Lovable teenie gapes spread cunt and gets deflorated

Lovable teenie gapes spread cunt and gets deflorated
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I knew I wanted this to happen since the first time I laid eyes on him. He had come through the office door at work, so tall and handsome. Blue eyes blazing. He was the last thing I expected to see at 6:00 in the morning. My boss had just finished ranting about this new guy being five minutes late, and all the sudden I heard his voice, "well I can still catch my ride home, if my tardiness is a problem", he said.

The boss whirled around and though better of making a complaint in person, "no, it's fine, we still need someone, don't make a habit of it." He marched off in his usual militant way, and alone I was with this stranger. All I had to do was teach him my job in 3 days, then I could be off on a well deserved vacation. "Well, let's get going", I said, I turned and he followed. Those three days were harsh. I'm not the people person type, especially when the person gets me all hot and bothered upon faketaxi cum hungry babe with stiff nipples. So I was mean, and I do mean MEAN!!

But I got the job done, and I was off to the Florida Keyes. Back at work again, and oh no, he's still here. They decided to keep him on as my helper, now it's not so easy to be mean all the time. So I've done my best to be nice. I've found that it's not all that hard, he is a really nice guy, as far as guys go (that last one was an ass).

Hence my current situation, no clothes on, and his beautiful lips upon my neck. What's a girl to do? We go out for a few drinks one night, and the snow starts falling.

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It seems almost like fate to me. So here is my story of our first night. "Would you mind if I kissed you?" he said, staring right into me with those crystal blue eyes. "No." I couldn't believe that was all I could muster, but my knees where weak and my eyelids heavy. The kiss landing squarely on my lips, and quickly I made room for his tongue.

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This guy knows how to kiss, I thought. It seemed to last forever. This was the most luxorious kiss, warm and sensual. He broke away and looked at me again, I opened my eyes sleepily, and smiled. "So is that how you kiss all the girls?", I said playfully.

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"No, that's how I kiss when I want someone, and I really want you." Well that was the end of all the talk. He gently pushed me towords the bedroom, and laid me down, his hands where all over me. I was getting so hot.

I arched up and into him, wanting to be so close to him, while his kisses weakened every bit of resistance in me. In seconds, our clothes were off, and we were skin to skin.

He whispered in my ear, "see how much I want you?" as he took my hand and put it on his rock hard cock. Oh MY!!! I just had to suck on it, and boy did he like that!! He was throbbing by the time I got done, and before I even had enough time to sit up, he was under me, and slid that lovely cock up into my dripping hole.

I came instantly, it was the best O ever!! I rode him untill I thought I would die from dehydration, all my fluids had rushed to the aid of my throbbing pussy, and just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, he pushed me back, and started to eat me.

It was exquisite. His tongue knew exactly what it was doing, brushing my clit just enough to bring me to the brink, and then rushing off to stimulate something else. When he had finished, he leaned over me as I was gasping, he smiled and said softly, "I have something for you". Before I had the chance to ask what, his hot load spilled all over my face, I closed my eyes and let him shower me. I opened married redhead mature rusty sucks cock off pov mouth toword the end so I could taste him, I drank him down like he was the last glass of water on earth.

Then I opened my eyes, and he smiled down at me.

"Well, I think the boss picked the right person to be my helper." I said, my voice husky. "I'm glad you think so, because there's a lot more where that came from, " he promised.