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Japans 10 boys xxx for sunny leon
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(Let's listen in on these people telling this amazing 'true' story into a tape recorder. The daughter 'Brenda' explains first&hellip.) &hellip.I'm Brenda and wanted to write a story about all this, so I taped it, so I could remember it all. I was still stunned that my plan had worked so well. All four of us, (a few mixed drinks,) and I got them to reveal their inner thoughts about all that had happened into my tape recorder.

------------- &hellip.We all sat in the living room and I told everyone I was going to write a story about all that had happened.

I was taping it to help me remember it all. I gave them all fake names. We all were relaxing. Everyone smiled with no objections. &hellip.I started the tape, not using our real names of course, and began talking&hellip. ----------------------------------------------------------- .My brother 'Jack' and I, I'm 'Brenda', soon knew about our dad, 'Mel's new girlfriend 'Carmine'. She had this little fetish of liking to watch Jack and I. &hellip.In our bedrooms, shower and the more skin showing, the better.

It was kind of creepy at first. If we undressed, showered or showed lots of skin, she seemed be right there to watch. Dad had shown her porn, but she said once she'd poisonous penny sexy teen beauty masturbates on cam people 'live', nothing else took it's place. Dad told us both privately, 'just let her do it, it makes her happy and It doesn't hurt anything.' &hellip.She was always in a nightgown herself, or see through something.

She didn't wear a bra or panties. She was built real good with nice size tits. My brother sure didn't mind how she looked. I wasn't into girls, but she was very sexy looking to me. &hellip.Little did dad know, watching us was just the beginning. She talked to my brother Jack and I. She said: "Jack, Brenda, Just leave your door open and let me watch you, that's all." Mel (dad) says it's ok with him." We wanted our privacy at first, then we got a little turned on when she would peek sexy teen with nylon webcam us as she stood standing in a doorway.

After a few weeks, Jack told me she secretly ask him to wank while she watched. It was a big turn on for him. She was a good looking woman, she had nice tits, nice ass and dressing real sexy.

It was hot for Jack to have her to look at and watch him while he wanked. &hellip.A while later, she started rubbing her pussy while watching us. That really turned Jack on. It took me a while, but soon she rubbed her pussy and tits as she watched me in my night clothes.

&hellip. One night in bed, I pulled down my panties some, and I just started fingering my self as she watched.

I wanted to see her reaction. &hellip.I got turned on by her watching me. She slowly got close to my bed. She opened her robe and I saw her naked full bush pussy.

She spread her legs apart, and rubbed her big clit. I rubbed my clit until I orgasmed big. She orgasmed at the same time with me. We both moaned quietly and were out of breath. This was a new and exciting thrill for me. She slowly began to get even bolder…… ……Soon she sat on each of our beds to watch us. Next she laid on our beds facing us and fingered her own pussy while we wanked. We agreed this was a real turn on watching her as she watch us.

Jack and I now told her when we were going to wank, silvia rubi anal free porn she could come watch us. Dad was happy, he said this made her hot and they had great sex after she watched us. It was strange, but we liked it, and never said a word to outsiders. Then things began to change. Jack told me she was laying on her back facing him, watching him wank as she fingered her clit.

She got very excited watching him and whispered: (".oh please.can I do that for you?") (Jack interrupted)… "A hand job?, hell yes!" (everyone laughs!…Carmine smiled and got a little red in the face&hellip.I chuckled and continued…) &hellip.Jack told me he reached over and put her hand on his cock. She started slowly jacking him. He said she got real excited and gasp for breath as she jacked faster. She started rubbing her pussy fast. When he shot his load, she moaned and squirmed her body.

Now she was giving hand jobs with no complaints from Jack! (everyone chuckled…) I felt a little left out. I wanted more action too. I didn't have long to wait. I told her that night I was going finger myself if she wanted to watch. I wanted her to finger me like she jacked my brother. When I was younger, I had one close girlfriend who we fingered each other, and one night we even licked each others pussy's.

