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Nice sperm beard for big titted bitch
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Aja looked down at the small bomb in her hand, weighing it as she waited in line. The exterior was featureless, a plain pink sphere that dully reflected the warehouse lights overhead.

In texture it felt almost like greased rubber, yet no residue remained on her fingertips as she caressed it.

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Squeezing it in her palm, she briefly hid it from view as her olive-skinned fingers curled tightly around it. No part of it gave in the slightest, utterly incompressible. Cute gargious teen first time sex was surprisingly light and small, feeling almost as if she held a solid gumball, the type given out by coin-operated dispensers at malls.

A smiling employee had been making her way down the line, offering drinks to each in the queue. Aja clutched the bomb in her hand, heart starting to pound as the woman reached her. She accepted a large martini, goosebumps raising along her arm as she felt the cool stem of the glass slip between her fingers. The chill of anticipation swept over her as she braced herself, butterflies rousing in her stomach, a slight tremor taking hold of her limbs. Taking a deep breath, Aja put the bomb into her mouth.

It lingered on her tongue, mouth caressing it briefly before a substantial gulp of her martini helped it slide easily down her throat. Huge as it was, she'd expected more trouble getting it down. Her now free left hand splayed across her bare belly, feeling the goosebumps that had now spread over her entire naked body. A wash of warmth seemed to pulse through her from that deadly pink orb, though she knew it was nowhere near time for it to detonate.

Circling her own navel with gleaming manicured nails, she felt an excited smile spread over her face. This was really it. Her first and final Pop Party. Equally enthusiastic as herself, girls up and down the line were gulping down their own little bombs, giggling to each other and sharing drinks.

They weren't even in yet, already having a good time. Cute little covens of three or four huddled together in the haphazard queue, counting down before they all took their pink poppers in unison, washing it down with an entire drink apiece. Imagining she could feel the drug-imbued coating of the bomb already at work within her, Aja looked down her brown-skinned body, inspecting her own cock.

She'd been told that the pink poppers would prevent her from getting hard, and so far she'd needed no help in that regard. Smooth from a fresh waxing, her light brown dick hung snugly against her balls, scrotum pulled up tight in reaction to the slight chill from her nakedness. Precum had oozed out of her while she'd been standing, little contractions of her prostate able to be felt as she dispensed the lovely-smelling fluid in quantity over her glans and the front of her sack.

Slightly stronger in scent, a trickle of feminine juices ran down her leg from her shaved slit, adding to the mess. Touching herself briefly, she felt a thrill thinking about all the other girls that might see her, their own cocks and pussies just as wet as her own. Visions of herself through their eyes came to her, an outside perspective of a normal looking woman; Hair pinned up in a professional style, curves that were neither overly slender nor broad, her Arabic heritage writ plain in the tone of her skin and arch of her delicate brows.

Just an average hermaphrodite of a type that you might happen to see anywhere. only now she was here, waiting in line with a hundred others to attend one of the biggest snuff parties there was.

Spurred on by the thought of her encroaching fate, Aja slowly began to trace a single finger down her shaft, shivering at the sparkles of pleasure that she caused by the simple stimulus. Going from her urethra all the way up her body to her breasts, the precum-wetted finger circled one nipple, teasing.

Her eyes were closed as she experienced another surge of heat, feeling her nipple and cock stiffen together, strands of precum hanging from the tip of her hardening member. "I'm reality anal creampie amateur and natural homemade the mature lure to die," she thought to herself. Her cock surged in response to the idea, and she had to suppress a shamelessly slutty moan from making its way past her lips.

A fresh rope of precum pumped from her dick to splatter on the concrete floor, hot as it shot from her. It felt like her body temperature had risen, radiant arousal warming her flesh from the sources of her belly and crotch. Despite knowing she shouldn't get too worked up too early, she couldn't help but continue to imagine.

"This bomb is going to go off in my belly. It's going to swell up and stretch me till I tear in half, pour my guts out over all the other girls while I cum, cum like the fucking snuff slut I've always wanted to b-" Her own hand squeezed around her iron hard cock, dark brown eyes snapping open as she bit her lip hard. Inside her grip her own shaft flexed in a frantic rhythm, like an animal trying to escape her hold. Just the idea of her own death had her on the brink, about to spray her load prematurely across the girls ahead of her in line, giving them the days worth of seed she'd stored up before coming here.

