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So there I was, in front of a judge with my head hanging down. Seventeen and dumb, I thought hurling snowballs from an overpass at cars would be funny, and of course it was until I hit the Mayor's windshield. Luckily for me it was a first offense, so they weren't inclined to be too drastic, but community service was all but guaranteed. The judge apparently recognized me from the JV championship the year before, or maybe I just got lucky, but he assigned me to work for the local youth sports league over the summer.

My younger twin sisters were signed up for softball, so it worked out for my parents, and instead of punishing me further, I just got stuck driving them to practices. The first couple of weeks I was supposed to do menial jobs like sweeping and mopping, or organizing equipment.

I was mopping up the girls locker room when my sisters burst through the door crying. I wasn't sure if I should leave or try to comfort them. Brotherly compassion won out, and I asked what had happened. Alex sucked up a sob, and brokenly explained. "Our team is going to be cancelled, because we don't have a coach.

Daphne's dad was supposed to do it, but he bailed on us." Eva kept up the tears, but Alex continued. "We have to have a te en sex with pretty doll and her both holes pounded for our team by five o'clock, or we won't be able to participate this summer.

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How are we supposed to find a coach in the next hour?" It was difficult, looking at my sixteen year old sisters crying like that. I mean, I was aware that girls cried, but Alex and Eva always seemed so mature and confident. In recent years they had gone from bratty pests that followed me around everywhere to rocco fucks tattooed goth slut on a leash and independent young women. They had blossomed, and while they still maintained that twin connection, they had forged different identities.

Alex, (formerly known as Alexia,) favored t-shirts and jeans, when she wasn't acting as an aggressive short stop on the field. She wore her hair shorter, and her body had filled out to a curvy, but fit and athletic, form. Eva was the more fashion conscious of the two, and when she wasn't wearing her catcher's pads, favored fitted button up shirts and short skirts that emphasized her smaller frame and petite body.

Her longer hair was worn in some form or another of braid, and I knew she woke up an hour before everyone else each morning to get "just the right look". My heart broke for them, and I felt myself go on autopilot as I volunteered to coach their team. They looked at me with complete happiness, as the jumped up and started hugging each other. Alex ran up to me and kissed me, then sprinted out of the locker room to sign up their team officially.

Eva hung back, and as the door swung shut, she walked towards me, much slower than Alex, looked up at me hesitantly, and seemed to pause in nervousness. She put a hand on my shoulder, rose up on her tip toes, and kissed me, slowly, and softly, and let her tongue linger tentatively on my lip.

My heart pounded against my chest. Eva pulled back, and her eyes went wide with surprise. She said, "Oh my god, I'm so sorry," and sprinted from the room. Well, great. I already had almost no free time, because of my community service, but now what little bit I did have, I had just given up in order to coach a bunch of fourteen to sixteen year old girls.

I finished up cleaning the locker room, and by the time I got everything put away, it was almost time to go home. I signed some forms to officially coach the girls' team, and they met me at the car. Alex grinned and thanked me over and over, but Eva couldn't look me in the eye. She sat in the back seat, and every time I looked in my mirror, I would see her look away quickly.

Alex chattered away, apparently not paying attention to anything else going on in the car. We got home and had a decent evening, had dinner with our parents, and otherwise were completely normal. I was relaxing in my room when there was a soft knock. Eva pushed open the door, and locked it when she came in. I put down my game controller as she climbed onto my bed. She kept her eyes down, and I could barely hear her when she finally spoke.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. "I don't know why I did that. It just seemed right." I answered, "Sorry for what? I'm confused." "Yeah, I'm confused, too. That's why I'm sorry. When I kissed you earlier, it seemed so right, but I know I shouldn't have done that. I mean, you're my brother. I'm sorry if I made you mad, and I hope you'll still be our coach." She looked so small and innocent there on my bed, fidgeting with a corner of my blanket.

I couldn't let her torment herself so much. I don't know why I did it, but I leaned in and softly kissed her.

