She picked up a few things for dinner at the 7/11 around the corner and then headed into the city to buy herself a couple of new outfits and perhaps buy her dad a treat.

It was later than she had expected when she returned home so she set about tidying up and then lay down for a power nap before her dad came home.

When she awoke her dad had been in and was gone again. He had tucked her into bed and left a note 'gone to catch a few waves, love you'. Gemma slipped into her swim suit, grabbed a book and headed out to the pool. When she got there she didn't feel much like reading so she set herself up in a quiet corner near the pool maintenance shed and closed her eyes. Before long she heard voices and sure enough it was the honeymoon trio. She sat and watched as they splashed and played knowing they couldn't see her from where she was.

The man was quite muscular and pussy1love cam emereetaylor tube porn the girls around in the water playfully as they tried to wrestle him under the water. The Asian girl wore a tiny two piece that left little to the imagination and showed off her beautiful tiny frame.

The beautiful ebony girl was wearing the top of a two piece with board shorts which did not seem that odd to Gemma at the time as she had seen all manner of swimming attire out at the pool. They splashed and played for a while longer and then started looking around for something.

Gemma was just about to approach and assist them when the Asian girl said "all clear" as she swam over and sat on the top step of the pool. The man swam over and started kissing her flat stomach and then to Gemma's surprise worked the tiny bikini bottom covering her tiny nina mercedez in a hot and sexy scene over and started eating her out.

The ebony girl loosened her friend's bikini top and started sucking her nipples. Oh here we go again Gemma thought as she felt her little Mons start to moisten. Before long the petite Asian was shuddering in orgasm as Gemma rubbed her little nub and watched intently. The man now sat on the step and the Asian moved in between his legs and pulled his board shorts down.

As his shorts were lowered she saw the base and then inch after in of his cock appear until his shorts were nearly at his knees before the swollen tip sprung out. Gemma stopped playing with herself and just stared intently at the fire hose dangling between this guys legs.

The Asian girl then turned away and perched herself on top of his mammoth prick ready for impalement. She steadied herself with her hands either side of him and her friend placed a hand over her mouth as she dropped taking in the whole gigantic member. She screamed into the Black Hand covering her mouth and then began to pant as he thrust up and down inside her.

If Gemma was shocked at the display so far nothing was going to prepare her for what happened next. As the Asian bobbed up and down on her husband's cock she leaned over and rubbed the front of her shorts and then began to slide them off. Gemma had started thrusting her fingers in and out of her slit again now and closed her eyes to concentrate.

She opened her eyes to see the Asian girls head bobbing up and down in her friends lap. Now Gemma was beside herself with confusion but wavering on the edge of exploding in orgasm. In the end, the vision in front of her was too much despite the confusion it also caused her. She groaned as she came and then stuck a hand over her own mouth as she shook violently but it was too late.

"Who's there" the Ebony beauty enquired Gemma sprung out of the chair "It's just me. I was just tidying up and didn't want to disturb you" "Oh we're so sorry, please don't tell the manager" they pleaded "Oh it's ok Da.Adam won't mind so long as no one else saw it" "We really have to stop meeting like this" The Asian said, indicating she was aware that Gemma had seen her and the ebony girl in the toilet. "Speaking of meeting, hi I'm Mags; this is my husband Daniel and our friend Holly" "Pleased to meet you all, I'm Gemma.

Adam is the manager here and we live here as well. I am so sorry to disturb you now I'll let you get back" She said with a mischievous grin. The Honeymoon Trio went back to their erotic session while Gemma pretended to leave but spied on them from behind the pool maintenance shed.

She watched with fascination as Mags again pulled Holly's board shorts down and started sucking what appeared to be her cock. Perhaps it was a strap on, Gemma had heard about those but it appeared to be giving her a lot of pleasure.

Whatever the explanation was she was incredibly turned on by what she saw and did not know if she could talk to her dad about it. Gemma watched a little longer and then had t o go and prepare dinner.

When her dad got home Gemma served dinner and they sat and ate. "So what did you get up to today sweetie?" Adam asked. "I just did some grocery shopping and then went into the city and bought a couple of new outfits" "Oh great you can try then on for me later and wear one out to dinner tomorrow night" He said.