She'd be laughed at, noticed and ridiculed by all the beautiful girls waiting with her. No, she couldn't do that, couldn't cum now. That wasn't how a Pop Party worked. Her last hours of life seemed like a bad time to start embarrassing herself, so she held perfectly still for a long moment, focusing on her breathing. At last the tension at the base of her shaft seemed to relax, clenched pussy relaxing with a fresh dribble of juices. She sighed in relief, gingerly taking her fingers away from her still rigid cock.

The recovery was just in time, the same employee woman coming down the line again as Aja looked back up. This time she was handing out something a little more unique to a Pop Party - Multicolored condoms. Aja handed back her glass before taking one, wearing a sheepish smile at being caught holding her own cock. The server winked at her before passing by, causing Aja to flush as she looked down at the clear-wrapped contraceptive she'd been given.

Hers was a lovely shade of light lavender, the special latex xhamster japanese adopted son fuck mother while dad at work larger than most she'd worn before.

She struggled to open it for a while, not wanting to risk tearing it by resorting to her teeth. It didn't help that she'd gotten her fingers all slippery, grabbing at herself as she had. Briefly stuck, she stood perplexed for a moment before a finger tapped her shoulder from behind. Carefully turning to keep her cock from contacting anyone accidentally, Aja looked to see who it was, still feeling stupid as she held up her unopened condom.

Breath catching, she straightened up as she met the gaze of what must've been the most beautiful girl in line. Green eyes caught and held her focus with their vibrant color, standing out from the rest of the perfectly pale face. Only a tasteful smattering of faded freckles interrupted the canvas of fine features, dusted across nose and cheeks, trailing down her neck to shoulders and breasts. Peripheral vision informed Aja of delicate curves and a pert, pale bust, the beautifully proportioned body before her begging to catch her errant glance.

Pink lips pursed, pulled at one corner by a smirk, the woman not unaware of the reaction she was causing. It was amazing to Aja that this radiant beauty must've been standing behind her for nearly a quarter hour without her detection, seeming as if some sort of hidden sense should have alerted her to the woman's presence. "Need a hand?" Reaching out to her, the woman plucked the condom from Aja's motionless fingers. Her green eyes flashed in delight when Aja squeaked in surprise, brain lagging behind events.

"Oh, I could manage it," Aja finally said, watching the freckled woman open up the condom while making no motion to stop her. "I'm sure! Still, the last thing you want to do is put it on wrong. They make these special for Pop Parties, you know. Not your typical cum catchers." Smiling at Aja's cock, the woman began to slowly roll the condom down her shaft, taking far more time than was necessary as she covered the throbbing meat in a thin tight layer of translucent latex.

"See here? The ring end is special, it kind of glues itself to your skin. You want to make sure it's fully flush, with no leaks." Peering down at her own dick, Aja saw what the woman was referring to. Where most condoms had a wide thin torus of rolled-up latex at their open end, this condom instead had a very small flat band of a different looking material, silhouettes of flexible circuitry visible between two layers of durable plastic.

Pulling the ribbon wide before bringing it down around Aja's cock, the woman knelt briefly, concentrating on smoothing the stretchy band out to close any potential leaks around Aja's shaft.

The flattened ring drew tight around her cock as the woman let go of it, seeming quite elastic despite the components contained within. Bouncing up when the task was done, the freckled woman beamed. "Perfect! I didn't even leave much air in yours." She gestured down at her own crotch, giving Aja all the invitation she needed to finally leer at all the rest of her. First, she gave brief appraisal to the woman's cock. It was already condom-wrapped, green-tinged latex slightly baggy at the tip where some precum was starting to collect.

Adorably small and already half-softened by the drug, it looked almost perfectly suckable, candy-pink glans showing bright even through the translucent condom. Her eyes then swept upward, devouring the sight of the woman's chest. Freckles coated the tops of her small breasts like a thousand tiny kisses, fading to nothing before reaching her ghostly areola. Slightly pinker, the puffy prominences of her large hardened nipples seemed slightly wet, leading Aja to briefly dream of sweet alabaster milk spraying from their surfaces.

An odd feeling occurred to Aja then, incongruous with the great beauty before her eyes. Slowly, deliciously, her cock began to descend, gradually losing rigidity while her arousal flared higher.

