Bp sitting on your wifes face facesitting girl on girl preview

Bp sitting on your wifes face facesitting girl on girl preview
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Shower Sex with her Best Friend (3) He came and looked around the corner, sleepy eyed, saw two humps in the bed, and went back to bed. We waited. Soon we heard him snoring. We slowly moved and giggled. She turned and laid on top of me. We resumed our quest to have a dual climax. I could feel our wet pussy's together. We were both dripping our juices.

I felt her body up and down as she sucked on my tits so nicely. Without saying we wanted to climax together, and it built up higher as we rubbed our pussy's together and squirmed them on each other. She whispered: ("I'm going around to lick your clit. I'm not stopping until I hear us moan together!".) Those word lit a fire in me and I started slut loves being nailed by big rods homemade and hardcore. She turned and her sweet pussy came to my mouth.

I grabbed her and held her pussy tight to my face and sucked right on her clit. She moaned a forced quiet moan. I felt her fingers go in my wet pussy in a flurry to feel my G spot. My pussy lifted up to her face as does when I'm going to climax and hard, I started shaking. She knew I was on the verge of climaxing, and pushed her tongue firm right on my clit. I lost it and pushed my pussy up and up, pushing with my tip toes and moaned in her pussy as she shook her pussy in my mouth.

We moaned together as we climaxed so hard, and we both started squirting together. Hot juices flowed over our faces as we cried out in pleasure.

Our pussy's bucked and squirmed as a glorious climax waved over us both. We jumped as the pulses just came coming and coming. Slowly we drifted away together&hellip.spasms &hellip.still with us." All the time she was tell the story, she and I played with her pussy. It was steaming hot and wet now. She squirmed and said: "Oh baby, I have to climax real bad now, help me!

I had seen her do this before. Her stories get her so hot, she's in a panic to climax and fast. I always eat her pussy when this happens. I turned, put my arms under legs and went for her clit. She said: "YES BABY YES!!!…and she raised up her pussy as high as she could it on her tip toes and shook and yelled "OH GOD…EEEEEE…then she started squirting, over and over as she fast rubbed her clit.

I came up and kissed her trembling lips as she gasp for air. Slowly she drifted down, moaning all the way…shaking her weak body&hellip.and collapsing. The content smile on her face was priceless. After a long while she opened her content eyes and whispered: (&hellip."i'm going to fuck your brains out, mister., "……and she began to attack me.

We had glorious sex that night………&hellip. On a Friday afternoon, she got the call. Terri was free for the weekend, starting tomorrow morning. The girlfriend went nuts. It was fun to see her elated. Dancing around the house, kissing me, and dancing away.

Singing as acting crazy. She would grab my dick, feel my butt and attack me, pulling me on the couch and start humping my leg. Little did I know I was in for the weekend of my life. When Terri arrived that morning, she came in and they kissed and fondled each other immediately. Terri was wearing a sheer blue blouse, no bra and it was tied up under her big tits.

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The girlfriend word a loose fitting night gown, pink that you see thru. Nothing on underneath. I was enjoying this. I had seen Terri a few times before, but never dressed this sexy. After a while they whispered and came over and both attack me, grabbing my dick and trying to pull my clothes off. They both kissed all over my face and put my hand on their tits and pussy's rubbing my hand against them. I figured I would let them have Saturday to play for themselves, and I stayed gone for most of the day.

Saturday afternoon when I got back I came in quietly, and closed the door. I heard wonderful moaning from our bedroom. I just sat down and enjoyed the sounds. We ordered pizza and ate. They just couldn't stop smiling and giggling. That evening&hellip.well&hellip.I'll let the girlfriend tell it now.

"I sat on the couch with Terri's legs over mine. I felt them, all smooth and warm. I would slip my hand up the inside of her leg, just to watch gasp.

She had her hand in the front of her shorts fingering herself. She would pull it out and lick her finger slowly smiling at me, knowing that drives me crazy. I grabbed her hand and licked her finger&hellip.it intoxicated me so bad, I shivered.

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I laid down beside her, and we rubbed our pussy's together, felt our tits softly. My wonderful boyfriend just smiled at us, sitting his recliner. He love to see me happy. I whispered to Terri:, ("…he wants to watch us, let's give him a show, then fuck him silly!…) She said back: ("…can I fuck him too?".) I said: ("…no, but I'll let you play with him…") Terri moaned&hellip.we laughed.

That evening Terri and I went and got my boyfriend and escorted him arm and arm into our bedroom. We had a chair for him to sit in so he could watch us have our 'girl sex'.

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Terri and I slowly undressed each other and felt us up as we did it. I loved undressing her. I love to see the chills as I slowly took her blouse off, kissing her tits after I took it off.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed my touching her. She would tremble slightly as I undid her little short shorts. On my knees I let them down slowly exposing her pussy. I could smell the wetness…ahhh…It gave me tingles in my pussy. She held my head and guided my lips over her pussy moving it up and down on them. She trembled as my tongue started parting her sweet bush hair.

She spread her legs farther apart for me. I let my tongue go just a little deeper with up and down pass. She moaned so beautiful. Her legs were starting to get weak, so I stopped and now it was her turn to undress me. We never knew what the other one was going to do next.

She had me lay down, with my night gown still on. She inched it up a little at a time, putting her hand under my legs and butt as she inched it up and up. I got chills on top of my chills.

Her hands were warm on my body. I loved the feel of her warm breath on me which caused my pussy to start to drip with juice. She seemed to know me so well, knew just what tingled me each time. She was in control and I was her love slave, powerless to stop her fondling of me even if I wanted to. I liked that. I think she kissed every spot on my body.

As she uncovered my pussy, she put warm air from her mouth all over my pubic hair. I thought I would faint with tingles it was so intense. She kimberly kane sex files 2 me so weak, she had to lift my arms out of my night gown. She owned me now, I was hers to pleasure her with.

I felt like a love toy of hers. I could barely turn to smile at my boyfriend. He look so content too. He said later he felt everything she did to me, also. He had a huge tent in his boxers. Terri suddenly rolled me over on top if her. Everything changed.

The excitement put power back in me, and I felt aggressive. I took off my night gown from around my neck.I looked at with lusty eyes now.

I stretched her charming babe joseline kelly banged a big black cock up above her head, and held them tight. She knew what I was going to do. She squirmed with anticipation. I lowered my lips to her arm pits. We both knew this drove her crazy. I let my tongue slowly graze her skin.

She moaned and shook. It was like she was yelling out…'Oh god no!…it feels TO good, I can't stand it!…' I didn't let up and held her arms tight.

I raised my pussy, and let my juices drip on her pussy adding to her 'I can't stand it!!' feeling. I licked her arm pits for a long time as she was crying her moans. My boyfriend quietly crept over and kissed me, our tongues meshing together. I felt the heat from him. Suddenly Terri's arms went around our necks, and now it was a 3 way kissing fest. I got new tingles I had never had before, as waves of chill bumps travel through mine and Terri's body, we could both feel them.

We pulled him in bed with us. (continued)