Pleasing a thick and hard boner smalltits and homemade

Pleasing a thick and hard boner smalltits and homemade
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(author ny123456 *****.com story trademark not to be copied) It was now Sunday night, and I been watching TV while trying to stop envisioning my cum dripping down my moms breasts in that bathroom at the doctors office.

Trying to decide whether I can jerk off or not without it hurting, I flip the TV off and pull my semi hard penis through the slit on my boxers. As I laid there in the dark, I slowly ran one hand over my balls and with the other I started stroking my hard on.

Keeping up the rhythm, I tried as hard as I could to picture my mom again. I tried remembering in detail her facial expression, when she looked up at me and saw me staring right at her. All this fantasizing was really helping to get my mind off the slight pain I was feeling as I reached my orgasm. I kept on gong strong, picking up the pace until I felt that unmistakable tingle in my balls.

It traveled up the bottom of my cock and then, what a great feeling! My sperm shot hard out of my dick in big spurts. I let the globs of cum hit my thick bed comforter, which was crumpled up beside me.

This was no big deal, because it was to hot to sleep with it anyway. As haley cummings is barely legal pornstar knockers orgasm subsided, I opened my eyes and looked around for any cum that went astray.

I was satisfied because other than a huge spot on the comforter blanket, only a thick dribble of cum rested on my finger tips. I pushed the stained blanket to my feet, grabbed a thinner sheet from under my bed and slowly drifted off to sleep. I tossed and turned most of the night I Fell asleep here and there.

After a few quick naps it was around eight in the morning.

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I opened my eyes and found myself staring at the ceiling. The sun was trying its best to make its way through the Blinds that covered my windows. As I came to my senses, I realized it was Monday and that mom would be doing her weekly cleaning. Since Monday and Sunday were her only official days off from work, she always cleaned like a mad lady early Monday mornings. I needed to get the cum stained blanket into the wash as soon as possible I thought to myself.

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I kicked the blanket onto the floor and started to make my way to get up. That's when I heard my mother walking up the stairs and making her way into her room. I knew she was definitely collecting the dirty clothes from her hamper and was going to be visiting my room next. I realized there was no way I could make it out of there before she arrived, so I just shut my eyes and pretended to be sleeping.

I covered myself up to my neck in my thin sheet, while the cum stained blanket laid on the floor in a crumpled pile. Like clockwork my door opened very gently and my mother made her way inside. I kept my eyes closed but not to tight, I tried to look as natural as possible.

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I heard her go for my hamper, but on her way I sex story in mr jatt she spotted the blanket lying on the floor. "I just washed this blanket and he throws it on the floor!" I heard my mom yell in a whispers voice. It was when mom started putting the blanket back on me that I knew I was in big trouble!

I felt her start at my feet and work her way tucking me up to my shoulders. I was fully tucked in but I did not hear mom walking away, or doing anything for the matter.

It was then evident that she had seen the mess I made last night. "What a waste of a sample! I guess my little boy isn't having any pain anymore." I heard mom say under her breath as she walked out and closed the door behind her. I stayed in bed another hour for two reasons, One because of embarrassment and two because I wanted to make it look like I was really asleep. I tried avoided my mother most of the morning. After my shower routine and a little bedroom TV, I had no choice but to go downstairs and get some breakfast.

On my way down the steps I looked out the hallway window and realized mom's car was gone. This eased my stress a little; at least I wouldn't have to face her right away. I check my phone on the way down and skimmed through my regular text messages and I seen one from mom.

It read, "Hey I am running my errands after I clean. I know you have work at four o'clock, but I won't be home till around five. I guess we'll get your sample tonight when you get home from work, Mwa." I started thinking out loud, "She had seen my cum this morning and realized I can Masturbate on my own and still wants to help me get my sample?" My mind whirled about this all day, during lunch, on my way to the restaurant for work, even while I was working.

I judy jolie in famously familiar first timer thinking that maybe she did not want me to know, that she knew that I did not need her help anymore. Then again, she did not know I was not asleep this morning and heard the things she said. It was around ten o'clock that I realized I would not be out of work till at least twelve.

It was then that I decided to text my mom to let her know. About ten minutes after I did so, I read her return message.

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"Ok well we need that sample babe. I have work tomorrow, so I am going to take a little nap." My mom continued on to say, "I will come into your room whenever I wake up and we can get your sample." I was then hit with a feeling of disappointment. I have wanted my mother to make me shoot my load all day. My mother was a very heavy sleeper, so I knew the chances of her waking up during the night was slim.

I was upset when I realized I would have to get the sample myself. Then it hit me, "I can't get my own sample because then it would prove to mom I can do it without her help." I was not about to give my mom a reason to stop getting me off. I went on to say, "guess I'll make her get two samples tomorrow." It was a quarter to twelve when I arrived home.

Even so, my mother was already sleeping.

After my nightly clean up I got into bed and was kind of upset. I had been thinking about my mom making me cum all night. Now here I was, left with no option but to jerk off sex movi yong gairl boy relieve my horniness.

So there I went, I shut the lights and did the same as last night. I jerked off fast and hard, making sure my foreskin went all the way back and forth. I tried picturing my dick between my mother's tits. Pumping them really hard and hitting her face with my cock head every thrust forward. About five minutes was all it took, my body started jerking violently as the cum traveled up my dick.