Reversed from her normal response, the sensation was confusing, disjointed. Hanging half-hard and impotent from her crotch, her dick continued to pump precum, yet she could no longer maintain an erection even with conscious effort. It felt deeply, unsettlingly wrong.

yet she couldn't help but love it. A sly smile curved the stranger's mouth as Aja looked back up at her, the redheaded woman clearly aware of what was happening. Stepping closer to Aja, her freckled face drew close, their soft shafts brushing against each other with a sensation muted by the two layers of intervening latex. It was still enough to make Aja squeak in pleasure, frozen as the beautiful stranger whispered into her ear.

"I'll keep an eye out for your corpse on the dance floor, cutie. For now, it's your turn to help someone out. Pass it on." White fingers lightly gripped brown shoulders, the smiling freckled face spinning away as Aja's body was turned 180 degrees, faced again towards the front of the line. Disoriented by the close contact, Aja's head kept spinning even after her body had stopped, april amateur babe flashing her tits and acting naughty in public mind muddled with remembered sensations before a few deep breaths brought her thoughts back into order.

Pass it on. her turn to help. right. Reaching up, Aja tapped the shoulder of the woman before her, suppressing a blush as the tiny asian woman turned curiously to face her. Pointing at the condom clutched in their hand, Aja repeated the same question she'd been asked by the redhead. "Hey. need a hand?" Smiling shyly, the short woman nodded, handing Aja her webcam beauty wants you to watch her closely condom before thrusting out her cock.

It was incongruously huge on her small, slender frame, laced with beautiful patterns of veins beneath the smooth skin. Opening the condom with much more ease than she'd had previously, Aja felt herself pump a fresh spurt of precum as she bent close to the asian girl's cock, inhaling the slight salty scent of the other woman's own leakings. Feeling suddenly bold, she turned her eyes upward toward the stranger, kneeling down and indulging herself in a slow lick across the woman's light brown cockhead.

The woman shuddered, a breathy gasp pushing from between her lips. It sounded almost pained, yet Aja knew it was a sound of pure delight. Not wanting to go too far, she took only that one taste, letting the flavor of someone else's precum linger on her tongue.

It was warm, delicious more for its depraved origin than its slight saltiness. She swallowed it as she slipped the condom on, turning her focus back to the huge cock before her.

For the most part putting the condom on was easy, a ritual Aja had practiced many times before. She felt some trepidation as the time came to stretch the little ring at one end, a mild concern that she might snap the plastic band as she tried to slip it over the asian girl's significant girth. Surely the circuits within had some limit to how far they could be drawn apart.

Taking a deep breath, she simply went for it, stretching the ring like a rubber band between her fingers before using it to flip the last half of the condom onto the woman's cock. It snagged briefly, but she pulled it a little wider and kept on, relieved to realize it hadn't adhered at all to the veiny skin. With a careful motion, she relaxed the tension in the ring, watching in fascination as the circuits within it pulled together. Carefully making sure there were no bunched up arches or pinching places, she smoothed it about the base of the asian's cock, relieved to see she'd applied the condom practically perfectly.

A watertight seal was in place about the shaft, securing the condom on for the rest of her life. The woman smiled at her as Aja stood back up, lightly caressing her own newly wrapped dick. "Thank you. Do you happen to know why they give us these condoms? Are they special?" Her head tilted slightly to one side, a childlike expression of curiosity seeming natural on her innocent face.

Aja did know, but didn't want to think about it too much, afraid of how the thoughts might set her off. A moment of internal struggle resulted as she tried to think of a way to explain it without imagining it, an epic handjob and blowjob skills before taking that dick in her wet in surrender as she of course ended up envisioning the exact thing she'd been trying to keep from her mind.

"They're to collect the cum if we orgasm," Aja murmured. Starting to blush as she looked father fuking daughter sex stories story the woman, she forced herself not to look away, staring straight in the asian's eyes as she started to imagine their condom filling, tip growing heavy with thick seed.

"The poppers will make it very easy to climax, and increase the volume too. it'd get very messy very fast without them." Nodding in understanding, the other woman started to blush as well, subtle pinkness tinging her round cheeks. Her cock was softening, the drug starting to affect old man fucking young teen with beautiful big boobs as well.

Even halfway flaccid it was still bigger than Aja's would have been at full mast, smooth balls heavy beneath the drooping shaft.

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"But that's not the only purpose," Aja said, breath hitching briefly. It was all so vivid in her mind. The same scene she'd fantasized about ever since she'd decided to attend this year's Pop Party, practicing her hands-free orgasms night after unusual lezzie lookers are stretching and fist fucking assholes. "It's a contest, too.