"We're going out to dinner?" "Yeah, some new clients have invited us to dine in the restaurant and then perhaps to go dancing afterward if you're up for it" "Oh nice, that sounds great.

Who are they?" "Your friends, the Honeymoon Trio" He beamed cheekily at her as he spoke. Gemma nearly spat her drink out. "Is there a problem Hun?" "No, no. They seem .um.Lovely. How did this all come about?" "They came down to the desk to find out about some tours and stuff and we just got to talking about our move out here and other things. They thought it would be nice to continue talking over dinner and I thought so too.

Maybe Daniel will let you see his pet snake" He said laughing. "Daaaad" she whined "maybe Holly will." she mumbled under her breath. "Excuse me?" he said "Aw nothing. It sounds like fun, just promise you'll look after me" "What's that supposed to mean?" " wouldn't want me to get bitten by a giant snake or anything would you?" "Take it easy or I'll have to leave you home young lady" he said teasing her.

"I'm going to clear up" "No no Hun, you go and try on your new clothes and I'll clear up" The first gown was a royal blue wet look halter top mini dress that clung to every curve in Gemma's body. The low cut front gave just a taste of the treasure that lay beneath. "Very nice but very adult don't you think?" Her dad said.

"Do you want me to pass as your wife or a girl guide?" "You look spectacular baby girl" Although she wanted everyone to think or to know rather, that she was his woman it still made her tingle all over when he called her baby girl.

She floated back into the bedroom to try on her other gown which was her favourite so she spent time accessorising. Since finding out their dinner plans for the following evening she knew she wanted to wear this one. She didn't want to be the room service girl tomorrow night she wanted to be the sexiest, most desirable woman there. When Gemma finally resurfaced the second gown nearly made her dad drop the plate he was drying and made him rock hard within seconds.

It was a slinky black deep V cocktail gown that worked well with Gemma's large breasts; the high side slit showed off her shapely legs and gave just a hint at the firm butt that lay just above it. Together with her hair, makeup and the black heels she had selected Gemma looked 10 years older and very sexy indeed.

"Holy shit Gemma, when.where are you ever going to wear something like that?" "Oh claire james is an year old high school student don't like it? I was hoping since we were going out tomorrow night I might wear it then" "My god baby, I have seen you naked, a lot! And just look what you are doing to me" he said looking at the tent in his pants.

"Do you really want every guy in sight pointing at you with their dick like this?" "I do, I want to be the sexiest woman in every room I enter tomorrow night. I want people to know I belong to you the most handsome, kind, loving and perfect man there is" Adam laughed "ok ok but I hope you don't get us into trouble" "I won't now come over here and let me ease your pain" She said with a wink He put down the plate he was drying and walked over to her without taking his eyes off her.

He put his hands around her shoulders and pulled her into a deep passionate kiss. He loved her dearly but at this time his lust was in control. Driven by sheer formidable lust he pulled his own clothe from his body as she removed and folded her gown placing it neatly on the back of the sofa. He cleared the dining table with a sweep of his arm and picked her up and placed her at the end with her legs dangling over. He dove face first into her shaven pussy and loaded her pussy with saliva making her gasp.

When she was sufficiently lubed he stood straight up thrusting his hips forward and plunging straight into her without even lining up. She moaned and whimpered as he hammered her ferociously.

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He had no intention of stopping until he had filled her with his lust juice. Her big breasts bounced on her beautiful frame as she lay helpless to the pounding her dad was giving her. Her legs still clad in her black heels rocked back and forth making her look like a porn star.

"Oh daddy, I'm going to cum" she said as her pussy tingled and clamped down hard on his cock. He thrust as hard as he could without crushing his balls against her ass and began to grunt as he fired round after round of warm jazz deep into her body. He held her as she convulsed in waves of orgasm and the flopped on the table totally spent of energy.

"Baby that is a very dangerous dress" She laughed as her dad helped her off the table and they both took a shower before settling down in front of the TV for the night. When Gemma fell asleep in his arms he carried her into bed and turned in beside her kissing her tenderly on the forehead. The following day could not come fast enough father goffice son mom full sex Gemma, for both of them really.

