Mom and son faking movies

Mom and son faking movies
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Shopping The Shoe Store Part One My wife and I live in the country so once a week we make the 50 minute drive to the nearest city to do some shopping. Beth is a bit of an exhibitionist so when we go to town she will wear a see through top with no bra, a very short mini skirt, with no panties and sandals. Sometimes when in town nothing really happens and then other times she will have an opportunity to flash some young guy giving him a thrill and turning herself on.

As we drive to town I will reach across and play with her clit generally bringing her to multiple orgasms and getting her so turned on she can't wait to expose herself to someone.

This time was no different when she got to town all she wanted to do was go to the mall and find some young guy to expose herself to. There didn't seem to be any prospects as we walked around although we both noticed that some of the old guys were enjoying having a look at her breasts as she walked by.

Suddenly she stopped in front of a shoe store and announced she wanted to try on some shoes, mainly some high boots. This was a shoe store where you get to sit down and have a salesperson wait on you, two sexy blondes have some kinky fun also had a section of women's clothing and as we entered I saw why she wanted to go in this store.

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There was only one salesperson in the store and he was a young good looking guy. Beth and I sat down and this guy comes over and introduces himself to us. His name is Ken and Beth tells him she is looking for some sexy boots to wear that soft pussy stimulation for insolent girl miunbspwatanabe go with her skirt she has on.

A few minutes later he comes back with several boxes and sits down in front of Beth. She puts her foot on the stool right in front of his crotch being careful to keep her legs together. He reaches out and removes her sandals then pulls a pair of black boots out of one of the boxes. As he reaches out to lift her foot to put the boot on she slowly moves her legs apart revealing her shaved hot pussy. Ken pauses for a moment as he sees what is between her legs then he somewhat clumsily helps to put the boot on.

Beth puts her foot down on the floor removing his view of her pussy and he asked her what she thought, but before she can answer Ken suggested he put the other boot on her.

She then put her other foot up on the stool and he reached out to remove her sandal. As she slowly parted her legs he took more time taking off the sandal and putting the other boot on. Ken was obviously enjoying the show because he was sitting on a stool with his legs apart and he had an obvious hard on. Beth got up and walked around some stopping just off to the side of Ken and bent over to feel the boot giving him a good view of her bare bum.

Beth then came back and sat down and asked Ken what else he had to show her. Ken went through a very slow ritual of removing her boots one at a time. Each time when she lifted her foot onto the stool her legs were apart giving Ken the perfect view of her pussy.

Beth then told Ken that it is too bad that this was not a store that gave private fittings as some other customer could come in a t anytime. Ken then said he could take care of that, so he got up and locked the door placing a sign in the window saying he had gone for a break. When he returned he again straddled the stool and Beth placed her foot in front of his crotch.

Ken pulled out the next pair of boots with high heels and up the front of them. He had to undo the laces in order fo put the boots on Beth so while he was doing this Beth asked him his age.

He admitted to just being 18 and that his parents owned the store but were away so he was here taking care of business. At the same time he was unlacing the boots, telling his story and making sure he got a good look at Beth's pussy she slowly moved her bare foot up to his crotch and started to rub his hard cock through his pants with her toes.

Ken just stopped preparing the boots and Beth had to remind him of what he was doing. He reluctantly finished preparing the boots then started to place the boot on her foot. For this she had to remove her foot from his cock but she made sure her legs were spread while put on the boot and laced it up. As he reached down for the other boot Beth exchanged feet and again placed her foot on his hard cock blacked 16 18 yuong girlls xxx nude it with her toes.

Although he did not want her to quit he reluctantly put the other boot on and slowly laced it up. When he was finished she put both feet up on the stool and spread her legs giving him a full view of her pussy.

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"Do you like what you see" she asked? "I sure do" he said. During this whole time I had sat quietly watching the two of them wondering what she was going to do next and I couldn't wait because all of this had given me a raging hard on.

Beth got up and walked around in her new boots, bending over occasionally to give us a view of her ass. Ken had his hand between his crotch and was rubbing his hard cock though his pants obviously enjoying the show. Beth came back over and instead of sitting in the chair she straddles Ken's legs and sits down on him. She then reached down between his legs, replaces his hand with hers and begins to massage his cock through his pants. She then undoes his belt and loosens the button and zipper on his pants, then she takes her hand and places it inside his pant to feel his hard cock.

I sat there and watched as she rubbed his cock up and down revealing the head of his cock outside his pants. Beth then backed off his lap and at the same time pulled more of his cock out.

She knelt down in front of him and then leaned over and took his cock in her mouth. Beth sucked the head of his cock in and out of her mouth for about a minute then she reached up and began to pull his pants off of him. As he was sitting on a stool it was a bit awkward but she managed to get him stripped of his pants revealing his hard 6" cock. Beth then got back up and again straddled Ken but instead of sitting gorgeous redhead with hot body amateur and webcam she had before she moved closer and slowly sat down on his cock.

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As she slowly moved her pussy up and down on his cock she undid her top so Ken could have access to her tits. He took a tit in each hand massaging them and played with her nipples.

Within seconds she was having an orgasm and was working her way to multiple orgasms. Ken took a nipple into his mouth and while he sucked she started having multiple orgasms. Her skirt was up around her waist and I had a view of his cock sliding in and out of my wife. Beth sensed that Ken was going to cum so she started to move up and down on his cock faster.

He could not hold off any longer and started to cum inside my wife's pussy. At the same time Beth's orgasm peaked and she and Ken both cried out as they had an orgasm at the same time.

After a few minutes they both calmed down and Beth again sat down in the chair and asked Mike how much the boots were.

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She said they were good, sexy, fuck boots and asked if he agreed. Ken said they sure are and she could have them for nothing, because he had been a virgin when she came into the store and the boots were a small price to pay. Beth thanked him very much and as she got up she leaned over and gave him a deep kiss and again rubbed his cock.

She got up, straightened hir skirt and we left the store. On her way out she looked back at Ken and said, "You give great service and she would be back." As the door was closing behind us we heard him say, "I sure hope you do!" As we walked along the mall she told me she was still horny and asked who is next?