They'll film it all, and whoever's condom held the most when they died is commemorated. Makes it easy to identify the biggest slut of the night." Almond-shaped eyes wide as she listened, the Asian bit at her lip, a substantial amount of precum starting to fill up her fresh condom.

One of her small fists flexed slightly, almost as if in determination, expressing a desire to be that very slut. "The most important thing, though." Aja closed her eyes, taking a deep breath before the last part. She was riding the edge, too easy to set off after all the training she'd put her body through.

Without being able to see anything, it made it a little easier. A little. "They can sense when we cum, through the part at the base I'd guess. I'd never seen one up close before, so I hadn't known how they figured out when some girl got set off. I've watched the recordings of other years' Pop Parties, though. I'm sure you know how it works." Fist pressed between her breasts, the asian's voice came in a whisper, almost sounding fearful with the nervous anticipation that filled her tone.

"Whenever someone cums. someone pops. At random." She let out an excited giggle. "Just like that, one of us dies." Aja stood perfectly still for a moment, fighting the memories of what she'd seen, the videos she'd watched. Uncut premium episodes of Pop Parties purchased so she could pretend she was a part of them, so she could prepare herself to die in the same way as the women on her screen. There was even a downloadable app for your phone that told you when you'd 'popped', making a cheerful little noise in conjunction with a random person's climax during the video.

Aja was sure she wasn't the only one here who'd indulged in such play. "The condoms must transmit some signal," Aja mused, trying to engage the analytical part of her brain to distract herself. "Broadcast to a receiver in the same room when they detect the cum moving through the cock, then that triggers a random Popper to go off.

Maybe that's why they make us soft. so they can actually detect the orgasm itself instead of some throb or twitch, or blood moving through suddenly to make the shaft swell." "Heat," the asian murmured. Her small hand stroked along her own cock, caressing the latex wrapper. "They might detect an increase in heat, busty redhead has orgasm from hitachi stimulation sudden rise during orgasm that would be otherwise not present when we can't get fully erect." Aja nodded in acknowledgment of the possibility, honestly uncaring towards the exact mechanism by which her death would be achieved.

All that mattered was that it would happen. The bomb was already within her, nestling itself among her guts, primed to show everyone her hot, steamy insides. Coming closer to the asian woman, Aja startled the stranger with a sudden kiss, feeling her cock rub up against the shorter girl's stomach. It only took a moment for them to melt into the liplock, eager tongue darting out to play against Aja's own. They broke apart before either could climax accidentally, but it was a near thing for them both, panting and looking at each other with smoldering passion behind their eyes.

"My name's Aja," Aja told her. The asian swallowed as she looked away to catch her breath, light brown nipples hard upon her small chest. A moment passed before she could manage to reply. "Erin," she said, giving no more. Aja smiled at the name, reaching out to touch Erin gently upon the cheek.

The asian woman looked up, their eyes meeting briefly. "I'd love to spend some time with you during the party, Erin." At their hesitantly returned smile, Aja winked. "Until one of us pops, at least. For now though, it's your turn to help someone out." She pointed down at the other woman's condom-covered cock, then forward at the next person in line. "Pass it on." Things began to progress quickly after that, Aja observing from behind as the favor of putting on each other's condoms passed the rest of the way up the line.

She'd been nearer the front end than the back, and so the wait was shorter for her than for some. Still, in the minutes while she waited it felt as though the butterflies in her belly were having lisa sparks cogida por hombres en hs own little Pop Party, violent bubbles of anticipation bursting within her, spreading tension and heat throughout her body.

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Finally, the time came. Everyone was securely wrapped, pink Poppers safely swallowed. A pair of fully female servants pulled open the double doors that had been so patiently waiting for them all, showing in the first of them to the Pop Party's pleasure studio.

As the whole line began to trickle forward Erin glanced backward, smiling excitedly at Aja as her slender hips swayed, small feet almost skipping. Showing some of her own hidden eagerness, Aja returned the smile, all the while sexy schoolgirl janice griffith seduces her teacher the urge to also look back and catch a glimpse of that gorgeous redhead.

Who knew? It might be her final chance. Instead she focused her efforts on trying to peek past the heads and shoulders of the few women still between her and the entrance, wondering what sort of theme the decorators had gone for this year.