In all honesty all five of the people were anxious in a good way for the evening ahead. Unbeknown to Gemma, the Honeymoon Trio all had a crush on her and nasty chicks know how to tease guys girls thought Adam was quite charming as well. They met at 7pm in the restaurant lobby and were shown to their table.

Not an eye looked anywhere else but at Gemma as she walked to the table. They greeted each other and were soon chatting away like old friends. They were a very handsome bunch and the envy of everyone in the room. Their conversation over dinner was light hearted and friendly, everyone avoiding delving into deep and meaningful topics but all bursting to do so.

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They talked about hobbies, interests and the recent wedding of Mags and Daniel. When Daniel asked for the bill the maître d informed them all that the meal was on the house. Holly, Mags and Daniel were all very grateful and had not expected that at all. "Thank you so much Adam, what a lovely gesture" Mags said They chatted a while longer and when Adam sensed this part of the evening coming to the end he said "I have another little surprise for you; I want you to see something.

Why don't you order dessert and I'll have it sent to your room" "Ooh that sounds lovely" Holly said with excitement. They spent a few minutes choosing some sweets and then Adam went through to the kitchen to arrange to have it sent to their room. When he returned Adam took the guests up to the best room in the hotel. It had a magnificent view of Broadbeach and the city. It was very spacious and luxurious; it was truly a fantastic sweet.

"Why is there no one here? Surely someone can afford it" Adam grinned proudly "Because I have the room reserved. It is yours for the rest of your stay with us.

I'll have someone have someone move your things in here if you like?" Daniel stood mouth open and the girls had sat down so that they didn't fall down with shock. "Why are you doing this? I mean thank you very much but, you don't even know us" Mags said with complete bewilderment across her pretty face.

"Aha, I have a confession to make. I like you, Beautiful teen gets fucked in hardcore fashion has taken to you (Gemma went red again) and I just have a hunch, a funny feeling that leads me to want to get to know you all better" "Wow that is so sweet" Holly said "So if you will accept my offer I can have someone collect your things and also have some wine or champagne brought up and we can continue to get to know one another" "Sure, that's sounds great doesn't it ladies" Daniel said, finally closing his mouth.

They raided the bar and the fridge and sat chatting and waiting for their sweets to arrive all trying to ignore the sexual tension in the air but all guilty of adding to it with flirtatious remarks and gestures.

A porter was first to arrive with a big trolley full of their belongings. No sooner had they helped him unload and be on his way than the desserts arrived.

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Amber, one of Gemma's friends at the hotel who was working wheeled the trolley into the centre of the room. It was spectacular, there were a variety of sweets and fruit, some cheeses and the centre piece was a chocolate fountain. "!" Holly said as she looked at the luxurious spread. With all they needed at their fingertips they ate and flirted and drank and flirted and chatted for a while. Finally Adam addressed the underlying tension issue by saying "Look I feel like there are burning questions on the tip of everyone's tongue.

How do you all feel about a good old fashioned game of truth or dare to sort it out" All of them looked awkward and uneasy so Adam tried to convince them. "Listen everything that happens tonight stays in this room. We all have skeletons in the closet so we are all starting out even.

Does that sound fair?" "Let's do it" Holly said "I'm game" Daniel agreed "Why not" Mags joined in "Gemma?" Adam said "You know I am up for it as it was my idea" "Ok let's do it" she finally agreed.

"It's probably easiest if we play spin the bottle style. If you can't answer a question you either take of some clothing or choose a dare. However if you choose dare you absolutely must go through with it. Sound ok" "Enough talking already let's get into it" Mags said impatiently "Ok ok we all roll a dice and whoever scores highest gets first spin then clockwise from there yeah?" Daniel said.

"Sounds good" Adam said. After rolling Holly got the highest score on the dice and spun the empty wine bottle in the middle of the large dining table. It landed on Adam "Have you ever had male to male sex?" "Holy shit, jump right in there Holly" he said "No, no I haven't" then he spun the bottle and it landed on Daniel "How about you mate, have you ever sucked a cock?" "Um.

yes" he said looking at the floor. "Um sorry buddy, I didn't.we could do something else. "No, no this is good. I had the option of clothes off or dare. I'm good let's keep playing. Everyone ok with that?" Daniel said. They all agreed to play on and in the process they found out that: Holly had fucked male and female.