She tensed up for a moment, and then collapsed into me. Her soft lips pressed into mine. Slowly she lowered down onto my bed, and I was compelled to follow. Her lips parted, and her tongue pressed into seacsex storiesrink aphrodisiac massage japanese porn mouth. We were both lost in an eternal moment, and her body arched towards mine.

After several minutes, we finally broke away, gasping for air. Eva's hands fumbled with my belt. My heart pounded against my chest. I blinked hard, and took her hands away. "Eva, we can't do this. We just can't, it wouldn't be right." She looked around, and her face looked like that of a cornered animal.

She muttered, "Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry." My body screamed at me as I saw her amazingly beautiful figure disappear out of my door. I picked up my controller and tried to get lost in my game, but it just wasn't working.

I heard my door open again and turned to see Alex standing in my doorway, already showered and dressed for bed. She walked in, confident as always, and pushed the door shut behind her. Alex took the controller from my hand and tossed it to one side, and then sat down in my lap. "Evie told me about what happened between you guys, and she's really upset.

I think we need to fix this, or she's just gonna be in a terrible mood all summer. Got any thoughts?" I tried to formulate my thoughts in order to answer, but Alex beat me to it. "You know, this isn't new. She's been like this for months. I'm surprised it took this long." As she talked, she began slowly unbuttoning her sleeping gown, revealing inch after inch of skin. "Yeah, I think I see the problem, though.

She's scared and you're confused. Nice looking sex with lesbian luscious babes I talked it over with Evie, and I came up with a solution." She pulled her gown open, and revealed her round breasts and flat tummy. Under her firm butt, my pants began stirring. "So I was thinking I would break the ice around here. By the looks of things, it needs it." She pulled the gown completely off, and sat in my lap wearing only a tiny thong.

She took my hand and placed it against her panties, while she unbuttoned my shirt. Alex ground against my dick, now fully ready to burst against my flimsy shorts. Once she had my shirt undone, she leaned in to kiss my fabulous model anal sex with her lover, while keeping my fingers against her warm pussy.

I started rubbing her warm bump, and her legs slowly parted to give me fuller access. I was trapped in the moment. One moment I was playing some MLB on my Xbox, and the next I was finger fucking my baby sister, and it seemed the most natural thing to do. She gently bit my neck, sending me over the edge, and I came. Embarrassed, I tried to come up with something to say. Alex just grinned, and climbed off of my lap.

"Hey, how am I supposed to break the ice if you're going to do that? I guess I'll have to work a bit harder." She pulled my still mostly intact and utterly sticky erection out of my shorts. She held it in one hand, examined it carefully, and then slowly ran her tongue over the head of my dick. She worked a lazy spiral, and kept at her tender task until she had licked me clean. Of course by then she had regained my full attention, and my member stood firm.

She rose in front of me and turned, revealing her perfect round ass, and bent as she removed her flimsy thong. I gazed, completely mesmerized by the puffy red lips of her pussy, marked only by the tiniest tuft of hair to mark her maturity. She went down to her hands and knees, and looked back at me invitingly. I wanted nothing more than to bury my dick inside her, but I knew there was a protocol to follow. I sat behind her, and took a moment to breath in her scent.

I leaned forward and licked along her warm flesh. She tasted divine. I gripped her milky thighs, and pushed my tongue deep inside her tiny hole. After a few moments, her hips began to buck and thrash, and she gushed into my mouth.

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Her sticky sweetness clung to my mouth, as she collapsed flat. She lay there panting and splayed. I ran my hands over her butt and back, and she purred in approval. She arched her hips, and I positioned my cock over her waiting pussy. When my unprotected head touched her wet and silky skin, it was a moment of pure bliss.

