Big black hard gangbang that vagina was the bomb

Big black hard gangbang that vagina was the bomb
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Betsy is friend's with Shelly my girlfriend, Betsy had been telling Shelly about her fantasizing about rape (since her early teens), but she never thought that it would ever really happen to her- especially now. Life is perfect, she recently moved into an upper-middle class neighborhood with a girlfriend.

They leased a beautiful home. It is a newer two story with a double attached garage. It is a big step up from their previous small apartment. Betsy and her girlfriend both had gotten nice promotions in the companies they worked for, and so they knew they could afford it.

They had an extra rooms for their home offices. Betsy's desk is situated by a large window overlooking a vast beautiful park just beyond the backyard. The park had a man-made lake with a fountain that is lit up at night, the view is breath-taking. It didn't take long for Betsy to start taking advantage of the jogging path through the rolling hills around the lake. The trees are far apart, but there are large, thick bushes lined up alongside the lake and behind the houses on the cul-de-sac.

Betsy thought about how easy it would be for someone to jump out from behind those bushes and grab her, but this fear only spurred her on to run faster. She usually jogged in the early evening, at dusk, when the sun is just going down. This helped her to cope with the heat during the summer months. Despite that, it is July and the nights are hot and sticky in Dallas. I'd usually take a refreshingly cold shower after a jog, so I didn't mind, as long as the sun isn't beating down on her.

This particular evening, a Thursday night, she noticed that dusk was fast approaching and she hadn't gone for her daily jog yet. At about 9:45, she quickly slipped on her red sweat shorts and a snug white t-shirt over her sports bra. A little bit of her tummy is showing, because august ames and isis love shares a thick cock red "San Francisco 49ers" cut off sweats sat low on her hips.

She always feels sexy in them. They are over-sized because they are comfortable, that is until she cut them down into jogging shorts. She has nice breasts, 34 B bra size. She enjoyed being able to dress up in cocktail dresses and showing off her cleavage when she went out to parties.

She has an hourglass figure. Despite being a jogger, she never lost her feminine curves. She pulled her long, brown hair up into a pony tail, she went to the door heading out for her jog.

She seen a car pull into the driveway, Peeking out the front door she sees me getting out of my car. I came french hardcore casting dp woodman the front of the car heading for the door. The door opened and as I stepped into the foyer, Betsy said " John, What the hell!" I moved quickly behind Betsy to prevent any sudden escape. She spoke in a demanding tone " What are you doing here? Let go of me and get out of here now!" Laughing I replied " Not until you have your fantasy fulfilled." I shoved Betsy now terrified further into the living room.

Shoving her onto the sofa I begin to explain " I heard you had a certain fantasy since you were young. I'm here to fulfill your fantasy.

You will do exactly as you are told. Do I make myself clear?" She nodded yes. I already knew her name was Betsy. She stood 5'8" and weighed around 120 pounds. I told her " I'm going to have some fun with you. I'm going to rape you however I want and as many times as I want." With that she started babbling " Don't hurt me. I'll do whatever you want." I gave her a shove sending her stumbling to the center of the room. I ordered " Get your clothes off bitch." She pleaded " Please not here.

Let me go into another room. Don't make me take my clothes off here." I said " Get on with it." Betsy terrified begins taking her shirt and sports bra off. She remove them and tossed them on the sofa. Next she slipped her shorts off, letting it fall to the floor; she picked the shorts up and tossed it onto the shirt. " Oh shit, this is not enough fun. Get on your hands and knees." I demanded.

She dropped to her knees then bent forward on her hands. I walk in front son fucks mom after dad her and said " Look up and open your mouth." as I pull my cock from my pants. " Please don't make me do that." She sobs. " Do what?" I countered. " Make me suck you." She babbles. With that I shove my cock into her mouth.

I shout " Get with it and I had better not feel any teeth." She begins moving her mouth back and forth on my growing erection. Her breasts are now swaying as I pounded her mouth faster.

I pull my hard cock from her mouth and walk behind her, pushing her legs apart roughly. Kneeling between her legs, my penis poking through the fly of my trousers asian slut fucking monster black cock hardcore I put my cock head on the mouth of her pussy and shoved my cock inside her. She screams but I did not stop. I made another hard stroke and half of my cock entered her pussy.

Her body is shaking and aching with pain. I made another harder stroke and she is crying from my impalement. I told her, she was truly a virgin. She has a very tight pussy. I feel it on my cock. My strokes are harder each time and then my cock bottoms out inside her.

I see blood is dripping from her pussy and down her thighs. She is weeping as she has given me her virginity fulfilling her fantasy. I told her that now she was mine. I pause for a moment, then mount her like a male dog on a bitch. I reach forward and under her outstretched chest and grab a breast in each hand. Using her boobs for more leverage I'm slamming into naughty redhead taking lots of cocks adrenaline rush dvd harder and harder.

I'm driving my cock in and out of her, from my perch on top of her. Her screaming excites me more as I pump faster. Betsy is trying to spread her knees to ease the tightness but to no avail. I stop again for a moment and then again start fucking her. She is crying and screaming and I'm getting horny with her screams.

Now the blood from her pussy has stopped and she has stopped crying. After fucking her for about an hour. I groan as my body tensed and I exploded inside her, filling her with load after cuddly sweetie gapes spread vagina and gets devirginized of cum.

She is not feeling any pain by this time. After one session, I gave her a break. She is not weeping just laying in a fetal position. I made her get back in the doggy position and move behind her, I penetrated her virgin ass. Her body is aching, it is very painful experience for her. I pump into her virgin ass for about a half hour. Betsy begins slapping her hands behind her in a vain attempt to keep my intrusion away.

I grabbed both wrists and pulled her back onto my cock. My hard rod is now imbedded in her virgin ass again. Screams of pain spewed from the now violated woman, as I drill deeper and deeper into her ass. I final ejaculated deep into her ass. I withdrew as the spunk begins to drip from her ass.

I ordered " It's time for the bedroom." A panic look spread across her face. " You've already fucked me so just go. You have done enough." She snapped. I sneered as I shoved Betsy toward the bedroom. " I'll do what you want." She pleaded. Once in the bedroom, I shoved Betsy toward the bed. " Bitch, on your back." I ordered. Betsy compliantly crawled on the bed and lay on her back waiting for what is sure to follow.

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She knew the best she can hope for is that somehow she can so completely satisfy me. I told her to put her hands behind her head and spread her legs wide apart. Betsy complied without hesitating. I crawled on the bed between her outstretched legs.

I moved closer and positioned my cock at vaginal entrance. She tensed as I worked my cock closer to her pussy again. I decided to taunt her before fucking her again. " What am I going to do?" I quizzed. Betsy knew I was trying to humiliate her but in a defiant tone responded " You're going to fuck me again." As she uttered the last word, I thrust forward, her body tensed as her legs jerked upward. The air gushed from her lungs like a rapidly deflating balloon.

I withdrew almost completely only to ram hard again.

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She knew she had no option other than to let me have my way. As I continue my brutal torment, her body is jerking. My torturous impalement went on for 15 minutes. Betsy reached the point of near collapse. When her body is no longer responding to my assault, I went into a rhythmic pace. Soon I tensed and I dumped my load deep into her abused vagina.

She had survived her third ordeal only to be flipped on her stomach as I pounced. Doing a few quick dips in her vagina, I move to her ass again. I shoved into her anal canal. As I continue to hump her like a dog, she begins bucking and twisting in an attempt to dislodge my thrusting cock. I feel her anal muscles rippling from my invasion. Soon I'm spewing my sperm deep into her ass. I roll off of her. Betsy lay next to me shaking and sobbing.