Horny brunette slut in stockings gets hammered by a monster bbc

Horny brunette slut in stockings gets hammered by a monster bbc
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I was heading head of my office building towards the parking garage so i could head home after a long busy day. Today was a longer day then normal it was just before midnight, and i hated leaving the office after dark. I was happy it was the weekend and i was off the next 2 days. I was also happy to be heading home to get out of these heels and this outfit. I wasnt big on wearing skirts but one in a great while i would get out of a pant suit and throw on a legal age teenager pretty nymph endures hard ramming hardcore and blowjob. Today it was a just above the knee pencil skirt, a silky button up blouse and my black sparkly heels.

As i entered the parking garage i realized how empty it was. Very few cars were in there. I went to the elevator and rode to the third floor where my car was parked. I seen a van parked near my vehicle but other then that no other vehicles were around.

I was searching for my keys in my purse as i got closer to my car. soon i was next to my drivers side door beginning to think i left my keys in the office and wishing i didnt have to walk back there to get there.

Suddenly the side door to the van door opened and 2 guys in masks jumped out and grabbed me dragging me inside the van. As the dragged me in i struggle and try to scream but one hand covers my mouth. I hear the door shut behind me as they push me onto my stomach. One hand always stays on my mouth while 3 other hands hold me down and run all over my body. One hand begins to push my skirt up as another begins to remove my thigh high nylons.

Neither of them said a word as they continued to touch and grope me. I struggle under them as they continue. Without warning im hit in the head and im knocked out. When i awoke i was still in the back of the van, but now i was tied and gagged.

My hands were tied behind my back and my legs were tight together. As i was coming around i heard a vibrating noise. I soon realized that the vibrations were inside me, coming from my pussy.

I looked down to see rope tied in a way it was holding a vibrating dildo in place. "she's awake" i heard being said from the front of the van.

The man in the passenger seat moved to the back of the van with me. "how does your thong taste?" he asked with a giggle. they had gagged my with my thong then used my nylons to tie them in place. "she's super wet" the man in the back with me said to the driver as he seen my pussy juices dripping out from the vibrations of the dildo. "she will be fun to fuck." My eyes grew wide as i heard him say those words.

I dont know why it seemed like a surprise seeing how i was tied naked and being fucked by a dildo. The man in back with me began to lick at my juices and sucked on my clit.

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"mmmmmm yummy" i could see the tent growing in his jeans. He began rubbing his tent as he began to suck on my nipples. " im gonna have to fuck her soon dude. Seeing her like this is making me sooo hard." The guy up front laughed "well then fuck her. We got till morning to play with her." replied the driver. With those words the man in back started removing his clothes and then undid the rope holding the dildo in place and slowly removed the dildo. As he removed it he rubbed it against my clit then sit it to the side and laid me on my back and lfted my legs giving him access to my already wet pussy.

The man was now naked and placing himself so he could get good access to my pussy. Soon i felt the tip of his cock against the opening of my pussy and slowly begin to push in.

I closed my eyes tight as i felt him enter me. "oh god shes tight, probably hasnt been laid in a while." he pushed in me slowly at first. "it wont take me long to cum all over her." After saying that he began to pump slutty lesbian centerfolds are spreading and fisting anals me faster and harder.

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My eyes filled with tears as he fucked me so hard that it was hurting even with all my wetness. He was right. it didnt take me long to finish and he spat his cum all over my ass. "put the dildo back in and make sure it stays till i decide to stop and play" ordered the driver after the other man finished. Soon the dildo was back inside me this time on high. "she will be nice and wet for you. I want to watch her squirm as it makes her cum." said the man in back with an evil grin on his face.

The vibrations were driving me crazy i was trying to do anything i could to keep from cumming and giving these guys the satisfaction they were wanting. Soon the driver pulled over placed the van in park and joined us in the back.

The driver got on his knees and looked my body up and down. "i know your getting tired of fighting it" he said as he began to suck on my nipples.

The passenger was sitting in the back watching and rubbing his cock, getting it all nice and hard again. Soon one of the drivers hands was down rubbing my clit as his mouth moved back and forth between my nipples. Without warning my body started quivering.

The driver picked his head up and smiled at me. "your about to cum arent you?" the driver asked as his mouth moved to my clit.

Suddenly everything i was fighting back let go and my juices flowed out around the dildo as the driver continued to suck on my clit. I could hear the passenger jerk off and cum behind me. The driver lifted his head and laughed "now thats what you needed isnt it?" he asked as he began to undress himself.

Leaving the dildo in while i laid there crying.

Once undressed the driver untied my legs and moved between them so i couldnt close them. The passenger then came up and began to fuck my tits while the driver removed the dildo and replaced it with his cock. the driver groaned as he pushed his way inside me " you were right. She is nice and tight. Has your little pussy been neglected lately?" The passenger laughed as he continued to squeeze my tits together as he fucked them.

Soon the passenger was done and again releasing his juies all over me but this time it was all over my chest. The driver on the other hand was not finishing with me as quickly. He continued to fuck me. Now with the passenger out of the way he laid on top of me putting all of his weight into me. He continued to fuck me and every time he was close to cumming he would slow down his pace and grin at me as he did. I dont know how long he fucked me but soon i could see the sunrise outside the van.

"i think its time i finish." said the driver. Soon he began to pick up his pace and began to fuck me harder. Not long after he picked up his pace he began to make what i guessed to be his O face and felt his juices flowing inside me.

After releasing his juices the driver sucked and bit on my nipples a little. Then him and the passenger placed the dildo back deep in my pussy on high again. They tied it pretty teen nikki kay gets her pussy banged by big dick pornstars and hardcore place and then tied my legs back together.

Once i was all tied up to their liking they got dressed and returned to the front of the van. The driver started the van and put it into gear. They drove around for a while then i watched out the window as they pulled into the parking garage where everything started.

The driver pulled into a spot and they hopped into the back and opened the side door. Then they picked me up and set me outside the van right next to my vehicle leaving me tied like i was.

"hope you have fun by yourself" said the passenger as they hopped back in the van and pulled out of the parking spot and drive away.