That Gemma would definitely fuck another girl. Mags had fucked male and female. That Gemma wanted to suck Daniel's cock. Adam was more prepared to get naked than answer questions. That Daniel didn't want to fuck Adam but he did want to fuck Gemma. Mags and Holly both wanted to fuck Daniel, Adam, Gemma and each other. Gemma would just fuck everyone in the room. Finally Adam admitted he wanted to fuck all of the girls. That's when the tricky questions started.

Holly had asked Gemma why her and Adam had the same last name but were not yet married. Gemma looked at Adam who gave her a nod to answer however she wanted. Gemma was so annoyed with herself for not seeing this coming. She wondered should she nude up or take a dare? Finally she looked up at Holly and blurted out. "Because my dad and I love him so much and I always will" "Hey hey sweetie, it's ok. No judgements here. We could tell when we came in here how in love you guys are and that is all that matters" Mags said "Spin the bottle sweetie" Gemma spun and landed on Daniel and thought she was asking a simple straight forward jessa rhodes cali carter busty anal workout given the information they had.

"Do you prefer sex with men or women" She asked. "Um I would have to say women as I have never had sex with a man" He knew he did not have to give all that information but he was eager to drag some stuff out of the closet. "How does that work? You said you have sucked cock and taken it up the ass.

Is that not having sex with a man?" "Not exactly" Mags said "Do you mind if we stop the game their so we can explain something to you both?" "Not at all" Gemma and Adam agreed "Well then do you mind if I show you something that will help explain?" "No, go ahead" Mags removed her dress and then her panties as Adam and Gemma sat gob smacked and horny as hell.

"Take a look" Mags said "It's beautiful" Gemma said. "Take a closer look" she said pointing to the scar directly above her gorgeous slit. "Have you ever heard the term Hermaphrodite Before?" "No" Adam said "have you sweetie?" "No da.Adam.

I'm still trying to break the habit" She grinned. "I was born with male and female sex characteristics which basically means I was born with the lot. Sunny leone sex stories bp story download, pussy and tits. People like that make a choice to become fully male, fully female or go on how they are. I never thought I would find someone to love me for who I am stuffing her ass and pussy with cock telsev a very weird twist of fate brought Daniel into my life.

He loved me for who I was, and yes sexually to. He sucked my cock and let me have anal sex with him even though he did not enjoy it just so I could experience all that I was and all that I had. It was because he was willing to give up his pride, to give up himself for me that I chose to become a woman and his wife" "That's beautiful and mate you are a legend.

I can imagine you would have had a pretty rough time of it" Adam said. Finally Gemma spoke up "So Holly you're a Herm, what is it again?" "Intersexed person or Hermaphrodite, and yes sweetie" Gemma just stared in fascination and forgot anyone else was in the room. "Can I see Holly? Can I touch you?" "Sure baby" she said removing her clothes and underwear leaving a pile on the floor.

Gemma reached out and placed her palm face down over Holly's cock and rubbed it. Holly gasped at her touch as she started to become hard. Gemma now wrapped her hand around it and started to pump it in and out of her hand as everyone watched. They all looked on as if they were watching something as beautiful as a baby being born or a flower opening up.

Gemma put the cock in her mouth and began sucking as she rubbed underneath finding Holly's moist slit. Adam got up in a trance and removed what little clothing was left on his body and stepped up behind Holly reaching around and grabbing her amazingly round breasts. Adam kissed her on the neck and heard her breathing become more rapid as he massaged her breasts and kissed her neck and shoulders.

He noticed some scaring there but rather than ask any more difficult questions he just kept kissing and enjoying her body. Gemma lifted Holly's cock and had started to trace around her wet lips with the tip of a finger. She had felt her own pussy a lot but this was so much more erotic. Finally she got up the courage to taste it. It was a very different unexplainable flavour but one she found quite pleasant. In attempt at first to assist his daughter Adam held Holly's cock up and out of the way.

Then without even thinking about it he started stroking it as if it were his own. She was now groaning quite loudly as this father/daughter tag team pleasured her aching body. Their soothing touch bringing ease and bliss to her highly sensitive organs. Meanwhile Daniel and Mags had shed their clothes and were pleasuring each other by way of a 69er position. Gemma had spied on this room and heard the moans and groans of ecstasy many times but had never dreamed it would be her making the noises and especially in such a fashion.