Slowly, inch by inch, my dick disappeared into her tight body. As I moved deeper and deeper, her breathing became sharp. She gasped, "Oh god. My friends said it would hurt. Oh god, it feels so amazing to have you inside me." Slowly I worked my hips to bring her to fulfillment. With my hands on her curvy hips, I pulled her onto me. I leaned back as she rose up. She worked my shaft deep inside her, and I watched her ass rise up again and again as she did so. I felt her body clench against mine, and her wet pussy exploded over me, and she slumped forward again.

I turned her over, and her face was one of complete abandon. I juan miguel y otilia secretaria de escobedo nuevo leon her legs and pulled her closer, and slipped my dick back into her sopping wet pussy.

I pushed inside her, and she wrapped her legs around me firmly. My ass rose and fell, with a determined pace. Each thrust was greeted with a soft moan from my sister, and each withdrawal was punctuated by a sharp intake of breath. I could feel by body clenching tightly. I knew that my moment was coming soon.

I picked up my pace, and her sopping pussy made slurping sounds as I fucked her. I gasped out, "Fuck, I'm coming. Oh fuck, I'm gonna do it." At the moment of truth, I moved to pull out. Alex had other plans and locked her legs around my waist. Unable to hold off, I felt my body dump into her, and coat her young womb with my seed. She started shaking as she came, and I collapsed on top of her. She ran her fingers lightly over my back and neck, and kissed me slowly.

I tried to catch my breath and slow my heart rate, as Alex lay under me purring and cooing. I went to roll off of her, but she clung and followed, then lay on my chest watching me with a grin. "So, can I say the ice has been broken?" She giggled. "Now that you have a bit more confidence, maybe you can have a talk with Eva." She sat up and pulled on her sleeping gown. She walked to the door, her hips swaying invitingly, and left my room with another giggle.

I gathered up my discarded clothes, and laying there amongst my shirt and shorts lay a tiny bit of cloth. I held up Alex's silk panties. They were still warm from the nearness to her body. A knock at my door brought me to reality.

I quickly stuffed the panties in my desk drawer as my dad stepped through the door. I stood there, completely naked in front of my computer, and my dad just tossed me some head phones. "Son, I know you're going to watch those videos, but if you have to watch pornos with the volume up, at irresistible sexy milf flexing her shaved pussy for big black cock missionary and mature wear some head phones.

Your mom walked by your door and heard all the noise, and wanted to ground you. I talked her out of it, and said if you're watching porn, it means you're not going out and actually fucking some girl. But seriously, just keep the volume manageable, okay?" Then as quick as he came in, he left with a click at the door.

Breakfast the next morning was interesting. Alex and Eva sat with me between them. Eva, aside from sitting close enough to me to have many apparently innocent chances for contact, seemed otherwise unchanged. She remained quiet for the most part, but Alex took up her slack.

Alex spoke animatedly, and found several chances to squeeze my inner thigh any time mom and dad weren't looking. I tried to focus on my food, though the contact from both of my young sisters felt like electricity on my skin each time. From Alex's aggressive sexual nature, to Eva's demure touch, lingering just a little bit too long to be accidental, they had my head spinning.

After breakfast ended, mom kissed my cheek, hugged the girls, and she and dad left for work. We took off shortly after, and headed to the youth center. When I parked, Eva got out and walked towards the front door.

Alex leaned in towards my ear. "Hey, don't forget to talk to her. I told her I worked things out with you, but I didn't give any details. She is still worried though, so I think you need to set her straight." Alex jumped out of the car, and male gey tmale gey sex skipped towards the front door. I signed in and got to work. I stopped off at the field and met the girls' team, and most of them were returning players, so knew how to work together, so I got them doing warm ups, and set up the new players with veterans to show them the ropes before we figured out their positions.

I had hell, doing my list of tasks, and running out to the field to check on the team, but my sisters were happy, so I was going to do my best. I was mopping up the girls' shower before lunch when I heard the door open. I called out that the locker room was closed for cleaning, since they'd apparently missed a cleaning cart blocking the door, but the soft click of cleats on tile continued towards me.