I liked it but I was into boys, and my boyfriend was fucking me real good, and eating my pussy too. I planned out a hot show for Carmine to see if she would finger me. She came in that night and laid on my bed facing me to watch me finger myself. I took my panties off and scooted my pussy close to her, opened up my legs wide, putting one leg over her and started in with moaning as I fingered myself. Her one hand started rubbing her pussy as she watched.

Her other hand was on her leg, just inches away from my wet pussy. I increased my fingering and then started using both my hands. One inside my pussy, and the other to rub my clit. I bounced my hips, thrusting my pussy hi in the air and moaning. She put her hand closer to my pussy as she watched. I scooted down some so her hand was almost touching my pussy. Finally Carmine moaned and whispered. ("…I've never fingered a girl before, could I maybe try it with you?) &hellip.

I reached down, took her fingers and eased them in my wet pussy. I moved her fingers out of her pussy, then put mine in.

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She began to tremble at the new feelings. I reached for her G spot. She reached for mine. Now we both got really hot. &hellip.We moaned quietly and began to both gasp for breath. I guided her hand in me to work my G spot good. I moved her thumb to rub my clit at the same time. I did the same to her. We were really getting hot and wet. We tried to moan quietly. I felt her body lock up, squeezing her pussy tight on my fingers.

She had a huge shaking orgasm. She tried to muffle the moan. I moved her hand fast in me and I too orgasmed big. I tried to moan quietly as I could. We lay there squirming our pussy's and panting for air.

She was now hooked on fingering me. (Carmine interjected…) "I sure was!&hellip.this was hot sexual fun for us both." (.everyone listened intently as I continued.) This was great. Sometimes I just let her get me off, while I thought about fucking a hot guy at school. She got good at it, and anytime&hellip.

she was willing to finger me to a great orgasm. &hellip.This went on for while, but she must have been wanting more. Jack said she was getting her face real close to his cock when she wanked him. &hellip.Did she have the urge to suck on his cock? We thought so.

Jack said: "I'm going to find out." He devised a plan to see if she would. &hellip.That night he told her he was going to wank. She quickly whispered: ("…oh.I'll do it for you, let me do it please.") They set a time and she came in to wank him.

They lay 69 as she stroked him. He reached over, ran his hand inside her robe. .She jumped, as he had never done this before. She had no panties on as he felt her full bush. He slowly rolled european babe fingers herself fingering and romantic towards him as he rolled toward her. As they faced each other 69, he lifted her upper leg and started gently fingering her wet pussy. She made no effort to stop him, but just moaned quietly.

She was now stroking him with his cock right in her face. He said her eyes got big and her fingers trembled as she stroked him. He moved his face real close to her pussy. Now his cock was almost touching her lips. I don't think dad had planned on this going this far and sara stone oiled up tits big boobs and hardcore was taking a big risk.

Her desire was slowly overriding the feeling of risk. He watched her licking her quivering lips. He rubbed her clit slowly. She took her other hand and stopped him.

&hellip.He stuck his finger in her pussy. She pulled his finger out. She sat up and whispered: (".I…want to go further with you but we have to wait till your dad's not home…ok? Right now I want to watch you cum as I finger my self, next time we'll go further and not have to worry about getting caught.") ……The thought of that really turned my brother on and he wanked himself fast while watching her masturbate herself.

She really got into it and felt her own tits and squirmed as she put 4 fingers in her hot pussy. She moaned as she orgasmed big. When he shot his load, she grabbed his cock and wanked with him. His cum shot on the side of her face. Jack had never seen her this turned on before. Her body twitched and she muffled her moans.

She kept jacking him slowly and playing with his cum. Her pussy was sopping wet as she worked her fingers in it. She lay there with him as they both caught their breath. She took the cum on her hand and brought it to her lips. She tasted his cum, then got up and ran out of the room. ----------------- &hellip.She didn't watch us anymore.

