Fourway sex ed with deep gagging and fucking

Fourway sex ed with deep gagging and fucking
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mona and i ---------------- by: mark period: late 2001 story type: true, incest (bro/sis) ----------------------------------------------------- before i proceed with the story, i must inform you, the reader, that i am not very good at story telling, this is a true account of what happened between my sister and i during 2001, the year we came closest to each other.

due to certain reasons, i have not used original names, instead, i have used our original nicknames. my step sister mona fell in love with some guy in 1994, at the age of 18 and got married to him in 1995. later, it turned out that the guy was a complete jackass, and therefore, the marriage started to fail, although the divorce came not until 2001.

my step sister looks somewhat like kelly hu (X-Men2 and scorpion king), and i am not exaggerating! she is about 5 feet 5 inches tall, wheatish complexion, long black hair, and has a good figure (picture kelly hu in your mind now).

i moved into her two-bed appartment on account of an exam i had to appear in, and thats when both of us came to know each other better. she had grown sick of her husband's joblessness and needed someone to talk to, whereas i, on the other hand, was always attracted towards her, so this helped move things faster.

her husband lil wayne na nicki minaj xxx storys quite frank with me and despite being jobless, used to go out in day time and would return in the evening.

this routine of his gave me and my step sister a golden chance to discuss lots of things. she too was very open with me, we would gossip, discuss movies, music etc.

etc. we even did indoor xxxny mom and son of storys together. her husband had a collection of adult movies and magazines, they used to watch adult movies only to find humor in it.

my sister was not into the magazines which were placed under their bed. she knew that i had noticed legs on shoulder sex storys videos and the magazines, as she mentioned it once, although indirectly. at this point, i must tell you that i am very good with massage, and my sister came to know of it when i once massaged her head once, she liked it so much that it became a routine, every week, i would give her 3 to 4 such massages, and she used to love it.

my interest was hidden in the fact that she would be in her sleeping suit most of the time, and i used to peep into her shirt during the massages. then, out of no where, her husband thought of leaving town for business purpose, he was to go for a good three months. thus, my sister and i were all by ourselves now.

it was during this period that she started light workouts in the passage,right next to the sitting room. i would often catch a glimpse of her while she worked her body out.

one thing i noticed was that she never used to wear a bra often, the first time i noticed this was when we were wrestling with each other, nothing fancy happened, except at one point when i pinned her, she exclaimed, take it easy!

you are squishing my tits! for me, it was very surprising.for her to say something like that so boldly. i myself had shoulder length hair, and a well built physique, for this reason, i used to roam topless most of the time. one night, after we've had our dinner, we sat on her bed next to the tv to see if there's anything interesting to watch, and after sometime, she switched off the tv and asked me to massage her back, that was the first time she had asked me to massage that region.

i felt lucky, so i quickly started massaging her back from above her loose t-shirt, the AC was on so she had tucked herself in a quilt, i also had to be in there just so she didn't feel cold. one of the amazing things about massaging mona was that she used to admire every bit of it, and you know how romantic girls sound when they are sleepy.i mean their voice just becomes very erotic.

after a milf loves to see horny guys get erections to her massaging, i lifted her t-shirt and started on her bare back, which was simply out of this world. for me, the excitment was twofolds, it was not just an ordinary girl's bare back, it was my own sister's! after a few minutes, she said the most beautiful thing i had ever heard, something to which i could never say no, she said, "had you been my sister, i would have asked you to give me a full body massage" to which i quickly replied, "i can still give you a full body massage if you want me to." to my surprise, she agreed and asked me to leave so she could slip into her bermuda, i was standing outside in front of a mirror, asking myself if it was real.

she then called me in, and this time, there was baby oil lying right next to the bed. she said, "do my legs and thighs first please." i took some oil and as soon as i touched her legs, i felt as if i had entered paradise.they were so smooth that even silk is nothing comapared to them.and they were not weak too, i would say, hers were the perfect legs! slowly, i began to move to her thighs, and with it, i was taken to another paradise. but what hardened my dick the most was when i touched her butt cheeks and noticed she was not wearing any panties.

she immediately said, "be careful! i am not wearing my panties." so what? i said to myself, i started to massage the sides of her buttocks.and let me tell you, those were nice! very nice. gradually, i moved to her back, putting baby oil on my palms first and transferring it to her body.i advanced to the sides of her boobs, but came back shortly after as the pleasure of the lower region was calling me back into action.

mona has the most beautiful feet in the world, and i spent much time with them as well, coz i knew after sometime she would fall asleep and i'll be in charge. i noticed that after 5 minutes, she fell asleep, and that was my license to touch her anywhere i wanted. i started with her butt, as i held her cheeks, i immediately began to cum, i mean come on!

it was my sister's buns!! i took a tissue paper and cleaned myself and proceeded further. this time around, i wanted to 'see' more. i turned on the bathroom light so the room could get well lit.enough for me to watch.and the first thing i looked at was her bare back, followed by her legs, thighs and finally her ass, since her bermuda was not very tight, i found it easy to lift it all the way up!

it was unbelievable!!! everything was perfect. but suddenly, she turned to the right and said to me in a dizzy voice, "thats enuff, go to sleep now" but i was not done!

so i lied down beside her, and kept massaging her ass with one hand, it was more like groping now than it was massage.afterwards, she turned again and this time, was lying flat on her back! i knew i had hit the jackpot.coz now i was gonna explore her vagina.

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i thought of many things before doing that, "what if she woke up"? "what would she say?" etc etc. but in the end, lust and curiosity won the battle, and i slipped my right hand into her bermuda, the moment i touched her pubic hair, i felt a strong current in my body.they were very well trimmed.and then i went below. previously, i had heard and read about vaginas being wet and juicy, and frankly, i thought it was just exaggeration.but that night, for the first time, i realised that vaginas are wet and juicy.

my middle finger was scrolling from the top of mona's pussy to the bottom like it does on a scroll-wheel mouse!

i got me to thinking, why is mona wet ? is she awake ? is she enjoying it ? is this arousing her ? is she pretending to be asleep ? all these questions emerged at once and in the next instance, she stood up! yes, she actually did!! but not to scold me or anything, but to turn the AC off. phew.i got lucky.but something was wrong.she didn't say anything and came right back.

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today when i think about that, i realise that when she woke up, she wanted to tell me "i am awake, and am enjoying, be gentle".but at that moment, i thought it was the red signal for me.end of the road. i got out of the bed, went into the bathroom and jerked off. the best one ever!! and so the night got over and then came the morning, she didnt say anything about it, and neither did i.i guess that night, mona wanted to break free, from all the problems and burdens she had been carrying.and she found me to be the colsest and most reliable person to help her do that.

i have never had a night like that again since then.things changed.she got divorced and went to the middle east.i meet her occasionaly.but we never talk about what happened that night, because in a society like ours, it is considered a taboo. many of you must be thinking why we did not end up having sex, well.seduction between a brother and sister is not that easy as it seems from the many stories we hear or takes time.and thats what i am waiting for.the RIGHT TIME.

i love mona, and i admit it, even though i know this is impossible for us to marry each other and start a family, still i would like to give it a shot sometime. for those of you who are into stacked blonde looker has her twat plowed and spying, i got news for ya!

i have a beautiful cousin named sara, and she is 19.