Horny girl measures cock with her throat

Horny girl measures cock with her throat
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My friend Ben Written by Boys in the hood. [email protected] Chapter two.

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Copyright 2011: not to be copied or changed without the owner's permission Not for view if you are not over 18. It's up to you if you want to read this fictional story As it never happened. My friend Ben.

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"Hey mum, when can Ben come over here" he asked "well how about lunch time? and we all can go over to Chen's kitchen for hamburgers and fries. "His mum replied. After T.J finished his breakfast of ham and eggs covered in grits he went to see Ben and tell him that we all are going out to lunch later on. So T.J rushed out of his apartment and went to Ben's home to tell him where they all were going for lunch. he was happy that he made friends with Ben as he was an only child like Ben and both at the same age they were almost like brothers.

"Hi Ben, guess what we are all going to Chen's kitchen for lunch and maybe we can go to the arcade after." he said.

"That's great, as they have the best hamburgers in the city and I just love the fries as well." Ben snorted. Both boys carried Ben's pack and sleeping bag back to T.J's apartment and put his gear on T.J's bed. "Guess what I got today" Ben asked. "So what did you get?" T.J replied. "My first real wet cum T.J and Hq porn russian anal teen hot scene had the best squirting I have ever had down there." "That's so cool dude, we have just been oozing the stuff out and now you are squirting ropes of cum." replied T.J.

"Oh man I was in the shower and I just started to wash my thing and I went all the way and at one stage I thought that I needed to pee but all of a sudden this white sticky stuff shot out of my cock" Ben said.

"Do you think you could show me what you did and let me see you shoot your cum." asked T.J. Well Ben thought about that for 5 seconds and was happy to show T.J what his cum looks like as Ben and T.J always shared stuff no matter what it was so the boys had to wait till bed time so see this new activity that Ben could do.

The boys went to Chen's for lunch and had hamburgers and fries plus a coke, after they went to the arcade for two hours until they spent all of their pocket money. "I have to go and pee" Ben moaned and so the two boys went to the rest room and stood in front of the open urinals.

While Ben pulled out his boy toy T.J did the same and as he did so he was looking at Ben's uncut cock and wondered what it was like to have a foreskin. Ben pulled his foreskin back and exposed his purple head as he liked to pee that way and T.J was getting a boner as he saw Ben's cock. "Does that hurt you when you do that" T.J enquired, " No it just feels nice to pull it back." "Anyway why are you looking at my cock while I'm?

peeing. he said.

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"Well it's just strange to see you do that to your tool as I don't have one and you are the only boy I have ever seen with a skin on his cock," T.J replied back. After the boys finished looking at each other's wieners they went back to the arcade and T.J's mum was ready to take them back home.

T.J was boning up all the way back to his apartment as he could not get over seeing his friend's tool and didn't know why he kept thinking of Ben's wiener and he wanted to see more of it and wanted to touch a foreskin again and have his wiener covered and feel Ben's warmth cover his cock head.

The boys settled down and played with T.J's x box for 2 hours and talked about school and stuff and who had the biggest dick in the school showers. Why do they do that I don't know but 12 year old boys like to compare cocks and see if anyone at that age has pubes and what sizes they have down there. Dinner came and went and the boys watched some T.V before Kayla synz is damn near forty years of age dad said that it was time for bed and T.J's eyes lit up as he knew what was going to happen soon.

The boys washed up and undressed to their boxers before going to bed. T.J's mum and dad kissed the boys and said good night and told them not to make too much noise as they needed to sleep. Ben decided to show T.J what he did in the shower and told T.J to get naked as he would too and so both boys pulled down their boxers and both boys had started to get a boner as boys do when they see another naked boy next to them.

T.J could not wait to see Ben unload his cum in front of him so Ben pulled back the bed covers as T.J went to lock the door and ran back to the bed as his cute boy cock slapped his tummy and he had a big grin on his face. "come on Ben let's get a move on as I am so hard its hurting me dude." "Ok T.J keep your shorts on oh sorry you don't have any on and I don't have any on as well" Ben laughed back. As Ben started to pull his foreskin back he spat some of his spit onto his knob and started to jack off and his cock was getting harder.

T.J was now doing the same as he watched Ben stroke his cock and his fingers glided over his cut boy tool and used some spit to help lube his wiener. Ben gave a low moan and had his eyes closed and pushed his head back into the pillow and was now pumping his fingers up and down on his young 12 year old cock.

"T.J I am getting my feeling dude and it won't be long before it shoots out a rope of goo all over me." Ben grunted. so T'J stopped what he was doing and watched as Ben stroked his tool until he saw Ben smile as he shot his second load of boy cream for that day and his fingers and foreskin was covered in white sticky cum and T.J was so hard he scooped some of Ben's boy juice and covered his pink head and started to jack off as well.

Ben watched on as T.J stroked his cut member and started to get his feelings and he knew that he would be Cumming soon.

A few minutes later T.J gasped as he too shot some hot boy cum and it shot out with 2 strings of hot boy juice that it surprised Ben to see his friend unload more cum than he shot out. "oh shit Ben that was so cool I thought it was never going to shoot out Until I felt it move through my cock,"!!! "Well T.J that was Kewl to see you cum and I want to taste your boy juice as I heard older boys at beautiful teenager ana foxxx thrashed by throbbing bbc that it's sweet to taste so do we want to taste each other." "Ok I'll go first as this is what I always wanted to do with you, ever since I first saw your foreskin I could not get it out of my mind so here goes" and T.J lowered his head towards Ben's uncut tool and touched Ben's foreskin with his tongue and licked up some of the left over cum to his mouth.

It was sweet as Ben had said as T.J thought it might be yucky to lick a cock but also wanted to taste Ben and get his first reaction of boy cock. He went for more and lowered his mouth over Ben's tool and as he did this Ben's foreskin moved back uncovering his purple head and more cum was to be found. T.J finished off Ben's load of cum and Ben wanted to taste T.J but T.J did not have much left on his tool but that did not stop Ben from licking T.J's pink cut head and licked what was left and moved his tongue around T.J's cut boy cock and lowered all the way down until he felt T'J's balls on his face.

That was all T.J could take and he buckled back and forth in Ben's mouth as T.J was getting another feeling in his penis and said to Ben that he was getting another load coming out of his cock and warned Ben that he was about to shoot another load.

T.J moaned and then with a sly grin on his face unloaded another rope of cum into Ben's mouth but it was a small amount and Ben licked it clean until T.J softened, at last T.J was over the moon and he know knew how to get rid of his boners with the help of his friend Ben.

Summer camp was only a week away and both boys were happy to kinky sweetie cannot wait to pound hard dick amateur and babe as their friends will be there as well and hopefully more sexing with other boys might happen as both boys only jacked off in the shower room at camp last year and that was done in private. Now the boys are closer than before and now know that they like to suck and jack and show each other's cum and that Ben was getting over his shyness of having a foreskin as T.J fell in love with it and at times won't leave Ben's cock alone as he wants to feel the movement of the skin and see Ben's head pop out of its skin.

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his tongue into the honey pot of hot cum. In days to come the boys will be enjoying more that camp life as the boys learn what turns them on and how to give pleasures that all boys want to feel. chapter 3 will follow soon so let me know what you think so far and let me know what you want the boys to do at summer camp. all flames will be ignored but helpful advice will be taken on advisement.

Thanks Boys in the hood.