Petite promesita rides on a big dong pornstars creampie

Petite promesita rides on a big dong pornstars creampie
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Your mommy is a witch, did you know that little boy? Probably not, because the world out there has probably convinced you there's no such thing as magic, there's no such things as witches or warlocks or dragons. And to be fair, dragons aren't real, there actually is no such things as dragons. Also I'm not big titty milf eager for big cock free porn dd on witch in the fairytale way you humans like to talk about them.

There's no magic wand, no potions, no spells, none of that stuff. It's just that my mind is way more powerful than the minds of you humans. You aren't even my little boy, did you know that? Well off course you are mommy's little boy now, there's no denying that, but you probably don't remember your life before you came here, do you?

I guess you were a stock broker or a financial adviser or something fancy like that, single and single-minded, just focused on your money and career. I believe you were here for some important meeting, it's not important anymore though. You went out for a walk. The hotel clerics should have warned you not to go out when the sun was setting. They know. The locals know about these hills, my hills. But you didn't listen, you weren't a good boy, back then, you were disobedient and cocky. You went out for a walk, a breath of fresh air, you walked over my hills and then.

boom, you didn't know what happened suddenly you were inside my hill, remember that? You didn't even realized you were inside the hill, even though the dirt on the walls and the roots hanging down from the ceiling should be a clear giveaway.

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You were trapped in a cage you thought, you were screaming, cussing, trashing around. You weren't mommy's little boy back then. You were a full grown man on a business trip that walked right horny guys get to bang girls outdoors my hills, lucky me.

Lucky mommy. You know, full grown men don't need to nurse with their mommy, I guess you forgot. I guess I've brainwashed you too much by now for you to remember. Each time you drink from mommy's breast, each time you gulp down mommy's magic juice it'll render you more and more helpless, it'll make you more and more dependent on mommy.

Mommy's milk shuts down your thoughts, makes you helplessly addicted and regresses your mind to function like a little baby. Remember the first time sweetheart? You were trashing around still and then I entered the room, just wearing a skirt, my boobs bare and exuding their magic glow. You were mesmerized, you stopped screaming and just froze, you froze to look at my breasts. You had an instant hard-on.

I could tell by the bulge in your pants, for a long moment we stood there opposite each other. You're small human mind must have sensed my boobs where the core off my magic, the source of all my magic.

I can channel it through every body part I'd like, but it all flows from my chest. But then you managed to pull your glance away from me.

You looked at the wall, at the ceiling, at your own feet, away as if you were shy. 'Let me go.' You said. It was a faint order, almost as if you didn't mean it, as if you hoped you were allowed to stay. 'Who are you? Where am I?' There were a lot of questions popping out of your mouth. But you know what your mommy did, your mommy used her magic. I just walked towards your cage, put my hand on your shoulder and channeled my energy. I send soothing calming waves through your body and soon enough you calmed down.

You sank down to the floor and looked at me, with those big curious brown eyes of yours. 'What's happening?' You asked. I think that was the first glance I saw of my little boy, this vulnerably, curious, shy little boy, who simply doesn't understand the world, who's too small and too stupid to know what's happening.

I calmed you down until you were meek and malleable. Then I took you by the hand and guided you to your new room. 'But.' You started stammering, you just couldn't understand where the cage had gone. One minute you were surrounded by bars, the next moment mommy takes you by the hand and leads you to a nursery.

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That was mommy's magic, little one. Mommy has a powerful mind, mommy can control the minds of other people, mommy just made you believe you were in a cage, to confine you for a little while. I don't think seeing that nursery startled you all that much. I guess either my soothing energy was numbing your mind, or you were too preoccupied wondering about the disappeared cage.

You didn't seem to notice there was an adult sized cot, a high chair, a dresser full of diapers. You just followed mommy onto the sofa. Mommy pulled you on her lap, remember that? It was a very special moment for mommy, it was the first time ever you nursed on mommy's breast, the first time ever you nursed directly on mommy's magic. You laid in mommy's arms and you didn't quite understood what was expected of you.

I had to cup my breast and put my nipple in your mouth, I had to wild babe annie wolf gets humped and creamed the back of your head and press it against my chest. You just looked at me, calmly, but still not understanding. 'Drink.' I said. 'Go on, drink and suckle.' You were confused I believed, but eventually you obeyed, you started suckling and my magic engulfed you.

The first thing you must have noticed was how good and addictive it was to suckle on your mommy's breast, because I only had to encourage you a few times, within minutes you were greedily sucking, gulping down more and more of my milk.

Then I saw your eyes starting to glass over, you were getting enchanted, enamored, sleepy and drowsy. I suppose you didn't even realize my milk was forcing you to regress, my milk was reducing your ability to think clearly, my milk was turning you into a little boy.

My little boy. Mommy's little boy. We nursed for hours that first day. I softly stroke your head. I enjoyed your nid-nodding face, your rolling eyes. It was a great first dose to give my little sweetheart. I put you in your crib, I undressed you and you already showed me how sweet of a boy you would be. You just lied there, looking up at mommy in awe, helping me getting your trousers off, you even tried to help me unbutton your shirt, but you were simply too regressed already and your fine motor skills were a mess.

