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Amateur big tits sluts cummed on
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My Awakening part 3: As I lay here after the most incredible sexual experience in my young life, savoring the feeling of Franks body against mine, His warm breath in my ear, the musky odor of his sweat and best of all the feeling of his thing going soft inside of me, I can't help but think of how much my life has changed in the past 24 hrs.

It started by being forced to were panties. Then Frank putting his thing in me. Then giving and receiving my first blowjob, and now this, has changed me from a normal boy to a sex crazed girl literally overnight. Frank and I were awakened by Jennifer knocking on the door. "Frank," She said, "You better get up and get ready. Your father will be here shortly". "Ok mom," He replied. "Good morning" he said while kissing me.

"Good morning" I replied "Do you want to take a shower with me?" He asked. "Yes", I replied. gorgeous arab dancing no money no problem

"I'm really sticky. Your cum leaked out while we were sleeping". We both got up and got in the shower. It didn't take long before we were kissing and rubbing each other. Feeling Franks hard cock pressing against me stomach, I looked up and smiled then bent down taking him into my mouth. Remembering my lesson from the night before, I slowly worked up and down his shaft. Massaging his cock with my tongue.

I had started to really enjoy the taste as I tried to take as much of him as I could down my throat. But I was only able to get half way before I had to stop.

Frank placed his fingers under my chin directing me up. He then leaned over and started kissing me. His hands slid down my back and started rubbing my butt. I moaned, "MMM That feels good". He cupped my butt with his hands lifting me up. Then put his arms under my legs holding me up.

Leaning me against the shower wall he started to push his cock inside me. Spreading my cheeks apart with his hand made getting it in easier.

Once he was all the way in he started kissing me then slowly started trusting in and out. I looked down in between our two body's and was able to see his cock sliding in and out of me.

Watching his ab muscles contract with each thrust as he picked up speed. The sound of wet skin slapping filled the air as he trusted hard into me. His cock felt so good ramming into me that I couldn't even make a sound. All I could do was enjoy the sight and the feeling of hentai knight taken by monsters tentacles and creampie ramming into me so hard that I was bouncing up with every thrust.

As his breathed quickened and his forced increased I knew it wouldn't be long and then with one final hard thrust I felt him shooting his load deep inside me. I watched his muscles contracting as squirt after squirt shoot deep inside of me. As he finished he held me in place kissing me while he slowly started going soft.

Then with a plop his thing slid out of me. He lowered me down and because of the hard fucking I had just received my legs were like jello and he had to help me get my balance. We washed each other off and got out of the tub. I put on a pair of pink bikini panties and matching bra and zazzers sex full sex stories movie to the kitchen to get something to drink. I was startled by a man's voice saying, "well what do we have here?" It was Jim Franks dad.

I stood there frozen then Jenifer chimed in its ok Sarah. I done told him about you. "Hi Jim", I managed to sputter out. "Do you want to go fishing with me and Frank?" Asked Jim. "I don't really like fishing" I replied. Jennifer chimed in, "Well you can go if you want, but I was planning on having a girls day out if you want to join me." "Really that would be great" I quickly replied. As Frank and Jim headed out the door Jenifer lend me to here room.

"Now let's get you ready" She said. "This is one of Katie's dresses. It's a little small but it should work". She said while handing the dress to me. It was a pink dress with white floral print sun dress. I put the dress on and sat in the set at here vanity. Jenifer pulled up a chair and said now time for makeup.

We went through the makeup choosing color and she began showing me how to apply it. Then she styled my hair and after she was done I looked in the mirror and couldn't even recognize myself. I looked just like a girl. I stood there admiring myself, looking at how the dress fit. It was a little tight and only went down to my upper thigh.

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"Now you will have to be carfully with that dress. You don't want to go showing off your panties to everyone." She showed me how to sit and stand up without showing myself then she finished getting herself ready. I felt a little hesitation as I started to go out the door. I was real nervous about going about as a girl. What if people knew I was really a boy. What if I ran into someone I knew and they recognized me. I started to back out and say I didn't want to go, but Jennifer grabbed my hand and said, "its ok sweetie.

We're going the mall about an hour away so there won't be anyone you know there and nobody will know you're not really a girl". Still nervous bet feeling a little more assured I stepped out into the real world. Walking to the car with my dress flapping against my butt with every step and the cool breeze going up my legs felt amazing.

I got in the car and we were off. Our first stop at the mall was the nail salon. As I got into the seat Jennifer turned to me and said "Yulin here is transgender to". Introducing me to the lady that would be giving me my manie and pedi. "Really" I replied in shock. She was a beautiful woman in her mid-forties. I would have never known she was a guy. As she began she was telling me her story but the stopped saying, "I can see the outline of your penis.

Do you not know how to tuck yet?" "Tuck?" I replied. She took my hand and said, "come with me". We went into the rest room and she said, "do you see how smooth my front is?" "Yes", I replied. "That's because I tuck", she said. She unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down. "See." She showed me how to tuck.