She was waiting for a time when dad would be gone for a long time. We all waited. Weeks went by until dad said he was going to a over night fishing trip.

&hellip.One night she quietly came in my room with my brother Jack. She sat on my bed and she whispered: ("…we want to do something while dad is gone&hellip.we just discussed all of us getting together&hellip.we've both always wanted a threesome.

Are you game for it?") Jack stood behind her nodding his head 'yes' real big. Jack and I had never done anything sexually together. That thought and with her too, got me instantly hot.

I started smiling and nodded my head 'yes'. ----------------- &hellip.Dad left that night and that's when things got crazy. ----------------- &hellip.I walked out of my bedroom to find Jack and Carmine kissing and feeling each other up right at the end of the hallway.

They were undressing each other. I stood in the shadows and watched. &hellip.Their clothes went flying off and soon they were both naked. They turned and walked towards my bedroom. I stood there all hot as they came up to me, all smiles. They started undressing me. My heart was beating fast as they both slowly removed my blouse, bra, shorts and panties.

They both started feeling me up. I had to lean on the hall wall as my legs began to tremble. They took my hands and put them on their bodies. I had never done this before and It was the hottest I'd ever been. Carmine stepped back, and just let Jack I go at it. (Jack talked now&hellip.) I've never messed with my sister Brenda, but I've legal age teenager attractive babe likes large dick thought about it.

She has the sweetest tits and ass and now I get to feel them. I've never seen her turned on like this and I'm loving it. My cock is rock hard over these two, but doing it to my sister is such a taboo thing, I'm getting extra excited about it. I wondered how she felt about it&hellip. (I talked…) I've wondered at times what it would be like to have sex with my brother, but stopped the thoughts as it always made me horny and it was so taboo to have sex with your brother.

Oh god I'm so hot for him right now. Our hands are both shaking. I'm actually feeling my brother up. I've peeked at him before, but now his cock is hard and sticking out. His hands on my tits are giving me pleasure shocks in my pussy. I'm going to feel his boner for the first time&hellip.Oh my god&hellip.it's so warm and big. (Carmine spoke&hellip.) &hellip.just watching these two do there first feel up is got my pussy dripping wet.

Watching their trembling hands is a real turn on. I'll let them enjoy themselves and slowly add my hands in. Now they're going to know the hidden me and my desire to watch and feel live bodies to start with. I going to give them the sexual thrill of their lives. I can't wait to suck his young cock and eat her sweet little pussy. &hellip.When I was young, my two older brothers started tickling me one day when mom and dad were gone.

Then one held me down and the other started feeling my little tits and then my pussy. I got really turned on. I giggled and didn't resist at all. They ended up sucking my titties and licking my pussy. I watched them both jack off in front of me. I rubbed my little clit with them. &hellip. We never had sex, but I loved the sex foreplay they gave me and the attention from them.

We did this every chance we got. Next time they had me jack them off. Watching them shoot hot cum on my hand was thrilling. &hellip.Then next time, I sucked on their dicks as they shot their cum on my face in my mouth. I miss doing that and all the hot sexual feelings they gave me. I let them lick my pussy anytime they wanted, while I watched them jack off.

They gave me my first orgasm, and many more.&hellip.Mel is not into much foreplay. Now I'm going to show these kids what foreplay is all about&hellip.

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------------------ Jack and I both described how it went… ---------------- (Jack spoke) &hellip.I had peeked at my sister naked before, but the taboo thing keep putting a damper my thoughts of fucking her.

She had nice soft looking tits and a tight round ass. I loved her long blond hair and she did make me very horny. Now we were going for it.

I started with her nice tits. -------- (I spoke) Jack was a cool brother and I too tried not to close up exploration of the most perfect sexually attracted to him, but I had my private thoughts, and they were hot for him.

