Sex fairy tales porn on the train

Sex fairy tales porn on the train
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The wet tongue stroking my pussy and the seemingly steady stream of hot breath on my clit proved to be too much to handle. Cum started squirting into Peps face as he licked me into a major orgasm.

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He continued to lap at my pussy despite the sporadic squirts of cum. I bucked my hips wildly with each lick. I tried to back away, my clit was extremely sensitive, and I needed Pep to stop. "Good boy! Heel Pep" Pep ignored my command and continued to lap at my now dripping pussy. "Pep that's enough" I managed. Pep still continued to lap, like a mad man.

I tried runningby scooting up the bed but Pep just climbed up on the bed with me. I slid my hand down there and he nipped my hand with teeth, growling at me. "Pep, get down boy". I said, as I started getting concerned that I had lost control of the situation.

Pep lapped faster, occasionally nipping my black pussy lips with his teeth! I froze when I felt them for the first time. The piercing pain shot thru my body. I couldn't move, nor could I talk.

The pain was so intense. Just when I could no longer take it, Pep would switch to licking the length of my entire pussy with long, strong strokes. Though, I wanted Pep storys pornmi madre me espa stop, I can't deny the pressure building up within me. "Pep down, NOW' I yelled. Pep seemed to have heard me this time, he held his head up and sat back. Watching me as he had earlier, he whined as I walked past him spent, to take a shower.

"That was crazy. I have done and thought about some wild shit, but that one tops them all. Who would have known that my Pep could be a better lover than Mike?

I don't think I will be trying that again anytime soon. Pep acted like my pussy belong to him." I said aloud to myself as I located a mirror to check out the damage.

"Damn Pep, you broke the skin. Why did you have to bite me so hard. Come to think about it, I have never been bitten down there hard enough to cause pain ever" Stepping into the shower, I opened my legs to let the jets spray my sore pussy. I gently pulled the swollen lips open letting the spray wet my opening. I couldn't help thinking about Peps tongue.

"What the fuck? I'm rubbing my pussy thinking about my dog eating me out". I thought. I slid two fingers in and out of my pussy. I pumped hard, slamming my hand up against my cunt with each stroke. I pounded up to the point of orgasm but stopped just short of it and removed my fingers. I sucked my cunt juices off each finger. I grabbed the soap and washed up. I had to get out of this tub. I had to finish the job I had started with my fingers. Taking my time, I stepped out of the tub and dried and walked back into my bedroom with Pep.

I laid my towel down on the bed and sat on it. I laid back and bent my knees letting my smooth chocolate thighs fall back onto the bed, exposing my smooth black pussy. The moment I opened my legs, Peps nose went up in the air. "Down boy, this one's a solo!" I hissed as I began to rub slow deliberate circles around my fat juicy clit.

It slid easily from under its hood as it began to swell to my touch. Pep leaned his head in and sniffed hard. I pushed his head back and continued the assault on my clit with now wet fingers. I can't lie, I was torn between letting Pep help and being scared he would bite me again, only worse this time.

I held Peps Head back and rubbed faster and harder against my clit. I felt it in the pit of my stomach. I slid my hand down between my pussylips spreading them wide. I sat up on my elbows and bared down hard on my pelvis.

A warm golden stream of pee streamed out into Peps face. He backed away stuck his tongue out and licked the urine from his face. This drove me insane. I rubbed fast hard circles into my clit until I exploded.

My legs locked and my body spasmed. I fell back onto the bed and started drifting off to sleep. Minutes or maybe hours into my sleep, I felt Pep licking my pussy clean. He growled as he nuzzled his nose roughly into my pussy. I was too exhausted to move an inch. I passed out. I woke hours later to darkness. The sun had set. I stumbled to the kitchen grabbed a Gatorade and a cucumber to replenish my body.

As I walked back into my room, I couldn't help thinking how much of a good fit this hard cucumber would be. I sat on the bed and placed the cold cucumber against my hot pussy and melted. Again the moment I opened my legs Peps nose flew into the air.

I slid the cucumber slowly into my pussy. The cold vegetable stretching my tight hot pussy caused an immediate release. I gostosa de saia tube porn on my stomach to nap for a few more minutes when I felt Peps tongue lash against my pussy. Letting out a growl from his gutHe hopped onto the bed and pressed his slimy massive penis against my pussyhole.

Pep continued to pound away at my pussy while biting deep into my back for an hour.

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Before he came he swelled really big inside of me. I felt as if he was ripping me from the inside out. I screamed at the top of lungs but Pep pumped harder. Tearing my pussy with each short stroke. Blood ran down my back and between my thighs………… stay tuned for part three