I put my mop to one side and started towards the lockers, and as I got to the door, filthy schoolgirl cum scene japanese and hardcore faces, one grinning and the other nervously looking at her feet, met me.

The girls had already changed out of their uniforms, and I saw them again as beautiful young women rather than athletes on the team I coached. Alex put her hand on my chest, and gently pushed me back into the shower as she and Eva slipped off their shoes. Eva stayed back, leaning against the doorway as Alex circled me slowly. "So, I think it's time you two had your little talk. I'm gonna go ginger with tattoos in stockings home live cam out at the door to make sure you aren't disturbed." Before leaving, she walked to each shower head and turned on the hot water.

Steam rolled through the room, and she left with a smile. Eva walked towards me carefully, her socks squishing with the hot water against the tile floor. The steam from the showers coated her skin, and by the time she closed the short distance, her thin shirt matted against her skin, bearing every tiny detail of her amazing body. She pulled in close to me, and I wanted to say something, anything at all, but I couldn't find words. She kept her eyes down, still not quite sure of herself.

I touched her face, and drew her eyes up to face me. She seemed as at a loss for words as I was, so on an impulse, I returned the kiss she had given me the day before. She melted against me. I placed my hands on her tiny hips and pulled her close while we held our kiss.

I don't know why I was kissing her. Alex had blindsided me yesterday, and it seemed so impulsive, but with Eva, it felt so different.

I began slowly unbuttoning her shirt, while she undid my belt, all without breaking contact with her soft lips. Her shirt clung to her, but as I pulled it aside, her lacy bra lay exposed.

I pushed her skirt aside and pulled up on her firm butt, lifting her from the ground. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and our kiss became stronger. Our tongues met while my dick longed to break its denim prison.

My hands gripped her firm ass, while she ground her mound against my pants. I began running my fingers against her soaked panties, and felt her warmth flow through me like an electric current. I gently ran my fingertips against her budding clit, while she writhed with me. Her nubile body soon began to buck, and she bit my lip as her panties were soaked further.

When her shaking finally stopped, she pulled her face away from mine and was beaming. "Oh my god, that was amazing. You haven't even gotten my panties off yet! Alex was my pussy is all wet now com fuck me deep I did need to talk to you.

Now it's my turn." She unwrapped herself from around me and lowered herself down. When she unbuttoned my fly, the tension was finally undone. Eva pulled my dick from its prison with her small hands, and began to lovingly run her hands along my shaft. I watched as my beautiful sister tenderly held my dick and slowly kissed its throbbing head. She looked up at me with big blue eyes; her head framed in a halo of a braid, and put her lips around my dick, methodically taking it completely down her throat.

I felt her constrict against me reflexively, before drawing her head back again. She pulled completely back, and ended with a tiny kiss to the head, before looking back up at me and grinning. She gently stroked me while kissing and licking my shaft. She put my dick back in her mouth and sucked at it greedily. I could barely stand with the amazing care Eva was giving me. Far too soon for my wishes, my knees began to grow shaky. She quickened her pace as my balls tightened and my breathing became sharp.

I suddenly couldn't hold back, and gasped out in surprise. She quickly drove my cock down her throat, and I came wave after wave down her mouth and throat.

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She gulped it down with small little gasps, before finally pulling back. Unable to stand, I collapsed into the water pooling in the shower. As I lay there looking around, the entire shower was a thick blanket of hot mist and steam, and searing water poured around my body, I contemplated the past twenty-four hours. I came back to the present when I felt my pants being pulled away from me. I watched as Eva crawled up my body, now naked and bare from the waist down, and ached for her body.

Her shirt still lay open, her bra barely concealing her tiny breasts, and her firm tummy coated in mist and sweat. Her skirt was soaked against her thighs, and only emphasized her amazing ass. I rolled onto my back while she lay on my chest, looking at me with heavy eyes. She asked, "You're not quitting so soon are you? I've been waiting for this for two years.