&hellip.It started in the hallway with Jack and I when we started a mass feel up on each other. With Carmine watching us and getting turned on, which made it all the hotter. We were experiencing a new sex thing for us. Jack knew just how to feel me and get me so very hot. Now that it was a 'go' to let our desires go for it, we really got into hot sexual feelings. ------------- (Jack spoke) My sister is so sexy when she's turned on. I was in heaven feeling her hot body. Carmine watching and feeling herself made it hotter.

We could feel our bodies tremble knowing we were going to fuck for the first time. All three of us were breathing hard as the excitement was making us all crazy. Carmine soon joined in and started feeling us as we felt each other. We started feeling her too.

As a guy, having 4 tits to feel and two pussy's was blowing my mind&hellip. ---------- (I spoke…) Carmine had such a hot body, and never having sex with a woman, was a mega turn on for me.

I was having the best of both worlds. She had big tits and I loved to feel them. I loved the feel of big nipples and playing with them&hellip.but…right now I was so horny I wanted to fuck my brother bad. I wanted to lay down right in the hallway and fuck him even with Carmine watching.

We all started moving towards Carmine's big bed. ------------------- (Jack spoke&hellip.) &hellip.I was now so hot to fuck my sister, Carmine had to be second. I laid sis down and started sucking her sweet tits. Carmine was panting, going crazy feeling sis and I up as we felt each other. I could wait no more and put sis's legs up and began licking her pussy. She had shaved a long light brown runway down to her pussy. Her clit was large, puffy and bright reddish pink.

I put my lips on it and sucked it. She jumped and squirmed and rubbed her own clit along with my tongue. Carmine sucked on sis's tits as she fingered herself, and felt her own tits. The girls were really moaning good now. Carmine started fondling my boner as I licked sis's sweet wet pussy.

I moved up to put my boner in sis as Carmine stuck her head between my legs and started licking my balls. I put my boner in sis's warm pussy for the first time.

&hellip.We began instantly fucking as it was a perfect fit. Sis really knew how to fuck, and worked her pussy around on my boner.

I was up on my knees and put sis's legs up on my shoulders. Then we felt Carmine's tongue licking us from underneath as we fucked. I looked at sis, her eyes were closed and moaning like crazy. I felt her pussy clamp down on my boner as she began to shake all over. I held her tight as I pushed my boner in as far as I could. I felt a huge cum jolt out of me and start pumping in her.

We both yelled our moans as we fucked as fast as we beautiful babe receives wild doggy style sex. Cum was flowing out of her overfilled pussy.

Carmine was right there licking it beneath us. I was having the best cum of my life as my boner just kept on cuming. Moans from everyone now. Shaking, trembling, squirming as it went off the pleasure scale. Carmine was fingering herself fast as the bed shook with us all squirming. Sis and I locked our arms around each other beautys sensational wang riding pornstar and hardcore fucked together for a long time.

I remember hearing the squishing of my cum in her pussy&hellip. Our minds slowly just drifted away&hellip. &hellip.I kinda came to with 4 hands feeling me all over.

The girls were slowly lifting me off sis an onto Carmine wide open legs. They both guided my still rock hard boner to Carmine's awaiting wet pussy. Carmine rubbed my boner up and down on her full bush, cock starved sluts diamond kitty and ada sanchez suck and ride thick cock me crazy.

Sis's hands were all over me, feeling my balls and body. Sis and Carmine were both kissing my neck and sis was kissing me all over. I felt Carmine putting my boner in her pussy. She grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled me in deep. She moaned a long moan and started moving her pussy around on my boner. Sis was feeling my balls and massaging them as Carmine and I began to fuck slow. My spent body came to life as I had no choice but to fuck this beautiful woman I had dreamed of fucking for so long.

&hellip.Carmine pulled my boner in deep with each stroke. I felt the bottom of her pussy and beyond. My mind was dizzy breathtaking enjoyment from group fucking hardcore groupsex hot pleasure.

