Hot asian masseuse rides dick massage and handjob

Hot asian masseuse rides dick massage and handjob
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Amber panted with pleasure as Heather's fingers plunged in and out of her. She'd never really had any interest in being with a woman, but the second she'd come home, the second Heather had laid eyes on her.

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Without a word, they'd lunged at each other and attacked each other's mouths. Heather's lips were so soft, and her tongue was so insistent.Amber's hands furiously ripped the girl's clothes off, and dove straight for her roommate's pussy.

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"Oh, god." Heather had moaned, as Amber tasted her sweet wetness. She couldn't believe how turned on she was—they hadn't even stopped to close the blinds, and the knowledge that anyone walking past could see her—see them—just turned her on more.

Amber got her room-mate off with her mouth twice before Heather had insisted on returning the favour. Now, two hours later, they were just laying on the floor making out, while Heather fingered her.

Amber loved that she could taste herself on Heather's mouth, loved knowing that they'd left a wet patch on the carpet.she just loved everything about the situation.

As she came for the fifth time since returning home, Heather's fingers withdrew, and they just held each other for a few minute.

"I didn't know you were a lesbian." Amber murmured, and Heather laughed. "I'm not. I've got a boyfriend, actually.there was just something about you, something about those clothes. You're fucking gorgeous, you know that?" "Yeah." Amber said with a smile. There was another long pause.

"So, are you?" Heather asked, and Amber shook her head in response. "Nope," she said. "I guess I'm just.exploring my dyke side a bit." To the dismay of the gaggle of boys who had gathered outside the window, Amber closed the blinds, and helped Heather get up.

"Oh dear." she said, a pout appearing on her face. "You've gotten all.dirty. Join me in a shower?" * * * August 31st: evry day i try to do something i havent done b4. #yolo October 1st: thinking of getting a tatt or two. tattwo. what do you think i should get? October 2nd: smile :) October 3rd: making a guy hard is the sexiest feeling. ive been so busy lately. you know what they say—cocks won't suck themselves! October 4th: feeling adventurous! today im going to try 2 men at once.

will let y'all kno how it goes ;) Stalking the campus like busty and shaved stripper wants to sell her pole and gets fucked hardcore and blowjob lioness, Amber's eyes scanned over all the available men. They just all seemed so.yummy.

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Ever since she'd slept with her housemate, Amber's life had suddenly gotten a lot more interesting. She didn't know what had made her feel so adventurous recently, but almost every time she left her dorm, she found something new that she suddenly couldn't resist doing. The groundskeeper, for instance.

Even within her dorm (on the nights she went sunny leon in fingring sex Heather and her had become quite explorative. Amber had been introduced to a range of sexual activities that she'd never even heard of—scissoring, tribbing, rimming, and her new favorite, FISTING…and on the rare occasion that Heather was out and Amber wasn't, she had been given free access to her dormmate's large collection of toys, clamps and ropes.

It only took her a few minutes to find two suitable men—she didn't know if there'd been a sudden influx of hotties to her campus, or if her increased libido just meant that she was suddenly noticing them, but there was no shortage of guys she was interested in exploring.

Rather than approach them directly, she posed and stretched in front of them. It couldn't have gone better if beautiful asian nailed in lots of positions scripted it—they noticed her almost immediately, and after she'd "innocently" bent over and exposed her lack of panties, they got up and approached her.

"Oh hi!" she'd said with a giggle, and less than five minutes later, both of their cocks were inside of her. The feeling of fullness, she decided. That was her favorite thing about being used by two men at once. Well, that and the delicious dirtiness of it—more and more, she was finding herself enjoying the feeling of being filthy, a dirty little slut, nothing but a whore designed to take men. One of the men grunted as he filled her pussy with his seed. I never learned their names… she reflected, before her eyes rolled back and she came.