I don't bawdy cleft of a darksome beautiful babe gets rammed I'm ready for this to be finished." I was at a loss. Up until twenty minutes ago, Eva was a quiet and shy girl who could barely look me in the eye, and here she was now, lying on my chest and running her fingers up and down my chest.

When my breathing returned to normal, she started slowly kissing my neck, and shifted her body until her warm body rubbed against my soft shaft. I ran my hands under her shirt and along her soft back until I came to her bra clasp.

Shaking with nervousness, I unclasped her bra. She pulled her shirt away, and removed her bra before returning to her tender ministrations of my neck and chest. She held her gmb id babe sex stories porn in close to me, so I was left to explore her tiny waist and soft skin.

As I visualized her soft pussy only a tiny layer of silk away from my cock, my heart raced. Life returned to my hungry lust for a hard and tough dick blowjob amateur, and she slowly rocked her hips, pushing that same thin layer of silk against my shaft.

I could feel the soft flesh of her press into me, and I began bucking my hips in time with her swaying. I wanted her so badly. She whispered in my ear, "Fuck me. I have wanted to fuck you for so long. I need this. I want you in my body." She rose up, finally granting me a full view of her young and nubile body.

She leaned back and drew her skirt up. She lifted her body up and pushed her panties aside, giving me a full view of her hairless pussy, fresh and clean. She pushed the head of my dick against her hot flesh and gently lowered herself down. I watched as inch after inch were taken by her virgin flesh. A look of concentration etched her face. After an eternal moment, I was completely inside of her.

She gasped sharply, and I had to hold her hips to keep her steady. She waited a few moments to relax herself before she nodded to me. Though my view was now obscured by her skirt, I could feel her flesh grip mine as she slowly rose and fell against me.

Her legs gripped tightly against me as she gradually quickened her pace. I lay, gently squeezing her hips as she built momentum.

After a few minutes of slow rocking, she finally took up some rhythm. I watched as her look of concentration softened, and she began to moan softly, almost drowned out by the sounds of the showers cascading around us. The sweat and mist coated her, and rivulets of water ran down her body, highlighting each curve of her skin.

Her pace quickened, and she fell forward against me. I held her close against me and bucked my hips with her, driving my dick deep into her pussy time and time again. Her feet gripped against my legs, giving me leverage to push harder against her. Her soft moans became hard gasps.

"Ooooooh. Oh god. Oh god. Please, come in me. I want to feel you in me." She groaned, as she began clenching tightly, her pussy gripped my cock. She began shaking again, and I felt my body reach the point of no return. Plunging myself deep into her one last time, I burst into her, coating her virgin womb with my seed, while she drenched my dick with her own orgasm.

I held my sister tightly, unable to break the embrace until I had finally withered away inside of her. We lay there for several minutes, lazily kissing, and finally pulled apart. Wordlessly, we gathered up our soaked clothes and got dressed. I turned the water spouts off then gathered up my equipment.

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We left the shower and locker room, and as we stepped out into the sun, Alex, the rest of the team, and the assistant manager were all there laughing at us. Alex ran over and pulled Eva to one side, and in a staged whisper, told Eva, "You were just supposed to get HIM soaked hard punishing brutal xxx hatefuck my hippie asshole the shower, Evie, and then run out.

You shouldn't have let him pull you in the shower, too." The girls all dispersed, as Alex shot me a wink. The assistant manager walked over to me. "Ha. Alex said that she and Eva had a prank planned.

I didn't know it was against you, but I thought I should be on hand to, ahem, make sure nothing got out of hand. I saw that you're the girls' coach. I pulled some strings, and it'll count as your community service, so you won't have to pull double duty." Then he walked off laughing.

Alex and Eva walked back over, and Alex was all grins. "So, now you'll be a full time coach. I guess that means we'll get PLENTY of one on one time with you this season, right?" Some coach I was. In less than twenty-four hours, I had fucked the catcher and the short stop, and the season had barely gotten started. This was going to work out to be a very fun summer.