Two hot woman had made me their slave of pleasure. Sis was hot all over again and she gasp for air. I loved the feel of her hands all over me while I fucked Xxx sanileon bp sex stories storys. I grabbed on to Carmine's big tits and started fucking faster with her. Carmine was going wild with moaning and fucking me fast and deep. Sis started fingering herself as she felt us both.

&hellip.Sis laid on my back humping my butt while fingering her clit. My boner now had a life of it's own and pushed me up to a peak cum, all new to me.

&hellip.I shot&hellip. and saw bursts of light in my head. I didn't know a woman could fuck as fast as Carmine. Her arms held me strong as he moaned loud in my ear. Sis yelled in my other ear. I didn't care how loud they yelled as my cum came shooting in Carmine.

We all shook and squirmed like animals. From somewhere my cum filled Carmines pussy as she cried out my name. I had made her peak to a new place in sexual highs. She gasp, shook and moaned and just kept on with it for a long time. I went back to pleasure land in my head and sucked air over and over.

------------------- (I spoke)…afterwards I was in the shower thinking&hellip. I was numb for a long time. All this was over the top for me. My pussy tingled at just the thought of what had happened.

What was next… …my mind wandered in it's joy. Brother Jack and Carmine had taken my sexual feelings and took them up off the scale.

I wanted more sex with Jack and Carmine, that's all I knew. A threesome opens up many new things to do sexually.

I wanted them all. Jack and I fucked like no other boyfriend I'd ever had before&hellip.oooooo…that warm water feels so good on my sensitive clit now. (Carmine reflected back and spoke&hellip.) &hellip.I'll never forget that night. The waiting and waiting, knowing I was going to get more sexual action than my brothers ever gave me.

(I spoke&hellip.) &hellip.The next day dad got home real tired and flopped down on the couch. We all greeted him with smiles. Jack on one side, me on the other and Carmine with her legs over his, sitting facing him.

Dad said: "Well…how did it go without me?" Jack said: "Brenda was a little bitch!, I said: "Jack was mean to me, he's a shit!

" Carmine said: "I had to use the belt on them!, they fought the whole time!" (we were all smiling the whole time). (Dad said&hellip.) "That bad huh?&hellip.well I'm going fishing next weekend too…so you guys will just have to learn to 'get along' somehow." We all moaned with fake displeasure. (Dad talked&hellip.) …&hellip.I knew damn good and well you guys all had a sex fest.

You all forgot to cover their tracks about one thing. The aroma of sex. I could smell pussy and cum in our bedroom… &hellip.but I had a little secret, so&hellip. I was very pleased. I knew Carmine would end up having sex with both of you, and you all would have a good time. I went into the bathroom later and made a quiet call with my cell phone to my sister. ("Are you up for another all nighter this coming weekend?") My sister said: "Oh my god&hellip. YES!… The soreness in my pussy will be gone by then!" &hellip.hmmmm…I thought&hellip.maybe fucking me and 5 of my buddy's was a bit to much for sis&hellip.

(we all looked at dad wide eyed!) &hellip.Sis and I started having an affair right after her divorce. She was a year younger than I and I used her. I practiced making girls hot. We never fucked due to the 'taboo' thing. We did every thing else though.

Feeling, licking, sucking, fingering and jacking me off. Now we were adults and she just divorced. I went to her apartment and within 5 minutes we were fucking long and hard right on the living room floor. She turned out to be a real nymph. She liked lots of guys to fuck her and loved gangbangs on her. I arranged them for her with my buddy's.

------------------- Stop tape. ----------------- We all sat in shock at what had come out. Finally… Carmine began to chuckle, then dad, Jack and I.

(we'd all had several drinks in us by now.) &hellip.I put in a new tape, and turned it on to catch the next conversations. &hellip. All this disclosure was making me so hot, I wanted go fuck with Jack and Carmine real bad. I wasn't alone. The 'looks', I got from Jack and Carmine told me we all wanted to go have one of our fuck fests. (Dad spoke&hellip.) &hellip.We'll how did it go when I went to my false fishing trip with my sister and buddy's that next weekend?