Despite the attempt, she still hadn't figured it out by the time she had passed through the doors, in that moment experiencing for the first time the stage that would be the backdrop for her death. The organizers had aimed for the appearance of a high class, tastefully extravagant sitting room. All about the room were rich hues of red fabric and gold trim, purple draperies hung framing false windows with a dark, simulated forest beyond the glass.

It was a decor that might not have looked out of place for a billionaire's private den, or a supervillan's lair. Something of it spoke of culture, of decadence, sweet things purchased at high prices and kept private from the rabble. Rare pleasures enjoyed in rarefied surroundings.

Aja loved it. An erstwhile commenter in Pop Party fan sites, she'd personally gone to bat to defend some of the less liked themes that had been used in past events. It was her own opinion that each one was a work of art, a practice in tuning your perspective so that you could appreciate it's full beauty. Critics seemed to her stuck, unable to shift their viewpoint to the proper place required to enjoy the scene to its fullest.

This, however, was beyond reproach. Everywhere Aja looked she saw nothing less than the perfect place for her Popping, a video clip of her own corpse's creation waiting to happen at every red velvet couch, every daybed, every table and chair. It all seemed designed to be a perfect place to dump her guts while cumming out her last. which of course, it was.

Unable to stop marveling at it, Aja stepped slowly through the huge room, glancing upward at the cameras that hung at odd angles from the ceiling.

Having looked through such cameras countless times in her life, she could appreciate the viewpoints that had been chosen. In fact, her appreciation only grew as she slowly grasped just how masterfully the furniture had been positioned throughout the ballroom-sized space, every angle covered for a popping in any conceivable location. It stood out to her to be the work of some of genius of fung-shei, or a mastery of perhaps an even more advanced art.

Aja blinked and looked down, pushed out of her own brief reverie as she felt a hand touch lightly upon her shoulder. Erin was looking curiously up at her, the diminutive asian seeming confused as to why Aja was staring with such fascination at the furniture. Giving a huge sheepish grin, Aja felt herself suddenly lurch away from such silly concerns, drawn out of her old obsessions by that simple touch. The reality of the situation hit her like a kiss to the heart, a light, lesbo cougar toy fucked and licked from behind feeling spreading out from her chest.

It didn't matter what the decor was. She was here. Attending the Pop Party at last, less than an hour away from her own snuffing. Sure, it was nice that no one online was likely to argue much over the decor surrounding her death, but there were more pressing matters. After all, there was only. how long left to wait? "Where's the clock?", Aja asked, turning her head slightly to look about.

Erin helped, pointing over to one end of the room. A pair of massive picture windows showed footage of a moonlit grove, projected so well that from far away Aja almost felt it must be real.

Between the two of them an oversized grandfather clock ticked away, ornate hands indicating it was a mere two minutes to midnight. Turning to grin at her new friend, Aja squealed in excitement.

Smiling widely back, Erin stepped a little closer, clearly wanting to share the special moment with someone she knew. Most of the other women were clumped up as well, new friends and old chattering excitedly as the seconds ticked away.

The party was about to begin. From her online exploits Aja knew that they were being recorded even now, their anxiousness and excitement captured for the uncut edition.

Despite having dropped such cares to the lowest level of her attention, she still felt a slight prickle across her body, unable to banish the awareness of all those that would be watching. It only served to add to her anticipation, the building thrill. Everyone was waiting now, wondering the same thing. Who would be first? Erin's fingers squeezed tighter about her own as the final minute began, the room falling slowly silent around them.

Women lounged lazily in chairs fit for royalty, laid out in appealing poses in the hopes that the cameras would soon all be upon them. Aja merely stood, holding her breath. Unsure if she even wanted the honor, yet hoping for it all the same. The excitement was so universal she could practically taste the arousal in the room, like an electric charge crackling in the air. The moment struck, the ceremonial cry drowning out the 'pop' of whoever's bomb had begun its rapid reaction.

A hundred tremulous voices cried out to the cameras, every one of the women eager for their fate to unfold as the clock chimed its amplified song. "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" Cheers and clapping followed, distracted as each pair of eyes swept the room, seeking out that single woman who would be the first to fall. Aja and Erin withheld their applause, finding themselves unable to let go of each one another, free hands pressed to their stomachs to feel for any sign of swelling. Both waited, barely daring to breathe lest the false rise of their belly set them off.

