Best sloppy bj ive ever seen blo

Best sloppy bj ive ever seen blo
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Thanks for the reviews, even the bad ones (they made me see some points that went wrong on the last story), and I intend to keep writing. I just would like to cote that English is not my mother language, so give me some slack… Enjoy. Keep giving opinions and suggestions. It is recommended to read the previous story to keep on the storyline.

My Guilty Sister Pt.2: The Hell Begins Even though I didn't show it, I was astonished. My sister Carla, the girl who had always messed with me and who I almost hated (I say almost because as a sister I had to like her a bit), had just gave me an amazing blowjob and she begged me for more!

I really enjoyed it, feeling a warm mouth wrapping my cock and sucking all that cum from me, even if it was my hatred sisters'. I did intend to keep on blackmailing her, but not only for sex favors. I had designed a plan in my head. I spent the rest of the day in my room, making copies of the DVD and the conversation that Carla and her friends had in her room, in case she tried to recover them.

When I went downstairs to have dinner, she was sitting with our parents at the table. While we ate, I noticed that she barely looked at me, but when she did she would look at me with a mix of lust, rage and fear, which made me even more determined to carry on my plan.

After dinner, I watched some T.V. in my room, made my usual flexes and abs, and then went to sleep. In the middle of the night, I woke up for no reason. I looked at the clocked, it marked 2 47 a.m. Suddenly, I heard some muffled steps really near me, and I could see by the form that it was Carla. My first reaction was to jump out of my bed and demand to know what she was doing, but I then I thought "Let's see where this is heading." I pretended to be asleep, and then I realized she was looking for the DVD.

I smiled to myself: I had sent a copy to my own email, and then made some more copies which I hid in different places. However, I left the original on my desk, because I knew she would look for it. I heard a tiny "Yes!" scream of victory, then she left my room. I waited a couple of minutes then went after her with one of the copies. I entered in her room like it was my own, and I caught her hiding the original DVD.

Her head span when she heard the door opening and her pretty face open in a mischievous grin when she saw it was me. "So, not so sure anymore, are we?" "What are you talking sis?" I asked like I owned the truth.

"Oh, are you referring to that DVD of yours? As a matter of fact, I hold here a copy of it." Her face turned to an angry expression while see ripped the DVD off my hot awesome girl enjoys unfathomable ass gang bang hardcore russian and put it on her DVD player.

"Just make sure the sound is off, mom and dad wouldn't like to know the slut you turned to be." She looked and me, her eyes trying to pierce through me, and a moment after she was horrified to see that it was really a copy.

"Don't bother real collage girls sex vidoes out side it, I have more.

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Now, let's talk." I made her sit on her bed and I stood in front of her. "Listen, and listen well. You do what I say you to do. You speak what I say you to speak. Or the whole school will know what you did to the soccer team. And I bet the coach won't like game x x story gay just sat there listening to me almost crying.

"Please Peter, don't do this please. I will do whatever you want but please…" "Oh but you will do whatever I want. And you'll start now." Her eyes opened with a spark of lust, which I was waiting for. I turned her around, put her on her knees took off her panties and thrust my cock deep into her tight ass.

She gasped loudly and I whispered into her ear. "Don't you dare to wake them up.", the "them" referring to our parents.

I keep fucking her from behind, and fondled her breasts with one hand while with the other I grabbed her hair tightly. I went like this for almost half an hour, she moaning with pain and pleasure while I grunted with lust and because of the effort. After a while, I felt cum boiling inside of me and I span her around and buried my pulsing cock covered with our mixed juices in her mouth and there I exploded.

She gagged for a while but then swallowed it all, licking the lips like a professional slut. We were all sweaty and sticky, and when I stood up to leave she smiled at me and said. "I knew we would repeat it." I grabbed her by the chin.

"Sometimes you will like it and sometimes you won't. Get used to it.", and with this I left. I fell on my bed and instantly fell asleep. In the next morning Carla was happier than usually, obviously because of the fucking I had given her the night before. However, I knew a way to make miserable again.

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Carla had this friend, Victoria, who I had an attraction to, but she didn't looked at me twice, of course because she didn't want my sister to make fun of her.

Victoria is a bit shorter than the average girl, but her other attributes paid off. She is really pale, slim, with a D cup, a perfect ass and jet black hair.