(Carmine started telling it…) &hellip.Well, that wonderful weekend, while you and your buddy's were fucking your sister&hellip.

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.DEAR!&hellip.(she grins), we had our second threesome. Right after you left we all jumped in the shower&hellip. together! Your two rascal kids attacked me (she grins)…after practically ripping my robe off, they giggled and felt my private parts!

(giggles all around the room). Jack 'made' me hold his big boner and Brenda stuck her fingers in my pussy and got me all hot. (Oooooo's from all around the room.) (Jack interrupts…) "Bull…Carmine got on her knees and &hellip.and…it's to shocking to talk about dad!" (every one laughs.) (I took over talking&hellip.) &hellip.Dad, it was so fucking hot, I almost peed in the shower.

We all had our hands all over us. Feeling, fingering, jacking and licking. Carmine started it when she sucked on my nipples while she fingered me. Jack stuck his boner in her pussy from behind her. We were all wet and slick with soap all over us. I held on to Carmine's tits to keep from falling down. Jack was tongue kissing me over She rides her son in law cock shoulder. I reached down and felt Jack's boner going in and out of Carmine pussy, while she felt my G spot with her slick fingers.

I started having a big orgasm as we all moaned together. I felt Jack's hot cum shooting out of Carmine's pussy onto my fingers. I had a wonderful teen girl strip to fuck and teen soles worship nina north fucks the po orgasm as Jack shot is hot cum over and over in her.

She climaxed a big one. We all slowly sunk to the floor of the shower and moaned in our weakness. (That description got us all very hot!) &hellip.Dad stood up, came over and whispered something in Jack's ear.

He then grabbed a smiling Carmine's hand and over to the other big couch they went. They started tearing clothes off each other… Oh my god&hellip.they were going to fuck right now, in front of us!

&hellip.Next thing I knew, the room went dark. Jack had turned off the lights. I felt him pushing me down on the couch and was tongue kissing me. I giggled as we both tore buttons and jerked our clothes off each other. Four beautiful moans just added to the fever. We all just let go and felt, licked, sucked and attacked each other. Jack and I listened to Carmine and dad make hot moaning sounds and Carmine's legs rubbing on the leather couch……the slapping sound of them fucking was awesome.

We heard Carmine moan loud&hellip."Oh Yessssssss!!!" &hellip.I held Jack tight as our tummy's slapped together loud too. I didn't know I could move my hips to fast. I remember saying: "Oh God!&hellip.

There!!!"&hellip. as I had the climax from heaven, when Jack shot his mega load in me. Each shot of his cum made us shudder with high pleasure and outbursts of moaning joy.

&hellip.We all heard our four glorious moanings&hellip. My pussy squeezed around Jack's boner, all by itself. His boner vibrated my whole climaxing pussy&hellip. I felt every burst of his cum shots.

We just shook and squirmed&hellip.over and over. We heard dad and Carmine's moaning and gasping for air…for a long time&hellip. ……&hellip.The tape recorder was still running and recorded it all…&hellip. (Stop Tape.) --------------------------------------------------------- &hellip.I made a copy of the tape for dad and Carmine.

They, like Jack and I, loved to play the tape before sex now, and of course everyone's favorite part is… we can never agree on that. -------------------- I stopped playing the tape&hellip.pushed my computer chair back and gave out a big sigh&hellip.There!, it's done.

I smiled content but exhausted. I yelled out: "OK guys, the story is finally finished!"&hellip.(that was a big mistake!) They all came over and attacked me.

They started taking all my clothes off and said things like: "You little bitch, how dare you tell all our personal secrets!" and "Get Her!, make her pay for writing such a sick story!" I got weak giggling as they stripped me naked. They all got me on the rug and began to feel me, kiss me, lick me, finger me …even my own DAD! ---------- &hellip.I was sore for days&hellip.(I have tough life.).