It was a little uncomfortable but the way I looked in the mirror. There was no sign of my manhood. My front looked just like a girl. We returned to the chair and she continued working on my feet when I noticed another girl young amateur rides cock and takes pounding into the chair next to busty milf nikki capone blows well hung painter pornstars hardcore. Terror ripped through me as I realized who it was.

"Hi I'm Sarah" She said. Oh no, it was the girl I had a crush on and was imagining my self being. I sheepishly replied "Hi". "What your name" she asked. "Sarah", I replied.

"That's cool we have the same name." She continued talking and as I started to relax realizing that she didn't recognize me I started to open up and talk back. After our nails were done Sarah Asked if I wanted to shop with her. I looked at Jenifer and she said, "go ahead sweetie".

We were off and after visiting several stores we went into a teen store. After looking for a little while Sarah lit up saying oh this is so cute "you have to try this one on".

It was a light pink dress that flared out at the bottom and had ruffled short sleeves. I agreed and took the dress to the dressing room and was surprised when Sarah joined me with the same dress in her hand. "All the other stalls are full so we can just share" she said. She began undressing and I couldn't help but notice just how amazing her body was.

She was a little taller than me and was the head cheerleader at school so she was in great shape. Don't be nervous she said get changed. I started to undress and was thankful now that Yulin had shown me how to tuck. I turned around facing away from her as I changed then I heard her voice saying ow I have those exact same panties on.

I looked and I must say they looked much better on her. After making a few selections Sarah's mom said it was time for them to go and Jennifer and I went to a few other stores. One store we went in we went to the girl's section and Jennifer said I think we need to pick out something really special for us to sexy slender blonde yearold mckenzee cumshot facial tonight.

I nodded my head in agreement. We picked out matching plaid skirts with white tops. Jennifer said,"all boys love the school girl look." Then we went to pick out under wear.

I picked out a pair of white panties with Tinkerbelle and a matching bra to go with my outfit. Jenifer, after searching, was able to find the same thing in her size. We went and paid and headed home to get ready for the boys' return. After se follan a jovencita mexicana en lenceriacutea at Jennifer's house, we got changed then Jennifer asked me to help get dinner started.

As the sun started to set we herd Jim's truck pulling in the driveway. We herd them talking and laughing all the way to the door then when the stepped inside both went quiet staring at Jennifer and me.

Jennifer asked, "Do you boys like what you see"? A node yes was all they could do in reply. Frank walked up to me saying, "you look so hot". Then he grabbed me putting one hand on my butt while leaning over and kissing me. After dinner, we went to the living room and started talking. At first it was just normal how was your day talking but quickly progressed when Jim said, "I can't believe how hot you two are.

And I would never had thought the boy I knew would make such a pretty little girl." "Thank you", I said smiling. Jim was kind of cute in his mid-forties.

He has brown hair with some gray and a goatee. He wasn't as muscular as frank but was in pretty good shape. We continued talking and Frank pulled me onto his lap.

Feeling his erection, I whispered, "do you want to go to your room know." Without saying a word, we were off to his room. Barley waiting for the door to close Frank was all over me. His hand s roaming from my chest to my butt and around the front were my thing would usually be. Frank looked up and said, "where is it at". "I learned how to tuck today. Wanna see". Yes, He replied. I lifted my skirt reveling the smooth front as his hand rubbed across my mound then down between my leg.

I spread my legs farther giving him full access. As his hand slid across my tucked member a shiver ran up my spine. I was more turned on than ever before. Frank pushed me back on the bed that removed his pants. He started kissing me as he done the night before. He pushed my skirt up and slow pulled off my panties. As he removed my panties he started to kiss his way up my leg starting at my feet and ending up at my little hole. Then his tongue made contact with my entrance and once again I was in heaven.

He swirled his tongue around and probed my little hole. Licking as hard as he could.

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I began to breath heavier and then an orgasm ripped through my body. I began bucking my hips and almost screaming out in pure pleasure. As I came down from the incredible feeling coursing through me.

I see Frank applying lotion. I smiled knowing what was coming next as I waited, eager to feel him inside me again.

Frank climbed in between my legs and began rubbing the tip kelly madison asian teen kendra spade gets ass fucked my awaiting hole teasing me and driving me crazy. "Do you want it"? he asked. "Yes please". I replied. Practically begging. He started to apply pressure and his tip slowly slid inside. Frank leaned in kissing me as his cock slowly slid all the way inside me.

He began trusting in and out as his cock stretchered my little hole. His black man sex story first time sliding in felt so good I never wanted this moment to end. But something was different. Frank was a little rougher that usual. Grabbing and squeezing my butt cheeks as he slammed him cock deep into me. It was kind of pain full, but still felt really good at the same time. "More", I whispered as he continued to slam into me.

"Your so fucking hot", he whispered. Knowing I had turned him on so much made me really happy. He continued fucking me as hard tiny blonde teen dakota tied up and fucked he could and I felt my orgasm building back up then my insides exploded in pleasure.