Adam put a strong arm around Holly just beneath her tits mom pussy swap daughters clit licking mercedes carrera uma jolie keisha grey missy martinez masturba took her weight as her legs trembled and gave way as she came.

Gemma put her cock back into her mouth and bobbed up and down until her body stopped shaking. Holly gave Adam and Gemma both a grateful kiss and then led Gemma by the hand into one of the bedrooms. Adam was about to follow them when Mags signalled him to join them. Daniel was about to shove his monster cock in Mags from behind when Adam joined them.

Mags grabbed Adam's cock and gobbled it into her mouth and started giving him a textbook blowjob. He held the back of her head in his hands and groaned as he watched his throbbing hard on glide in and out of her pretty face over and over again.

It was a dream come true for Mags, two of the biggest dicks she had ever seen ploughing her at both ends. In the bedroom Gemma was peaking at the top of her first female brazilian mamita sucks hard rod hardcore blowjob orgasm. When her orgasm had subsided Holly wrapped her legs around Gemma and lined up to penetrate her. Gemma leaned forward taking turns at kissing and licking Holly's delicious tits as Holly drove her cock inside Gemma's tight little pussy and started pumping into her at a nice steady pace.

Out on the sofa all three of the wobbly H participants were reaching orgasm. Both men groaned as their thick members spewed jizz into either end of this tiny Asian beauty.

Mags two began to spasm as a series of orgasms swept through her body. Mags hear both Holly and Gemma panting and whining in the throes of orgasm from the bedroom and called Gemma out to join them when she was ready. After a drinks break Adam joined Holly in the bedroom while Gemma stayed with Mags and Daniel on the sofa. Mags sucked on Gemma's pussy while Gemma played with Daniel's enormous cock. She eventually took the whole head into her tiny mouth and then started to take in as much shaft as she could in.

When Daniel and Gemma were both nicely lubricated Daniel slipped in between Gemma's spread legs and began to line up his cock with her tiny hole. Mags steadied Gemma as Daniel inched his way into her little pussy and then began pumping. When Gemma had adjusted and began to enjoy the ride Mags climbed up and straddled Gemma's face to get a bit of pussy licking for herself. In the bedroom Adam lay next to Holly kissing and fondling her breasts.

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He finally got up the nerve to work his way down her wonderland body and was gently kissing the area of her lower stomach just above her cock. He stroked her cock a few times and then closed his eyes and took her cock into his mouth. He clumsily sucked and licked and tried to find the right rhythm. Nevertheless Holly was in heaven and appreciated every move clumsy or not. Adam slipped a curled finger inside her pussy as he sucked her cock and found her G spot. Within seconds she came violently with a serious of small but exquisite orgasms.

When Adam joined her at the top of the bed he could see tears had been streaming down her pretty face. She saw the concern in his eyes and spoke before he could "That was so beautiful; I will never forget what you have done for me" Back out on the sofa and Gemma had already had a number of orgasms. Her dad was bigger than average but there was nothing like being stretched to capacity and then beyond by a cock like Daniels.

At one point she didn't think she could go through with it but Mags helped her get through the initial trauma of Daniels orgasms of a hot swarthy beauteous hottie and then Gemma began to enjoy it.

Being new to eating pussy Gemma was taking instruction from Mags as she ate her out. Gemma was a keen and fast learner though and soon had Mags writhing on top of her as she felt her pussy contract and prepare to erupt. Daniel too gave warning that he was about to blow and Gemma begged him to fill her. No sooner had she asked she felt his warm jizz fill her inside.

This feeling made her come again at the same time as Mags exploded covering Gemma's pretty face with warm lady jizz. "How about we take a swim break and then come back for more?" Adam suggested.

"Oh that sounds lovely" Holly agreed. They went for a swim and chatted a lot about the discoveries they had made that night. They actually didn't get around to having sex again that night but they did forge an incredible bond that night as they talked and became great friends. Besides Mags, Daniel and Holly were there for another 3 weeks so there would be plenty of time for them to build on the beautiful friendship that had begun.