I really liked her, but being kind of a slut, I knew that there couldn't be anything serious. But who said I wanted a commitment? I walked on my sister as she was walking out the bathroom and I grabbed her by the arm. "Hi dear brother, what can I do for you today?" she asked trying to rub herself on me. "How do you get with Victoria?" "What a stupid question, you know she's on my group.", referring to her stupid girl group which would go wherever she went. "I asked HOW do you get with Victoria." "…that's private." "Not anymore.

You are to bring her to my room after school, or else…" "You can't do that! You can't make me bring my friends just to fuck with you!" "And who said it's to fuck?" "Bullshit!

I know you!" "Do what I say or…" "…fine…" With that she left. I went school and I thought the day would never pass. Finally the classes finished and I rushed home.

Carla and Victoria had just arrived to my room. I smiled at Victoria and asked her to sit on my bed. "So Victoria, what's your relationship with my dear sister?" Victoria looked at Carla nervously and slowly she nodded. After that Victoria relaxed. "She's my mistress. She tells me what see wants and I do it. That's it." "Oh so you do whatever she says you to, right?" "That's pretty much it." I turned to Carla. "Command her to fuck me." She crossed her arms under her tits, like she knew it would come.

"Fine. Victoria, do it." Astonished, Victoria began to undressed but I stopped her. "First, I am going to tie my dear sister." "WHAT?" Carla screamed. "No, you can't, I what it too!" "Not today. Now don't resist or I will have to tell some things to some people." Without much resistance, I tied my sister to my chair, making sure she couldn't move. "Victoria, you can continue." Victoria was a bit hesitant, but soon she relaxed.

When she got to the bra, I couldn't control myself and I just ripped it off and began licking her nipples. Instantly she began to moan while my sister stood tied saying "Untie me, I want it too, please!" I proceeded down, down her belly and to her shaved pussy. I opened her legs and she licked that crack of heaven. Immediately juices began running down and I leapt as much as I could before going up and kiss Victoria to share the fluids.

With that she grabbed my cock and began sucking it. I was in heaven. My stepbrother wants to fuck with me on my bed was not the cock sucking pro that Carla was, but she definitely had potential. She set a slow rhythm, wrapping one hand around the base of my cock to steady it as she guided in and out of her waiting mouth. She would look to me for approval as she continued her work.

I could only smile down at her then look up to the ceiling, close my eyes and enjoy one of the best blow jobs I had ever experienced. Her tits swayed with the motion of her body.

I was almost cumming so put her hd video clip with zejinka blowing cock and fucking her knees on the bed and began fucking her pussy from behind.

I looked at my sister and I knew I was torturing her. After holding back for a few more seconds, I pulled back and thrust in hard.

Victoria gasped "Oh my God!!" as I went balls deep into her. My dick had bottomed out inside of her. I gave an extra forward thrust and then started fucking her deep and hard. My balls were slapping against her thighs as I drove my cock up into her tight, juicy, cock strangling cunt.

I was fucking her like a wild animal, grunting and groaning as I continued thrusting my cock up into her. My balls were almost exploding and I had the most perfect idea.

"Oh fuck me, fuck me gooooooooooood!" "Do you like it, hum? Do you like being fucked in front of your mistress?

Do you want me to cum in front of your mistress?" "YES, YES, YES, give me cum!" I got off Victoria and went for Carla. She smiled, thinking that I would give her my cum but soon she would find out she was wrong.

I took her t-shirt and bra off and began jacking off at her like a mad man.

My cock began shot jet of cum which I made to land on her cheeks and breasts. After I was totally spent I called Victoria and told her to lick all the cum but not to give any to Carla. My sister went nuts with this and tried to untie herself but she couldn't. Victoria licked all cum and swallowed it in front of me, licking her lips. I kissed her, told her to get dressed and that she should go home, promising to call her later. "Bye… And call if you need anything.

Anything at all." She said, passing her tongue on her lips, on the exact spot where she had a huge glob of cum on. After she left, I untied my sister. "You bastard, you'll pay!" She jumped against me but I turned her down and pinned her down to my bed. "I told, sometimes you will like, sometimes you won't." With this I kicked her out my room.