Upskirt show with cock sucking kana shimada tube porn

Upskirt show with cock sucking kana shimada tube porn
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I tell her to get dressed. She puts on a crotchless white bodystocking.

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Over that she just puts on sweatpants and a sweatshirt, since they will come off as soon as we get there. My girlfriend is about 5'6'', 105 pounds. She has long blonde hair and 32c tits. She has a spectacular body and loves to show it off. Once she is ready, we hop in the car to go to the theater.

She immediately grabs my hand and puts it on her pussy. I reach in her sweats and start teasing her clit. I want to have her dripping wet and ready for the guys at the theater.

I tease her pussy the whole way there. I make sure she doesn't cum. I want to save that for the theater. We arrive at the theater and the parking lot is packed. There is probably about 40 cars there. I know there is going to be so much cock in the theater for her. We pull in a spot and park. We hop out of the car and head in. Once inside, the clerk checks our IDs and escorts us into the theater. As soon as we walk in, all the heads turn to her. There's probably about 50 people in there. Mostly guys, but some other couples as well.

We head to an area with a circular table that's about waste high and surrounded by benches. I tell her to take her clothes off. She does as she's told and throws her sweatpants and sweatshirt in the corner. We already have a crowd of about 20 people around us.

Some already have there cocks out. I push her back on to the table. She is laying with her back on the table and her legs spread wide. I stand to the side of her, leaving space for someone to come between her legs. I start rubbing her clit and some of the guys start groping her boobs and body.

She is already squirming around and moaning on the table. I know she needs some cock. I look at the guy closest to me and ask if he wants to fuck her as I hand him a condom. He is about 40 years old, black with an average size cock. He takes the condom from me and slides it on his already hard cock.

He grabs her hips and guides his cock in her pussy. She moans and lifts her hips up as he enters her. I grab her hand and place it on the cock of the guy next to me. She starts stroking teen ebony kendall and riley in a hot some fuck while she's getting fucked.

He is fucking her hard, pumping his cock in and out of her quickly. I can tell that they're both going to cum soon. She reaches down with her empty hand to rub her clit. This must have pushed him over the edge because he bucks a little faster, then stops. He pulls out of her and takes the cum filled condom off his cock and tosses it on the floor. He pulls up his pants and leaves. She is laying there with her legs spread wide just waiting for the next cock. She is still stroking the guy next to me.

An older heavyset black guy walks over and takes the spot between her legs and begins to touch her clit. She shutters as she feels another guy touching her. I hand him a condom. He gives me a look of, "don't mind if I do." He pulls out his cock. It's about 7 inches and pretty thick. I know she's going to enjoy this one.

He slips the condom on and pushes his cock in her.

He starts fucking her slowly. Making sure she feels every inch of his cock as he slides in and out of her. She is moaning as she takes his cock.

I hear the guy next to me start to moan as he's about to cum from her stroking him. I look down at his cock and see unfathomable penetration inside moist holes hardcore and creampie shoot a few ropes of cum all over her hand and arm.

She strokes him till he pulls away and wipes it's on the table. This must have pushed the guy who was fucking her over the edge because he starts to shudder as he unloads his cum inside her. There's a guy behind me.

He asks if her can eat her pussy. I see he is stroking his cock. I tell him she's here to get fucked. He says there's plenty of guys here for that, he just wants to eat her. By now someone else has made there way between her legs. It's a white guy, about 30 years old. He already has a condom on his cock and is ready to fuck her.

His cock is about 6 inches and a little thick. He jams his cock in her dripping wet cunt. She moans as he dives as deep as he can inside her. He proceeds to pound her tight pussy. He is slamming his cock in her.

You can prob hear the sounds of skin slapping skin all through the theater. She is loving it. She starts moaning louder and louder as he fucks her. I can tell she's going to cum. He just keeps pounding away. He grabs her legs and pushes her knees next to her head. She starts to quiver as she begins to cum. He is still slamming his cock in her. She is shaking all over his cock. I can see her pussy creaming all over him. It's dripping down her pussy and his cock. He just keeps on plowing her pussy.

My cock is so fucking hard. I take it out of my sweats and start to stroke it while I watch. I notice the guy who asked to eat her pussy is looking over my shoulder trying to see me my cock. I think he wants to help me but I decide to just let him continue to watch.

My girlfriend is still being destroyed by the guy fucking her. He finally pulls out of her. He didn't cum. I think he just needs a break. He takes the condom off and walks to the other side of me. He grabs her hand and places it on his cock. She starts stroking it for him. No one has made there way to the open spot between her legs. So I start rubbing her pussy. It's soaking wet.

She has came so many times already. I can't wait to get her home and fuck her, but I want her to take a few more cocks before we leave. The guy who just fucked her asks me if she will suck his cock. I tell him that she would rather get fucked. He asks if he can fuck her again. I tell him gladly. He moves back between her legs and starts putting another condom on his still hard cock. As he's putting the condom on, my girlfriend rolls over onto her stomach and slides her legs off the table.

She's now bent over the table with her pussy waiting for his cock. She loves getting fucked in this position. I can't wait to screaming japanese wife fucked by white guys compilation him make her squirm. He grabs her hips and plunges his cock in her. From the first stroke he is fucking her extremely hard. She is moaning and trying to grab the cloth on top of the table. Babe in glasses is a cock teaser is using her like the slut she is.

This is how I like her to get fucked when we come here. My cock is so hard, but I have to stop stroking it so I don't cum. I just watch as her pussy gets plowed by this stranger. He is aggressively fucking her pussy and she is fucking loving every second of it. You can hear how wet she is. I know she's about to squirt and that this guy is in for a nice surprise.

After he strokes a few more times, she starts to cum and squirt on his cock. I see her legs get weak and she has trouble keeping them under her. She doesn't really have a choice though as she is still getting speared by his cock. I know he must feel her cum all over him. He starts fucking her even faster and begins to moan as he fills the condom with cum. He pulls out and leaves her there shaking on the table.

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I want her to take one more cock before we leave. I look around and say last call. Who wants it?

This black guy in his thirties slides behind her. He pulls out a condom and starts to put it on. His cock is about 8 inches, but kind of thin. He grabs his cock and pushes it in her.

Then, he grabs her hips and starts fucking her. She is moaning immediately. I think she's going to cum again. She has taken so much good cock. I shoplifter fucked in back room brunette amateur think she can take much more.

He uses her pussy for about five minutes before he pulls out and takes the condom off. He proceeds to stroke his cock and blow his load all over her ass. Once he cums, he rubs his cock on her cum covered ass. After, he pulls up his pants and walks away. I lean down and tell her it's time to go home so I can fuck her. She gets up and starts putting her clothes on. She doesn't even clean the cum off her ass. We walk out and get in the car. I feel her pussy and it is literally dripping. I tell her I need to get her home so I can fuck her.

I play with her clit the entire way home to keep her ready for me. When we get home, we go straight to the bedroom. I rip her clothes off and push her back on the bed. I start to eat her dripping cunt. It's so hot knowing that multiple guys cocks we're just in there.

After a few minutes. I lay down on the bed and tell her to ride my cock. She does and starts telling me all about how much she loved all the cock she got. It doesn't take long for me to lose control. I fill her tight little pussy with cum and I reminisce about the night.