It was cute to see you trying though.

Then you were naked. You know what happened then? You don't, do you? Mommy's milk makes you sleepy and forgetful. We've done it every night since then, every night after you've nursed on mommy's milk, mommy brings you to bed, undresses you and has some fun with your body. It doesn't matter that you don't remember, that way you can remain my sweet innocent boy during day time.

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My hand ran over your torso, you were a really muscular guy back then, ever since you've let go a little, but mommy doesn't blame you. Mommy is the one holding you prisoner so you can't go visit the gym.

My hands ran over your face, your chest, I pinched your nipples. At first you didn't seem to like that, your face scrunched up in a painful grimace, but over time you've gotten used to it. Now you're cock starts growing when mommy pinches or pulls on your nipples, doesn't it?

That first night mommy had to take hot camgirl shows off her sexy body fingering and hotgvibe in her mouth. She put her lips around your cock and started licking and kissing and sucking you, until it was nice and hard. You've got quite a nice cock, did you know that? I like the pinkish tip, and I also like the vain twisting around the shaft, but most of all I love your curvature, that way when we fuck, it just hits foxy cassy receives a messy facial brunette and cumshot in her special spot.

Mommy gave you a blow job, you were slightly panting and murmuring some incoherent sounds. Incoherent cooing and moaning, as if you were my little boy already. Mommy made you nice and stiff, and then when you were ready, mommy climbed on top of you and slid your cock inside. There was this awe in your eyes as you looked up to me, as if you were a virgin still. Although I find it hard to believe that a single good-looking successful guy like you, never even had a one night stand.

I don't know, maybe you were a virgin, maybe you weren't. By now you're too brainwashed to tell mommy anything about your former life, aren't you, my sweet little cute-y? I fucked you then, rocking my hips back and forth over your cock. I guess there must have been some awe in my eyes too, because that's when I noticed the perfection of your curvature.

You know, I can turn any guy or girl into my little sweetheart. Usually I only keep them in my hills for about a week or a month, because of the time distortion that means in human time you've only been missing from up there for a few hours, but you I've kept much longer, haven't I? You've been with mommy now for years, you've been here for so long that up there they even noticed you're missing and they started a search to retrieve you.

That has actually send a lot of locals up my hill, that's were all your brothers and sisters came from, but you don't remember them anymore, do you? They all didn't stay here that long. I've send them back up when I got bored of them. You I've kept because of that curvature in your penis. I fucked you, three times that first night, at least if you count by my orgasms, I orgasmed three times. The first time was insanely quick, only after a few minutes of you penetrating me, I already felt myself going over the edge.

My entire body flushing with hormones and lust and arousal and pleasure, my muscles tense. The second and the third time I lasted longer. I didn't really know how much you've orgasmed, back than I didn't know you that well sweetheart, I couldn't yet tell by the quiver in your breath, or the spasm in your toes that you were approaching your climax, and also that first night I didn't care all that much.

You were my bewitched little baby, and I was horny as hell. After I was satisfied, I've send you off to bed, you fell asleep like a baby. Which I guess you were, at least mentally you were functioning on the level of a baby, my big little friend. Of course you had an accident that night, my magic milk is just impossible for a human bladder to contain, so all of you humans start wetting yourself, once you start nursing on my milk.

The next morning the onesie I'd put you in was soaked and all my milk had run through your system, you were back to being the defiant adult that you were. Protesting everything, but you never took your onesie off, and you never escaped the cot. I guess it felt good to keep laying there in those wet clothes. I'm fairly certain my magic milk leaves some magic traces in your pee, that made your pee feel all warm and soothing against your leg, maybe even arousing against your cock.

The only thing I had to do was show you my boobs again, nurse you some milk and turn you into my little boy once more, after you've had your morning bath you didn't even object to being put in a diaper. You've been my little one ever since. I've been nursing you multiple times a day, to keep your mind controlled and subdued, and lately you even started asking for mommy's milk yourself. Why would I tell you all this, you might wonder?

Why would I confess this? Well since you're suckling on mommy's tittie right now and you're my little baby boy I can say anything. You don't understand a word I'm saying to you, don't you? No. You just nurse on mommy's milk, yes you do. You just coo and smile at mommy, no matter what mommy says, don't threesome with teen loulou red and patricia blonde Mommy has told you this story many many times, but each time you just keep on suckling.

I guess you want to stay, I guess you want to forget again, you happily keep drinking mommy's milk. Just like now. Look at that cute little mouth, those soft lips enveloping on my nipple as if your life depends on it.

You've been here longer than any human has been before, the level of mind control I have over you is deeper and further than I've ever had before. Come drink sweetheart, keep drinking mommy's magic milk. Mommy will stroke your head, mommy will caress your cheek and shoulder and back, mommy will tenderly touch you chest, and belly. Mommy's hand will slip in your diaper and start playing with your cock. Yes, you're getting horny sweetheart, that's why you're cock is all stiff now.

In a moment mommy's going to have her way with you again, but for now just keep drinking, just keep nursing, keep on brainwashing yourself. ***