I quickly grabbed a sock from my drawer and dumped my whole load into it. "Uhh man that was really great," I said to myself. I felt all the stresses from work just come right out of my balls and shoot out my dick. After tossing the sock across the room, I conked right out to sleep.

What seemed like twenty seconds later, I heard a voice in my ear and felt myself being shaken awake. As I opened my eyes I realized mom was leaning over the bed and trying to wake me. "Hun c'mon silly we need to get your sample, C'mon I got work tomorrow wake up" Mom stated.

With a heavy attitude I responded, "Ma, are you serious?" I asked but I was not waiting for a reply. "Get out of my room mom, what time is it anyway?" It's amazing how we guys act after we already had an orgasm. If I hadn't cum already and if it wasn't two in the morning, I would have jammed her finger up my ass immediately. She wasn't going to give up that easy, I felt both her hands pull my boxers down in one fast pull. "Spread your legs apart at least Phil, do something to help me out." I kept my eyes shut and barely spread my legs one inch.

"Ma, I am too tired and I am not moving." I informed her. "If you want my sample that bad, just get it yourself." I said thinking she would give up and leave, but I couldn't be more wrong. "Ok Fine If that's what I have to do, then that's what I will do." she said with a very motherly tone in her voice. I could hear her fabulous model anal sex with her lover the lube onto her fingers as I started to shut my eyes and relax.

She then spread my legs and started trying to find my asshole. It seemed she was having trouble due to the way I was laying; my balls kept getting in the way.

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With her other hand she cupped both of my balls and lifted them a little, but still casting honey goes home after hardcore fucking and anal banging luck. Her lubed finger just slid around my asscheecks. Even so, she was persistent and I started laughing lightly. "Just go to bed Ma, we'll try again.

Ouchhh!" "Ha, mommy found it babe!" Mom yelled this a little too eagerly. With that she started pumping her finger in and out; she never really did it like this before. She did this for about five minutes while still holding my balls.

She then asked with a smirk, "What's the problem babe it usually takes you five seconds?" "Ha-Ha real funny, I don't know ma I am kind of tired.

I don't think your getting your sample tonight." I told her like I knew it all. "You want to see about that Phil, I am tired and you don't have to wake up early tomorrow but I do!" Mom said in a really mad voice. "Close those eyes Phil, Damn I can't believe I am about to do this just for a stupid sample!" With that mom rudely took her finger out of my ass.

She dropped my balls hard and they plopped down onto my thighs. I kept my eyes closed but heard a real loud sound of lube hit her hand. Before I could even open my eyes, I felt a warm hand wrapped around the base of my cock. My eyes shot open, and what I saw was unbelievable. My mother had my cock in her left hand. I stared at this site for a few seconds. Then it happened, she started pumping my cock. She was using slow and long strokes, going all the way past my foreskin and then pulling it all the way down.

While I was lost in my daze, I did not even see Mom notice me staring.

She quickly looked away from my eyes. With her head down she warned me, "Hurry up and finish, and when you cum you really better look away or you'll be sorry." I said nothing; I just kept watching her hand slowly working my Rod. My favorite part would be when my cock head would poke up through her palm. It just looked so sexy, to see my pre-cum dribbling out and to watch my mother run over it with her hand and work it back down over my dick. It has been about five minutes of her really working my cock, and I didn't even feel the slightest warning of me being about to cum.

Mom kept her head down watching her hand and said,"Umm my hand is getting numb. Do you think you can hurry this up or maybe finish up yourself?" I said not a word, I started bucking my hips up and down with her jerking. "Soon Ma, real soon." I started mumbling things. "Ma, squeeze horny attractive girlfriend is ready to begin sex harder please, Uhhhh, squeeze it!" I was now giving her orders.

My mom did exactly what I said and more, as she squeezed my cock she also put my balls into her other hand. "Babe Stop moving, just let me do it or were going to loose the sample all over the bed." This being said, she massaged my balls and I tried to hold still as best as I could. She really had a hold on my cock now and it almost hurt, she was really pumping away! "Let me know a few seconds before your ready hun!" she then went on to say, "I need you to shut your eyes, because I can't get your sample in the cup with your cock, shit, I mean penis pointing in the air!" "Ok ma, just don't stop I am almost there." Mom started squeezing my balls hard, and I noticed she slowed but lengthened her strokes on my dick.

This little maneuver worked it wasn't long before I was screaming, "Ma here it Cums! Here it cums, Uhhhhh, shit!" "Ok babe, then look away!" Mom was now giving me orders, and I obeyed them.

I closed my eyes and just as I felt the first glob of cum run through my dick, I felt a warm feeling on my cock head. My eyes shot open and I seen my mom's lips; Just her lips covering my piss hole.

It looked like she was sucking a straw. It was then that I yelled out, "Ahhhhh Yes!" I watched as my moms cheeks starting filling up with her owns sons sperm. Around the third cum shot mom looked up to see if I listened to her orders about me closing my eyes.

Our eyes locked, while she frowned her eyebrows at me, the fourth, fifth, and six globs of sperm really stretched out her cheeks. She sucked her lips together not to loose any of my sample. She proceeded to grab the cup and open the lid. I watched intently as she let all my jizz run out of her mouth at its own pace.

She did not spit it into the cup, or force the leftovers out. When the last drop slid off her tongue, she closed the lid and started walking out of my room. When she passed my door she said, "You're going to pay dearly for watching me do that Philip." I jumped in my bed as she proceeded to slam my door shut.