Brunette babe gets slammed in hardcore fashion

Brunette babe gets slammed in hardcore fashion
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I just couldn't help but think about what had just happened. Soon enough, I was in the shower, washing off the juices stuck on my body. With the images stuck in my head, I couldn't resist masturbating again. For the rest of the day until 4 pm, I had done the chores and continued doing my work until I heard the car enter the garage. As I was going to go down the stairs, I thought of how the hug would be "awkward" but I still went.As my mom entered, she opened her arms and let me hug her but suddenly we were exploring each other's mouth once again.

She hadn't forgotten anything that had happened the previous night. After a good 3 minutes of that, she stopped abruptly and went to the sofa and asked me to sit beside her. "We have to lay some ground rules since we know it's going to happen often, Ash", she said. "You cannot tell ANYONE, you cannot record us in anyway, no doing it in front of anybody." she said confidently.

After gathering up some courage I said "Agreed but on one condition, I have a hair fetish and I cannot hide that." On saying that, she removed her hair from her bun and played with it like a horny female, and I was definitely attracted to that. We then went upstairs to her bedroom and started with the foreplay: I undressed her and she bent away from me while I started to eat her out. Since I knew she was a squirter, I decided to let her have it, and I inserted a finger together with my tongue.She was clearly enjoying it with the moans she was throwing out.

Soon 3 fingers were in and pounding her pussy and then the magic happened, she came like a fountain. She turned towards me and she took my cock out of my pants and then started licking it, teasing me on purpose even though I was rock hard. After a minute of licking my penis and sucking on my balls, I grabbed her hair and threw her face on my dick. The warmth of her mouth on my dick was the best thing I had felt since last night.She kept on licking my dick while sucking and that was the cherry on the cake.

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I couldn't help but cum in her mouth after a few minutes. She swallowed all of it in gulps.She turned once again away from me and went in doggystyle position and awaited the dick. But I had to tease her first.

So I inserted her pussy very slowly and as she expected the next stroke, I pulled out and played with her outer lips. I could hear her moaning. After a minute, she begged "Stick it in now pleaseeee!".

I penetrated her pussy and went with a fast rhythm and she followed.Next thing she knew, I was pulling on her hair and my other hand was on her throat, pulling her towards me. As I was pounding her in the pussy, I let go of her neck and inserted my index finger into her ass slowly.

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She was startled, but she kept on moving in sync with my body and each time, the finger was going deeper in, and her moans were getting louder. Soon she orgasmed hard and her body fell on the bed and started shaking like crazy. Since it would take her a few minutes to calm down, I went up to her head and started stroking my penis on her brunette hair.

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It felt heavenly, almost like her tongue was acting on my dick. I took her hair and envelopped my dick in it and started masturbating with it. About 30 seconds later, I was cumming so I grabbed her hair and put it on her face and came onto her face.

She was back up as soon as I did and she swallowed the cum that entered her mouth.She said that she was going to sleep for a while so I let her be and went to shower and cleaned myself off.

After doing so, I reentered her room and she was sound asleep, not even acknowledging me entering the room. On seeing her naked again, my member got hard again and I did not want to wake her up for sex again. Then I saw her cum stained hair laying there on the bed.I approached that part of the bed and I picked up a handful of her hair and started masturbating once again.She didn't even move a centimeter and I was getting close to cumming again.

This time, I stroked my dick against her head and came.It spilled over her face once again and I fell back asleep next to her. Suddenly, I felt a warm sensation near my groin area and woke up to find my mother sucking my dick.What an alarm to wake me up in the morning.

When she saw beautiful tight asian teen bitch alina li fucked standing open my eyes, she decided that she had to make me cum again. She used her blowing skills and included her tongue and soon enough, I exploded in her mouth.

We both then went for a shower to get rid of the odour and to get ready for the day. In the shower, while she was standing, I crouched and started using my magical hands and tongue. She was in heaven with the moans leaving her mouth. And soon enough, white liquid pressured out of her pussy and mixed with the water flowing. Her orgasm was tense and she enjoyed the whole of it.

And then she had to leave for work.

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Thanks for the feedback on the previous story. Hope to have more coming and I appreciate all feedback / ideas. Honestly, I don't believe that there will be a Part 3.Do comment if you guys want it.

Else I'll focus on a new story with a new plot -NemesisFucks