The pleasure was so intense that tears started to flow as I moaned and screamed, "ow god yes, please don't stop". He tensed up and pushed in as deep as he could go, unleashing his cum deep into me. He seemed to be cuming harder than ever before. Out of breath he rolled off of me saying "wow, that was incredible". I kissed him than picked up my panties and went to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

I couldn't believe how much cum came out of me. I didn't think it would ever end. After I got cleaned up I went back to the living room where I saw Jennifer sucking Jim's Dick. I stood in amazement watching Jennifer work. Jim was bigger than Frank and she was taking him all the way in. The she got up pulled her panties to the side and sat down on Jim's cock. I watched as she slid up and down. Rotating her hips and grinding into him as she reached the base. Jim must have been as turned on as Frank was.

He didn't last long before he blew his load inside Jennifer. It was then that Jennifer noticed me. "Oh, hay sweetie. Did you enjoy the show?" I nodded yes. Jim chimed in, we just couldn't help ourselves after hearing you to go at it.

A little embarrassed I didn't say a thing I just went to the kitchen and got a can of soda from the fridge. I was quickly joined by Jennifer. How did you do that I asked. Do what Fit him all the way in your mouth.

I could actually see it in your throat. She smiled and said practice sweaty practice. The next morning, I woke up a little depressed. My grandma would be back today and I would be going home. Frank and I had sex in the shower again before joining Jennifer and Jim who stayed the night for breakfast. Jennifer said after breakfast I will help you get packed up. Ok, I replied in a sad tone. While in Katie's room packing my stuff Jenifer said, don't worry we will make sure you and frank can still get together whenever possible.

Thank you, I said hugging her. I have a little surprise before you go though. If you're up for it. What's that I asked. Well Jim and Frank talked about both of them fucking you.

And Jim wants to help you learn to deep throat. Really, I replied both confused and excited. Still in my night gown she took my hand and lead me to the living room were Frank and Jim were waiting. Jennifer sat me between them and said now remember Jim she is young so be gentle.

Ow I will he said with a smile. I jumped a little as Jim's hand touched my leg but quickly started to relax as he began kissing my neck. Frank joined in rubbing and kissing the other side of my neck. I look across the room and say Jennifer starting to rub herself. Then Jim's hand went up my leg to my pantie covered cock. He began rubbing me through my panties causing me to get my panties wet.

Then he placed my hand on his crotch. I could feel his large erection through his jeans. Go ahead and get it out he said. Nervously I unbuttoned his pants and zipper then reached inside his boxers finding his cock. It felt so warm and smooth as I pulled it out and started rubbing it. Put it in your mouth he said.

I quickly lowered myself opening my mouth taking him in. He was defiantly bigger than Frank. Frank positioned me onto my knees and pulled my panties down enough to expose my hole then started licking me. After sucking on Jim for a few minutes Jim said are you ready to learn how to take the whole thing.

I nodded not wanting to take his cock out of my mouth. He stood me up and the placed me belly down on the ottoman with my head hanging off the edge.

He explained from this position it opens your throat and reduces the reflexes making it easier. Jim moved around to the front and said now open wide.

He started putting a little in my mouth at a time doing a little more as he went on. Frank had started licking my hole again.

Frank pulled out and said now when I go in I want you to keep breathing through your nose. And the he started pushing in deeper. I stated to gag but Jim didn't pull out he just reminded me to breath. As I did the reflexes eased and he was in farther than ever.

I could feel the tip touching the back of my throat and then he pushed in more. I could feel my throat stretching as I gagged violently. This didn't stop him he just kept rocking his hips in and out until at last the reflexes started to ease and I began to enjoy his cock in my throat.

It was about know I realized Frank was no longer licking me but was now fucking me. The thought of having two dicks inside my little body pushed me over the edge as I came hard. Frank and Jim continued fucking me through my orgasm. I could her Proxy gets fucked by a black rod moaning as she reached her climax. Jim began to breath hard and his cock started to swell in my throat.

I felt him start to pull out and I wrapped my hands around him pulling him in as he started to shoot load after load of hot cum down my through. Holding him in as he came caused me to start choking a little and making my butt clamp down on to franks cock causing him to cum inside me. After Jim pulled out he said wow you are such a good little girl. Even though my throat was soar this brought a smile to my face. Just then we heard a knock at the door. Ow no grandmas here. I quickly ran to the room and put my boys clothes on over my bra and panties.

While Jennifer went and answered the door when I came into the kitchen my grandma greeted me giving me a hug. How are you doing. I missed you. I'm fine I said with a raspy voice.

What's wrong she asked is your throat sore. Are you sick. I think it's just allergies I replied. Open your mouth let me see she said. Nervously I opened my mouth and she looked inside. Ow my, your throat is really red. I guess we better stop by the store and get you some medicine. Frank, can you help Matt take his things to the car. Said Jenifer Sure, replied Frank. After putting my stuff in the car Frank quickly kissed me and said good bye.

We broke our kiss just before my grandma walked outside. Are you ready to go? Yes, grandma I replied. Saying by to everyone I couldn't help but smile, feeling a little nottie knowing that my grandma had just looked at my freshly fucked throat.

And I was riding home still wearing my tinker bell panties and had a belly and ass full of cum and she had no idea the her sweet little boy was a now a naughty little girl. More to CUM.