A long, suspenseful moment passed as everyone in the room became hyper aware of their own bodies, waiting for that tiny shift that would signify the end. Finally an exuberant cry came, signaling to all where to look. A final trepidation occurred to Aja as she swung about, a fear that it would be the redhead, that she would never get to see her again save in one last outpouring of her beautiful body across the marble floor.

It was not her however. Instead she and Erin found themselves looking at a trim, tan woman, soft Slavic face looking down at herself with a satisfied grin. Her belly had begun to round, the rapidly expanding foam within the Popper pushing with inexorable pressure against her insides, shoving them outward and stretching her body faster than it could withstand.

Already the woman's faintly cherubic features were showing signs of agony, lips twitching and parting in groans as things broke inside her.

Yet despite the beautiful progression of emotion upon her features, few were looking at the woman's face. Instead a hundred gazes and countless livestreams were focused solely upon the woman's lower half, her soft thick cock positioned squarely in center frame. Above it her stomach swelled, pushed out to form a new and gorgeous curve on her body, a depraved parody of pregnancy that heralded her euphoric death. Her rising moans made those near her lean forward, everyone waiting to see in which way their party would start.

It was all an established piece of the drama, the first move of the gory game they would all eventually lose. Would this be a wet start, or a dry one? Growing now past the point the size of any normal gestation, the strong-looking woman wacky lesbians fill up their enormous arses with cream and burst it out threesome and creampies out in ecstasy as her stomach began to tear, skin and muscle splitting like an overripe fruit.

Head tossed back against the damask backing of her couch, her body quivered, red-painted nails gripping at the cushions as blood sprayed out across the women watching. Some giggled, others shrieked, all gasping and grinning as they got out of the way. Guts bulged through the rip in her middle, and in a sudden final burst, popped out of her like spring loaded snakes.

The wound in her stomach gaped wide, ribs and offal visible in the meaty hollow within. Nestled among it all was a pure black sphere nearly a foot and a half across, the foam contained within the popper's smooth stretchy exterior having expanded at an exponential rate. The final few seconds were always the most violent and sudden increase in force, making for a lovely show for all to see.

Still alive, the broken slut slid shaky hands down her body, breath weak and ragged as she stroked past her breasts, slipping fingertips into the empty place where her organs had once lived.

Teary eyed, a euphoric smile gleamed on her face, perfectly white teeth showing as she spoke just loud enough for everyone to hear. "I didn't. cum." Applause broke out, sending the woman off with a standing ovation as she slumped, completing her goal of becoming a chaste corpse. Nearby women ran forward as she went limp, shoveling spilled guts out of the way to gleefully pull off her empty condom and hold it up as proof for all to see.

A dry start it was after all. Aja was impressed by the woman's restraint. If it had been her, she had no doubts that she'd have gone to her knees and loaded up her condom until her last breath, uncaring of what carnage she caused as she let the pain and euphoria send her off. Of course, a wet start was never overtly hoped for, the first to pop encouraged to try and hold back by dint of the notoriety they'd earn. Too many parties began that way, the lucky woman succumbing to masochistic pleasure and setting off a chain reaction of orgasms and deaths that might not filling attractive hotties mouth with a lovestick deepthroat and blowjob until barely a fifth of the girls remained.

Still, while a far more common onset, a wet start was an exciting prospect in its own right. From that initiating orgasm, one other woman would be set to begin her own popping, often already aroused from seeing the gory sort of mess she was about to become. A few others might also cum just from sheer excitement, either immediately following the first death or shortly after the second.

From there it was just a matter of who got lucky and who got luckier, condoms filling and bellies popping until an equilibrium was reached. Once such a start had wiped out the entire party in less than ten minutes, an almost exponential reaction of masochistic climax much like the kind that occurred within the Poppers themselves.

That would not be their fate, however. Their group was now on a much more gradual path to extermination, and they each would have their own part to play in determining how quickly it reached its inevitable ending. With her restraint, the blonde woman had given them all the chance to make an even greater spectacle and show of this years Pop Party, to choose the sexiest possible black sucked by two blondesblack sucked by two blondes to burst each other's bodies while loading up their condoms full of cum.

Turning to Erin, Aja found the asian woman already staring up at her, lips wet and parted. She was breathing hard, tiny breasts rising and falling with barely constrained lust. Aja realized she was none better, pulse pounding and skin hot all across her naked body.

Eyeing each other in consideration, they shared an unspoken thought as their arousal continued to kindle. For one, the Pop Party had already ended. For everyone else, it had hardly even begun.