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I needed to head out and meet the girls, so I made my way up the hill to grab my deer rifle. When I made to the top, I grabbed my rifle and wiped off the dirt. I searched for a few minutes to find my brass; I found one fired cartridge and one unfired round. Someone else was interested in what was going on. I had faith in the girls to make it safely to the rendezvous.

My time needed to be spent on finding anyone else left out here. I made a big circle and came back to the highway. I hunkered down and waited. After an hour of silence, I heard some rustling down by the creek. Then a body slowly appeared from the ditch, and made its way across the road to where I buried the supplies.

The person looked around carefully and took their hood off. It was a woman, mid thirties with long blonde hair. She started to dig, when she reached the containers of food she stopped.

She filled her small bag with as much food as she could before ripping some open to eat. As she ate, I slowly got to my feet and made my way across the road to her. When I got within 10 feet of her, I said "If you wanted food you could have asked." She jumped and turned around as she let out a scream.

I put my finger to my lips and shushed her. She crawled on her back away from me as fast as she could. I laid down my ar followed by my rifle. To show her that I meant no harm I raised my hands. I told her my name and that I didn't want to hurt her, after a few minutes the shock wore off and she began to calm down. She composed herself, and we headed back to the house.

Her name was Lilly, and she was in the reserves. She had been following the trucks wonder woman beaten and forced to cum, watching them take hostages and bring them back to holding camps in the city. There were entire high rise buildings full of prisoners, heavily guarded all hours of the day. I found her some clothes so that she could take off her fatigues and relax a bit. It was almost noon now and we needed to head out, so we gathered up our gear and headed down the back roads.

I marked on her map where we were heading, and started taking every short cut that we could to try and catch up to the girls. A dusk neared we decided to stop at an abandoned house for the night. There was a small creek nearby that I gathered water from. When I returned to the house Lilly had a small stove going to sterilize the water. She had changed out of her clothes into a pair of shorts and a really small bikini top.

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When I asked her about it she said that it made her forget about everything that was happening, and that was a good enough reason for me. I was quite enjoying her milky white skin, and the subtle sway of her breasts as she moved about. She packed her things very methodically, everything had a perfect place in her bag. I teased her about being ocd in between bites of my busty stepmom fucks her broken hearted stepdaughter. She laughed quietly to herself before saying, "Maybe just a little." After she packed, we joked as we ate sitting around the dining table of this house, it almost felt normal.

As I readied for bed I heard muffled moans coming from one of the bedrooms. The moonlight streamed in through the window, and lit up Lilly's face and body. Her bikini top was pushed to the sides and she only had one leg in her shorts. Her right hand fingered her pale pink pussy and her left hand played with her tits when she wasn't trying to muffle her cries with it.

She gently pulled on her nipples as she circled her clit with two fingers gently pulling on it occasionally. A she started to have another orgasm she stuffed her fingers and started stroking her g-spot furiously. When it finally hit, it hit hard. Her face grimaced as her body seized, and sprayed her juices all over the bed.

She softly played with her clit as she came down from her euphoric high. I called her name before I entered the room, she covered her breasts with her top as I came in. I was Wearing a pair of gym shorts since the night was warm, and she motives for me to lay beside her.

As I sat on the bed, she pulled my face to hers; our tongues darted in and out of each other's mouth. She ran one hand down my chest and into my shorts, pulling out my hard dick. She stroked me as we kissed, her fingernails brushing against me ausgebremst von geilen biestern outdoor pornstar hardcore german young teen blowjob every stroke.

I ripped off her top, and attacked her breasts as she moaned. I cradled her neck with one hand, and wrapped the other around her waist as I took turns sucking on her pink nipples. Then I threw her legs I'm the air and lapped at her dripping pussy, taking in the beautiful sight and smell.

Her landing strip tickled my nose as I shoved my tongue into her warm wet hole. She screamed in ecstasy as I continued to lick up and down her slit, taking my time with her. My face was dripping with her juices, when I picked her up and threw her backwards into the wall.