Even as she bucked in orgasm, her mouth never slowed down, and it wasn't long before the other student was cumming as well. He pulled out his phone as she opened her mouth to show him his own seed, and though she'd just cum, her pussy heated up at the idea of having the pictures distributed around campus. Everyone would know what a slut I was… She'd been planning on a quickie, but the thought of all those men distracted her, and it wasn't until her nameless friends were cumming inside her for the third time before she remembered that she had a class to go to.

* * * October 6th: got my first tattoo 2day! and my second, 3rd and 4th. i may have gone a bit overboard ;) October 6th: check them out! and next time u see me in real life, if you want a look, all you have to do is ask. The pussy-mound tattoo was Rob's favorite. For obvious reasons, he didn't actually have any pictures of his sister showing her pussy mound, but he'd put the effort into picking a girl with a similar skin-tone and build as Amber, and was close enough (he hoped) to fool the ever-increasing group of followers that his sister's Twitter feed was amassing.

It was three love hearts of increasing size, but positioned as if they were floating out of his sister's pussy. The accompanying caption was "overflowing with love", which he was starting to consider photoshopping onto the photo itself, as a new tattoo.

Perhaps after her next "visit", he pondered. The rest were good as well, but as he'd had to photoshop them onto an actual picture of his sister, the quality was a tiny bit lower. A busty, topless mermaid on her forearm (who bore quite a strong resemblance to Amber herself), a tongue cheekily poking out of full, ruby-red lips.and the words "bad girl" on a heart, tattooed onto her right boob.

No matter what he did, the (normally quite conservative) members of his hometown lapped it up. He'd thought that he would finally be able to shock them when he'd had Amber's twitter feed announce that she was sucking cock and going to take on two men at once, but instead he'd been sent a huge number of "good luck" tweets, and stories of threesomes, as detailed as 140 characters would allow.

He wasn't even sure that the shot of "her" pussy would be enough to offend anyone—judging by some of the PMs that he was seeing arrive in the inbox, it would possibly even be welcomed with open arms.

Rob made a mental note to sit down and come up with some stuff that was bound to make Amber's army of followers look down on her.

With a bit of effort, he was sure he'd be able to find something appropriately distasteful. * * * The artist raised one eyebrow when Amber showed him her requests.

"You've never had a tattoo before.and these are what you want to start with?" "Exactly," Amber beamed, adjusting her top to show as much cleavage as possible. It was a trick she'd learned many years ago, but only in the last few weeks had she discovered that there was no need to be subtle about it. She'd woken up that morning feeling.wrong. Like something was missing. Strangely uncomfortable in her own skin. She'd been halfway through giving the guy she'd brought home a blow-job when she'd realized exactly what it was—she was missing her tattoos.

The thought hadn't really made sense at first—she'd never had any tattoos to miss—but by the time last night's pick-up had unloaded into her mouth, and was positioning himself to enter her pussy, Amber had decided that she was overthinking it. It didn't matter that she'd never had the tattoos, they were hers, and they were missing, and she was going to remedy that first thing in the morning. Even if it did mean missing another class. She'd been so excited that she hadn't wasted time on a shower—the tattoo artist had given her another strange look when he'd gotten to the tattoo she was getting right above her mound—but Amber wasn't bothered.

The thrill she was getting from watching the needle permanently etch her skin with designs felt so good, so right that it was hard to care about anything. Finally the tattoos were done—the artist carefully put protective plastic over them, but Amber knew that the second she got home, ashley fires gets a big black rod rip it off.

She, she needed to see the designs that were going to be decorating her for the rest of her life. They were simultaneously comforting.and hot. As she went to pay, a pang of doubt hit Amber for the first time. They weren't cheap—she'd insisted on getting the best artist in town (her body deserved nothing less, she'd told herself) and they were going to eat into a significant chunk of her savings.

Ah well, she thought, forcing the worries out of her mind. I'd happily pay this twice over—if I had to choose, I'd rather have my precious tattoos back than eat!

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