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I grabbed her waist and pinned her in place, while I slipped into her. She rocked her hips forward and wrapped her legs around me wanting to be penetrated.

It didn't take much to enter her, she was more then wet enough. For several minutes I pounded deep into her, using the wall for leverage; kissing my way up and down both sides of her neck.

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wicked masturbation session of a blonde webcam model masturbate homemade When my legs began to tire, I pulled her deep onto my dick and stepped top the bed. She leaned back mid orgasm, and we crashed down on to the bed.

Without missing a beat, I threw our entangled bodies on to the soaked mattress. I slammed deep into her pussy trying to keep a fast pace. She tightened her pussy around my dick as she let out another scream. Her juices hit my stomach and covered us both with her scent. Within a few strokes I was cumming deep inside of her.

We laid together for the rest of the night, the smell of sex lingering heavily in the air. The next morning Lilly and I packed up and continued down the road. We kept a quick pace, wanting to catch up to the girls before nightfall. We made it almost two miles down the road before hearing gunfire. Expecting the worst, I ran off towards the impending danger leaving Lilly behind.

I made it to the next tree line, before I could see what was happening. There were several dead on the ground, three young males tied up and blindfolded, and to females surrounded my five men in uniform. Both women were tied up, and the soldiers were ripping clothing from one of them.

I could hear one of the makes trying to plead with the soldiers, when Lilly caught up. I set up my rifle and told Lilly that I had four shots, and for her to wound the fifth. One of the soldiers yelled at the pleading man in English, Lilly had her target the rest was up to me.

It lasted only a few seconds, four men lay dead at the feet of the girls and the fifth was trying to crawl away. We ran to help out the group, Lilly cut the girls loose and attended to the guys as I drug the soldier away. After an hour of talking with him, he told me what I wanted and I returned to Lilly. The group we found comprised of a young couple, two of their friends, and an Army PFC that they found along the way. I pulled Lilly and Nina, the PFC, to the side. I needed to know everything that they knew.

Nina showed me on the map where the lines had been drawn at her last briefing. Where we were headed was 30 miles behind the lines. A nearby state park had been turned into a staging area, and all US missions are being carried from there. Nina and her group would follow us until we needed to part ways.

The afternoon was quiet, with the exception of whining from the back of the group. When we settled down fir the night I pulled Nina and Lilly aside to talk. I needed Nina to get me supplies, I gave her a list with supplies and a frequency to get in touch with me.

I gave Lilly the choice to stay or go, but she said that she couldn't make a decision. Afterwards large woman walking around with a fake cock settled in fir a quick rest. At about three o'clock, I woke up everyone in the group and we heading out again.

After walking for two hours, we stumbled on a small camp. The group stayed back while I checked it out. I slowly walked up to the camp, circling it as I got closer. "Amber," I whispered. I heard rustling in the leaves. "Star" I whispered louder.

"Texas," was whispered softly back before she ran to me. After nearly knocking me to the ground, she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a passionate kiss. "We thought that you died," she said with tears I'm her eyes as she kissed me again.

I broke away and asked about the others, she said the Elle was starting to get sick and they didn't know what to do.

"I found others," I said, as I motioned for them. As the stumbled closer, Amber and I went to check on Elle. I gently shook her awake, she smiled and I could see a glitter of hope in her eyes. Then she started to cough, it sounded horrible. "It started last night," she muttered before grimacing in pain. I dug through my bag and found my bottle of colloidal silver, and I made her take a dose before laying back down. I walked over to where Stephanie was sleeping and kissed her forehead; when started to stretch I said, "You're missing out on all the fun." She sprang to life as she jumped up and hugged my neck.

The girls helped everyone in the new group settle down for night. I stayed beside Elle all night, hoping that things would turn around soon. The next day was full of mundane walking, and the girls chatting. I gave most of my gear to the others and carried Elle for most of the day. By nightfall, we were close to parting ways with the other group. Elle's condition was beginning to improve, and spirits were high in the group.